Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lis and Lucy February Visit – Part 2

I climbed off Lucy and turned around so we could kiss properly. Mike lay behind her and pressed his cock against her ass, still rubbing against her. She told him that she would prefer it if he didn’t cum over her (which he knows means ‘don’t cum over me’) and he asked if he could slide his cock between her legs (not inside her, just so he was rubbing against her pussy) if he promised not to cum. Lucy was a bit nervous about that position as she thought he might end up slipping inside her (accidentally) but told him that as long as he behaved himself, that he could rub against her pussy for a little bit. Mike gave her some space and Lucy rolled on to her back and spread her legs. Mike crouched between them and positioned his cock against her pussy (with the head well clear). I helped out by spreading Lucy’s lips so Mike was rubbing against her inner lips and clit. Mike was hoping that Lucy was going to let him make her cum (we all tend to find that making someone cum is pretty much the most arousing thing you can do), but unfortunately for him she didn’t want this and told him so. He was allowed to continue rubbing against her in the same way though and he was certainly stimulating Lucy. He carried on until he was just about to cum, pulled away quickly, took his cock in his hand and stroked himself while aiming at me (I was lying beside Lucy, almost perpendicular to her). His cum squirted out and mostly splattered over my chest and side, with the final few splurts landing short on the bed. I moved towards Mike slightly, took his cock in my mouth and gently sucked him, trying to see how much of Lucy I could taste from him.

I still had my fingers on Lucy’s pussy and once I released Mike’s cock from my mouth I made a move to eat her (I didn’t think it was fair to leave her feeling aroused), but stopped myself as I realised I now had bits of Mike’s cum in my mouth. I once again spread Lucy’s lips and used her juices to lubricate her clit as I frigged her. She asked me to lick her and I pointed out that my mouth was polluted but she said it was fine and she should be safe (Lis takes care of determining things like that for both Lucy and herself as she really enjoys measuring and charting things – just one of the advantages of marrying a scientist). I didn’t waste any time and crawled down the bed a bit to make it easier to eat Lucy. I buried my tongue between her lips and probed her pussy with it (knowing that Mike would like the idea of even a small amount of his cum getting in to Lucy). Mike had gotten her pretty aroused though so it didn’t take long until I felt her push my head harder against her cunt so I concentrated a bit more on her clit and quickly felt her body tense up under me, heard her make some sounds of pleasure and then felt her relax.

When we separated, Mike saw that the cum he had covered my chest with was now smeared over Lucy’s side and stomach. Lucy said it didn’t matter and smeared it in to her skin so Mike asked her why she didn’t want him to cum over her if she didn’t care about having his cum on her. This led to a frank discussion about her not being sure what she was comfortable with them doing together and how she didn’t want him to assume that just because they had done something before that she would want him to do it with her again (which was also the reason she didn’t want him to make her cum when humping against her pussy, although she admitted that it had felt really good). Mike has never made a secret of the fact that he wants to fuck Lucy and the fact that we can be so open with each other makes things much easier. Lucy also knows (because she isn’t dim) that we always try to work in this way – pushing things forwards slowly so people become comfortable with more and more situations (or in the case of Julia, Susan and me, often *being* pushed so we are going beyond where we are comfortable). Lucy obviously trusts Mike (or she wouldn’t let him be naked around her) and asked him to tell her that if she let him have sex wither, whether he would expect to get to fuck her each time he saw her. After disambiguating whether he would *want* to fuck her each time he saw her (actually multiple times each time he saw her) he told her that he wouldn’t expect it, but would obviously be hopeful.

