Wednesday, 27 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 8

Clare was dared to keep her coat unbuttoned for the walk with Jen and I doing likewise – just holding the front shut whenever we walked past people. I went into the hotel first, along with Giles and Jen and Clare followed a few minutes later. We met up in the room and immediately stripped off (removed out coats). Giles was hard again but when I said how we could use him he said he felt way too sensitive to fuck. He did however let Clare and me kneel and kiss around his cock for a few minutes and following this Jen briefly lapped at Clare’s pussy to keep her aroused enough for the next stage. For this, Clare and I donned the hotel bathrobes, grabbed a few things from our bag of toys and I led her to a random room. We knocked on the door and after a minute or so a guy opened it. I asked him if Sara was there and he looked confused, then I apologised and said that I’d hooked up with her the previous night and wondered if she wanted to play some more. I don’t know if he was playing along or just stating the truth but he said it was just him there so I pulled on the tie on my bathrobe, letting it fall open and then tugged on the tie on Clare’s. She instinctively grabbed at her robe as it fell open but then dropped her hands to her side and let me slide a hand into her robe and caress her breasts. I told the guy it was a pity that Sara wasn’t there as I had been telling Clare about her and wanted Sara’s help in making Clare cum (the woman wasn’t called Sara, I just used that name instead of her real one).

The guy seemed much more awake by this point and closely watched as my hands roamed over Clare’s body, fondling her breasts and bringing her nipples back to attention and then dipping down between Clare’s legs and caressing her pussy. I pointed out to the guy how we’d even shaved Clare especially for Sara and then so I didn’t miss out on exposing myself, spread my pussy lips and showed him that I was equally well shaven. I had been hoping the guy was going to invite us in but as he hadn’t done so yet I pushed things forward by asking if he wanted to take Sara’s place and help me make Clare cum. I made it halfway through the sentence explaining that if he didn’t I’d just have to take her back to our room and fuck her myself when he stood aside and told us to come in. I half skipped past him, pulling Clare by the hand and stood beside the bed. Clare slid her robe off so I copied her (whispering ‘good girl’ to her as I did so) and asked the guy if he wanted to see us play with each other first before he helped out. He said he did so Clare and I stood, kissing and fondling each other, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies, dipping between ass cheeks and fingers sliding over and into pussies. I told the guy that Clare had just got engaged and that this was her bachelorette party so I wanted her to have a final night of fun before she was shackled down (not that it looked like Giles wanted to stop her enjoying herself). I pulled Clare onto the bed and positioned my cunt against hers, humping her and grinding against her. The guy pulled his cock out and slowly stroked himself so I teased Clare about wanting to get him inside her and watch as he fucked her tight little pussy.

I got the guy to come and have a closer look, reaching down to spread both our cunts for him, then pushed Clare down and crawled around to 69 with her. Between licks I told the guy to pace himself as I wanted to feel his cock inside me as well as Clare. I made a show of eating Clare out and decided that as this was her celebration night that we may as well continue doing things properly so I ate her until she was panting that she was going to cum and then buried my face in her cunt and pushed her over the edge. The guy looked a bit disappointed and said he thought he was meant to fuck her so I assured him that he was and that I wanted us to make Clare cum multiple times. I reached down and dug a condom out of my robe pocket, handed it to the guy and told him to get suited up. Once he had it on I slid over and wrapped my mouth around his cock, then called Clare to come help. She joined me and the guy started stroking and caressing our bodies. Ever impatient, I turned around and presented my cunt to him and pushed back against his cock as he pressed against my opening. I eagerly humped back and forth against him but then pulled away and told him to fuck Clare. He lay on top of her and I helped guide him in but after a minute or so I got them to change position so I could lap at her clit as they fucked. The guy said he loved what we were doing and that it felt great so I warned him to keep fucking Clare until she came and reminded him that he also had to make me cum, but told him he could either go down on me, use a toy on me or finger me if he wasn’t up for fucking me. He said something about us being unreal but slowed his thrusts a little (presumably to last longer) and Clare was soon whimpering that she was going to cum again but wasn’t sure she could take it. In the end she did take it but pushed me away almost as soon as she started to cum so it was just the guy fucking her that carried her through her orgasm. I quickly squirmed up the bed so I could play with Clare’s breasts and felt the guy reach up to my pussy to fondle me while he finished off in Clare.

Once the guy came and pulled out of Clare, I got up and asked him to unlock his phone. I took a picture of Clare lying with her legs slightly spread before she realised what I was doing and then convinced her to stop hiding behind her hands and got her to pose with her legs drawn up and spread and her hands cumming her breasts. It only seemed fair to give the guy a couple of photos of me as well so I sat and slowly masturbated and let him take a few shots, but I had no intention of letting him forget that he had to make me cum as well so I got him to put the phone down and fingering me again. I pulled out a dental dam and asked if he wanted to eat me – to be fair, he gave it a try but he clearly wasn’t that in to it (and I’m used to being eaten by people who have lots of practice) so we went back to the fingering and I told Clare to find something suitable for him to use on me. She suggested a few things but none of them appealed (the toiletries were either too big and oddly shaped or too small) so in the end I suggested the remote control. Clare rolled a condom over it and I rubbed it back and forth between her pussy lips to add a bit of lube and then worked it between my lips, allowing myself time to stretch around it and then passing it to the guy to fuck me with. I made sure he knew not to be too rough and to stroke my clit at the same time, then lay back, spread my legs wide and enjoyed the feeling. The texture of the buttons through the condom felt good and I reached out to take Clare’s hand and squeezed it as my pleasure built. As my orgasm built we chatted with the guy and asked him if he’d ever done anything like this before. He said he’d never even had a threesome, let alone with random girls that had turned up in the middle of the night. He asked Clare if she was really engaged and she told him she was (but omitted the fact that her fiancé was also in the hotel) and I told him that the plan was to make her enjoy her last bit of freedom as much as possible. I moaned loudly in the final build up and Clare leant forwards to lap at my clit, allowing me to slide my hand over her ass and dip between her cheeks to hunt out her pussy once more. I described what I could feel as I came, how the bumps on the remote slid back and forth between my lips, how Clare’s tongue felt on my clit and how I was going to cum for them both. I had what felt like a really good orgasm – it wasn’t spectacularly strong, long or deep but it felt very satisfying.

We let the guy get a couple more shots of me with the remote still buried in me and Clare licking me, then I got Clare to sit over my face and let him get another picture. After this we put our robes on, said our goodbyes, and headed out to go back to our room. I stopped Clare on one of the landings, pressed her up against the bannister and leant forwards to kiss her. We only had our robes lightly tied so it was easy for me to slide my hands inside her robe and push the front open, then kneel and bury my mouth back in her pussy. Clare looked around to check nobody could see us (I’d already looked), then held on to my head as I pushed my tongue between her lips again and again. We heard someone enter the stairwell a few floors above and Clare quickly pulled her robe closed so I indicated that mine was still only lightly tied and that it had fallen slightly open while I’d been eating her. We had to go upstairs and all I said was ‘I dare you’, at which point Clare just sighed and dropped her hands to her sides. I’d actually been daring her to just lightly tie it again so whoever was coming down might catch a small glimpse of her but as Clare was being much more daring than I’d intended, I quickly pulled on the tie of my robe and led Clare upstairs by the hand. Now it’s not as if we were fully exposed – the heavy robes still mostly fell shut, but as was clear from our reflections in the mirrors, we were obviously naked under the robes and as we walked, the material moved enough to open up the full height of the robe and display our pussies and cleavages. We walked past a guy coming downstairs and nodded hello at him. I thought back to the time I’d fooled around with a group of students in the stairwell at Jen’s Uni and as the guy passed us I quickly slid my hand into Clare’s robe and onto her ass, pushing the material out of the way with my arm. She jumped a little but I buried my fingers between her cheeks and hooked the tips into her pussy. I looked back to see the guy looking up at us so I wiggled my fingers around some more. The guy watched us but kept walking and once it was obvious he wasn’t going to be any fun I withdrew my fingers and sucked them clean before taking Clare’s hand again and continuing our walk.

We made it back to the room without further incident (although I contemplated sitting on the stairs and asking Clare to kneel and make me cum). I was quite surprised to find Jen sitting in the shower playing with herself and Giles sitting on the toilet with his cock in his hand watching her. There was a fan of pee in front of Jen in the shower and we found out she had been edging for a while – keeping herself close to cumming and occasionally squirting out a small amount of pee as she stroked herself. Jen was very glad to see Clare back and instructed her to get into the shower as well. I’m sure Clare knew what was likely to happen but she followed Jen’s instructions and knelt to eat Jen (who stood up). Clare kept licking as Jen’s mewing increased and Jen then let go, releasing everything she had left and emptying her bladder over Clare’s face.

Clare just kept licking until Jen said she was done and then told me to take her place. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to lick or be licked so Jen clarified that Clare would take care of me. I pointed out she’d already helped me cum, but swapped places with Jen anyway as I can (pretty much) always cum again no matter what. I bent down to kiss Clare, then stood over her and let her position herself to eat me. At Jen’s instruction Clare used some conditioned to lube her finger and pumped it in and out of my ass. I could see Giles still stroking himself and told him if he was able to cum that I expected him to save it for me. As often happens when I’m doing things in York I imagined what my Uni friends would think if they could see me and I pictured doing this back in the halls in my first year with the whole corridor watching. This helped speed things up and I warned Clare I was going to cum. Jen told me to pee so I did and looked down to watch as the liquid ran over Clare’s face and down her body.

