Thursday, 17 April 2014

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

Oops - two days late -I'll schedule the next post for Sat to make up for it...

The September sex party coincided with our monthly visits from Lis and Lucy. Seeing as I still wasn’t able to fuck guys, we had decided that Jen and I would stay home and let Mike go to the party with Sue (even though Sue gets to play with him quite often, I know that she still prefers it when she gets him to herself so I thought I would give her a treat for joining in our games so well previously. Without Mike there, the timing of Lis and Lucy’s visit was rather meaningless (they time them to coincide with Lis’ safe period so she can fuck Mike without using protection). Not that Lis only visits to play with Mike (at least I hope she doesn’t) as Jen and I enjoy playing with her (and Lucy).

As much as I’ve been complaining about missing cock (and I really was missing it), it was nice to have some girl time. Jen and I were being fucked by Mike once a day (either morning or evening) every day as a part of our quest to get pregnant (and to cum lots) so to go for three days without him was going to be a change to our routine. We’ll get on to that in a bit though as the first part of the story was what Mike and Sue got up to at the party…

Mike met up with Sue in York on the Friday evening. As there was just the two of them they had arranged to stay with Sara and Emily at Sara’s new accommodation. Sue had arrived first and was waiting in a pub with their hosts, which is where Mike found them. As Mike hadn’t cum since the previous evening, he was eager to get back to Sara’s place to sample the selection of pussy, but they insisted on having a couple of drinks first and teasing him a little. This turned out to be a mistake on Sue’s part as Mike dared her to change her outfit and produced a bag with things for her to wear. She disappeared in to the bathroom and returned with her new outfit on – there wasn’t really much to it as it just consisted of one of Mike’s shirts and a wide belt. Sue handed Mike the bag with the clothes she had been wearing in it and he adjusted her outfit a little by undoing the top three buttons – opening the shirt far enough that her cleavage was fully exposed (along with the central part of her bra). Emily really liked the look and Sara was impressed with Sue’s daringness, but it wasn’t any more revealing than other outfits she (or I) have worn. They didn’t stay out too long as the lure of a decent cum-fest was sufficiently strong for all of them so after just one more drink they headed back to Sara’s place.

Sara only had a twin bed so Emily had brought her duvet over to help make a floor bed (blankets, duvets and pillows on the floor) so they could all sleep together. These are all well and good (and we’ve used them lots), but beds are still better places to actually fuck, so this is where they started. To begin with, they 69ed in pairs, staring off with Mike and Emily & Sue and Sara but swapping around halfway through (as much as Mike loves the way Emily tastes, he wanted to be the first to make Sara cum in the hope he would get to fuck her – it was pretty much a given he’d get to fuck Emily). Sara knew that Mike wasn’t going to cum in her mouth so she sucked away quite vigorously at his cock – to the extent that he congratulated her afterwards for having done a sufficiently good job that he’d really had to concentrate on holding back. (She didn’t say anything at the time, but this irked Sue a little as she is quite accomplished at cock sucking while Sara is still quite inexperienced at it.)

Even though he didn’t know he was doing so, Mike appeased Sue a little by saying that he wanted to fuck her next. They used the missionary position to do this and Mike naturally invited Sara to sit over Sue’s face to be doubly eaten (Sue on her pussy and Mike on her ass). Sara loves this position but even when they have involved other people from the sex parties, not everyone is willing to do it to her (which I understand, it sounds rather gross, but there is no scat play involved). As you would expect, Sara came quite easily and Mike asked Sue if they could roll over and then give the same treatment to Emily. While she doesn’t do it often, Sue is no stranger to anal play and agreed (it’s a little unfair as Mike can get her to do pretty much anything due to the way she feels about him). Emily mounted Mike’s face and he got to eat her, properly enjoying her taste and making her cum (although Sue obviously helped out with this. Emily then dismounted and Mike gave Sue a good hard fucking until she came and he then empties his load in to her cunt (I was surprised to find out that he came in Sue for the first cum of the night as I would have imagines he would want to do it in Sara or Emily as we see them much less frequently, but then again Sue’s feelings aren’t entirely unrequited and Mike had a soft spot - or rather a very hard spot - for her too).

They moved on to the duvets on the floor to relax and chat for a while. Mike wasn’t able to keep his hands off of Emily’s pussy, and his hands were soon replaced by his mouth. Sara had a play with Sue’s ample breasts and ended up grinding a leg against Sue’s pussy while humping one of Sue’s legs. Nobody came during the playing, but it was clear that they were up for at least one more proper round that night. Mike had noticed the bedposts on Sara’s bed were potentially suitable for playing with and he suggested that Sue could try to fuck herself on one of them. Sue was a little reticent about this at first, but Mike described how we’ve seen a number of videos online of girls doing this so she was talked in to giving it a try.

They gave one of the posts a wipe clean and Sue straddled it and slowly lowered herself on to it. It was either coincidence or the bed had been made specifically as a masturbation device as the post was at almost the perfect height for Sue to fuck herself on (it was actually ever so slightly too high, but Sue and I are both an inch or so smaller than average, so for most people it would be suitable). She wasn’t left to just fend for herself and Mike, Sara and Emily all had a turn lapping away at Sue’s clit but it was Sara who was working there when Sue came. When she pulled herself off of the post, it was coated with a thick mixture of her juices and Mike’s cum which Sue (unprompted) sucked off.

Sara wasn’t willing to fuck the post (she was worried it would hurt( but Emily briefly impaled herself on it before saying that she didn’t have the energy to bounce up and down until she came. They once again returned to the duvets and Sue went down on Sara to repay her for the bed-post licking while Mike finished off what he’d started with Emily earlier. Once the girls had all cum, Mike asked Sara if he could spoon inside her and promised that he wouldn’t cum. Sara snuggled back on to his cock and told him that she didn’t mind if he fucked her so he moved gently inside her for a while but told her that he would wait until the morning to cum. Sara seemed almost disappointed and he told her that he could make her cum straight away if she wanted but she said that she was happy to wait until the morning too, but she did wiggle back and forth on his cock a fair bit. Mike pushed as far in to her as he could, which she really seemed to enjoy and he repeated his offer to fuck her in a whisper but she told him that she was enjoying what they were doing and that the morning would be fine.

He kept his promise (although he first woke her by going down on her and eating her to an orgasm). While Mike fucked Sara, Sue and Emily had their own little session, but Mike got a brief lick of each of them afterwards and they then freshened up, had breakfast and headed out for the day. As per our custom on the day of the sex parties, nobody came during the day so that they would all be primed and ready for the evening’s activities. That didn’t mean that they didn’t tease each other and do whatever they could to keep the levels of horniness up. Sara got to take Sue into a changing room and they played with each other and Mike gave Emily a brief semi-fuck around the back of one of the ruins in the Museum Gardens (having multiple look-outs made this quite easy). Mike then purchased a new set of underwear for Sara, which she modelled for him when they returned home (she sometimes looks so cute that it’s difficult even for Mike to not want to play dressing up games with her).

They rested for the remainder of the afternoon (with minimal playing) and after a light dinner they prepared to head off. Mike had taken along a second (and nicer) new outfit for Sue – a black top, burgundy skirt, black panties and thigh-high stockings with a burgundy ribbon and little bow that matched the skirt. Following the previous weeks miscalculation on Jen’s part, we had ensured (using me as a model) that the outfit provided the required zettai ryokai look (leaving an inch or so of skin exposed between the skirt and the stockings). Mike really liked the way the outfit looked on Sue and while Sara and Emily finished dressing, he missed and caressed Sue’s inner thighs from the top of her stockings up to the crotch of her panties. He made sure not to touch Sue’s pussy (not even through her panties), but the teasing still got her very aroused and Mike offered Sue up for both Sara and Emily to have a quick finger of her.

Sara wore her new underwear and a white shift dress (which was a bit too summery for the actual weather, but then again she wasn’t likely to keep it on for long) while Emily accentuated Sara’s cute look by going in the opposite direction and wearing a tight leather skirt, fish net stockings and a tight white top. Mike went with trousers and a t-shirt, ensuring that the trousers were easy to get off and on so he could quickly be ready to play. Mike packed a few things in to a bag for later use and they headed out.They stopped off for a drink on the way to the party and Mike pretended to be with Sara while he let guys hit on Sue and Emily. They did quite well and could have easily got free drinks all night, but after teasing the guys they headed off with Mike and Sara to the location of the party.

It was in a new place with three bedrooms but a slightly smaller living room. People liked the idea of having more beds to use, but I was a bit disappointed to find out that the public space was smaller as I love fucking and cumming with everyone able to watch me. They said hello to people (as it was the start of term even Sara and Emily hadn’t seen everyone since they returned and as they chatted Mike started to fondle Sue under her skirt. Sue acted a little embarrassed at first but soon got back in to the spirit of the party and let Mike get his hand in to her panties to play with her properly. He rubbed away at her clit and she leant back against him to support herself. Brett asked if he could play with Sue’s breasts and once given the go ahead, he pulled Sue’s top up, freed her breasts from her bra and started to caress them. Mike considered giving Sue to Brett for him to finish off but he was enjoying making her squirm as his fingers played with her clit and he felt how wet she was getting. Sue wasn’t the first person to cum at the party (there were already people upstairs in the bedrooms) but she was the only one in the living room and Mike whispered to her how everyone was about to see her cum. Sue told him that she didn’t care so Mike pulled the front of her skirt up fully and asked Brett to slide Sue’s panties down (which he did). Mike continued to fondle Sue until she let out a short cry and he felt her shudder in his arms. He then lifted his fingers from her pussy and got her to suck them clean before asking Brett if he wanted to play with her properly.

Brett asked Sue to suck him off so they moved over to the sofa and Sue knelt in front of him to provide the requested service. Mike left her to it and went upstairs to see what was happening, but later found out that Sue had also used her breasts on Brett (but finished him off with her mouth). Mike meanwhile hooked up with Clare who allowed him to eat her. At first he did this under her skirt, but she didn’t stop him when he flipped it up. Clare removed her skirt to ride Mike and as they fucked he first pushed her top and bra up to reveal her breasts, then got her to pull them off completely so he could fuck her naked. Giles watched as Clare’s cunt repeatedly swallowed Mike’s cock and as Clare came Mike asked her if she liked putting on a show for her boyfriend. She said that she did and that he would relive it when he fucked her in the coming weeks so Mike said that he should make it good and pumped in to Clare with long hard strokes for a few minutes more before he came. He asked Clare to suck him clean and once she had climbed off of his cock she moved down the bed, held the condom in place and gave his cock a good suck. While she was doing this, Gareth asked Giles if he could have a go with her and Giles told him to feel free so he moved around behind Clare and pushed his cock in to her waiting cunt. Clare had been busy sucking Mike and hadn’t realised that she had been offered up, but was persuaded to let Gareth use her. As she’d just cum twice with Mike, she wasn’t ready to cum again but this didn’t bother Gareth who happily pumped away in her.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Private Show - Part 3

Once they had gone, Alistair returned and thanked us, saying we’d done a wonderful job. He once again offered to pay us but we refused so he offered us the horse dildo instead. This was a lot more tempting as I had really enjoyed using it but I still didn’t like the idea of taking something in return for cumming so we reluctantly refused, agreeing instead that as ‘payment’ we would have the rights to use the dildo again at a future date. Alistair was all for this and wanted to sign us up for another show straight away, but now I had calmed down a bit I was being more careful and thought about what would happen if someone in the audience had recognised me (which at that point in time was still a possibility). I told him that I was surprised he hadn’t taken the opportunity to enjoy himself with us, but of course all of the audience members knew who he was. Mel suggested that Julia and I could still thank him properly for the opportunity he’d given us and he asked if we’d be prepared to do that.