Lucy seemed relatively happy with this answer, but wouldn’t let him fuck her to test out his assertion (he had to at least ask!). She did let him spoon with her (his cock against her ass) as we went to sleep though (with her spooning against me) and she commented on how his cock got hard again and she could feel it between her ass cheeks. We fell asleep while chatting about Lucy’s wedding plans and I was woken up the following morning by Mike stroking my pussy. He was being very gentle so I told him that I was awake and wanted him to keep going and after a while Lucy woke up and realised what was going on. She offered to go down on me (seeing as I usually wake her up in that manner) but I asked if she would just stroke my neck and gently tease me nipples (Lucy is well aware of my neck fetish – it’s actually the way that she first made me cum). I was very lucky as Mike and Jen spent ages stimulating me, helping me very slowly build up towards my orgasm. They took turns moving between different parts of my body – gently stroking my neck, nipples and pussy (but mostly avoiding my clit completely). Mike rubbed his cock against my cunt a few times and even slipped in to me for a part of the session, but once inside me he barely moved, even when Lucy took a turn stroking my pussy lips (and brushing her fingers against his cock a number of times). He pulled out as I got closer to cumming as I started trying to hump against him to speed things along. Admittedly it wasn’t taking quite as long as when I just have my neck stroked, but it was still an agonisingly slow build up. I kissed both Mike and Lucy passionately, panting in to their mouths and telling them how much I wanted to cum. They didn’t do anything to hurry my release on though and just carried on gently stroking me until my orgasm built and then pulsed out from my cunt throughout my whole body. I could feel my neck and nipples pulsing as well as I came (which is why I like enduring the frustration that this position involves) as I had what I assume is a whole body orgasm. I certainly have a far deeper orgasm this way than I do with any other method we’ve tried (and as you are aware, we have tried quite a few!).

This type of orgasm takes quite a bit out of me and I lay panting for a good few minutes as I recovered. Ever the gentleman, Mike offered to take care of Lucy while we waited but all he was allowed to do was give her a back massage. He got to rub his cock against her ass as he did this and was warned that he wasn’t allowed to provide any ‘special’ massage cream. Once I had recovered, I pushed a hand under Lucy’s body and played with her pussy for a while, at first I concentrated on her clit and then curled a couple of fingers up in to her cunt. Mike was quite keen on me making Lucy cum with him still rubbing against her but it wasn’t that comfortable a position (for me) so he had to dismount and Lucy rolled over. He was allowed to help out and play with her breasts again and as she got close to cumming, she even sucked on a couple of his fingers. Between us, we got a back-arching orgasm out of her and as an additional reward Mike was given a long deep kiss (as was I). I offered Mike the chance to use me to cum (which he declined as he wanted to fuck Lis) and we headed down to join Lis and Jen for breakfast.

Once breakfast was done, Mike asked Lis if he could enjoy her pussy one last time and then amended it to wanting to enjoy having his cock inside her (so he could also enjoy eating her later on in the day). Lis allowed this and he even managed to convince her to let him fuck her without a condom on (on the condition that he didn’t cum in her of course). Even though there was a slight chance that Lis could get pregnant (although not much as Mike is very good at holding back and Lis wasn’t in the most fertile part of her cycle), I didn’t feel at all jealous of them fucking (which for me is a good thing). They didn’t even make it upstairs and fucked on the sofa – which allowed us to use the camera to record Mike’s cock repeatedly being swallowed by Lis’ little pussy as she rode him. Jen and I each had a turn licking Mike and Lis and Lucy teased Lis quite a bit by stroking her clit and rubbing her fingers over Mike’s cock while telling Lis that she (Lucy) could probably make Mike cum in her (Lis) if she just tried. Mike promised Lis again that he wouldn’t cum in his little lesbian if she didn’t want him to and he kept pumping in to her while the rest of us took care of her clit. As soon as Lis came, they changed positions so Lis was on her back with Mike holding her legs apart and fucking her hard. He asked Lis to suck him off when he came and she opted to have him cum in her mouth so just before he came, he pulled out, Lis scrambled on to the floor, knelt in front of him and he offered her his cock. Lis took the head in her mouth, wrapped her hand around the shaft and bobbed her bead back and forth rapidly. Mike warned her that he was about to cum and almost immediately let out an ’aaahhhh’. He asked Lis to slow down and she did so, but carried on gently moving back and forth. I told Lis to let his cum dribble out of her mouth and down her chest but it was too late as she had already swallowed it. Lis gave Mike’s cock a few more slurps and then released him.

