Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 3

Back in the bed, we spent while longer kissing and fondling and I began to see some signs of life in Oscar’s cock. I asked if he thought he could spoon with me and went down on him to help get him hard enough. He told me he couldn’t cum again and I decided to take this as a challenge. As much as I wanted to feel him in me as we went to sleep, I decided to go for the triple after all and used everything I knew to suck him off. He still wasn’t sure he could cum but admitted that what I was doing felt really good and to help things along I told him that my sister had been a good teacher. He already knew about Sue doing things with us, but still enjoyed hearing me tell him the details (between licking and sucking him). As it became clear I was going to get another orgasm out of him I concentrated more on his cock and balls, licking, stroking sucking and fondling them. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock as I stroked his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, gently squeezing them (more of a firm cup than an actual squeeze). He came in my mouth, although he only produced a tiny amount of cum it was enough to count and before he could go soft I moved up on the bed, turned around and pushed myself down on to his cock. This was too intense a feeling for him, but once he was inside me I didn’t move anymore and he was happy to stay there. Unfortunately he went soft fairly quickly but didn’t actually slip out of me for a while so I half got what I wanted.

We slept fairly late in the morning and the sleep seemed to do Oscar good as he woke up with an erection and started rubbing against my ass. I reminded him that I wanted his cum this time but I spread my lips and let him push in to my cunt so we could fuck for a while. This progressed to me riding him while he played with my clit and then me leaning forwards and grinding myself against him while dangling my breasts in his face for him to play with. We changed position and I lay on my side with Oscar straddling one of my legs and holding the other one up as he fucked me. This allowed him to get quite deep inside me and play with my clit at the same time. I really enjoyed this and told him to keep going, which he did, but wanted to finish off in a different position so he could watch me cum. I liked the idea of that even more and wasn’t sure if he was doing it for his own enjoyment or to satisfy my exhibitionist tendencies (and didn’t care). He guided me on to my back, pushed my knees up to my chest and climbed over me so he could push in to me from above. He said he wanted to watch my face as I came (which is a bit intimate, but I was feeling very aroused). He pushed in to me hard, getting quite deep and making contact with my clit with each thrust. I concentrated on him watching me cum and this helped spur me along but I was still with it enough to remind him not to cum in me. He promised to wait until I’d finished and I told him I’d hold him to that just as my orgasm started its final build and hit me. I didn’t try to make any ‘sexy’ expressions as I came and just let him watch the natural result of cumming.

As I relaxed he started pumping in me faster and I told him to enjoy my cunt up until the last moment and to pull out and cum over my front. He did as asked and I held my legs up and apart so he could get deep inside me and watched as he pulled out, took his cock in his hand and sprayed my front with cum. It mostly landed on my stomach and lower chest, but he shook some over my pussy and one squirt made it up to my neck. I got him to push back into me and he moved a little but then had to pull out as it was too intense. He quickly asked if he could get a photo of the mess he’d made and I told him he could as long as we could get one of Vicky. He agreed to this so I remained in position while he took a couple of shots and then reached down to spread my pussy and let him take a couple more. I then smeared his cum all over the front of my body, savouring the silky texture and finishing by plunging my fingers in to my cunt to both get some of his cum in there and to allow me to rub some of my juices over my body. We lay on the bed chatting until Vicky turned up and after a quick chat I slipped my nightdress on and headed back to my room. I reappeared a minute later though and whispered something to Vicky who sighed and nodded then spread her legs to let Oscar watch as I pushed my toothbrush in to her pussy, moved it around to ensure there was a good coating and said that we were now even.

Mike’s night with Vicky had been a bit less energetic than the one Oscar and I had (at least initially anyway). Jen was too tired to participate and Mike didn’t want to cum again (or rather he wanted to save it for a bigger cum later). He had spent a while inside her and they had fucked gently, but most of the session was spent with him eating her (he spent over an hour between her legs). Always the gentleman (or at least occasionally), he gave her the option of cumming as many times as she could or having him tease her and cumming just once. Vicky opted for the latter, but after about 30 minutes was begging him to let her cum. Of course she had to be quiet while doing this as MJ was asleep nearby (and Jen was dozing, but she didn’t mind watching Vicky squirm). He 69ed with Vicky for a while as she quite enjoys sucking cock (and is quite good at it, although not quite as good as Sue) but he didn’t want to stop teasing her pussy. He went back to concentrating on eating her for the final part of the session, by which point Vicky was desperate to cum. He waited until he had been teasing her for over an hour before telling her it was time, at which point he spread her lips, plunged his tongue in to her cunt and lapped at her continuously, only occasionally touching her clit. Vicky was so horny by this point that this was more than sufficient to drive her towards her orgasm and Mike said her pussy felt incredibly wet (his chin and cheeks were covered with her juices). As she started to cum, she held his head against her pussy so he couldn’t pull away (which would have been incredibly cruel) and he flicked his tongue over her clit a bit more, but continued to eat her out as well. This seemed to make her orgasm last quite a while and she was gasping with broken breathing by the end of it.

Mike kitty kissed her for another 10 minutes and was actually quite relieved that he had finished the energetic licking as his mouth and tongue were very tired. He then crawled up over Vicky to kiss her and she pretended to be grossed out by the juices covering his face, but then kissed him deeply and tasted herself. Mike also gave Jen a kiss (Vicky’s orgasm had brought her round) and went to kiss her breasts but remembered that MJ had to feed from them so he just wiped some of Vicky’s juices over Jen’s pussy and returned to Vicky. After a bit more kissing, they spooned and Mike told Vicky that after their cunnilingus session he could now easily cum in her but he wanted to give her a proper fuck in the morning. Vicky said her pussy was still tingling and they moved against each other for a while but she ended up falling asleep. Mike remained buried in her for quite a while longer, slowly moving and he got to the point where he almost came (and really wanted to) but just about held himself back.

Later on in the night he half-woke to find himself rubbing up against Vicky and enjoyed the sensation so carried on. It was only when he slid in to her he realised he was facing the other way and it was Jen who was pushing against his cock. He desperately wanted to make the most of Jen wanting to cum and started fondling her clit and breasts as they slowly fucked but unfortunately MJ started to stir for her night time feed. They tried to quickly finish things off and to make Jen cum before MJ woke properly, but the baby won out. Mike gently stroked Jen’s thighs as she fed MJ but when Jen returned to bed she said she was tired. Mike asked her for one minute and Jen consented, lay on her back and spread her legs. He got stuck in to her pussy and mostly concentrated on her clit – he didn’t get her to cum in the allocated minute, but got her sufficiently interested that she allowed him to continue and it took hardly any more time for her to cum. In order to allow Jen to sleep, he pushed back in to Vicky (who obviously woke up) and he gently fucked her back to sleep, telling her he wanted to make sure he had a big load for in the morning.

As promised, he fucked Vicky in the morning (after eating her awake of course). As they fucked he told her about his night time session with Jen and how he had used Jen’s juices to lubricate their mini-fuck. Vicky told him that Jen could act as their lube supply anytime she wanted to and told Jen she hoped to get another chance to play with her. Mike got Jen to hand him some items and applied some tingle gel to Vicky’s nipples (another thing a girl should never travel without!) and then used a vibe on them to tease them to extra firmness. As MJ was still dozing, Jen joined in a little and while she didn’t want to cum herself, she was happy enough to play with Vicky’s nipples, sucking and gently tweaking them. Jen also toyed with Vicky’s clit, using both her fingers and another vibe and Vicky came around Mike’s cock. As much as he wanted to cum, he held back and waited for Vicky to recover, still moving inside her while Jen played with her nipples. MJ woke up around this point and wanted feeding so Mike had to take care of Vicky by himself for her second orgasm but she had been teased enough beforehand that she was more than ready and eagerly thrust against him as Jen sat beside them breast feeding. They spooned for a while and Vicky then rode Mike, first facing him and them facing away from him but they finished off with him on top as he wanted to shoot his cum deep in to her cunt and not have it dribble out immediately. Mike pulled out and went down on Vicky one final time before he came in her and then resumed fucking her. They humped against each other until she came and Mike came soon after, telling her he wanted to fill her with so much cum that no matter how many times she changed her shorts she would still have a wet patch (as I’ve said before so many times – if only he could actually cum that much!).

Mike watched as his cum leaked out of Vicky and he rubbed a little of it around her mons but they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Vicky jumped up and hurriedly put on her nightdress and then quickly knelt down at the side of the bed where Jen was feeding MJ. Mike climbed under the covers and we told whoever it was to come in and Anna entered the room again. She asked if she could visit MJ (she was another one of my friends who was getting broody) and we called her over. It was around this point that Jen remembered she was naked and sitting on top of the covers and with Vicky kneeling on the floor, her face was relatively close to Jen’s pussy. Anna didn’t say anything about this though and they just admired MJ who had pretty much finished feeding. Mike thinks that Anna knew he was naked under the covers but I think it was just his wishful thinking that she would think about him that way (even after her apparent interest in the pictures of his cock). He decided to play a little and wiped some milk off of Jen’s nipple and sucked his finger clean. Anna was somewhat taken aback by this but he told her that it tasted wonderful and offered her some. She refused and he teased her about this and said that he betted Vicky would be adventurous enough. At this point, none of our friends know about Vicky being bi (not technically true, we think a few of them may have suspected something) so he was quite surprised when she leant forwards and knelt up to kiss Jen’s left nipple. It was only a brief peck and Mike said that she would have to suckle properly to get the real taste but she wasn’t prepared to do that (in front of Anna anyway). They tried to get Anna to participate again and she went as far as licking a tiny bit of milk off of Mike’s finger but said she couldn’t really taste anything.

