Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Visiting Mel – Part 5

I nodded to Julia for her to take Mel’s place but I was told to climb over her and I dutifully did so. Julia was sensitive to the fact I’d just cum and started off just kitty kissing me – I wasn’t as gentle with her and played with her clit and lips. After a couple of minutes I felt something press against my pussy and looked around to see Mel behind me, wearing a strap-on. She slid into me and pumped in and out with long strokes, burying the full length of the dildo in me each time and asking if I enjoyed cock more than cunt. I told Mel I didn’t care which I got, as long as I got to cum and she gave my ass a little slap and told me I was just as much of a slut as Julia. This seemed more like the Mel I was used to but she didn’t do anything more other than fuck me, and this, combined with Julia’s licking was enough to make me cum again (but I at least got Julia off in the meantime).

The three of us headed down for breakfast – Julia and I remained naked but Mel slipped a light gown on. She didn’t remove the strap-on so it occasionally poked out from the gown and ended up being pushed into Julia and me a few times as we prepared breakfast. We had mostly finished eating when the doorbell went and I was told to go answer it. I did this and recognised the guy, but it took me until we had got back into the dining room to realise he was the neighbour (Richard) who had fucked and cum in me on the Friday night. In my defence, a fair bit had happened since then – although I do generally remember the men I’ve allowed to cum inside me. I assumed he was there for a repeat performance but knew better than to act without permission so I asked Mel what she wanted me to do with or for Richard. Mel said it was up to him so I turned and repeated the question to him and he said he wanted to play with me up on the bed so I led him upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed. He pushed me back and lay on top of me, kissing me, fondling my breasts and fingering me. I let his hands explore my body and he spent a while playing with my breasts. I got impatient and told him I wanted his cock and he knelt up to let me free it from his trousers. He felt incredibly hard and hot and I took him in my mouth and gave him a messy suck for a couple of minutes before helping him remove his trousers completely and then getting him to lie on his back so I could sit over him.

I ground against his cock, pressing it against my pussy and humping back and forth to cover it in my juices while he played with my breasts again. I told him I wanted him inside me again and how much I wanted to feel his cum pumping into my cunt and then drip out of me. He laughed and said I was as bad a Julia and I made a flippant comment about him not knowing the half of it. He told me he thought he knew a fair bit about Julia’s perversions and as he slid into me and we fucked, we traded stories of the things she’d done. It turned out that he actually did know about her – the things she used to get up to at Uni with the group of friends there, the fact that she fucked her brother and his friends and even her latest perversions. I kept pace with the discussion and made sure he knew I’d done pretty much all the things Julia had (including fucking her brother as well as my sister, but then had to admit that Julia had fucked my sister as well). Having picked up on my exhibitionism, he told me he wanted to watch me match Julia in everything and I told him he could watch me do anything he wanted. We were both quite close to cumming by this point and as I ground my clit against his body he rubbed his finger back and forth over my ass. I humped back and forth and told him I wanted him to cum deep inside me and he said he would try his best. I half-sat up as I came to let him watch me orgasm and pushed down hard on his cock with each thrust. I felt him speed up and told him over and over to fuck me, fill me and cum in me and he obliged. He pushed into me again and again and I told him to keep cumming until I felt him stop moving.

I heard a comment behind me and looked round to see Mel and Julia watching us, gave them a little smile and bent forwards to share a kiss with Richard. We rolled over with him still inside me and I lifted my legs so when he pulled out I could keep his cum in me. Mel knelt and kitty kissed me and Julia sat over my face and told me to eat her again. Richard asked what else we’d already done that day and was given a summary of our morning session. Julia remained sitting over my face so I couldn’t see, but I could easily tell when Mel moved out of the way and Richard took over eating me. He clearly hadn’t been trained in kitty kissing (or just wanted to make me cum again) and it was soon also clear that he didn’t have any problem eating his own cum out of me as he licked in and around my pussy with long firm strokes of his tongue. I tried to pass this on to Julia and was helped by Mel who got Jules to lean forwards so she could kneel behind my head and fuck Julia with the strap-on. I felt my lips being spread and the guy’s tongue licking up and down directly across my clit. I reached back to try and cup Mel’s ass – this didn’t really work, but Mel pushed into Jules a couple of times and remained buried in her so I could reach around to knead her ass – spending a fair bit of the rest of the time kneading Julia’s ass. Both Julia and I came again and when we were released we all headed downstairs to have a drink.

I learned that Richard was allowed to use Julia pretty much however he wanted. Not only would he turn up to fuck Julia whenever Mel called, but he could call Julia and she was expected to wander over to his house and pleasure him. When this happened late at night, Mel would sometimes send her over (or expect her to come back) naked, and she had nearly been caught a few times as other neighbours were returning from nights out or putting the rubbish out. One time, Jules had to hide in a garden while a group of people stood chatting on the other side of the hedge, aware that she would be visible to anyone in the house if they looked out the window. I suggested to Mel that Julia should have to cum in each garden – either by herself or having someone fuck her and Julia told me to stop giving Mel ideas and told the guy it was me who loved fucking outdoors (I specified that I like doing this when it was a bit warmer). On the occasions that Mel really wanted to dominate Julia, she would take Julia over to Richard not just naked, but wearing a leash and getting her to crawl on all fours and one evening the previous year, Julia had remained as Richard’s bitch out in his garden for an evening – having to lift her leg to pee, eat from a bowl and let him fuck her (doggy style, of course) in the middle of the lawn.