Mike promised that he would make sure she came again before she left and sat down on the sofa. I suggested that Lis should watch his cock closely as he lost his erection so she knelt between his legs and gently touched his cock from time to time as we chatted. This had the obvious effect of occasionally reversing the flow of blood and while Lis didn’t stimulate him enough to get him fully hard again, his cock certainly went down and back up a few times. Lis then asked if she could suck him again (as if Mike was going to say no) and she took him in her mouth and flicked his cock with her tongue (in a similar way to the method she uses when eating pussy). This time he did get hard again, but that had been Lis’ aim as she wanted to feel his cock grow in her mouth. We discussed how strange cocks were (Mike was somewhat outnumbered so didn’t really try to defend them) and how they could change size to such an extent. Lis switched to stroking Mike’s cock as we chatted and after a while she asked him if he thought he could cum again. Mike said it was a bit too soon after his earlier orgasm, but if Lis wanted to risk sitting on his cock and try riding him, he was willing to give it a go. Lis is far too sensible for that (because of the risk of some of the cum from his earlier orgasm still being in his cock), but took up the challenge and stroked him a bit more energetically. I helped out by telling Lis that if she licked the head of his cock and looked up at him with her cute look that he wouldn’t be able to resist cumming. Sure enough, once she started licking his glans with her flutters licks and put on her cute look, Mike came. It wasn’t exactly an immediate effect, but it only took a few minutes of this before he told her that he was getting close again and we all then witnessed a few small jets of cum squirt out of his cock and land on Lis’ face. She moved her tongue down a bit so she was licking just below his glans and Mike said that it felt really good (I imagine it was like kitty kissing as it was still stimulating him, but not so much that it was too intense to feel good). When Lis pulled away, she asked Mike if he wanted her to rub his cum in to her body (which he did) and he thanked her once again for giving him such a good orgasm.

He wanted to eat Lis straight away but she wanted a bit more time to recover so we just sat around and chatted for a while. We discussed some of the places that Mike, Jen and I had been looking to buy so we could have a proper home and decorate it as we wanted. We really wanted to get somewhere with an open fire so we could have a large sheepskin rug in front of it and we got Lis and Lucy to agree that if we managed this, that during one of their visits the following winter, that we could spend a whole night naked on the rug in front of the fire, teasing and fucking each other (with the slight complication that by that point we would also have the baby to look after). Lucy said that she really liked the sound of that and we debated trying to find somewhere to go on holiday together in the summer where we could have an open fire in the evenings (or even better, a fire on the beach to fuck in front of).

We chatted for the rest of the morning (and over lunch) before convincing Lis and Lucy to have a final session before they left. Jen took Lucy up to her room while Mike and I took Lis up to his room. Jen later said that she hadn’t really felt like cumming again, but had a session with Lucy anyway as she wasn’t going to see her for a few weeks (until their next monthly visit). Mike and I took turns eating Lis and she in turn ate us both. Mike really wanted to be inside her again but as he’d cum a couple of times it wasn’t really safe so he satisfied himself with fucking me while I 69ed with Lis (so she licked him while eating me). As Lis got close to cumming we switched round so Mike could fuck me while we both ate Lis – while she isn’t in to anal play anywhere near as much as Sara, she certainly didn’t object to having two tongues working on her holes and her language certainly changed as the final stages of her orgasm built and peaked. Mike started off mostly concentrating on her pussy (probing inside it while I licked her clit) but then repeatedly speared her ass as she came.

