Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 6

As we had failed so miserably, it was determined that Sue and I really needed to learn what each other tasted like and we were told to go and 69, making each other cum as many times as we could before having to perform whatever acts were demanded with Mike, Jen and Josie individually. Now as penalties went, this wasn’t too bad so we did as we were told and tried to ignore Josie and Mike who occasionally took more pictures and video of us playing together. We were left alone for about an hour and it was quite nice to have the time to just enjoy playing with Sue without interruption but still having the enjoyment of knowing we were being watched. We each came twice (but sadly didn’t cum together either time – although we weren’t trying for this) and were well on our way to a third orgasm (at least I know I was) when we were told that we’d done enough. We were offered some time to recover, but as we had been kitty kissing between orgasms neither of us felt we needed this (and if anything we were already worked up enough to start playing straight away) so we just had a quick drink and went upstairs to play with Jen while Mike and Josie remained downstairs to chat.

We had a long session with Jen, who made Sue and me play with her breasts and suckle on them until she was on the brink of cumming. There was a fair amount of biting and she spent some of the time fondling and sucking on our nipples (fortunately she didn’t bite us). Jen kept mewing and saying she wanted to cum without us touching her pussy (or clit) which Sue said was a waste as she wanted to go down on Jen. A couple of times Jen got Sue and me to offer her a breast each and she held them together so she could swirl her tongue back and forth across both our nipples. Once we were both hard, she rubbed our nipples together, circling and flicking the nubs against each other – Sue appreciated this a lot more than I did as her nipples are significantly more sensitive than mine, although I still enjoyed it. The final part of the session was about 15 minutes of solid nipple play (and her nipples felt quite solid too!). Jen mewed and panted the whole way through and a number of times she arched her back and moaned sufficiently loudly that we thought she was cumming (she says they might have been mini orgasms or just strong waves of pleasure). We knew when she actually came properly though as she held our heads to her breasts and pushed her body against our faces while mewing and panting much louder. Sue and I carried on licking and biting long past the end of Jen’s orgasm before finally lifting our heads to Jen’s and sharing a three way kiss and then individual kisses with her (three way kisses are nice, but not as intimate as being able to slide a tongue into someone’s mouth and kiss them properly).

Jen’s nipples were a deep pink colour and her breasts both covered in our saliva. I flicked the nipple that Sue had been playing with and Jen’s body jerked as she let out a whimper. It was too cute to only see once so Sue flicked the nipple I’d been sucking and got a similar whimper. Jen told us she might be a little wet so Sue and I investigated and found she had indeed oozed a decent amount of juice onto the bed. We transferred some of this to her nipples and kissed them gently, then smeared the rest of the juices over Jen’s pussy and thighs. I did this with Mike in mind – thinking he would enjoy licking Jen clean of a bumper crop of her juices, but this was pre-empted by Jen’s next demand for us, which unsurprisingly required us to head into the shower as she wanted to duplicate what Sue and I had done with Josie in the pub.

As Jen had just cum, she wanted to be the one in the middle and knelt down to lick at Sue, getting me to stand behind her and hump against the back of her head. Sue was instructed to pee as hard as she could when she came and for me to join in and soak Jen’s back, but in a slight refinement of the technique, Jen wanted us both to let out little squirts of pee onto her head and face throughout the session (as long as we saved enough for the finale). Sue and I kissed while Jen lapped at Sue’s pussy and I whispered to Sue encouraging her along and telling her how Jen would drink her down as she came. We followed Jen’s wishes and had already pretty much soaked her by the time Sue came, but had both held enough back to properly cover her as Sue moaned her way through her orgasm. When Jen stood up, she rubbed against us both and thanked us, then said it was our turn to pleasure her. I was actually quite impressed she was ready to cum again so soon after what had clearly been a strong nipple orgasm and we knelt down to eat her (Sue in front, me behind – switching round a few times through the session). For Jen’s orgasm, she told us she wanted to soak us both so Sue and I knelt beside each other and when Jen came and started peeing, she pushed her pussy against Sue’s mouth to be licked, then mine and then pulled back to frig herself and spray us both. I had an idea and turned to face Sue and kiss her and we let our tongue duel as Jen finished spraying her pee over us before pulling our faces together to kiss further. Jen appreciated the effort we’d put in (especially the kissing while she peed on us) and said that she’d be getting me to do that with Mike in future (until Sue’s next visit anyway when she could join us again). The three of us showered and dried off before heading downstairs and Sue telling Mike and Josie that they could now fight over who got us next.

