Thursday, 18 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 10

I was released and we ate lunch (leftovers from Christmas dinner) and we discussed how we had arrived at the current situation. This involved looking back over some of the earlier entries in the blog and Sue giving her opinion on whether what I’d written was correct (they were all written from my point of view, a number of years before Sue knew anything about this blog). She thinks that most of what I’d put down was accurate and we thought it would be a good idea to act out the first times she joined in openly watching and then doing things with Mike and me so she could describe to us how she was actually feeling and what she was thinking at the time. This took a good couple of hours and we re-enacted Sue spying on us from outside the bedroom door, inviting her in and watching us play with each other, having Mike finger and lick her for the first time (while I fucked him) and finally re-enacting the first time Mike got to fuck her (which involved me guiding his cock in to her cunt). As you might expect, Mike didn’t cum each time we had a session (he’s only male), but I came while Sue watched us and Sue came with him fingering her, eating her and then when he fucked her – by that point Mike was more than ready and came in Sue who seemed to really enjoy pretending it was her first time fucking him.

Jen had enjoyed watching us and wanted to redo her first time with Sue but agreed that it would be worth waiting until the next day to do this (so Sue could enjoy it properly). She wasn’t let off entirely though and we decided to adapt one of the first things that Sue had done with Jen, where we had asked her to help out getting two double dildos in to Jen and me so Jen and I could fuck (this was before Mike was even allowed to see Jen naked, let alone help out or join in). Instead of the dildos being shared between Jen and me, we thought it would be a better idea to share them between Jen and Sue and while Mike was allowed to watch, it was left up to me to get them in to them both. I wasn’t left to do all the work myself though and Sue inserted the end of one of the dildos in to her ass while Jen put the end of the other one in to her pussy. They then knelt on all fours and backed towards each other until I could slide the free ends in to Sue’s cunt and Jen’s ass and helped them move a little closer until they could fuck back and forth against each other.

While this is quite a hot position to participate in (and watch – as you would probably guess, the video camera came out), it isn’t that easy to cum so after leaving them to hump back and forth against each other for a while, I was asked to help move things along. I knelt between them and reached a hand under each of their bodies and down between their legs to their clits. This worked much better and they ended up humping back and forth quite energetically as I frigged them. I wished I had a vibe or egg to press against my clit as I was really enjoying myself, but Mike promised me that once we had finished he would make me cum so I just continued to frig them both while he recorded what we were doing from different angles until Sue and then Jen came and they carefully lowered themselves on to their sides so they could lie on the bed with both dildos still shared between them. Mike has a quick go at kitty kissing Jen’s and Sue’s pussies and I had a quick turn with Jen’s before Mike made good on his promise and went down on me until I came.

For good measure, when the dildos were finally removed, the one that had been in their cunts was reversed and used to mix their juices into each other and I then had a go with both ends of it (just for completeness). Over dinner, we watched back the recording of the session and Mike got Sue to describe how she would like to have two cocks filling her holes and filling her with cum. Not wanting to be outdone, I went with wanting to have someone in my mouth as well (and how I intended to do this in the New Year when we visited Jen’s Uni friends) and how the thought of having three guys cum in me at once (ideally at exactly the same time, but we all know it doesn’t work like that out of porn films) got me really turned on. That night, Mike had a mini-session with Jen (just so they didn’t neglect each other). He came in her, but then moved on to eating Sue while Jen played with me. Mike managed to spoon with Sue while we fell asleep but wasn’t up to fucking her so she just had to make do with him moving gently inside her and describing how she would be group fucked at the next sex party.

The Friday started off in the usual way with us waking each other up via interesting (and pleasurable) methods. We didn’t actually do much throughout the day, although there was a fair bit of teasing that went on. Not to an extreme level, but enough to keep us all quite horny. We relieved ourselves just after returning from a post-lunch walk and then Jen said that she wanted to relive her first times with Sue. As had been the case with her reliving her first times with Mike and me, what was done was loosely based on how things actually went (although having the blog to act as reference proved useful again) and Sue went from letting Jen examine her pussy to letting Jen lick her once to eating her properly and finally doing things with Jen (and with me – Mike got the threesome so it was only fair for Jen to get the same treatment).

Once we had rested for a while, the teasing started again and continued until the evening when we decided to head out and enjoy ourselves. As a change of pace (and because it was a bit cold) we decided to wear leggings, but made sure that we pulled them up nice and tight to show some cameltoe. This worked a lot better on Sue than on me (her outer lips cover her inner lips so she had a nice central line). If someone was paying attention, it was fairly obvious that none of us had panties on and I think a few guys probably figured this out when dancing with Sue and I as their hands roamed over our asses so they should have been able to tell. We obviously didn’t want to make it too difficult, so partway through the evening Sue and I headed in to a bathroom and changed into thinner leggings – they still covered us but were the type that when worn in decent light are slightly transparent (this wasn’t the case in the dim lighting of the club, but they felt more revealing. Things progressed nicely and a little later we changed out of the leggings and put on opaque seamless tights (again making sure to pull them up tight so they were partially transparent).

This felt even better, but Mike and Jen wanted to push us a bit further and later handed us another pair of tights each and dared us to change in to them. When we got to the bathroom (where the light was better) we could see that they were significantly lighter (about 60 denier). Sue called over to my cubicle if I was going to wear them and I told her that I didn’t see why not so we both slipped them on and met in the main part of the bathroom. Now ladies bathrooms are generally quite busy so we weren’t alone and it didn’t take much for the other people present to notice that our tights didn’t leave too much to the imagination so we headed back out to the main part of the club fairly quickly (I wouldn’t have minded if any of the women had wanted to look at us in an appreciative way but the aim of the night was to find guys for Sue (and maybe me). Once we were on the dancefloor again, our nakedness was mostly hidden by the low light, but whenever we were in a better lit area I felt the familiar thrill of exposing myself. After a bit more dancing we both found guys who wanted to fuck (it is the reason that most of them are there after all). I didn’t feel like taking anyone home so arranged with Sue as to how we would service them (or have them service us) and I led my guy out around the back of the club and told him I wanted him to fuck me against the wall.

He was a bit unsure about this at first but I pulled my top up and gave him my breasts to play with and pulled my tights partially down while he worked on my breasts. I pushed one of his hands down to my pussy and he started to finger me – if it had been a bit warmer I would have taken my time but I told him I wanted his cock inside me and I fumbled with his trousers and frees his cock before handing him a condom. As soon as he had this on I turned around and put my hands on the wall, pushing my ass out and told him to fuck me. He eagerly pushed in to me and I told him to play with my tits and clit as we fucked. He did both and was actually fairly good with my clit so I rewarded him by contracting myself around his cock and humping back and forth in time(ish) with his thrusts.

As I had agreed with Sue, she had told the guy she had pulled to go with her as she wanted to check that I was okay. They were watching us from around a corner and once I started to fuck my guy, Sue said that it looked really hot and that she was feeling horny. Her guy took the initiative a bit more and reached around to grope her and this quickly progressed to him taking her from behind (in a similar position to the one I was in – just with Sue not leaning against the wall). She reached down to play with her own clit as the guy had his hands full with her breasts. I came before Sue did and kept my guy occupied for a bit by removing his condom and continuing to rub his cock (and letting his cum dribble out down over one of my legs). We then headed around to the front and gave Mike and Jen a call to join us. Once they had made their way out of the club we wandered home and I asked Sue if she felt like a bit more action (which she did). We gave our new pizza delivery friend a call and asked if he was in the mood to fuck and how soon he would be able to make it over tour place. Unfortunately he still hadn’t arranged to bring any friends with him, but as we’d already been fucked we thought that he would do (and failing that we had Mike and Jen to finish the evening off with) so told him that we would be waiting.

We made it back first and decided to get changed in to some fresh outfits (assuming he wouldn’t want some other guy’s cum on my legs). Going for the minimalist look, we wore our little Santa’s helpers skirt without panties and I wore a red peek-a-boo bra (leaving my nipples exposed) and Sue wore a white one. We watched out the window until we saw him pull up, at which point Sue and I arranged ourselves on the bed and inserted one of our long double ended dildos in our cunts. Jen had got changed in to one of her babydoll nightdresses (her bump was beginning to show but we kept telling her that she was still very sexy) and she headed down to open the door and invite the guy in. He apparently appreciated the sight she presented him with (that particular nightdress left very little to the imagination so he got to see her breasts when she welcomed him and then get a look at her ass on the way upstairs). Jen bent over the bed and moved the dildo back and forth between us a few times, gave both Sue and me a kiss and then told the guy to take good care of us.

We let him have a play with the dildo for a while (using it on us of course – not just generically play with it) and then I fetched some vibes for him to use on us while Sue fished his cock out and prepared him. We got him to lie on his back while we knelt either side of him with our heads near his cock and our cunts near his head so he could use the vibes in us while we both licked and kissed his cock. He was warned not to cum as we wanted him inside us both and after a bit of joint sucking, we took turns using our breasts on his cock and letting him suck on our nipples before I got Sue to hold his cock still so I could easily slide on to it. As I fucked him we asked if he had ever used a dental dam – he hadn’t, but was willing to try so Sue fetched one and I helped hold it in place over her pussy as she lowered herself on to his mouth and he started to lick her. We kept this up for a couple of minutes and then switched places. We alternated with the person over his face facing away and towards the person fucking him and quietly discussed whether we wanted to try licking him while he was being fucked, but decided that if we were going to do that that it should be Mike who got to experience it first (we were discussing ‘properly’ licking, so real contact would be made with both cock and clit).