After a couple of minutes Vicky ended up excusing herself and went back to her room to find me. We later found out that her calves were covered with Mike’s cum which had been dripping out of her the whole time and she was worried that the bottom of her nightdress would get wet (visibly so). This meant that when I popped back to her room with my toothbrush and stuck it in her, I ended up coating it more with Mike’s cum that her juices (although Oscar didn’t know that). Fortunately I hadn’t stripped off on the way back from Oscar so I entered our bedroom clothed (or at least with my revealing nightdress on) so it probably wasn’t too suspicious.

I sunbathed naked again that day and enjoyed having the people who’d been out walking the previous day seeing me this way. We all went for a walk in the afternoon with some of the stopping off at a pub while others (including me) went for a longer walk. Now hiking in a short (albeit flippy) skirt isn’t usually the best idea (I did have warm trousers in my backpack in case the weather changed) but it felt really nice whenever the breeze caught my skirt or I was walking uphill in front of someone. At no point (I think) did it flip up enough that anyone could see I was completely naked under it, but I’m sure a number of the guys got to see a reasonable way up my thighs and possibly a bit of my ass. On the way back I dawdled a bit and chatted with Vicky and Oscar and for a little while walked with Vicky’s hand under the back of my skirt fondling my ass. I stopped and pretended to fix my laces a couple of times and got Vicky to lift the back of my skirt completely and finger me (with Oscar watching) and then enjoyed watching him walking along with an erection. Unfortunately she had jeans on so the best I could do was shove my hand down the front of them and briefly fondle her, but I promised to be more thorough later on.

We chatted about Lis for a while, but not in the exciting way that Oscar likes hearing about. Vicky (along with Oscar) had been invited to Lis and Lucy’s wedding (and were attending). While it’s a bit odd to invite an ex to your wedding, our friends didn’t know that Vicky had dated Lis for a while so it would have been odd if she hadn’t been invited (or attended). Vicky said that she felt bad that she had kept her relationship with Lis a secret and had been considering asking Lis if she wanted to tell anyone. Obviously the wedding would hardly be the place to do this and Vicky wasn’t at all sure if Lis would even want people to know now. I asked Vicky what had changed that she was now willing to come out as bi and she wasn’t sure but said that she might not advertise it to her parents, but didn’t mind us lot (her Uni friends) knowing as they obviously accepted Lis and me. I wondered if Vicky missed being with Lis and was a little jealous that she was getting married (but couldn’t ask that with Oscar around) and said that while it was obviously up to her, I would wait until at least a couple of months after the wedding before broaching the subject with Lis (if she still wanted to). To lighten things up, we moved back to the usual types of conversations involving Lis and I helped them picture a threesome with Oscar fucking Lis while she 69ed with Vicky. I didn’t tell them anything about Mike and Lucy as Lucy still wanted to keep that quiet, along with their monthly sex-visits so people would still think she was a ‘nice and proper’ girl.

Once we’d caught up and we were sitting having a drink and a rest, I positioned myself to tease Oscar by giving him a clear view up my skirt to my exposed pussy. I rummaged for things in my bag a number of times, allowing me to spread my legs further or put one knee up to balance it on and give him an even better view and when it was time to set off he had to hide the bulge in his trousers. I flashed my ass at him a few more times during the walk and he told me that I’d better be ready to make up for the teasing when we got back.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 2

As much as I would like to be able to write about how we complimented each other on their bodies or breasts and then fondled and made out, we ended up just heading back out to the garden together. As I walked, I felt more of Oscar’s cum dribbled out of my cunt and some slide down my thighs, but it was a fairly warm day and everyone was quite sweaty anyway so I assumed it wouldn’t be too visible. I did at least get Jo to apply some suncream to my back and then got to do the same to her and even managed to gently rub my pussy against her ass as I did this, leaving a wet patch on her bikini bottoms. I quickly told Mike about the state of my pussy and then returned to sunbathing, enjoying the warmth on my exposed cunt and enjoying the feeling of the rest of Oscar’s cum leaking out of me even more. I fantasised about my friends as I lay there and found it increasingly difficult to keep my breathing steady as I pictured us all doing things to each other (or at least them all doing things to me – and me reciprocating). I lay on my front for a while with an arm under my body and a finger pressed up against my clit. I didn’t technically frig myself, but did keep pressure on my clit as I imagined the girls asking me to eat them and the guys taking turns fucking me. I’m pretty sure if I’d been left alone I could have cum without anyone realising but people kept talking to me and while I can cum quietly, I wasn’t sure I could cum while holding a conversation with someone who was present (over the phone is a different matter).

After Jen had finished feeding MJ (in full view of everyone), she took her in for a nap and asked Vicky if she wanted to see MJ sleeping. As soon as MJ was asleep, Jen started sucking on Vicky’s nipples and pressed her fingers between Vicky’s legs. Vicky didn’t mind this at all but was surprised as we had warned her that Jen’s sex drive was somewhat lower than usual. Between kisses, Jen explained that having so many bare breasts around had got to her and the added sensation of breast feeding in front of everyone had given her enough stimulation to want to cum. Jen lapped at Vicky’s breasts and told her she had missed them. Vicky asked if Jen would let Oscar watch them play and Jen said she was fine with that, just not this time as she wanted to really enjoy herself. Vicky had a quick go at Jen’s breasts and managed to extract a little milk but quickly moved down between Jen’s legs and buried her tongue in Jen’s pussy. Mike entered the room at this point and Vicky jumped up but went down on Jen against once she saw it was him.

Mike commented on the view and moved up behind Vicky to rub his cock against her ass (through their swimsuits). He asked Jen if she minded sharing Vicky and Jen told him that as long as she left Vicky’s breasts for her, he could join in. Mike quickly freed his cock and knelt behind Vicky to peel her swimsuit bottoms off but Jen then changed her mind and said she wanted a quick taste of Vicky before he did anything more with her. The two of them 69ed for a bit and Jen said she could still faintly taste Mike’s cum in her from their morning session. Vicky climbed off of Jen and resumed her earlier position on all fours between Jen’s legs, allowing Mike to eat her from behind and then to slide in to her. As he fucked Vicky, he told her and Jen how I was outside with Oscar’s cum leaking out of me and dared Vicky to copy me. She still wasn’t prepared to strip off but was more than happy for him to fuck her again and she eagerly ate Jen’s pussy as Mike pumped away inside her. Jen let out a series of muffled ‘mews’ as her orgasm built and she kneaded her own breasts as she came. Mike loved seeing her do this and really wanted to cum in Vicky, but waited until Jen had finished and Vicky could kneel over Jen with her breasts dangling in Jen’s face so she could suck on the nipples. Mike played with Vicky’s clit until she was close and as she started to cum he pumped in her hard and fast (but trying not to make too loud a slapping sound so as not to wake MJ) and gave her his cum once more. He then briefly kitty kissed Jen, waited for his erection to fade and left them so it didn’t look too suspicious if he returned with Vicky.

When she got dressed, Vicky found the problem with just having bikini bottoms on – as Mike’s cum leaked out of her, it left an obvious damp spot. She returned to her room and changed in to a pair of shorts to disguise this. I didn’t notice this for a while when she returned as I was still lying on my front, pressing my clit and trying to cum while hiding my growing arousal. Eventually it got too much for me to put up with (I’ve endured much more teasing, but I wanted to enjoy myself) so I went back in to the cottage, crept in to Valerie’s room and hunted around to see if she had brought anything I could use to enjoy myself with. (Very long time readers might recall that we found a dildo in her room many years ago on holiday and it became one of our favourite types as it was silicone coated and felt wonderful). Unfortunately she either hadn’t brought one this time or it was better hidden, but I was too turned on to let this discourage me and went old school using one of her hairbrushes. The risk of being caught added to my excitement and I quickly got back to being as aroused as I had been outside and then very quickly came. I worked the handle of the brush around in my pussy a while longer before rubbing it over my nipples and carefully placing it back where I’d found it. Before I went downstairs I couldn’t resist popping in to Jo’s room and running her toothbrush back and forth between my lips a few times (I assumed that the pink toothbrush was her one and not her fiancĂ©e’s).

Later on that night I showed off Jen’s pregnancy pics to some of the people who had gone out for a walk. Afterwards, I ‘accidentally’ opened a set that had me posing naked with Jen and had to submit to letting people see them – these were still the tasteful pictures, not the hardcore ones so it seemed fair that the ones who had gone for a walk should get a chance to see me naked as well as Jen. Even later in the evening (after we’d had a few drinks) I furtively asked Anna if she wanted to see one of the pictures that Mike was in. She actually giggled at this and we both headed in to the cottage. I got her to swear to secrecy (which she was fine with as she didn’t think her boyfriend would approve) and showed her a few of the pictures where Mike posed with Jen and then me and then both of us. In the first pictures his cock was soft, but in the latter ones he was hard (especially in one where I had my hand wrapped around it). It looked like Anna liked the picture and I almost made a comment about letting her sample Mike if she wanted but I remembered how things had gone when I last made a comment like that and ended up apologising for it (Mike had made a semi-pass at Anna which she had told me about and I’d told her I wouldn’t have minded as long as I could join them). Anna said she had over-reacted and hadn’t really minded, she had just been surprised. I played off this and told her that it was really her own fault for being too cute and that she must be used to being propositioned. Anna made a comment about Mike’s cock being a reasonable size (he isn’t huge, but a decent size) and I found out that her boyfriend’s cock was quite a bit smaller. We talked a little about techniques and I confided in her about how Mike loves giving oral sex (even though she was a little drunk, I didn’t think we were at the point of telling her he liked eating my cunt) and Anna said she loved having that done to her. I pointed out that Jen and I were also quite good at this and she took it much better, but still said she wasn’t gay. I told her that she didn’t know what she was missing and as we got up to head back outside I pointed out how it was even better with both Mike and Jen at the same time. Anna said she doubted her boyfriend would approve of that and I assured her that if she ever wanted to do things with another girl that he would let her. I almost pointed out that I’d be more than happy to be ‘another girl’ but thought I’d pushed things far enough so behaved myself and kept quiet.