We found out that Mike had been playing with Josie while Sue and I had been with Jen – mostly only teasing, although he had fucked her for a fair while (but without either of them cumming). Before Josie got her turn with us, we decided we should have a break for lunch to refuel and with this out of the way Josie took us up to the bedroom and told us she wanted us to both fuck her. On further questioning, we discovered she wanted us to both wear strap-ons and DP her, which we happily agreed to. I took her cunt with the strap-on vibe and Sue took her ass with one of our other strap-ons. Josie asked me if she preferred her being fucked like this rather than her using Mike and I told her she could do either, but that we weren’t going to release her until we had first made her cum for us. As Josie got closer to cumming I asked her if she would want us to cum in her – admittedly the idea of doing this to her wasn’t as appealing as the idea of me cumming in Jen, Sue or Lis but as she could potentially end up as family I wanted to include her as much as possible. Josie said that would be nice so as her orgasm continued to build both Sue and I told her how we were going to fill her with our cum.

Josie kissed me firmly as she came and then begged us to stop moving so she could just enjoy the feeling of the vibe and dildo buried in her. I told her I was getting close to cumming (I had the internal vibe turned on inside the harness) and Josie said that was fine and I could finish off inside Sue, at which point Josie pulled herself off of the vibe and got Sue to pull out of her ass. Sue was then instructed to plant herself on the vibe (with her still wearing her strap-on) and ride me until we both came. This was much easier for me as I had a vibe against my clit and I easily reached orgasm. Sue couldn’t manage this though as the strap-on she was wearing prevented her from getting any friction on her clit so she was allowed to remove it and then mount me once more and grind against me until she came. All the time I had the internal vibe rubbing against my clit and it felt quite intense, but I endured it until Sue thrust her body against mine a final number of times and bent forwards to give me a post-orgasmic kiss.

When I unfastened and removed the harness, Josie told Sue to lick me clean so I spread my legs and allowed her to kitty kiss me and as she did this, Josie knelt behind Sue and did the same to her. I suggested to Josie that we daisy chain so I could lick her but she was happy just concentrating on Sue. Surprisingly, Josie didn’t demand that either Sue or I cum again or get us to do any more with (or to) her – even when we pointed out how short the session had been in comparison with the one we’d had with Jen. We were chatting amongst ourselves and had made it halfway downstairs before realising we could hear Rachel’s voice so quickly scurried back upstairs and threw on enough clothes to look decent. We introduced Rachel to Lis and Josie and thanked her for taking care of MJ so we could enjoy some ‘family time’ (obviously not being specific about the nature of this) and once Rachel left we told Mike he could have his turn with us if he wanted.

Despite Josie having been with Sue for quite a while, she still seemed surprised that Sue was up for yet more action (and she is even aware just how much of a crush Sue has on Mike – although I think it’s a bit beyond a crush by this point). I asked Mike if I could guess what he wanted us to do and he answered with ‘the old faithful’ – referring to wanting us in school uniforms. We gave him his wish and he chose simple dark blue pleated skirts, white blouses, underwear and mid-thigh length socks. We played through a cut-down version of our ‘Sue joining us for the first time’ fantasy (which I won’t detail here as the full version warrants its own entry), but I’m sure you can all guess the rough outline of how we would have seduced her (and you’ll be able to check soon when I post the details).

After finishing with Mike, we came downstairs and I told Josie it was her turn to put on a show for us and reminded Josie that she had to show everyone how she could take the body wand inside her. Josie was a little nervous about doing this, but as she’d done it to me she couldn’t really refuse. We helped her relax a little by all playing with her and ensuring she was nice and wet and all fingered her together so she had four fingers inside her. As Sue was the one who had used the wand in Josie before, we let her take charge and watched as she coated the head with tingle gel before spreading Josie’s lips with one hand and pressing the head between them. Josie tensed up at first but then concentrated and relaxed and we all watched as the head of the wand stretched her pussy and eased inside her. As much as we liked watching Josie squirm, Sue was still careful and held back a couple of times when Josie said it was too big, but she relaxed a bit more and allowed us to proceed. Once the whole head was inside her and buzzing away, Josie moaned how good it felt and Mike quickly grabbed the camera to get a video of her. By this point, Josie was sufficiently used to the size of the wand that Sue could slide it most of the way out, stretching Josie’s lips around the ball and then push it back in to her so we could see the lips close around it. I knelt and told Sue that it was her turn next so to not subject Josie to anything too intense or she might be subject to a revenge attack. Sue thanked me for the warning and kept fucking Josie with the wand as Josie squirmed around on the sofa and then lifted her hips up and moaned as she came.