I was allowed to shower my legs off before Jen joined Clare in the shower again to kiss and lick her face, breasts, thighs and pussy. Jen is at least fair in such things and insisted that as she had peed over Clare that Clare should get to pee over her. Clare said she couldn’t cum again but we’d heard that enough times from her to know it wasn’t true so Jen kept eating her. I fetched an anal vibe which Jen slid into Clare’s ass and then swirled her tongue around Clare’s pussy and clit. I went back and joined them, kissing Clare, fondling her breasts and moving the vibe around in her ass while trying to empty out any remaining pee I had over the kneeling Jen. I whispered to Clare to give up and let Giles see her surrender to her lust as she covered Jen with her pee like the dirty little slut she was. Clare whined that it wasn’t her fault and that we were making her do things so I kissed her deeply, told her we just wanted her to enjoy herself and told her to cum and soak Jen. Clare whimpered some more but did as instructed, cumming and peeing over Jen as she did so. Jen eagerly sucked on Clare’s cunt, letting some of the piss slide down her throat and the rest run over her face and body as she rapidly fingered herself. When Jen stood up and kissed Clare, Clare even kissed her back and I watched as a stream of pee trickled from their mouths down their bodies. We shared a three way kiss as we showered ourselves clean and then fell into bed with Clare complaining she’d never been as tired.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 7

Bennett pulled out and I felt a little cum dribble out down my leg but I remained between Laura’s legs and briefly kitty kissed her (it’s pretty much always appreciated if you help a girl slowly come down from her orgasm – and as a bonus, kitty kissing is by far the best way we’ve found of getting someone ready to cum again). When I surfaced I found that Clare had been moved to the dining table and was apparently demonstrating her skills at eating pussy. I found out that this had been Sara’s idea and it was Emily who had been volunteered to be the recipient of Clare’s attention. Now most (if not all) of the women present had probably already done things with Clare at some point in the past year, but this was about her being the centre of attention. It was also somewhat about Sara embarrassing Emily as while she (and everyone else present at the party) clearly didn’t mind doing things with other people around, Emily wasn’t an exhibitionist. It’s one thing to fuck with other people casually watching you, but something a bit different when everyone (or most people) are actively watching. Both Clare and Emily were completely naked, Clare on her back and Em sitting over her face being eaten. People were cheering Clare on and reaching over to fondle her breasts and stroke her pussy. Emily may not have got off on being the centre of attention in the way I do, but she was clearly being affected by what Clare was doing to her. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of Clare’s position and rubbed the neck of the wine bottle I’d used up and down her cunt, spread her lips and pushed it into her. She didn’t react and kept eating Emily so I made a show of fucking her with the bottle, getting people to help spread her lips and then passing the bottle on (still inside Clare) to let others have a go.

As Emily got closer to cumming, people also fondled her breasts but more people concentrated on Clare, both on her breasts and clit, with the bottle still being used to fuck her. I once again felt jealous of her but it was her engagement celebration (even if it had been forced on her) so I just played my part and stroked her when I got a chance. Clare either came or the stimulation got too much for her as she pushed us away from her pussy. We gave it a minute or so and Laura then bent and gently licked at Clare. Clare moved as if to push Laura away but Laura took Clare’s hand, entwined fingers with her and carried on gently licking. Clare tightened her grip but allowed Laura to continue and not long after this, Emily came (openly gasping and thrusting against Clare’s face) and then climbed down from the table with some help. I wanted to kiss Clare but I’m not the only one who thinks Em tastes amazing and Jen got there first. Sara had a turn and Gareth wanted Clare to suck him so I kissed Clare and his cock at the same time, tasting the tail end of Emily’s juices.

Laura steadily ate Clare until she came but we decided she could take more so I took Laura’s place and kitty kissed Clare until she stopped squirming around, then kissed her more until she started squirming around again and on until she came. Emily took my place and pretty much repeated the same thing until Clare came again. As each of us had our turns between Clare’s legs, Giles fucked us from behind. I suggested that Clare out have to eat his cum out of whoever he came in and warned him not to cum if he didn’t think he could get hard again (he hadn’t been inside all the girls yet). Paul was desperate to fuck Clare (I’m convinced he’s fancied her since they first met – which seeing as it was at a party was also when they first fucked) but Clare said she felt too sensitive to do anything more for a while and needed a drink. A couple of people helped her out and poured beer over her head and upper body – although that wasn’t quite what she had meant. She went to the kitchen to dry off and Jen helped out, using Clare’s skirt and top as towels. Clare asked if Jen was just doing that so she couldn’t wear them on the way home, to which Jen replied ‘maybe – maybe it’s just so you have to spend the rest of the party naked’.

As the evening wore on I got to have a turn with Simone (who was drunk enough by this point to let me play with her), and got to fuck Michael and Craig. Clare ended up having a threesome with Corey (in her ass) and Paul (in her cunt). I thought this was too good a chance to miss and convinced Bennett to join then, kneeling beside them on the bed and offering Clare his cock, which she took in her mouth and sucked as three pairs of hands fondled her and three cocks pumped into her body. Unfortunately Bennett wasn’t up for cumming again, but both Corey and Paul emptied their loads into her (although by that point in the evening they weren’t likely to be producing much cum). I tried to have a session with Miyako and at first she only agreed to let me go down on her but Jen ended up joining us and once we’d ganged up on Miyako, she ended up relenting and letting first Jen, then me sit over her face to be licked and fingered.

The party started to wind down but before anyone left we checked that everyone had had a turn making Clare cum. We realised that Giles hadn’t fucked her and initially were going to let them off (it’s not as if they don’t get to play with each other), but we decided that they should show us how much they loved each other and were herded upstairs. Laura, Sara, and I helped to get Giles hard and Jen said that as she wasn’t going to fuck him, she’d at least lend some of her juices, fingered herself and smeared them over Clare’s pussy. Even though Clare had been fucking for much of the night, she was still quite wet with a mix of her own juices, saliva of various people who’d eaten her and (of course) multiple loads of boy-cum. She mounted Giles’ cock and rode him as we warned them they weren’t allowed to stop until Clare came one last time. Sara decided to help out and knelt behind Clare, spread her ass cheeks and swirled her tongue around Clare’s ass. As much as Sara loves doing this, she doesn’t do it at the parties (not often anyway – and not in front of a full audience) but Clare is used to Sara doing this and didn’t seem realise the difference in the situation. As Clare’s orgasm approached, Jen whispered to me that she wanted to soak Clare with her pee. I told Jen I couldn’t see Clare agreeing to that (not with people watching anyway) but knew that Jen was going to ask anyway. Giles’ cock and Sara’s tongue were working on Clare and she moaned that she wasn’t sure she had the energy to cum again. Stopping wasn’t allowed though and we got Kiyomi to kneel beside them and play with Clare’s clit (at which point Giles reached over to fondle Kiyomi’s pussy so Laura suggested Kiyomi sit over Giles’ face and let him eat her. Kiyomi wasn’t really in the mood to cum again, but she was more compliant than Miyako and did as instructed. Laura took Kiyomi’s place beside Clare and Giles to play with Clare’s clit and she also had a few sneaky fondles of Kiyomi’s breasts. Clare came for everyone and when she stopped moving she was encouraged to keep riding Giles to try and make him cum. Giles said he couldn’t, but Laura kissed around his chest, Sara caressed his balls, Kiyomi remained on his face and (with further encouragement) Clare resuming humping his cock. It didn’t look like Giles produced any cum (or at least nothing leaked out when Clare stood up), but they did get him to cum one last time.

I tried to get Miyako and Kiyomi to agree to come visit us over the holidays and they said (individually) that they would think about it. I doubted they would actually do it (we don’t know them that well) but my mind was already racing ahead to what Alistair would say if I told him I had two young Japanese girls willing to join in one of the sex shows and how he’d probably be able to get much more than the usual 10-12 guys showing up to fuck us. Of course, neither Kiyomi or Miyako would be likely to want to let lots of guys fuck them so I’d have to step in and take the majority of them. As those thoughts went through my mind my pussy tingled and I realised that while I’d had a good evening, I wanted more. I considered asking Bennett if I could spend the night with him but in the end went with the standard ‘two are better than one’ and quietly told Giles I wanted him and Clare to come back to the hotel with us. He warned me he couldn’t cum again so I told him we would all pleasure Clare some more and that he’d get to fuck me in the morning as I ate Clare (and that he could then watch as Jen fucked Clare). This was enough to convince him and we went to fetch our coats.

It was clear that Clare was a bit tired but she agreed to come with us and in order to ensure she was in the mood to play when we got back I felt she required a bit more stimulation. Jen and I hid Clare’s clothes and told her we had them in our bag so she’d have to wear just her coat. She objected at first but as neither Jen nor I were wearing anything under our coats she agreed. We got a taxi back to the hotel with me sitting in the front and Clare, Giles and Jen in the back. I told the driver I was feeling warm and asked him if he minded if I opened my coat. He must have thought it was a strange request as he looked over at me, but as I was already holding the front open, he  quickly realised I was naked under it and said he didn’t have any problem at all. I looked back at Jen to let her see I was exposed and nodded towards Clare. Jen slid her hand up Jen’s thigh and pulled on her leg. Clare resisted at first but Giles tugged on her other leg and Jen unbuttoned Clare’s coat and slid her hand in to fondle Clare’s breasts. I played with one of my breasts as I looked back at them and told Giles to fondle Clare properly so he slid his hand up to her pussy. I told Clare not to resist and just enjoy herself and she said ‘fuck it’ and let them pull her legs apart.