At bedtime I once again made the journey to Vicky and Oscar’s room in my skimpy nightdress. I didn’t bump in to anyone, but if I had I was going to make the point that I’d been naked earlier so it didn’t make any difference what I wore. I asked Oscar if he’d be up for an all-night swap and I told him I’d do anything he wanted in return. He went for this and Vicky headed off to Mike and Jen’s room while I shed my nightdress and climbed in beside him. I wasted no time and started stroking his cock while I described how I had felt outside with his cum dripping out of me and how I had almost been able to cum. Oscar told me that I had looked a little flushed while I’d been masturbating and asked if I thought anyone knew what I was up to – I told him I didn’t care if they did and described how I had gone and used one of Valerie’s hairbrushes to fuck myself with. By this point he was fully hard and I gave his cock a good suck while fondling his balls and then gave him a boob-job for a few minutes. I asked him if he wanted to eat me or fuck me and he asked what I wanted so I climbed up over his face, planted my pussy on his mouth and told him to start there and we’d see how things progressed. As I’m not (too) selfish, I ended up turning around so I could 69 with him and I spent a long time flicking the head of his cock with my tongue, similarly to the way Lis licks me. He really enjoyed that so I kept doing it, with the provision that he wasn’t allowed to cum. We (roughly) remained in this position until I came, by which time Oscar was ready to burst so I allowed him a few minutes to calm down (and for me to recover) before we moved on to fucking.

As the cottage we were in had relatively low-down windows I told Oscar I wanted to try something and we opened the window, placed a blanket across the sill (for protection) and I leant out a little way – not so I was in any danger of falling, just so we could fuck ‘outside’. Oscar caressed my ass and rubbed his cock around my pussy before sliding in to me. He reached around to fondle my breasts as we fucked and then leant in close and asked if he could take my ass. I teased him about this but soon told him yes and he pulled out of my cunt. Unfortunately he didn’t have any lube with him so I pulled my nightdress back on and dashed back to my room where Mike and Vicky were 69ing on the bed. I told them that we’d already done that and I was about to have my ass fucked, grabbed the lube and dashed back to Oscar. I pulled my nightdress of while still in the hallway and walked in to his room naked, knelt in front of him, lubed up his cock and then took up my position at the window again. He stood behind me, pressed the head of his cock against my ass and I pushed back gently as he eased in to me. We rocked gently back and forth until he was fully buried in my ass and he then started moving while reaching around again to play with my breasts. His hands had some lube on them but so did mine and we wiped this over my breasts until they were covered and he eagerly massaged them as we fucked. He also fondled my clit a little but I told him that as he’d already eaten me, he could just enjoy himself if he wanted – and could then either eat me again or finger me later on. I squeezed my ass around his cock a number of times and told him I felt it was a waste letting him cum in my ass so I expected a good load from him the following morning.

The night was quite clear and I could see a long way in the moonlight. As Oscar’s cock pushed in to my ass over and over again I concentrated on the sensation and wished we had Vicky (or another willing participant) with us who could kneel and eat my pussy. He didn’t last as long as usual – either due to really enjoying my ass or the licking I’d already given him. When he said he was getting close I told him to just enjoy himself and not to hold back unless he wanted to. He didn’t want to, although he kept up a fairly steady pace until just before he came and only then did he speed up and hold my hips firmly as he thrust in to me. I gently squeezed myself around him in time with his thrusts and then felt him push all the way inside me and remain mostly still while letting out a low moan. I carried on squeezing, trying to milk out as much cum as possible and he leant forwards, resting his body against my back. When he pulled out my ass felt very empty and I grabbed his underwear to wipe his cock clean and then took him in my mouth and very gently sucked him. Between sucks I told him if he could cum again then he could do it in my mouth and go for the triple (ass, cunt and mouth in one day) but he didn’t think he could produce any more cum.

His orgasm seemed to have taken a fair bit out of him so I let him have some time to recover, but I sat up on the windowsill, spread my legs and masturbated myself for anyone watching to see. Oscar asked how I could always be so horny and I just shrugged and said ‘practice’. I told him that as he wasn’t up to fucking me that he could finger me or use something on me. He wasn’t sure what would work best so we had a look through the things he and Vicky had with them – for some reason she didn’t have any toys (a girl should never travel without a good vibe) – but we selected a few other items and I sat back up on the windowsill with one leg along the sill and the other on the floor so my pussy was spread wide. We started off easy with one of Vick’s brushes (as she has long hair, she had a few of these with her) and once Oscar had got the hang of using this on me I let him have a go with Vicky’s hairspray. It was only a small can – just a little wider than his cock – so with a small amount of lube it easily slipped in to me and he briefly fucked me with it, but it was too smooth so didn’t really do anything for me. We moved on to using Oscar’s deodorant – as this bottle was shaped it felt much better and as he fucked me with it I lifted my nipples to my mouth and licked them (he liked watching this and I like putting on a show). I’d saved what I thought (correctly) would be the best for last and we finished off with another of Vicky’s hairbrushes, but this one had a fatter handle that was slightly squishy (with a solid core) and was ridged – presumably for grip, but with the wonderful side effect of feeling amazing in my cunt. As Oscar fucked me with this, I used the back of Vicky’s electric toothbrush on my clit. At first Oscar though Vicky wouldn’t like me doing that but I pointed out that we happily stuck our tongues in to each other’s cunts. I had a really good orgasm with the breeze on my skin, the world (or anyone in the garden) able to see me, the brush in my cunt, my nipple in (partially) my mouth and the buzzing toothbrush on my clit. I got Oscar to keep fucking me until my orgasm had passed and then got a little bit of kitty kissing off of him. Just before I got down from the windowsill I made a show of licking my juices from the back of the toothbrush to clean it for Vicky, but then spread my lips and pushed the whole head inside me (with it turned off – I didn’t want to brush my insides). I let Oscar decide whether we should tell Vicky what I’d done but I promised him that she would still use it even if she knew.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Mini Holiday – Part 1

In the middle of August, we went for a mini-holiday to a cottage in Wales to meet up with some of our York friends and introduce them to MJ. As it was just over a week before their wedding, Lis and Lucy didn’t come along, but we had a good few other members of the gang present. Amongst other, Vicky and Oscar were there and we had already made arrangements for me to partake of Oscar’s velvety cum. While it wasn’t certain, he had also agreed nominally to let Vicky have a play with Mike (and if Jen was up for it, Oscar was more than happy to let Vicky have a play with her, providing he could watch of course).

We arrived on the Thursday night and sat around a fire in the back garden drinking and chatting. Jen was tired and didn’t want MJ breathing in any smoke so she went to bed early, letting people briefly see and hold MJ but promising them more time with her the next day. I discreetly told Vicky that I didn’t have any panties on and sat almost opposite her and Oscar so I could try and let him see up my skirt. I managed to sit with my legs spread wide enough that I could feel the heat of the fire on my pussy and I watched Vicky to get a clue about how much was visible. On a bathroom break she advised that I might want to close my legs just a touch but she reached down to my pussy and said it felt nice and warm. I ‘forced’ her to give me her panties and challenged her to let Mike see her pussy – she made a reasonable effort at this but her actual pussy remained in the shadows between her legs. It was more than enough to get Mike excited though – especially as he hadn’t cum in me for the previous 24 hours as a part of the arrangement for leaving me clean for Oscar. He knew that Vicky was meant to be in a similar cum-free state, but still didn’t know if he was going to get to fuck her so I potentially had the scenario of fucking Oscar and Vicky followed by having to satisfy my very horny husband. While this possibility appealed to me (a lot), I was hoping that Oscar was going to let him at Vicky as I knew he missed being able to play with her. Only when it was finally bedtime did Vicky give me a hug and say that we could swap if we still wanted.

There wasn’t even any point pretending that we didn’t want to and we headed off to our separate bedrooms and made trips to the bathroom as everyone got ready to sleep. It would have been safer to wait for everyone to be tucked up in bed, but safe isn’t as exciting so I made the trip to Oscar and Vicky’s room wearing a fairly revealing nightdress and bumped in to a few people on the way. I had brief chats with them and ignored where their gaze went (or pretended to ignore it, I actually watched closely and enjoyed knowing they were examining my body). I slipped in to Vicky’s room and told Oscar that I would let him do anything he wanted to me in Vicky’s place if he was still up for the swap. Before he let her go, he wanted to see me and Vicky play with each other so we stripped off and had a brief kissing, fondling and licking session with each other and then jointly with him.