Once Lis had stopped swearing (which I really liked as it meant I knew she had enjoyed herself properly), we switched positions again and Mike went back to fucking me from behind while I crouched over Lis’ face (away from her pussy this time as it is easier that way). He fucked me while Lis ate me and I teased her by saying that as she was going to let Jen pee all over her that I should get to do the same as well. I actually quite enjoyed the image of me cumming in that position and soaking both Mike and Lis at the same time and I had a reasonably good orgasm. While Lis kitty kissed me, Mike did the same to her (as you know, he is obsessed with eating pussy) and just before we finished he asked Lis if he could rub his cock against her cunt a few times to coat it in her juices. He didn’t want to cum again just yet (seeing as he couldn’t cum in her – and didn’t think he could produce anything worthwhile for cumming over her), he just wanted to coat his cock in her juices so that when he fucked me (or Jen) later on, her juices would be mixed in to us. Lis threw caution to the wind and told him that as long as he was careful, he could slide in to her. He eagerly did this and as they fucked he asked if she would dress up for him for their next visit (to which she said yes). He then rolled over so Lis was on top of him and gave her a brief but hard fuck for about a minute before they decided that they’d probably done a bit more than was sensible. Mike held Lis down on his cock and told her that he wouldn’t mind if she ended up getting pregnant with his child and reminded her that she had told him he could ‘donate’ some sperm when she decided to actually get pregnant. Lis said that she was still fine with that arrangement, but she wasn’t ready quite yet and I pointed out that the next person Mike was going to get pregnant was me (after a sufficient period so we could enjoy our first child) and that Lis would have to wait until after then.

As he hadn’t cum, Mike’s cock remained hard for quite a while after he got dressed. It was quite easy to keep him this way and we all brushed up against his crotch from time to time. Mike asked Lucy if he could rub his cock against her cunt to get her juices on it as well but she had said no that time and then added that he would have to wait for the next visit. Mike asked if that was a promise and was told that he would have to be a good boy and look after Lucy. Lis and Lucy were flying home so we headed out to the airport with them and waited around until just before their flight was called before they headed through security. I managed to get a final fondle of Lis in as we kissed goodbye and Mike gave Lucy a big kiss and groped her ass while telling her that he wanted to grind against her pussy and make her cum. Jen had a much more passionate kiss with Lucy and told her that she would try to save up her horniness for their next visit – but I reminded them that I have first call on Jen’s orgasms so Lucy would just have to take whatever was left over.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Lis and Lucy February Visit – Part1

Due to Valentine’s Day, we hadn’t had the usual monthly visit from Lis and Lucy (they had wanted their own time just as much as we had – and while we all agree that it would have been nice for me to see Lis and Jen to see Lucy on Valentine’s, we all know who we are actually dating (or engaged/married to).

The real downside (from Mike’s point of view) was that Lis wasn’t in the safe part of her cycle (or at least not the safest part), so he wasn’t allowed to fuck her without using a condom. He commented on what a hardship this was for him and said he would have to make up for it by spending a lot longer eating Lis – she didn’t object to this and I said that as long as I got to do things with her as well that I didn’t care.

Jen was feeling a bit friskier than she had been for a while, so when she headed off to bed with Lucy on the Friday night, they had a session. It was nothing strenuous and Jen mostly played with Lucy, taking her close to orgasm and then pulling back a number of times until Lucy was begging Jen to make her cum (I wonder who could have taught Jen how to do that so well?). Lucy then reciprocated (although she didn’t tease Jen for quite as long) and was rewarded with a glob of thick gloop from Jen’s pussy when she came – it wasn’t as much as she had been producing during the first trimester, but it had been a while since Jen had been that wet (and Jen told Lucy that) so Lucy felt that she had done a pretty good job.