Sue turned the wand down once Josie had finished cumming, but kept it in Josie for a short while before slowly pulling it out. She then turned it off and offered it to Mike who happily took it and licked the head like a lollipop. He asked if he could be the one to use it on Sue and Josie said she didn’t care and that she would need a little while to let her pussy recover anyway. Sue pouted and said that she would have pushed Josie a bit more if she’d known she would have been doing it in return so Mike asked Josie how intense she wanted him to make it for Sue. Sue tried to backtrack and protested that she hadn’t been mean to Josie but Josie told Mike to set the want to as high a setting as he wanted and to hold it in Sue for as long as he wanted. Sue was understandably disconcerted by this but Mike told her he wouldn’t go too far and she nervously too her place on the sofa and watched as I lubed the wand up while Mike ate her in preparation. Sue helped out by holding her lips apart as Mike pushed the wand into her. She was a little tense and it went in with a pop, causing her to let out a yelp. Mike checked that she was okay before going any further and kitty kissed her as best he could to help her relax. Once she said she was ready, he turned the power up a bit and slowly fucked her with the wand – pulling it out a fair way to stretch her lips and then sliding it as deep into her as he could (without forcing it). Mike waited until Sue was a good way towards cumming before he asked Josie how high he should go. Josie said he may as well go all the way so Josie and Jen each took hold of one of Sue’s arms and Mike slowly ramped up the power on the wand until it was at its highest setting. Even while the power was on its way Sue thrashed, moaned and swore but Mike only kept it at full for a few seconds before dialling the power back to roughly the setting he’d been using before. Sue swore at him a couple more times and then tried to answer our questions as to what it had felt like. She said that it wasn’t pleasurable and was just a blur of sensation. Mike asked how long she thought she would be able to withstand it and she said she doubted it was long and if he tried it again she would either kick him or pass out.

Mike didn’t subject Sue to any further high-power treatment and just kept the wand buried in her until she came. Sue asked him to turn it off as soon as she came and he did, then slowly pulled the head out with us all watching her lips stretch around it one last time. Mike handed the wand to me to lick clean (which I made a show of doing) while he kitty kissed Sue to help her calm down and recover. Jen said she really wanted to fist Sue but Sue said she was too tender. As a compromise, Sue agreed to let Jen do this the following week and this placated Jen for the time being.

By this point it was time for Jen and Josie to get ready to head home. We packed up the camera that was in Mike’s room for Sue and Josie to take home and they promised to set it up that night. Sue was still too tender to do anything with so she didn’t get her usual teasing while packing so this was directed towards Josie instead (who’d had a little longer to recover). Mike fucked her and I fingered her but it was left to Jen to eat Josie to a final orgasm. Mike, Jen and I all got to have a little time licking Sue and Mike fondled her in the car on the way to the station. Sue didn’t take this without retaliating and both stroked and sucked Mike’s cock for the latter part of the journey. She knew full well that this wasn’t likely to go unrewarded and when we parked the car, Mike went down on Sue and then fucked her in the back seat while Jen, Josie and I kept watch (we were in a fairly busy car park). Sue stripped and lay flat on her front across the seats with Mike on top of her so he could fuck and frig her and he easily got her off (this is her favourite position) before he came in her one last time. Sue wasn’t overly surprised when we decided to keep her clothes and she just fastened her coat around her naked body before heading down to catch the train. On the way, she commented that she could feel Mike’s cum dribbling out of her and he challenged her to be licked clean by Josie on the train. Jen and I both checked (with fingers) to see just how wet Sue actually felt during our goodbye hugs – but we gave Josie the same treatment so we weren’t really showing favourites. Unfortunately the train was too busy for Josie to do anything to Sue, but most of the cum had leaked out of her by the time she sat down anyway.

Over the following week (and beyond), we watched Sue and Josie going about their life (or the parts of it in the bedroom) and watched them play with each other (and Sue play with herself a good few times as well). Josie and Sue also watched us and a few times we phoned each other and asked for the camera to be moved to give a better view. Sue and I sometimes arranged a masturbation session and sat facing the camera with laptops out so we could watch each other – sometimes we did this with the others watching us and sometimes just for our own enjoyment, but either way it felt good and we always both got to cum :)

Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 5

This felt as stimulating as ever – Josie used it on a mid to low setting (the high setting is way too powerful to be pleasant most of the time) and she rubbed it over my nipples, up and down my pussy and over my neck. At first we kissed as she did this but she then moved down between my legs to concentrate the stimulation on my clit, holding my lips apart and buzzing the wand back and forth. Each time it touched my clit I felt a strong surge of pleasure and told her it wouldn’t take long for me to cum with her doing that. Josie drew things out a bit by moving the wand down and rolling it around between my lips, then said she wanted to see if I could take the same things Sue could. I confidently said that I could do anything Sue could (except deep throating) and immediately felt Josie push the head of the wand against my pussy. I knew that this was going to feel intense, but I’ve had it done to me before so I spread my legs wider and relaxed to make the entry easier and asked Josie if she really fucked Sue with their wand. As the head slid into me, stretching my cunt around it, I felt the pulsing throughout my vagina. Josie said that they hadn’t done it often, but they had both been on the receiving end and I told her that she would have to demonstrate for everyone the next day. Josie crouched down and lapped at my clit and I told her I was pretty sure I’d cum even without her doing that – she asked if I wanted her to lick me or not and I told her she could kitty kiss me afterwards, but that I wanted to cum just from the wand inside me. She didn’t have to wait long (probably in part due to the clitoral stimulation I’d got just previously) and I started pumping my hips at the wand. Josie pushed it a little deeper and I lifted my hips up and moaned loudly as I came. As my orgasm faded, Josie turned the wand up to full power, causing me to yelp but she quickly turned it down and apologised for having turned it the wrong way. I felt quite empty as she pulled the large head of the wand out of me and before she put it down I asked her to use it on my neck again on a low setting. This was partially due to how much I enjoy having my neck stimulated and partially as I liked the idea of coating it with my juices from the wand – whatever my motivation, it certainly felt nice and I ‘allowed’ Josie to use it on me for a fair while before saying that we should now kitty kiss.