The guy said that he wanted to cum by this point and while we had been enjoying ourselves, due to frequently switching positions, neither Sue nor I were that close to cumming. As he’d been quite well behaved though we decided that he should get to cum and he told us that he would take care of us both afterwards. Sue graciously let me be the one to make him cum and I did the best I could to hump in time with his thrusts. We made him tell us when he was about to cum and I did the best to milk as much cum out of him as I could and then very slowly continued to ride up and down on his cock to give him a bit of extra stimulation. He kept his word and once he’d had a few seconds to recover, Sue and I lay on our backs and he moved between us, fingering and licking us both (still using the dental dam). Sue and I helped each other out a bit as well and whoever he was playing with would reach over and rub or finger the other person. I got to cum first, but he concentrated on Sue afterwards and it didn’t take her too long to catch up and I messily licked and sucked on her nipples as she came (more for him, but she also enjoyed it). I thought that we might coax a second session out of him but he said he was too tired to do more so we let him go and went down to report to Mike and Jen.

They had lit some candles in the living room and Mike was gently spooning inside Jen (after having eaten her while listening in on what Sue and I had been up to). We helped Jen to cum again by taking turns licking her while Mike fucked her and I promised Mike that if he finished off in me that Sue would take his cum from my cunt and I would put it in to hers. He couldn’t resist this and started to fuck me but Sue said that she would do the same so he got us both to kneel up against the sofa and moved between us, spending a minute inside each of us and saying that he wouldn’t try to hold back and would just cum whenever he did. This wasn’t entirely how things played out though as he leant forwards and whispered in my ear, asking if I agreed that he had to cum in Sue. I told him that was fine and after switching back and forth between us a few more times he finished off in her and I was told to lie on the floor.

Sue crawled over me with Mike still buried in her and when he pulled out I reached up and spread Sue’s lips, then pulled her pussy close to my mouth so I could catch anything that came out. Mike hadn’t produced too much cum (or Sue was just keeping it for herself), but I got a bit in my mouth and we turned around to kiss, after which Sue crawled back over my pussy, spread my lips and spat in to my cunt. Mike and Jen loved our little display (it reminded Mike of watching Jen and I share his cum when we were both trying to get pregnant) and as a reward they gave us our final orgasm of the evening with Sue and I sitting beside each other on the sofa with Mike eating me and Sue eating Jen. Once we’d both cum, they switched over to kitty kiss us but Sue got an extra bit of stimulation as Mike speared her ass a number of times (causing her to let out little whimpers which he found quite appealing). I thought he was going to eat her again properly but we curled up on the floor together (in a hastily made duvet-bed) and Mike spooned with Sue and I spooned with Jen (although just not quite as effectively on account of not having a cock to slide in to her).

Monday, 15 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 9

Mike was very aroused by our descriptions (plus he hadn’t cum yet – he had only played with Jen) and he had a quick lick of all of our cunts and dipped his cock in to each of us as we got ready for bed. It was his turn to have Sue and even though she was rather tired from the session, she let him go down on her and then fuck her. Mike managed to cum in her and keep moving long after his orgasm. Sue loved how he ended up fucking his cum out of her so it ran down over her ass (how she’s changed her tune – she used to hate leaking cum) and Mike promised her another load in the morning if he wanted it.

I had a fairly gentle session with Jen – she described how she had enjoyed eating Sue and I with  the guys watching and how she had imagined peeing herself the whole time she was doing it, letting the guys see the liquid running out of her pussy and down her legs. I teased her about having enjoyed showing her pussy to them and about how they would probably be jerking off to the thought of her (and hopefully as well as Sue and me) for a fair time to cum. Jen liked the sound of that and as I got her close to cumming she said that she wished she had come out with Sue and me to see the second guy off and she could have stood and peed herself in front of him as she (or we) played with her pussy. Jen came with that image in her mind and I promised her a shower session in the morning to satisfy her watersports fetish and we fell asleep.

On Christmas Day, Mike woke and went down on Sue. I did the same to Jen and a little while later Mike and Sue joined us in Jen’s bed for presents. We had all agreed not to spend too much and so most of the presents were small things, although we did have two large presents… The first one (which I didn’t know about) was a present for Sue and I to share from mike and Jen - a horse dildo. To be fair, we certainly didn’t have one in our collection of toys and it was fun to use at the sex show that Julia and I had put on, but I couldn’t see me using it too often or I’d end up stretched out. Mike appreciated this, but said that he particularly wanted us to try it in conjunction with the other large present – a new video camera (I did know about this one as we had all agreed to buy it as a joint present to each other, both for ‘fun’ and in preparation for the baby).

After presents, Mike had a little play with Jen and me and Sue and Jen had a quick play together before we headed downstairs for breakfast. While we ate, Mike tried connecting the camera up to the TV and we took turns sitting on the sofa and having our nether regions videoed and displayed to us in high definition. It was quite odd having such a good view of our own pussies (I’m obviously quite familiar with the way Jen’s and Sue’s pussies look) and we determined that if we were going to be displayed in a magnified form, that we should probably be shaved smooth. Mike opted to take care of Jen, with the specific purpose of leaving Sue and I to take care of each other. This wasn’t really that big a deal though and I shaved Sue smooth and let Mike take care of the lick test on her (the best way to check for any remaining stubble). Sue then shaved me while Mike had his hair trimmed by Jen (it’s somewhat more difficult to shave a cock and balls so he usually just keeps his hair short).

With our crotches freshly preened, we took turns being projected up on to the TV again and examined each other closely. As you might expect, we didn’t just look and the images progressed from having us spread ourselves and looking up in to our cunts (or just various angles of Mike’s cock), to having people finger us, being licked or sucked and having Mike slide in and out of us. Mike hadn’t forgotten his promise to give Sue another shot of his cum and they fucked on the sofa with Sue on top of Mike and Jen capturing the event in relative close up. Jen also videoed Sue’s face as she came and then did a close of up Mike’s cock sliding in and out of Sue’s pussy before they rolled over and Mike came in Sue. When he pulled out, Sue was told to spread her lips and Jen recorded the sight of Mike’s cum dribbling out of Sue’s cunt and running down over her ass. Sue had to then kneel up to let more of Mike’s cum drip out of her and to finish her performance she was made to do a close up of sucking Mike’s cock clean of her juices and his cum.

Sue had a chance to recover while we watched the video and we were suitably impressed with the quality (it was significantly better than anything we’d done before). Sue was rather embarrassed about the shot of her face as she came, but Mike assured her that he loved her O face. It was my turn next to be put on display (which is my favourite place to be) and I loved being able to look over at the TV and see what was being done to me in detail. I was fingered, eaten, briefly fucked, had toys used on me and had to suck Mike’s cock and lick at Jen’s pussy. To finish things off I was told that I had to make myself cum (which isn’t anything new), but the twist was that they wanted me to use the horse dildo. I was actually quite curious to see what this looked like up on the big screen so agreed (as if I had a choice) and it was fetched along with some lube. Jen added some of her own juices to the mix and the dildo was handed to me. Jen and Sue helped out by spreading my pussy, allowing Mike to get a good shot as I positioned the head of the dildo against my cunt and started to push it in to me. It was certainly quite large and while I was enjoying myself, I probably wasn’t quite as aroused as I had been when putting on the sex show so it took a little bit longer to get the head properly inside me, but once this was done I got it in as far as I could fairly quickly and started to fuck myself. Mike videoed the action from various angles and I watched as my lips stretched around the dildo and tried to grip it each time I pulled the dildo out. Jen and Sue both helped out by playing with my clit and I was subjected to the same embarrassment as Sue with a close up of my face as I came. When I removed the dildo, Sue and Jen held my pussy open and Mike got a good shot up inside me – I got to watch as my vagina contracted back to being at least a little closer to its usual size, but before that happened Jen thought it would be a good idea to get one more thing recorded and lubed up her hand to fist me. Surprisingly she only did this for a short time (I had been expecting her to try to make me cum again), but she did give Sue a warning that she would get the same treatment when Sue got to try out the horse dildo.

We did a bit of work to start the lunch off and then returned to the sofa for Jen’s starring role. She was spared the giant dildo as her pussy isn’t quite as well used as mine or Sue’s, but she did get to see it in detail as she was fingered, licked and fucked (with the now obligatory O face shot). Despite Sue already having displayed herself, she was talked in to using the new dildo and fundamentally went through the same thing I had (including the post orgasm fisting – although this time Jen was more like her usual self and carried on until Sue came again). She complained bitterly about this at the time (or just afterwards), but on watching the recording back later on, she admitted that it did look incredibly hot.

After a bit more work on the lunch, Jen reminded me of my promise the evening before and with a new SD card inserted, we headed up to the bathroom and I went down on Jen as she stood in the bath. While I was eating her, we discussed what would look best on film – having me sit back and Jen peeing on my face while she frigged herself to orgasm or having me licking her clit and her peeing over my body. While Jen likes having her clit licked, we opted for the former as more would be visible – and as an added bonus I spread Jen’s lips so more was visible. She let out quite a strong stream of pee that hit me square in the face, but I remained in position until she had both finished cumming and peeing and after showering ourselves off we headed down and watched the latest instalment of our collection.

