Friday, 24 October 2014

Bringing out the inner artist...

A slightly different type of entry this time as it spans a number of months…

Last year (2013), I saw an advertisement for people to model nude for an art class. This obviously seemed like something that I would enjoy so I signed up for it and was added to a list of people who could be called on by a number of different classes in the city. I was lucky enough to get my first call in the middle of January. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and didn’t want to make it too obvious that I was an exhibitionist so I actually wore panties to the class and turned up about 10 minutes early.

I introduced myself to the teacher and she asked how far I wanted to take things (apparently some of the new recruits start off topless and only progress to full nudity in later sessions). I told her that I thought I would be fine and asked how still I had to sit – surprisingly, I didn’t have to stay completely still and was allowed to change position slightly, as long as people had roughly the same view of me (and I would be told if I shifted position too much). This was an intermediate class so the students files in and got their things set up while I went off to disrobe – unfortunately there was a separate room for me to do this in (which didn’t make much sense to me as I was about to sit naked in front of everyone for an hour). I slipped on my robe (which I had been told to bring) and wandered out to the class where the teacher was explaining what she wanted the students to concentrate on (light and shadow for that class). I was then asked to climb up on a couple of boxes that had a sheet over them and to find a comfortable position. I lay on my side with an arm propping up my upper body and my legs half-drawn underneath me, but with my upper leg raised slightly so the people at that side could see my pussy (which was of course freshly shaved for the event). The teacher arranged my hair to cast shadows over a part of my face.

After the initial enjoyment of having so many people staring intently at me passed, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as I had hoped, but after about 20 minutes I decided to just fantasise about being asked to do different things with the various people. There was a good mix of people, probably slightly more men than women, some old and some young enough to be real students (yes, I know you can get mature students). I couldn’t see all of them as some were off by my feet and some around by my head, but I examined each person that I could see in turn and imagined what they would get me to do. This made the event much more exciting and I quickly felt my nipples start to stiffen and wondered if anyone would notice I had provided them with an extra shadow to paint. As I worked my way down the line of people and worked through each fantasy I could feel my pussy start to tingle and then feel very wet. I would have loved to slide a hand between my legs and masturbate with everyone watching, but didn’t think they would approve so I had to just put up with my building arousal. At the end of the class I put my robe back on and wandered around to look at some of the work done – it was quite variable (although all better than anything I could have done) and I looked carefully to see which parts of my body the various people had concentrated on. One guy had clearly concentrated on the shadows around my pussy as the lower side was quite well drawn. Mike came to meet me after the class and I decided that I couldn’t wait until we got home so we ended up having a quick fuck in an alleyway (Jen didn’t miss out – I did things with her as well once we got home).

A couple of weeks later I was asked to go to a different class and this time, Jen spent the hour before I left teasing me so I was properly aroused (and a good way towards cumming) when I set off. I stopped off a couple of times on the way and toyed with my clit to keep my arousal levels up. I had a further play while getting undressed and when I slipped my robe off and took up the pose (sitting with one leg up hugging my knee – a pose I know well as it specifically allows people to see up my skirt – this just worked even better as I didn’t have a skirt on) I was feeling quite wet and my nipples were already firm. As I now knew what to expect, I just started fantasising about the people painting me straight away and went through a number of scenarios – I didn’t really get any hornier, but I certainly kept my arousal level up and I was glad that both Mike and Jen came to get me as it was nice having them both there to make me cum on the way home.

It was about a month until I got called on again and this time we wanted to try something slightly different out – Mike walked me to the class and just before we arrived, we stopped off and had a play in an alleyway. While it would have been nice to cum, I wanted to remain horny so I could enjoy being examined so closely, but this didn’t mean that Mike couldn’t cum. I wiped off the majority of his cum that had leaked out of me before the class started, but throughout the class I felt a number of drops of his cum leak out of me and run down over my ass. Each time I felt this, I imagined it was due to one of the guys in the class having fucked me and emptied his load in to me, so by the end of the class I was sitting in a pool of imaginary cum (I fantasised about the girls as well so they wouldn’t feel left out!).

I really wanted to be able to cum while everyone was watching me, but even though I can cum silently, I really doubted that I would be able to do it without people being able to tell (it’s one thing cumming while sitting next to someone without them knowing, but these people were specifically looking at me. We did really try to come up with a way, but I would have to remain silent (fairly easy), keep my expression neutral (much harder, but potentially possible), not squirm in an obvious way (again potentially possible, but after experimentation I determined this was very difficult to do with someone watching me closely) and for my body to not get too flushed (while I don’t get as flush anywhere near as much as Sue does just before she cums, I still get a little flushed – although we wondered if I could just attribute that to the lights).

I considered trying to pose with a vibrating egg inside my pussy to provide stimulation, but even though I really enjoy the feeling these give, it doesn’t feel that good if they are inside and buzzing away for too long. We came up with a plan to at least get me much closer to cumming and Jen actually attended one of the classes with me (not participating – just as my partner who wanted to see me pose). She mostly read a book for the hour, but her secondary task was to operate the remote control for a vibrating egg. Unfortunately the only one we had that gave feedback on the remote as to whether it was on or off, only had the one setting (or two if you count ‘off’), so was a bit stronger than I would have liked.

Things started off fairly well – Jen used the egg on me a little before we went in to the class so I was once again horny from the beginning and once the painting was underway I felt the egg jump into life (and I jumped a little). We had devised a way for me to tell Jen to turn it off in the event that I felt it start to slide out of me (or in the unlikely event that I thought it was going to make me cum). It was the former event that happened and after about 10 minutes I had to ask if I could have a quick drink of water and Jen turned the egg off. As I shifted position to have my drink, I placed a hand between my legs and quickly pushed the egg back up inside me and continued passing the time with what had become my usual fantasies (just now with one added in of me pulling the egg out of my cunt and using on my clit so I could cum with them all watching. When the teacher said there was only about 5 minutes left, I felt the egg turn on again and tried to shoot Jen a look. Even though I was once again very horny by this point, I figured I could endure it for the remainder of the class and once I got up and put my robe on, instead of looking at the paintings straight away I asked Jen to give me a hand getting dressed. We went to the changing area and I told Jen that I needed to cum so I sat down, she knelt in front of me and quickly lapped at my cunt. I came very quickly and got Jen to pull away as soon as my orgasm ended so my pussy was still tingling. I quickly dressed and went to look at the artwork, wondering if anyone had drawn the bulge of the egg protruding from my pussy, but it had apparently remained hidden inside me.

I did another two classes in March – posing for one of them in a standing position with one leg up on a chair so my pussy was pretty exposed (and there were some good drawings of it that I wanted to ask for copies of). Before I left, the teacher asked to speak to me and I wondered if she had (somehow) been able to tell what I had been thinking about while standing there. It was much better than that as she asked if I would be prepared to do some close-up modelling for a Georgia O’Keeffe themed class she was running. Now I’m no art expert, but Jen had a number of her pieces of work (as every good student lesbian probably does) so I knew what part the close up would be of and eagerly said yes (possibly a bit too eagerly). She explained to me that there would be a few women modelling and two or three people working with each of us as they would need to look closely at our vulva in order to create the appropriate paintings. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for the class…

Unfortunately I had to as it was a couple of weeks away, but the time eventually came and  after having Mike give me a good shave that morning and Jen give me a good eating just prior to me setting off for the class so I could be as aroused as possible (we considered having Mike fuck me, but thought it might be a bit too obvious if I was leaking cum while people were examining my cunt). As it was only our pussies that were being examined, we had been asked to wear skirts so we could sit with our tops on (I would have rather been naked, but…). There were three other women there – one quite a bit older, one a little older than me and one just a year younger and the older two knew each other as they had been doing this for a while. We were each given a small mattress with sheets over it to lie on and were asked to spread our legs as wide as we could. I couldn’t see the other women (or at least not anything interesting) and just concentrated on the knowledge that I had three people intently studying my pussy. The downside of this position was that I couldn’t press my thighs together or do anything to provide stimulation, although I did use the time to practice slowly contracting my pussy and holding the contractions for as long as possible.

The second of the Georgia classes was very similar, apart from the four of us having been asked beforehand if we minded spreading ourselves to allow the students to base their work on the truest aspect of femininity (I can’t remember the exact phrase she used). Naturally I was up for this and we were told that due to the nature of the pose, we would be allowed to move and rest as we needed to. I was very excited about this and had both Mike and Jen give me a licking before I set off and when asked to, I quickly got in to position, made myself comfortable and reached down to spread my lips. I couldn’t help from imagining that I was fingering myself for them and had to resist actually moving my fingers around too much (a little was fine as I occasionally adjusted my position and had to spread myself again). By the end of the hour, it had become a bit uncomfortable, but I had enjoyed myself and it got even better when we were each asked to take up our pose again so that all of the students could examine the work in relation to the model. This meant that I got to have a look at the three women spreading their pussies (I may not have paid quite as much attention to the artistic representations).

The final few classes I did were the same as the earlier ones – just naked posing, but not as explicit as the Georgia classes. I my legs spread a reasonable distance for one of the classes and once again had Mike’s cum dripping out of me, which one of the students seemed to have picked up on as she had painted drops of liquid on my pussy and thigh. I nearly asked her what she thought the drops were, but as I wanted to be asked back for the next batch of classes I behaved and refrained myself.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 6

He slowed his movements, rolled Lisa over and told her that it wasn’t fair for him to cum without her cumming (and he is almost always very considerate in this matter) so he pulled out of Lisa and went down on her. She realised that there wasn’t much point in arguing and it didn’t actually take him too long to make her cum and after just briefly kitty kissing her he crawled back up, pushed his cock back in to her cunt and they kissed for a while longer. They were both panting and could probably have done with showering again, but didn’t have time. Lisa told him that she hadn’t expected to be able to cum again and Mike just told her that she was amazing. They kissed a while longer and then realised that they really had to get ready. This didn’t stop Mike from stealing another few licks of Lisa’s pussy before she got up, but he let her finish getting ready with relatively few interruptions and got her to wear tights without panties so her pussy was relatively easy to reach (even if not directly).

On the way to Richard’s place (so Mike could change), Mike discussed Lisa’s sexual preferences with her. He obviously knew she was bi (which was how she had found us in the first place) but he wanted to find out if she really preferred one gender or the other. Lisa told him that in her case, it really just depends on the person. For a while she was attracted to girls more than boys, but she told him that she now really likes Amber and also really likes him. Mike was very happy to have his crush reciprocated and they walked arm in arm, stopping to kiss from time to time.