Josie and I settled down into a gentle 69 – just kitty kissing and occasionally pulling away to say things to each other. We spent about half an hour like this until Josie asked if I could cum again. I told her I could pretty much always cum again and gave her pussy a firmer lick before asking if she wanted to cum again. Unfortunately she said that while it felt really good, she didn’t think she could cum again (and quickly added that this wasn’t meant as a challenge). We kitty kissed for a few more minutes before I pulled away and told her if she didn’t want to cum that we should probably stop or I’d get carried away. Once again Josie said that this was another trait I had in common with Sue so I told her I had an idea for a game but that she’d have to wait to find out what it was. Josie asked if it involved sex and I told her not to be stupid (of course it did). We discussed how Josie saw things developing with Sue and she said that she hoped they would last. I asked Josie if she thought about getting married and she said it was an option, but wouldn’t be drawn on it so I didn’t push the matter, although did nuzzle her neck and say that I approved of Sue’s choice of partner. Josie thanked me and pushed her ass back against my crotch and I added ‘although it would have been nice if she’d had a boyfriend instead so I would have had another cock to fuck’. Josie tried to reach around to slap me, but I was prepared and caught her arm and held it against her body. I apologised for teasing her and Josie said she knew what I meant, but that it was fine as she could always just fuck Mike whenever she wanted a cock inside her. I tickled her and told her to be careful as she was talking about my husband and she replied by pointing out Sue was her girlfriend. I decided that me being allowed to sleep with her because she was my sister probably wasn’t that strong an argument so we called a truce and I told her she could borrow Mike’s cock but that she might have to fight Sue for it sometimes and would also have to put up with Mike eating her (as well as Jen and me).

When Mike, Jen and Sue had got into Jen’s room, they turned on the laptop and directed it at the camera in Mike’s room (where Josie and I were). We had forgotten about this (or we would have put the one in Jen’s room on) but it meant that they got to witness a lot of the things Josie and I did together – not everything as they were distracted with their own session with Mike and Jen both wanting a turn with Sue, fucking, fingering and eating her while teasing her about everything they had witnessed her doing with me throughout the day. Sue apparently stood up to this quite well, allowing them to make her cum three times with Mike cumming in her just after her third orgasm and then letting him remain buried in her as they chatted and fell asleep. Mike asked Sue if she would want to come away on holiday at the summer with us and told her that we had been trying to arrange for another group holiday – mostly with Jen’s Uni friends. I had suggested we get my Uni friends along as well and try to introduce them to the world of group sex (mostly so I could finally get to fuck them all) but we were having a difficult enough time with Jen’s group as many of them had graduated and were now settled in different parts of the country – some of them with people who weren’t entirely aware of just how sexually adventurous they had been in their Uni days. Either with or without everyone else, Sue said she was up for a holiday and said it would be fun to relive the way that she got involved with playing with Mike, Jen and me (while on a family holiday, Sue and I had a conversation about sex and things ‘progressed’ from there).

In the morning, Mike took MJ while Jen played with Sue and they switched so Mike could have a turn with her. Jen shared a vibe with Sue and Mike ate and then fucked her so by the time Sue came downstairs she had already cum three times. I woke Josie by eating her but we finished off by 69ing. Over breakfast I announced to Sue that I was getting to quite enjoy eating Josie and they told us that they could tell from the things they had seen us do the previous night. It was only at this point I remembered about the camera and told them I would have tried to put on a better display if I’d known they were watching but they said Josie and I had shown enough to make it clear how much we had enjoyed our session. It turned out that they had missed the wand being inserted into me and I said that Sue and Josie were going to demonstrate for us – they only briefly resisted this idea before agreeing and Sue convinced Jen to join them as well. I announced my idea for a game, which was basically in response to the others continually saying that Sue and I were similar in our sexual desires and methods. The challenge would be for Mike, Jen and Josie to tell us apart by touch and taste with the winner getting to do whatever they wanted with the pair of us. Sue agreed to the terms of the game (I hadn’t even considered her not doing so) and we fleshed out the rules.