I sucked on Oscar’s cock as I waved goodbye to Vicky and as soon as she was out of the room I told him I wanted him to 69 with me. I gave him lots of encouragement as we did this (as well as a few directions) and told him that if he could cum a second time I’d let him cum in my mouth after we’d fucked, but said I wanted his first load in my cunt. Before we fucked I let him finish his ‘training’ (which he didn’t know about) and make me cum with his mouth and I planted my still throbbing cunt on to his cock and started to ride him. Fortunately I know he can last quite a while so I wasn’t worried about him cumming too quickly and we kissed as I humped against him and slid up and down on his cock. I told him how Vicky had tasted as wonderful as she always did and how I’d eat her again multiple times over the weekend. Oscar said he wanted to watch and I promised him a close-up view of us playing with each other and the opportunity to fuck us both while we were licking each other as well. We exchanged quite a lot of dirty talk and he joined in with (one of) my fantasies where we get everyone involved. Oscar was quite keen on fucking a number of our female friends but especially wanted to have a threesome with Lis. We used a few different positions and fucked for what seemed like ages. He loves the way it feels when I contract myself around him and he pushed deep into me as I told him over and over how I wanted his wonderful cum deep in my cunt and how I would walk back to my room with it leaking out of me and running down my legs. He was getting close by this point and we spooned for a while to allow me to catch up and finished off with him on top of me, holding my legs up as he pumped away inside me. I spread my lips and Oscar rubbed my clit until I was just about to cum and he then thrust in to me hard. I came a little before he did but encouraged him to keep going (not that he needed encouragement) and I watched his face as he came and tried to feel his cum filling me.

Unfortunately (for him) he didn’t think he could cum again too soon so he didn’t get his blow job, but I let him wipe his cock over my face, neck and breasts to smear them with his cum. I told him to get a good rest and to spoon with Vicky when she returned so I could taste her from him in the morning. I slipped on my nightie (for all that it covered) and stood still for a moment to allow the cum to dribble down my thighs a little. On the way back I saw Holly and her new(ish) boyfriend and gave them both a goodnight hug, pressing my breasts against him more and my damp thighs against her. When I got back to our room I found Mike and Vicky still fucking so just sat and watched while gently stroking my pussy and enjoying the feel of the cum.

Mike had been ecstatic when Vicky had appeared at his door and she was quickly pulled inside and pressed up against the wall. They had to be quiet as Jen was settling MJ down after a feed but Mike just lifted Vicky’s nightdress, knelt down and buried his face in her pussy. She made some very appreciative sounds but even so they quickly moved over to the bed to give him better access to her and he licked around every part of her pussy he could reach (inside and out) as well as over her ass a number of times. Vicky pulled her nightdress off and played with her nipples as she got closer to cumming and later said she had a hard time keeping quiet as her orgasm built and then hit her. As they kissed she told him that she had missed his tongue and he told her she was welcome to visit anytime she wanted and could get whatever combination of his, Jen’s and my tongues that she wanted. He rubbed his cock against her and told her there was another thing she could have and Vicky said that once she had recovered she wanted to feel him inside her. Mike spent a little while switching between kitty kissing her and playing with her nipples until Vicky told him to fuck her. As usual, they used a number of positions, but a fair amount of the session was Mike taking her from behind with a combination of long, slow strokes and fast hard ones. He told Vicky he couldn’t wait to cum in her and it was around this point that I made an appearance. Mike briefly watched me as I played with my pussy but went back to concentrating on Vicky and soon had her breathing heavily and saying she was going to cum again. He asked me if I thought he should cum in her and I pointed out that I was full of Oscar’s cum, it would only be fair. He thrust in to her and told her to wait for him but she came a little before he did. It was quite clear when Mike came as he moaned, pushed in to her and stopped moving.

When he pulled out I watched as his cum started to dribble out of Vicky and decided as a service to Oscar to kneel behind her and lick her clean. I then had a better idea and asked Mike if he minded looking after Jen and MJ by himself. He was fine with this (providing Vicky promised to come back in the morning) and once Vicky pulled her nightie back on, the two of us headed back to her room. Despite having said he was tired earlier, Oscar was happy to see us and ‘allowed’ us to both lick his cock back to life. I rode him again for a little while as Vicky licked us both and I liked the idea of finishing him off with my mouth and letting him cum over me, but as he’d just cum I knew he wasn’t likely to produce too much so I let him cum in me again while Vicky and I 69ed. Unfortunately she didn’t want to cum again (I did offer) so while she kitty kissed me I just spread her pussy and let Oscar watch as I kitty kissed her back and gently probed her with my tongue.

The next morning I briefly went down on Vicky before sending her over to Mike and I then spooned with Oscar. We stayed like this for a while and he played with my breasts and clit until I came and I finished him off with my mouth, but got him to pull out at the last minute and cum over my face and chest. I rubbed his cum in to my skin (and a little into my pussy) before slipping on my nightdress and heading back to my room. Mike was still fucking Vicky and to make things fair, I helped out by fondling, kissing and licking her. Once they had both cum, Mike spent a while kitty kissing Vicky while I sat over her face and let her lap at my pussy and I dared her to follow my lead throughout the day. Vicky was spotted leaving our room, but had the easy excuse of having popped in to see MJ and so a minute or so after she left Anna knocked and came in. I was still in my nightdress and Mike was half under the covers with Jen – both of them being naked. Anna could see that Jen was topless and said she could come back later but Jen said it was fine and that she would be breast feeding throughout the day anyway. We chatted for a while and I considered wearing my skimpy nightdress down to breakfast, but decided it was a bit too revealing for the daytime (around my Uni friends anyway) so put on something (slightly) more substantial.

After breakfast we went for a wander and then back to the cottage in the afternoon to sunbathe (some people went out for a more substantial walk). A number of us went topless to sunbathe and the conversation got round to Jen’s pregnancy photos. We ‘let’ everyone hassle us in to showing them (just on my phone). We had selected a few of the more traditional ones specifically for this and let everyone present have a look through them. I discreetly watched the reactions of the guys as they pinched and zoomed on various parts of Jen’s body and a few people were surprised that she had done completely naked shots but Jen reminded them that I was also doing naked modelling for the art classes. I hadn’t kept this a secret so it wasn’t a big revelation but a couple of the guys asked how it felt to have a group of people staring at my naked body. I told them I didn’t mind it (which wasn’t at all true, as I actually love it) and said that I had sunbathed naked on holiday a number of times (and had also done so in the garden back at Uni). Vicky dared me to go naked in the garden and I said I wouldn’t mind as long as nobody would be offended. A few of our female friends were surprised that I would be willing to strip off completely but nobody objected. I didn’t want to seem too keen so said I’d only do it if someone else would and challenged some of the guys to join me. I would have loved it if they had but none of them were brave enough so I challenged Vicky (seeing as she was the one who had dared me and like a few of us only had her bikini bottoms on anyway). Vicky seemed to look at Oscar for approval but then said that she would only do it if Jo would go topless and I added in that Anna should join her so all the girls’ breasts were exposed. We’ve all sunbathed topless on group holidays together anyway (a long time ago) and they eventually gave in to the peer pressure.

As Jo and Anna removed their tops, I pulled my bikini bottom down and Vicky said she’d changed her mind. As I was already exposed I didn’t bother covering back up and applied some sun-cream to my front to make sure I didn’t burn. I then turned over, lay on my front and asked if anyone could cream up my ass. I had expected one of the guys to do this (and possibly for their partner to object) but Vicky said that she would do it to make up for not having stripped off herself. I felt her squirt a large blob of cream on to my ass and give my cheeks a good massage. A couple of times her hands moved between my legs and her fingers brushed over my pussy, but we don’t think anyone realised this as nobody commented on it. I then lay on my back with my legs slightly spread and sunbathed for a while, not overtly putting my pussy on display, but not hiding it either.

After a while, I saw Oscar head in to the house and I made an excuse about wanting a drink of water and followed him in. I accosted him as soon as he came out of the bathroom and told him I wanted him to cum in me, but that we would have to make it as quick as possible. Like Mike, Oscar prefers to take his time, but he was up for a quickie, especially when I told him how I wanted to sunbathe again while feeling his cum slowly oozing out of my cunt in full view of everyone. I gave his cock a quick, (but very enthusiastic and wet) suck until he was nice and hard and then bent forwards, using the stairs to hold me up and told him to give me his cum. He grabbed my hips and pushed in to me and I thrust back against him, trying to keep time with his movements. He asked what would happen if someone caught us (seeing as we were in a fairly exposed position) and I told them I’d be happy to just let them watch. I don’t think Oscar really believed that I would actually do that and as much as I would have enjoyed it, I’m not entirely sure myself if I would have carried on in front of my Uni friends like that. Fortunately we weren’t interrupted though and after a couple of minutes of him pounding away inside me and fondling my breast he told me he was going to cum. I pushed back against him harder and told him to fill me and he tried to play with my clit but I said we didn’t have time for that – and then added that I liked the idea of feeling horny and unsatisfied while lying outside with everyone.

Oscar started to cum and remained buried in me as deep as he could, moving back and forth just a little. When he pulled out I covered my pussy with my hand and held my lips together, knelt and gave the head of his cock a quick suck and thanked him for his cum. He asked if I was really going to let it leak out of me in front of everyone and I slipped a finger between my lips (while still holding them shut), rubbed it back and forth and then smeared the resultant goo over one of my nipples. We chatted a while longer and I gently played with my clit – not enough to make me cum (although this was becoming a more attractive proposition) but enough to keep me feeling very aroused. We heard someone else come in to the house and Oscar quietly went upstairs while I headed for the kitchen to see who it was. I met Jo who had come in for some water and asked her to pour me a glass as well. We chatted for a while and I leant back against the counter so I could stand with my legs together (one crossed over the other) to stop the cum leaking out of my pussy too quickly. I could still feel my pussy getting incredibly wet – although this was helped by me having a semi-naked Jo in front of me and I recalled a number of the early fantasies I Mike and I dreamt up involving her.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pre-Wedding Present – Part 2

After performing the usual preparations for bed, Lucy wandered downstairs wearing a dressing gown and sat on the sofa while Mike finished preparing their ‘bed’. He was already naked (which you might think was a bit presumptuous, but even if he wasn’t going to be allowed to do anything with her he would have slept naked) and his cock was already hard. Lucy stood up and let the dressing down slide off of her body revealing her outfit. All she had on was a vest top and matching panties, but they (pretty much) matched ones that Pavlina wears in one of her early photoshoots (when she was still ultra-cute). Mike recognised the outfit immediately and walked over to Lucy on his knees, cuddled her legs and kissed up and down each leg. She spread her legs and let him briefly nuzzle her pussy (through her panties of course) and then sat down and told him the rules for the night. It was pretty much the same as before – he could kiss her through her panties (but not to orgasm) or he could rub against her until she came.