We all went out for lunch and I wasn’t at all surprised when I was told I wasn’t allowed to wear anything under my coat – well, under Julia’s coat anyway as I had to wear one of hers that came down to the middle of my thighs. Other than shoes, the only other items of clothing I was allowed were some long white socks as it turned out Richard had a schoolgirl fetish as well (not real ones) and Mel promised him I’d dress appropriately for him when we got back. We got to sit in a semi-secluded booth in a pub and I was instructed to unbutton my coat (although I was allowed to keep it shut whenever there was someone at the table taking orders/giving us food). Richard sat next to me and played with me throughout the meal – he had done similar things with Julia before so was quite good at pretty much fully exposing me, getting his fingers into my pussy, fondling my breasts and frigging my clit – all without us getting caught. It wasn’t all one sided as I climbed under the table and sucked his cock for a couple of minutes while I fingered myself and was then made to scooch over and lap at Julia’s pussy under her skirt. This was actually much more risky as she was nearer the outer end of the table and it had been her partially shielding me while I’d been sucking Richard. We managed it without getting caught – although I wasn’t given enough time to make either of them cum.

Both Mel and Julia took some of the mini-sweetcorn from my plate and added their own flavouring to them before returning them for me to eat (they both slid the veg up into their cunts, then let it slide back out). For desert, I was given ice cream and Julia was sent under the table. I had to drip lumps of ice cream onto my mons and Julia ate it off of me as it melted down over my pussy (I was thankful it was her coat I was wearing as I could feel some of the cold liquid sliding down between my ass cheeks). After the teasing I’d had throughout lunch I was more than ready to cum again and the way Julia was working on me, I fully expected her to keep licking and eating me until I came in the middle of the pub. I was on the verge of cumming, leaning forward against the table as Julia’s tongue swirled around my clit and Richard’s hand stroked up and down my back. Julia only stopped as Mel gave her a little kick and said it was enough – I pleaded that it wasn’t and I just needed a little more but Mel was adamant I wasn’t going to get to cum. Richard seemed surprised I was so willing to cum in a public place and he let me push his hand to my pussy and move his fingers against my clit, but he didn’t really help out in fingering or frigging me (Mel told him not to – and I guess as she was his gateway to Julia he did was she said) so I gave up and just told them they were all mean.

On the way home I was told if I was still horny that I could sit on a bench in the park, spread my legs wide and make myself cum as many times as I wanted. The idea certainly appealed – especially as there were a good number of other people around – but as I’ve said before, I don’t want to actually be arrested (or do things where children are around) so it wasn’t too difficult to restrain myself. On the walk to Mel and Julia’s home, Mel did promise me that I’d get to cum again before I had to leave, but even this turned out to be a frustrating experience…

Just as he had been promised, Richard got to see me in my full schoolgirl outfit (red pleated tartan skirt, white blouse, white panties and the long white socks I’d worn to lunch). I had assumed I was going to be fucked again but Mel decided I should give them some explicit descriptions of things I’d done. Richard was especially keen to hear about me having fucked, fingered, humped and eaten my little sister so I had to describe this to him while touching myself – although as nothing is ever quite that simple, I wasn’t allowed to touch myself the way I wanted to and had to combine my descriptions of fucking Sue with a demonstration of my ability to cum from just having my neck stroked. Despite my complaints that I can’t make myself cum like this, I was told to do it anyway and I sat with my legs spread, giving them all al view up my skirt and I gently caressed my neck, the way I love having Mike, Jen, Sue and Lis do and described in detail how we had started off with Sue watching us and progressed to fucking her and then finally us eating each other. I’m fairly certain I couldn’t have made myself cum like that, but I certainly got myself sufficiently aroused that the white panties showed a visible wet patch and when Julia knelt to peel them off and expose my pussy I could feel the cool air on the moisture that had gathered between my lips. Fortunately, we changed position and I lay with my head in Julia’s lap so she could stroke my neck. This felt immeasurably better (although as much as I love Jules, I did imagine it was Mike and Jen stroking my neck) and after about 10 minutes felt my orgasm building. Sadly, it is a frustratingly slow process in this position and Mel became impatient and told me to finger myself. I would have loved to get the deep pulsing orgasm that neck stroking usually gives (and loved it even more as I was doing it for an audience) but I lowered a hand to my pussy and gently circled my clit while telling them how I was imagining it was Sue’s tongue on me. Julia kept stroking my neck but also now caressed one of my breasts with her other hand and I felt my orgasm continually but slowly building. I desperately wanted to plunge a couple of fingers into my cunt (and possibly a couple more into my ass) and finger and frig myself to a strong orgasm, but I used all the self-control I had and just swirled my finger around my clit, still picturing Sue’s sweet face between my legs. It wasn’t the same sort of orgasm I’d have had if it had been just from my neck being stroked, but it was certainly a good one. By this point, my head and shoulders were the only thing on Julia’s lap – my feet were on the floor, my legs bent at the knees and my back arched slightly to raise my pussy in the air. I was humping against the imaginary tongue, but keeping my finger only just touching my clit to draw out my orgasm. When I finally came I moaned and panted out loud and couldn’t help myself from letting out a few squirts of pee.

When I slumped down, I slid to the floor, half resting against Julia’s legs, with my fingers still pressed between my legs. Richard said he was impressed and that it looked like I’d really enjoyed myself and I murmured that it had felt incredible. Mel said I had to repay Julia and I almost fell backwards when she spread her legs. I turned around and pushed my face between her legs and almost as soon as my tongue made contact with her crotch I felt Richard press his cock against my pussy and rub against me. I told him I’d only just cum, but Mel said I could take it and he said he couldn’t wait any longer with me dressed like that and he slid into me. He fucked me with long strokes again, reaching around to fondle my breasts and occasionally play with my clit. I told him to just fuck me as I knew I wasn’t likely to cum again so soon after a strong orgasm, but he carried on caressing me as he pumped in and out anyway. I pulled Julia forwards on the sofa a little and lapped around her ass while I fingered her pussy and switched between the two, concentrating more on her pussy as she got closer to cumming. From the way Richard was pumping into me I guessed he wouldn’t be far behind Julia so I sucked on her clit until she came, then concentrated on contracting myself around Richard as best I could (the weekend had taken its toll). It felt like a bit of a waste to let him cum in me without me cumming at (or around) the same time, but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to stop him at this point and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock plunging into my still slightly sensitive pussy and hearing him tell me he was about to cum. As he came, I imagined his cum squirting into me, ignoring the fact it was his second load that morning and that there probably wouldn’t be too much. I squeezed my pussy as hard as I could, trying to milk out any last drops and asked him to remain in me for a little while.