I told the driver he might want to pull over and a minute or so later we turned into a side street and he turned around to look back at Clare. Jen bent forwards to suck on one of Clare’s nipples and slid her hand up to join Giles’ and fondle Clare’s pussy. I pulled the hand of the driver over to my crotch and rubbed his fingers against my cunt until I felt him push them against me. I considered seeing if I could get the guy to fuck me but we weren’t in a secluded enough street (although if it hadn’t been as cold the thought of lying on the hood of the car and letting him go at me with the risk of being caught was quite appealing). As a compromise I fished a condom out of my bag and asked the guy if he wanted me to blow him. He accepted the offer (although didn’t seem to believe it at first) so I fished out his cock, rolled the condom on and took him in my mouth. He carried on watching Clare being fondled in the mirror. I wanted the guy to keep fondling me but he couldn’t reach my pussy so I had to do with him stroking my back and ass. I told Jen not to let Clare cum yet as I had other plans and then went back to sucking the guy while stroking him. It didn’t take too long to make him cum and we left him with the condom still on his cock (we did pay for the ride though).

It wasn’t far to the hotel which is why we’d decided to walk the last little bit but we took a detour to get some food and help us sober up (we weren’t massively drunk, but also were no longer young enough that it wouldn’t hurt the next morning).Going for food was also part of my plan for more fun as while we queued I pulled Clare to me and kissed her. That got some comments about us being lesbians from a group of guys behind us which I responded to by stating that we were bi, not gay and I’d prove it. Admittedly they didn’t ask for proof of this but I went ahead with my plan and reached up into Clare’s coat and fondled her. As I did this I unbuttoned from the bottom of her coat until the guys could see me stroking her pussy and then brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. They said that me doing that just showed I was a lesbo, at which point I undid the only button holding my coat and moved towards them. I pulled one of their hands to my crotch and rubbed against it then let another of them fondle my breasts. I told Jen to order for us and as she and Giles got the food I let the guys fondle me and then pulled Clare closer so they could have a turn with her as well. As we were in a semi-public spot we had to remain relatively covered up but I’m quite sure anyone around us could figure out that the guys were fondling us (but unless they were at the right angle to us I don’t think they’d have known we were naked under our coats).

When Giles returned with our chips, I took one, checked it wasn’t too hot and rubbed it back and forth along my pussy lips then offered it to Clare. She looked a little surprised that I was going to display this much so to kick things off I rubbed the chip around her pussy then popped it into my mouth. I told Clare it was her turn and she took one, rubbed it against me and ate it. I leant forwards and kissed Clare, then whispered to her that she was turning into a hot little slut and added that I thought Giles loved her behaving like that. I pushed my fingers back between Clare’s pussy lips and felt my nipples press up against her cold skin. Both our sets of nips were firm, either from the cold or the stimulation but either way it felt nice as they rubbed together and I was desperately trying to think of a safe way to further engage with the guys. I liked the idea of going to an alleyway and letting them use us, but as we only had Giles with us I couldn’t think of a way (as fit as Jen is and as good as our knowledge of self-defence has got, I was under no illusion that we’d be able to resist if things went bad). We managed to do a little bit more though by moving a bit away from the take-away so I could kneel and bury my face in Clare’s pussy and give her a fairly decent licking (nowhere near enough to make her cum, but enough for her to enjoy it). I then sat on a low wall and spread my legs to let her have a turn at me and it didn’t take much to encourage the guys to reach under Clare’s coat and fondle her pussy and ass as she did this. By this point I was horny enough to throw caution (somewhat) to the wind and told the guys that they could fuck Clare in that position if they wanted and once they’d done with her we’d switch places and they could do me. It’s probably for the best that none of them were brave (or drunk) enough to go through with this as I quite like not being arrested so after a brief bit more fondling by the guys, we left them and made our way back to the hotel by well-lit streets.

Monday, 11 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 6

I helped them fuck – kissing them both while fondling Caroline’s breasts, frigging her clit (when I could reach between them) and kissing them both. I encouraged Craig to take things slowly (ensuring Caroline would have enough time to cum) but also led him on by telling him how I’d suck his cock clean and then eat his cum out of Caroline. He liked this idea and asked if we’d kiss and swap his cum between our mouths, which I liked the sound of even more (not so much for having his cum in my mouth, just the idea of being slutty with it). Caroline was getting close to cumming by this point and agreed so I concentrated on frigging her and told Craig to empty his cum deep into her tight little cunt. I felt a hand on my ass and looked round to see Brett standing with his cock in his hand as he fondled me. I pushed back against his fingers and knelt up on all fours to offer myself to him and allowing him to slide his fingers between my cheeks and down to my pussy. I could feel how wet I felt as his fingers dipped in to me and he asked if I’d fucked anyone yet. I told him I hadn’t (ignoring my sessions earlier in the day) and that it was all my juices but I’d be happy to let him add to my wetness. Brett pushed into me just a little before Caroline came and I had a close up view as she kissed Craig. He pulled away as his own orgasm neared so I kissed Caroline and assured her I’d be gentle as I ate her. Craig came in her as planned and kissed her a little more before pulling out and offering me his cock. I eagerly sucked on it while trying to avoid putting any pressure on the head and then asked him if he wanted me to eat Caroline clean. Craig said yes so I got Brett to pull out of me to let me get between Caroline’s legs and he pushed back into me as I spread her lips and lapped at her cunt. I could taste Craig’s cum as it trickled out of her and I carried on licking until I had a mouthful of her juices, his cum and my saliva. I slowly crawled up her body (allowing Brett time to shimmy up after me and stay inside me) then lowered my mouth to Caroline’s and kissed her. She wasn’t at all shy about parting her lips and I felt her tongue slide along my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and let the mixture of juices trickle into her mouth, then opened it fully and sought out her tongue with mine. It was an incredibly wet kiss and I could feel some of the liquid leaking out so I licked at her face a few times. Caroline used her tongue to push the juices back into my mouth a few times and I nestled my thigh against her pussy, allowing her to hump against me and feeling the warm, wet sensation as I covered myself with even more cum and pussy juice. Brett said he was getting close so I broke the kiss to ask Caroline if she would eat me clean once Brett came. She nodded so I told Brett to cum whenever he wanted (he had been toying with my clit, but not consistently enough to get me off). I felt him pump into me a bit faster and moan as he came. I pushed back hard against his cock, telling him to cum deep inside me and when he pulled out I reached back to hold my pussy lips together, crawled around 180 degrees and planted myself on Caroline’s face.

I wasn’t selfish and once again buried my face in Caroline’s pussy but as I could now see there were a couple of people watching us (and Hannah and Giles using the end of the bed to play), I spread Caroline’s lips and tried to give them a good view as I fingered her. I humped back and forth against Caroline’s face, trying to make it obvious that I didn’t just want to be cleaned but that I wanted (or needed) to cum. I figured she’d got the message as she was doing a good job of licking at my clit and I knew Jen would be pleased that we’d (we in the sense of the whole group, not just Jen and I) had helped turn another girl to being bi. I went back to licking Caroline but kept fingering her as well and as she wasn’t complaining I assumed she liked what I was doing so I set about making her cum. I was a bit ahead of her but by the time I came I could fee her squirming around under me so just carried on until Caroline announced she was cumming again. I kpept my mouth glued ot her pussy but switched to kitty kissing her, easing off slowly at first then gently lapping at her for a minute or so before turning around and kissing her then thanking her for my orgasm.

Giles and Hannah were still fucking – he was taking her from behind and my greed got the better of me so I asked if they minded me helping out. Giles told me to go ahead so I pushed my mouth against Hannah’s pussy and lapped at her clit, occasionally licking up and down the exposed length of Giles’s cock as he pumped in and out of her. Giles still came before Hannah did but he remained in her and moved a little and this, coupled with my licking was enough to finish her off. When Giles pulled out I asked if we could kiss him clean and reached down to caress Hannah’s pussy. He offered us his cock and Hannah and I both licked at the shaft until I asked Hannah if she wanted me to eat her and share his cum. She wasn’t as keen on the cum-sharing part but allowed me to briefly eat her. I didn’t swallow the cum and looked around for someone to share it with when Kiyomi wandered into the room with Paul. I quickly went over to her (before either Paul or anybody else could nab her) and planted a kiss on her lips. She kissed me back gingerly at first but allowed me to push my tongue between her lips and as I did this the cum leaked from my mouth, running down our chins and dripping onto our bodies. I was still topless while Kiyomi just had a bra on so I massaged the cum into her breasts as we kissed and then tugged at her skirt until I got it past her hips and she let it slide to the ground. I knelt, told her I was glad she hadn’t put her panties back on and pushed my tongue between her little lips. I had just started to eat her properly when we heard people downstairs calling us.

I was a little disappointed that my session had been interrupted but when Sara called up that we all had to hear an announcement I realised it was for Clare and Giles so I made Kiyomi promise that we’d finish things off later on and took her by the hand. She reached for her skirt but I grabbed it and said she should go down naked (it’s not as if it’s than unusual for people to wander around naked at the parties) but she insisted on at least holding the skirt over her crotch (but oddly enough didn’t seem that bothered about her breasts being exposed). Once everyone had made it downstairs, Sara announced that Clare and Giles wanted their attention – Clare stood up and told everyone that she and Giles were engaged and received a round of applause. I still had an arm around Kiyomi with my hand occasionally dropping to caress her ass and I leant over to Laura and suggested that as a ‘reward’ that Clare should get to be the fuck bunny for the party. Laura eagerly suggested this out loud and many people agreed so I added that Giles should get a chance to be inside every girl’s cunt and mouth (also adding ‘apart from the lesbians’ when I caught a look from Jen).