Later in the conversation, I found out that Sue had already cum three times and said this wasn’t fair. Mike thought so too and was going to get me to sit up on the table to be played with but instead sent Sue and I over to the sofa where I sat with my legs spread and she knelt and ate me. Sue still had her long socks on from the previous night (you get one guess who had asked her to keep them on) and apparently looked quite cute while playing with me so Josie got some more pictures and video. Sue played up to this and not only ate and fingered me, but made a show of rimming and spearing my ass as well. She toyed with me for a fair while – not excessively long, but enough to be a good session and for me to be desperate to cum by the time I was allowed to do so. Just before I came, Sue told me to give her a little squirt and when I asked if she was sure she just nodded with a devilish twinkle in her eye. I was too close to cumming to argue – and I had liked the comment she had made about wanting to do everything with each other to make up for lost time (not that this would be the first time we’d peed on/in each other, but I wanted to take it a step further and for us to do as much as possible as often as possible). As my orgasm started, Sue gripped my thighs and glued her mouth to my pussy so I rewarded her with a single squirt of pee. She took this and swallowed it without stopping the thrashing her tongue was giving me and ate me through my orgasm, switching to kitty kissing me and not breaking contact for a good few minutes after I had finished cumming.

I pulled Sue up to kiss her and thanked her. Being the considerate and generous big sister I am, I naturally offered to do the same to her but was told that would have to wait as Rachel was about to come round and collect MJ so we could play the game properly. The others had cleared breakfast away and got partially ready for the day so Sue and I scurried up to the bathroom to shower. I started playing with Sue in the shower and was told to stop (not by Sue). Even when I pointed out that me making her cum wouldn’t stop us doing anything more, we were told to behave and grudgingly just help wash each other (which is still quite sensual even without specific fondling). Mike then gave both of us a shave. I found this slightly odd as we were both still quite smooth (only having shaved a couple of days before) but he said that this was in order to make sure there was minimal difference between us in terms of stubble to make the game more challenging. Mike couldn’t resist giving us the usual tongue test to ensure he hadn’t missed any hairs and I told him this was cheating as it was like extra revision so we only let him have a brief lick of each of us.

With our freshly shaved pussies, we were marched downstairs and had our hair tied back in matching ponytails. Mike requested we put on long socks and nobody objected so we each wore a pair of long white ones (the same type so people couldn’t cheat and use the pattern of the fabric to tell us apart). Mike, Jen and Josie were each given a notepad and pen and we slipped eye masks over their faces so they couldn’t see us. Sue and I took turns standing in front of each of them and allowing them to finger and stroke our pussies. Once they had all finished, they were allowed to remove their blindfolds and write down their guesses as to whether they were touching Sue or me first and we moved on to round two. This one was significantly easier – I used two of the photos taken at a previous photoshoot, one of Sue’s pussy and one of mine and they all had to once again write down which was which. From there, we moved on to round three – another taste round, but also including touching us with their tongues. With the blindfolds back on Mike, Jen and Josie, Sue and I took turns sitting on the sofa and guiding them in to lick at us. They were each given about a minute so they could taste and probe us properly and then had to write their guesses down.

As we hadn’t cum for them yet, it was decided that round four should be ‘sound’ so the three of them sat on the sofa blindfolded while Sue and I took turns eating and fingering each other to orgasm. The rule was that we had to make some noise as we came, but that we were allowed to try and pretend to sound like each other if we wanted. I went first and sat on a chair opposite the sofa to let Sue make me cum. I moaned my way through my orgasm and also panted a little the way Sue sometimes does and we then switched places and I ate Sue until she came. She moaned and panted in a very similar way to I had and I guessed they would have trouble telling us apart (especially as we both vary the noises we make quite a bit when we cum with anything from silence through moaning and panting to dirty talk and swearing).

For round five, it was time for us to do things to them. This was broken down into two parts, firstly they had to figure out which order Sue and I licked (or sucked) them and for the second part of the round they had to tell which order we kissed them in. Round six involved Sue and I lying on our backs with Mike, Jen and Josie taking turns to fondle and suck on our nipples. Round seven was similar to round two, but this time we used dental dams so all they could do was use their tongues to feel the shape of our pussies. This felt quite good and once they had finished comparing us and making their judgements as to who was whom, I challenged Sue to another orgasmic round. For this one, we each had to masturbate ourselves (one after the other) to orgasm and the contestants had to guess the order of our orgasms by sound. Round nine saw Sue and I sitting on the sofa again with our legs spread but all Mike, Jen and Josie were allowed to do was smell our pussies (which we felt would be sufficiently wet after playing with ourselves to give off a decent scent).