Mike and I concentrated on making Lis cum for the first part of our session. We didn’t bother teasing her for too long and just took turns playing with her while she ate or sucked whoever wasn’t busy between her legs. Lis seemed to really quite enjoy switching between having Mike’s cock or my pussy to take care of (but she accepted she was bi a while ago). Lis came with me between her legs and Mike’s cock in her mouth. I suggested that Mike should cum over her face, but as usual he wanted to wait a bit longer before he came so he turned on me while Lis recovered. He was nice enough to just tease me though so that Lis could be the one to make me cum – although he helped out a bit by fucking me while Lis lapped at my clit. Mike then quickly applied a condom, spread Lis’ legs and fucked her until she came again and then pulled his condom off and wanked himself over her body, covering her stomach and chest with a decent spray  of cum (which I help to rub in to Lis’ skin).

As he couldn’t spoon with Lis, I got to enjoy having him inside me as we settled down to sleep and I told Lis that we would let her experience our new strap on so she could practice being a hermaphrodite. Lis liked the sound of being fucked while fucking someone and as we fell asleep we discussed what we thought it would actually be like to have both a functional cock and pussy so we could cum both ways (preferably at the same time). Unsurprisingly, Mike had some anime along these lines and we ended up reading it (it was a magazine, but on the computer) – the story being about two sisters, the elder one being the hermaphrodite and almost constantly fucking the younger one and being able to produce endless amounts of cum. I’d seen this before (we’d been talking about things like this since getting the new strap on) and ended up thrusting back against Mike’s cock as we read the story. When I got close to cumming, Lis crawled down between my legs and licked us both which drove me over the edge very quickly and I would have gratefully done whatever she wanted to help her cum again, but we had already satisfied her needs for the evening so we returned to cuddling. As Mike hadn’t cum he was still hard so I still got to spoon with him while actually going to sleep.

On the Saturday morning, Mike ate Lis awake and got the first orgasm out of her, but she allowed me to kitty kiss her while Mike ate me. Once again he allowed Lis to be the one to actually make me cum (he helped out by fucking me again, but this time he didn’t cum). As thanks for her orgasm, Lis thoroughly sucked him clean of my juices and told him that he was welcome to cum in her mouth but Mike said he would prefer to save his cum and cover her properly later on. I didn’t argue with this as I liked the idea of seeing Lis covered with his cum again.

Lucy and Jen had a more relaxing morning – Lucy had offered to give Jen a massage to help relax her and had used the body wand (it is technically meant to be a massage aid – we just use it much more for ‘other’ purposes). Once Jen was nice and relaxed, Lucy pushed the wand down between Jen’s legs and teased her for a while. Jen turned over onto her back and Lucy sat over Jen’s legs so she could hold the head of the wand and press it against both of their pussies at the same time. Lucy didn’t try to force Jen to cum, but the sight of her best friend sitting up over her crotch and masturbating was more than sufficient to get Jen to agree to play along (and the wand buzzing on her clit probably helped). Jen reached down to spread her lips, allowing the want to make better contact with her clit and they both pushed their cunts against it, enjoying the vibrations coursing through their crotches. Jen didn’t try to hold back so Lucy got to watch Jen as she squirmed around on the bed and hear as Jen’s mewing sounds grew in intensity. Lucy commented on how incredibly sexy Jen looked and once Jen had finished Lucy used the wand/vibrator to finish herself off. Jen reached up and toyed with Lucy’s breasts, helping Lucy to enjoy her orgasm more and once she had cum, Lucy lay down on Jen and they kissed for a while. Lucy was quite nervous about putting her weight on the bump, but Jen assured her that it was fine (she was still only about 4-5 months pregnant at this point so the bump wasn’t huge).