The answer was obviously yes and we gave him the choice of mouth or pussy. He opted for pussy so we got him to sit on the edge of the bed to allow Julia to sit over him and for me to lick them both. He enjoyed this but wanted to cum in Julia while she was riding him properly so to finish off he moved back a bit and lay on the bed (he picked out a dry spot) and Julia turned around to face him. Mel said that as I’d cum an extra time that Julia would have to cum as well so I knelt over Alistair’s legs, behind Jules and reached around to play with her clit and nipples. I asked him to try and hold back until Julia had cum and he managed this – once she came I let her just hump him until he came and when she climbed off of his cock we both caressed it as it softened and the condom finally fell off.

Julia and I fixed our blouses again and brushed our hair to neaten ourselves up. We said our goodbyes to Alistair and headed back upstairs and out of the bar. My head still felt like it was buzzing and I said that I didn’t want to go home straight away. Julia pointed out that we had slightly damp clothes on but I told her I didn’t care and quite liked the look of our tied blouses that barely hid our bras. I said that neither Jen nor I would be drinking much anyway and Julia agreed to go for a drink before we returned to the house (not that she had much choice as Mel told her we were going for a drink). As we drank I made sure to stand with a foot up on a beam so my pussy was partially showing and I discussed with Jen how I would have loved to get up on the bar and repeat my display with the dildo and vibe for everyone to watch before letting every guy in the place fuck me in turn (I went through a number of phases of *really* missing cock during our attempt to get pregnant). We also discussed Mike and Jen’s involvement in the session, which had been a real surprise to me. Mike had been the first to suggest he play a part and he had then helped convince Jen to really let go and enjoy herself.

On the way home, Jen was quizzed some more by Mel about her watersports fetish. Mel and Julia knew about this from the holiday, but the display Jen (and then I) had just put on was probably even more of a surprise to them than it had been to me. Jen had really enjoyed herself and I told her that she could have just joined us on the bed for the whole session but she reminded us that it was Julia and I who were meant to have been displaying ourselves (and she added that she couldn’t hold enough liquid to spray like that every time she came). Mel didn’t let up and wanted more details (which we mostly told her) and it culminated in us stopping off in an alleyway for Mel to play with Jen. At least Mel did most of the work of fingering Jen, but as Jen got close to cumming, Julia was told to stand against the wall and take over fingering Jen. Jen had to raise a leg to make this easier for Jules and as she came Jen was instructed to push out as much pee as she had left in her. She’d had a drink since the previous time so she managed to produce enough to soak the bottom of Julia’s skirt and one of her legs, along with the leg that she (Jen) was standing on.

On arriving home, Jen, Julia and I all had a shower (which was a bit cramped but it seemed appropriate) and then we retired to bed to relive the evening’s events. Mike spent a little time with his cock inside Julia’s and my pussies to see how they were recovering (favourably) but spent most of his time making Mel and Jen cum by eating them (even he said that he didn’t like the way Mel tasted that weekend – although he waited until they had left to say this). Mel was chastised for not having taken part in the display and we told her that one of us could have fucked her with the horse dildo while she ate the other one of us, but this didn’t appeal to her (as long time readers will know, Mel is much more of a voyeur and masochist than an exhibitionist). As we ay dozing off, I recounted my fantasies of the evening - of having everyone at the show fuck me and then repeating my display in the bar and taking everyone there. I could feel my pussy twinging as I described this but did nothing about it in the hope I would have horny dreams (which I did). Mike didn’t cum again that night either, but fell asleep inside Julia while getting her to elaborate on my fantasy and describe how she would have taken care of all of the girls by eating them and having them eat her.

I definitely had horny dreams – I don’t remember much of them but I woke up a few times in the night feeling horny. As far as I recall I didn’t dream about my pub group-fuck, but there was one point where I was in the pub and I was up on the counter, fucking myself on the beer pump handles with everyone watching. (I really like the idea of doing this, but I can’t imagine health and safety would approve.)

I woke up feeling incredibly horny in the morning and while it would have been the easy option to get Mike to fuck me I felt that I should service our guests so I crawled under the covers and ate Julia. Once she was awake we moved round to a 69 position and as we lapped at each other’s pussies I once again relived our exploits from the previous night. As we did this Mike briefly went down on Mel and then spooned with her (she tasted sufficiently bad that he even went without eating her to orgasm before he fucked her). As Jen was the last to wake up (or at least the last to move in to a position), she was left with Mel to lick while Mike fucked her. Jen and Mel ended up 69ing while Mike moved in her – at first they did this on their sides, but it was an awkward position so Jen lay on the bottom with Mel over her and Mike taking Mel doggystyle.

Mel took Jen off to shower and Mike had a turn eating Julia (and in her case he did eat her to orgasm). When Mel and Jen returned from the shower we found out that Mel had an ulterior motive in taking Jen there. She had asked Jen to masturbate and put on a pee display and had then told Jen that it was so hot that she wanted Jen to eat her. As Mel came she had peed all over Jen’s face and in her mouth. Now Jen didn’t object to this (she rather likes it) but I wasn’t as keen on the idea of Mel doing this to my little girl so I asked Mike to help ‘punish’ Mel. We did this later on in the morning once we’d had breakfast under the guise of Mike having a threesome with Mel and Julia. Mike lay on his back with Julia sitting over his face and Mel riding his cock – as she fucked him, Jen and I used tingle gel and various vibes on her clit and nipples, but to finish off we used our body wand (very strong vibe) and held it against her clit as she came. We didn’t let her move away from the wand until a few minutes after she had finished cumming and it was quite clear to see from her response just how intense the sensation had been. I wasn’t surprised when she subjected me to a similar treatment as retribution and while it was too intense to be really pleasurable, I’ve had far more experience at intense stimulation than Mel has (with a fair proportion of it coming from her) so I coped a lot better with it than she had.

We decided that we couldn’t be bothered to go out anywhere so spent the rest of the morning lazing around the house and chatting. We got Julia to tell us some more stories of when she was younger (and if they are all true, she was probably even more of a horny slut then than she is now). As I often do when she is relating these tales, I imagined what things would have been like if I’d had a group of friends like that and had let myself be passed around and used by them while at school (although that makes it sound like Julia was entirely passive whereas she was often the one to instigate sessions with people). She described how she would sometimes sneak off to the bathroom at school and meet up with people to fuck, then how she loved the feeling of sitting for the rest of the day in panties that were damp from the cum that leaked out of her. We all enjoyed her descriptions so much that we ended up fetching a school outfit for her and had her dress up to re-enact some of the stories, culminating with us all having a turn eating, fingering or fucking her.

We went for lunch and played our usual games to see who could gently finger or frig themselves the most. None of us managed to cum, but Mel did at least join in and touch herself (which is more than she usually does). I then challenged the girls to cum by the river and they accepted so we headed off to a spot we’ve used before to do this. We sat right on the edge of the bank with our ankles crossed in front of us and knees up and spread. We could then easily reach down and play with our clits in a discreet enough way that people walking behind us couldn’t tell. We nonchalantly chatted as we frigged away at our clits and Mike told us that he wished he could cum over us all (although it would have been difficult to do that without people noticing). We all (excluding Mike) managed to cum, although my orgasm didn’t feel that satisfying (unfortunately not every orgasm is an earth-shattering, body-rocking pulsating, throbbing one.

We didn’t have much time before Mel and Julia’s train left so just went for a coffee. I whispered a plan to Mike and we both got large frappachinos, but this was just in preparation for later. We saw our guests off with the customary under-skirt fondle for both of them. Jen and I receiving payment in kind in return and Julia gave Mike’s cock a good run through his jeans. They debated trying to smuggle him in to the ladies bathroom so he could give her a goodbye fuck (and knowing Mike that would be preceded by a goodbye eat) but it was too busy. He did make Julia promise to cum on the train (a promise which she kept) and once they had left, the three of us headed home.

We stopped off to do our weekly shopping and once back indoors, it was time to put my frappachino plan in to play. We really needed to do the rest of the chores, but nature can only wait so long so we stripped Jen (and ourselves) off and double teamed her for a while until she was close to cumming. We then dragged her in to the shower and provided her with her favourite silicone coated vibe. Jen was told to make herself cum and pee as much as she wanted while we provided additional liquid. My aim was to ‘clean’ Jen of Mel’s pee (she had cleaned herself off in the shower after Mel had peed on her, this was more of a symbolic cleaning). Jen was more than happy about this so I leant back against the wall and pushed my pussy out for her to eat while Mike stood beside us trying to keep his cock from getting too hard.

Jen was a fair way ahead of me so she just gently played with herself as she ate me until I had caught up and the then pumped the vibe in and out of her pussy while frigging her clit. She pretty much kept herself upright with the pressure of her mouth on my cunt. I told her as I got closer to cumming and she said that she wanted me to cum first (what I say ‘said’ I mean mumbled in to my pussy, but we got the idea). I held her head in place and told her that I was nearly there and as I came I let go and peed as hard as I could over her. Jen didn’t miss a beat and carried on eating me while frigging herself and trying to cum as soon after me as she could. I had pretty much emptied myself over her by the time she came, but that was what Mike was there for and when Jen started to cum he aimed and let rip with his own stream of pee. I watched as this splashed over Jen’s face, head and body. I knew that Jen would be emptying her bladder too but I couldn’t see this from my position (although Mike could). Once Mike stopped peeing, Jen turned and took him in her mouth and he got hard very quickly. She sat back and waited while he rapidly pumped away at his cock and then placed it against her forehead as he came. As he’d cum already that day he didn’t produce much, but there was just enough to drip down over Jen’s face and we told her that she wasn’t allowed to wipe it off.

As Jen’s punishment (or reward, it’s difficult to tell) she wasn’t allowed to shower herself clean and just had to tie her hair back in a ponytail. She was given a light t-shirt to wear for the remainder of the day while we cleaned and did the chores (including her handing the laundry out in the garden). She was of course allowed to shower and clean up before coming to bed and we christened the nice clean sheets with a night-time three way (me eating Jen and Mike fucking me). I tried again to have erotic dreams that night but wasn’t as successful (or at least I didn’t have any dreams that I remember).