What we had intended to be the final round was one Sue and I concocted. Mike had to lie on the rug and keep his hands out of the way while Sue and I took turns riding him and we then knelt on all fours to allow him to take us from behind. It was decided that in order for him to get a point on this round that he would have to get the order right both times he’d been inside us. As Josie and Sue couldn’t fuck us, they were on the receiving end, but this time it was a double dose – either Sue or I would lie on the floor with the other one on top and Jen and Josie took turns kneeling so we could lick their pussies and ass at the same time. Sue and I would then switch round and eat them again and they had to guess the order.

We gathered the three notebooks and announced the scores a round at a time. Unsurprisingly, they all identified us with their fingers and from the pictures. Josie got our tastes confused and Mike for the sound of us cumming (the first time) wrong. Jen couldn’t tell us apart when we licked or kissed her and Josie couldn’t tell our breasts apart just by touch (which I would have thought is easy as Sue’s nipples get much harder than mine do and much faster). Jen got us mixed up when feeling us with her tongue through the dental dam and both Mike and Jen got it wrong when listening to us masturbate. Josie couldn’t tell us apart by smell and Mike only got it right when we were riding him (getting us confused when taking us from behind). This made Mike a technical winner with 7 ½ points to Jen and Josie’s 7 but as I had specified beforehand that he had to get both times right to get the point, it made it a dead heat. Josie pointed out that the interesting thing was that Mike, Jen and she all got different things confused between Sue and me and claimed that this proved her point that we really were alike.

The next issue we had was that as there was no winner, we didn’t know who should claim the prize. The obvious way to resolve this would be for us to be beholden to each of Mike, Jen and Josie and for each of them to have a turn with Sue and I with us doing whatever they wanted. We didn’t object to this, but knew it might be quite tiring and so we were offered a chance to buy our freedom. All we had to do was for both Sue and I to tell our tastes apart. I thought this would be fairly easy so agreed and Sue and I were both blindfolded. Mike fetched a pair of dildos and one was inserted into me and the other into Sue. They were both pumped in and out a good number of times to ensure they had a good coating of juices from our depths and I was then given them to suck one at a time. The dildos were used to fuck us once more before being handed to Sue to taste and we had to write our answers down. Despite my earlier confidence it turned out that neither of us could tell our own juices from each other’s (which Mike thought was ridiculous and demonstrated by turning his back, letting us coat the dildos with our juices again and correctly identifying them).

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Day With Sue – Part 4

Josie didn’t get away completely and Sue grabbed the pile of clothes on the toilet and told me to put them in my bag. I happily obliged and told Josie there was nothing I could do to help her. Josie moaned and said her coat wasn’t long enough to cover her but Sue and I disagreed. As a compromise, I wore Josie’s coat, which to be fair was a good few inches shorter than mine and while it just about covered my ass, it left a fair bit of skin exposed above my hold-ups and I had to fasten the coat up and walk carefully to stop from flashing the pub as we exited the bathroom and left to go home. When we got outside I didn’t have to be as careful as it was fairly dark so I could let the bottom of the coat ride up and once we reached one of the quieter streets Sue unzipped the front and I walked the rest of the way with it undone (just holding it shut when someone walked past us). About halfway home, Sue pulled me into an alleyway and told Josie that she didn’t think it was fair that she goat soaked and Josie had to walk home naked while I got away without any penalty. Josie agreed (presumably having remembered that I was indeed a part of stripping and fucking her in the pub) so asked Sue what they should do about it. I wasn’t surprised when I was told to take the coat off and kneel in front of Sue. Without being asked to, I buried my face in her pussy and started eating her. Sue pulled Josie up behind me and I carried on eating while waiting for my punishment. As expected, Sue peed into my mouth but unlike her I didn’t pull away and kept eating as I felt the warmth spread through my hair and run down my back. When they stopped peeing and Josie moved back I quickly turned around and buried my tongue between her lips and ate her before standing up and kissing Sue, pushing about hald of the mouthful of pee I had into her mouth, then turning to Josie to kiss her and do the same.

I was quickly beginning to feel the cold so pulled Josie’s coat back on and said we should hurry home. When we arrived Mike and Jen quicly noticed that Sue and I had wet heads and we handed them our coats to wash while Josie, Sue and I went up to the shower to clean off and warm up. When we returned, we reported on our time in the pub – how Sue and I had met our challenge, then fucked Josie and how Sue and I had been peed on. Jen was upset that she had missed this and we promised her we’d let her participate next time. Even though we’d already showered, Jen insisted on licking each of us clean and Mike indicated the dining table where there was a selection of toys spread out for us to play with. Once again it was Sue and I who were meant to perform and we had to share a double ended dildo. This was one of our newer ones that Jen and I had got for the times we really wanted to fuck each other and had a vaginal and anal section at each side in a flattened X. With the dildo buried completely between us, Sue and I could just about mash our cunts together – enough to feel the soft skin and provide a little stimulation to our clits, but not enough to actually cum. That didn’t mean that we weren’t tasked with fucking each other to orgasm though and we thrust and ground away quite energetically. It certainly felt nice and I loved watching Sue push back against me but after about 30 minutes when it was obvious we couldn’t cum I asked for them to allow us to do something else.