Jen called home to wish her parents and brother a Happy Christmas and while she spoke to them on the phone we all had a play with her. This was fine at first, but with three of us ganging up on her she didn’t stand much of a chance and was soon fighting to hold back from cumming while carrying on her conversation. Her Mum could tell that she sounded out of breath, but she blamed it on the pregnancy and said she just felt a little tired and then had to cover the mouthpiece of the phone as she came. Once we had all wished them a Happy Christmas, Jen wanted her revenge and told us that it was time for Sue and me to phone Mum. I wasn’t too bothered by this as I’m used to Mike making me cum while on the phone and I just ask Mum something that I know she will give a long answer to so I can have an uninterrupted orgasm. As expected, I didn’t have a problem and came without Mum detecting anything (I think). Sue was next and Jen lapped at her hard while she talked. Mike also fucked her, but it was Jen who made Sue cum and while she kept her voice fairly steady, her breathing was definitely heavier. We finished with Mike and all had a play with his cock. He actually got off fairly lightly as we didn’t want to waste his cum so he didn’t actually orgasm, but we did tease him a lot and for a part of the conversation he was told to fuck Sue up against the wall.

We then spent until mid-afternoon working on lunch, followed by a few hours eating and drinking. Instead of the traditional falling asleep watching TV, we headed up to the bedroom and all dozed in Jen’s bed with one or more of us occasionally waking and gently playing with whoever was closest. By evening time, we felt quite rested but wanted to get out of the house so we dressed and went out for a walk. There weren’t many people around which meant we had a number of chances to expose ourselves (it was mostly Sue and me that were challenged to do this) but it was also still quite cold so we didn’t do this too much. Sue got to sit up on a wall and have Mike and Jen take turns licking her pussy and Jen and I briefly fingered each other but got interrupted so we had to stop and decided to head home.

Once back indoors I gave Sue a challenge that I had been saving for a while (or rather one I had thought of a while before and kept forgetting about) – her job was to suck Mike hard with him completely inside her mouth. Now Sue is very good at blowjobs, but she isn’t an expert at deep-throating (she has done it, but can’t always do it without gagging). She was up for the challenge though and once we were ready, Mike sat down and concentrated to get his cock to go soft (apparently the thought of his little imouto sucking him off was quite appealing). He managed it though and once he was soft, Sue knelt on a cushion in front of him and took the whole of his cock in to her mouth. She was instructed to just let him grow and to see how long she could last. Mike tried to concentrate so he didn’t get hard too quickly (hoping to give her time to get used to his cock in her throat), but once he got past what he called halfway hard, he said he went to fully hard quite quickly. Sue did quite well and managed to keep almost the whole length of his cock inside her mouth, but couldn’t suck him off like this (once she started moving she gagged a bit so we let her back off). Mike didn’t want to cum in her mouth so he could save whatever he had left for cumming in or over us later on, but he thanked Sue and as a reward she was bent over the sofa and fucked hard while Jen played with her clit and breasts.

Mike’s cock was covered in Sue’s juices by the time he finished and I was asked to suck him clean. I quite liked the idea of having this recorded and him cumming over my face but he pointed out that he, Jen and I had plenty of time to make recordings like that. Jen then went down on me and Mike briefly played with her as she did this and then switched to getting a good shot of her ass and pussy as she knelt and ate me. He pointed out how wet Jen was and I watched on the TV as Sue played with Jen’s pussy and Jen’s juices actually dripped out of her and ran down her legs. I told her that I wanted to be that wet and have her swallow my juices over and over and Jen ate me quite hard. As I got closer to cumming I had Sue run up and fetch a vibe to use in Jen – the idea being that we wanted something to stimulate her and get her wetter, without absorbing any of her juices. This worked quite well and as I came I watched Sue pumping the vibe in and out of Jen’s pussy and Jen’s juices dripping out from around the vibe.

Mike wanted to try something out and asked Jen if he could fuck her (it was unlikely she was going to say no). Jen turned around so she could watch on the TV as I recorded what was happening and Sue used the vibe on Jen’s clit while Mike used Jen’s wet cunt. Jen came quite a bit before Mike but she allowed him to keep going and he came inside her and then took the camera to record his cum, mixed with her juices, leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs. Jen asked Sue to lick her clean and Sue said that she could hardly taste Mike’s cum so I had a turn too and Mike didn’t want to be left out so he also had a few licks.

That night we decided to make a camp bed in the living room so we could all sleep together and for our goodnight session, we each did a little with everyone else (Sue and I mostly just kissed and gently caressed each other and then played properly with Mike and Jen). Mike got to cum in Sue again and Jen licked her clean. As Jen had been the last one to get Sue’s pussy at night, Mike got to eat her awake on the Thursday morning. He then fucked her while Jen and I played with each other, but he didn’t cum in her (saving this for later). After breakfast, Jen and Mike pleaded with Sue and me to put on a show for them and we relented (with our usual condition that we wouldn’t eat each other). Mike obviously wanted to film us doing this and we were a little reticent at first, but agreed and headed up to Jen’s room to play. I felt quite self-conscious knowing that Mike and Jen would be watching us so closely, but Sue seemed quite eager to play so we climbed on to the bed and started to kiss and fondle each other. We didn’t do anything new, but did use a number of toys on each other, humped our cunts against each other and even used the strap on to fuck and ride each other. At Jen’s request, we 69ed for a while and spread each other’s lips, pretending to lick each other, but not making any actual contact (and you could tell that was the case in the video, which Mike was rather disappointed about). I think it’s safe to say that I had quite rapidly lost any inhibitions and we had a very enjoyable session with me cumming first and Sue continuing to stimulate me until I made her cum (she has learned well).

I didn’t even find it that embarrassing watching myself play with Sue when Mike played the recording back, but we did refuse to try and reshoot the scenes of us (pretend) licking each other to make it look more realistic. We lazed around for the remainder of the morning (that’s what holidays are for), but after lunch it was time for the next round. This time I was targeted and was marched upstairs and tied up on the bed. I was subjected to about an hour of teasing during which I came three times (with possibly a fourth mini-cum). Mike fucked me while Jen played with my clit and Sue took care of my nipples for the first orgasm. Sue used one of our small anal vibes on me and Mike played with my pussy while Jen sat over my face for my second cum and Mike fucked me a bit more, then Sue had to climb over me in a 69 position and finger me while Mike fucked her for my third cum. Jen played with Sue’s clit and my nipples during this session and Mike decided that he had waited for long enough and came in Sue who remained crouched over me while his cum dripped out over my face and Jen and Mike took turns kitty kissing me (not to orgasm, but it still felt good as my pussy was quite sensitive by this point).

Friday, 12 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 8

Jen wasn’t feeling very horny that evening, but as she was with Sue, they had a little play before going to sleep. In the morning she went down on Sue to wake her up and then asked Sue for a favour. They headed to the shower and Jen stood up and got Sue to eat her. Just before Jen came, Sue moved her head back slightly and frigged Jen’s clit to get her off, at which point Jen pushed as hard as she could and sprayed her pee all over Sue’s front. Jen was pleasantly surprised when she finished cumming (and peeing) and Sue moved her mouth back to Jen’s pussy to kitty kiss her and once Jen had enjoyed this for a little while they showered to clean off before coming to find Mike and me. We were still asleep at this point and were abruptly awakened as they pounced on us. Jen took care of me and Sue took care of Mike in a brief, but intense session before we all headed down for breakfast.

We didn’t have any real plans for the day other than collecting the food for Christmas lunch (which we knew would probably take quite a while) so we lazed around before getting ready to head out in to town. Mike decided to give us one of our Christmas presents early and presented me with a new set of hoover nozzles. This wasn’t quite as insensitive as it might appear as the idea wasn’t that I was meant to do more cleaning, rather it was a clean set that we could use in more interesting ways… We fetched the hoover and he attached the round nozzle with the brushes (the one that nobody knows what it is really for). He started off by using it on me, rubbing it back and forth over my pussy and I felt the bristles against my skin as the air was sucked through them (making it quite cold). I used it on Jen, who then used it on Sue, who tried it on Mike’s cock. He quite liked having the whole head inside the bristles, but we had other attachments to try and attached the nozzle with the long and thin end. This gave a much more powerful jet of suction and it felt nice as long as bits didn’t get sucked in to the nozzle (Sue, Jen and I all had at least one of our lips sucked in to it even though we were being careful). Jen quite enjoyed this, but we stuck to the agreement of avoiding things that might increase her cortisol levels while she was pregnant and promised her that once she had given birth and finished breastfeeding that we would spank and punish her as much as she wanted.

We then moved on to using a short extension (designed for adding attachments from other manufacturers) and Mike really enjoyed this as he could get the head of his cock just inside it and if he held it just far enough away from his cock to allow a small stream of air, it caused a lot of vibration that he said could have made him cum fairly quickly. We already knew that this was likely to be the best way to use it and once he finished (he didn’t cum as we didn’t think it would do the filter a lot of good), he used it on Jen and after moving it around a bit he found the best way to get the air to cause her clit to vibrate. Sue and I played with Jen’s nipples as he did this, but that wasn’t really necessary as the vibrations on her clit were enough to get her off. Jen then used the hoover on Sue to suck each of her nipples in turn (leaving them quite engorged) and then did the same to Sue’s pussy before using it on her clit. Once Sue had cum it was up to her to use the hoover on me and she basically just repeated what Jen had done to her apart from she also spread my lips wide when using the hoover on my clit so by the time I came, my pussy felt incredibly cold which made my orgasm feel quite strange. As I complained about how cold my pussy was, the others wanted to see for themselves so Mike slid into me and said that while my lips were cold, I didn’t feel any different inside. Sue felt my pussy and Jen kitty kissed me (which also warmed me up).