After breakfast and showers, we set about demonstrating our new strap on. I put it on first and allowed Lis and Lucy to have a close look at how easily accessibly my pussy was, then got Mike to lie on the bed so I could mount him. I lay back and Lis climbed up over me and planted herself on my plastic cock and the three of us moved together. As you can probably imagine, while this is an exciting position, it wasn’t that easy for Mike or me to move much so Jen helped out by giving Lis’ and my clits a few licks. Lucy also helped out, but she only used her fingers which Mike also enjoyed as there was obviously some contact with his cock, but he would have preferred it if she had also licked us (and him). We switched places and let Lis try wearing the new strap on, with Mike in her cock (with a condom on) and Lucy riding the strap-on. With them in this position Jen and I took turns licking them both and were a bit more thorough than Lucy had been but we wanted to make sure that Lucy got a turn wearing the strap on so didn’t make them cum at that point.

We switched round again but to ensure Lucy got the full experience I put on our proper strap-on (with the full harness – and of course the internal and external vibes) and Lucy planted her pussy on to my vibe before allowing Lis to climb up and sit on Lucy’s dildo. As we were already all turned on it didn’t take too much to get things really going – and Jen helped out by licking Lis and Lucy which also moved things along. Mike was allowed to lick Lis and have a close up view of Lucy riding the vibe. We still couldn’t really move a great deal, but Jen and Mike took care of Luck and Lis and Jen also pushed the crotch of the harness against my pussy so the internal vibe made good contact with my clit. Lis came first and dismounted to make it easier for Lucy to finish riding me. Lucy came with Jen licking her clit and once she climbed off of me, Mike took over pushing the crotch of the harness against my pussy so he could also lick Lucy’s juices off of the vibe. Jen challenged him to give the vibe a proper suck, but we had to wait until I’d cum and removed the harness so that the vibe could be turned off before Mike took her up on this challenge. Lucy was kind enough to slide the vibe back in to her pussy to give it a fresh coating of her juices and Mike made the most of this and took as much of the vibe in to his mouth as he could (actually a bit more than he could as he gagged a bit), but he made a show of sucking the vibe clean of Lucy’s juices and asked her if she would slide it back in to her again (she declined, saying he’d had enough of her, which he disagreed with).

The rest of the day was fairly dull (at least in the context of this blog – we had a good time wandering around and chatting). That night we went out for a bit and I got to flash myself at a number of guys and Jen joined in with this too. It was quite amusing to see how many guys would start chatting up Jen but then back off when she told them she was pregnant (usually in response to them offering to buy her a drink). The guys who approached me did a bit better and I got a couple of free drinks and fingered by two guys – not at the same time, and only cumming once. The guys both got to cum – I sucked one of them off and took the other out back and let him fuck me. Mike, Jen and the others followed me out (to save me having to try and get back in to the club) and they watched from around the corner as I first knelt and sucked the guy and then pulled my top up to revel my breasts and folded my skirt up to let him see properly as he fucked me. He was quite eager and fucked me hard and fast – which was nice, but meant that he came far too quickly.

I didn’t complain to him about this and just told him how horny I was feeling and asked the guy if he wanted to see me masturbate – I wasn’t sure if he would just lose interest now that he’d cum, but he seemed to like the idea of him having got me so horny that I would do this in front of him so I spread my legs and used both hands on my crotch (reaching one hand around and between my legs and using the other on my clit). I was relatively vocal about how turned on I was and how close I was getting to cumming. As I knew Jen was watching I decided to push it a bit further and told the guy that I was so horny that I thought I was going to squirt when I came. He told me he really wanted to see me do that so I warned him to stand back, clenched up and just as I started to cum I pushed as hard as I could and sprayed pee out in front of me, over my hands and down my legs. I rubbed my crotch a few more times and then rubbed my wet hands over my breasts, telling the guy that it was all due to him having fucked me so well (which to be fair, he had done, just not for long enough). He seemed quite impressed with my display and invited me back to his place but I told him that I had friends waiting. I took his number though (which is better than giving him mine) and as we headed back to the front of the club where I met my ‘friends’ and said goodbye to my alleyway fuck.