By the time he pulled out, his cock was beginning to go soft but I hadn’t finished with it yet. I got him to lie on the floor (getting Mel to throw a cushion over for his head) and I straddled him in a 69. I was gentle with his cock and spent a while licking and kissing around the shaft with only occasional contact with the head at first. For his part, Richard used his fingers to play with my pussy but soon pulled me to his mouth and started licking me. I ended up taking his cock in my mouth – he still wasn’t hard, but what I was doing seemed to be enough to stop him from going completely soft and I proceeded to suck him and swirl my tongue around the cock that had cum in me twice that morning as a show of thanks. He ate me until I came and I moaned around his cock as his tongue slid up and down my pussy and around my clit. He was a little harder by this point but he still didn’t think he could cum again. Mel did convince him to let me sit over him and have Julia lick both of us, which felt quite nice, but still wasn’t enough to get hi ready to cum again so she gave up and sent him home, telling him that she would walk Julia over to him later that night and that he should be prepared to fuck his little bitch.

Mel gave me a final fingering just before we set off to the airport and once we got into the car, Mel instructed Julia and me to strip completely and 69 in the back seat for the journey. It probably wasn’t the safest position as we could have been catapulted off the seat if Mel had crashed, but fortunately she didn’t and I got to enjoy a final session licking and fingering Julia’s pussy for the whole journey. Mel warned us when we were getting close to the airport and said we could choose whether to cum while still travelling or whether we should finish off once we were parked. Between licks, I told Julia I wanted things to last so we didn’t hurry and just kept teasing each other until Mel pulled into a parking space and turned around to watch us. After a whole journey of teasing, both Julia and I were close to cumming so it didn’t take long to finish things off. Using the signals we’ve developed over the years (mostly squeezing and stroking legs), we got each other to the verge of cumming before both diving in and licking each other through their orgasms. Our faces and pussies were covered with juices and we were told we weren’t allowed to clean up, just to get dressed and head into the airport. As for my journey down, all I was allowed to wear was a light dress, so I was ready in no time and told Mel that I was truly thankful for having arranged a wonderful weekend. I gave Mel a kiss, letting her taste Julia’s juices from my face and slid a hand up her leg, saying that it would only be fair that I show her my appreciation properly.

I hadn’t really expected Mel to let me play with her again, but she pressed my hand up against the crotch of her jeans and asked what I wanted to do to her. I told her it would be fitting to fuck her, but as we didn’t have a strap-on with us, that was out. Sensing that she was willing to let me play with her, I unzipped her jeans and pushed my hand into them, sought out her pussy and started fingering her – it was only when I tried to lift her top that she stopped me as we were standing beside the car and could have been seen too easily. We compromised and opened the back door again, Mel bent forwards into the car, I pulled her jeans down to the middle of her thighs and fingered her from behind while also reaching up under her top to fondle her breasts. After a couple of minutes of this, Mel said if I was intent on making her cum that I could and we changed position so she was on her back in the car, her jeans pulled down to her ankles and me leaning into the car to eat and frig her. Mel held my face against her pussy and humped against it – in turn, I lapped at her clit until she let out a low moan and whispered for me to keep doing what I was doing, then came. Before she pulled her tights up, Mel wiped her hand over her pussy and got me to lift my dress so she could smear her juices over my stomach, then repeated this to smear juices over my thighs, pussy and breasts. As Mel pulled her jeans up, Julia was instructed to do the same, but to wipe her juices over my ass and back and when we finally set off to head into the departure lounge, I could feel my dress occasionally sticking to my body.

I’m sure the guy sitting next to me on the plane (and possibly those for rows around) could easily smell the scent of sex exuding from my skin. I amused myself by writing up a blog entry (not this one, even a couple of years ago I was considerably behind – I think it was a sex party from a while back) and making no effort to hide the screen as I detailed how I’d been fingered, fucked, eaten and given multiple loads of cum. I let my skirt ride high enough to almost reveal my pussy and briefly thought about trying to get him to join me in the bathroom for a fuck, but it was only a short flight (and it’s actually quite difficult to fuck on a plane without getting caught). The most I managed was to flash my pussy at him when I stepped past to go to the bathroom (and on my return). I pretended to not notice as he read what I typed but then decided I wanted a final bit of fun before returning to Mike and Jen and started a new paragraph, asking the guy if he was interested in playing with me and how we could duck into a bathroom at the airport and I’d suck and fuck him dry before we left. I gave him a quick sideways glance and then carried on typing, telling him I wanted to feel his hand on my leg – then typed this twice more, with a ‘now’ in bold before he slid his hand over and rested it on my thigh. I kept typing and told him to slide his hand up to my pussy, spreading my legs to make it easier for him and once I could feel his little finger nestling between my lips I typed my thanks and told him to follow me once we left the plane. He kept his hand in place for a couple of minutes with his finger sliding around my pussy until someone walked past and he quickly moved it away.