Our trip to town was quite uneventful and we returned with more food than was sensible for one day. Our plan was to head out that night so we rested for the rest of the afternoon and refrained from sex (other than Mike gently spooning inside us at various times). After dinner we got ready to head out so we could find another guy to keep Sue’s carnal need for cock satisfied (and it had nothing to do with me because I’m a sweet, innocent virgin…). As it was Christmas Eve we wore the same Santa’s helper outfits we’d worn earlier in the week, but this time with white panties underneath them (which weren’t completely hidden), matched with thigh-high white socks (it was rather cold out so we needed something to keep our legs warm). I think it was fairly obvious from our outfits that we were out on the pull and we had no shortage of guys who wanted to take advantage of the situation. As had become the custom, Mike looked after Jen to protect her from unwanted advances and the two of them mostly just watched Sue and me as we danced and flirted with various guys throughout the evening. Sue and I had agreed our game plan before we went out and while we were allowed to ‘let’ the guys do as much with us as they wanted while we were out, we had to ensure that anyone who came back with us was up for doing things with both of us (preferably at the same time, but we would take what we could get).

Most of the guys that approached us weren’t up for this, but we eventually each found a guy who was willing to have us both – but they wanted to do things in private. We agreed to this and told them that they could fuck us and we would then switch partners and they were fine with this. Before we left the club to head home, we decided to show them that we were really serious so popped in to the bathroom to remove our panties and then headed back out to let them discover what we had done. As an extra confirmation that we really wanted each of them to fuck us both, we let them each finger us and swapped around. By this point they were quite eager to get things started so we headed home with Mike and Jen following behind us. Sue and I took a slightly longer route to let them get home before us – I had assumed that they would just sit downstairs and we would say ‘hi’ before heading up to the bedrooms, but by the time we arrived (which was probably only a minute or two after they did), Jen’s lower half was already naked and she was sitting on the sofa with Mike’s face buried between her legs. Jen looked over at us and then just went back to enjoying herself – the guys seemed quite surprised, but it was easy enough to get their attention again by just reaching down to their crotches and rubbing them.

Sue and I headed upstairs with them – with us going first so that they had the opportunity to get a good look up our skirts. At the top of the stairs we gave them the choice of who went with whom first or asked if they should just toss a coin. They decided to stick with the pairings from the club to start with so I took my guy into Jen’s room and Sue led her guy in to Mike’s room. We didn’t do anything too special – I slowly stripped off and let him fondle my body before freeing his cock and giving him a combination blowjob and tit-job to get things started. I then played with myself on the bed, partly to exhibit myself to him and partly to ensure I would cum before he did. He didn’t let me play for too long though and wanted to fuck so I gave him the choice of position and he took me from behind (we me on all fours) and then he wanted me to ride him. As I did this, I lifted a breast to my mouth and sucked on the nipple while frigging my clit with my other hand.

We heard loud moans coming from the other room and I commented on how it sounded like my sister was enjoying herself. We hadn’t actually told the guys that we were sisters so this surprised him a bit but I just told him that we liked to share and to carry on fucking me. He asked me to lean forwards and sucked on my nipples and in this position I could hump up and down on his cock a bit more energetically. I was getting quite close to cumming myself and told him to let me know when he was going to cum. He carried on thrusting in to me and when he said he was nearly there I frigged my clit a bit faster and came loudly. This wasn’t just a case of putting on a good show for him, Sue and I had agreed that we would be loud enough for each other to hear so that we would know when we had both cum and could switch rooms. Before I left I cleaned off of guy’s cock and got him to stand at the foot of the bed while I lay on my stomach and reached around to spread my ass and pussy to demonstrate Sue’s favourite position to him. He promised he would look after her and I told him to give her cunt as hard a pounding as he could before calling in to Sue to tell her I was ready to switch.

We passed each other in the hall and I wandered in to Mike’s room. I was still naked, but the guy had pulled the covers over his crotch. I told him not to be shy and that I wanted to see so I pulled the covers off and eyed up his cock. He was still soft from having fucked Sue so I offered to put on a show to help him get hard again. This was quite fun as he was very attentive and once he realised that I was willing to show him pretty much everything and do whatever he asked, he really got into it and had me fingering myself, playing with my breasts, spreading my ass cheeks and using some toys. I continued long after he was hard again and I enjoyed watching him stroking his cock as he watched me, but I had a much better use for it so I told him to follow me to the bathroom so he could wash his hands and then play with me properly (he understood that I didn’t want any of his cum in me).

As soon as we got back to the bedroom, I put a condom on his cock and went down on him. I lay over him in a 69 position and let him spread and finger me and then told him he could use the vibe I had been playing with if he wanted. He did want and I soon felt him pumping the vibe in and out of my cunt and rubbing it over my clit. I could have probably cum like that fairly easily but I wanted his cock inside me and told him this. I lay on my back, spread my pussy and asked him to fill me (he was a little larger than the first guy). He mounted me and easily slid in to me and kissed me as we fucked. I wrapped my legs around him and told him to make me cum as many times as he could and that he could use any position he wanted. Once again, he wanted me to ride him (lots of guys seem to like this – I don’t know if it is because they can easily play with my breasts or just like seeing me do the work), but then wanted to take me from behind. I stood at the edge of the bed and leant forwards and felt him slide the head of his cock around my pussy. He asked if he could take my ass and I told him I would prefer him in my cunt so he pushed in to me and started pumping away. He reached around to play with my breasts so I reached between my legs to play with my clit and told him I was going to try and cum as quickly as possible, but that he could keep fucking me afterwards. Following my earlier display, it didn’t actually take me too long to cum and while I moaned a bit as I did so, I wasn’t too loud as I didn’t want Sue to think we had finished.

The guy carried on fucking me and after a while asked me to turn over so he could remain standing and fuck me with my legs held up against his body. I was quite impressed with this and as he had to half hold up my body, I could feel his cock pressing against the inside front of my pussy. We ended up using a couple of pillows under my ass to make the position a bit more comfortable and I played with my breasts and verbally encouraged him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. He played with my clit a little, but not really enough to get me off again so I just let him fuck me until he came.

It sounded like Sue and her guy were still going, but my guy started to get dressed. I had an idea of how to delay him for a little while and when he was ready to head out I wandered downstairs with him just dressed in a gown (untied). As we passed the living room door I told him that there was something he might want to see and walked in on Mike and Jen. Mike had finished eating Jen and was sitting chatting with her, but I told her that I’d just been fucked and that my pussy needed to be kissed better. Jen told me to take a seat and knelt between my legs, which I eagerly spread for her and pulled her head to my pussy. I looked over at the guy and told him that this felt great and then just lay back and enjoyed it. He watched intently and I was rapidly approaching an orgasm when Sue and her guy wandered downstairs. Jen looked around at them and resumed eating me so I called Sue over and got her to sit beside me. I told Jen that it would be cruel to neglect Sue and she moved over, pushed Sue’s legs open and started to eat her. I reached down and played with myself while leaning over and kissing Sue and Jen moved back and forth between us, taking turns licking our cunts while the other person played with themselves.

Unsurprisingly I came first, but I helped Sue along by kissing her and playing with her breasts while Jen ate her. Once Sue had cum, I wandered back over to the guys who had stood watching us the whole time and it was quite evident that they were aroused as they both had obvious bulges in their trousers. I asked if they had enjoyed the show (they had) and asked if they were up for any more fun. I had assumed that the bulges indicated they both would be, but one of the guys (the one I had brought home) said he didn’t think he could do much more and wanted to go. I was a little disappointed at this, but be still had one guy left so Sue and I took him back upstairs and told him that as a reward, he got to have us both at once. We cleaned off his cock and applied a fresh condom, then set about sucking and stroking him while letting him finger us and fuck us with a vibe. He particularly enjoyed having us kiss around his cock and be licked by two tongues at once and also loved having us both bend over the bed and present ourselves to him so he could switch between us and fuck us both.

I was feeling generous so offered to let him finish off in Sue. It wasn’t entirely selfless as long-time readers will know that I enjoy exhibiting myself almost as much as I enjoy being fucked, so I lay beside Sue and fingered my pussy with one hand while reaching around under my legs and used a couple of fingers to fuck my ass. The guy watched me playing with my ass and asked again if he could fuck it but I avoided this by saying that I thought his cock was too big for my ass and might hurt me (it would have been fine, I just wasn’t in the mood for anal and the flattery seemed to bolster his ego). Sue told him that he could have her ass if he wanted and I told him that the condition was he had to make sure he waited until I’d cum before he came. He agreed to this and pushed his cock slowly in to Sue’s ass while I carried on playing with myself and I let myself moan and swear as my orgasm built and I then came.

I told him to hold back just a little longer and I offered my fingers (the ones that I’d used in my pussy) to Sue to suck clean and I then reached down to her pussy to finger and frig her as the guy pumped in and out of her ass. He said he was going to cum and I kept telling him to try and hold back until Sue came. She moaned just as much as I had and the guy came a short while before her, but kept his cock buried in her ass while my fingers strummed over her clit and fucked her cunt. When he pulled out, I slowly and deliberately sucked my fingers clean of Sue’s juices and asked the guy if he was glad he stayed for round three (he was). As he got dressed, Sue and I played with each other’s breasts (more for him than us) and he asked if we were really sisters (to which we replied yes). We got his number, wished him a happy Christmas and showed him out, with both of us wandering outside and giving him a goodbye hug outside the front door (we didn’t stay outside for too long though as it was cold). We then returned to Mike and Jen in the living room and gave them a summary of our sessions – Sue had mostly been fucked in the missionary position by her first guy, but during the second round, my guy had followed the advice I’d given her and taken her on her front (she thanked me for telling him to do this when she found out I was reason for the position).