Mike wanted to do a bit of both (give him an inch…) and Lucy said she would allow him to nuzzle her briefly before rubbing against her. Mike crawled down between her legs and made the most of the time he had – kissing her thighs, around the edge of the material of her panties and up and down the crotch. She let him be the one to pull the panties down and have a few kisses of her mons before allowing him to nestle his cock against her pussy and start rubbing back and forth. Partway through, she pulled her top up to let him play with her breasts and ask she got closer to cumming she got him to kneel between her legs and she pressed the shaft of his cock against her pussy as he stroked back and forth. She said he could cum like this if he wanted (providing he gave her warning so she could make sure he didn’t cum over her pussy) or if he waited she might let him kiss her pussy through her panties again. As much as Mike wanted to cum and see his cum shoot out and splatter over Lucy’s front, he loved the idea of getting whatever cunnilingus action he could even more so he held back and just admired the view as Lucy came in front of him. He leant forwards and kissed her, pressing his cock firmly against her pussy and she said she wanted him to kitty kiss her.

Mike produced the pair of silk panties they had used last time (they had been washed) and Lucy said she thought he would have preferred her to wear her Pavlina outfit. Mike told her that while he loved her looking that way, he wanted to do things with Lucy (but added that he would happily play with Pavlina another time). She quickly slipped the silk panties on (kitty kissing is most effective just after an orgasm) and Mike buried his face in the material and gave her a thorough kissing. Lucy complimented him on this and allowed him to keep going until she was pushing her pussy back against his face and was obviously very aroused again. Mike had been able to taste her through the panties for quite a while and told her he loved the way she tasted and couldn’t wait to be allowed to slide his tongue in to her but Lucy told him that he’d waited so far and would just have to keep waiting.

She told him that he’d had long enough enjoying himself and asked raised her ass to let him to pull her panties off. He peeled them off (they were soaked with her juices and his saliva) and she allowed him to kiss around her thighs, but not anywhere too near her pussy. At his request she spread her lips and let him gently blow on her pussy (which she liked) and she said she wanted to feel his cock against her once more. He started to climb up her body but she said she wanted him behind her so he gave each of her breasts a few kissed, pressed his cock against her pussy as he kissed her and then moved off her sideways so she could roll on to her side. Mike lay behind her and pushed his cock between her legs, feeling the soft skin of her lips on the head as it slid past and Lucy took it in her hand and nestled the shaft along the length of her lips. Mike pulled her back against him and kissed her neck and shoulders while telling her that she felt wonderful and he caressed one of her breasts while sliding back and forth against her pussy. He asked her if he was allowed to cum and she said he could, but not just yet and he told her that she should know him well enough to know he would wait until she had cum.

She made him move slowly got him to pull back slightly so she could press the head of his cock against her clit. She craned her head round to kiss him and he warned her that he hadn’t cum that day so he might produce a fair bit. Lucy said that might be interesting and they kissed a while longer with her rubbing his glans against her clit. Both Mike and Lucy were breathing fairly heavily by this point and Lucy pressed back against him and then moved her hips forward a little. She kept pressing on the head of his cock and rubbed it between her lips, which Mike told her felt wonderful. She pressed a bit harder and pushed him down towards her vagina and Mike slowed his movements more. Lucy pushed back against him and he warned her he was almost in her and she told him ‘if you don’t want to, you don’t have to’. He asked if she meant he was allowed inside her and she pushed back against him again until his head was inside and his response was just ‘oh fuck’.

They both remained silent (other than heavy breathing and the occasional gentle moan) as Mike slowly slipped in further with each stroke. Once he was completely inside her, he hugged her to him and told her that her pussy felt amazing. Lucy told him that his cock didn’t feel too bad either and he told her that he would have let her experience it years ago if she had let him. Lucy said she had wanted to go slowly and then told him to keep going slowly. Mike asked if she wanted him to hold back or if he was allowed to cum in her and she said that as long as he kept his promise for her to cum first, he could cum in her. He didn’t stop moving but asked her if it was safe and Lucy said ‘probably’. He whispered in her ear and asked what she meant and she said that Lis thought it would almost certainly be okay (Lis monitored her own and Lucy’s cycles) but had told Lucy that if she happened to get pregnant it would be an early wedding present.

This made what was happening an even bigger deal for Mike (and presumably Lucy, but she was the one who had initiated it). Not only was he finally inside Lucy, but he was allowed to cum in her and might be about to get her pregnant. While we had discussed this a number of times, it had always been something ‘in the future’ and he asked Lucy how safe she thought it was. She paused and asked him if he didn’t want to take the risk but he pushed deep in to her again and said he would happily fill her with his cum even if she was certain to conceive. Lucy moved against him and said that she was glad, but that it was almost certainly completely safe and Mike said that this was probably better as he didn’t want to get her pregnant on their first time and then not be allowed to do anything with her in future. Lucy teased him and said she might not let him do anything to her again anyway so he said he would have to ensure she enjoyed things so she would let him.

Things went quiet again as they moved against each other. They kissed and Mike caressed Lucy’s breasts and he slid a hand down over her stomach and asked if he could play with her clit. She told him to go ahead and he found it amongst her slippery lips. Lucy asked him how close he was and he told her that he could probably cum in her in a matter of seconds (which was a bit of an exaggeration but he was certainly very close and actively concentrating on holding back). They were still moving against each other relatively slowly (compared to actually fucking) but Lucy was pushing back more firmly with each stroke and she told him that she was going to cum soon. Mike told her to go ahead but to try and give him a little warning as he wanted to try and cum in her at the same time. They kissed some more and Lucy was breathing really heavily by this point and she told him that she was just about to cum. They pushed against each other a little longer and Mike kept stroking her clit until she let out a long low moan. Mike kept pushing in to her and as Lucy’s breathing became quicker he felt his cum start to shoot out and told her he was cumming in her. He said that it felt like Lucy pressed back even harder and he used short strokes to pump in to her and emptied what felt like load after load of cum in to her. He felt Lucy relax and moved in her a few more times and let out a final few squirts before pushing in to her as deep as he could and kissing her.

Mike lay behind Lucy with his cock still buried in her and they were quiet for a while but then he asked her how it had felt. Lucy said that he’d done a fairly good job and she might let him do it again and they discussed why she had decided to let him do this now and not wait until her ‘safest’ period. Lucy said that she hadn’t decided if she was going to actually have sex with him this time or not, but it had felt right. Lis had told her she was only a couple of days outside that but Lis had given this to her as a one off chance and they would take whatever happened (however unlikely) as even if she were to get pregnant, it wasn’t as if it would show for the wedding later than month. Mike pointed out that with the amount he’d cum in her she might be pregnant with sextuplets so she might have a bump in a matter of weeks (we know it doesn’t work like that).

Lucy asked Mike how it had been for him and he told her that she felt incredible and felt like he had cum an awful lot in he and he also told her he was really glad that she had trusted him enough to let him play with her and finally have sex with her. From Lucy’s point of view she said that she thought she was quite lucky as it had been so much better than any of the other accounts she had heard of people losing their (heterosexual) virginity. Mike told her he was happy to oblige and gently moved in her. She pushed back against him and he asked if she wanted another round (for which he would have needed a bit of a rest to prepare) but she said that she’s had quite an intense orgasm and didn’t think she could cum again. Mike offered to kitty kiss her but she acted offended and told him off for assuming that just because she had let him empty his cum into her virgin, fertile(ish – she added that part herself)) pussy that he couldn’t assume she would also let him go down on her. He asked if she was joking and she told him that she had to save something to tease him with (and while Mike is usually the one who does the teasing it was obvious that Lucy was the one in charge here – not that he minded). She said that she might let him lick her through her panties again another time, but for now she wanted him to remain buried inside her. He told her that he could probably put up with that and they pushed against each other again. Lucy said that she could feel his cum starting to leak out of her on to her ass and he just warned her that there was probably a lot more to come.

Mike remained inside her until she fell asleep (despite having just cum he didn’t have any problems remaining hard as he just had to remember it was Lucy’s pussy that was gripping his cock). The following morning Mike wanted to eat, finger or fuck Lucy awake but wasn’t sure if she wanted to repeat their session from the previous night. He lay admiring her and spent a while caressing her body (but avoiding her pussy) until she stirred and said that it felt nice. He kissed her nipples until they were nice and stiff and whispered to her to ask what she wanted to do. She told him he could fuck her one more time if he wanted and he acted hurt she was only allowing him one go. She told him he could make her cum more than once if he *really* wanted to and Mike said that was good enough for him. She didn’t want to let him finger her yet, but allowed him to stroke her pussy for a little while and then rub against her as they kissed. Her pussy was still fairly wet, presumably with his cum so when he slipped in to her he didn’t meet much resistance. She asked what he could feel and he did his best to describe how hot, wet and tight she felt and how parts of her pussy felt smooth and parts were bumpy. He was on top this time and they experimented with different positions to see what she enjoyed. He didn’t do anything too adventurous with her so they still had things to explore in future, but she really enjoyed wrapping her legs around him as he fucked her. Mike enjoyed this position too as he could stroke her legs and he told her it would be even better if she had her opaque stockings on and Lucy teased him about being bored with her already and wanting her to dress up for him.