We didn’t say anything throughout the flight (I had typed instructions for him not to talk to me) but as we were leaving the plane I took his hand and asked if he was still interested. He nodded that he was and we made our way to baggage reclaim, then afterwards into a bathroom and straight into one of the disabled stalls. I hung my coat up and raised my arms, whispering to the guy to pull my dress up. He did so, revealing that I was naked underneath and I quickly unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. Even after the wait for our bags, he was still partially hard and it only took a few strokes to get him hard enough for me to roll a condom on to his cock and I sat on the toilet to suck him. I let him fuck me from behind as well as up against the wall (with me facing him). Other people came and went from the bathroom as we fucked and I wondered if anyone could hear us, but by this point was merrily frigging my clit and heading towards cumming so I didn’t really care. I whispered to the guy that I was getting close and frigged myself faster, feeling the familiar wash of pleasure as another orgasm pulsed through my pussy. The guy kept fucking me and I was impressed at how long he was holding out. I looked around and asked him if he wanted to cum in my cunt or mouth and he said mouth, so I sat on the toilet again, wrapped a hand around the lower part of his shaft and took the top half between my lips. I cupped his balls with my other hand and pumped fondled, sucked and licked at his cock, using all the tricks Sue had taught me. The guy held the back of my head and pushed into my mouth, but my hand around the shaft stopped him from going too deep so I just kept sucking until I felt the condom filling with cum. He gasped and tried to pull out but I kept my mouth around his cock and gently sucked while looking up at him and he relaxed. I kept him in my mouth until I felt his cock start to soften, then pulled away to admire the load of cum I’d helped him produce. I pulled my coat on, stuffed my dress into my bag and left him to clean up as I went in search of Mike, Jen and MJ. They had seen me drag the guy to the bathroom so had gone for a coffee – Mike asked about the guy and I told him he had just been my last (then corrected that to second last) cock of the weekend.

On the way home, I gave them the summary of the things I’d got up to, with much more detail around certain sections of the weekend than others. Jen got to have the first session with me back at home, savouring the scent and taste of Mel and Julia from my body and Mike then took me, licking off more of their juices, sampling mine direct from my cunt and then pumping his cum into me. Jen later licked some of this out of me as I went over the weekend again and I was told if I was sufficiently good that I could visit Mel and Julia again and have another weekend of cocks.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Visiting Mel – Part 4

When Steve finished with me I was told to squat over the bottle on the bar, just so they could watch as it slid in and out of my pussy. Julia got me to press down hard on the bottle so it stretched my lips, but I wasn’t made (or asked) to cum again – which I was thankful for as even I needed a little break by this point. Julia did kitty kiss me for a couple of minutes and offered me to anyone who wanted a second round, but they all had to get back to work to prepare the place for opening so we got dressed, said our goodbyes and set off back to Julia’s house. On the way she told me that our visit would ensure that she and Mel would be able to skip the queue at that club for a good while to come and described how she had similar ‘arrangements’ with a number of the bouncers and managers of clubs in the town.

Back at Julia’s place, we sat and had dinner and Julia and I were told to freshen up and have a little rest to prepare for the evening’s games. They wouldn’t tell me what the plan was, but Julia assured me it would meet my requirements for the visit and I know them well enough that I knew it would be wise to have a rest while I could and Julia and I ended up dozing together in the bed for a couple of hours. I was actually quite surprised when I woke up and found it was after 9 but didn’t have much time to think as we were warned we had only 5 minutes to prepare. Not knowing what I was preparing for didn’t make things any easier, but I slipped on the nightdress I was handed and followed Julia and Mel downstairs where we sat and had a drink. Within a couple of minutes, there was a knock at the door and we were sent to answer it – unsurprisingly it was a guy and I assumed that we were meant to play with him so we invited him in. I had assumed we would take him to the living room, but Julia led him (and me) straight up to the bedroom, on the way telling him that he could fuck both of us, but that he had to make sure that I came and spend longer buried in my cunt. It was clear that the guy wasn’t used to women talking so openly with him (which is a big mistake – if you don’t tell someone what you want, they can’t be expected to guess), but he seemed to adapt to it and the bulge in his trousers was evident by the time we got to the bedroom.

We started off with some kissing – Julia and I kissing each other, then him, then all three of us. We pushed his hands down under our nightdresses and let him finger us, then slid the nightdresses off and let him play with our breasts and then played with each other (with him helping out a bit). By the time we pulled his cock out, he was desperate to get at us and we each had a turn sucking him before letting him slide into us (me first, then Jules for a while). Whoever was being fucked would lick and finger the other one and a few times the person being fucked would sit over the other one so they could also be licked at the same time. Needless to say, we managed to cum and the guy had no problem cumming as well and we slipped our nightdresses on to walk the guy out of the house.

We’d spent about 50 minutes with him and when Mel said we had 10 minutes to get ready for the next one I realised what the plan was. I asked how many she had lined up and was told I’d have to wait and see, but that we might not get much sleep. She did let me have a look at some of the messages and pictures she had sent on the various hook-up apps and while the profile pictures had been relatively tasteful ones of Julia and me together (obviously naked, but without much showing), a number of the ‘follow up’ images were much more explicit. I didn’t have time to read all of the messages as our next match turned up and once Julia let him in, we retired to the bedroom once more and offered our services to him. This guy came a bit faster but Julia ensured we filled his allocated hour by letting him watch me masturbate myself and describe how much I loved having him look at me. He ended up joining in again, using a vibe on and in me and Julia allowed him to take some pictures of me as I came. By the time he left, I barely had a chance to get a drink of water before the next guy arrived so Julia started things off and I joined in, at which point the guy pulled out of Julia and pushed in to me as I buried my face in her cunt. He wanted to just fuck me hard and cum quickly but we managed to slow things down a bit and give him another turn in Julia and have a play with our breasts before he finished off in me – even so he only lasted about a half hour so we had a little time to rest before the next person showed up.