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 7

That night, Mike and I slept with Lis, leaving Jen and Sue to go with Lucy. Lis was pretty much spent from the playing during the day, but allowed us to have one final session with her. We made the most of it and both had turns licking her and kissing her and we finished off with Mike spooning with her while I licked her clit. He got Lis to promise that she would always let him fuck her, even if she started doing things with lots of other men and Lis agreed (but said that it was unlikely that Lucy would want her to play with too many other people anyway). Lis was quite tired by the time she came so Mike and I took care of each other. Mike fucked me for a while and then went down on me to make me cum. I offered to let him cum inside me or to suck him off but he said that he probably didn’t have too much cum left anyway so he just slipped back in to me to coat his cock in my juices and then spooned with Lis. Lis told him he could cum in her if he wanted but Mike said he would save it for the morning so he could give his ‘special little lesbian’ a decent load.

Sue and Jen had a slightly more energetic night with Lucy and used a few of our toys, including some of the double dildos. Lucy shared one with Jen and was nearly talked in to sharing a second one between their asses, but was too close to cumming when this was suggested to want to stop. Jen then shared the same dildo with Sue and Lucy played with their clits and pumped the dildo between their cunts. She particularly liked the contrast between Jen’s small breasts and Sue’s large ones (Lucy is somewhere in the middle at a B cup). Jen asked Lucy to put her Pavlina outfit back on and she obliged before helping Sue and Jen cum, at which point Jen pounced on Pavlina and ravished her, with the aim of reminding her that girls were better than boys (we have many Pavlina videos with her being fucked by guys, but she does girls as well and Jen generally prefers watching these ones). They went to sleep with Lucy sandwiched between Sue and Jen.

I woke Lis up in the morning by stroking her until she was nice and wet and Mike moved over behind me to spoon with me while I did this. I knew he wouldn’t want to cum in me when Lis was present so after a while I moved down and ate Lis briefly before crawling up and sitting over her face to let her eat me. Mike had a quick turn in Lis but then went down on her and made her cum by eating her while she ate me. He even tried out her own fluttery-licking technique which she quite liked (but Mike still found tiring). Lis then expected Mike to want to fuck her but he told her that he would wait for a while (he did spoon with her again though and gently moved inside her until we heard the others get up). At this point I figured that Mike was just drawing things out so he could have a harder cum later on, but there were other plans afoot that I hadn’t been let in on yet…

After breakfast, Mike confirmed with Lucy if their deal was still on and she told him it was. Jen clearly knew about this already and I suspect that Lis also knew. Mike took Sue and me aside and told us that Lucy had agreed to hump against him if we re-did out demonstration of Mike rubbing his cock between Sue’s lips with me licking him (and vice-versa). Nobody knew about Sue and I having kissed each other’s clits at this point so he wasn’t at all sure that we would agree, but pleased with us and promised that he would go down on us or fuck us as much as we wanted as payment (and then realised how dangerous a promise this was and altered it to ‘as many times as he physically could’). Sue and I hadn’t agreed to go any further than we usually would, but I knew how much Mike would want to get a chance to do things with Lucy again so I told Sue I was up for it if she was. Sue caught on and said that if Mike wanted us to do it, then she would go along with things ‘for him’. He thanked us both and said that we just had to put on a good enough show to satisfy Lucy, but he couldn’t resist adding that we could always just eat each other if we really wanted to. We teased him about this and said that we knew full well how much he (and Jen) would love to see our tongues lashing each other’s clits, scouring the insides of each other’s cunts and pulling orgasm after orgasm out of each other – and then said that he would just have to imagine it as we weren’t going to do this.

Everyone headed up to the bedroom and I asked Lucy if she wanted Sue and me to do this in the character of Michelle and Anna but Lucy said she wanted to see ‘us’ do it. Lis had been quite quiet through all of this and I was wondering what she thought about the proposal, but from the way she was sitting and eagerly watching, I didn’t think it was likely to cause any problems with her so I said we should get on with it. Mike was eager for this too and we briefly discussed the best position to use but settled on just copying the original event so Mike stood against the wall and Sue backed on to him so his cock slid between her legs. She adjusted it so it nestled between her lips and Mike started to move back and forth as I threw a pillow on the floor and knelt in front of them. As soon as I was in position I stuck out my tongue and started to lick Mike’s cock. I wasn’t being particularly careful, but for the first minute or so my tongue only brushed against Sue’s lips a couple of times. I was told to lick Mike properly so I moved a little closer and used the flat of my tongue along the shaft and flicked over the head with the tip of my tongue. I could feel Sue’s lips on either side of his cock much better lick this and I know I caught Sue’s clit a few times. Mike pulled all the way back and told me to keep going but he knew that this was unlikely to work and I just reminded him that I was meant to be licking him, not Sue.

I’d done enough and was told to swap places with Sue so that people could see if she would go as far as I had. As soon as we were all in position, she started licking Mike’s cock and I felt her tongue roaming up and down the length of my lips. This was more than I had expected from her and it felt very good, especially when her tongue brushed over my clit. I told Mike to slide his cock back and forth and Sue made sure it stayed pressed against my pussy while doing a pretty good job of matching his movements. Mike nuzzled my neck and played with my nipples and I was worried if they kept it up then I would end up cumming. Mike later said that he would have loved to carry on until he came over Sue, but he had other used for his cum that morning so after a couple of minutes of grinding and licking, he asked Lucy if she had seen enough. She said that she had, but when Mike pulled away she told Sue that she could always just carry on without Mike in the way. Sue told me later that she was a little tempted, but she told Lucy that without Mike there as well, it wasn’t as much fun.

Mike asked Lucy if she was going to keep up her end of the bargain and she said she would. They got everyone to get off of the bed and Mike lay on it on his back with his cock still standing to attention. I still had no idea what had been agreed and just watched Lucy removed her robe and climbed up on to the bed over Mike I briefly thought that he had convinced her to let him fuck her (or for her to fuck him – I knew he would have been more than happy with either of those options). Lucy straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock, nestling it between her lips and pressing it down flat against Mike’s body. Mike held on to Lucy’s hips and helped to guide her back and forth and we watched as Mike’s cock disappeared and reappeared from underneath Lucy as she slid back and forth. She said that it felt quite nice and Mike told her that they could always fuck if she wanted but Lucy just carried on sliding back and forth. I told her to lean forwards a little to get more pressure on her clit and she did this. Mike reached around to fondle her ass and I moved around behind her to watch.

Mike asked Lucy if Jen could join them and Lucy naturally said yes – Jen was surprised that Mike allowed her to share this time with Lucy as she also knows he is desperate to fuck her, but she didn’t hesitate in asking where they wanted her. Mike got Jen to sit over her face, allowing Lucy to get to Jen’s pussy (sort of) while he took her ass. He was being chivalrous by not asking Lucy to have to lick Jen’s ass, but we’ve learned that Lucy has as much of a thing for Jen as I do for Lis so we weren’t too surprised when Lucy said that the position didn’t really work (she couldn’t comfortably get her mouth on to Jen’s pussy without Jen having to lean back too far for Mike to be able to do anything) and suggested they use the more ‘traditional’ position. Jen would have preferred to be able to watch Lucy humping against Mike, but as she wouldn’t have been able to see too much anyway from her position, she turned around and presented her pussy to Mike’s mouth and her ass to Lucy’s tongue.

This worked much better and the rest of us watched as Lucy and Mike double teamed Jen. Lucy carried on sliding back and forth against Mike’s cock and a few times I wondered if he was actually inside her (he wasn’t). Jen started her mewing and this quickly escalated as they pushed her closer to cumming. Once her orgasm ended, Jen crawled off of Mike’s face and we could see that he was covered with her juices. Mike asked Lucy if she wanted to lick them off of him and she did this a little but told him that she knew he just wanted her to kiss him. Nevertheless, she carried on humping against Mike and he asked if she thought she could cum. She said that she was already getting close so Mike told her to just carry on doing whatever felt best and he would help guide her so he didn’t end up inside her. Lucy lengthened her strokes, sliding her clit back and forth against the length of Mike’s cock and said that it felt even better that way. He had to stop her twice as she slid forwards too far and he nearly entered her pussy and I think this showed Lucy that she could really trust him to not take advantage of the situation. She told him (and us) that she was going to cum and Mike pulled her to him and held her ass firmly, guiding her back and forth. Lucy let out a little cry as she came and gave Mike a proper kiss. She began to slow her movements, but still rubbed back and forth against his cock for a minute or so before sitting up and telling him that it had felt better then she had expected.

Mike told her that he was quite close and asked if he could cum and Lucy reminded him not to cum over her pussy. He told her to trust him and got her to press down on his cock and slide back and forth again (but there was little or no contact with her clit this time). She moved forwards slightly so she rubbed against the head of his cock a lot more and we once again watched as his cock repeatedly disappeared between Lucy’s lips. Mike told her he was getting close and would tell her when to move back a bit and with a final ‘now’, Lucy moved her pussy away from the head and we watched as Mike’s cum squirted out and landed on his chest and stomach. Lucy kept moving back and forth, rubbing herself against the shaft but keeping away from the head and Mike said that he could have let her do that all day (as there was almost no physical stimulation). He wiped a bit of the cum over his hands and rubbed it in to Lucy’s breasts, then traced a little over her inner thighs and told her that next time he wanted to cum inside her. Lucy told him (knowing that we could all hear her) that he would have to get Sue and I to put on a much better show to convince her to let him do that. He asked her for one more kiss and when she leant down to kiss him, he pulled her to him again and covered her front with his cum. She feigned disgust, but didn’t seem overly bother by it (other than wanting to ensure his cum didn’t get in or on her pussy) so Jen took Lucy to the shower to clean up while Sue offered to clean off Mike’s cock. She actually did a fair bit more than that and rubbed what was left of his cum over her breasts so Mike pulled her over his face and told her that she was naughty and deserved to be punished. She only got the usual punishment of being eaten so wasn’t really upset by this and when Lis and Lucy returned from the shower I took Lis in and Mike and Sue went in after us.