Jen said we could now use our hands on each other (she and I have to do this or use vibes when playing with this dildo) and with Sue and I frigging each other we easily came. Sue seemed to cum quite a bit harder than I did and I was a bit annoyed by this. Not that I begrudged Sue a good orgasm, it was just that  the frustrating session I’d wanted a strong cum myself. I told Sue I wanted more and Mike suggested we 69 on the rug by the fire. Sue was happy to spend a while like that so I lay her down on the rug and crawled over her, pressing my cunt to her face. We’d only been dong this for about 5 minutes when Jen walked into the room with a pizza delivery guy. I presumed from the fact that Jen was wearing a fairly skimpy nightdress that this was part of their plan so after looking up and nodding hello, I went back to eating Sue. I heard Jen telling the guy he could join us if he wanted and looked up again to see him standing and watching us. I one again returned to Sue’s pussy and a minute or so later felt him stroke my ass and back. I pushed back against his fingers and then felt a cock press against my pussy. I hadn’t been expecting a pizza fuck but eagerly pushed back and felt him slide into me. Sue was still lapping at my clit and I could feel another orgasm building so I considered trying to hold back and cum with the guy but was fairly confident I could take him fucking me after I’d cum and just let my pleasure build. He pumped away inside me and I moaned louder as I got close to cumming and then thrust back against both his cock and Sue’s face as I came. I briefly stopped eating Sue to tell him to fuck me and that I was cumming around his cock but as my orgasm faded I returned my mouth to her pussy and swirled around her clit. The guy pumped away inside me and came, then pulled out and watched as I finished Sue off and she moaned her way through her orgasm.

I rolled off of Sue and sat up to introduce myself and Sue before fetching some tissues and helping the guy remove the condom and clean off his cock. The guy told us it was his birthday so I asked him if he had enjoyed his present. He said he had and I told him he could have more if he could spare the time. He said he could (which surprised me as from experience they don’t usually have much time between deliveries). It transpired that we actually were a birthday present for him (in a manner of speaking). Some of his colleagues had agreed to cover his deliveries for a while in order to let him deliver the pizza to us as they knew what a Saturday pizza delivery often meant at our place. I was quite amused that our reputation was now semi-openly known as it would make things somewhat easier (although less exciting if we weren’t surprising people). Sue and I sat naked and chatted with the guy, Josie and Sue both had nightdresses on, but these didn’t offer much defence against our fingers and in order to help the guy get ready for round two Sue took Jen and I took Josie. After fingering and licking them for a couple of minutes Jen said we should show the guy what we’d been doing before he arrived and I was confused at first as he had joined in with us. Jen said she was referring to the dildo and I told Sue I was game if she was (which, as ever, she was).

The day of doing things with Sue had excited me and I decided I wanted to share this so after retrieving the dildo and inserting it into Sue’s cunt and ass I looked straight at the guy and asked if he wanted to watch me fuck my little sister with it. He asked if we were all sisters and I kissed Sue and bent down to lap at her clit before saying it was just us two. I then sat and worked the dildo into myself and pressed my cunt’s up against Sue’s. We wrapped or arms around each other and kissed while wiggling our hips around – this didn’t feel as stimulating as the way weld fucked previously but I figured it was a better show. It certainly seemed to have the desired effect as after only a little while when we looked over we saw the guy with his cock in his hand, stroking away. We pulled ourselves apart and Sue ‘won’ as the dildo remained inside her so I told her she could have first suck. Sue quickly rolled a new condom over the guy’s cock and took him in her mouth.

Sue is better at sucking cock than I am and I watched as she took him far deeper than I could. I pumped the dildo in and out of her holes as she sucked him and then joined her so we both licked his cock at the same time and kissed around it. As expected, he seemed to really enjoy this and after a few minutes of being lashed by two tongues I got Sue to stand and pull the dildo from her body, then plant herself on his cock so I could lick them both. I could see the guy fondling Sue’s breasts and knelt up to kiss her (giving him a close up view of us kissing) and stroked her clit and his cock as I did this. I told her not to be greedy and let me have his cock as well so we switched places and Sue lapped at my clit, sucked on my nipples and kissed me.