The ‘next person’ actually turned out to be a couple – the girl was a bit drunk as she had gone out to loosen up before joining us and had done a pretty good job as she happily accepted the attention as Julia and I stripped, fondled, kissed, fingered and licked her (unfortunately with the use of more dental dams). It wasn’t all one way and she played with both of us as well – she especially seemed to enjoy playing with our breasts but her fingers found their way to our pussies and she also licked both of us quiet energetically (although it was obvious she wasn’t that experienced in eating pussy). Her boyfriend sat and watched us for about half an hour – occasionally reaching over to caress one of us, but mostly just sitting with his cock in his hand and enjoying the sight of his girlfriend being pleasured by two other girls. Looking back on it, I wish we’d been a bit more forceful with her and tried to make her cum more times, but it was also quite nice to have a longer single session and let her explore playing with girls (we weren’t the first girls she’d done things with, but from her texts with Mel we later found out that it wasn’t something she had done often). By the time her boyfriend was ready to join in it looked like he wouldn’t last too long so I took over playing with the girl while Julia gave him a slow blow-job. I gave the girl tips on how to finger and frig me – using her pussy and clit to demonstrate and we got each other a fair way towards cumming before Julia said it was time to switch back and let the guy fuck me. Despite my weekend being centred around cocks, I would have happily finished things off with the girl, but did as I was instructed and knelt on all fours as Julia moved round to 69 with the girl. The guy pushed into me and I had a close-up view of Julia licking the girl. I scooched over so I could easily kiss and caress the girls lower back and ass and after running a couple of fingers back and forth across her asshole, I applied a bit of pressure and slid one a little way in. After pumping in and out, I added a second finger and worked them in up to the second knuckle – as Julia ate her, the girl pushed back against my fingers with a steady rhythm. I told the guy to play with my clit and got him to rub it in circles and realised I felt much wetter than I had expected (only later finding out this was because Julia had applied a liberal coating of lube to the condom before handing the guy over to me). The girl began to push back against us faster and I kissed her ass cheeks while continuing to finger her. Julia told the girl to concentrate on her clit and eased off licking her a bit – doing just enough to keep the girl very aroused. Julia looked me straight in the eye and I could see she was getting close so asked what it felt like being made to cum by a newbie. Julia announced that she would happily train the girl as many times as she wanted and when she was on the verge of cumming herself, Julia pushed her mouth against the girls pussy once more and rapidly lapped at her clit.

Julia ate the girl as she came and kept going until the girl also came. For a beginner, I was impressed that she’d managed to get Julia to cum – especially as it was almost at the same time (although to be fair that was mostly due to Julia’s experience). The boyfriend pushed into me faster and faster and while I was close to cumming, I realised he was going to get there first and told him to just go ahead and cum. He didn’t need to be told twice and in a matter of seconds he moaned that he was cumming. I squeezed myself around his cock and pictured jets of cum being pumped into my pussy and filling me. When he pulled out I looked round to see what looked like a large volume of cum in the condom and wished I could have had it pumped into me properly. I still wanted to cum and could have asked him to finger and frig me, but liked the idea of our trainee bi-girl being the one to finish me off so asked her (in what sounded like a pathetic pleasing voice) to lick my clit in the way she had just done with Julia. Her boyfriend told her to do me as well and she looked a little embarrassed, but crawled away from Julia and reached over to spread my pussy. Her mouth almost made contact before I remembered to get the dental dam from Julia’s pussy and placed it over mine, instantly feeling the slickness of Julia’s juices against my lips. The girl started to lick me and I told her to concentrate on my clit as I was already close. As she worked on me, I noticed Julia fondling the girl and later found out that she got the guy to remove the condom and she pushed it into the girl before turning it inside out. As the cum started to leak from the girl’s cunt, she got the guy to rub his cock against her and with a little effort even managed to get him inside her (he had gone a bit soft, but was just hard enough). He moved in her as she ate me and I made appreciative noises as my orgasm built. I told her I was about to cum for her and held her head in place – she repeatedly licked my clit and I felt a mini orgasm and then a slightly larger one. They felt good, but weren’t that satisfying and I’m sure if it had been Julia (or Jen, Sue, Lis…) who had been eating me that I could have had a third (and maybe a fourth) orgasm and then felt like I didn’t still needed to cum.

I was gracious about this though and didn’t let on that my pussy was still tingling with desire – telling her honestly that she had just given me a multiple orgasm (two counts as multiple) and that her boyfriend was a lucky guy for having someone like her who was willing to experiment. Julia got the guy to pull out and we watched as the girl sucked his cock clean of her own juices and his cum. Julia whispered to me and asked if I wanted my juices inside her and I told her ‘of course’. I watched as Julia slid a couple of fingers into her own pussy, then pushed them into the girl’s pussy and finally got her to suck them clean. I copied this (not using the same fingers I’d had in her ass) and loved the sensation of her tongue swirling around my fingers, knowing that I’d not only worked my juices into her pussy, but that she was now swallowing some of them too.

Things continued for three more rounds but with us back to having just a guy to fuck. Surprisingly, Mel joined us fir the session at around 3.30 and as well as us having to fuck the guy, she got Julia and me to demonstrate using strap-ons, but in a way I’d never done before… Mel produced two strap-ons – each of the kind that left our pussies exposed and once Julia and I had them on, we had to lay on the bed on our sides, with our pussies together and facing away from each other. Mel and the guy then bend the strap-ons down so we could push together fuck each other at the same time. Now it wasn’t the most comfortable or practical position, but it worked in as much as we could push against each other and both be fucked simultaneously. Mel was adamant that we had to cum like this and she ended up helping out by rubbing our clits, then getting the guy to join in so they could each frig one of us and finger our asses (both made rather difficult by the presence of the strap-ons, but she continued to insist we had to cum and they persevered until we did). As a reward, the guy was allowed to fuck us once more, even though the next guy was waiting downstairs (Mel had at least let him in and was keeping him occupied, but once the 3.30 guy had finished his second fuck, the 4.30 guy was given to us and Mel left us alone with him.