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Private Show - Part 2

Now that our plan had been revealed to Julia, we filled her in on how it had come about while we waited for the audience. We were offered masks to wear to conceal our identity and while I really liked the idea of being able to go out and fuck completely openly, there was always a slight danger that there would be someone I knew watching. Jen set out the toys that she had brought with her and had a discussion with Alistair before going to check on something. I was getting quite horny just thinking about what we were about to do and Julia said that she was too. She was impressed that we had managed to find something new to surprise her with (not that fucking in front of people was really new to us, but the setting made it rather different than our usual games). We tied our hair back on ponytails so it wouldn’t get in the way too much and watched as the guys turned up and took their seats (also wearing masks). Once the last person had arrived, Julia and I headed over to the bed like a pair of excited schoolgirls (just ones that were old enough to do what we were about to do!).

We started off fairly gently and knelt on the bed while we kissed each other, allowing our hands to roam over each other’s bodies. We kissed deeply, squeezed breasts, fondles each other’s asses and caressed each other through our panties for a good few minutes before I whispered to Jules to pull my top open. She grabbed the material and tore at it, pulling off a couple of buttons in the process. Julia lowered her mouth to my nipples and began to suck on them as I pushed a hand between my legs and stroked myself through my panties a bit more. I pushed Julia on to her back and tore her blouse open before pushing her bra up off her breasts and hungrily sucking on each of her nipples. Her hands slipped under my skirt and in to my panties and I whispered to her that we should take things slowly and put on a good show. Julia continued to knead my ass but stopped trying to push my panties down and just lifted a leg so I had something to hump against. We rolled over a few times so we could take turns being on top and eventually shed our blouses and bras.

My pussy felt very wet and I told Julia (and anyone else listening) this. She took the cue and rubbed my crotch, then crawled under me and started to lick me through my panties. I pulled her skirt up and lay over her in a 69 to do the same to her, but very quickly pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and started to lick her directly as well as using a couple of fingers inside her. I’d had enough of playing around and pulled at her panties so she lifted her ass in the air and allowed me to slide them down her legs and toss them away. She started to pull my panties down but I had to climb off of her to allow her to remove them. I lifted the front of my skirt and fingered myself for the guys I was facing to watch, then knelt forward and fingered myself a little more so the guys behind me could see. I then pushed Julia on to her back and knelt between her legs do I could give her a proper licking. I tried to flip the back of my skirt up a few times so my ass was exposed but gave up on this and knelt up so I could unzip it and let it slide down to my knees. I then buried my face back in Julia’s cunt and told her how I wanted to taste her juices.

I pulled her skirt down and pushed mine down my legs, then thought that we may as well be completely naked so I pulled my stockings off and watched as Julia did the same with hers. I got her to stand on the bed and hold on to the headboard, allowing me to eat her from behind. I made a show of fingering her as well and then pulled her down so we could kiss and hump against each other. I told Julia that I wanted to cum and she replied saying that she did too. It might have been a stupid decision, but I whispered to her that I wanted to be properly exposed and suggested we remove our masks (they were only covering our upper faces anyway) and Julia agreed so we pulled them off and kissed properly as we rolled around on the bed fingering each other. We moved back round in to a 69 position and started eating each other. There was a bit more slurping and humping against each other’s faces than was really necessary, but we weren’t faking it and we carried on until we came. Julia came first (but I’d played with her a bit more) and once her orgasm ended I switched to kitty kissing her (I presume our audience couldn’t really tell the difference and I thought it would look better than me just lying there while she finished me off). I didn’t try to exaggerate my moans as I came, but I didn’t hold back either and Mike says that it was very clean how much I was enjoying myself. We then kissed and gently played with each other for a few minutes before getting ready for round two.

For this round we were given a selection of our toys to play with and after taking turns standing up and holding on to the headboard while the other person used things in us, we settled down to share a double ended dildo and hump against each other. Our practice at this paid off and we did a fairly good job of frigging ourselves while humping in unison against the dildo. We were just going to continue like this but Jen handed us a vibe each and we were told to use them on our clits with the ‘usual rules’ (which we interpreted as having to keep them in place until we’d both cum). Using the vibes probably sped things up a little and I came first this time. I didn’t have to fake the sensations that the vibe gave me as it buzzed away on my sensitive clit and I moaned, panted and swore while I waited for Julia to cum. Fortunately she wasn’t too far behind me so I didn’t have to wait too long, but my clit still felt like it was tingling even when I removed the vibe.

We briefly kitty kissed each other and I asked Julia if she was ready to fuck. We hadn’t informed her that we would be providing more than just a show, but she was fine with it and told our audience that they could all fuck her if they wanted. The arrangement we had make with Alistair was that Julia would fuck them and I would suck them off (seeing as I still wasn’t fucking any guy other than Mike, even with protection). It was a little disappointing that out of the eight of them, only four were willing to play with us. I knelt in front of one and sucked him but he came fairly quickly so I moved on to my second guy while Julia was still letting her first guy pound away inside her. My second guy wanted me to use my breasts on him so I moved back over to the bed and lay alongside Julia while he climbed over me. I pushed my breasts around his cock and let him pump back and forth, watching as the head repeatedly appeared from my cleavage. Julia’s guy finished off in her and her second guy came up – he wanted to take her from behind so she rolled over on to her front and offered herself to him. Meanwhile the guy fucking my breasts said he was getting close but wanted me to finish him off with my mouth so I got him to sit on the edge of the bed and I gave him the best blow job I could.

I took a fair length of his cock in to my mouth and bobbed up and down, then swirled my tongue around the head while stroking the shaft. He kept pushing my head down but I kept a hand around the shaft so he couldn’t push too deep in to my mouth (I still can’t do deep-throat). He seemed to get the idea and let me finish him off my way, which certainly seemed to be effective enough as I felt him judder a bit and moan as my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. I felt the top of the condom fill with his cum and pulled back to admire my work. He thanked me and went back to his seat so I decided to help out Julia by reaching under her to play with her breasts and clit while her guy continued to fuck her. Once he’d cum, we (or I) offered Julia up to the rest of them, spreading her pussy and telling them how she would happily fuck them all as many times as they wanted. Julia wasn’t letting me drive things completely and pulled me to her mouth so she could lap at my pussy and spread me for the people behind me to see. Jen then wandered over and told Julia that it wasn’t fair that she’d had two cocks in her while I hadn’t had any and then handed Julia the horse dildo that we’d seen in the shop a number of times.

This was one of the things that I hadn’t known about, but I did as instructed and lay back on the bed with my legs spread while Julia positioned the head of the dildo against my pussy and started to work it in to me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be due to the dildo being fairly soft (or at least comparatively soft for a dildo). This did make it a bit more difficult to actually get it in as it kept bending, but meant that I wasn’t stretched too much (not much more than a decent sized cucumber and certainly less then when Jen fists me). The audience really seemed to love it though and once a decent length was inside me, Julia pumped it in and out, using long strokes. I held my knees up against my chest so keep myself spread wide (and give everyone the best view possible) and encouraged Julia to keep fucking me. I have no desire to fuck an actual horse, but if I could find a guy who was really hung like one I would be more than happy to see what he could do for me. I came while picturing how much cum a real cock that size might be able to pump in to me (yes, I know cum volume isn’t related to cock size) and carried on telling Julia to fuck me harder with the cock right up until the end of my orgasm.

We both licked the dildo clean and were then told that Julia had to try it out as well. She wasn’t quite as nervous about it as I had been as she’d seen how much I had enjoyed it. It might have been due to her being a little more relaxed (or maybe just because she’s fucked for longer than I have), but I got in in to her fairly easily and she held her knees up in the same way I had while I fucked her with it. I tried to use the same technique on her that she’d done on me and she seemed to enjoy it, but not as much as I had so she also frigged herself to help make herself cum. She did cum though and by this point we were both fairly sweaty and sticky from the exertion.

We weren’t through yet though as there was one (or two, depending on how you look at it) surprises left for us. While the random audience members hadn’t been allowed to fuck me and had to use condoms when fucking Julia, the case was rather different for Mike. He joined us on the bed (wearing a mask) and after briefly eating us both he fucked us, taking turns in each of us. We used a few positions, allowing the audience to see his cock pumping in and out of us and with the other person licking the pussy being fucked. I remember wondering if I felt looser after having the horse dildo in me, but Mike didn’t seem to be having any trouble enjoying himself (he did later say that we had both felt slightly looser than usual). I wondered if he was going to cum in one of us or over us, but my question was answered when we were told to kneel on the bed while he stood and finished himself off with his hand. He sprayed his cum over our faces, not producing as much as he would have liked, but still enough to make a bit of a mess and we were told to rub it in to each other’s cunts.

As we did this, the second part of the surprise appeared – Jen. She too had a mask on but was otherwise naked. Looking back on it, the mask seemed rather pointless as if anyone watching had known who I was then they would have easily been able to guess that it had been Mike and Jen. Jen stood on the bed and got us to take turns eating her and then instructed us to lie down with the top of our heads touching so she could kneel over us and easily move between having us lick her. I couldn’t see this due to the way she was facing, but Jen was eagerly pulling at her nipples as we ate her and just before she eventually came she knelt up and started to frantically frig her clit. I guessed what was coming next but wasn’t sure Jen would actually do it in front of a group of people until I saw (and felt) her let out a long spray of pee that covered Julia’s and my faces. We played along with this (not that we had any choice by this point) and when Jen stopped peeing (and cumming) I pulled her down to my mouth and gave her a good licking. Jen climbed off of the bed and went to dry off while I climbed over Julia and gave her a long kiss. She asked if I had been expecting that to happen and I told her it was as much of a surprise to me as it had been to her.

I asked Julia if she wanted to carry on and she said that she’d had enough for now. To be fair I felt the same, but I would have continued if Julia had wanted to. We went to get off the bed and someone asked us to use the horse dildo again. I told Julia that I would take care of it and found a relatively dry spot to lie back on, spread my legs, lifted my ass up in the air and pushed the end of the dildo in to my cunt. As I knew I wasn’t likely to get an opportunity like this often I decided to make the best of it and pumped the giant dildo in and out of my cunt. It was pointing almost straight up so I was fairly confident that everyone could see and I asked for someone to bring me a small vibe. Having come this far I thought I may as well show them everything and when Jen came over with the vibe I asked her to push it in to my ass. I stopped pumping the horse dildo briefly to allow her to do this, but once the vibe was buried deep in my ass I quickly resumed and told her I would cum as hard as I could. I considered asking Julia to come back over and sit over my face so I could eat her one last time, but was enjoying being the centre of attention (and to be fair, she had said that she’d had enough). I pictured all of the guys with their cocks in their hands standing around me and cumming over me and then imagined one of them pulling the dildo out of my ass and fucking me. I didn’t have to fake or exaggerate how much I was enjoying myself and made sure that everyone knew by giving a constant stream of ‘oh fucks’ and telling them that I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I gave one last cry that I was about to cum as my orgasm hit and pushed down hard on the dildo. As Jen had started the watersports already I went with it and squirted as hard as I could – due to the position I was in, I mostly covered myself with the stream of liquid but I also added to the dampness on the bed. I continued to fuck myself with the dildo the whole way through my orgasm and let out a series of unintelligible sounds until my orgasm came to an end and I relaxed my body on to the bed.