Lis and Lucy were scheduled to leave us just after lunch, but we managed to fit in one more mini-session before they went. We remained with the pairings from the previous night and Sue and Jen got Lucy while Mike and I got Lis. Lis ate me while Mike fucked her and he emptied whatever cum he had left in to her pussy. Lis didn’t want to leak too much during their travels so I had a farewell lick of her pussy and then realised my mistake as I had to go and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash before I could do the same to Lucy. We went to the station with them and said goodbye until our next monthly meeting (when it was safe for Mike to fuck Lis). Mike thanked Lucy for letting him make her cum and he reached under her skirt to fondle her ass. Lucy is still a bit nervous about having this done in public (with just her coat hiding what is happening), but allowed him to have a squeeze before reminding him that he had to earn the right to touch her. We wished them a Happy Christmas and waved them off before going for a wander and finally heading home.

We discussed what had happened and how Mike had used Sue and me to get (part of) his way with Lucy. Jen pointed out that we didn’t seem to mind at the time and later on Sue and I discussed privately how we would want to do things if we ever did decide to go the whole way. Not letting anyone watch and just enjoying ourselves sounded quite appealing as did doing things in front of close friends (either just Mike and Jen or possibly including Lucy and Lis). We also liked the idea of doing things for the first time in front of a group of strangers – letting them know that we were sisters and then fucking each other silly – fingering, eating, using toys… We had both got quite turned on by the discussion so we called Mike and Jen in and asked if they wanted to watch us make out. They naturally said yes so we kissed and humped against each other for a while and then asked them to pass us a double dildo. We humped against each other with the dildo buried between us and as we got closer to cumming I challenged Sue to let them use the body wand on us and Jen quickly retrieved it, plugged it in and nestled the head between our clits. I was a bit mean and held out for as long as I could – the usual rules applied though and even though Sue came, she had to endure having the vibe buzzing away on her clit until I came as well. We pushed her a little too far and she was squirming around trying to escape, but every time she moved back I edged forwards until she was trapped against the headboard. I couldn’t hold out for ever though (the wand is just too strong to resist) and when I finally came we released Sue, at which point Mike pounced on her and kitty kissed her. Her pussy was so sensitive that even the gentle licking felt too intense so he had to ease off even more than usual and kiss around her pussy, only occasionally brushing his tongue over her lips or clit (which still made her whimper a bit).

As Jen had ‘let’ Mike have ‘her’ Lucy, she got to sleep with Sue that night and Mike had to make do with me. He didn’t seem too put out about this and I helped keep him excited by getting him to describe in detail what it had felt like to grind against Lucy. I roughly copied what she had done as he described it, but I wanted him inside me when I came so after a while I told him this and slid up far enough to let him slide in to me and got him to imagine he was inside Lucy as he fucked me. This worked out to be a good tactic for everyone involved as I got a long hard pounding from Mike and he got to imagine that Lucy had let him slide inside her and fuck her properly. We were both quite sweaty by the time we finished but it had been a good session and he insisted on kitty kissing me afterwards (as if I was going to object). He then got me to describe to him what it had been like licking Sue and I made out that my tongue had hardly touched her (it hadn’t really touched her pussy that much anyway) and I distracted him by describing how I could have cum while he had been rubbing against my pussy and kissing my neck. Mike tried to talk me in to doing it again with Sue so he could cum over her, but we left it with a ‘we’ll see’ (which, as all men should know, generally means ‘no’).

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 6

The trip to the shops to buy food was uneventful and when we returned we prepared the various items for the salad, washing and cutting them as appropriate. Each of us girls contributed five cherry tomatoes, first inserted in to our pussies, then plopped in to the bowl. We took turns fucking each other with the cucumber before cutting it up and proceeded like this with the remainder of the ingredients (apart from the croutons – that would have hurt). For the final coating of dressing we debated whether Mike should fuck Jen and then let her combined juices drip on to the salad or whether we should them contribute individually. Both options had their merits, but we went with the individual contributions as it would allow us to better see how much ‘dressing’ each of them added. Mike still got to fuck Jen as we thought it would be a good way to help her get nice and wet again and once she felt her juices begin to trickle out of her she crouched over the salad bowl and we let Lucy frig her until she came. She wasn’t as wet as she had been earlier in the day, but still managed to leave a number of milky-white drops of pussy juice on the salad. While Lucy had been taking care of Jen, Sue had been tasked with making Mike cum and had used her favourite techniques to sucking him off. Mike held back a bit while she did this to try to increase the amount of cum he produced. He managed three semi-decent squirts and Sue milked a couple more drops out of him and the salad was ready.

Despite having partaken of a similar salad before (minus Mike’s addition), Lis and Lucy hesitated a bit before starting, but as the rest of us were eating it they joined in and we finished it all off. Mike claimed that he could tell who had flavoured each tomato and we called his bluff on this and told him to prove it. He was happy to try to do this and told us that we could blindfold him, all sit on the sofa and he would move between us and tell us who was whom. He obviously wasn’t allowed to do this as it would have been too easy (shape of pussy, texture of lips…) – let alone the fact that Lucy wasn’t likely to let him eat her so we told him that he would be offered our juices from each other’s fingers.

It didn’t seem fair for Mike to just get the chance to prove his knowledge of our tastes so we agreed that we would all have a shot at the challenge. I fetched a blindfold from upstairs and once we were Mike couldn’t see anything, we all worked our fingers in one other person’s pussy, then offer the juices to Mike one at a time. Annoyingly he got everyone right and we switched round so everyone got to have a try. Jen is apparently also a master of pussy tastes as she also identified everyone correctly. I did very poorly (not even identifying my own juices – but I got Jen and Lis right), Sue got Lis and Lucy mixed up and Lis and Lucy identified each other’s juices but Lis didn’t get any of the other’s right. As Lis clearly lost, it was decided that she would have to pay a penalty. She was understandably nervous about this as our penalties can be quite extreme, but we told her that we would let her off with us all helping out to make her cum. She didn’t think this was too bad a penalty so agreed to it and we headed upstairs to make ourselves comfortable and prepare for the task ahead. We did manage to make Lis look somewhat concerned by pulling out a wide range of items to use on her (including some of Jen’s bondage gear – but other than a few light slaps on her ass with the crop we didn’t use them on her).

At our instruction, Lis lay back with her arms raised and legs spread and we all played with her at the same time, taking turns kissing her, eating her, caressing her, playing with her breasts, fingering her and fucking her (with Mike using his cock and a few of us taking turns with the strap-on) and rubbing vibes over her breasts, clit and body. We didn’t draw things out and when it was obvious that Lis was getting close to cumming we just carried on stimulating her and then took turns kitty kissing her. It was only around this time that Lis realised her penalty was the fact that we didn’t intend to make her cum just once. We repeated what we’d just done to her until she came again and once she’d had a few minutes to recover, went for round three. This time was similar, but we all took turns sitting over her face as well (or in Mike’s case, kneeling beside her and offering her his cock to suck). For Lis’ final cum of the session, Mike got to fuck her cunt and Sue took Lis’ ass with the strap-on. I had expected him to cum either in or over her to finish off the session, but he said he had other plans for Lis and wanted to save himself for later.

Lis was quite tired from the triple-cum so we left her to rest and went downstairs so we didn’t disturb her. Mike’s cock looked quite hard and the head was a dark purple colour, which usually means that he really wants (or needs) to cum. Sue recognised this too and talked him in to spooning with her on the sofa while we chatted. Lucy was offered the chance to lick Sue’s clit to help her cum but was only willing to use her fingers (which Mike still enjoyed). Jen ended up helping out and lapping away at Sue’s clit as Mike gently pumped back and forth in Sue’s pussy until Sue came. She was a little disappointed that Mike hadn’t cum in her, but she understood that Lis was only here for a few days and Mike (and Jen) would (almost certainly) be concentrating on Sue once Lis and Lucy left.

Mike stayed buried in Sue for a while and then headed upstairs to see if Lis was ready for more fun – she was actually still asleep, but he easily corrected this by crawling under the covers and very gently kitty kissing her. Lis seemed to be in quite a deep sleep and Mike ended up eating her quite messily (using a lot of saliva and mixing it with her juices). He wanted to try and spoon with her without waking her, but didn’t think he would be able to get her to roll on to her side so he just crawled up over her body and guided his cock in to her. He kept his body raised over hers and gently pumped in and out of her pussy (which was making squelching noises as he’d left it so wet) and carried on doing this until he contented himself that he could have cum in her if he’d wanted. He then pulled out of her and moved back down to eat her, but this time didn’t even try to be gentle so he would wake her up. Whatever he’d done to her, it seemed to work as Lis woke with a moan and told him that it felt good. Mike carried on eating her until she was close to cumming and then pulled away, saying that if she came then she might not want to play properly. Lis swore at him for teasing her, but agreed that she probably couldn’t cum twice more. They kissed for a while and Lis stroked and then sucked on Mike’s cock until he asked her if she would dress up cutely for him. Lis was fine with that and Mike looked out one of Jen’s schoolgirl uniforms and then helped Lis to put it on. I quite like it when Mike does this to me as he caresses almost every part of my body as he puts the clothes on. From what he says, he dressed Lis in the same way and paid special attention to her legs and thighs as he first pulled on her panties and then pulled the knee-high socks up her legs. They then went straight in to their session with Mike kissing and caressing her thighs, right up to her panties, but avoiding contact (or deliberate contact anyway) with her crotch. Lis was still very horny from the teasing and was quite willing to play the naughty schoolgirl so quickly ended up straddling Mike and grinding her panties against his cock (which was how they started off doing things).