Not being as young as I once was, I was rather tired by this point, but Mel had a final surprise for us at our 5.30 slot was filled by four guys who’d been out clubbing all night and not having got lucky, had trawled Tinder to see if anyone was up for some action. Mel had already matched us with them in her earlier swipe-session (where she just matched us with everyone) so when they messaged her, she told them we would happily take all four of them. They didn’t believe her at first, but she sent them a number of the more explicit photos and they turned up on the off chance of getting laid. I pretty much just lay there and let them use me – at one point I had one in my cunt and one in my mouth, but he kept pushing too far in so I had to tell him to either behave or wait until his friend had cum and that he could then fuck me. Fortunately, his friend didn’t last too long and I let the second one roll me over and take me from behind. He had a bit more stamina and pumped away in me for a good while. Julia had finished with both of her guys by the time my guy came and Mel told them that they all deserved to watch Julia and me play together so we crawled into yet another 69 and worked on each other – letting the guys watch as we spread, fingered, licked and ate each other to our final orgasms of the night. Both Julia and I came before the taxi arrived to take the guys home and Mel made sure that we carried on playing with each other as well as encouraging the guys to stroke and finger us. When the taxi did finally arrive, we had to walk the four of them out (with us still being naked of course) and give them goodbye hugs to thank them for fucking us. It was pretty cold, so as soon as the taxi pulled away we dashed back indoors and I asked Mel if that was it or if she had anything else planned. She told us we could go to bed and rest and I did just that, with Julia on one side of me, reeking of sex every bit as much as I did, and Mel on the other side.

I didn’t wake up until after 11 and when I looked over I saw that Julia was still asleep beside me. I may well have slept a bit longer, but was woken by Mel who was kneeling between my spread legs and was fingering me. After the previous day (and night), this was one of the rare occasions where I could have forgone my morning orgasm, but I clearly wasn’t going to be given a choice in the matter and I just spread my legs further apart to give her better access.                Mel looked up at me and just said ‘good girl’ in a patronising way, but kept playing with me. When I told her it felt good, she said that I should make her feel good as well and asked if I wanted to fuck her or 69 with her. As I still hadn’t entirely woken up, I opted to 69 and shifted sideways so Mel could climb over me without disturbing Julia. To start with, she remained kneeling over me with her pussy raised away from my face and she handed me a vibe to use on her (which I did). I rubbed the vibe up and down her lips, pushed it partially into her and toyed with her clit as she carried on fingering and licking me. I moaned my appreciation and told her I wanted to do the same to her. Mel goes through periods of not shaving her pussy – which I had always assumed was due to her not caring about what it felt like for Julia having to go down on her, but at this point she was mostly shaved with just a patch of hair on her mons. As Mel’s tongue swirled over my clit again and again I instinctively pulled her crotch towards my face until she relented and lowered her cunt to my eager mouth. I immediately licked and sucked it and kept pulling her tight against my face until she got the idea and slid back and forth against me, smearing her juices over my whole face and filling my nose with her scent.

We remained mushed together, licking and eating each other, not breaking contact. I noticed that Julia had woken up, but he just lay there watching us (I later found out she was gently stroking herself but I couldn’t see that at the time). I could feel an orgasm building and wanted to repay Mel, not just for what I was feeling at that point, but for helping arrange my weekend of cocks, and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could between sessions of working it on and around her clit. I felt her fingers press against my ass but I got there first by plunging the vibe into her cunt and then pressing it against her ass until it slid in (just an inch or so). Mel responded by pushing a finger into my ass and we remained locked together, cunt to mouth, until I and then Mel had both finished cumming. As soon as Mel climbed off of me, she turned round and kissed me deeply and told me it was now time for me to fuck Julia.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Visiting Mel – Part 3

Having cum, I lay with my legs spread and gently stroked myself. After a few minutes (and when the guys watching us had gone), we got up, gathered our clothes and wandered back out into the shop. You’ll notice I didn’t include ‘get dressed’ as Julia told me she had been made to be naked in the shop several times and the manager was more than happy to let her do this. We wandered along to the costumes and tried on a few of them (Julia was a milk maid and then a barbarian while I did Mrs Santa and then a tiny bikini (and by ‘tiny’ I mean similar to one I had years ago where the material was barely enough to cover my nipples, let alone the aureole and the crotch was little more than a bit of string so it sank between my lips. The other customers (different ones to those who had watched us play) watched us openly and Julia took me up to a couple of them to show me off. As we stood by the first guy, she stroked my pussy and pushed the bikini top aside to play with my nipple while for the second guy, she got him to put his hands on my body and he toyed with my breasts and then caressed my ass and pussy. At this point a couple (man and woman) entered the shop – from experience, women aren’t usually that keen on having their partners seeing other naked women but when the guy pointed at us the woman looked more amused than annoyed and when Julia led me over to them, she didn’t seem to have any problem with the guy getting a good look at me and then fondling me.