Ever eager to start things off, I pulled Kiyomi with me and went to Giles, knelt and freed his cock and took him in my mouth. I reassured him that he wouldn’t have to actually cum 20 times but he should at least get to partially fuck us all. I couldn’t resist suggesting that in contrast that Clare should have to cum every time she was fucked or eaten as we knew her orgasmic capacity was somewhat greater. Clare started to protest, but Sara and Laura were already stripping Clare naked and I watched (with some jealousy as Bennett stood in front of Clare with his cock in his hand and Clare was told to kneel and suck him. Giles, Kiyomi and I moved away to find somewhere suitable to continue but before I left I told Bennett that I expected him to fuck Clare to orgasm and he promised me he would – as a final parting shot I told him I expected him to fuck me to orgasm as well later on and he said he’d do what he could, depending on how long Clare lasted for.

I had originally intended to just use a sofa to fuck on but we led Giles upstairs so we could be more comfortable on a bed and as Kiyomi planed herself on his cock, I teased Giles about how his fiancé was going to be gang-banged all night. He said he was fine with that so I planted myself over his face and he licked at me while I reached forwards and frigged Kiyomi. I swapped places with her after a couple of minutes and encouraged Giles to make her cum as I rode him. I’m quite sure I could have got him to cum in me if I’d tried, but I also knew he couldn’t cum more than a few times in a row and wanted him to enjoy his night so I held back. He got Kiyomi off admirably and she looked both cute and vulnerable as she sat over his face cumming – she got to have a quick suck of his cock before we released him and I pulled her to me and said it was now time for us to finish playing. She said she couldn’t cum again so quickly but I told her we both knew that wasn’t true, told her I’d be gentle (at first anyway) and asked her to climb over me in a 69. Obedient as ever, she did as I asked and I pulled her little shaven pussy (she was completely bald this time) to my mouth and swirled my tongue around her pussy, across her mons, up and down her inner lips, inside her and over her clit. She shuddered and moaned when I finally made it to her clit and we continued lapping at each other. I came before she did and she eased off after I came so I asked her to keep going and try to copy what I was doing to her. She did quite a good job at this and I teased her a bit by flicking my tongue over her ass – she couldn’t easily do this to me as she was on top but it felt lick she was at least trying so I rewarded her by circling her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth across it rapidly (the way Lis does). I actually felt her shudder as she came and she whined into my pussy making her even more irresistible so I plunged my tongue into her cunt over and over and then kitty kissed her.

By the time we got downstairs Bennett had finished with Clare and she was bent over the sofa being fucked by Neil. She’d apparently already had a couple of guys in her mouth and I was impressed that she had embraced the fuck-toy role so well. It was too soon for Bennett to fuck again but he was happy to let me sit beside him and fondle his cock. I kissed and licked it clean of Clare’s juices as we chatted (sometimes talking with my mouth full). Bennett reached around to finger me, which I encouraged and said he could do it as much as he wanted, but it wasn’t a substitute for his cock and I fully expected him to bury it inside me later on. I fingered myself as Bennett played with my breasts and nipples and was feeling much hornier than I felt I should have been so when Bennett reached back down to my pussy to finger me I asked him to use a bottle and fuck me. He downed his beer and rubbed the neck of the bottle along my slit, then worked the head into me and started slowly pumping away. This felt good, but I wanted something deeper so looked around and saw a wine bottle. I asked someone to pass it to me and Caroline did so but it was still half full so I asked if she would empty the wine out (into something that someone could drink from) and give it back. Caroline did this and I offered to use the beer bottle on her but she was in recovery mode so I just sucked my juices from it and put it aside as Bennett worked the wine bottle into me. I was lying flat on my back, half on the sofa with my feet on the floor and legs spread and Bennett switched between sucking on my nipples and half kneeling on the sofa so I could suck him, all the time pumping the wine bottle in and out of my cunt. I saw a couple of people watching and gave them a smile, but was more concerned with cumming so told Bennett how to angle the bottle so it felt best. I kept telling him I wanted him to fuck me as soon as I came and his cock certainly felt much harder by this point (when I wasn’t sucking him I could feel him grinding against my side). He told me to be patient, but that’s not my strongest suit when I’m horny and I helped things along by gently stroking my clit – not much, just a single stroke in time with the thrusts of the bottle. As I came I just rapidly repeated ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ over and over.

Even though Bennett has known me for a while, I think even he was surprised when I continued to insist he fuck me as my orgasm ended. I knelt and took a good length of his cock in my mouth, messily sucked on it and then knelt up to whisper in his ear that I needed his big black cock inside me, filling me and making me cum again. He bent me over the arm of the sofa and pushed into me from behind – as he did this, Laura told me not to monopolise him but I told her I had every right to have him fuck me and that I intended to enjoy every minute of it. Laura bent down and kissed me, then lifted her skirt and said I may as well make use of the position I was in. I could see that he pussy was wet and asked who’s cum it was – she pretended she couldn’t remember (and it wasn’t as if it made much difference) so when she sat on the sofa in front of me and spread her legs wide, I just let her pull my face to her cunt and started eating her. We ended up adjusting the position a little with her lying down on her back and putting a few cushions under her ass to give me a better angle and then pretty much remained like that with me eating her and Bennett fucking and frigging me. I came quite quickly and it was a sufficiently strong orgasm that I had to get him to stop playing with my clit, but I wasn’t going to deny the chance of having him cum in me so told him to keep fucking away. In turn, I kept working on Laura and could soon taste her juices in place of the boy-cum that had been inside her. Bennett came in me but remained hard enough to stay inside me, occasionally thrusting deep into me and encouraging me to get Laura off. I was more than happy to do this and lapped at her clit with long strokes, each one eliciting a ‘uunnh’ from her until she pulled my head hard against her crotch and came.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 5

When I rolled off of her she said that given our performance the previous night, she assumed I’d be able to cum twice in a row and I assured her it had felt good. We kissed a little longer until she had to get ready and she asked if I wanted to shower with her but I said I liked the idea of having her juices on my body for a while longer so I could keep her scent with me. I sat and chatted to her as she showered and then helped dry her off. As she did her makeup I reached around to caress her breasts and pussy (which was apparently distracting, but she let me do it) and told her that she could call me if she wanted me to join her and her husband anytime. I nestled a finger between her pussy lips and toyed with them while reiterating this idea and when she told me to leave my number I eagerly did so. I asked if she would be around later on (when we got back from the sex party) but unfortunately she was only staying the one night. I sat on the bed and took a photo of my thighs and pussy, telling her I hoped she’d look at it and remember to call me, then slipped on my dressing gown, kissed her goodbye and set off back to my room to see how Jen and Sara had got on.

My journey was slightly diverted when I passed someone putting out their breakfast tray. He nodded hello to me so I stopped and said hello and asked if it had been breakfast just for one. He said it had been so I said it must have been a bit lonely and as we talked I put my hands in the pockets of my robe and gently pulled my arms to my sides so the front of the robe started to slide open. I wasn’t exposing anything as the sides were still overlapping, but I’m sure it was obvious that if I kept going then he’d get to see something. He looked up and down the corridor and asked if I was a prostitute so I told him I wasn’t, I just liked enjoying myself, but if he wanted to pretend I was a hooker that I’d be up for that. By this point the bottom part of my robe was parting and I eased off as the material parted just enough to let him see my crotch. He asked if I was serious and I told him I was always serious about cumming and if he wanted to have some fun then I’d be more than willing to join him. As there was nobody else in the corridor I pulled on the tie of my robe and let it fall open fully, then remembered that I didn’t have any condoms with me. I knew I could have dashed back up to the room and grabbed some but that would have spoiled the moment so I asked him if he had any and when he said yes I walked up to him, placed my hand on his crotch and told him it felt like he was interested (there was a clear bulge).

I slid my hand into his robe and stroked him through his shorts, discovering that he felt like he was a decent size. I pulled one of his hands to me and his fingers probed my pussy so I tried to reach into his shorts and stroke his cock directly. I was really enjoying doing this in the hallway and would have let him do as much as he wanted to out there (let’s face it, if I could get away with it without being arrested I would have let him fuck me in the hotel lobby or the conference room with everyone watching), but unfortunately he said we should go into his room. Once inside he asked why I’d chosen him so I told the truth and said I was feeling horny and he was there. I knew this might have dented his pride a bit if he thought I’d been overcome by his looks and just had to fuck him but if he was insulted, he seemed to get over it as I freed his cock and stroked him properly. Just as I’d thought, he was a decent size, nothing abnormal, just a little larger than Mike and he asked me what I wanted to do. I looked him in the eye and said I didn’t mind as long as I came and that I’d suck him, let him fuck me and he could cum over my breasts if he wanted – just as long as I got to cum too. He said I certainly knew what I wanted so I told him at the moment that I wanted his cock inside me and asked where his condoms were.

He fished one out of his bag and handed it to me – unfortunately it was one with heat gel on it and I’m not overly keen on them but knew I could probably work most of the gel off before he got near my cunt so I rolled it on, stroked him a little more, then took a good length into my mouth. I didn’t suck him for long as I also don’t like the feeling of the heat gel in my mouth, but made sure he was nice and wet with my saliva before wrapping my breasts around his cock and stroking up and down. I rubbed him against my nipples and tit-fucked him, occasionally taking him in my mouth again to add extra saliva for lube. Once I got to the point where I couldn’t taste any more gel I leant back and spread my legs and told him to get inside me. He did as I ordered and he fucked me for a couple of minutes until I told him to lie on the bed so I could mount him. I rode him as he fondled my breasts and he then got me to lean forwards so he could suck on my nipples while pumping into me. I asked if he’d fuck me up against the window and we moved over to it. He pressed me hard up against it and pushed into me from behind. I told him to fuck me hard and he did – as he wasn’t playing with my clit I did it myself. I told him he had to warn me before he came but in return he could choose where he came and that he could use my mouth or cunt or take the condom off and cum over my breasts. He told me that my cunt felt good and he wanted to cum there so we just carried on in the same position and I frigged myself to orgasm, moaning loudly, telling him to fuck me harder and enjoying once again being on view to anyone in York who was looking our way (with binoculars!). The guy kept pumping away in me until he came and I let him rest inside me for a few moments before pulling myself off of his cock, kneeling and giving him a quick suck and then putting my robe on, thanking him and walking out of the room.