She tried being on top and enjoyed grinding against him as well as being able to play with her clit (or letting him do this). As she rode him she grabbed her Pavlina top and slipped it on. Mike told her she looked incredibly sexy in it but that he really did want just her (for now) so Lucy removed it and told him that he was sometimes quite good at knowing what to say (trust me, that isn’t always the case!). Lucy had her first orgasm riding him while he played with her clit and breasts and she then lay on top of him so they could kiss while he kept moving in her. She wasn’t sure she could cum again but let him put the Pavlina panties on her (the silk ones were a mess) and let him kiss her through them for a while. At his request she sat over his face and let him nuzzle and lick her crotch and she then turned around to be in a 69 position and leant forwards, took his cock in her mouth and sucked him a bit more than she had the time before. Mike complained that it wasn’t fair she was allowed to do that when he couldn’t eat her but she just said ‘tough’ and told him to get her ready to have sex again so she could have more of his cum. He returned to semi-69ing with her but licked her much more forcefully and tried to push the crotch of her panties at least a little way in to her pussy with his tongue.

She didn’t put up with this for too long before telling him she thought she could take him being inside her again and she stood up and slipped the panties off. Mike wanted her to lower herself on to his cock, but she wasn’t confident enough to do this so he helped out and guided himself in to her. They thrust against each other for a while and Mike asked her if she wanted to try it from behind (which she did). Once Lucy was on all fours, he slid into her from behind and Lucy said she thought it felt quite similar to spooning. Mike reached around to play with her clit (to add to the similarity). Mike used long steady strokes in her while gently stroking her clit but after a while Lucy wanted him to move harder so she could feel what it was like. He happily obliged and pumped in to her hard, slapping against her ass with each stroke. As Much as Mike would have enjoyed cumming in her like this he went back to using slower strokes to get her closer to cumming and when she was close they switched back to having Lucy on her back with her legs wrapped around him. As before, she really loved this position and thinks that she got quite close to cumming even though her clit wasn’t being stimulated – not quite close enough though and Mike had to reach down and help out with his fingers. They didn’t cum together this time but as soon as Lucy’s orgasm started to fade Mike concentrated on using long strokes and Lucy practiced using her legs to help pull him in to her. He warned her he was very close and they kissed deeply as he emptied his morning load in to her.

They lay there for a while with Mike still inside Lucy, kissing and talking. Lucy said she was happy to have his cum inside her and he said he was happy to have been able to give it to her. He wanted to remain inside her until we came downstairs but Lis and I took longer at our morning session (and I think we started later) so by the time we all appeared he was lying on his back and Lucy was curled up against him. Lis asked Lucy ‘Well?’ and Lucy nodded at her. Jen asked what they were talking about and Lis told them that Lucy had finally decided to let Mike play with her. I asked Lucy if that’s what had happened but Jen pushed MJ in to my arms, knelt in front of Lucy and pushed her tongue in to Lucy’s pussy. She pulled back and said that it certainly tasted like Mike had cum in her and I gave Lis a slap for not having told me what was going to happen.

Over breakfast Lis and Lucy explained to Jen and me how Lucy had decided it was probably time but wasn’t sure if she was going to go through with it before the wedding, how she was probably in her safe period and how Lis had given her the opportunity to do it and see what happened. I didn’t really need to ask Mike if he had enjoyed himself as he looked incredibly happy and even Lucy looked different as if she was more at ease with him (or us). After breakfast we let Jen shower with Lucy to discuss the session with Mike and she later reported that Lucy has indeed enjoyed herself and (providing he continued to behave himself) fully intended to let Mike continue to practice fertilising her eggs.

He tried to score with Lucy again after lunchtime but she said that two lots of cum was enough for her first time. Lis was quite happy to play along with him though so I went up to Jen’s room and joined them. We each had a turn on the bottom, eating one while fucking the other but there was no competition as to who Mike was going to end up cumming in (with whatever cum he had left). Once we’d all cum I went down to get a drink and Mike held Lis against him and thanked her for Lucy’s early wedding present. As an additional thanks, he told her that he was quite willing to try and give her ‘something new’ the next time we saw them (in just a couple of weeks for their wedding) as Lis would be in a relatively fertile period. She liked the idea of getting married knowing she might be pregnant, but said she would have to see if Lucy agreed (as they still hadn’t decided who would try – or if they had, they weren’t telling us at this point). Mike told her the offer would stand and that he would be happy to give equal treatment to Lucy if it made them feel better (he’s so generous!).

Just before they left, Lucy let Mike have one kiss of her pussy (directly) but with the conditions of no spreading of her lips and no using his tongue. He took this and gave her a long kiss under her skirt, once again promising her that where he was allowed to eat her that he would keep her in bed for as long as she could take it and explore every part of her pussy with his tongue.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Pre-Wedding Present – Part 1

At the start of August (2014 – I’m still around a year behind) it was Lis and Lucy’s final monthly visit to us before their wedding. As you would expect, they were both very excited (and slightly stressed) but they had still wanted to come up and see us – partially for the usual sex, but also to see MJ.

Unfortunately Jen wasn’t in that frisky a mood so while she was happy to see her friends, she didn’t really want to play with them. Lisa had also gone home for a couple of weeks as her parents didn’t want her spending the entire holiday away from them. They still didn’t know about Mike and thought that she was helping out as a nanny for a ‘friend’ that she had met at Uni. We still fully intended to tell them but it had turned out that the option of her transferring Uni to be with us wasn’t viable for the start of the new academic year as she had left it too late and she had decided she didn’t want her parents trying to stop her from seeing Mike over the holiday period so until things had been finalised for a mid-term transfer we were waiting to break the news to them. From a logical point of view it also made sense to wait a little as they hadn’t been dating for long and while Mike was sure he really cared about her, she was quite young and we didn’t want her to change her life and then decide she didn’t want to be with us.

The upside of this was that this only left Mike and me to satisfy our visitors, fortunately either one of us would have happily done as much to either (or both) of them as they would allow us to do), so they knew that the sex part of the visit wouldn’t be dropped. They arrived fairly late and MJ was already asleep, but she was still passed around and cuddled lots before being put back to bed. I took Lucy up to Mike’s room and after chatting about the wedding a bit longer I told her I was looking forward to having her cheat on her wife with me. Lucy told me with a straight face that they had decided to stop playing with us once they were married and I almost believed her (and got quite worried) but she couldn’t keep the pretence up for quite long enough. I told her she needed to be punished for scaring me like that and she told me that she liked the sound of that so I rolled her over on to her back and slapped her ass a few times. I worked a finger down between Lucy’s ass cheeks and curled it in to her pussy as I told her that both she and Lis belonged to us and then leant down to whisper in her ear that we also belonged to them as well. We joked about how we could still be visiting each other when we were old and wrinkled and Mike would have to use Viagra to keep us all satisfied. I turned Lucy over and pushed a couple of fingers in to her, leant close and told her that she had to take good care of my little Lis. Lucy told me she intended to do just that and as a reward I moved down between her legs, spread her lips and started to lick her.

I didn’t stick to only using my tongue for long though and pulled out some toys I had stashed for use. I covered Lucy’s eyes with a blindfold and tied her arms to the bed (she had read 50 Shades a few weeks before and while she doesn’t like pain in the way Jen does, she and Lis had been experimenting more with restraints). I applied a bit of tingle gel to her nipples and clit and then coated my nice vibe with the gel and worked it in to her pussy. I also coated a small anal vibe and pushed that in to her ass and then kissed up and down her thighs while the gel started to take effect.

I left her clit and nipples alone and gently stroked her body (not too much as Lucy is also ticklish and that isn’t what I was going for) while kissing her. I got her to describe what she could feel and how she thought her ‘normal’ Uni friends (not the ones we usually hung out with) or her work colleagues would think of her if they could see her like this. I teased her about how all the guys would be desperate to fuck her and how I expected she would be able to get at least half of the girls to want to ‘experiment’ with her. I added a bit more gel to her nips and used a vibrating egg on them and whispered to her that I could always go and fetch something from Jen’s section of our cupboard of toys to spank her with. Lucy said I could do that to her the next day so I stayed with her but I did slap her clit a bit (not hard like in porn but gently in a way I knew from Lis that she liked). Lucy moaned quite a bit as I teased her and in order to ensure she didn’t end up waking MJ (not that this was an excuse) I sat over her face. She immediately started eating me and I told her that Lis was a lucky girl to have someone so talented with her tongue. As it was fairly late, I felt that she had suffered enough and leant forwards to lick her clit. As I was down there I also gently moved the vibes in and out of her and felt her body arch under me and then moan in to my cunt. I eased off on her clit but left the vibes in her and sat up again so she could continue to eat me while I used the egg on her nipples.

I watched as Lucy twisted her hips and opened and closed her legs and wondered how strong the sensations were, but told her that the vibes wouldn’t come out until she had made me cum. To be fair, she was making a good effort and I may not have helped by occasionally moving my pussy a little away from her mouth. I only teased her a little though and planted myself back on her face and let her lick and suck me. I used the egg on my own nipples and watched in the mirror as my own orgasm built and told Lucy that Mike would love to see the position she was in. She couldn’t really answer but it felt like she nodded in agreement. We had been watching a number of squirting videos in the week before (partially due to us missing Jen’s extra wet pregnancy pussy) and I pictured myself ejaculating torrents of my juices over Lucy’s face and down her throat as I came. I really liked this image and it helped speed my orgasm along with me humping against Lucy’s face as I came.