The owner told them that they could use the room if they wanted and Julia added that we were up for it. The woman asked the guy if he was interested and I realised that we had discovered more people who knew how to enjoy themselves. The one condition that the woman set was that she would choose which of us she got and Julia said that was fine. We led them back to the room we had used previously and both the guy and girl put masks on before joining Julia and me on the bed. I ended up being the one the woman chose to play with and this turned out to be quite a good thing as even though I was visiting Mel and Julia specifically to get as much cock as possible, I’d already had a good number of guys and it was nice to get to play with a completely new girl. The only downside was that we had to use protection and dental dams certainly take something away, both while eating someone and being eaten – it just isn’t quite the same if you can’t cover your face with pussy juice, inhale the scent, feel the texture of the lips on your tongue and the taste as the juices fill your mouth and slide down your throat. Annoying bits of plastic film aside, I enjoyed the session and the woman was clearly experienced with girls as she ate me wonderfully. I’m quite sure she enjoyed it as well as she got me to play with her nipples for a while and held my head in place on her pussy as I ate her and she came. Julia had taken care of the guy but we had briefly switched in the middle of the session so I’d had a turn with his cock inside me (and Julia had a turn eating the woman). Once again, we were watched by people through the windows but this didn’t seem to bother the couple we were fucking any more than it did us.

Once we had finished, we had a brief chat with the couple as we got dressed and confirmed that, just as I had suspected, they were quite adventurous and had also used the room in the shop before (Julia hadn’t met them though). I told the woman that she could always call Julia whenever she wanted to play and Jules told me off, saying it was bad enough that Mel pimped her out to anyone (although she then admitted that she didn’t mind as it meant she got to cum lots). I tried to convince the couple to make Julia cum again, but this backfired somewhat as Julia told them the reason I was visiting (which I confirmed) and the three of them ended up fondling and fingering me out in the main part of the shop. I briefly thought that Julia was going to get me close and then stop, but she told them to keep going and I ended up cumming while sitting on the counter with the woman fingering me, the guy playing with my breasts and Julia helping him out. Nobody else came in while this was going on, but there was another customer already there who watched the whole thing and once they finished playing with me, I relaxed back on the counter with my top still pulled up and my skirt around my waist so I was still fully on display. I gently stroked my pussy as I told the manager that I liked his shop.

I was allowed to straighten myself up before we left and Julia and I then went for lunch. We chatted more about Julia’s other exploits and she wanted to know how things were going with Lisa and around my plans to get pregnant later in the year. I found out that Mel had been considering getting Julia pregnant (obviously not herself, but having Julia come off the pill and then getting her fucked by a guy). Julia said she was beginning to feel broody and wanted a baby but that she wasn’t sure about being out of action for so long. We had a long discussion around this as it is the same (and only) slight concern I have about being pregnant – I don’t know how much I will enjoy not being able to fuck around with multiple people for 9 months (or even how my sex drive will be affected). I told Julia that she could always use Jen and Mike to help her remain satisfied, yet safe and she thanked me. We then discussed what things could be like if both she and I got pregnant at the same time and our sex drives went into overdrive the way Jen’s did for a part of her pregnancy. The only solution we could come up with would be for the two of us to move in together so we could endlessly fuck – although we agreed that the mechanics of two pregnant women 69ing might be somewhat tricky to overcome :)

Julia informed me that we had one more stop before we headed home and when I asked if it would involve me cumming she told me not to ask stupid questions. She took my arm and led me through town to a club – we went around the back and she knocked on the door. After a brief wait the door opened and we were greeted by a big black guy who Julia introduced me to as Darren. She told him I was an offering and he invited us in and led us through the back rooms and up to the main part of the club. Julia asked if anyone else was around and he said there were two others, but that he’d get started first. He wasn’t being at all subtle in the way he was eyeing me up and Julia flipped up my skirt and got him to caress my ass. He asked if I was as freaky as Julia and she replied for me saying that I loved sex just as much as she did. She suggested I demonstrate and nodded towards the stage, then asked Darren if he wanted to see me get ready to be fucked. He told me to go ahead so I wandered over to the stage, pulled myself up and turned around to face them with my legs spread. I hiked my skirt up, sat down with my legs spread and started to masturbate, then proceeding to lift my top and reveal and play with my breasts. I watched as Darren slid one hand down Julia’s top and the other up under her skirt. She told him that he was meant to play with me, but did nothing to stop him as he fondled her. I lay back and fingered myself more and was rewarded with Julia burying her head between my legs and eating me. I looked up to see Darren move up behind Julia and slide into her but to her credit, she did tell him again that he had to fuck me (although she allowed him to keep moving inside her for a minute or so).

When Julia moved away, Darren pulled my legs so my ass slid over the edge of the stage and he lowered me onto his cock. Not wishing to stereotype, but he was a pretty good size and I felt quite full as my body pressed the full length into me. Darren held me and pumped away inside me while Julia played with my breasts and reached down between us to frig me. Darren asked if I would eat Julia and I replied by saying that I’d love to so she climbed up on the stage and lay in a similar position to the one I’d been in while I was lifted off of Darren’s cock and helped him to turn me around. He pushed back into me and pumped away inside me, but fortunately also took over playing with my breasts and clit. I made sure that Julia was repaid for letting me have his cock and ate her. I lost my top partway through the session, quickly followed by my bra (not that it had been hiding much). When I told Darren that his cock felt really good he started using longer strokes in me and I moaned loudly, telling Julia that she should have introduced me to him much sooner. I got him to rub my clit a little harder and told him I would cum soon – he kept going until I was moaning into Julia’s cunt and she told him to keep fucking me until he came (which he did). Julia was quite close by this point so I kept eating her even after he pulled out and once she had cum she held my head in place and told me to kitty kiss her.