The room was silent other than my panting breaths and the faint sound on the vibe still buzzing in my ass. As I lay there basking in the glow of my last orgasm (which had been pretty strong) I wondered if I was going to be asked to do anything else (which wouldn’t have surprised me). I still had the horse dildo dangling out of my pussy and Alistair asked the audience if anyone wanted to take a closer look (Mike had suggested this to him). A couple of people came up to the bed and examined me; one of them moved the dildo in me a little but not a great deal. Once they had finished I sat up, withdrew the anal vibe and finally pulled the dildo out of me. My pussy felt fairly stretched so I sat and examined it (letting my audience see me do this) and finally got up from the bed and thanked them for watching. They started to applaud so I called Julia over and gave her a big kiss while running my hands over her ass and between her legs. I knelt to give her pussy a final lick before picking up my skirt to wipe myself dry with and then sliding it on. Julia did the same with hers and we put our bras back on and did the best we could to tie our blouses on (remember we’d torn a fair few buttons when taking them off). My legs actually felt quite shaky and I ended up sitting down on the edge of the bed as the audience got up and left.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Private Show - Part 1

On the second last weekend in September Julia and Mel came to visit us. We had been wanting them to come for a while (or to be more specific, Jen had really wanted them to come up as I had agreed that we would pretend we were down visiting Jen’s friends and Jen would be ‘in charge’ (able to order me to do pretty much whatever she wanted). This started before they had even arrived and I was given a specific jacket on the Friday morning to wear to work. I had a hunch as to what I would be instructed to do and Jen didn’t disappoint me by dropping by my lab near the end of the day and telling me that I needed to strip off and just wear the coat. To make it more challenging, I wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom or my store/masturbation cupboard to undress and had to do it while there were still a couple of other guys in the lab. Jen did at least help me out a bit with this – all of my colleagues know her so it was easy enough for her to sit and chat with them. She did a good job of distracting them by sitting on the edge of one of their desks wither knees crossed – she had a mid-thigh length skirt on so her slender legs were nicely on display (although she didn’t let them see that she had nothing on under the skirt). While she did this, I knelt behind my desk and removed my top and bra before putting my coat on and then stood up to slide my skirt off. Jen had brought some thigh-high black stockings to finish off my look, but the coat was slightly too long so it just looked like I was wearing tights instead of the zettai ryokai look Jen had been aiming for.

I gathered up my things and wandered down to collect Jen, very aware of my unsupported breasts swaying back and forth under my jacket. I stroked Jen’s thigh and told her that we should head off to meet up with Mike and after saying our goodbyes we headed out. Jen wanted to confirm that I had done as she had instructed so I unbuttoned my jacket and revealed myself to her. We then headed off to the bar where we were meeting with Mike and would wait for Mel and Julia’s train to arrive. To make up for Jen’s miscalculation on the length of my jacket (it was only just too long) I was told to unbutton the bottom couple of buttons and let the front of the jacket fall open enough to reveal my bare thighs. At one point I was asked to undo a third button, which I did, but we decided that it revealed a bit too much so I was allowed to fasten it again.

We headed to the station and met up with Mel and Julia. Jen had been in touch with Mel to discuss what acts Julia and I would be forced to perform during the visit so Mel had come prepared. I was sent in to the bathroom with Jules and had to help her strip off so she could wear a similar outfit to mine. She had been provided with a pair of knee-high socks to keep her legs warm and as her jacket was a little shorter than mine, we decided to swap so some of my bare thigh would actually be visible. Her top was a little tight on me, but it actually felt better (and looked better too). Julia was made to (discreetly) reveal herself to everyone else once we emerged from the bathroom (although there was no real doubt as to whether she would be naked under the jacket or not). We debated going back to a pub to give Julia and me a chance to reveal ourselves, but we decided to just wander home instead and on the way we had to keep our jackets open for as long as possible.

Once inside, the usual demands were made of us – Julia and I lay on the bed and played with ourselves, then each other and then had to let the others play with us. Mel gave me a forceful fingering while Mike fucked Julia, who was in turn eating Jen. Mel then wanted to go down on Jen and Mike ate her while she did this. He then spooned with Mel while Jen lapped at her clit and once Mel had cum Mike fucked her hard, both from behind and then missionary style. He hadn’t cum in either her or Julia yet but he held back a little longer and spooned with Julia in a much more gentle session. We all curled up together on the bed chatting while Mike was doing this and after a while he whispered in her ear that he was just about to cum in her. Julia didn’t believe him as he had been moving so slowly and gently in her, but when Mike told her that he had finished, she knelt up and we watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and down her thighs. To make up for his surreptitious cum, Mike then went down on Jules (although he got Jen to lick her partially clean first) and made her cum a final time (for the night). Jen and I had decided not to do our cum-sharing exercises with Mel and Julia (although we had still confirmed that neither of them had had unprotected sex with anyone else since we’d last seen them).

That’s not to say that they (particularly Julia) hadn’t engaged in any interesting activities since the holiday and we traded details with them (we knew a fair bit of this already, but got much more explicit descriptions). Mel and Julia’s biggest news was that they had been dogging a month or so previously. They had seen a program on TV about it and decided that it sounded like fun (Mel had wanted another opportunity to show Julia off and make her display herself). They had investigated and found a local spot that was known to be frequented by doggers. With only a little digging online, they found out when the next meeting was and had driven out to the place in the woods where a number of people were already present and watching a couple fuck on a car bonnet. Some other couples were sitting in cars watching but a number of guys were standing closer and watching with their cocks in their hands. Mel and Julia joined the circle and as they watched, Mel partially unbuttoned the front of Julia’s dress and slipped her hands inside to play with her. By the time the couple finished, Julia’s dress was completely unbuttoned and Mel was busy playing with her breasts and pussy. She pushed Julia towards the car and Julia climbed up on the bonnet and took over playing with herself while Mel explained that this was their first time and Julia wanted everyone to watch her cum.

The audience was more than happy to let her put on a display and Julia apparently did a good job of spreading and fingering herself for them. As soon as Julia came, Mel went over to her, bent down and gave her a few licks and then offered her to anyone who wanted her. They were at least sensible enough to say that takers would have to use a condom but this didn’t dampen their spirits and Julia was fucked by three guys in a row. As a final offering, Mel let one of the guys fuck her while she ate Jules – even during this session Julia was required to give something back to the group and she sucked a guy off while he and another guy groped her breasts.

I absolutely loved hearing their account of the evening (as I’ve said before, I had been missing being able to fuck other cocks) and by the time they finished their description I was busy playing with myself. Mel offered Jules to help me cum but Mike suggested that I just take care of myself while they all watched. It may not have been quite as exciting as cumming in front of a group of strangers in the woods had been for Julia, but I imagined myself in her place and then taking their cocks one after another so I managed to have a pretty good orgasm. I then took Julia off in to Mike’s room for the night while Mike and Jen stayed with Mel. I got Julia to describe certain parts of the dogging session to me again as we dozed off in the hope it would lead to interesting dreams – unfortunately it didn’t, but she humoured me and described it yet again in the morning as I went down on her.

We didn’t have anything specific planned for the day but Jen and Mel made use of the fact that Julia and I had agreed to be their obedient sex slaves again and they subjected us to cumming in a number of ways. Sometimes we had to play with ourselves, sometimes with each other and sometimes Jen, Mel and Mike were the ones to make us cum. We were fucked with food on the dining table, with kitchen implements (in the kitchen, unsurprisingly) and had to hump each other out in the garden. While most of the attention was focussed on making Julia and me cum, we had negotiated that we would get an opportunity to make Jen and Mel cum however we wanted. Jen’s session was nothing special, we just all played with her, but for Mel we had something else in mind.

It was based on (okay, a copy of) something we’d seen online a few weeks previously. We took Julia aside and told her the plan, which she happily agreed to. Mel was then sat on the sofa with some towels under her and we all took turns kneeling in front of her to lick and finger her. Mel was pushed back so she was semi lying down for Mike to briefly fuck her (after which she had to suck him clean) and we then attached Jen’s nipple and clit vibes to the appropriate parts of Mel’s body. We didn’t fasten them too firmly (even though I wanted to as revenge for Mel having been far too vicious with Jen in a previous session). Jen then knelt and fingered Mel much more forcefully, working three and then four fingers in to Mel’s cunt. Jen added her thumb but didn’t push her hand in all the way as the idea wasn’t to fist Mel, just to prepare her for the next part of the plan. Julia then appeared from the kitchen with a Magnum ice cream (ice cream with a chocolate covering) and once Jen had removed her hand from Mel, Julia knelt and took Jen’s place.

Jules rubbed the Magnum up and down the length of Mel’s pussy and then pushed the end slightly in to her. She briefly fucked Mel with it but before the chocolate could really start to melt, she pushed the ice cream the whole way in to Mel. We all watched as Jules fucked Mel with the Magnum – at first it only made a little mess as the chocolate started to melt, but then the chocolate shell broke and as Julia repeatedly pumped the ice cream in and out it quickly got much messier. Mel naturally complained that it felt very cold, but she had agreed to let us do whatever we wanted to her and to her credit she put up with it. When most of the ice cream had been pulled off of the stick, Julia handed the remains to Mel for her to eat while Julia buried her face between Mel’s legs and started to eat the melted ice cream and chocolate mess out of her. Julia wasn’t the only one of us to help clean Mel up and Jen had a turn next. A lot of the mess had already leaked out (or been eaten) by the time Jen finished and we decided that it was only fair to use a second Magnum in Mel so Mike and I could eat her properly too.

The clit vibe had gotten detached during the games so Mike held it against Mel’s clit while I use the second Magnum in her. She came while we were doing this, but we carried on anyway and I gave her a good licking to get my share of the ice cream. Mike pushed his cock in to her and briefly fucked her again before he went down on her. We then all took turns fingering Mel and spreading her to see how much mess remained. I suggested to Jen that she should finish what she had started earlier so Jen once again knelt between Mel’s legs and pushed her fingers between Mel’s lips, but this time she went all the way and fisted her. I encouraged Jen to keep going and Julia held the clit vibe in place as Jen repeatedly pumped her hand (and wrist) in and out of Mel until she came again. When Jen removed her hand it was smeared with a coating of ice cream, which Jen wiped roughly over Mel’s face and then gave her pussy a few light slaps.

Needless to say, Mel had to go and shower to get cleaned up (Jen helped Mel clean out her insides) and we let her have a rest. We all ended up joining her so we would have energy for the evening’s activities. In a hardly unexpected turn of events, things didn’t stay quiet too long and once we had finished lunch, Mel decided to get a little payback and fucked Julia with Mike’s beer bottle (she did at least let him finish the beer first). It was one of the bottles with a straight neck that then flared out so Mel could be quite forceful with it and slam the bottle in to Julia hard. I was ‘forced’ to sit over Julia’s face so she could eat me, although this wasn’t too much of a hardship as being eaten by someone as experienced as her is pretty much always going to be an enjoyable experience. Once Julia (and I) had cum, she reminisced about how her brother and his friends used to do the same thing to her when she was much younger. Most of the time they would play around while indoors at someone’s house (usually based on whoever’s parents were out), but in the summer they would sometimes play outside. Julia recalled how she was sometimes fucked with bottles of beer that were mostly full and how people would then drink it out of her or just lick her partially clean before fucking her. She said that she had gotten thrush from the yeast on a number of occasions but unless it was really bad, she had often still let the guys fuck her (and later on the girls eat her) as she had loved cumming so much and didn’t want to miss out.