Jen and Sara were back at the room when I got there and we traded storied of what we’d got up to. Jen told me off for jumping the guy but she wasn’t really surprised. Both Jen and Sara had made their target cum and in return she’d got each of them off (mostly eating Jen and mostly fingering Sara, but she had also used the dental dam and lapped at Sara’s ass a few times). The three of us showered together and freshened up before Sara headed off as she had to finish packing and get ready to head home for Christmas but she said she’d give us a call later on once she was free. Jen and I took the opportunity to wander around and enjoy the Christmas arrangements in the shops (as it was only the start of December it wasn’t really Christmassy, but was still nice). I had decided to break with our usual rule of only cumming once (or only having one session at the start of the morning) on the day of the sex party and I really wanted to have a little time to enjoy Emily’s sweet nectar (she tastes so good that this is an apt description). I texted her as Jen and I sat having lunch and arranged to go round and see her at 2. Jen couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted to come, as even though she agreed with me (and everyone) that Emily tasted wonderful, Jen felt that it was like cheating on Sara. I assured her that Sara was fine with it (or at least that she said she was fine with it) and pointed out that if Mike had been with us, even though he loved Sara deeply (and she is quite special to him as she allowed him to take her heterosexual virginity), that he wouldn’t turn down a chance to bury his face between Emily’s legs. Jen pointed out that Mike wouldn’t turn down a chance to bury his face between any girl’s legs but I defended him and said that wasn’t fair – Mike has a strong preference for a particular type of girl (cute, younger than him and small – although the latter isn’t essential – and as a bonus, Asian). We discussed his other preferences – how he loves beautiful legs, shaved, or at least trimmed pussies, long hair and how he doesn’t care too much about breasts and I realised (not for the first time) how similar my tastes in girls are to his. Jen’s tastes don’t match up as strongly – she enjoyed doing things with the older women in the hotel more than I did and she is certainly far more breast focussed than Mike is. I then moved the conversation back round to Emily and Jen caved and said she would join me, at which point I told her she didn’t have to as if she was present it would mean I’d only get half as much time with Emily’s pussy (so she slapped me).

We made our way to Emily’s place and greeted her effusively. Emily knew full well why we were there but I told her how much I’d missed the taste of her juices and asked if I could spend an hour exploring her pussy before we got to the party and guys ruined it by cumming in it. Emily faked exasperation about people always wanting to go down on her (which isn’t quite a first world problem, but is certainly in the same class). I told her that in return she could do anything she wanted to either Jen or me. By this point of the conversation we were already up in Emily’s room and I was starting to undress her but she kept playing hard to get and said that she might not want to do anything with us. As I slid her panties down I flicked my tongue over her pussy and said that was fine and we’d just do things to her if she wanted. When she stepped out of her panties I didn’t let her put her legs back together and licked at her pussy more, then led her over to the bed and bent her forwards over it, spread her cheeks and offered her to Jen who knelt and ate Em from behind while I quickly undressed. As Jen and I ate Emily in various positions, we kept up the conversation with Emily trying to decide whether or not she was going to let us do anything to her and even after she cum for the first time she was saying that she wasn’t sure she was in the mood to do anything given we had the party later on.

As she was still ‘undecided’ we played along and kept trying to convince her, with Jen spending a while kitty kissing Em as I kissed her and we chatted. Em started fondling my pussy and I asked if that meant she was ready to play properly and promptly climbed up over her face. Em pulled my pussy to her mouth and went to work on me, causing Jen to complain that it wasn’t fair so I told her that as much as I loved Emily’s tongue, I’d happily swap places with her. Jen said she just wanted a couple more minutes with Emily’s pussy so I just enjoyed being licked and fingered until Jen wanted to swap. I gave Jen a big kiss to taste Em’s juices and then kissed Em to taste my own juices from her face. I helped Jen get in to position and then moved back down between Emily’s legs. I spent a while gently teasing her lips and occasionally brushing over her ass (having dated Sara, Emily was very used to ass play). As Jen mewed her way to another orgasm I made sure I got Emily off and after briefly kitty kissing her I climbed up onto the bed and pull Emily around so I could scissor with her. Em said she couldn’t cum again so quickly and as we had the party later on I decided not to push her (I’m more than confident that we could have made her cum) and just ground my cunt against hers while she toyed with my clit. I told her the idea was I wanted to have her juices covering my cunt so I’d taste as good as she did and as my orgasm approached I told her I wished she could squirt over and into me, filling my cunt and covering my body with her juices. As nice as this image was, sadly Emily isn’t a squirter (and rarely even gets dripping wet) so I had to content myself with just a coating of her juices.

With our session over, Jen and I headed back to the hotel and called Clare and Giles, offering to take them out to dinner to celebrate their engagement. They told us we didn’t have to do that but accepted the offer and we headed off to a nice oriental restaurant and ate while chatting about their plans (they didn’t have may definite plans but we were told that we would be invited to the wedding). I felt it was only fair to warn them that if we (and others from the sex party) were present, that someone would almost certainly try to fuck them unless they set down clear guidelines. Giles said he didn’t mind too much if Clare was fucked – as long as it was with one of the girls and she punched him. I teased Clare and said I’d be happy to eat her as Giles fucked her but that Sara would be the obvious choice to join the two of them – and then suggested that we could just get everyone from the party to fuck Clare in the middle of the dinner up on the head table. Clare said that she wasn’t sure her parents would approve of that so I nobly offered to take her place - but apparently that wouldn’t have made things much better and the conversation returned to more a realistic one.

We headed straight to the party afterwards – this time I hadn’t put on my schoolgirl outfit (as I’ve said before, I felt I was getting a little old to wear it – apart from with Mike, Jen and Sue of course – and I knew I couldn’t compete with Kiyomi or Miyako in cuteness when they wore their outfits. We weren’t the first to arrive and I was pleased to see Laura had come back (which we hadn’t been expecting). Sara was also already there and gave us a wave from between Kiyomi’s legs which impressed me as while both Kiyomi and Miyako will do things with girls (and each other), they generally need to have had a few drinks beforehand. Kiyomi was whimpering and biting her finger and I really wanted to dive in and help out but thought I should let Sara enjoy her prize so I wandered upstairs to see who else was present and find someone to pounce on. I was in luch as Craig and Caroline were just beginning to make out (she was already topless and he was grinding against her crotch, but they hadn’t started actually fucking). I asked if I could join in and Craig pulled me towards them so I leant down and kissed him, then kissed Caroline. As with the Japanese girls, Caroline usually takes a few drinks to loosen up before she plays with girls, so her kiss was a bit more tentative but she did at least kiss me back. I lay down beside her and encouraged Craig to keep playing with her, reaching between them to stroke the bulge in his trousers, fondle her breasts and reach down to stroke her panties. Craig kissed me as well and my top soon disappeared. Craig’s fingers found their way into my panties so I worked mine into Caroline’s, stroking up and down the length of her pussy and smearing her juices over her clit. I whispered to her that she felt very wet and asked if she wanted Craig’s cock inside her. She said yes  so I helped him unzip his trousers and free his cock, then pulled her panties to the side and helped guide him in to her. She gasped as he plunged into her and I circled my fingers around her clit as they fucked. Caroline reached over to my crotch and easily gained access to my slit (as usual I didn’t have panties on) but I didn’t intend on letting her have all the fun so asked Craig if I could have her for just a moment. He pulled out and I quickly enveloped his cock in my mouth, sucking it clean of Caroline’s juices, then asked him to slide back into her before moving out of the way. I pulled Caroline’s panties off and buried my face between her legs while reaching back to finger myself and Craig got the idea, moved around behind me and pushed in to me. I pointed out to Caroline that I was swallowing her juices while Craig was fucking her juices into my cunt but didn’t stay in that position for too long as I thought it would be rude to steal Craig’s cock away from her.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 4

For some reason I can't reply to (or leave) comments as me so I'm having to reply anonymously.
We chatted more as we drank the champagne and moved on to teasing each other with it – dripping it over nipples, thighs, belly buttons… and licking it off. Jen dripped a little between Sara’s ass cheeks and licked her clean, then licked some more until Sara moaned and said it felt good. I pointed out that Sara could cum just from having her ass licked and she told me to shut up but allowed Jen to keep going. Unfortunately for Sara, Jen didn’t carry on long enough to get her off (it does take quite a while), but she didn’t mind as I’d got the women to agree to kneel on the bed and to let Sara lick them. It seemed a shame to waste the position so I climbed up in front of them and offered myself. I asked Jen if she wanted to join me but she wasn’t ready to cum again so I let the women take turns toying with my pussy and also watched as they kissed each other. We hadn’t noticed Jen preparing the strap-on and it was only when she told the women she was going to fuck them that they turned around to look and Jen told them she could use a condom for each of them but the women said they didn’t mind sharing. Jen slipped in to one of them and fucked her as Sara lapped at the ass of the other and they switched places a few times. I got Jen to pass me another dental dam and asked the younger woman to eat me again. She did this quite eagerly and I teased her about how experienced she must be. Between licks she said that she’d been with a number of women but not so often since getting married and as she got more aroused with what Jen and Sara were doing to her I asked how many times she’d had threesomes with her husband. It turned out that they had tried it but it hadn’t gone too well and not wanting to dampen the mood I stopped asking and just encouraged her to make me cum. She did this and I then turned around and crawled between the women so I could fondle and kiss their nipples to help get them off and once they’d cum, Jen got each of them to suck both their and the other woman’s juices from the strap-on.