I lay down beside her and removed her blindfold and then untied her arms so she could pull the vibes out of pussy and ass. She slapped me with the vibe from her pussy so I took it from her and licked it like a lollypop, tossed it aside and curled up against Lucy, telling her I’d missed her. We talked more about the wedding and what it was like being back at work, having to leave MJ each morning and before we fell asleep I made Lucy promise that they would keep visiting us forever.

Mike and Lis were sleeping downstairs and their session followed what had become the usual path for them – he went down on her and fucked her while they discussed him getting her pregnant. He got three orgasms out of her – the first by eating her and the second by pretending to cum in her as she came and then the third when she found out and wanted him to actually cum in her. He used the excuse of more orgasms opening up her womb so it would be more receptive to his cum. Lis didn’t buy this but she still let him make her cum that third time and they spooned with Mike inside her as they fell asleep. In the morning he ate her awake and got her to put on a schoolgirl outfit to fuck him. Lis doesn’t mind wearing this as she knows how cute he thinks she is (and he’s right). She rode him for a while and he asked her if he could save his cum for later, promising to fill her again before she left. Lis agreed to this on the condition he ate her for over 10 minutes (which wasn’t really a hardship for him) and once he had fucked her to orgasm, he got her to kneel over him in a 69 position and he spent the required amount of time kissing and licking her pussy and stroking her thighs and socks. Lis wasn’t idle during this time and gave his cock a good sucking. He enjoyed this a lot, but she didn’t move energetically enough that he was in any danger of cumming. Lis didn’t hold out as well though and Mike kept licking her until she came a second time that morning.

I was woken by Lucy playing with me and she said she wanted revenge for the previous night. As a hint, if you want to tie someone up, it generally isn’t best to lead with ‘wanting revenge’ but I trust Lucy (and don’t think she would do anything more than I could take) so I let her continue. She tied me up and put a blindfold on me, then rummaged around for a couple of minutes before removing my blindfold. She was standing beside the bed in a police uniform –admittedly it may not have been entirely standard issue as her skirt was very short and very tight, her shirt was tied in a knot and open to her bra and the handcuffs she had were padded. I was more interested in the way she was holding her truncheon (night stick) though and watched as she ran it over my body. She tapped my nipples with it, rubbed it between her legs and made me suck it clean and then said it was time for me to be punished. I played along and said I’d been bad and asked her to teach me a lesson. She smeared tingle gel over the end of the truncheon, wiped her hands clean on my nipples and pushed the stick in to me. It felt quite cold but I didn’t have time to worry about this as Lucy started fucking me with it immediately. She was quite forceful and I asked if she did this to Lis but she told me to shut up and take my punishment. The fucking itself probably wouldn’t have made me cum, but once she had determined how deep I could take it, she wrapped her hand around the shaft and pumped it in to me even faster, with her hand slapping against my pussy (and clit) each time. This felt much better and after a few minutes she could see I was getting close and pulled the truncheon out.

I had to suck the end clean again and then turn myself over (not easy when tied to the bed). Lucy slapped my ass a number of times with the truncheon and then got me to turn over on to my back again so she could finish me off. She did the same as before and fucked me with hard, rapid thrusts while her hand slapped against my clit and this time kept going until I came. She then told me that I shouldn’t be the one enjoying myself, climbed up on to the bed with me and lowered herself on to the handle of the truncheon while keeping the other end in my pussy. I watched as Lucy fucked herself with the handle and rubbed her clit with her other hand. I told her I would help out but she said I’d be given something to do later and she carried on until she came. She quickly pulled herself off the handle and climbed over me in a 69 position and told me to eat her – not hard, but a bit more than kitty kissing. With a few words of guidance from her, I figured out what she meant and lapped away at her as she gently pumped the truncheon into me. It was the first time I’d had to lick Lucy without being able to use my hands but I’ve done this with Jen a number of times so I was used to just licking what I was presented with and was pleasantly surprised when she moved down a few times and got me to lick her ass (as this meant she was being open enough with me to just do whatever she enjoyed).

When she finally released me I told her that I liked the more adventurous Lucy (as long as the sweet, innocent one didn’t disappear) and Lucy told me how she and Lis had been getting a few ideas from porn and trying things out. They didn’t like everything and Lis only liked being spanked gently – not that Lucy wanted to get in to hardcore bondage, but she was looking forward to Jen finishing breast feeding so she could try being a bit more forceful with someone. I was quite eager to witness Lis being punished in the way I had been as I couldn’t quite picture this and Lucy promised they would put on a show for us sometime. I found out they had also tried a French maid routine, but that didn’t really work for them and Lis had dressed up as a nurse which Lucy found quite cute but the one she enjoyed the most was the police scenario. I got her to wear the uniform down to breakfast so Mike and Jen could see it and she gave them a description of what she’d done to me (and what she did to Lis) while wearing it.

We went out for a lot of the day so MJ could enjoy the little bit of sunshine we get here (she slept through most of the day but spent a while lying on a blanket in a park while we ate lunch. Now we knew about Lis and Lucy’s new sense of adventure (admittedly we’d known about the police uniform for a while) we decided that a trip to our favourite sex shop was in order. Understandable Jen didn’t want to take MJ there and Mike offered to take her for a walk but Jen said she was happy to wander round the shops looking at baby clothes so Mike, Lis, Lucy and I arranged to meet Jen for coffee and headed off.

Alistair was behind the counter and was pleased to see us. He immediately tried to talk me in to doing another show and I told him I would consider it if we could go have a look through the various outfits he had. We weren’t the only people in the shop – there was one guy by himself and another with his girlfriend (or wife – or I guess it could have been a random female friend, but this didn’t stop us from convincing Lis to show us her in a nurses uniform. Unfortunately the only one they had was a cheap PVC one (I don’t understand why sex clothes are made of this – other than making them easy to wash down), but she allowed the three of us to strip her naked and help her in to the uniform. It would have probably looked better if we’d had some white stockings and the plastic look didn’t really work for me, even when we undid the zip on the front to show a lot of her chest and she pulled the skirt up to reveal a fair amount of her ass.

They had an anime outfit that Mike was keen for someone to try on. Lis was willing to do this but Mike said he wanted to see Lucy wear it. I didn’t think she would actually do it but to my surprise, she coyly slipped her top off and put the costume on and then removed her skirt from underneath it. We told her that this wasn’t really in the spirit of the game and she allowed us to remove her panties and then her bra before she put the wig on (long silvery-blue hair). It only seemed fair that I should put something on and as Lis and Lucy had gone down the ‘cute’ route, I selected a black bodice that I’d tried before. Mike was keen to get some photos to show Jen but wanted the outfits to be compete so while I stripped off and was helped in to my outfit (it needed to be laced up at the back), he dashed off to a department store and bought two sets of black hold-up stockings and some long white socks. I was securely trussed up by the time he returned and had sorted out the top of the bodice so it was supporting my breasts, pushing them up and out so my nipples were mostly on show. I wasn’t wearing anything else so my pussy was completely exposed and I sat down to let Mike slide the stockings on to me and he then did the same with Lucy and put the socks on Lis.

We posed for a few shots and then asked the guy and another new guy which outfit he thought looked best (the couple had left). He said we all looked good but liked my outfit. I assumed that this was probably because I was showing off more than the others and quickly lifted the fronts of their skirts to reveal their pussies. This didn’t last for long as they both shrieked and pulled their skirts down and neither of them were willing to let me play with them in front of the customers, but did agree to join me in bending over and letting them see our asses and pussies nicely lined up. Mike got a photo of this too but Lucy wouldn’t let the guys take a photo and once they realised they had seen all they were going to see, they wandered off (although glanced our way a number of times). Lis and I stripped off again to get changed back in to our own clothes and with a bit of pestering we convinced Lucy to do the same. She and I both kept our stockings on and while they didn’t entirely go with Lis’ dress, she kept the long white socks on (as you can guess, Mike was the one who was keenest on us keeping these on). We met up with Jen and went for coffee (still decaf for her as she was breast feeding). Jen sat with MJ happily suckling on one of her nipples (and then on the other one) and we let her look through the photos Mike had taken. She was impressed that Lucy had revealed herself that much and slid a hand under Lucy’s dress to check that she hadn’t put her panties back on. Lis and I may have let a few more people see that we didn’t have anything on under our skirts throughout the afternoon – always accidentally of course – but Lucy said she’d done enough and kept herself covered (not that this stopped us from stealing the occasional grope and fondle of her nether regions).

Back at home, Mike was allowed to have a play with her thighs, kissing the area between her stockings and her pussy, but still not her actual pussy. He asked if he would be allowed to repeat the silk panties licking later that night and Lucy said he would have to wait and see, but he was quite hopeful that given she had allowed him to do that at her last visit he would get at least that far (and maybe to even lick her directly). Jen was still fine leaving Lis and Lucy to Mike and me so at bedtime she headed up to her room with MJ and as Lis had slept downstairs the previous night, we thought it was fair that she should get to spend the night in the real bed so I went with her up to Mike’s room, leaving him and Lucy to share the duvets on the floor downstairs.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sweaty Sex

Near the end of July (after Mike’s paternity and my pretend maternity leave had finished), we had a period of quite humid weather. This made it rather uncomfortable for sleeping but gave Mike, Lisa and I (and Jen to a lesser extent as her sex drive had increased slightly) the chance to have some good sweaty sex.