We ate dinner and started to prepare for going out – we had called Mel during the week and discussed our plan with her so Julia was the only one of us who didn’t know what the evening was going to entail. We didn’t expect Jules to complain though and even when it became apparent that we were preparing for something specific, she accepted the fact that she was going to have to wait to find out exactly what it was. Even though I had been looking forward to the evening all week, I still hadn’t decided on the specific look I wanted to go for. I had considered all of my usual looks – naked (under a coat), just a bodysuit, schoolgirl, miniskirt and revealing top… but just hadn’t been able to decide. I finally settled on a variation that hit a number of areas, black hold-ups, one of my peek-a-boo bras that showed my nipples, a plain blouse, a short(ish) pleated skirt and white panties (so I would be able to tease at least a little bit instead of just completely revealing myself immediately). Julia was dressed in a similar fashion to me, but she borrowed a pair of Jen’s lacy panties that were slightly more revealing than my plain white ones.

While we dressed, Jen packed up a few items for the evening. Once she was done we set off towards our destination and soon arrived at the designated place, an old bar in a part of town we didn’t really know that well. We went downstairs as we had been instructed and met Alistair, the owner of (one of) the sex shops that we frequent. We had decided to take him up on the offer he had made us when Sue and I had put on an impromptu show in the shop almost a month previously. I had considered involving Sue in the ‘proper’ show, but thought that we would be able to do a much better job if it was someone that I could do everything with – and I couldn’t really think of anyone more willing to fuck than Julia (with the possible exception of Susan). We had set some ground rules during the call and even though Alistair had offered to pay us, we had refused this as I really object to the idea of taking money for sex (I understand that many girls will do this and that is their choice, but I cum for my own enjoyment). Once the basic rules had been established, Mike and Jen had taken over the rest of the call so I wasn’t aware of all the arrangements that had been made, but I was pleased enough to see that we had been provided with a bed in a well-lit area of the room. There were some chairs on each side and I was informed that we were doing to have eight people watching us (assuming they all turned up, but Alistair was very confident that we wouldn’t have any no-shows).

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mike’s Birthday – Part 4

Mike was still recovering so Sue and I were tasked with getting Jen started and we set about doing this. Sue went down on Jen first and ate her quite rapidly for a few minutes before I took over. We soon had Jen mewing away as her orgasm approached and Mike asked to take my place so he could be the one to make her cum. I moved out of the way and he took my place, followed soon after by Jen starting to cum. Mike carried on eating her while Sue and I held Jen’s arms (so she couldn’t push him away) and we watched as Jen squirmed and panted. Mike quickly swapped places with Sue and Jen’s protests became louder as Sue continued the assault on Jen’s clit. When I tried to switch places with Sue, we had to pull Jen’s legs open, but I got my mouth to her pussy and resumed eating her as Jen moaned and panted her protests even louder. I was getting close to stopping when Jen cried out that she was cumming again – I ate her through her orgasm and then eased off before finally pulling away and asking her to describe what she had felt.

She wasn’t ready to tell us at first as she was breathing heavily and pressing her thighs together. Once she had recovered she described how the feeling had steadily become more and more intense. As was the case with Mike, she said that it wasn’t really that nice a feeling and when she had cum it had been a very sharp, piercing orgasm. She said that the actual orgasm has sort of felt nice, but was a bit too intense to enjoy properly (and this is from the girl who can cum from being spanked, slapped and pinched). After a fair bit of reassurance that he would be gentle, Jen agreed to let Mike try and kitty kiss her and even though she was clearly apprehensive when he started, she said that it actually felt quite nice.

We threatened Sue with the same treatment that Jen had received but she managed to convince us that if she made as much noise as Jen had then someone would probably complain and we would be discovered (we weren’t worried about anyone finding out that we were having a group session, just that we might be charged more for having four of us in the room). Mike said that if Sue wasn’t going to cum, then he should at least get to use her to spoon. He carefully pushed in to her and said that now he’d had a chance to calm down and for his glans to recover it felt nice being inside her. He certainly wasn’t in a fit state to fuck her but he did enjoy moving very gently inside her while we chatted.

The next morning Mike took another turn at licking us all and having his cock inside each of us before Jen and I were asked to put on a show. Mike gently played with Sue as they watched Jen and I finger, hump and eat each other and once we’d cum we showered and left Mike and Sue to have breakfast in bed together. This followed a similar pattern to the previous day – they ordered breakfast and while they waited, Sue followed instructions and lay out her Japanese schoolgirl costume at the end of the bed (so it would be easily visible). She was given the negligee she had worn while we’d been playing in the library, but this time she wasn’t even given a bra to wear under it. Mike waited in the bathroom with the shower running and when breakfast arrived, Sue answered the door. From her description of the guy, we think it was the same person who had delivered breakfast on the Saturday. We’re even more convinced this was the case as he looked at Sue and asked her to confirm the name the breakfast had been ordered under. Sue did this and told him that she wasn’t the same girl who had been there the day before (although this would have been quite obvious to him if it was indeed the same guy as Jen and Sue look nothing alike). As he brought the breakfast in, she explained about how it was Mike’s birthday and she was his wife’s sister that he had been given a night with for a present. He asked if the girl he’d seen the previous day (Jen) was Mike’s wife and Sue explained that Jen was a friend of his wife’s who he had also been given as a present (to which the room service guy said that he was quite jealous of Mike having such a generous wife).

As the guy left, Sue asked him if he thought that she should keep on the outfit she was wearing (as she partially lifted the hem) or if he thought she should change in to the schoolgirl outfit. The guy said that the negligee looked very sexy but Sue pushed a bit further and asked if she could at least show him the uniform to see if he thought she should wear it. He told her that as long as she was quick he could have a look and she quickly stripped off and stepped in to the skirt. She sat on the bed to pull the socks on, making sure he could see her pussy as she did this and she then slipped on the top (without a bra as she was trying to be quick). She then posed in one of Mike’s favourite positions – sitting on the bed with legs partially spread and one foot up on the bed, hugging her knee. The guy also thought that this was a very sexy look and said he wished he could have stayed longer, but that he really had to go. As soon as he was out of the door, Mike emerged from the bathroom and told Sue that she really was getting as bad as me (she had only been told to flirt with him a little while wearing the revealing nightwear).

They ate breakfast and Sue was fucked with a banana (he’d done it to Jen so didn’t want Sue to feel left out). Instead of then using grapes in her, he went for the yoghurt and after pouring a decent volume in to her pussy, he ate her out and they then went to the shower (with Sue holding a hand over her pussy to keep the remaining yoghurt inside her). Once in the shower (but before they turned the water on) Sue removed her hand and as the remaining yoghurt began to leak out of her pussy, Mike pushed his cock in to her and fucked her while holding one of her legs up against his hip. They both ended up with messy crotches and Sue ended up adding her own cream to the mix as Mike made sure she came before he knelt and licked her clean (or at least cleaner) and they then used the shower to clean up properly.

When Sue went to get dressed, she discovered that the bag we had left her didn’t have any useful clothes in it so she had the choice of wearing my dress from the previous evening, the Japanese outfit or the negligee. Sue opted for the Japanese outfit but we hadn’t even left her a bra and Mike thought that she should at least wear the negligee as a top (with her jacket over it). As she got dressed, Mike stopped her a number of times and caressed her (given she hardly had anything to put on, he spent longer caressing her than she did getting dressed). As you would expect, he played with her legs a fair bit once she had put the white socks on and kissed around her inner thighs as well as her pussy. Between each session they packed up a little more and got ready to leave, but before Sue was allowed to put her top on, Mike finished things off by fucking her.

He started off by flipping her skirt up and sliding in to her as she was bent over, but they then fucked with Sue sitting on the desk, up against the window, with her bent over a chair and finishing off on the bed with Sue’s legs wrapped around Mike. This took a little time as Mike was determined to make Sue cum without any clitoral stimulation (in the final position anyway, he had frigged her at various times in the earlier positions). As they humped away against each other, Mike told Sue that she should really move up and be with us all the time so he could fuck her daily. Sue liked the sound of this idea and as they continued to explore the fantasy Mike told Sue that if she was with us then he could be trying to get her pregnant as well. It’s not the first time that Mike has said things like this to Sue and he knows that she likes the idea (at least as much as a fantasy). He wasn’t Sue’s first love, but she did imagine doing things with him for quite a while before we actually got her join watch and then join in our games, so he still holds a special place in her heart and mind. Sue came while telling Mike that she wanted him to make her pregnant and as Mike had been holding back for quite a while he was able to cum in her fairly easily once she started to cum around him (it wasn’t a porn movie simultaneous orgasm, but was close enough together).

Sue’s final challenge was to get up from the bed without letting any of Mike’s cum dribble out on to her skirt, but without wiping any of it away. Once she was upright, she wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum away as it dribbled out of her pussy. I remember that Sue used to not like the feeling of having cum running down her legs and she was still a bit concerned about how visible it was, but she did at least play along (she sort of cheated and rubbed her thighs together a little, but this just meant that a larger area was damp. Mike quickly dressed as Sue put her revealing top and jacket on and they checked out. Mike had hoped that they would run in to the guy who had delivered their breakfast so Sue could show off her outfit (discreetly, without Mike knowing of course), but they managed to leave the hotel without further incident and met us back at the house (Sue had arranged to get the late train back so she could spend more of the Sunday with us).

We had lunch at home (we needed to save some money after the expense of the weekend) and as we ate Mike and Sue filled Jen and I in on what they had done after we’d left. Jen also liked the idea of Sue moving up to live with us and it was decided that Sue could be with Mike or Jen in the morning while I had the other one and we would swap for the evening session (occasionally swapping round as we have more time in the evening so it wouldn’t be fair for one set of pairings to always be quickies). Jen pointed out the flaw in Mike’s plan to get Sue pregnant as well (other than the obvious fact that our parents would find out that Sue has been fucking Mike and Jen). If Sue was living with us and Mike managed to get all three of us pregnant at the same time, his life would be a living hell (we are aware there is a risk that both Jen and I might get pregnant but have decided to take that chance).

Mike asked Sue and Jen to put on a show after lunch (along the lines of the one Jen and I had done earlier in the day). This was partially for his amusement but also so that Jen could enjoy Sue a bit more before Sue had to leave (as I’ve said before, Jen loves playing with Sue as much as Mike does, and Mike knows this). Jen eagerly took advantage of the situation and fingered, kissed, humped and ate Sue (it wasn’t entirely one way - Sue seemed to be giving as good as she got and enjoying herself as well). Mike gently teased me while we watched and I wasn’t too surprised when he asked me to take Jen’s place once she had finished with Sue.