My morning was a bit more energetic than my evening (at least more than the part after we went out). I started off with Jen and kissed her awake, then 69ed until we both came. Jen decided to have another nap and I had a quick bathroom break before wandering in to the other room where Abrahii, James and Richard were still sleeping (although only lightly as I woke them before I even climbed onto the bed). I offered my services to them and said I would be happy to give them my usual morning greeting so the three of them lay back and allowed me to move between them, sucking James and Richard and eating Abrahii. This progressed to me riding James and Richard and 69ing with Abrahii until the guys thought it would be a better idea to fuck us both. Abrahii and I started off sideways 69ing with Richard in me and James in Abrahii and while we could sort of eat each other, the cocks kept getting in the way (but felt nice). James pointed out that they could always just fuck our asses and make it easier for Abrahii and I to eat each other and we decided to let them go for it. I don’t usually do so much anal in one weekend, but I was still making up for lost-cock-time so didn’t mind too much. It was certainly easier to get to each other’s clits with the guys in our asses and having warned them not to cum too quickly, we were easily able to cum first and then leisurely explore each other’s pussies with our tongues (not that Abrahii and I aren’t intimately familiar with each other’s cunts – but it was still nice to have time to enjoy it) while the guys carried on using our asses. James came in Abrahii first, but had to stay inside her until Richard came in me.

I let Jen sleep, but after we had eaten breakfast, I took some up to her and sat with her chatting while she ate it. Richard showered with Abrahii and I went in with James – ensuring he spent as much of the shower with his cock hard as possible. Jen sat on the toilet and peed while we were in the shower, with the door open so Abrahii could also see what she was doing and even went as far as gently playing with her clit and telling Abrahii how she wished they could eat each other. When I got out of the shower, I dried myself off and then sat over Jen on the toilet, peed on to her crotch and then stood up and told the others to watch as Jen pushed her face between my legs and licked me clean so I wouldn’t have to wipe (we’ve gone way past hiding any of our fetishes now – and they’ve seen almost everything already anyway).

We had already left for lunch by the time Mike turned up with Lisa and they took the opportunity of having an empty house to semi-fuck on the stairs. Mike pulled Lisa’s clothes off in the downstairs hallway and he chased her upstairs, either eating her or fucking her on each step. Lisa went back down to fetch her clothes and got re-dressed while Mike put fresh clothes on and they hurried along to catch up with the rest of us. They walked in arm-in-arm and it was quite obvious to me that she meant more to him than just a young girl who was willing to let him fuck her (I obviously don’t know Lisa as well as I know Mike so I can’t read her as well, but it looked like she was quite enamoured with him – and this was before he told me about his ‘I love you’ comment).

Over lunch we caught up on what people had done following the club – Susan had ended up with Sean, Brandon had gone with Craig and Samantha had ended up with Doug (who presumably now admits that he is bi and not gay). People didn’t go in to the detail that I do here, so we don’t know everything that happened, but we know that everyone got lucky at least once. After lunch, Susan and Abrahii went off to look at a few places to rent but the rest of us headed back to Lisa’s room and we sat around chatting.

Mike had already arranged with Lisa to have a play with Jen and while she couldn’t eat her, we felt that there wasn’t any real risk in people playing with Jen’s breasts and fingering her. Amber wanted in on this as well, so Jen ended up lying naked across the bed with Amber and Lisa on either side of her, kissing her breasts, sucking on her nipples and toying with her pussy. Jen certainly seemed to enjoy this and her pussy was producing quite a lot of juices. Mike retrieved Lisa’s vibe from her bedside drawer (which embarrassed her quite a bit, but when a number of the other girls said that we all had vibes and it wasn’t anything she should be ashamed of – especially as she has seen us use them a number of times, she stopped being quite as red). Mike handed me the vibe to suck clean of Lisa’s juices and I handed it back to Lisa to use in Jen. Lisa fucked Jen with the vibe for a while and when Jen started mewing I suggested that Jen could let us all watch her fingering herself to orgasm (I like doing anything I can to encourage her exhibitionist tendencies). Jen moaned that I was being mean but I said that Lisa and Amber could keep playing with her breasts to help her out. Jen quickly dropped a hand to her pussy and started to rub herself and it was evident that she was quite a bit wetter than she had been for most of the previous week. Her mewing quickly grew in volume and I gently stroked my own pussy while waiting for her to cum. When it happened I was quite surprised to see Jen semi-squirt – it wasn’t a real squirt (or maybe was just a weak one), but as she came we saw a mass of creamy liquid ooze out of her pussy and run down over her ass. Jen quickly rubbed most of the juices over her pussy and I told her not to waste them and use them as lube for her ass (seeing as I’d had my ass fucked a number of times that weekend, I thought Jen should too). Jen pushed her other hand under her leg and slid a couple of fingers in to her ass, finishing off her session and easing herself back down from her orgasm.

It was a pity to waste her juices so I crawled over and got there before Mike did so I won the opportunity to lap around her pussy and clean her up. When she sat up, Jen apologised to Lisa for leaving a damp patch on her bed but Lisa didn’t mind (and given Mike had left a number of damp patches she was probably going to change the sheets anyway). Mike asked Lisa if she wanted to taste Jen. He pushed Lisa’s vibe back in to Jen’s pussy and then handed it to Lisa to suck clean – which she did. Jen promised Lisa that she would repay her and offered to finger her for the time being, but Lisa said she was still worn out from that morning. Amber was more than happy to let Jen play with her though and Jen did so, using a combination of her fingers and the vibe.

The others hadn’t been just sitting watching and Sam had been stroking Sean and Richard and James had ‘convinced’ Doug to let them play with him. He was already well on the way to cumming by the time Jen finished and I wanted to help them out, but thought it would be rude to interrupt so just watched. Doug warned them that he was getting close to cumming and the guys told him to go ahead and carried on stroking his cock. I moved a little closer to get a good view and watched as his cum squirted out of his cock and ran down over Richard’s hand – the first squirt went up a couple of inches and the subsequent squirts just oozed out, but he still came enough to leave his cock shining with his cum and once Richard moved his hand away I asked Doug if I could at least feel him inside me. I had to promise to be gentle with him, but he relented and let me slide down on to his cock and gently move up and down. I challenged him to let me cum like that and he said he couldn’t fuck me, but I had something else in mind and asked if anyone would be willing to lick my clit to help out (and wished that Susan or Abrahii had been there as one of them would have almost certainly done it). Fortunately, Richard stepped up and I enjoyed feeling his tongue flit back and forth over my clit. I asked Mike if he would have a turn and was pleased when he took Richard’s place and gave me a thorough licking. Sam was next to have a turn and I offered my services to her if she made me cum – evidently she had seen enough to get her horny as she lapped at my clit until I came. It was difficult to stay still enough that I didn’t over-stimulate Doug, but he seemed to get less sensitive near the end as I was definitely squirming around on his cock as I came.

As repayment, I did the same to Sam while she sat on Richard’s cock (except he also fucked her). Lisa, Mike and Brandon also had a few licks, but I was the one who actually made her cum and then when she dismounted, I took Richard’s cock in my mouth and sucked him clean. I was going to suck him off, but Jen suggested we try to satisfy the guys who hadn’t cum yet with a chain-fuck. For fairly obvious reasons, Mike didn’t want to participate (mostly due to not being gay and having tried doing things with a guy he didn’t enjoy it that much – although he did cum), but Richard, James, Brandon and Craig were up for trying it so everyone moved off of the bed and they all removed their trousers. It seemed a waste having four erect cocks in front of me that I wasn’t going to get to do anything with so I came up with the idea of helping to provide lubrication and sat on each of them in turn. Unfortunately I wasn’t as wet as Jen had been so decided to use saliva instead (this isn’t really the best lube, but is better than nothing). Lisa helped me out with this and after we had sucked the guys for a couple of minutes we got them to choose the outcome of two coin tosses to determine their order in the chain (permutation theory is good for some things – although this probably isn’t the use the person had in mind!).

We ended up with Richard against the bed, with Brandon in his ass, James in his and Craig in James. While it was amusing to watch, it wasn’t the most effective of positions as Brandon and James could hardly move, but with a bit of effort they found a way to all sort of fuck simultaneously by Craig pushing forwards, then this travelling to the front of the chain and Craig pulling back and each person in front of him pulling back in turn. Once again, this was amusing to watch, but wasn’t really effective so they decided to just do what they could individually (while still all stuck together) and as each of them came they pulled out until just Richard was left. Often when James fucks Richard, he reaches around and strokes Richard’s cock so they can both cum, but Brandon isn’t as experienced at doing things with Richard. Seeing as I was the only one there who can be relied on for fucking, I offered Richard my ass to finish off in and he eagerly accepted and I took his place against the bed and he fucked me for a couple of minutes before cumming. Uncharacteristically, Richard didn’t try to make me cum as well (possibly he assumed that as I’d just cum I wouldn’t want to cum again, but he should have known better). I didn’t mind too much and just sat up on the bed and fingered my ass while adding my own juices to Lisa’s vibe and came – as I was the last to cum (discounting Lisa and Mike who were still abstaining), I was the centre of attention (which I love) and while it probably didn’t make much of a difference to my actual orgasm, I still enjoy cumming like this a lot more.

It was getting close to the time we had to leave so we said our goodbyes and Mike had a long hug and brief fondle of both Amber and Lisa. As his fingers probed Lisa’s pussy, he whispered to her that she could always get Amber to take care of her again that night and if she did, how he would want to hear about it. We headed back with Richard and James and gathered up our things. I thanked the guys profusely for the sessions with them and told them to make sure they were ready for more the next time we visited and I gave them an additional warning that I had something extra in mind (but refused to tell them what it was). I couldn’t help myself from letting the person opposite see up my skirt for a fair part of the journey home (hey, he didn’t *have* to look) and by the time we got to the house I felt very horny and demanded that I be made to cum (we are allowed to make demands like that in our house – as is anyone who visits). Given it had been a weekend of DP, Jen decided that she would use the strap on and fucked my ass with the ejaculating dildo while Mike took my cunt. I enjoyed feeling very filled as they pumped in to me and when I came Jen squirted a double load of fake cum in to my ass which leaked out while Mike fucked my cunt (unfortunately he didn’t have enough cum left to give me a double load, but a little leaked out after I stood up).

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 5

Lisa said that she really needed some sleep so Mike suggested that he and Amber go for a little walk together and promised they would try not to wake Lisa when they returned (they asked if Lisa wanted them to leave for the night, but she said she would rather they stayed). Wearing just the dressing down and t-shirt, they wandered up a couple of flights of stairs and stood against the bannister, quietly chatting while Mike fondled Amber’s ass. He asked her if she still liked Lisa as much as she had told him she did a couple of months before as he was confused by her comment earlier in the evening about really liking Sam. Amber said that she still preferred Lisa, but had pretended to be more attracted to Sam as she was still afraid that Lisa didn’t feel the same way about her. Mike pointed out that Lisa had seemed enthusiastic enough about letting Amber join them for the night and that it certainly hadn’t looked to him like she had been holding back and asked her about the details of the session she’d had with Lisa just before Christmas. As Amber described things, Mike’s hand dipped between her legs and toyed with her pussy, then moved forwards a bit more to play with her clit and then pulled Lisa’s vibe out of his pocket and used it ro rub around Amber’s crotch. Amber asked if he thought it was really a good idea to do things in such an open place (they could see down the whole stairwell and up to the top floor above them) and Mike answered her by moving around in front of her and pulling his cock out to rub against her pussy.