As expected, Jen had been quite impressed with my display and was now in a state of wanting to play so we started to head home. On the way I found out that Mike had spent the latter part of my session with his cock buried inside Lis’ cunt. Technically they had been much more exposed than I was as they were almost in direct view of the entrance to the alleyway (with just a couple of bins in the way) so for a fair part of the walk Lis and I teased each other about how she had been fucked where lots of people could see her and how I had just peed myself in front of a stranger (which Lis seemed to think was worse than having just fucked him and then let him watch me masturbate).

I quickly showered my lower half when we got home and Mike and I then took Lucy to bed while Lis went with Jen. As they fucked, Jen got Lis to promise her that once the weather was warmer that they would do things out in the garden where they could both pee and then went on to describe how she wanted to see her piss covering Lis’ face and body as well as having Lis do the same to her. Lis played along with this and they both had pretty good orgasms (we were told about it over breakfast the next morning, during which Lis went quite pink as Jen described how they had talked about peeing over each other. Lis knows that Mike and I do this with Jen relatively frequently, but she looks even cuter when she is embarrassed so we decided to play this up and after breakfast we ‘forced’ Lis to shower with Jen and have them play with each other and both pee over each other as they came. To make it more interesting, Lucy, Mike and I all stood in the bathroom watching them (there is a reason we have a clear shower curtain) – Lis seemed a lot less embarrassed once the session was over (mostly as she had enjoyed herself) and Jen pointed out that once they could do things outside that she would ensure Lis was covered with her pee.

Mike had a more pleasurable night with Lucy than he had expected (he always enjoys sharing a bed with her, even when he isn’t allowed to do anything at all). At first she told him that he could play with her breasts while I went down on her and after his cock brushed against her body a few times, she told him that he didn’t need to worry about keeping his distance so he pressed up against her side properly and enjoyed the feeling of her skin rubbing back and forth against the length of his cock. Mike has been quite well trained (mostly by Sue and Jen) in breast play and he tries extra hard with Lucy whenever he is allowed to do anything with her. We got Lucy off quiet effectively and after I had kitty kissed her for a while I moved up and helped Mike work on her breasts and nipples. When it came to my turn to cum, I climbed over Lucy’s face and she started to eat me and Mike asked if he could fuck me while she ate me. Lucy wasn’t quite up for that, but was fine with Mike fucking me over her face while she played with my clit and this felt really good. Mike debated the merits of cumming in me and having his cum leak out over Lucy’s face – she is quite used to eating his cum out of me (as well as Jen or Lis), but she said that she didn’t want a second hand facial from him so he promised to hold back. I let them know when I was getting close and Mike pulled out of me so Lucy could finish me off with her tongue. I had gone back to kitty kissing her during the latter part of the session and by the time I came I was almost eating her properly again.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014

This will probably be a very brief entry as most of this day we consider to be ‘our’ time, but Jen thought that we should write about a couple of things in particular that happened.

Mike and I had spent quite a while stimulating Jen – not specifically teasing her, just gently playing with her so it took her quite a while to cum. It worked out quite well as when she finally did cum, she had a fairly strong orgasm but was still feeling horny afterwards. This led to her tickling me quite a bit – I am pretty ticklish and can usually defend myself, but Mike decided to help Jen out and held my arms down so I was completely defenceless (and I couldn’t even squirm around too much as I couldn’t risk kicking her in the stomach). I was tickled up until the point where I was almost wetting myself and Jen decided that she wanted to see this so we decided to briefly brave the cold and head out to the garden to grant Jen her wish.