Up to a point, Sue and I are now quite used to making out and we put on (I think) a fairly good show of kissing, playing with each other’s breasts and grinding against each other’s thighs. Mike (and Jen) wanted us to cum but instead of expecting us to make each other cum, they decided to help us out. We started off by sharing one of our shorter double ended dildos so our pussies could touch (and Mike and Jen could take turns licking us both at the same time) and we then were instructed to move on to a longer dildo so they could pump it back and forth between us. Mike said he wanted to take it up another level and I thought he was going to get Jen involved so we could form another dildo ring, but instead he asked Sue and I to kneel on all fours with our asses facing together. He reinserted the dildo between our pussies and then worked a second dildo in to our asses. Jen sat on the other side of us from Mike and between them they moved both dildos back and forth with one hand each and played with our clits with their free hands.

When they moved the dildos in opposing directions, Sue and I remained still and concentrated on the sensation of the dildos rubbing against each other inside us. When they thrust both dildos in and out of us in sync, we pushed ourselves back against the intruding toys and could feel our holes being simultaneously filled. Mike and Jen switched over from time to time so they both had multiple turns of working each of the dildos and frigging each of our clits. It felt like such a lewd thing to be doing that I could feel myself getting very turned on (separately to what the physical stimulation was doing for me) and I asked them to fuck us harder and faster. They partially fulfilled my request and we had a few bursts of the dildos being thrust back and forth between us, but mostly continued using steady, deliberate strokes. The random thrusts felt really good though as they didn’t keep their movements in sync so we had a mix of both, one and none of the dildos fully inside us (at least the ends were always in us). Sue was the first of us to say that she thought she would cum soon and she was warned that the usual rules would apply and she would have to keep being fucked until I came. I told her that I wouldn’t try to hold back so instead of Sue trying to delay her orgasm, she let go and just enjoyed it. Jen told me that Sue’s whole back was flushed a deep pink and Sue told Jen to shut up as it was embarrassing but Jen told her that it couldn’t be much more embarrassing than knowing that she was sharing two dildos with me and both she and Mike were watching us both cum. Sue continued to let out little whines as the dildos were repeatedly plunged in to her ass and cunt but she hung on until I came (as promise, I didn’t try to delay my own orgasm). As I started to cum, Mike and Jen gave us another burst of rapid dildo pumping, which felt really good for me but caused Sue to yelp and let out a series of ‘oh fucks’.

Sue and I felt that we’d done a pretty good job of giving Mike his birthday wishes and he certainly seemed appreciative (as did Jen, even though she was meant to be part of the gift as well). Before Sue went back home (a little while after our double dildo session), she was asked for one last present – to lick Mike and Jen while they fucked. She did this and easily got Jen off – Mike had  been considering cumming inside Jen so Sue could eat his cum out of her and spit it in to me, but he decided that as he probably wouldn’t produce too much, he may as well finish off in Sue. Jen felt it was only fair that she lick Sue in the same way that Sue had done for her, but where Mike and Jen had fucked sitting in a chair with Sue kneeling in front of them, Mike took Sue from behind with Jen lying under her. We’ve gotten quite good at this position now (the three of us have had quite a bit of practice since Mike and Jen started fucking) so Sue also came quite easily and Mike wasn’t too far behind her.

Sue was convinced to wear the Japanese schoolgirl skirt on the way home with some black opaque thigh-high stockings (but she was allowed a normal top). As usual she was asked to forgo panties and given the challenge of letting guys see that she was naked under her skirt. At the station she was briefly fingered by Mike and Jen and as a final present, Sue and I had our fingers in each other and then sucked them clean (I was the one who god the reward for this as Mike played with me on the way back to the house and I was then eaten). Mike and Sue arranged to meet in York for the sex party in a couple of weeks and promised Jen that she would return soon for further lesbian indoctrination (although we don’t actually think there is much left for Sue to learn – not that this will stop Jen from trying!).

Monday, 31 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday – Part 3

We collected Jen and Sue and then headed off to have lunch (we all seemed to have built up a good appetite). On the way down the stairs I felt some dampness start to trickle out of my pussy and told Mike the good news. It really wasn’t much, but I still enjoyed the feeling as the drips worked their way down my thighs. We were well behaved for lunch (in action at least if not in conversation as we discussed our fun in the library). We then went for a wander and even though it was via a roundabout route, we made our way to our favourite sex shop.

The usual assistant Alistair was there and Mike told him that we were out for his birthday celebration and that he was looking for how to spice up our evening. I had no idea what Mike was planning but was quite willing to go along with what he asked.He handed me a pair of white panties and once I’d slipped them on, Sue and I had to both sit up on the counter and spread our legs so Alistair could see our crotches. Mike asked Alistair’s opinion as to which look he thought looked sexier – my covered pussy or Sue’s partially hidden one. It wasn’t a clear victory (we apparently both looked good) but Sue won that round. I then had to remove my panties as we ran the competition again. Alistair said that it was even closer that time but I won (he apparently really liked Sue’s look which is why it was difficult to decide). Mike then suggested that we try stroking ourselves to see if this made a difference and he definitely liked being able to see me fingering myself.

Jen pointed out that it was a little unfair as Sue could only rub herself and not play properly, so we had her pull her tights down (or up due to the way she was sitting) to the middle of her thighs so she could touch herself properly too. Alistair really liked that look and Mike told him that he could caress Sue, but that he wouldn’t be able to fuck her this week. (Mike didn’t really have a good reason for this and as he’d already got Sue to fuck another guy I was a bit surprised). Alistair asked if he could play with me as well and was naturally given permission to do so. He explored both of our pussies and asked if we wanted to try out any of the toys. Jen brought over a horse dildo and suggested that we both fuck it, but fortunately she was joking (it was huge and while I may not be the sweet, innocent girl with a tight little pussy anymore, I don’t think I could have comfortably taken it). We coped with the use of Alistair’s fingers and playing with our own clits – the aim was for us to both cum at the same time, but we didn’t do too well at this. I came first and Alistair then concentrated on Sue – it didn’t take her too long to cum once he did this but Mike and Jen thought that we would both have to serve a punishment for not cumming together.

Before we left, Alistair asked Sue and I we had thought about his offer to put on a show for other people. It was something I had been considering since he first raised the issue, but I had been very unsure as to whether Sue should be involved. I asked how much notice he would want and he said a few days would be fine as he knew some people who would be interested and would probably be able to come on short notice so I told him I would get back to him. As we wandered off to a café for afternoon coffee, Mike teased Sue about being involved in any show and asked her if she would sit and masturbate for a group of strangers, make herself cum multiple times in whatever way they wanted and then let them fuck her. I’m quite sure that it wouldn’t have been too long ago that Sue would have never entertained the idea of anything like that, but she said she would consider it and that it might be fun.

We headed back to the hotel and Mike said that he needed to recharge his libido if he was going to be able to fuck us properly again that day so we stripped off and all climbed in to the bed. He then changed his mind and got me to put the opaque tights on, Jen to put a pair of white panties on and Sue to stay naked. We all sat facing him and played with ourselves so he could make his own informed comparison between the various looks. He especially liked Jen playing with herself inside the panties, with just the occasional flash of her pussy as the material moved sufficiently far to one side or the other as her fingers rubbed away. We then had to all lie on our backs and he lapped away at our cunts. He licked me through my tights and I thought he was going to tear them to get to me properly but he left me covered. In Jen’s case he licked her through the panties as well as pulling the crotch to the side to lick her directly. As Sue was naked he had no trouble eating her. He then said that to finish his ‘recharge’ that one of us should cum and as I can generally cum more than Jen or Sue, I was the default choice.

Mike sat up against the headboard and I lay on my back with my head in his lap (with his cock right beside my face). Mie stroked my neck and Jen and Sue were set to work on my nipples, stomach and thighs (but were specifically told to avoid my pussy). This is one of the most sensual ways I can cum – partially as the build-up takes so long and partially as there is no direct stimulation on my clit or pussy. Once I was more aroused, Sue and Jen also had to kiss around my neck – this doesn’t feel as good as when it is caressed, but still felt nice and I would gently hold their heads in place so they didn’t move too quickly. I could feel my pussy tingling and the warmth beginning to pulse through my crotch but also knew that it could still take a while to cum. I turned and sucked at the shaft of Mike’s cock a few times and watched as Sue took the head in her mouth, but he told her to concentrate on helping me cum so she returned to sucking on one of my nipples and caressing my thighs. When I got to the ‘squirming around on the bed’ stage, Mike got Jen and Sue to pull my legs apart and concentrate on kissing and caressing my inner thighs while he concentrated on stroking my neck. I was on the brink of cumming and knew I just needed a tiny push to get me there, but had to wait until the gentle stimulation did its job. I finally felt the tension in my pussy boil over from frustration to orgasm and lifted my ass off of the bed as the first waves of my orgasm pulsed out through my body. I always seems to have my deepest orgasms (close to a whole body orgasm, not the shaking panting types you see in porn, but ones that I feel right through my body and not just in my pussy or clit) – this time was no exception and I concentrated on what I could feel as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me. Even though it felt very deep, it was sufficiently gentle that I didn’t want it to stop – unfortunately (as always happens) it did though and as the waves started to ebb and fade, I lowered my ass back down on to the bed and thanked the three of them for what they had just done.

Jen ran a finger up the length of my pussy and commented on how wet I felt (this also usually happens when I’m played with in this way. She sucked her finger clean and was going to lick me but Mike said that my juices belonged to him (for that weekend anyway – he knows full well that Jen has equal rights to my body). Before he went down on me, he slid his cock in to my wet cunt and described how I felt different than usual, but then reverted to type and lapped at me until he had taken all of my excess juices. Sue was given the job of sucking his cock clean (any excuse to get my juices in to her mouth) and with this done, we relaxed for a while - although not entirely as the session had achieved the desired effect and Mike was now in the mood to fuck. Just because he wanted to fuck it didn’t mean he wanted to cum yet though (he was still saving that for later in the hope that he might be able to produce a semi-decent volume of cum) so he spooned with Jen and then Sue while we chatted. He didn’t make either of them cum either but they seemed to enjoy the experience.

We had a nice dinner booked for that night, for which Sue, Jen and I had brought along nice dresses. We skipped wearing panties (and Jen went without a bra), but for a change we were otherwise perfectly well behaved with no fondling, flashing or masturbation challenges. We then went on for cocktails and our good behaviour mostly continued, although Jen kept giving Sue challenges as to who she would rather sleep with out of the various couples that were around us. I mostly agreed with Sue’s responses – there were a few times she opted for the guy when I might have taken the girl, but there was one case when she opted to fuck the girl when I would have taken the guy.