Amber told him that he was crazy, but let him pull one of her legs up and even helped position his cock so he could slide in to her. He fucked her up against the bannister and ended up pulling her t-shirt off completely. He considered tossing it down the stairs, but as he was still getting to know Amber he thought this might be a bit too much (I’m sure if it had been me or Jen then he wouldn’t have hesitated). He enjoyed the position, but couldn’t move well enough to stimulate Amber properly so got her to turn around and took her from behind again, allowing him to fondle her breasts and clit. As they fucked, he told her that she should wake up Lisa in the morning by going down on her and really taking her time so Lisa had a really good orgasm. Amber liked this idea and came as Mike whispered in her ear how she could swirl her tongue around the inside of Lisa’s pussy and suck her clit until she exploded in to Amber’s mouth.

Mike didn’t cum during this session, so the walk back downstairs was interesting as his cock poked out from the dressing gown, but other than someone on the ground floor, they didn’t see anyone so it didn’t really matter. Before they made it back to Lisa’s room, he did tell Amber that he quite fancied Lisa as well so if they ended up together, he hoped that she would occasionally share her with him and Amber told him not to be greedy as he already had Jen and me, but said that she might let him play with her from time to time. They climbed in to bed on either side of Lisa and Lisa curled up against Amber while Mike spooned with Lisa (after assuring her that he wasn’t trying to fuck her again). Mike fell asleep fairly quickly and thinks he was still inside Lisa when he went to sleep – he found out the next day that Amber took longer to fall asleep and enjoyed having Lisa’s arm around her and the feel of Lisa’s breasts against her back.

As suggested, Amber went down on Lisa first thing in the morning and spent around fifteen minutes lapping and kissing around Lisa’s pussy before eating her properly (Mike was quite impressed at how long she held out before moving in for the kill). Mike had mostly just watched, but had helped out by kissing Lisa, fondling her breasts and occasionally fondling Amber so she didn’t feel too left out. Mike even managed to feed some of Amber’s juices to Lisa (who knew what he was doing – he didn’t try to hide it) and when Lisa came it looked like Amber had done a really good job as Lisa ended up panting and saying it had felt really good.

Mike said that he really wanted to fuck them both again if they would let him and pointed out that they had a fair amount of time before our lunch appointment. The girls were fine with that (and at that point I think Amber would have let Mike do almost anything to her as thanks for what she had just done to Lisa). He wanted to cum in Lisa first as he really wanted the bigger load of cum to end up in her, but he also wanted his cum to remain in her for longer (it’s not that he doesn’t like Amber – he just really likes Lisa). In the end he asked if he could fuck Amber first while they both worked on Lisa and Amber was up for this but Lisa wanted a bit more time to recover from her first orgasm so they decided to get some breakfast to give them energy and then return to bed. Once again, the girls wore just t-shirts to go to the kitchen and while there, Mike looked in the fridge for something suitable to use but had to settle on a banana. Lisa said that they couldn’t do things with other people’s food, but Mike persisted and worked the end of it in to Amber’s pussy and briefly fucked her with it before daring Lisa to match Amber. As I’ve said, Lisa seems to be the more adventurous of the new bunch and took up the challenge, ending up sitting on the work-surface with her legs spread and briefly masturbating with the banana. Amber matched Lisa and Mike kept a look out while Lisa used the banana in Amber, but again only briefly, before they put it back and returned to Lisa’s room to eat breakfast.

The girls were quite pleased with how adventurous they were being (but they knew most of the stories of things that Julia and I had done, so they knew they still had a way to go if they were going to catch up with us). By the time they had finished breakfast, Lisa was ready to play again and Mike described what he had in mind. He wanted to fuck Amber while Lisa sat over her face, facing away from Mike, so both he and Amber could lick her. She thought this sounded interesting (and Amber liked the idea of getting to eat Lisa again) so they agreed to it, but so Amber got enough stimulation to cum they started off with Mike licking Amber and then briefly fucking her in a couple of different positions. Lisa actually complained that she was being left out so Mike asked Amber if she was ready to help him make their horny little friend cum (at which point Lisa hit him with a pillow, but didn’t deny she was horny). Mike and Amber shimmied down to the end of the bed with him still on top of her and inside her and Lisa sat over Amber’s face and lowered her pussy to Amber’s mouth. Mike watched as Amber eagerly started licking at Lisa’s pussy and he made a comment to Lisa about how it looked like Amber really enjoyed eating her (so Amber slapped his side). Mike lay with his full weight on Amber and reached forwards to spread Lisa’s ass cheeks and pushed his tongue between them, trying to lick down as low as possible and help Amber out eating Lisa’s pussy. This worked fairly well, but as time went on he let his tongue drift up a bit and spent longer licking back and forth over her ass. Lisa didn’t say anything about this but he felt her shudder a few times when he semi-speared her. All during this time, he had been fucking Amber and knew that he could probably cum fairly quickly if he let himself, but he had no idea how far along Amber was so he just held back. Lisa came first and let out a few yelps as she told them she was cumming and said how good it felt. Mike told her to stay where she was and suggested to Amber that she kitty kiss Lisa for a while and he knelt up, pulled Amber’s legs up and started to fuck her a bit harder while playing with her clit and occasionally reaching up to her breasts. A couple of times during the session, Lisa said that Amber was licking her too hard and Mike reminded her she was just meant to be kitty kissing her as it was his turn to make Lisa cum. He also asked Amber to let him know when she was getting close to cumming and after a little while longer she told him she was nearly there. Mike still couldn’t read her properly so he allowed himself to get a bit closer but continued to fuck her until Amber started to moan in to Lisa’s cunt and then sped up and fucked her until he came – giving her just a little warning that he was going to empty his cum in to her again.

Mike pulled out of Amber and asked her to remain where she was and then called Lisa round to watch as his cum oozed out of Amber’s pussy. They spread her lips and Lisa pushed a couple of fingers in to Amber and Amber said that it was embarrassing, but later told Mike that she had enjoyed having Lisa look at her pussy so closely. To give Mike a bit of time to recover so he could fuck Lisa, they spent a while just kissing and fondling each other – they all had a turn licking or sucking each other and Mike asked them to both suck him at the same time (which they did). He complimented them on their libidos and told them that he didn’t understand why they didn’t just spend all their time fucking each other as they were so good at it. Lisa said something about guys her age not being able to last as long (which we know is part of the reason she likes Mike) and he told her that he was sure Amber could use a vibe on her for a fair amount of time without it going soft. Lisa said a vibe wasn’t the same as a cock (which is true – although they both have their place) so Mike suggested that Amber have a quite play with Lisa so he was definitely hard enough to fuck (he was actually hard already as they had fooled around for a fair amount of time, but he wanted to give Amber another chance to play with Lisa and he wanted to watch).

Lisa agreed and let herself be arranged on the bed with a couple of pillows under her ass and Mike held her legs up by her chest so her pussy was pointing up in the air. He and Amber examined Lisa’s pussy thoroughly – saying it was only fair as they had done the same to Amber and when Lisa said that she wanted to examine his cock in return he told her she could do that anytime she wanted and would probably get the same offer from any guy she asked. Both Amber and Mike had a few licks and Mike encouraged Amber to slide her tongue as deep in to Lisa as she could. Once Lisa was primed, Mike asked if she still wanted to fuck and when she said yes he told Amber to get out of the way and take her place over Lisa’s face. He watched Amber press her cunt against Lisa’s mouth and then slid his cock into Lisa’s cunt and started to fuck her. They basically copied what they had done earlier with Mike initially helping to eat Amber and then concentrating on her ass more as the session progressed. Mike encouraged Lisa to do a good job on Amber to repay her for earlier, although from what he saw, she was being quite thorough anyway and Amber certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. Just as before, the two tongues won out and Amber came first but remained over Lisa’s face to be kitty kissed. Mike said he wanted one more taste of Lisa before he came in her and pulled out, crawled down her body and had a thorough lick of the area, properly spearing her ass, sliding his tongue all the way in to her and sucking on her clit, before pushing his cock back in to her and fucking her properly. He played with her clit for a bit but Lisa told him she was getting close so he eased off to allow himself time to catch up with her. He had a good view of his cock sliding in and out of her and pictured his cum shooting deep inside her, filling her whole cunt and splurting out around his cock (an anime thing). This helped to speed him along and he started to play with Lisa’s clit again to ensure she came first. Lisa told him again that she was about to cum and he told her to go ahead as he wanted to feel her cunt contracting around his cock. She humped back against him roughly in time with his thrusts and moaned through Amber’s cunt that she was cumming. Mike pumped in to her as fast as he could and came pretty much while she was still cumming and then lay on top of Lisa again, grabbed Amber’s ass and told Lisa to help him make Amber cum one last time.

Amber told them that she didn’t think she could cum again but Mike pointed out that she seemed to have been enjoying Lisa kitty kissing her and that she had agreed that the next time she slept with him, that she would let him make her cum time and time again. Mike helped out, licking around her pussy and ass and speared her properly a couple of times. He was still buried in Lisa and this had helped stop his cock from going completely soft, but he wasn’t hard enough to do much with her so just tried to grind his crotch against hers. Mike encouraged Lisa to keep eating Amber’s beautiful little pussy and encouraged Amber to cum for them. Mike eased off and let Lisa be the one who actually made Amber cum and as Amber’s moans increased he told her to concentrate on what Lisa’s tongue was doing to her cunt and to cum in to Lisa’s mouth. Whatever Lisa was actually doing, it certainly worked and Amber moaned loudly as she came. When she finished cumming, she pulled herself away from Lisa’s mouth and said she couldn’t take any more, but Mike pulled out of Lisa and told Amber he was going to kitty kiss her. He held her pussy to his mouth but was very gentle with her and she stopped squirming once she realised what he was doing and relaxed against him. Mike spent a couple of minutes licking her before finally pulling away and getting the girls to lie either side of him so he could hug them both.

It was a good way through the morning by this point and they knew that they had to get up and ready. Lisa told Amber that she could use her shower if she wanted, but as Amber needed to go home to change anyway she said she would wait until she got home. They chatted as Amber got dressed and Mike waited until she was fully clothed before pointing out that as he had slept wither, he was entitled to keep her panties (this was an evolution of the rule from Jen’s time at Uni – mostly where Julia had to leave her clothes off while walking home).Mike asked Lisa to help him retrieve them and once they had pulled the panties down, they each had a final fondle of Amber’s pussy before hugging her goodbye (for all of a couple of hours) and seeing her out of the room. Lisa wasn’t up for walking Amber down the stairs while wearing just a t-shirt as she could hear that quite a few people were already up and about and in the cold light of day she didn’t seem quite as brave as she had been the previous night.