It was getting late by this point but despite complaining (in a joking way) that they had cum so many times, neither of them women stopped us from playing with them more. We gently teased each other while drinking some more and one of them made a comment about order room service to get a cucumber so we pulled out one of our double dildos and said we already had that covered – although I’d fuck a cucumber if they had one to hand. We ended emptying out the remainder of the toys we’d brought along and told them that we’d promised to take them to the sex party. This required explanation so we gave them details and I said how much I loved having multiple people fuck me and finish the night covered and filled with pussy juice and cum. The younger woman (who was married) gave more details about her failed threesomes and it turned out that they’d tried with someone they knew and found it to be too awkward. Her husband didn’t know that she had slept with other people at conferences (usually men) but thought he’d be fine with the idea of her sleeping with three younger girls. I told her I’d be more than happy to join them and either eat her husband’s cum from her cunt or let him fuck me and have her eat me clean. The older woman reached over to caress me and said that I really liked fucking so I slid my fingers between her legs and kissed her while asking what was wrong with that and pointing out that she was hardly sweet and innocent. I got Jen to lube up the double-ended dildo with some tingle gel and slid it into the older woman’s pussy. I then asked the younger one if she wanted to help out and once she was in position I helped guide the other end of the dildo in to her and they shimmied together until they swallowed the dildo between them and their cunts were touching. Jen, Sara and I sat either side of the women as they humped and ground against each other and kissed, stroked and frigged them. I whispered to the younger woman a few times about wanting to feel her husband’s cock filling my cunt and how I’d eat her as she fucked him but we mostly concentrated on helping the women enjoy themselves. Jen asked if they would 69 and they both nodded so we let them pull themselves free of the dildo and watched as the younger one climbed on top and they buried their tongues in each other’s cunts. Jen tried to fuck the younger woman with the strap on but the position didn’t work out too well and she wasn’t keen on something that size being in her ass – both of the women did however let us use fingers on their asses, mostly rubbing around the area but with a little penetration. They easily got each other off but it looked like they were beginning to tire so Sara, Jen and I fell on each other and asked the women to help out, getting them to finger us and use toys until the three of us came again.

As the women dressed, we talked some more and asked if they would be up for a morning fuck. The younger woman accepted almost straight away and Jen managed to talk the older woman in to it (she didn’t take much convincing, she just wasn’t as immediately keen as the younger one). They gave us their room numbers and warned us that they had conference sessions starting at 9.30 so we promised to drop by for breakfast and to ensure their day started well. After saying our goodbyes we cleaned up the various toy’s we had used and collapsed into bed. Sara said she had really wanted to eat the ass of the younger woman and I commented on how good I’d thought she smelt and wished I could have eaten her cunt. Neither Jen nor Sara had been as taken with her scent as I’d been and Sara kept mentioning how she’d wanted to rim her so I suggested that Sara could work out her frustrations on Jen’s ass. Jen whined a bit and said she was tired, but she finds it hard to refuse Sara so ended up kneeling on all fours and letting Sara indulge her fetish. In turn I found it hard to resist Sara’s little pussy as it bobbed back and forth and crawled under her to lap at her crinkle-cut pussy lips. When I ran a finger over Sara’s ass she whimpered and said it felt good so I changed position, knelt behind Sara and swirled my tongue around her ass while stroking her clit. She moaned her appreciation into Jen’s pussy and I carried on, rimming, spearing and frigging her until she swore a number of times and said she was cumming.

Jen was mewing away by this point (always a sign she is getting close to cumming) and I said that she should get to cum properly and suggested we move to the shower. Jen said we didn’t have to do that but I needed to make up for her making me do things earlier and she followed along. I let Sara have the choice of front or back and she (unsurprisingly) opted to continue working on Jen’s ass. Jen stood in the shower with Sara kneeling behind her and me in front with our tongues swirling around and invading Jen’s ass and cunt. Sara and I reached over to caress each other, but most of our attention was focussed on Jen who warned us that it wasn’t going to take long. She mewed and panted more as her orgasm built and I told her to try and hold back for as long as possible. Her mewing have way to ‘ah-ah’ sounds and a few grunts and then a longer moan, accompanied by a strong stream of pee that rapidly filled my mouth and sprayed over my face and body. I kept licking Jen, both her pussy and clit and rubbed her piss over my body as well as plunging my fingers into my cunt and fucking myself. I loved helping her cum like this and she sounded as if she was really enjoying herself which made it all the better.

Once Jen’s orgasm has passed, she said it was my turn. I said that I’d cum enough and Jen said ‘fine, we’ll just get cleaned up’ and turned on the shower. I briefly thought that she wasn’t going to do anything to me but she then pushed me against the wall, told Sara to hold my lips open and used the spray on my clit. Considering how many floors up we were, the water pressure was quite good, but without a pulse shower head I knew it wasn’t going to make me cum. Jen was determined though and removed the top part of the shower, placed her finger over the end of the hose and made a high-pressure jet that she flicked back and forth across my clit. She then turned the temperature of the water up – not so it was hot enough to burn me, but it certainly felt very hot and with Sara continuing to spread my lips and fully expose my clit it also felt quite good. It was slow going at first and I warned them I wasn’t sure if it would actually make me cum but Jen just said that the hot water wasn’t going to run out and she would wait for as long as it took. Once I felt the familiar tingle start to build, it progressed much quicker (but I was also concentrating on thoughts of things I’d like to do) and I told Jen to get in position. I came and emptied my bladder over Jen as I did so and she then fastened her mouth to my pussy and licked up inside me, around my lips and gently over my throbbing clit before handing the shower to Sara to fix.

We cleaned off and went to bed but set our alarms so we could be sure to be awake in time to sneak in a morning session with our new older women. Jen fell asleep fairly quickly but Sara and I chatted for a while. I asked her if she minded me doing things with Emily (Sara’s old girlfriend who cheated on her) and Sara assured me that she was sufficiently over her. I teased Sara about having moved on to Clare and Giles and how I was sure they’d let her join them permanently if she wanted. Sara said she wasn’t sure about that sort of relationship but admitted that it seemed to have worked out quite well for Jen. We dozed off to sleep and I dreamt about Sara being fucked by Giles as Clare sat watching then woke up to the alarm that was really set at too early an hour for a Saturday (and if it hadn’t been in order to fuck I would have ignored it). Jen and Sara also woke up and we briefly played with each other but decided to save ourselves for the women and after quickly freshening up, we donned bathrobes, pocketed a few toys and dental dams each and I headed off to the younger woman’s room while Sara and Jen went to visit the older one (she was only a couple of years older than the younger one).

I arrived at the room, knocked and waited and the woman seemed a little surprised I’d actually come. She ushered me in and I told her I understood if she didn’t want to do anything but that if she did, I’d be happy to make sure she got a good start to the day. She hesitated briefly so I moved over and embraced her, slid my hands down her back and back up under her nightdress to her ass. As I fondled it I kissed her and said I was glad she slept without panties on and once she kissed me back I worked my fingers deeper between her ass cheeks and sought out her pussy. We slipped out of our clothes and moved on to the bed and between kisses I asked if she would rather have me eat her husband’s cum out of her or have her do it to me. She gave me a little slap and told me to behave but as I already had a couple of fingers inside her I decided it was a bit late for that and told her if he could cum twice then we could eat each other clean. I got her to describe her husband’s cock to me along with how he fucked, how long he lasted and so on – all the time encouraging her to be more explicit and telling her how I wanted to feel him inside my cunt and how I’d suck on her clit as he fucked her. I humped against her thigh as I teased her and she said it sounded nice so I kept describing it as I rubbed my thumb back and forth over her clit until she came.

She thanked me and then blushed a bit when she recalled how she had been talking to me, kissed some more and I whispered to her that I wanted to 69 with her before leaving as I loved the way her cunt smelled. She seemed surprised at this but I assured her she had an incredibly sexy scent and told her how much I wished I could bury my tongue in her and eat her properly. She needed a couple of minutes to recover from her first orgasm but that just gave her time to play with my breasts and she said that she wished hers were as large as mine. I pointed out that hers were a decent size (she was a C cup) and that her smaller nipples were probably more sensitive than mine then lay back and let her spend time kissing, stroking and licking my nips until they were nice and hard. She kept her thigh pressed between my leg as she did this so I could carry on humping against her and when she said she was ready to 69 I warned her that it might not take me long to cum. She said that was the idea and we got in to position and went to work on each other. While I couldn’t taste her through the dam, I could still fill my nose with her scent and I allowed myself to get lost in the moment. As expected I came fairly quickly but she kept eating me and I just powered through the post-orgasmic intense feelings until the licking felt good again – all the while with me eating her. She managed to get me close to cumming by the time she came so I switch to kitty kissing her to encourage her to keep going, but this was her intention all along and she lapped at my pussy and clit until I came again and moaned into her cunt.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 3

I sat on the toilet again and gently sucked his cock, moving the cum around in the condom with my tongue. We heard another guy come in to the bathroom and the guy pulled out of my mouth and I handed him some toilet paper to clean his cock off with and catch the cum as he pulled the condom off. Once he’d done this he gave me a final kiss, opened the door and left and I slipped my clothes back on. I could hear that someone else was still in the bathroom and couldn’t be bothered waiting so walked out of the stall and gave the guy a hello nod. He looked a bit surprised to see me but I made it quite obvious what we’d been up to as I stood in front of the mirror and straightened my clothes, then decided to have a bit more fun and lifted my skirt to wipe my pussy, splash a little water on it and wipe it once more. The new guy asked me if I often did things in hotel bathrooms so I told him no (with the reason being that it’s not often we stay in hotels), but that I liked having fun and enjoying myself so didn’t see why I shouldn’t make the most of it. I let the paper towel fall from my hand and kept ‘wiping’ my pussy with a couple of fingers, slipping them between my lips and circling my clit. I asked the guy if he liked having fun and he said he did so I wandered over to him and pulled his hand to my pussy. His fingers curled up into me but he asked what would happen if someone came in so I led him towards the stall I’d just used, pulled him inside and locked the door.