Jen suggested we let the guy fuck us both at will so Sue and I knelt on the floor with our upper bodies resting on the sofa and allowed him to move back and forth between us as he wanted. Jen encouraged him to switch between us and described how his cock was pushing our juices up into each other’s cunts and how we would eat each other clean. The guy eagerly pushed into us and we told him how good his cock felt and how much we wanted him to cum in us again. Sue complained at this and said he had to cum in her as I’d had his first load. I grudgingly told her that was fine and we told the guy to make sure he was buried in Sue’s cunt when he came. Jen suggested that as it was his birthday he should get to fuck Sue’s ass and I looked over to see what her response was but she just said she was fine with it as long as he was careful. I told him if he was taking her ass that I should get her cunt and as Josie squirted some lube onto the guy’s cock Sue and I returned to our position on the rug in front of the fire and I spread her cheeks. I watched as the guy slowly pushed into Sue’s ass and told him to be gentle, only burying my face in Sue’s pussy once he was inside her and had started pumping in and out.

It was quite easy to make Sue cum like this and as she had kept eating me after I’d cum, I did the same to her. She fought back and ate me in an almost feverish manner and getting me off. I was quite surprised that the guy had lasted as long as he had and decided to make use of it by wordlessly challenging Sue. We both carried on licking, trying to wring a surrender from each other, but no no avail. Sue is just as stubborn as I am and despite the intense waves of sensation we were causing each other to experience, we stuck it out until the guy moaned and came in Sue’s ass. Only then did we start to ease off and move towards kitty kissing each other and I watched as the guy pulled out and he moved back from us.

As he’d got to cum twice, I thought he might be a bit more truthful and asked him if it was really his birthday. He assured us it was and we told him that he’d been sufficiently good that he could come back again – although pointed out that Sue might not be here unless she was visiting again. Before he left, we ensured he got a chance to finger Josie (and if he could have got hard again we would have let him fuck her). He asked to play with Jen as well but accepted the fact he wasn’t allowed to touch her when we explained that she was gay and didn’t do things with guys. As a compromise, we let him watch Sue briefly play with Jen – fingering and licking her and he seemed happy with that. For a parting shot, I took a slice of the now cool pizza and wiped it back and forth over Sue’s, Jen’s, Josie’s and my pussies and then ate the section I’d just covered with our juices. Sue and I (still naked) then showed him to the door and I gave him our number so he could arrange a return visit if he ever needed relief.

We sat and ate the rest of the pizza with Mike coming downstairs to join us. He said he was jealous of the guy for getting Sue’s ass and she told him he could fuck her there anytime he wanted. I half expected him to take her up on this but he said he would save it for her next visit as he wanted to fill her cunt with whatever cum he had left. After dinner Sue and I were told to kitty kiss some more but weren’t allowed to cum – this was just to get us into an appropriate state for bedtime. Halfway through our session, Mike appeared with two schoolgirl outfits and we were helped into these and even had our hair put up in bunches before we were set on each other again in order for some pictures to be taken. Mike and Jen played with Josie as they watched us with Mike spooning with her for a while and Josie spending a fair amount of time kissing Jen and the two of them fondling each other. By the time we headed up to bed we were all definitely ready for some proper action and Sue followed Jen into her room along with Mike while I took Josie into Mike’s room.

As my fingers slipped back and forth between Josie’s pussy lips, she asked what it was like to fuck Sue. I told her that she should know that as well as anyone, although knew full well what she was getting at. I tried to explain that fucking Sue felt so wonderful as it was a combination of the forbidden along with giving pleasure to (and getting it from) someone who I really loved. Josie made a comment about Sue being easy to love and I told her how Sue and I used to really annoy each other when we were younger and how things hadn’t always been so harmonious between us. Josie asked if I’d ever been concerned about letting Sue do things with Mike (even before Jen or I had done anything with her) and I explained that by the point we allowed her to join us, we had grown up enough (and Mike had been conditioning me to enjoy the idea of doing things with women – Sue included). Josie asked if I’d had a brother if I would have let him fuck me and I told her that I wasn’t sure and the closest I could imagine was letting Jen’s brother fuck me. Josie was quite close to cumming by this point so I concentrated on frigging her and described how I had fantasised about having a real cock and pumping my cum into Sue. I went into detail, detailing how my thick cum would seep into every part of Sue’s cunt and leak out of her, all the time swirling my fingers over Josie’s clit and getting her to the brink of orgasm and then pulling my fingers away.

She called me a bitch and said Sue did the same things to her (so I asked who she thought had trained Sue). Josie tried to hump against me but I held my body away from her and just kissed her for a minute. I then scissored with her and let her thrust against me as much as she wanted, enjoying the view of her arousal rapidly building again and her begging to be allowed to cum. I told her to go ahead and felt her mash her pussy against mine harder, She humped up and down, over and over and let out a long moan as her orgasm built and she finally came. Only at this point did I move back against her to help her enjoy her orgasm and once it finished I moved round so I could kitty kiss her and spent a while cleaning her up. When I moved up to kiss her I told her I could just masturbate if she was tired and all I wanted her to do was kiss me. Josie said that this wouldn’t be fair and that she would help me out. I even got the choice of what I wanted her to do and after a little consideration I asked her to use the body wand on me.