Once Amber had gone, Mike and Lisa went and showered together and gave each other’s bodies a thorough clean. There was a little fondling, but nothing too serious, but when they returned to Lisa’s room Mike asked if he could have a final play with her before they left. Lisa let him go down on her and then spoon with her, during which time he thanked her for the night and said how much he had enjoyed it. Lisa had also enjoyed herself and Mike said how much he liked Amber (but made sure to end by telling Lisa that she was still his favourite and he was glad he got to have a little ‘alone time’ with her). They spooned for a while and ended up moving against each other more forcefully. Lisa asked Mike if he was going to cum again and he told her that he would love to, but doubted he could get a third orgasm in such a short period of time. He still wanted to make her cum again though and they used a couple of positions and moved on to Mike being on top of her with her legs wrapped around him. He considered asking her to dress up for him – his view is ‘what’s the point of fucking a 19 year old if you can’t enjoy it to the full’ – but he decided that he could probably find a way to enjoy it with her naked (plus they were running out of time). Lisa said she wanted to be on top and asked if he would give her a hard fuck to make her cum.

Mike was quite happy to oblige and they switched positions. Lisa pressed herself against him and they kissed deeply as Mike started to pound in to her. When they weren’t kissing, Lisa panted in to his ear and told him how good it felt and as they progressed Mike told her that he might be able to cum if they kept going for long enough. Lisa told him that she wanted him to cum in her again if he could and he warned her that it might take a while but she told him it was fine and that he could keep fucking her until she came. Mike kissed Lisa deeply, told her that she was perfect and that he loved her. Initially I was a bit jealous when he told me this (as was Jen), but it’s only fair that he is allowed to have a crush as I openly admit that I love Lis and Jen does the same for Lucy. Mike fucked her as hard and fast as she could and just before Lisa came, he asked her to promise him that he could fuck her whenever he visited. She told him that he could have her any time he wanted and as she started to cum he told her that he wanted to empty his cum in to her hot cunt one last time. He fucked Lisa hard, right through her orgasm and then carried on, pulling her hard against his body with each thrust. He kept telling her that he was getting closer and between moans she told him to keep going – so he did. Mike really wanted Lisa to cum again and while he initially wasn’t holding back, he considered doing so once he got close to cumming. He asked her if she thought she could cum again and when she said no and for him to just cum, he told her that he wished he could fill her whole cunt with his cum and pumped away until he came (and he is aware that he probably only squirted a couple of drops in to her at best).

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 4

Sean and Brandon pulled out of Susan’s cunt and we all watched as their cum began to ooze out of her. Abrahii and I sucked the guys clean and I was then tasked with 69ing with Susan so we could both clean each other up for going out (I know I had said I wanted their cum to remain in me, but most of it had dripped out while I had been watching Susan anyway). Fortunately for Susan, we didn’t have to make each other cum, just 69 for a bit and we were then allowed to get up and freshen ourselves up. Once we were ready, Jen headed back to Susan’s place with her as Susan needed to get a suitable top to wear out. Her lower half was already taken care of as Jen had brought a pair of denim shorts with her (with Susan in mind). They were one of the pairs that we had ‘adjusted’ by removing a good proportion of the material from between the legs, so only a thin strip was left. On the way to her place, Susan wasn’t allowed to wear anything else with them and as they walked she said that she could feel the denim pulling up between her lips and that she felt quite exposed. Jen allowed her to wear a pair of opaque tights under the shorts for actually going out, but not before she had tested the outfit to see how easy it was to push the material of the tights between Susan’s lips and get to her clit. Jen only teased Susan, but she still teased her quite a bit and when they met up with us at the club, anyone in our group who wanted to was allowed to fondle Susan or pull the shorts up so the crotch was tight against or between her lips.

Various low-level teasing happened while we were out, but Abrahii was the only one of us who actually came (which was Richard’s doing). As I was going to be sleeping with Jen that night, Abrahii ended up coming back to Richard and James’ place with us and while Jen and I gently played with each other (we were tired and just used vibes while kissing), we heard Abrahii repaying Richard for her earlier orgasm and then telling James to fuck her.

It was Mike’s night to have fun with the students and while out he had arranged to go back to Lisa’s place with her. A little later on in the evening, Amber had asked him if he wanted to spend the night with her and he told her that he already had plans with Lisa, but that he was more than willing for Amber to join them. Both Amber and Lisa seem to really like Samantha – unfortunately for them, while Sam is bi (and had done things with them both over the previous few months), she seems to be looking for a guy. Mike promised Lisa that he would still go down on her as much as she wanted and Lisa said that she didn’t mind if Amber joined them. Amber and Lisa have fooled around a bit together before, but Amber was initially a little reticent about spending the whole night with Lisa (and Mike), but she decided to go for it in the end and as the night drew to a close, he gave Jen and me (and Jen’s baby bump) a goodnight kiss and wandered off a very happy man with a 19 year old girl on each arm.

There was the usual (for us) fondling on the way home – Mike got a hand under each of their skirts and at one point, into each of their panties at the same time. They are still learning the jobs of doing things outdoors so he wasn’t allowed to do too much to them until they got in to Lisa’s room, but as soon as the door was locked they threw their coats on the floor and Mike told them he was going to eat and fuck them both for as long as they wanted (although he was a little nervous after his extended session with Susan that morning if he would really have the energy to satisfy them both). He started off with he knows best and after a bit of kissing and fondling, their tights and panties came off and Mike got them to sit beside each other on the bed while he knelt and took turns eating them. The girls loved this (he is quite good at it), although the switching back and forth meant that they kept being interrupted and Lisa asked if he could do them one after the other. Amber agreed to this and as Mike was already between Lisa’s legs, he told her to lie back and let him make her cum. She was already a fair way on so it didn’t take too long for Mike to lick her to an orgasm and after a brief period of kitty kissing he moved straight on to Amber, pushed her down beside Lisa and got stuck in to her cunt. Amber had calmed down a bit while Mike had been concentrating on Lisa, but it didn’t take him too long to get her going again, especially as he got Lisa to help out and after removing her own top she helped Amber to strip off (Mike asked them to keep their skirts on for the time being as he liked the look). With Lisa assisting by kissing Amber and playing with her breasts, they got Amber off and Mike swirled his tongue as deep inside her as he could before crawling up her body, kissing Lisa to let her taste Amber and then sliding his cock in to Amber’s hot pussy as he kissed her.

Lisa got in to the spirit of things and complained that it was meant to be her turn next (part of the reason that Mike likes her so much is that she seems to understand how to have fun – as well as the fact he thinks she is fairly cute). Mike explained that he was just getting his cock wet so it would be easier to slide in to Lisa, but then decided to ask her to suck him for a bit – just to ensure he was hard enough to fuck her of course. Mike pulled out of Amber and lay down beside her with his cock pointing in the air. Lisa pushed her hair to the side and went down on him quite enthusiastically – she was better than the first time he did things with her, but then again she had got some practice with the other guys in the group since then. Mike let her suck him clean and then pulled her up so she was lying over him and they kissed. He told her that he wanted to feel her around his cock and she positioned herself and pushed against him, sliding easily down onto his cock until their bodies pressed against each other. Before they started fucking properly, Mike asked Amber if she would help out and make sure that his cock was wet enough – they all knew that he just wanted her to suck Lisa’s juices from his cock, but avoided saying this. Lisa said it wasn’t fair as she wanted to fuck, but he assured her that they would fuck in just a moment. Lisa pulled herself up and off of his cock and Amber gave him a quick suck – not quite as enthusiastically as Lisa’s, but still fairly thorough. Lisa mounted him again and they kissed for a while before she sat up and Mike reached up to play with her breasts. Amber helped out with this and also reached down to play with Lisa’s clit so Lisa asked Amber to kneel up so she could reach between Amber’s legs and play with her pussy.

As you can probably imagine, Mike was really enjoying himself – I know he gets to have two women quite often (almost nightly, and has for a while since Jen finally allowed him to do things with her), but these were two genuine first year students who he had only done things with a few times before so it was more exciting. He asked Amber to sit over his face so he could eat her again and she said it would be embarrassing with Lisa watching but he reminded her that they had each just seen him eat the other one and Lisa was in the middle of fingering her anyway. Amber crawled up and straddled Mike’s face and he pulled her to his mouth and started to eat her. He felt her lean forwards and her fingers play with Lisa’s clit again and pictured them kissing over his body (he doesn’t know if they actually were kissing) and after a few minutes he pushed Amber up and said he wanted to feel her on his cock. Lisa complained again and he told her that she would still get to cum first so they switched places and once Amber was impaled on his cock, Lisa sat over his face and he licked her. Mike pushed hard in to Amber and reached down to frig her clit as he fucked her, but keeping his word, he got them to switch back after a couple of minutes and then asked Amber if she wanted him to carry on eating her or if she wanted to watch him fuck Lisa and then her. She opted to stay over his face for a while, but when Lisa got closer to cumming Amber climbed off and said he could finish Lisa properly, providing he didn’t take too long.

Lisa lay down on top of Mike and he asked her how she wanted to cum – she opted to have him hammer in to her so he grabbed her ass and started to pump in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. Lisa loved this and her tongue pushed in to Mike’s mouth and duelled with his as they fucked. Lisa told him that she was about to cum (although he had guessed this from the way she was moaning into his mouth). She asked if he was going to cum in her and he said that he couldn’t just yet as he also had to take care of Amber, but that he would later on if she wanted him to. Mike told Lisa to put on a good show for Amber so that she would be ready to fuck and he thinks he felt Lisa pause briefly (or at least slow down), but then she picked up the pace again and resumed kissing him. They humped against each other until Lisa came – Mike fucked her through her orgasm and then slowed his movements down, rolled over so he was on top and slowly pulled out of her. He kissed his way down her body and gently kitty kissed her for a minute before asking Amber if she would help out so he could make her cum. As I’ve said already, Lisa and Amber have done things together before, but mostly as a part of the group and she hesitated a bit now that they were in private, but then moved down to where Mike was and started to gently kiss around Lisa’s pussy. Mike reached down to Amber’s ass and caressed it, then pushed his fingers down and in to her pussy, telling her that he loved seeing her eat his little Lisa. He moved around behind Amber (who had one foot on the floor as she was half off of the bed) and had a few licks of her pussy from behind before standing and sliding his cock in to Amber’s cunt.