I asked if he wanted my breasts and let him pull my top off. He massaged them through my bra so I pulled this off and to save time, slipped my skirt back off as well. We quickly freed his cock and I repeated what I’d done with the first guy, sucking and then fucking him. We made it through without anyone else coming in to the bathroom and the guy warned me he was getting close. I told him he could cum as long as he fingered me afterwards (I wasn’t in the mood to give charitable fucks) and once he’d agreed to this I humped back against him so our bodies slapped together and told him how good his cock felt thrusting deep into my cunt. He came fairly quickly but he followed through on his promise and he sat on the toilet and fingered me while sucking on my nipples. Someone else came into the bathroom as he was doing this and to have a final bit of fun I whispered to the guy fingering me to play with my ass as well so he reached around with his other hand and pushed a finger a little way in to me. As my orgasm built I moaned a bit – not too loud, but enough that I guessed the other person in the bathroom could hear and I announced repeatedly that I was cumming as my orgasm pulsed through me. I let the guy leave the stall first (as I got dressed) and wandered out to see the person I presumed had heard me cum washing his hands so I just flashed him a smile, straightened my clothes and wandered out to see how Jen and Sara were getting on.

They were still both sitting with their respective targets so I went to each of them in turn and draped myself over them, reaching down Jen’s top and up Sara’s skirt as I did so and asked if they intended to go up to our room to carry things on. Both of the women asked if I’d be joining them and I said that I’d like to if they were interested. Fortunately both of them said yes, but it was still somewhat of a surprise for them when Jen walked in with her lady to see Sara, the other lady and me already there. There was a little hesitation but once Sara and Jen started undressing each other, the ladies seemed to decide to go with the flow and allowed us to kiss and caress them. They were eager to get to Jen and Sara’s breasts and my top was soon pulled up so I removed it along with my bra and to keep to form, slipped off my skirt so I was the first one completely naked. I fingered Sara under her skirt and this ended up being removed so one of the women could help out and Jen’s skirt was next, allowing her to be fingered. We told our guests that we didn’t mind having each other’s juices in us but that we’d want to use protection with them and they took this well and said it was sensible. One of the ladies toyed with my pussy while I undressed her and as soon as she was naked I pushed her back onto the bed, spread a dental dam over her pussy and went down on her. She held on to my head tightly, pulling me hard against her cunt as I ate her. I hadn’t had long to examine her but had seen she had a full covering of hair – although trimmed by the look of it. I pulled on either side of her pussy to spread her lips and sought out her clit with my tongue. She told me not to hurry so much and in response I told her I could slow down but that we didn’t intend to just make them cum only once. She laughed at this and said it could be a good night and then lay back – I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to take my time or go for it so slowed down a slightly, but still with the aim of getting her off for the first time relatively quickly. Her pussy had a fairly nice scent and I really wanted to slide my tongue into her properly and taste her but we’ve made it this far without getting any serious STDs (just the occasional bout of thrush) so I wasn’t going to risk it. I reached over to stroke Jen’s legs and she took this as a sign to help out, moving over to kiss the woman and then suck on her nipples. Between the two of us we got her off and she moaned her way through her orgasm and was left panting, saying that we were very good girls (which was a little patronising as she wasn’t that much older than me).

Meanwhile, Jen and Sara had been working on the other lady and Sara had continued this when Jen had come to help me out. I knelt behind Sara and lapped at her little pussy, then swirled my tongue around her ass before moving up onto the bed to sit on one side of the lady with Jen on the other. Jen and I toyed with her breasts and both kissed her while encouraging her to enjoy herself as much as possible. We dared her to cum as loudly as she could and she said it was embarrassing so we cajoled her along, saying that we were all naked, all wanted to cum and that she had the cutest redhead in York eating her cunt so she should make the most of it (Yes, I think Jen is cuter than Sara, but Jen isn’t really a York girl). We kept whispering to her that nobody but us would hear her and how she’d already heard her friend cum and that we’d all be cumming multiple times and letting her see and hear. She moaned a bit louder as she came and certainly looked like she was enjoying herself but once Sara moved away, she closed her legs and covered her breasts saying that she was embarrassed.

The other woman didn’t seem quite as self-conscious and was lying on her side watching us so I buried my face in Sara’s and then Jen’s pussy and allowed them to do the same to me (and each other). We told the women that we hoped that each of us could make each of them cum and then corrected this to include them making each other cum as well. They asked if we really meant that and I told them that we’d make them cum as many times as they wanted (assuming that if either of them had the same sort of sexual appetite I did that we could just sleep all the next day to recover for the party). Jen fished out a vibe and handed it to me and I ran it over my clit but she told me off and said she wanted me to use it on her. I gave a pitiful whine and told Sara to fetch a couple more so Jen, Sara and I could stimulate each other and the women moved to either end of the bed to make space for us to put on our little show. I made sure that the women occasionally got to see what I was doing to Jen as I fingered, ate and used the vibe on her and I wanted them to see Sara doing the same to me, but by this point I just wanted to cum again so wasn’t as bothered about exhibiting myself as I usually would be. I don’t know exactly what Jen was doing to Sara, but it seemed to be working as Sara was being much louder than she usually is and came quicker than either Jen or I did. Both Jen and I were more explicit than Sara in describing what we could feel and what we wanted with Jen telling me and me telling Sara how we wanted our cunts played with. I felt a second pair of hands on my ass and quickly looked back to see one of the women fondling me, but didn’t let it distract me from my work on Jen. Sara’s tongue flicked over my ass a few times and I decided to pass this on (with interest) and speared Jen repeatedly. I could hear Jen’s muffled mewing and felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching so I moaned loudly into Jen’s cunt, telling Sara to lick and finger me and then moaning more as I came. I fingered and frigged her rapidly as I came, then plunged my now well lubricated fingers into Jen’s ass, buried my face back in her cunt and ate her until she came. I kept this up until her orgasm ended and then licked all around her cunt with long, messy licks before rolling away from her and lying with my legs spread, displaying myself fully to one of the women and telling her how good that had felt.

We encouraged the women to fondle us and in return we did the same to them. As we played with each other they commented on our display and how uninhibited we seemed and I told them that life was much more fun that way. Jen made a comment about how Sara loved having her ass licked and Sara blushed a bit at this but admitted that she did. In return Sara told the women how Jen loved watersports, either just peeing herself as she came or having someone else involved. I wasn’t left out and Jen told them how I would fuck pretty much anyone, anytime, anywhere. I corrected her and said that it was more than ‘anywhere’ and the more public the better. Jen then moved on to telling them how many times I’d fucked already that day (and had to admit that she had also played with Clare) and it came out that Jen and I were partners, but that I had my husband at home who was with his girlfriend, looking after his and Jen’s baby. The women seemed amazed at the complexity of our sex lives (they aren’t really that complicated), but were also getting rather distracted as we were playing with them properly by this point, using vibes and fingers. They had agreed to let us use the vibes we’d used on each other, taking our word for it that we were disease free (which was a bit silly of them, but I liked the idea of getting our juices right into their cunts). After watching us, our conversation and our stimulating them, we had no trouble getting them both off and this time they moved to return the favour – using vibes on us (not the ones we’d used on them) as well as their fingers and tongues (with dental dams). Each of them had a go at fucking two of us at once and one of them seemed to especially enjoy feeding us each other’s juices. The younger of the two women seemed to be quite talented at cunnilingus and as I lay cumming with her mouth on my cunt I was thinking of how to compliment her on it without putting the other women out.

With the second round over we sat and chatted a bit more and the older woman suggested we order something to drink. She called room service and order champagne, saying that it felt right to celebrate as we were having such a good time. Both the women put bathrobes on in anticipation of the arrival of our drinks, but Jen, Sara and I remained naked. Jen thought I should go a step further and got me to sit up on the bed with my legs spread wide, using our body want on my pussy and keeping myself close to cumming. Jen answered the door naked and told the guy that he was welcome to come in as long as he didn’t mind seeing me cum and he apparently didn’t as he stepped in to the room and stood watching as Jen told me to stop holding back and to cum for him. Despite having cum a number of times, it was quite easy to do so again as the bodywand is a wonderful vibe (as any women who’ve used one will know) and I enjoyed the waves of pleasure throbbing out from my cunt as I came. Once my orgasm passed, I turned the wand off and slid a couple of fingers between my lips and slowly played with myself. Jen told the guy he could fuck me if he wanted but he said he needed to get back or he’d get in to trouble – when he’d gone the women asked if we tried that often and we told them we’d done it a number of times (and that I’d got a better response a number of times).