As the session progressed Lis lost her blouse and skirt and they humped for quite a while with her just wearing her underwear. Mike kissed and stroked her body a lot more until they finally decided that it was time for him to be inside her. At first they did this with her panties on and just pulled to the side, but eventually lust got the better of them and Lis removed her panties and bra (but kept the socks on as Mike likes that) and they fucked. They used a number of positions and Mike told Lis that she had really become a horny little slut but she said that he was to blame for that. Mike was fairly modest and said that he couldn’t take all of the credit, but was glad to pay his part and that it wasn’t meant as an insult as he was more than happy to make her cum whenever she wanted. He let her choose how they finished off and Lis opted to be on top so he could pound in to her. Mike had wanted to try to fuck her until she came twice, but he was as horny as she was so once they got going and Lis humped up and down on his cock as he rapidly slammed in to her again and again he knew that he probably wouldn’t last (or didn’t want to). They kissed as they fucked and Mike could feel Lis panting in to his mouth as her orgasm approached. He told her to let him know when she was about to cum and she did so – allowing Mike to push her over the edge, fuck her just a little way beyond her orgasm and them slam in to her a few more times and empty himself in to her.

Lis remained on his cock for a while, during which time they kissed, panted at each other and Mike told Lis how incredibly cute she looked in white underwear. As Mike started to go soft, they rolled over and he kissed his way down her body and spent some time between her legs. He asked Lis if he could shave her on her next visit and Lis agreed. She then put the white underwear back on and they both came downstairs to join the rest of us and we all approved of Lis’ look, although Sue thought that Lis would look hot in sexier black underwear. We sat around and chatted for the rest of the afternoon and as it got closer to dinner time I suggested that we could have a bonus bit of fun if we called up the pizza guy from Friday night and said that we could demonstrate what we’d gotten up to with him properly which would be a lot better than just re-enacting the rolling pin part. We told Lucy that she obviously wouldn’t have to participate, but dared her to at least show herself and after a bit of bartering, we agreed that we would all wear our new Christmas underwear and see how things developed. We debated as to whether Mike should be present or hide upstairs but decided that it would be safer (in terms of getting the pizza guy to join in) if Mike wasn’t present.

Sue gave him a call and asked him to bring a pizza over (telling him that we would pay for it) and we all prepared ourselves. We set up a Skype connection so Mike could watch the proceedings from upstairs and when the doorbell rang, Mike dashed upstairs and we sent Sue out to answer the door. She greeted the guy with a kiss, led him in to the kitchen where she paid him for the pizza and then pulled one of his hands between her legs so she could enjoy the feeling of the warmth from the pizza. She led him in to the living room and he seemed somewhat surprised to see the rest of us sitting around in our underwear but Sue removed her bra and asked him if he would be willing to perform in front of an audience and added that I would be joining them. We hadn’t really planned this out, but I took this as my cue and moved over to where they were and removed by bra as well. Our breasts seemed to distract him from the others and he soon had a hand on each of our breasts so we reached out to his crotch and first fondled him, then undid his trousers and freed his cock.

Sue quickly rolled a condom on to him and bent down to suck him – he started to play with my pussy but I stopped him and slipped my panties off as I didn’t want to ruin them. He eagerly pushed his fingers in to me and I told him I wanted him to fuck us both in front of our friends. As Sue had him last time, I got him to start with me and bent over to present my ass to him. He eagerly pushed in to my waiting cunt and started to pump away but Sue soon told him that it was her turn so he switched over to her. He moved back and forth a few times as we argued over his cock but Lis came to our aid and started eating whoever he wasn’t fucking. She ended up removing her underwear as well and I thought that she was going to join us again to sample yet another cock, but she stuck to oral – including sucking the guy’s cock from time to time as he moved between us. Meanwhile, Jen was really enjoying the show and stripped off to masturbate – she got Lucy to help her out and then convinced Lucy to join in properly. I didn’t see them get started and only realised they were playing with each other when Jen started moaning (which was put on to get the guy’s attention). Lucy and Jen 69ed on some cushions and this was too much for the guy who ended up blowing his load in Sue.

Neither Sue nor I had cum yet (although we were well on the way) and as Sue had ‘won’, I let Lis take care of her while I sat back in a chair, draped my legs over the arms to spread myself wide and played with myself. I used my favourite method and used a couple of fingers on my clit while reaching around under my leg to play with my pussy. Once my fingers were nice and wet I then dropped my fingers to my ass and fingered it while alternating between fingering and frigging myself with my other hand. I came before Sue did and looked straight at the guy as I came (although his attention was divided between me, Lis and Sue and Jen and Lucy). Once we had all cum, we felt that it was only fair to get Lis off and we spread her pussy and played with her, letting the guy watch. He wanted to help and was allowed to finger Lis, but I think her orgasm was more down to the rest of us playing with her clit.

I asked the guy if he had any friends that he would be happy to share us with and at first he said he knew plenty of people, but I explained that it would mean him and them fucking us at the same time and he was a little less keen (I had thought that as he’d been unfazed at doing things in front of an audience that he wouldn’t mind doing things around his friends, but I know that is very different). I asked him to have a think about it and we found out his work schedule for the next week (just in case we needed him). Sue and I (still naked) then saw him to the door and waved him off before returning to the others. As we ate dinner we got Lis to describe what it was like being fingered by a stranger. She gave a fairly good description and we teased Lucy about how she should have let the guy fuck her while Jen was eating her – we all knew that this would have been highly unlikely and Mike defended her (by saying that if she was going to fuck any guys then he wanted to be the one to cum inside her). Lucy seemed to appreciate him defending her, but wouldn’t go as far as promising him that he would be the first guy to get inside her.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Christmas 2013 – Part 5

As Lis and her guy had started after Sue and I, they still had a little way to go so I suggested a different position. I lay on my back and Lis crouched over my face facing away from my body. She leant forwards and her guy straddled my chest to slide in to her. In this position I could easily lick her clit while the guy fucked her and between us we had no trouble getting Lis to cum. I then got her to raise her ass so I could scooch down a bit and watch as he finished fucking her. When he came and then pulled out I grabbed Lis’ skirt and wiped all of our pussies clean, then pulled the condom off of her guys’ cock, wiped his cock clean and then used other parts of the skirt to wipe the other guys’ cocks clean. As I did this, I reminded the guys that Lis still needed to have the other two cocks inside her and that Sue and I still wanted to be fucked at least once more each. The guys said that they would be able to accommodate us, but could do with some encouragement so I asked if we should put on a little show for them. They liked this idea so I told Lis that it was time to pay us back for having stolen one of the cocks from us and told Sue that we should lie back and enjoy ourselves.

Sue and I lay beside each other with our legs spread and we let Lis play with us both in turn, using her fingers as well as going down on us both. Our audience enjoyed the show and they were all back to attentions before either Sue or I had cum so we decided to press on with round two. Once a fresh set of condoms had been applied (we let Lis put them on so she got a good fondle of each cock), we took turns sucking them and just so we could be sure Lis had got to have all three guys inside her, Lis, Sue and I knelt at the end of the bed and we let the guys fuck us all in a round-robin style. By the time we’d all had each cock in us a number of times, the guys wanted to get a bit more serious so we moved around and on to the bed properly. I suggested that Sue should pair up with Lis as I’d done in the previous session and they got in to a 69 position and were fucked while I lay a little way away from them and enjoyed the new cock inside me. I considered getting a few vibes out of the cupboard for us to use on our clits and wondered what the guys would think if they saw our collection of toys (although I presumed they had already figured out that we were more highly sexed than your average person). As we had all been playing with ourselves during the round-robin session earlier, we were fairly far along anyway though so it wasn’t worth interrupting what we were doing.

I told Sue to make Lis cum as quickly as possible and she had managed to make fairly good oral contact with Lis’ pussy so Lis was the first of us to cum in this session. This meant that we could switch partners around again and I told the guy who was now fucking Lis that he had to try and hold back until Lis came a third time (so Lis could say she had been fucked to orgasm by three different guys in a row – even if Sue and I had helped out a bit). I promised him that we would make it worth his while and told Sue that we should try and cum as quickly as possible so we could help out. This wasn’t too difficult as by this point we were both quite close to cumming and telling our guys that they could use us however they wanted meant they happily pumped away in us while we frigged ourselves (Lis helped out a bit with Sue’s clit). Unfortunately my second orgasm wasn’t as satisfying as the first one had been, but I didn’t complain (I don’t think it was his fault) and let him finish off inside me. I squeezed my cunt around him as he rested inside me and when he pulled out I told him to wait while I fetched Sue’s skirt and used the inside to wipe his cock clean. Sue wasn’t too far behind me and once I had cleaned her and her guy up we discussed the best way to help Lis out.