She pushed back against him and he slipped in the whole way on the first stroke. He took a hold of her ass and started using long strokes in and out of her cunt. He reached around under Amber’s body and fondled her breasts and then asked her if she wanted him to play with her clit. She did, so he slowly but firmly stroked her clit in time with the movements of his cock and he asked her to describe (between licks of Lisa’s cunt) how it felt. She said it felt really good and she loved it, but it was her panting more than her words that Mike loved. He had really wanted to cum in Lisa first, but didn’t know how much longer the girls would want to go on so he asked Amber if she wanted him to empty his load into her little cunt when she came and she panted a yes back at him. He carried on using long, deep, slow strokes in to Amber and frigging her clit – she told him she was about to cum but Mike just carried on pumping in to her until she actually started to cum, at which point he sped up just a little, but carried on with the same deep strokes. Amber let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ and rested her head on Lisa’s crotch and as she finished cumming, Mike eased off on her clit and pushed in to her for just a little longer before telling her that he was about to cum in her. She pushed back against him and he pushed hard in to her three or four times, feeling the cum squirting out of his cock in waves. He held himself deep inside her, flexing his cock until his orgasm had completely ended and then pulled out and watched as his cum dripped out of her pussy and some ran down her leg.

Amber climbed up on to the bed and Mike asked Lisa if she would be prepared to help clean Amber up – Lisa didn’t hesitate, but did say that she hoped he had some more cum left for her and Mike teased her and said that he might, as long as she helped to get him excited enough to fuck again. She asked what would get him excited and started kissing Amber’s pussy before he could answer, so he just said ‘that’ and settled back to watch as Lisa did a combination of kitty kissing Amber and eating his cum out of her (we think Lisa might be the next Susan – or at least Abrahii). Mike made sure that Lisa remained aroused with a combination of his fingers and the vibe she had in her bedside drawer. He is fairly sure that if he hadn’t intervened, Lisa would have made Amber cum again – which he certainly wanted to see, but he had a specific way in mind to help him ‘prepare’ for fucking Lisa.

It was reasonably late by this point (around 1.30) so there weren’t the building was fairly quiet with just the occasional people returning from their night out. He told the girls that he wanted to head down to the kitchen to get a drink and suggested that they just put on a t-shirt. They wanted to know what he had in mind and he described how he wanted to make them both cum in the kitchen. Amber thought this was quite risky, but she’s been around the group for long enough that she has seen Susan, Abrahii, Julia and me cum in much more public settings so Mike and Lisa managed to convince her. Mike put Lisa’s dressing gown on (he doesn’t mind wearing girly dressing gowns if it leads to him having fun) and Lisa looked out suitable tops for her and Amber to wear. They wandered down to the kitchen and after checking that nobody was around, Mike asked the girls to stand with their backs to the work-surface and he knelt in front of each of them, lifted their shirts and kissed their pussies.

Surprisingly – given it was her building they were in – Lisa seemed much less nervous than Amber and Mike got her to sit up on the table in the middle of the room, spread her legs and let him go down on her properly. Amber calmed down a bit as things went on and nobody discovered them so when Mike suggested she take Lisa’s place, she hopped up on the table without any complaint and Mike briefly went down on her before asking Lisa to take over. Lisa quickly buried her face between Amber’s legs and Mike guessed she was doing a good job as Amber sighed and pulled Lisa tighter against her. Mike meanwhile moved around behind Lisa, lifted the hem of her shirt, pulled his cock out and slid in to her. As he fucked her, he pushed her shirt up more until her breasts were exposed and he could reach around to fondle them, but he paid attention to her clit as well as he really wanted her to cum before they were interrupted. Mike asked Amber to pull her shirt up as well and she looked around at the door and then seemed to realise that if someone walked in on them, having her breast exposed wasn’t going to make much of a difference (although she still wasn’t brave enough to pull her t-shirt off completely and just hiked it up over her breasts. Mike leant forwards to give them a quick fondle and asked her if she thought she could cum like this and she gave him a nod so he said that if that was the case, they should all get to cum. Lisa agreed with this and the three of them carried on fucking and licking, with Lisa getting to cum first (she couldn’t really tell Mike how close she was getting while eating Amber) and Mike holding back until Amber came so he could at least watch her cum to help him enjoy his own orgasm.

When they separated, Amber’s comment was ‘fuck me, I can’t believe we just did that in here’ and Mike said he would be happy to fuck her, he just needed some time to recover first. They headed back to Lisa’s room and after a short break Mike got Amber to help clean up Lisa. As she did this, he moved around behind Lisa and slipped his cock in to her (he wasn’t really hard enough to fuck again, but she was still wet enough that he could get inside her). Lisa said that she didn’t think she could cum again (which is usually a dangerous thing to say around anyone in our group), but Mike just teased her and commented on how Amber had wanted to be made to cum time and time again. Amber blushed a bit at this but Mike told her that once he had spooned with Lisa for a bit, he would eat her again if she wanted and Amber said that he could if he had the energy. Mike would eat pussy if he was on the verge of exhaustion, so this was a rather stupid question (although to be fair, Amber and Lisa don’t know how far his pussy fetish goes) and as promised, after spooning in Lisa for a bit, Mike moved around to Amber, crawled down between her legs and ate her until she came again.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 3

Mike told Susan that it was time for her to keep up her end of the bargain and get dressed (in)appropriately. He knew exactly what he really wanted her to wear, but they needed a drink before they could go on to the next round so Mike got Susan to keep the socks on and just throw on a t-shirt while she went to get some water for them both. Naturally, the t-shirt was long enough to cover her crotch and ass, but only just and only when she was standing still (just like me, Susan has a number of items of clothing that she can wear to reveal herself to a known amount). Susan said that she didn’t care who saw her anyway as she would be moving soon (more about that in a bit). On her return, Susan said that only one person saw her, but as she was carrying two glasses of water at the time (so had her arms raised a bit), they would have got quite a decent view of her pussy and ass. Mike congratulated her and once they had drunk the water, Susan was stripped naked again and told to put on one of her schoolgirl outfits. She did as asked and stood in front of Mike to let him caress her body, finishing with him kneeling in front of her with his head under her skirt and kissing her through her panties.

Mike then pulled the panties down and Susan sat up on the edge of her desk so Mike could kneel in front of her and eat her. By the time she came, she had her feet up on the desk on either side of her, with her legs spread and Mike once again paid attention to her pussy and ass. As soon as Susan finished cumming, Mike stood up and pushed in to her cunt. He fucked her on the desk for a while and then got her to stand on the floor, leaning against the desk so he could take her from behind. He debated (with her) whether he should fuck her ass and was going to go for the triple (cumming in her cunt ass and mouth all in the same day), but in the end he just opted for getting one of her vibes and using that in her ass while he fucked her and frigged her clit. Susan loves being stimulated in multiple ways like this (as I imagine do most women) so he had no trouble getting her to cum again and got her to stay in the same position while he kitty kissed her from behind.

As Mike hadn’t cum he was still nice and hard (or at least could easily get hard again) and gave Susan the option of what she wanted him to do next. Having cum twice in a row she wanted a little break but as the morning was getting on, she agreed to 69 with him for a while and Mike agreed to start off by just kitty kissing her. Susan agreed not to make him cum (so he could fuck her again) and after a little while, the kitty kissing progressed to proper eating and Mike pulled another orgasm out of her while spreading her lips so he could see a good way inside her. He went back to kitty kissing her before suggesting they move on to the final fuck and then head out to meet up with people. Susan was fine with this and they once again used a number of positions but finished up with Susan lying on her back with a pillow under her ass and her legs up against Mike’s body while he fucked and frigged her. At Mike’s request, Susan played with her breasts and he really enjoyed the expression on her face as she came and almost changed his mind about cumming in her (he faked cumming in her as she had wanted him to fuck her ‘properly’ again, but Mike wanted to save some cum for later on in the day).( You can’t really blame him for this as a guy in his thirties getting to fuck a bunch of students, he wanted to make the most of it as we knew this time was coming to an end as the people we knew at Jen’s Uni were getting fewer and the baby coming.) Susan seemed quite convinced that he had cum in her and just to further cover it up (and because he is obsessed with pussy), he briefly went down on her after he pulled out so she couldn’t wonder why no cum dripped out of her.

They went to shower together and Mike gave Susan’s pussy a quick shave while they were there (she didn’t really need it, but he enjoys doing it so she let him as payment for the orgasms). After the usual lick test for smoothness, he fingered her a bit and then slid in to her from behind and pushed her up against the wall as they fucked. Susan hadn’t been expecting this bonus session (she thought Mike had cum again earlier) and was further surprised when he told her that he wanted her to pee herself as she came. Now Susan knows about Jen’s watersports fetish (and had participated before), so this wasn’t really a shock to her and after a bit more fucking, frigging and dirty talk (with Mike getting her to describe one of my favourite fantasies of lying in front of a packed lecture theatre and masturbating, then letting everyone do whatever they want), Susan came again and Mike felt her pee squirt out over his hand and run down his cock and legs.

Susan nearly lost her balance, but they remained upright and after a quick rinse clean they headed out, dried off and went back to Susan’s room. Mike reminded Susan that she had said she would wear anything he said (technically she had been talking about ‘during the session’, but she went along with it) and he selected a short flippy skirt and opaque tights (he let her choose her top).Susan said she was a little surprised that he hadn’t gone for something more revealing (but Mike doesn’t like the slutty look) and he told her that her outfit wasn’t finished quite yet. Only when they went to leave did he add the finishing touch – her largest dildo. It’s not that the dildo was huge, but it stuck out of Susan’s pussy enough to make a very noticeable bump in her tights (she wasn’t allowed panties) and her tights were stretched sufficiently that with her skirt pulled up, you could easily see the dildo. With her skirt down, the bulge of the dildo still approached the hem of her skirt and while it wasn’t visible normally, Mike could see it when he went up stairs behind her.

They called to see where we were meeting for lunch and headed out in to town. Susan had to stop and pull her tights up a couple of times as she thought the dildo was sliding out of her, but she did a good job of wearing it and managed to show a few of us at lunchtime by flipping up her skirt. When she heard about their session, Abrahii said that she should have stayed to at least witness it (but knowing Abrahii, she would have participated). Susan certainly seemed to have enjoyed herself and I told Susan that she could borrow Mike any time she wanted – as long as I got to borrow her entourage in return whenever I visited. Unfortunately a number of the gang had work to do so we split up after lunch, but Susan and Abrahii were free so the five of us went for a wander. Over coffee we chatted about living arrangements (which h ad come up over lunch). Abrahii was sick of her housemates complaining about her having various people staying over and fucking and had finally decided to move out. Initially, she was just going to move in with Richard and James (seeing as they were the people who stayed over the most frequently), but as Susan had broken up with Abigail and was looking for somewhere else to live, they had decided to try and find a place together. I suggested that they should pool their resources with James and Richard and look for a place big enough for the four of them and then Susan would easily have enough people to keep her satisfied. She started to complain about this, but then admitted that I was probably right so we teased her a bit more about what her days would be like if she had two guys and Abrahii to make her cum multiple times a day. The slight flaw in my plan was that Richard and James and Richard and Abrahii would never have time to do things together and I know that Richard and James really do seem to love each other and Abrahii and Richard certainly have a ‘thing’. I’ve even told Abrahii that she should just triple up with Richard and James and that I think they could be a really good threesome like Mike, Jen and me.