Mike and Sue returned to the hotel first and Jen and I followed a couple of minutes later. Sue was already undressed by the time we arrived and she was instructed to help Jen out of her dress while Mike undressed me. He stood behind me and caressed me and as his fingers probed between my lips and toyed with my clit he whispered a thank you in my ear for his birthday present and told me I was the best wife ever (technically it was a present from both Jen and me, but I wasn’t going to quibble). I asked Mike if he was going to fuck us and he told me that he would make us all cum. He hadn’t technically answered my question, but he did so practically by moving a chair over towards the window, sitting in it and telling me to mount him. Jen was called over to lick us while I rode up and down on Mike’s cock. He then switched to having Jen ride him while Sue licked them and finally fucked Sue with Jen licking again.

We hadn’t done things for long enough to cum – this was just the warm-up. We moved over to the bed and Mike lay on his back so one of us could ride him while he ate one of the remaining two. The third person was tasked with sitting behind the one riding his cock and reaching around to play with the person’s breasts. Sue was responsible for doing this to me and I have to say that she was actually quite good – my nipples aren’t that sensitive so I don’t usually feel a great deal when they are played with (it normally feels nice, just not *NICE*). As Sue’s fingers stroked and gently rolled my nips though I could definitely feel things – it was sort of a cross between warmth, tingling and little pulses of pleasure similar to an incredibly mild orgasm. I craned my neck around so I could kiss her and I stroked my clit. I’m quite sure I would have cum quite quickly if we hadn’t changed position, but I was told to move to Mike’s mouth while Sue took his cock and Jen caressed Sue’s breasts. Mike had no trouble finishing me off with his tongue (but then again he is quite experience at this so would have probably done so even if I hadn’t been enjoying his cock and Sue’s hands so much). He continued to kitty kiss me for a while before getting us to switch places again and we repeated this until each of us had cum in his mouth (which meant I had to ride him again while he ate Jen – Sue caressed my nipples again but I didn’t play with my clit this time).

We had a brief breather so Mike could calm down (so he could last for round two). He said that he hadn’t intended to eat us all to orgasm initially, but once he’d done it to me it just seemed like a good idea. I admitted that the way Sue had been caressing my nipples had felt really nice and she said that it was a technique that she had seen in a video and used on herself a few times. She had enjoyed it, but apparently not as much as I had. Naturally Jen wanted Sue to try it out on her so Mike suggested we move on to round two – this time with each of us cumming on his cock and we could switch the order so Sue caressed Jen’s nips. It didn’t seem to work as well on Jen either – my theory is that this is because Jen’s areola are significantly smaller than mine (although that wouldn’t explain why it didn’t work as well for Sue who’s breasts are pretty similar). Once it became clear that it wasn’t going to be a new & earth-shattering technique for Jen, Sue moved on to just having a single hand on Jen’s nips and playing with Jen’s clit. This was still sufficient to get Jen off though and once she’d cum we switched round and Mike kitty kissed Jen while Sue fucked him.

In this position it was my job to play with Sue’s breasts and I tried to copy what she had done to me. As had been the case with Jen, she said that it felt nice, but clearly not as much as it had done with me. Mike humped away inside Sue and she played wither clit to get herself off and with this done we switched around for my turn on his cock. I had an easy time of cumming as Jen played with my clit and breasts as Mike fucked me. Once I’d cum I was going to climb off of Mike but he said that as we’d all cum, it was time for him to finish off. I was quite pleased that he had opted to finish in me (especially as he had Sue there) so I didn’t complain that having cum twice I felt a little sensitive. I was given a moment to recover before we started and we then fucked. Jen and Sue were both tasked with helping me cum (Mike didn’t need any help as he said that he was quite close so was concentrating on holding back his orgasm). We finished off with him pumping rapidly in to me while Jen and Sue caressed my ass. As always (or at least as usual) Mike waited until I came before he came in me and we then kissed deeply while Jen played with my pussy lips.

I felt quite spent and didn’t need to cum again but Mike was still moving inside me very gently which felt nice. I tried riding up and down the length of his cock and he told me that it felt too intense (which is usually the case just after he’s cum) but I told him that as we (the girls) had cum seven times between us that he should have to endure a bit more stimulation. Sue and Jen helped to hold his arms and I slowly slid up and down the length of his cock. Mike didn’t entirely like the way this felt, but he was determined not to give an and after I had used him for a minute or so Sue said she wanted a turn (probably as partial revenge for the times Mike has made her cum lots). Once I dismounted, she gave him a quick suck before taking my place and she humped him a bit more forcefully than I had. Mike said that it still felt excruciatingly intense but it wasn’t until Jen sat over him and slipped his cock in to her cunt that he said he couldn’t take any more (to be fair Jen is probably quite a bit tighter than Sue or me). This didn’t stop Jen from riding him but he pulled his arms free and held her still before getting her to dismount.

We discussed what he had felt and he tried to describe how it was so incredibly strong a sensation that it wasn’t pleasant. From our games, Jen, Sue and I all know about this (we’ve all made each other cum and then continued to stimulate the other person) but Mike seemed to think it was more intense for him than for us. I think that Mike is just less tolerant of intense feelings – I’m fairly sure that when I have a really strong orgasm that it is significantly stronger than when he cums hard, but to be fair I have no way of knowing exactly how strong the sensation is for him when he is rubbed/sucked/fucked just after cumming. And then again I guess I also have no way of knowing what it is really like for another girl either (but in the case of another girl I assume I have a better idea as we are at least physiologically similar).

Mike decided that we should do a comparison and as Jen had been the one who had cum longest ago, she was chosen to be the test subject. Before we did this however, we had to make sure that Jen and I got an equal share of his cum so once again Sue was given the chore of transferring his cum from my pussy in to Jen’s. She was given the choice of how she wanted to do this and opted to just have me sit over her and let his cum dribble in to her mouth. Neither Mike nor Jen helped out though so Sue had to spread my lips. Mike tried to convince her to eat me properly and suck the cum out, but Sue would only go as far as pushing a finger in to me to try to spoon his cum out into her waiting mouth. She said that she didn’t really get much, but spat it in to Jen’s pussy anyway and we then moved on to the intensity comparison test.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday - Part 2

The next morning, Sue woke Mike up by kissing and licking his cock. He was already hard before she started this (Mike usually gets morning wood so this is normal for him) and he lay back and enjoyed having her suck him. Jen and I woke up and watched as we came to and Jen started playing with Sue but Mike said that he wanted to make us all cum. Sue gave him a good sucking and he told her that he was getting really close and asked her to stop as he could easily cum in her mouth but said he wanted to cum in one of us. Sue convinced him to let her finish his birthday blowjob and he gave in and let her carry on sucking him. Sue was given the option of whether she wanted to spit his cum in to Jen’s and my pussies or to swallow it – she chose the latter and kept her lips sealed around Mike’s cock as she sucked him off and he emptied his load in to her warm mouth. We didn’t see a single drop of his cum as she continued to (gently) suck his cock clean and had swallowed everything before she pulled away.

Sue then sat over him and kissed him while grinding her pussy against his cock. Mike told her that he couldn’t fuck her yet as the stimulation felt too intense but Sue told him to just lie back and let her use him. She knows full well (as we all do) that he loves seeing girls cum, so Sue continued his present by sitting up and rubbing herself back and forth on his shaft, playing with her breasts, stroking her clit and generally doing whatever she could to put on a nice little show for him. Mike told her that even if she made herself cum, he wanted to make her cum as well and Sue told him that was fine and he could do whatever he wanted to her. He really wanted to eat one of Jen or me, but also wanted to watch Sue cum so Jen and I sat either side of them and let Mike gently finger us both as Sue humped her way towards her orgasm. Mike occasionally withdrew his fingers from our pussies and rubbed our juices on Sue’s nipples, who in turn lifted her nipples to her mouth and licked them clean. When Sue got close to cumming, she leant forwards a little and held herself up with her hands on Mike’s chest while she humped faster and faster against Mike’s cock. As usual, Sue’s upper half flushed red, but she told us (Mike really) that she was going to cum on his cock and he encouraged her to keep humping away. We could actually hear her pussy making squishing sounds and I suggested to Jen that we help clean him up afterwards (which Jen was all for). Sue came and slowly slid back and forth against his cock a few more times before collapsing down on top of Mike and kissing him.

With the distraction gone, Mike fingered Jen and me a bit more effectively, but he wanted to eat us to make us cum so after Jen and I had licked his cock clean, we took turns sitting over him and having him eat us. While Mike ate me, Jen had a quick dive in to Sue’s pussy to suck out her juices. Mike said that Sue could cum if she wanted, as long as she could manage another orgasm for him. She wasn’t confident that she could do this so told Jen to be gentle, but Jen didn’t entirely heed Sue’s request and she got Sue off again before Mike made me cum. Fortunately for Sue, Mike opted to eat Jen next so she had a little time to recover, but she was hauled over his face as soon as Jen came and he ate her to her third orgasm in a short space of time.

As Sue lay panting, we told Mike that two of us would head out for breakfast so that he could enjoy breakfast in bed. The plan was for him to have a different girl on the Saturday and Sunday mornings – as Sue probably wasn’t in a fit state to cum again for a while, we decided that she should be Sunday’s girl and I opted to let Jen stay with him. Sue and I showered and got ready to go out, putting on simple outfits and telling Mike that we had brought a selection of clothes with us so he could choose things for us to change in to, depending on how he wanted to use us (we had no intention of letting Sue be the only one to let him use her as he wanted). Just before Sue and I left, he and Jen ordered breakfast and we told them to call us so we could meet up when they had finished. We went and had breakfast at a nearby café and had a pleasant time discussing many different things (not all of which were related to sex).

Mike picked a very transparent black negligee for Jen to wear and she had to answer the door to let the guy with breakfast in while wearing it. She acted as if there was nothing unusual about her attire and ignored the way he stared at her (the negligee did very little to hide her body). She didn’t do anything to explicitly show herself off to the guy (if it had been me I would have bent over lots or sat on the bed with my legs crossed and pussy spread), but he still got to see her from the front and back enough that hardly any of Jen’s body was hidden from his gaze. Once she had shown the guy out and shut the door, she asked Mike if he wanted her to leave the negligee on and he told her that she should as it looked sexy so she joined him on the bed and they ate breakfast together. They didn’t play with the yoghurt, but the fruit selection was eaten in a more interesting way. Mike fucked Jen with a banana for a while and then inserted grapes in to her pussy one at a time before sucking them out of her. He continued this until she was close to cumming and they then went to shower together and continue playing.

Mike fucked Jen up against the wall of the shower, firmly kneading her body as they moved against each other. For a while he took her from behind so he could play with her nipples and clit and Mike told her that he was going to empty so much cum in to her and get her pregnant (we all found the idea of getting pregnant to be quite a turn on, so this line had been used a lot since we started trying to conceive). They finished off fucking face to face with Jen up against the wall again and Mike told her that as they were in the shower, she should make use of it. Their tongues swirled together and as Jen came, she peed, emptying her bladder over Mike’s crotch and feeling the liquid mix with the shower water as it ran down their legs. Mike pushed in to her hard and she told him to cum in her, which he did. His fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart and teased her anus as he panted in to her mouth and told her that he wanted her to have his baby.