I know that some people don’t like the idea of going at it so hard or in sufficient heat that they end up actually dripping with sweat, but I love having the chance to do this (this with the people I’m closest to) as it makes it much easier to slide back and forth and hump against each other. Even just the chance to share our sweat as we kiss and lick each other seems very intimate and I think of it as a way of sharing our fluids before we’ve cum.

Sweat generation is massively increased in a threesome on a humid night and Mike and I introduced Lisa to this with an extended session of kissing, fondling, fingering, stroking, eating, sucking and fucking. All three of us were drenched in sweat (and smeared with our pussy juices) and we kissed and licked this off of each other throughout the session. Mike used a double ended dildo in us and pumped it back and forth between our cunts before pointing out that we were well enough lubed to use two of them. Both Lisa and I desperately wanted to cum and allowed him to get a second dildo for us to share between our asses, insert it in to us and then help us push together so we had them both buried in us as we humped our asses together. Mike played with our breasts as they swung beneath us and rubbed our clits, but (naturally) didn’t let us cum. It wasn’t until a good while later (by which point we were probably in danger of dehydration) that we allowed ourselves to cum and for this Mike lay on the (rather damp) bed, Lisa rode him and I sat over his face. Lisa and I fondled and kissed each other, with sweat still dripping off our bodies and we briefly considered trying to all cum at the same time, but were too tired to go to the effort so just enjoyed ourselves.

I came first and as I calmed down I realised just how slippery Mike’s face (any my crotch and thighs) felt. I leant forwards and kissed Lisa as I increased the speed I was frigging her at and told her to cum for us both. She was panting away already so it didn’t take long to pull her orgasm out of her and she came with a series of ‘oh fucks’. As soon as she finished cumming, Mike pushed her off of him and on to her back, spread her legs and pumped away inside her hard. He was dripping sweat on to her body and I decided to make use of my wet pussy by straddling her face and humping against it. Mike told us he was about to cum and I instructed him to cum over Lisa so we could add his cum to the mess that was coating our bodies. Like most men, Mike prefers cumming inside, but he gets to do that more than enough so he thrust in to Lisa just before he was about to cum and then pulled out. The first jet of cum left his cock before he even got his hand around it but he quickly did so and stroked himself as another few jets splattered over Lisa’s front. I reached down to smear it over her body but before I could rub it over her pussy, Mike pulled out and buried his face between Lisa’s legs, mixing her juices in with mine. When he pulled back I lay on Lisa in a 69 position and rubbed against her, then used my hand to got a fresh coating of juices from her pussy and wiped them on our bodies, did the same with my pussy and rubbed against her some more.

We all desperately needed a drink following our session and went down to the kitchen and stood out in the garden as we drank. It was a little cooler outside, but still very humid. When we returned to bed, we tried spooning and curling up against each other in various positions but it was too hot to do this for any length of time (although it felt nice rubbing our cum and sweat soaked bodies together). In the end I went in to sleep with Jen as it was just too hot for three people to share a bed (for sleep) and she commented on how sticky my body felt. We had to change the sheets on Mike’s bed the following morning but the good thing about Jen being a stay at home mum was that she could get them cleaned and dried for reuse that night.

Her efforts didn’t go unrewarded and we all made sure that we spent a lot of the evening gently teasing Jen to get her in the mood for doing things later that night. We made no secret of this and Jen was quite amenable to our advances (to the extent that she wanted to cum earlier than we wanted her to cum). We made her wait until bedtime though and Mike went to Jen’s room to look after MJ while Lisa and I fucked Jen. It wasn’t quite as energetic a session as we’d had the previous night (it was only around 5 weeks after she gave birth), but we got every bit as sweaty as the night before. Lisa and I ate Jen’s pussy and ass together and we all lay in a circle eating and then fingering each other. I wanted Jen to really enjoy herself so suggested we make use of the warm air and headed out to the garden. We rolled around on the grass, still fingering, stroking and licking each other and I whispered to Jen that she could get a lot wetter if she wanted to. Jen humped back against me and said she had been counting on that and we asked Lisa how far she was prepared to go. She said that she would do whatever we did (a potentially dangerous thing to day, but she knows our limits and even then she trusted us).

Most of the time when Jen wants to mix pee and sex, she wants it to happen when she (or someone else) is cumming, but sometimes she likes it to be a part of the session and as we were already all sweaty and sticky, this seemed like a good time to humour that particular fetish of hers. I left Jen lying on the grass and pulled Lisa up with me. We stood over Jen and kissed each other and I told Lisa I needed just a few seconds of pee from her. I reached down and spread her lips and told her to go and Jen moaned as the short shower splashed over her body. I spread my own lips and added a bit more then told Lisa it was now time to massage our present in to Jen. Lisa thought I meant using our hands, but soon realised that we were just returning to grinding and humping against each other. As we rolled around more, each of us occasionally let out a short squirt, sometimes on to someone’s thigh, sometimes on to their body and sometimes onto their face. Jen was in absolute heaven and already getting quite close to cumming so we eased off on her pussy and concentrated more on her body while she carried on fingering and licking us). As Lisa got closer to cumming, Jen told her she wanted Lisa to empty her bladder as she came and pulled Lisa over her in a 69. Lisa asked if Jen meant that and Jen answered with a muffled ‘mmmmhhh’ as she buried her tongue in Lisa’s cunt. I sat between Jen’s legs and pushed my pussy up against hers and giving her another small squirt of pee for us to hump in to each other. I got Lisa to lean down and lick us both (mostly making contact with our montes (I didn’t know that was the plural of mons). Lisa said she was about to cum and I reminded her to pee as hard as she could – she started saying that Jen was still eating her but I interrupted and said it didn’t matter and she came. I told her again to pee but she was already doing it and she panted and swore quietly as she came.

I humped harder against Jen’s pussy and let out a harder squirt of pee, aiming up slightly so it splashed on Lisa’s chin and breasts (I was aiming for her face but it’s not as easy for girls to aim – especially in the dark). As Lisa’s orgasm faded I pulled away from Jen and told Lisa to eat her and I stood up, crouched over Lisa’s ass and let out a few more longer streams of pee. This (mostly) ran down over Lisa’s ass and Jen ran her hands over Lisa’s cheeks while still licking her. Jen was getting close to cumming by this point so I told Lisa to let me have a turn, let Jen mount me and we pretty much repeated what had just happened, but with Jen peeing on my face as she came. Jen kept eating me and I told her I was getting close so we should turn over (so she was under me) but Lisa said she would take Jen’s place. I asked her if she was sure (and told her to decide quickly as I wanted to cum) and she said she was so Jen quickly climbed off of me, Lisa lay on her back and I straddled her. I assured her that I probably didn’t have much left but she pulled my pussy to her mouth and ate me so I stopped worrying and just followed Jen’s instructions, holding back for as long as I could and letting go when I was right on the cusp of cumming. While I didn’t get Jen’s love of pee when she first told me about it, I now at least understand the love of peeing as I cum, and the ‘dirty’ factor of doing it over someone is an added turn-on. I’d been right that I didn’t have much left in me, but it was enough to squirt through the first number of waves of my orgasm and I enjoyed having Lisa lick me until it was completely finished.

I climbed off of her and got her to kneel up so we could share a three way kiss. I slipped a hand down between Jen’s and Lisa’s thighs and they copied me so we were all being fingered by two people. Jen congratulated Lisa on really joining in and she said that she thought that she should really learn what we like so we hugged her and told her she would fit right in and we would allow her to stay.

Jen dared us to go to bed in our current state and said it would be worth her having to wash the bedding again the next day. I told her that we would if she did and she said that she didn’t think Mike would mind her curling up next to him like that. I whispered to Lisa and we crouched down, each took one of Jen’s nipples in our mouths and started suckling on them. Jen whined a bit at the pain of the let-down reflex but let us continue and I told Lisa to let any milk she got leak down Jen’s body. I moved around to the side of Jen (but kept suckling her) and told Lisa to frig Jen’s clit while I used two fingers in her cunt and two in her ass. Jen balanced herself on us and was soon mewing away. The actual volume of milk we got probably wasn’t much, but I could feel it on the hand I was using to finger her and Jen let out a little cry (like a strangled mew) as she came before she sat down on the grass. I wiped my fingers (just the ones from her pussy) over her breasts and told her that *now* she could go to bed. We actually waited a few minutes for her to catch her breath before we headed in and when she climbed in to her bed, Mike pulled her to him to spoon and quickly realised that her front was soaked. She told him it was a present from Lisa and me and said he could fall asleep inside her. Mike moved in her for a while and wanted to make her cum but she said she didn’t have another orgasm in her. She told him to just cum in her but he didn’t want to unless she was also going to cum and ended up gently spooning with her while caressing her wet, sticky front.

Mike took care of the night time feed (Jen had expressed earlier) and once MJ was back in bed he briefly went down on Jen so he could spoon with her again. Unfortunately for him she still didn’t want to cum again, nor did she in the morning so while she fed MJ (having washed her breasts) he came and ate Lisa while fucking me. Once he came in me he got me to kneel over Lisa and leak his cum on to her body and face and we challenged her to remain unwashed (and naked) throughout the day. She actually made it until just before lunchtime which wasn’t a bad effort, but as ‘punishment’ for not completing her challenge, Mike and I each made her cum twice that evening before we went to bed (the punishment was also part of her training to be able to cum more times).

Jen had to wash both sets of bedding the next say, but still thought it was worth it. I had loved seeing her enjoy herself so much and Mike gave Lisa an extra-long bonus fuck that night (which