As Susan had enjoyed the idea of being continually serviced by three people, we thought that she should probably cum again to prevent her from feeling frustrated. We found a suitably quiet shop and selected some clothes to try on and Abrahii and I took turns in the dressing room with Susan. It made life much easier having a decent dildo to fuck her with and both Abrahii and I used the dildo and licked Susan (Abrahii was the one to make her cum). Susan went down on Abrahii in return and Abrahii used the dildo in me for a bit, but we’d been in the dressing room for too long so I didn’t have time to cum. To make up for this, I took Susan’s tights and wore the dildo for a while and during (another) coffee break, I sat with a leg bent up under me so I could push the end of the dildo in to my pussy with my heel. Jen really enjoyed seeing this and ended up taking me to a changing room in a different shop and finishing me off before we transferred the dildo (along with Susan’s tights to hold it in) over to her.

Jen wore it for the rest of our outing and on returning to Richard and James’ place she removed the tights and sat openly masturbating with it but then let Susan take over and make her cum (hands and fingers only as Jen still wasn’t having sex with anyone else). By the time Jen came, she was naked and lying on the sofa with Susan working the dildo in her clit and sucking on Jen’s nipples. Susan sucked the dildo clean and we were going to suggest that she use it on herself when we had a better idea (which as is often the case was based on something we’d seen online). I took the remote control and gave it a wipe over with some alcohol wipes and suggested to Susan that she fuck herself with it. She had a little difficulty at first getting it inside her pussy, but once the end was in, she slowly moved it in and out and commented on how the buttons felt quite nice (she used ‘interesting’ to describe it at first, but then decided she liked it). Abrahii was going to help out and play with Susan’s clit but as she can do this anytime, I said I wanted to suck her and so Abrahii didn’t feel left out, Mike went down on her. Mike and I swapped partway through so I could have a turn with Abrahii, but we swapped back so I could be the one to (help) make Susan cum as Mike had done that plenty of times already that day.

We stopped fooling around for dinner, although Jen and Susan remained naked for the delivery of the food. I asked if Susan had been entertaining their friendly pizza guy since we’d last seen her and she described how she had called him up the previous week to visit her, but he had been more interested in cumming himself than doing anything for her – and to make matters worse, he hadn’t even lasted that long (which was part of the reason she had wanted Mike to give her a long fuck).

A couple of other people turned up before we headed out for the night and I felt like having a bit of fun while everyone was still fresh so I asked if anyone was up for some double pussy penetration. A quick Google illustrated what I wanted for the few people who weren’t sure it was possible and as they had given me such a good time the previous night and that morning, I offered myself to them and told them that it would probably feel even better that what we’d done before. I wasn’t too surprised to find out that they had already done this, both with Julia and Abrahii (but surprisingly not Susan yet) so they knew full well what it would feel like (and were therefore very happy to use me in this way). As there were fewer people to watch, we headed up to a bedroom and the three of us stripped off. Susan and Abrahii were prepared to provide saliva to lubricate James’ and Richard’s cocks, but a real bonus of knowing gay (or bi) guys is that they seem to have a very good knowledge of lubes and produced a bottle of their favourite stuff. Susan, Abrahii and I each had a turn sucking them both before they applied the lube and Abrahii and Susan messily ate me (using lots of saliva) while the guys got lubed up and I moved out of the way to let Richard lie down on the bed. I climbed over him and slid down on to his cock (which slipped in to me very easily) and James climbed up on the bed behind me and positioned his cock by my cunt. Susan helped him out and pulled my lips apart so he could begin to push in to me and once the head was in I felt him slide in fairly easily and my pussy stretched around the two cocks. We alternated between Richard and James moving in and out inside of me and having them remain still while I rode them both (this gave a better view to the people watching, but didn’t feel as good for Richard and James)

 Abrahii said that it looked incredibly sexy and I suggested she climb up on the bed and join us (I envisioned her sitting over Richard’s face with him and me eating her) but she wanted to watch. As it felt best for all of us, Richard and James mostly slid back and forth against each other, but to ensure I didn’t miss out, Abrahii pushed the vibe I’d used before down between Richard and me and nestled it against my clit and then used her free hand to fondle my breasts. This felt wonderful and I told the guys that they could cum whenever they wanted as long as they promised to stay inside me until I’d cum. They were more concerned about each other cumming and then continuing to tub against them so they made sure that they were getting close at roughly the same time. I may not have helped things as I leant forward and whispered to Richard how I wanted to feel his cock covered with James’ cum and rubbing it all in to my cunt – James usually cums first so I was just trying to help Richard along and it certainly worked as he blurted out that he was about to cum and then moaned almost straight away. I came just a little after Richard and fortunately for him, James wasn’t too far behind. They remained still and I rode up and down on their cocks slowly (so it didn’t feel too intense for them) and loved the feeling of their cum mixing in my and coating the inside of my cunt and their cocks.

When they pulled out, Abrahii took care of sucking the guys clean and was then going to lick me but I told her I wanted to keep the cum and enjoy feeling wet and sticky when we went out. Lisa thought this was incredibly dirty (in a good way) and we told her that she could always have a turn and I asked Sean and Brandon if they would be prepared to double fuck Lisa’s little cunt. They were quite up for it (the advantage of being bi is you can enjoy things like this – I’m still working on Mike) but Lisa wasn’t so in order to not disappoint the guys we said that Susan would take care of them (and if for some reason she hadn’t wanted to, I would have probably volunteered to go again as I was certainly wet enough and pre-stretched). There wasn’t really any danger of Susan turning down a chance to fuck though and told the guys that she wanted to feel both of their cocks inside her at the same time.

Abrahii and I took care of slurping the cocks to begin lubricating them and then took turns messily eating Susan while James and Richard lubed up Sean and Brandon properly (possibly a little ‘too properly’ in Richard’s case as we had to point out that we didn’t want Sean to cum too quickly). Susan mounted Brandon and leant forwards but Sean had difficulty getting his cock in to her as well so Jen had a quick turn of fisting Susan (after Brandon had pulled out) and they then tried again and both of them got inside her. Susan said she felt very full, but that it was nice and we let Amber use the vibe on Susan’s clit. In the spirit of always trying to push things forwards, I went and grabbed one of the small vibes we had brought with us, used Jen’s pussy juice for lube, and pushed it in to Susan’s ass. The guys fucked Susan and they tried out the different ways of moving and agreed that the way Richard, James and I had chosen was the best. Jen pointed out that if we were trying to fill Susan then we should do it properly and suggested Craig climb up on the bed with them and offer her his cock. Craig was up for this, and although Brandon wasn’t up for licking Craig’s balls he didn’t mind Brandon kneeling over his face to push his cock in to Susan’s mouth. I did at least get him to wrap his hand around his cock halfway down his shaft so he couldn’t push too deep in to Susan’s mouth as he fucked it and I asked him if he was going to cum in Susan’s mouth or over her face. Craig said he hadn’t decided and would just see what felt right. I knelt beside the bed and reached between Susan and Brandon to play with her clit (I just used my fingers) and I occasionally moved the vibe in her ass. Brandon came in Susan first, but he remained in her and let Sean keep moving. Sean was next, but Susan wasn’t far behind him and the guys remained buried in Susan’s cunt until Craig came in her mouth (he decided that as the others had cum in her, then he should too).

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 2

While I’d been busy, Mike had been playing with Lisa again – starting off with just spooning inside her while they watched me be fucked and cum, but he then moved on to eating her and convinced her to let him make her cum again. As Jen had already got naked to sit over my face, she had let Abrahii finger her (and of course had done the same in return), but said that she really wished she could have eaten Abrahii properly (as well as the rest of the new female students). Even though I felt a bit sore and stiff, I had certainly been given the group session I had asked for (although it would have been better if each guy could have cum on or in me a bit more). There was a big wet patch under my ass and when I stood up a bit more cum leaked out of me and Susan was assigned to take care of cleaning me up. Fortunately she enjoys eating boy-cum – which is just as well as she usually gets far more cum in and on her than I do – but then again she has a pool of eager students who she services on a regular basis (why can’t I have that?). Susan knelt on the duvets and I stood over her, letting her spread my lips and lick my pussy and thighs as the remainder of the cum dripped out of me. Jen said that I looked like I was enjoying myself and that Susan could always make me cum again if I wanted, but I really needed a rest. Susan was offered to the rest of the group as amusement while I had a break and Mike wanted to be first in line to eat her and then passed her on to Amber to play with for a bit while Mike went back to Lisa.

From the way things had gone I had expected a second round, but people started saying they were tired and heading home after not too much longer. Susan asked Mike if he wanted to go with her for the night, but he said he had to stay with Jen. Susan was a bit disappointed about this as she now no longer had Abigail to spend the night with and while she certainly got a lot of action, she liked the idea of having someone fuck her in a long session (which Mike is good at). He did arrange to see her (Susan) the next morning and told her to get a good rest as she would need it. It was too cold to force her to walk home naked (under her coat), but we did get her to expose herself briefly outside just before she headed off and in return I wandered out on to the street naked and gave her a goodbye kiss and fondle.

Mike slept with Jen that night, kitty kissing her and then spooning with her as they went to sleep (with one interruption that will become apparent). Jen came but he didn’t as he was saving his cum for Susan. They 69ed in the morning, but once again Mike held back and over breakfast and throughout their shower, Jen teased Mike, caressing him, sitting on his cock and sucking him – all with the aim of helping him produce a good sized load when he saw Susan.

My night was a bit more energetic… Despite having felt quite tender immediately after my extended session, I recovered fairly quickly and when we went to bed (I got to sleep with James and Richard) I had a quick ride of each of them and then went down on each of them while they fingered and licked me. To finish off, we had a sideways DP session with Richard in my cunt and James in my ass. The guys really loved this and spent quite a while rubbing back and forth against each other through my innards and I kissed Richard while James reached around to fondle my breasts (he has got much better at his – but then again he was ‘gay’ when I first met him). I don’t know if it was due to us being on our sides or because everyone had cum already, but the session was much gentler and more enjoyable. I got Richard to kiss and lick around my neck for a while as I concentrated on the two cocks moving in me and I managed to cum around them. James especially felt this and my orgasm pushed him quite a bit closer to cumming, but Richard talked him down and said that he wanted to enjoy the position for a bit longer. Once James (and I) had calmed down, they moved back and forth inside me a bit longer and I realised that I was effectively acting as a sex aid to help them rub their cocks against each other. Not that I minded – I’m all for people enjoying themselves and if I can help out with that enjoyment then all the better.