Once they had calmed down, they washed each other off (and Mike undid some of this work by peeing over Jen’s legs and pussy once his erection had died down). They then dressed and Mike selected some outfits from the selection we had brought along. He debated getting Jen to wear just the negligee, but decided against this as it was a little chilly out and she would have had to keep a jacket on over it the whole time. It didn’t stop him putting in his bag though and once they were ready, they gave Sue and I a call and headed out to meet us.

We started off by going for a coffee (even though Sue and I had just left a café) and Mike told us what he wanted us to do. It involved quite a bit of risk, but wasn’t too different from things we’d done before in that he wanted to make use of places in the Uni (where I work) to play. He didn’t want us to change clothes so once we’d finished our coffee, we set off and walked to Uni, first going to my lab. Not surprisingly, there was someone else there but he was working on a paper and his desk didn’t have a direct line of sight to mine (there was a bookcase and a couple of sets of shelves in the way) so we decided to risk it. Mike sat in my chair, Sue knelt on the floor between his legs and sucked him and Jen sat up on my desk so Mike could play with her pussy. He really wanted to eat her, but it wasn’t the right position for that so he had to settle for fingering her and then using my emergency hairbrush to fuck her. He didn’t give up on the idea of eating her though and Mike ended up kneeling on the floor so he could do this, which had the added benefit that when Sue turned around, she could present her pussy to him and he could fuck her. It wasn’t a real fuck as Mike couldn’t move that much, but he did manage to get Jen quite wet and horny (but he didn’t make her cum). I was then given a brief fucking with my brush and Mike pushed his head under my skirt to lick me before we headed off to find a more suitable place to play.

As it was still out of term, we decided that the library would be a good place to try. There were no undergrads around and Jen’s course had finished so we headed to the floor that she had been living in while writing up her dissertation. Once we’d had a good look around to make sure we were alone, Mike gave us our challenge. As I hadn’t been involved in doing things in my lab, he thought it was only fair that I should be the first to receive some pleasure. I had my top and bra removed and was told to lie up on a table so they could all play with me. I was fucked by Mike, eaten by Mike and Jen and had my breasts played with by all of them. Needless to say, having this done to me in such a public place helped me cum very quickly and it was then Jen’s turn to receive a similar treatment. In her case, we used the table that she done most of her writing at (so she would also have some fond memories of the place). It wasn’t as well shielded as the table I’d been fucked on, but as nobody else had shown up we felt fairly safe. We managed to get her off without interruption and by the time we finished, Mike said that he felt close to cumming so Sue assumed that she would be the one to receive his cum when we played with her.

He had something a little different in mind for her though – Jen and I had to be a bit more careful as there was a chance that we could be recognised if anyone saw us but Sue didn’t have this issue as she was an ‘outsider’. Mike told her that he had an outfit for her to wear and she was told to strip off. She removed her clothes and stood naked, waiting for Mike to hand her the new outfit, but before he did so, he took advantage of her nudity and caressed her. The caressing led on to fingering, which led on to eating, which led on to him having her bend over a table so he could fuck her. Each stage was only brief so neither of them came, but it was enough to keep Mike nice and hard. Sue was given a black bra and then handed a black negligee (similar in transparency to the one Jen had worn earlier in the day for room service). This was a little shorter than Jen’s, although it didn’t make much of a difference as her pussy and ass were clearly visible through it anyway. Mike then handed her a pair of my seamless black opaque tights and once she pulled them on, he pulled them up firmly against her pussy and folded down the top of the tights a couple of times so they looked like leggings. That is, they looked like leggings unless she did anything to stretch the material, in which case they were nowhere near as opaque. We tested this out by having her bend over forwards and then sit up on a table and spread her legs.

Mike gave Sue her mission and we then went on a wander to find a suitable location. We located someone suitable – a single guy who looked like he was busily writing away – and Sue was directed over towards him. She pretended to be reading a book of French erotica (Sue is fairly fluent in French so she did actually find a suitable section of the book). We watched from a distance (suitably hidden behind a few bookcases) as Sue sat at the next table to her target. She pretended to be engrossed in the book and absently ran a hand over her breasts from time to time or sucked on one of her fingers. As she pretended to become lost in the book, she spread her legs a little and brushed her hand back and forth over her crotch a few times. We saw her slowly ratchet up the intensity of her fondling until she was either cupping and kneading her breasts or properly rubbing her pussy through her tights. All the while she had been sneaking subtle glances over at her target to check that he was watching her and once she was sure that she had him hooked (and that it was unlikely he was going to report her), she pretended to notice that he was watching her and that she realised what she had been doing.

She acted flustered and stammered that she was sorry and she had just got lost in the book. He told her it was okay, but she walked over to his table and explained again that she had just got lost in the story and had gotten carried away. The guy said that he didn’t mind and it had brightened up what would have otherwise been a dull research session so Sue (who was now completely certain that she had him hooked) pulled up a chair and started telling him how wonderful the book was. As she did this, she acted as if she was getting aroused again and pressed a hand down between her legs as she squirmed in her chair. She told the guy that she almost always ended up playing with herself when she read erotica and then slowly spread her legs to let him see her hand pressed up against her crotch. She looked around to check that nobody else had come in (but we were keeping a lookout on the door and had told her we would call her if they did) and pushed a hand up under her flimsy top to her breasts.

Even from our vantage point, we could see that Sue looked genuinely aroused (as I would have been in that situation) and she lifted one foot up on to the table and spread her legs wider, giving the guy a much better view of her pussy. She told him that she could always continue if he didn’t mind and after he looked around, he told her to carry on. She rubbed herself through her tights and pushed the material in between her lips. Mike had told her that she could tear the tights, but fortunately she opted to first push her hand down inside them and play with herself properly and then to push the tights down just enough to make her pussy visible. She fingered herself openly and had pushed her bra up to expose her breasts. She told the guy that she wanted to cum and I thought she was being a bit too loud for a library, but we couldn’t do anything about it without interrupting her. Sue pulled my emergency hairbrush from her bag and plunged it in to her cunt. She fucked herself with it and told the guy how good it felt, but that she could think of something that would feel even better before asking if he wanted to fuck her.

He was initially a bit nervous about fucking in the library, but the sight of Sue in front of him helped his desire win out and she dragged him over our of our sight. They went in to one of the stacks and after checking they were along one last time, Sue quickly unbuttoned his trousers and rolled a condom on to his cock. She knelt down and took him in her mouth and after sucking him for s short while, she pulled her top up and sandwiched his cock between her breasts. She gave him a brief tit-fuck and then told him that she wanted his cock buried in her cunt. The guy seemed quite taken with her brazenness (and choice of words) so as soon as Sue turned around and pulled her tights down to her thighs, he pushed in to her and they started to fuck.

Mike, Jen and I had quietly moved around to try and get a view of what was going on, but we needn’t have bothered as once the guy had fucked Sue for a while she said that she wanted to use a different position. They came out of the stacks, Sue lay on her back on a table and lifted her legs in the air so the guy could slide in to her. Sue played with her clit with one hand and her breasts with the other until she got tired of her tights restricting her movement. She got the guy to pull out and quickly pulled the tights off of one leg, then spread and told him to carry on fucking her. It was an amazing sight and Mike whispered to me that my sister was a complete slut (as if we had nothing to do with that state of affairs). Mike reached between my legs and found my fingers were already at work (but I let him take over) and we wondered if we could fuck without drawing attention to ourselves (but decided against it). Sue made sure that she wasn’t left wanting and merrily frigged herself to orgasm before the guy came – she wasn’t too far ahead of him though and I would bet that the sight of her cumming on the table as he fucked her probably helped him along.

Once the guy had finished, Sue got herself covered up fairly quickly (or as covered up as she could be in the outfit she had on) and thanked the guy for helping her out. He asked for her number but she said it was probably better if they left it as a random encounter – I later wondered if she had taken if we could have had some fun with the guy as he clearly wasn’t averse to taking chances. Jen texted Sue to tell her we’d meet her back upstairs and we crept to the door as Sue said her goodbyes and thanked the guy again. It took her longer to meet us than we expected and we were just about to call to check everything was OK when she finally arrived. It transpired that the guy had asked if he could play with her breasts (he hadn’t touched them much during the fuck and like mine, Sue’s breasts are a reasonable size). She was a little nervous about exposing herself again as her desire had been satiated (temporarily anyway), but she thought we would be impressed and pulled her top and bra down to let the guy have a play. Thinking that we were still watching, she even let him rub her crotch and when he said he wanted to finger her properly, she allowed him to pull her tights down and pump away in her pussy with a couple of fingers. She thinks that he would have probably continued until he made her cum (or would have at least tried to) but this time they were interrupted. Sue quickly pulled her clothes up and did the best she could to straighten them out, but the tights weren’t as neatly folded as they had been at the start of the session. The new arrival didn’t come too near them so probably didn’t see anything, but Sue made a hasty retreat and bolted up the stairs to join us.

Even though we hadn’t witnessed it, we were indeed extremely impressed with Sue’s sense of adventure and I told her that the way things were going, I would have to come to her for lessons on how to enjoy myself. Jen offered to finish off what the guy had started and Sue said it was fine but Mike asked her to stand against the window while Jen knelt and ate her. She wasn’t the only one to get to cum and as Mike and I watched them, he played with my pussy and I came with two of his fingers inside me and two more working on my clit. Mike was hard enough that he could have easily fucked one of us and I complained about him cumming in Jen in the shower (along the lines of equality in chances of getting pregnant) and he told me that as I had insisted, he would fuck me. He took me from behind to start with, but as our session progressed, I moved on to one of the tables and let him take me in a similar position to the one Sue had been fucked in. I was aware that with Sue and Jen occupied by the window and Mike and I busy fucking, that there was a greater risk of us not noticing someone coming on to the same floor and discovering us. I did my best to listen out, but as I got closer to cumming and Mike pushed my top and bra up over my breasts I started to enjoy the enhanced risk (hey, I am an exhibitionist).

Jen finished eating Sue and as they watched us fuck, Sue was given a skirt to put on over her tights and a less revealing top to change in to. She had just about finished this when we heard the door slam shut as someone came out of the stairwell. As much as I love being watched as I cum, I didn’t want to be reported and I jumped down from the table. I was going to pull my bra and top down but Mike took my hand and dragged me in to the stacks to hide. As we hid and listened to the footstep I felt Mike’s cock rubbing against my ass and then slide in to me. It sounded like the person was heading away from us, but Mike didn’t wait to confirm this and started moving inside me. My top was pushed up once more and he reached around to play with my clit as he fucked me harder. I wondered what would happen if we were actually caught, but these thoughts soon went out of my mind as my orgasm started to build once more. Mike knew that I was all in once I started to push back against him and I came while imagining that we had been caught and everyone in the library had been called up to watch as we finished off. I was surprised when Mike continued to fuck me and continued until he came in me (he doesn’t usually cum three times so early in the day as he normally wants to be able to cum later on). Even though I assumed he probably hadn’t ejaculated anything in to me, he had fulfilled the basic requirement of giving me an equivalent fuck to the one he’d given Jen in the shower and while he waited for his cock to soften so he could do his trousers up, I straightened up my clothes and made myself look presentable.