I felt someone pull on my skirt but Julia held my head in place so I couldn’t see who and just felt it being unzipped and then slide down my legs. I stepped out of it and felt hands roam over my ass, then between my legs and fingers probe my pussy. Julia told whoever was playing with me to go ahead and I felt another (noticeably smaller) cock push into me. I imagined that it was later that night and we were doing all this in the middle of the club while it was packed with people and pushed back against the new cock. It eagerly fucked me and I got caught up in the mix of the situation. I slid my hands under Julia’s ass and pushed it up – at first she didn’t get what I was trying to do, but she eventually lifted her crotch in the air and I slid my tongue down to her ass and speared her. This got a yelp from Julia (which made me smile) and I swirled my tongue around her ass a few times before she told the guy to shove his thumb in my ass. He did as instructed and pushed it in and out as he fucked my cunt – I fully expected him to ask to fuck my ass (or just do it), but he seemed happy where he was with his other hand moving between my breasts and clit. I wanted to make the most of the situation and cum again so concentrated more on the fantasy of us doing this while surrounded by people. This helped immensely and I was making good progress towards my orgasm but unfortunately the guy made better progress towards his and he pushed hard into me and stopped moving.

When the guy pulled out I felt very empty and immediately reached a hand down to finger myself. Julia sat up and looked over the edge of the stage to see what I was doing then said if I was going to masturbate that I should do it properly. I told her I just wanted to cum and she announced to Darren and the other guy that this might be a good time to show just how freaky I was. I told her not to tease me and she said she wasn’t – she was just trying to help me cum, then told me to climb up onto the stage on all fours and to keep masturbating. I was more than happy to do this and had just got back into a good rhythm when Julia told me to pull my fingers out of my pussy. I whined at her that I didn’t want to but she slapped my ass and said she had something better for me to use. I looked around and saw she had a wine bottle and watched as she took the top part into her mouth and messily sucked it, leaving it coated in her saliva.

I was just about to take the bottle and fuck it when Julia frustrated me even more by saying she had an even better idea. She got me to climb down from the stage and led me across the dancefloor, past the cloakroom and down the stairs to the main door of the club. She tossed my skirt on the steps and told me to fuck myself there. I gave her a smile as this was indeed much better than doing it on the stage due to the fact that the doors had a mirrored coating on them so I could see out at everyone walking past – and because the club was in a busy part of time, there were lots of people. I eagerly spread my legs and worked the bottle into my pussy, then reached down to frig my clit as I pumped it in and out of me. Julia was clearly enjoying her role of being the one in charge and asked if I wanted the door open as well so everyone could see me properly. I was quite sure she wouldn’t actually do this (we try not to get arrested) but was honest with her and told her that I loved the idea and watched as she walked to the door and undid the locks at both the top and bottom of the door. For a brief moment I thought she was going to pull the door open but she just stood back and watched me continue to fuck myself with the door gently rocking back and forth whenever there was a breeze. Knowing I was now not just naked and masturbating mere metres from lots of unsuspecting people, but also that if anyone opened the door I would be fully exposed to them all was an incredible turn on and I moaned loudly to her that it felt amazing. I pulled my legs further apart and pushed the neck of the bottle as far into my pussy as I could, then rapidly pumped it in and out with little movements while rubbing my clit. I leant my head back far enough to see the other people standing on the stairs watching me and appreciated the extra audience (even though they weren’t getting to see exactly what I was doing). Never being fully content with what I actually have, I imagined me lying there masturbating while people were entering the club and having to step around and over me as the climbed the stairs with everyone queued up outside avidly watching my display. I couldn’t hold back anymore and started cumming, pressing the bottle even harder into my pussy as I did so.

I slowly relaxed but kept the bottle loosely inside me as I licked my fingers clean of my juices. Julia asked the guys if I was as good as she had told them and they said that she hadn’t done me justice (that could have been meant either way, but I wasn’t in any state to question them at that point). As if to demonstrate that I really was insatiable (or at least that I’d do whatever I was told), Julia mounted the steps and stood with a leg either side of my face, lowered her pussy to her mouth and lifted her skirt. Without a second thought I pressed my mouth against her pussy and ate her and would have quite happily carried on until she came if she hadn’t pulled away after a minute or so. I whimpered that she tasted nice and offered to use the bottle on her, but she said she hadn’t finished with me yet and told me to follow her upstairs.

Once back in the main part of the club, Julia got me to sit at the bar (still naked) and I had to slowly lick the neck of the bottle clean of my juices. I was given a Martini to drink and Julia fished out the olives, pushed one into my pussy and slid the other into her own pussy. Her finger moved the olive around inside me and it looked like she was doing the same to the one in her and I was then told to stand and squat over the glass until the olive slid out of me and splashed back into my drink. Julia took the glass and let her olive fall back into the glass before returning it to me to drink and I then took each olive in turn and ate them, commenting on their flavour (which was rather pleasant). As an extra surprise, Julia pointed out that the entrance to the club was on CCTV and she got Darren to roll back the recording to show me sitting on the stairs cumming. Unfortunately the quality wasn’t wonderful but I liked the idea of having been captured on film.

Jules got me to sit up on the bar and she lapped at my pussy, drank a shot from my belly button and licked salt and lime from by breasts (not the right order I know). Darren and the bartender (Steve) also fondled my breasts and started to finger me but were surprisingly patient and after a couple of minutes it started to feel really good again. I asked Julia to at least let me make her cum and added that I was sure they would all like to see us playing properly again (which the guys agreed with). She climbed up onto the bar and crouched over me so I could eat her, but this time I also used the bottle in her as I lapped at her clit. Steve soon became impatient and we had to pull apart so I could stand in the bar section and let him fuck me (so much for health and safety), but Julia remained on the bar and I finished fucking her with the bottle, as well as occasionally licking her clit. Julia came a fair bit before I did, but that just allowed me to be moved back a bit and for Steve to fuck me harder. Julia insisted he play with my clit so I came again and the fact that I actually managed to cum after everything I’d already done, impressed my audience (and they didn’t even know about all the other times that day).