As they picked up the pace I decided that I should really try to cum again (why waste having two guys inside you?), but didn’t think I would be able to catch up by myself. Now I could have got one of them to pull out of me, but I thought it would be better to stay impaled on their cocks so I called over to Mike and Jen and asked for someone to bring me in a vibe. Jen wandered in naked and had a quick look at our position, then handed me the vibe, which I slid down and held against my clit (on a lower setting than had been used on me earlier in the night). I would have been happy for Jen to stay and watch, but Mike had been in the middle of licking her so she only watched briefly and then hurried back to the other room to finish off her own session. The vibe evened things out quite a bit and especially when coupled with the cocks, I knew I would be able to cum if they gave me just a little while. James in particular wanted me to cum first and this time when I came and squeezed my ass around him, he pumped in me and emptied his cum in to me and then stayed buried in my ass while Richard pumped back and forth in my cunt. James said he could feel every movement of Richard’s cock and that it was very strong (although I didn’t have much sympathy for him), but he stayed inside me until Richard came and they both hugged me tightly and pushed as deep in to me as they could. I once again felt quite empty when they pulled out of me, but was too tired to care so I thanked them for fucking me as promised and reached down to caress their cocks.

I woke up a few times during the night and managed to get Richard fairly hard one of the times by gently rubbing my ass against his cock. It would have been fun to try and get him inside me, but my pussy didn’t really feel wet enough to do this easily so I just enjoyed the feeling of his cock pressed against my ass and went back to sleep. I had at least one good dream that night – roughly based on what had happened to me earlier in the evening with everyone fucking me, but it was a combination of my school friends and Uni friends who were playing with me. I don’t remember enough of the details to write it up as an entry, but I know I woke up feeling very horny and was very glad that I had two guys with me (two girls would have done, but I was still in my ‘catching up on the cock I had missed out while not on the pill’ phase). Richard was already coming round so I indicated him to remain still and I crawled down under the covers and gave his cock a long suck until he was hard. I carried on stroking him while I moved over to James and took his cock in my mouth. I gently kissed around the head until he started to get stiff and then took him in my mouth and gently sucked him as he grew until his cock was at full strength and he started to wake up. He didn’t seem to object to me sucking him off so I moved back and forth between the guys until they got me to turn around so we would 696. As I sucked them, they licked, fingered and used the vibe from the previous night on me and it felt really good to have two sets of fingers and tongues playing with me at once. I got the guys to stand up so I could suck them both at the same time and enjoyed having their cocks pushing in to my mouth as I fondled their balls and asses. I promised them a special treat later that day, but for the meantime I wanted them both inside me again so they lay down on the bed and we continued our DP session from the previous night, but this time with Richard in my ass and James in my cunt.

We used both tie sideways DP position as well as me riding James with Richard pumping in to my ass from behind and as we fucked I teased James by describing to him how it could be even better if we had a couple of guys either side of us offering us their cocks to suck and then shooting their cum over our faces and down our throats. Richard reached around between us and played with my clit so I came significantly before the guys did, but this time I didn’t feel like I needed to cum again too quickly so I just rode them and humped back against them to help them enjoy things as much as possible. Richard came in me first this time and just as James had done, he remained in my ass while I rode James and told him to give me his cum. James came in me and as he had been so turned on by the idea of having cum all over his face, when I pulled off of his cock, I crawled up over his body (dripping cum the whole way) and planted myself on his face. He wasn’t quite as keen on eating his own cum as he had been at swallowing the fantasy cum, but he still ate me so to be fair I turned around and 69ed with him properly. I started off being very gentle with his cock but when it became obvious that he could take it I sucked him properly. Richard helped out with this too and he showed me something James liked – being sucked very messily. We took turns sucking him, but ensuring that we used lots of saliva and drooled over his cock and crotch, rubbing the liquid around his balls and his lower chest. He certainly seemed to enjoy it and his licking of my pussy seemed to move up a notch. We got his whole crotch soaked with our saliva and he warned us when he was getting close to cumming. Richard fondled James’ balls while I sucked the head of his cock and stroked the shaft and just before he came I moved my head back a bit and opened my mouth so Richard could watch James give me a facial. Unfortunately he didn’t cum very much, but I got a bit on my face and some on my tongue so I kissed Richard to give him back his boyfriend’s cum. That was the idea anyway, but instead we had a very wet kiss and let the cum run out along with more saliva over James’ now deflating cock.

James said that he would finish me off, but Richard told him that he would take over so James could recover. Richard is still a lot better at eating pussy so I was fine with this and it didn’t take too long before I was on the verge of cumming. I hadn’t been neglecting Richard’s cock and even though I don’t do ass to mouth very often, I had been giving him a good suck. He wanted to cum in me though so we ended up with him sitting on the edge of the bed with me riding him and James on the floor in front of us so he could lick my clit and Richard’s cock as we fucked. This is one of my favourite positions and as Richard had pushed me most of the way, James had no trouble making me cum. Richard was a little way behind me, but I just asked James to try and mostly lick Richard’s cock until Richard came and I could put up with the occasional brushes of his tongue against my clit. Richard reached around and played with my breasts quite firmly as I rode him and I teased him about enjoying the feeling of my tits in his hands as he mauled them. When Richard came, we fell backwards on to the bed but he kept me on top of him and James licked and sucked around Richard’s balls (as I’ve said before, I’m not too used to this as one of Mike’s balls is quite tender so he doesn’t like having this done).

We all needed some food by this point and got up to head downstairs. Mike and Jen joined us soon after as they had finished their morning play earlier and had been lying in bed chatting about (mostly baby) things. This conversation continued over breakfast (slightly punctuated by Jen toying with Mike), with the guys getting excited about babies. It’s not that I wasn’t excited about the baby, but I get to think about her all the time so it wasn’t anything new to me. Once we had eaten, Mike went to freshen up and called Susan to arrange to meet up. He found out that she had ended up spending the night with Abrahii (given I had stolen Richard for the night who Abrahii often shared with James), but she was still up for having him visit and take care of her.

When Mike turned up Abrahii was just getting ready to leave, but she allowed him to ’convince’ her to let him have a play with her pussy before he got stuck in to Susan. As you would expect, Mike went down on Abrahii, but didn’t make her cum like this as he wanted to get stuck in to Susan properly so after moving Abrahii well along towards her orgasm he moved onto fucking her and got Susan to help out by licking her clit as he did this. Abrahii came and Mike fucked her for a little while longer to get his cock nicely covered with her juices and then moved on to playing with Susan while Abrahii got dressed (again). They chatted while Mike ate Susan and arranged to meet up for lunch and once she was dressed, Abrahii said her farewells and left them to play. Mike had already pushed Susan quite close to her first orgasm of the session (she had cum with Abrahii already before Mike got there) and he asked her if she wanted to eaten or fucked as she came. As she knew it wasn’t an either/or choice in the sense that Mike was going to make her cum as many times as she wanted, she let him eat her for her first cum (as she also knows this is his thing). As Susan had specifically asked him to satisfy her, he really wanted to give as much as possible to her so he gave her a thorough licking of pussy and ass, backing off from stimulating her clit when she got close and rimming or spearing her and then working his way back up to providing more direct stimulation. When he actually made her cum, he held on to her legs and glued his mouth to her pussy – using long strokes to lick up from the bottom of her slit, pushing his tongue in to her with each stroke and finishing by licking sucking her clit. Susan came with a series of ‘oh fucks’ and pulled his head even harder against her and when she relaxed back on to the bed Mike kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes.

They kissed properly for a while after that and Mike humped against Susan’s crotch until she told him to stop teasing her and that she wanted to feel him inside her. Mike was a bit mean and said that he wasn’t sure he was really hard enough to fuck and might need Susan to help him out a bit by dressing up for him. She told him that she would wear whatever he wanted after they had fucked, but that she wanted him inside her and for him to spend as long as he could before he came in her. Mike had really wanted her to dress up for him as despite Susan being on a par in lewdness and horniness to Julia and me, she can actually look quite cute so they settled on a compromise of her just pulling on some long dark-blue school socks and diving back in to bed with him. They started off with her wrapping her legs around him and they fucked while kissing. They used a number of different positions with both of them spending some time on top, facing towards or away from each other, standing and kneeling and spooning. Mike had intended to make Susan cum a couple of times during the session, but she said that she wanted to draw things out and cum just the once before then moving on to other ways of playing (and she again promised him that she would dress however he wanted if he did what she asked). They spent about 30 minutes with Mike switching between fucking her, using gentle movements and pounding hard in to her. Susan opted to finish off in this was and lay on top of him while he guided her ass up and down and he fucked her as hard and fast as he could while spreading her ass cheeks and gently rubbing her asshole with his fingertips. Susan kept uttering ‘fuck me’ to him as her breathing became more ragged and even though it took a little while to make her actually cum, Mike carried on pumping in her with his crotch slapping hard against hers for a couple of minutes after she had finished cumming before he came in her and pushed her down on to his cock as hard he could.

They were both out of breath and rather sweaty so remained lying with Susan on Mike for a while as his cock shrank and fell out of Susan – followed by his cum dribbling out of her over his crotch (which they found quite amusing). As Susan had been careless enough to ‘lose’ the cum that Mike had given her, when they finally broke their position, she moved down, took his cock in her hands and licked and sucked around the whole area until he was much cleaner (although his cock didn’t really respond much to the attention due to the length of their previous session).

Monday, 6 October 2014

Uni Visit – Jan 2014 – Part 1

On the second weekend in January we headed down to Jen’s Uni to catch up with her friends and the new students, but on the Thursday beforehand we got some interesting news from Sue that rather surprised me, but made one person very happy…

Sue reported that she was now dating someone and then told us that it was someone from work. I had a horrible feeling that it was the guy she had slept with not long after she started working there (who then didn’t want anything to do with her once he had fucked her), but she assured me that while he had something to do with her new partner, it wasn’t him. Sue was obviously being coy about telling us, but after a bit of probing she told us everything and said that she was now dating a girl two years older than her called Josie. The relation to the guy that Sue had slept with was that he had done the same thing to Josie not long after she started working with the company. During one of Sue’s work trips last year, the two of them had got together at the end of the day to have a few drinks together and moan about what a bastard he was and had ended up fooling around a bit together (nothing too serious, just some heavy petting). On a subsequent trip they had gone a bit further and they had rubbed each other quite a bit, but it was through clothes and neither of them had cum. Over the New Year trip, things had gone all the way and after the first night of the trip, they had a drink together and went back to Sue’s room. They had apparently sort of half agreed that they would hook up properly before Christmas and this was part of the reason that Sue had been so keen to be as adventurous as possible during her stay with us (and part of the reason she hadn’t told us as she knows we don’t usually do things with people who are taken – although after my exploits with Chris, that rule isn’t quite as intact as is usually is).