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

As regular readers will have noticed, I haven't been posting as frequently. This is due to not having time to write things up due to changes in our circumstances (that are probably fairly easy to guess for those who have been following the commentary interspersed with the sex). I'll keep doing my best but I've only really got time to either enjoy myself or write about having enjoyed myself and as much as I love people reading about me cumming, I love *actually* cumming more :)


He did as I asked and pressed me harder against the glass as he pushed into me. Jen got Clare to stand next to me (she needed a little convincing to stand naked at the window, but played along) and Clare reached down to play with my clit. I pulled Clare to me so I could kiss her and then got her to kiss Giles and Jen joined in by kneeling down and once again burying her face in Clare’s pussy. I told Giles to pace himself as he also needed to fuck Clare like that – at first she said she couldn’t, but once again allowed herself to be convinced to join in and was soon pressed up against the window with Giles in her while I toyed with her clit. Jen didn’t leave me out and knelt to lick my pussy. This felt good but she knew I wanted Giles in me as I came so she didn’t try too hard to get me off. I then got Clare to step back a little so I could crawl between her and the wall and she leant forwards so her breasts were pressed up against the glass as I licked her and Giles fucked her. Jen also joined in and reached down between Clare and Giles to rub her finger back and forth across Clare’s ass and we teased her about letting three people make her cum in full view of everyone in York (or at least a good number of people). Clare moaned that it wasn’t her fault and I told her to just let go and enjoy herself and anyone who did actually see her would be lucky to see someone so hot cumming – but also assured her that we were quite high up so actually fairly safe. I made Giles promise not to cum (so he could do the same to me afterwards) and we carried on stimulating Clare. Jen leant against her and reached up to fondle one of Clare’s breasts and then announced that she was going in and pressed about half her finger into Clare’s ass. I lapped at her clit and Giles carried on fucking her and we encouraged Clare to moan and tell us what she could feel. She described the various sensations we were giving her and how she was getting closer to cumming and panted loudly, saying she was cumming over and over.

When Giles pulled out I got him to slide his cock back between Clare’s legs so I could suck the head and told him to stay hard as I needed him to get me off again. Clare sat on the floor and watched as Giles fucked me, at first she just reached up and played with my clit while Jen stood and fondled one of my breasts (which were again pressed up against the window) but once Clare recovered from her orgasm she asked if I wanted her to repay me. I told her she could copy what I’d done if she wanted or she could just keep frigging me and Jen slapped my ass and told me to tell Clare what I actually *wanted* her to do. I pointed out to Jen that we were on my home turf and she was meant to do what I said (our old rules from before we lived together and visited each other) but played along anyway and told Clare that I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit, have her lick my cunt as her fiancé fucked me and to help eat me to orgasm as the town watched. I shifted back a bit to allow her to crawl between me and the wall and pointed out that it was a pity we didn’t have full-height windows so everyone could see exactly what we were doing. As Clare started to lick me I felt Jen slide her hand down my back and across my ass and asked her to caress my ass. I tried reaching over to fondle Jen’s pussy but needed both my hands to keep my balance. I described what I could feel in a similar way to Clare had, just with slightly dirtier language (Clare still doesn’t say ‘cunt’ too much). As my orgasm built I told Clare to suck my clit, Giles to fuck my cunt and Jen to finger my ass. When I said this, Jen gave my breast a squeeze so I corrected my request and asked her to ‘finger my ass and fondle my breasts’. Giles said he was very close and I panted to him to just keep going for a few moments longer. I imagined every building I could see had people staring directly at us (or me) and this helped push me over the edge. I came loudly and enthusiastically, telling Giles to fuck and cum in my cunt again and begging the girls to lick and finger me. I imagined all the guys watching me wanking and their cum shooting over my body and got a bit carried away with my fantasy so didn’t really pay attention and missed Giles cumming. He came in me though so I didn’t mind and even felt a little bit of cum leak out of me when he pulled out.

We moved over to the bed and chatted some more, getting the full details of how Giles had proposed and finding out that even though they were saving the general announcement for the party that they had told Sara already (during a session with her). I asked Clare if she intended to let us continue to fuck her once she was married and she tried to look serious and said she would consider it but it was obvious from the look on her face that she was just messing around and I told her that I looked forwards to eating her newly married cunt and fucking her husband’s newly married cock. As time was getting on and we had a dinner date we started to get ready. In this case, ‘getting ready’ didn’t involve Jen or I showering as we wanted to go out with the various sex-juices smeared over us (and given we were seeing Sara we knew she wouldn’t mind). As a parting shot, Jen and I each rubbed Clare’s pussy and smeared her juices over our breasts and then briefly buried our faces between her legs to get a final coat of her juices on our faces. I got the added bonus of wiping Giles’s cock over my breasts and face (although I’d already drained him of cum earlier so this was more for show than to get anything more on me). Naturally Clare didn’t escape unscathed and her breasts were flavoured with Jen’s and my juices (we took one each) for Giles to enjoy later on. I made him promise to go down on her and that I wanted photographic evidence. Clare said that she’d cum enough and that he didn’t need to but gave in after a couple of minutes of badgering and said she’d let him eat her.

We wandered out with Clare and Giles, said our goodbyes and headed off to meet up with Sara. Unfortunately Sara didn’t have a long coat on so we couldn’t grope her as we hugged hello (although she slid her hands under our skirts). Jen made up for this at the restaurant though as she went to the bathroom with Sara and fondled her there – discovered that Sara had panties on and as punishment told her that she not only had to remove the panties but also her bra as well. Sara knew better than to argue (not that Jen could have easily forced Sara to strip) and went into one of the stalls, slipped her bra off and handed it out to Jen. Jen semi-discreetly carried the bra and panties back to the table and handed them to me and I told Sara off for having had panties on but congratulated her for going braless. Sara told me she could smell and taste Clare on us and I said she’d get to taste Giles from me later on if she wanted to fuck. She said we hadn’t changed and I told her that I hoped she hadn’t changed either but the waiter came so we had to tone down the conversation and once we’d ordered we chatted about Clare and Giles’ engagement and whether Sara thought she would remain as their fuck-toy.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and sat in the bar area to have drinks. There was some sort of conference on which meant there were a good number of single people around. Jen dared me to show myself off to a few people and I easily managed this (either by sitting with legs spread far enough to let them see up my short skirt, or by bending over while beside them so my skirt rode up. We decided that as it is always fairly easy to pick up guys that it would be more of a challenge (and more fun) to see if we could pick up and of the women at the convention. I suggested that we could do both and see if we could help along a budding office romance (or affair) and get things kick-started with a four or fivesome but we thought that would be too difficult so went back to looking for a woman (although not entirely as I told Sara and Jen that if a nice guy happened to show an interest in me that I’d probably let him fuck me). We couldn’t be too overt as we sat and chatted, but tried to make it fairly obvious that we were lovers by occasionally kissing each other and lots of semi-innocent touching (nothing too bad, just less innocent and more frequent than would be the case for ‘just friends’).

We noticed two women who seemed to have their eye on us and Jen and Sara headed off to walk past them and test the waters. Jen flashed her cute smile and gave her target a brief greeting and Sara acted similarly to the other woman. Within minutes each of the women had bought drinks and both Jen and Sara were sitting chatting with them. I wandered over to Jen first and draped my arms around her shoulders, letting one hand slide down under Jen’s top and running my fingers across the top of Jen’s breasts. I asked Jen to introduce me and after a brief chat said I’d let Jen get on with her conversation but that I’d be back. I then headed over to Sara but her top was too tight to get to her breasts so I went a bit further and sat beside her then ran my hand up Sara’s thigh while looking at the woman and then down to Sara’s skirt as I slid it up to reveal she was naked underneath. I asked the woman if she’d want to join us later on for a drink upstairs and she said she might once she’d gotten to know Sara a bit better so I left them to chat and headed off to the bathroom.

I got a bit sidetracked on the way and ended up flirting with a guy I’d noticed earlier. He was very smartly dressed which gave me lots of opportunities to stroke his suit and comment on the fabric. I leant across him at one point and pressed my body up against him and felt him push back slightly against me. I whispered in his ear if he wanted to come with me and he said he thought I was interested in women (he’d apparently noticed my display with Jen and Sara – not that we’d been trying to hide it) and I told him I enjoyed men every bit as much as I do women. He let me lead him away by the hand and at that point I had no idea where I was going to take him. I considered going back to our room and letting him fuck me but saw a bathroom and pulled him into it. He seemed surprised that I’d want to do things in a place like that, but I pointed out that it was very clean and that I liked the idea of being fucked somewhere we could be caught. He was a bit taller than me so I stood on tip-toe to kiss him and reached down to caress his crotch. I guided one of his hands to my breasts and we backed into a stall to carry on, at which point he quickly pulled my top up and I helped him remove it, along with my bra. I freed his cock and sat on the toilet to suck him (after putting a condom on it of course). We kissed a bit more and he fingered me until I asked if he wanted me to be naked. He did, so I slipped my skirt off and caressed myself then moved closer to him and rubbed his cock against my pussy. He told me I was wonderful and I said he should wait until we’d fucked to decide that and I quickly turned around, leant against the wall and presented my ass to him. He rubbed along the length of my cunt again and slowly worked his cock into me, getting a little deeper with each thrust until he was all the way in. I asked him to fondle me and he played with my breasts but then moved a hand down to my clit just before I was about to ask him to do that. We heard someone else come in to the bathroom and he stopped moving but I carried on, slowly rocking back and forth, taking his cock deep in to my cunt and then pulling forwards so just the head was inside me. He remained still but squeezed my breasts quite firmly and didn’t try to stop me from moving. I reached down to the hand he had on my clit and pushed his fingers until he started frigging me again and I continued to hump back against him like that until the other person left the bathroom. The guy started moving in me again and said he’d never done anything like this before so I told him he’d been missing out and should take the opportunity to enjoy himself as much as possible. I got him to rub my clit a bit faster and he also squeezed my breasts a lot more, but it wasn’t too hard so I let him have his fun with them. As my orgasm approached I told him to keep frigging me even if someone else came in but we weren’t interrupted and I came, then got him to feed me my juices from his fingers as he finished off fucking me and came.