For a start, we got the guy to lie on his back and have Lis ride him. He liked this and it allowed Sue to sit behind Lis and reach around to play with her breasts and clit. I tried to convince one of the other guys to take Sue’s place and fuck Lis’ ass, but they weren’t up for having their cocks that close to their friend’s cock (and to be fair, neither of them looked like they were in any state to get hard enough again). As Sue was being so adventurous I felt that we should really continue to push her and wondered about getting the strap on out, but then decided it might be too much for the guys. As a compromise, I fetched one of our anal vibes, applied a little lube and pressed it up against Lis’ ass. As I pushed it in I told her that if the guys weren’t going to fuck her sweet little ass, then I would and as it slipped in, the guy buried in her cunt said he could feel the buzzing. Just so she could tick off another thing, I let the other guys take turns at sliding the vibe in and out of Lis’ ass, but I made sure that they were gentle with her. The other guys also fondled Lis’ body and reached between her and her guy to play with her breasts so I got Sue to reach between them to rub Lis’ clit as well. With all this attention it wasn’t too surprising that we managed to get her off before the guy came and once Lis’ orgasm was over, we gave him permission to cum in her. He rolled Lis over on to her back and fucked her with the vibe still buzzing away in her ass. He took hardly any time (I was actually quite surprised that he had lasted so long) and as he came in her I pushed on his ass to encourage him to get as deep inside Lis as he could as he emptied his second load of the evening.

As the guys started to get dressed I lay beside Lis and gently kissed and caressed her. The one who had just fucked Lis asked what his special treat was and I told him that getting to cum in my precious Lis should have been enough for him, but said if he really wanted then Sue and I would play with her for him. He (and his friends) liked this idea and I remember thinking it is odd how many guys use the term ‘lesbos’ as a derogatory term for girls who aren’t interested in them, but seem to be all for watching girls make each other cum (although I don’t know how big an intersection there is between those two groups). Lis didn’t want to cum again (or more specifically she said she didn’t think she *could* cum again) so we were gentle with her, but still let the guys watch us kiss, finger and eat her for a few minutes. We showed them to the door naked and Sue and I further convinced them of our craziness by giving them long goodbye kisses outside and letting them each briefly finger us both.

Back inside, we called a meeting and asked Lis why she had let three strangers fuck her (as you may have gathered from my over-use of the word ‘guy’, we didn’t even know their names). Lis and Lucy told us that they had discussed Lis being with another guy (now I can’t stop using the word) a few times and Lis thought that this was probably the best chance she was going to get. Mike didn’t say anything at the time, but he was a little disappointed that his little lesbian was no longer just his (but he is aware that she was never really his and is just jealous that other guys got to fuck her). Later on, when Lis was away from Lucy I warned her about not pushing things too far with Lucy as she is (relatively) more conservative than us and I really didn’t want Lis to do anything that upset their relationship. Lis isn’t stupid though and said that while she had really enjoyed the session, she had no immediate plans to turn bi (yes, I know she sleeps with Mike, but she still considers herself mostly gay).

We all headed off to bed – Lis with Sue and me and Lucy with Mike and Jen. As you may have guessed, Sue, Lis and I had a fairly subdued time as we were all fairly satisfied. I say ‘fairly’ – Lis still didn’t want to do anything more – or at least anything serious, she allowed us to kiss and caress her and as we wasn’t trying to make her cum, it was quite a sensual session. I wondered if Sue and I should put on a display for Lis to try and get her in the mood to play properly, but we didn’t need to do this as after a while (a fair while) Lis began to respond to our touches more and I moved down to kitty kiss her. When Lis didn’t remind me to be gentle I was fairly sure that we had reeled her in, but I started off gently anyway and enjoyed lapping at her pussy. I steadily became more insistent and was quite prepared to carry on until Lis came but Sue told me not to be greedy and to share. Just as Mike considers Lis ‘his’, I sort of do the same so as I wasn’t going to get to eat her I wanted to feel her tongue on my pussy and climbed over her face. Lis pulled me to her mouth and immediately started to lick me – I held on to the headboard and humped back and forth against her face as she did this, but still couldn’t catch up with her. Lis slowed her licking as she came but quickly started up again and I felt the familiar fluttery licks concentrating on my clit until I came.

Sue still wanted to cum again but I didn’t think it was fair to get Lis to take care of her as well as she (Lis) was looking quite tired. Sue was willing to take care of things herself but we wanted to help out at least a bit so I selected a few toys (most of them live in the cupboard in Jen’s bedroom, but we always keep a few in Mike’s room for such occasions) and we told Sue to lie back. As Lis and I had just cum, we were both fairly wet so I slid a vibe in to myself and then in to Lis to add lubrication before inserting it into Sue. I then gave Lis another vibe to use on Lis’ clit and between us we made short work of making Sue cum. As Sue was already lying down, Lis and I curled up on either side of her and reached an arm over to hug Sue. We fell asleep like that while continuing the discussion about how surprised I still was that Lis had joined us for our session with the guys.

As Mike was spending the night with Jen and Lucy he knew that he wasn’t going to get to cum (he could have fucked Jen, but wanted to save his cum for Sue or Lis). As usual, he used the situation to tease himself though and watched intently as Lucy and Jen played with each other. He did semi-fuck Jen while she ate Lucy and was allowed to press up against Lucy’s ass as they went to sleep. In the morning, Mike spooned with Lucy again and gently rubbed back and forth against her ass – she didn’t mind him doing this and even let him slide his cock between her legs. He had to be quite careful in this position as he didn’t want to slide in to Lucy’s cunt (well, he did, but you know what I mean) so after a few minutes he pulled back and as a reward was allowed to play with Lucy’s breasts while Jen went down on her. Mike had a quick lap at Jen’s pussy before letting Lucy take over and Jen sucked his cock as he watched them. They discussed how if he were ever to ‘donate’ sperm to help Lucy get pregnant if he would be allowed to give a direct injection or if his offering would have to go via Jen’s mouth. Jen quite liked the idea of being the one to actually fertilise Lucy but Lucy thought it would be a better idea for her and Lis to get married and settled first (which Mike with his eternal optimism took as meaning he would be allowed to father their child).

I woke first in the morning and on my return from the bathroom I look in on Jen’s room to see them all asleep. I had already decided that I wanted to give a demonstration to Lis of the new three way method we had used with Lucy so as soon as I got back in to bed I got to work on waking Lis up in our traditional way. While I was under the covers I couldn’t resist from reaching over to Sue and giving her pussy a few strokes – it probably wasn’t as gentle or erotic as the way I woke Lis, but it at least meant that when Sue woke, she knew the sort of mood I was in and wasn’t too surprised when I told her I wanted us to both hump against Lis’ legs as we’d done with Lucy. We decided that this position was a little too strenuous to start the day off with so we opted to start off with a threesome with Lis in the middle. This time Sue started off eating Lis and I was the one to finish things off and make Lis cum while Sue sat over Lis’ face. To echo what we’d done the previous evening I then lay back and let Sue and Lis use the vibes on me. After a couple of minutes rest I was ready to proceed and we told Lis exactly what Lucy had done to us before taking up our positions over Lis’ thighs and starting to hump against them. It felt nice, but felt even better when we leant forwards over Lis’ legs and she started to finger us. She also used the vibes in us and tried to nestle the vibes between our cunts and her legs, but this wasn’t too successful as they kept popping out of the way. We adapted the position and ended up with Lis pushing the vibes into our asses and using her fingers in our pussies as we humped against her legs. This felt even better than it had with Lucy and we both had pretty good orgasms and then examined the mess we had made on Lis’ thighs.

The others were still asleep when we had finished and headed downstairs for breakfast. We heard some action while we were eating, but decided to leave them to it. Lucy had actually woken up first and gone down on Jen as a thank you for the way Jen usually woke her up. We don’t know why (other than the vagaries of pregnancy hormones), but Jen was very wet again that morning and Lucy offered Mike a turn with Jen so he could enjoy her juices too. Lucy did most of the work though and crouched wither ass in the air to allow Mike to enjoy the view of her pussy. Mike made the most of this and sat behind Lucy for quite a while. He asked if he could rub his cock up against her again and was told no so he bargained with her and said he would get Sue and I to perform for her again. He still wasn’t allowed to do anything with her straight away, but was given the promise that they would discuss it further and once he delivered, she would let him do something with her. Given this, Mike had to content himself with just examining Lucy’s pussy (without touching her of course). When Jen had cum Lucy lay back and spread her lips for him so he could get an even closer look and Mike knelt between Lucy’s legs, took his cock in his hands and stroked himself, threatening to cover Lucy’s pussy with his cum. She called his bluff and told him that he wouldn’t dare – and was proved right as Mike said he would rather look lots than just cum on her once.

After breakfast we lazed around for a while and a few of had a play with Jen to see how much juice her pussy could make. Mike commented that she was in the ideal state for making a salad dressing and I said I was up for it if everyone else was on board. Mike asked if he was allowed to participate as well (by which he meant contributing to the dressing, not just tasting the results) and as Lucy was the only person that this would be an issue for, the question was directed at her. Lucy echoed something she had said before which was she had already tasted Mike’s cum enough times from Lis (and Jen and me) that it didn’t bother her. Mike was quite happy about this and said he would contribute to the dressing, but first he wanted to get some action as he hadn’t cum yet and had just teased himself with the sight of Lucy’s forbidden pussy. He wanted to fuck Lis and she agreed to allow him to use her body so followed him upstairs. I suggested to Sue that she tag along as I was sure Mike would be willing to at least eat her if she asked nicely so she hightailed after them (knowing full well that Mike would let her join them no matter how she asked).

Lucy, Jen and I showered and got dressed while Mike played with Lis and Sue. They had a pretty standard session (for a threesome) – Mike ate them both and ate each of them while the other one ride him, fucked each of them while they ate or fingered the other one. He finished off and came in Lis, but Sue insisted on eating his cum out of her. Mike then showered with Lis and once she was clean, Sue took her place and as she claimed she was still feeling frisky, Mike frigged her and used the pulse spray on her clit. Sue wanted Mike inside her as she came, but he wasn’t able to get hard enough in time (and he said if he got in to her, he might well end up fucking her, in which case he probably wouldn’t have been able to produce any cum later on for the salad).