I had sort of suspected that Sue had someone she was interested in from a few comments she made over the Christmas period, but only really with hindsight and I tried to write the entries as honestly as I could based on what I knew (or thought) at the time. As you might expect, Jen was really happy that her efforts to turn Sue had born such fruit – while we were obviously aware that Sue was happy fucking girls, none of us expected that she would actually end up dating one and Jen’s next target was to get Sue to end up marrying a girl. Mike liked the idea of Sue doing things with another girl, but wasn’t so keen on the consequences of Sue dating, which was that he wouldn’t get to do things with her (Jen also lamented the loss of access to Sue’s pussy, but she took a little consolation from having created a new lesbian). It also meant that Jen’s plan to try and pair Sue off with Sara could no longer happen (which also upset Mike as it would have meant many more chances for him to have access to Sara).

As happy as I was for Sue, I had other things on my mind though as I had been looking forward to visiting Jen’s friends and having another chance to enjoy myself. Following Sue’s visit and my fun with Chris, I had rested a bit sexually (just my daily sessions with Mike and Jen) to let my body recover, and was ready to once again dive back in and continue to re-familiarise myself with cock. Having access to a group of sexually active students was the ideal way to do this (well, possibly second to being able to attend one of the sex parties, but a good second…). We left earlier than usual so we didn’t arrive too late on the Friday and could enjoy more of the evening. Having dumped our bags we went out and I allowed myself to get a little drunk. This was with the specific aim of then offering myself to the group and telling them to do anything they wanted to me. Not that this was really anything new for them as they were quite used to having access on demand to Susan, but they had agreed to help me celebrate being back on the pill and being able to fuck.

The teasing started while we were out with a number of people in the group taking the opportunity to fondle me (I had purposely worn a short flippy skirt to allow easy access). A few people didn’t even bother trying to be discreet and a few other people in the club noticed, but nobody said anything (at least not to me). At the outset I had wanted to wait until we got back to someone’s room or house to cum so I could really enjoy my first orgasm of the night (I had been picturing having a cock in my cunt, one in my mouth and one in each hand with each of them cumming in or over me at the same time as I came) – Abrahii had other ideas though and thought that if the aim was for me to enjoy myself then I should get to cum as much as possible and after a number of people had taken turns fondling me, she came back for a second go and this time frigged me properly. She had at least pulled me over to a corner so we weren’t so visible, but she was quite forceful and as her fingers slid back and forth over my clit she kissed me and told me that she expected me to put on a good show this weekend and remind her of the ‘old times’ from when Jen, Julia and Mel were at Uni with her. I couldn’t resist the way she was touching me and ended up just kissing her deeply as my orgasm built and then moaning in to her mouth as I came. She wouldn’t even let me play with her in return (although did warn me that I would be required to repay her later on).

Now that my first orgasm was out of the way, a few others were a bit more forceful with me too, although Richard was the only other person to actually make me cum (still by just fingering me). We didn’t stay out too late so that I could be properly played with and we returned to Richard and James’ place to find that they had even prepared for me by putting some spare duvets and pillows down on the floor so there would be enough space for multiple people to play with me. I was quickly stripped off and to get things started I was made to put on a show of eating Jen as she sat over my face. This was also her way of showing everyone how her pregnancy was coming along as her bump was beginning to show (a little). She had hoped to be really wet and leave my face completely covered with her juices, but she seemed to have lost the ability to produce pussy juice on demand so was just back to her old self (which is still wetter than me, but just not dripping wet). While I’d been eating Jen, I felt a few sets of fingers exploring my pussy and when she climbed off of me so I could see, I spread my legs, pulled my pussy lips apart and said that I wanted to feel some of the new cocks inside me.

Sean was first up for this and he pushed in to me and started to pump away. I told him to cum as quickly as possible as I just wanted to have as much cum in me as I could get, but once again Abrahii had other ideas and assigned Susan to reach between us and rub my clit so I would get to cum as well. Even with Susan’s help I couldn’t compete with a 19 year old boy though and he came in me. I don’t know how much though as I had to hold my legs up to my shoulders to keep his cum in me while Amber fingered me to ensure that I came once for every time I was fucked. Sean knelt by my face as she did this and I sucked his cock clean and told him that I hoped to get a second serving from him at some point and as soon as I came, Brandon pushed his cock in to me and started to fuck me.

My pussy still felt quite wet with Sean’s cum and I pictures Brandon’s cock churning the cum already inside me up and pushing it deeper in as he prepared to add his own to the mix. Abrahii planted herself over my face and told me she wanted to cum so I got stuck in to her and just enjoyed what Brandon was doing to me. He lasted quite a bit longer than Sean had (he was instructed to do so), but still came in me before I came again, although Lisa was assigned to take care of me (I didn’t know who it was at the time as Abrahii was still over my face, but I felt a tongue flicking over my clit repeatedly, which did the job). Mike had taken the opportunity to take Lisa from behind while she was eating me and when Abrahii told him to stop as they had agreed that I was meant to be getting all the cum, he promised that he wouldn’t cum in Lisa. He kept his word and when Lisa pulled away from me he pushed in to me and described how Lisa’s juices were going to be mixed in with the guys’ cum. Even though he had got started in Lisa, Mike still had no trouble holding back and giving me a good hard fuck. We both felt quite a bit of cum squelch out of me as we fucked and my whole crotch felt like it was soaked (which I loved). I got Douglas to kneel beside my head and started to suck him off. I wanted Craig to join in too and have them both cum over my face and body but was told that there were other plans so I contented myself with Doug’s cock. Between sucks I told him I wanted him to cum over my face (as opposed to in my mouth) and we compromised on him agreeing to start off in my mouth and then try to pull out and finish off over my face. He did a fairly good job of this and I ended up with a few splashes of cum on my face and chest and just spat out the bit he had cum in my mouth. While I’d been sucking Doug, Mike had got Lisa to help out and play with my clit while he continued to fuck me and once I came again he unloaded in to me, pulled out and climbed up my body to offer me his cock. I took his cock in my mouth and did the best I could to suck him clean.

I was given another break from cock and Susan was tasked with going down on me. For fairness I was also given the job of eating Lisa (and seeing as she had helped out twice it was only fair).I still had to sit with my ass up in the air a little (two or three cushions had been pushed under it) so I kept as much cum as possible in me, but this didn’t stop Susan from eating me and by the time she finished at least the outside of my crotch was clean of cum (although somewhat covered with her saliva). It was now time for the grand finale (although I didn’t know this at the time) and I was told to mount Richard and ride him, at which point Craig took up position behind me and I realised what he had been instructed to do. I stopped moving to allow him to position his cock near my ass and Susan leant over and spat on his cock a few times to provide lube. Craig pushed in to my ass and the three of us started humping back and forth until he was buried the whole way in me. He and Richard said they could feel their cocks rubbing against each other and I told them not to cum too quickly as I wanted to enjoy the sensation. The position wasn’t finished yet though and James knelt in front of me and I was told that I had to make him cum too. He took hold of my hair and guided my head back and forth as I sucked him – unfortunately as I was using my hands to hold myself up I couldn’t stop him from going too deep and gagged a couple of times, but he figured out how deep I could comfortably take him and adjusted his thrusting appropriately (mostly anyway).

I couldn’t see that Richard was licking and kissing James’ balls, but that explained how James was the first to cum despite starting last. He shot his cum deep in to my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow at least a bit of it (not that it was the first time I’ve eaten his cum). When James pulled out I kissed Richard who had no qualms about sharing James’ load and his tongue eagerly pushed in to my mouth and mashed against mine while the guys fucked my holes. Abrahii was taking care of ensuring they didn’t cum too quickly and kept distracting them until I started panting and saying that I couldn’t take much more and was going to cum again. I was way ahead of them by this point though so even though Abrahii told them to give me everything they had, I still came before either of them did and this allowed them to fuck me the whole way through my orgasm until I was pleading with them to stop. Of course my pleading didn’t do any good and they carried on fucking me until Craig came in my ass and then Richard came in my cunt a little while later.

When they both pulled out of me I felt very empty and rolled off Richard to lie on my side on the duvets. Even by my standards it had been a fairly intense session so when I was told that I needed to take care of Sam I said I needed a little rest – which was a mistake. Asif she was channelling Mel, Abrahii said that I didn’t get to choose when things finished and as a penalty I was rolled on to my back and Sam was planted over my face. I didn’t really object to eating her so starting licking around her pussy (although she still had her skirt on so it was a little dark and quite hot under there), but I jumped when I felt something being pushed in to my cunt. I felt my legs being held down and fingers spreading my lips and I soon had a vibe inside my cunt and another one rubbing over my clit. It was too strong to be pleasurable (or possibly my clit was just too sensitive after what it and the rest of my pussy had been subjected to already). I knew that protesting wouldn’t help (unless I *really* protested – but I also have a reputation to keep up!) so I endured the intense stimulation and went at Sam’s pussy with everything I could. It was quite an interesting experience to try and give as much as I was getting and I think I showed Sam a fairly good time as I certainly didn’t hold back and buried my tongue as deep in to her as I could while eating her and I had to hold on to her legs when I attacked her clit. I was probably a little harsh on Sam – it wasn’t her fault that I was being pushed so far, but she didn’t seem to complain too much and even with my head under her skirt and her legs either side of my head I could hear her moaning and panting as she came.

I was getting quite close to cumming by the time Sam climbed off of me but I wasn’t allowed to stop and so Susan was told to sit over my face so I could eat her until I came. As a final additional stimulant, they pushed an anal vibe in to my ass and turned it on high – this was more than I could really take and I came with a very strong and sharp orgasm, almost screaming in to Susan’s cunt. I tried to bat the hands that were playing with me away but couldn’t see what I was doing. They did at least stop pumping the vibes in to me and pulled the one on my clit away, but I was told that as I’d started, that I had to make Susan cum again before I would be properly released. I knew that it doesn’t take too much to get Susan off so just set about eating her – maybe not with quite the enthusiasm or force as I had done with Sam, but I was confident it still wouldn’t take too long. As I worked on Susan I felt the pussy in my vibe slowly slide out and land between my legs and the one in my ass slid out a little, but not the whole way. Susan leant forwards and planted her face in my crotch, but she knows full well what it is like to be pushed too far and just gently licked me (although that still felt quite strong). When Susan got close to cumming, she picked up the pace and licked me with a bit more force, but I’ve made her cum enough times to know what she  likes so I only had to endure things for a short while before she came and I was finally allowed up.