We quickly got down to business and I lay down on the (cold) grass, with Jen above me in a 69 position. She started to tickle me and occasionally licked at my pussy while Mike either helped to tickle me or toyed with Jen’s pussy (I tried, but wasn’t allowed to lick her as they knew I would probably be able to distract Jen from the tickling). This continued until I was back at the point of nearly wetting myself, but now there was no reason for them to stop and they mercilessly tickled me until I really couldn’t hold back any more and I let out multiple squirts of pee. As regular readers know, I’ve peed in front of them both many times (both just to relieve myself or as part of watersports games), but it felt rather different as I wasn’t entirely in control of my bladder, but it also wasn’t (quite) a sex thing so it was actually rather embarrassing. It quickly turned in to a sex thing though as Jen lowered her mouth to my pussy and started to eat me. Mike moved around behind Jen, pulled her ass up a bit and started to eat her. All I could really do to contribute was reach down between our bodies and fondle Jen’s breasts, but I soon found out that I had another role to play to add to Jen’s enjoyment (even though it was still a passive one).

I didn’t realise it until it was too late, but Mike was clearly eating Jen more intensively than she was eating me as I felt Jen start to mew in to my pussy and hump her crotch against Mike’s face. I heard him tell her to give him as much as she could and just a short while later my face was being showered with her pee. As Mike’s mouth was still glued to her pussy, he got far more of it than I did and I could see it running down his chin, but a fair amount splashed or dripped off of him and landed on me. By the time Jen finished both Mike’s body and my face and hair were pretty much soaked with her pee. They weren’t done yet though as Jen pushed her crotch down on to my face and humped back and forth as she told Mike to go and get the rest of the champagne. When he returned with the bottle Jen sat up over my face (with her pussy still on my mouth) and told him to srpay as much as he could over us both.

Mike did as instructed and placed his finger over the top of the bottle and shook it. We had enough left that he got a fairly decent spray out of it and both Jen and I were left covered in champagne. Jen was instructed to keep me where I was and Mike dashed off (I could only hear this as Jen’s ass was blocking my view). He came back a minute or so later and I felt something hard press against my pussy and then felt it slide in to me. It didn’t take much to figure out that it was the bottle and I wondered if he had emptied the champagne out first (we’ve seen videos of people fucked with full champagne bottles and while it looks sexy I’m a bit concerned about having champagne forced in to places that it shouldn’t be). Fortunately Mike had dashed off to empty and quickly rinse the bottle so I didn’t need to worry (and I obviously realised this). He fucked me with the bottle for a while and Jen played with my clit and they then switched roles and Jen fucked me even harder with it. I didn’t just lie there passively and eagerly ate Jen’s cunt – tasting a mixture of her juices, her pee and the champagne. I was instructed to use whatever pee I had left in me when I came and while I had squirted a fair bit of it out during the tickling, I still had enough left to put out a fairly good spray that bounced off the bottle fairly well and soaked Jen’s face (and Mike to a lesser extent).

It would have been nice to relax in a messy, stick heap, but it was too cold to remain outside once we had finished so Mike fetched us some towels to dry off and we went up to shower to warm up and clean ourselves off. We then had another more romantic session afterwards, but that is part of the time that belongs to us…

Next post tomorrow to make up for the short entry.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sara’s Visit – Part 2

When we separated, Jen suggested that Mike should taste Sara from my dildo and he eagerly did that. He got a bonus surprise as Sara ended up tasting me from his cock – she didn’t suck him for long, but took a reasonable length of his cock in to her mouth and swirled her tongue around it (which Mike said was a bit too intense when she sucked the head, but he wasn’t going to stop her). We then lazed around for a while, had dinner and just watched a film instead of deciding to go out anywhere. This was a bit of a pity as I had hoped to make Sara cum in a number of public places that night, but Jen was feeling tired and we didn’t think it was fair to just ditch her (seeing as the state she was in was entirely Mike’s fault).

When it was time for bed, Jen once again took Mike’s room while Sara, Mike and I used Jen’s. We had another session where I got to cum twice. Mike ate me while I kissed Sara for my first orgasm and we then teamed up on Sara again with her sitting over my face and Mike’s fucking me while I took care of Sara’s pussy and Mike took her ass. As I said earlier, Sara loves cumming this way and she offered to lick us both while we fucked (which led to my second orgasm). Mike didn’t try to cum in me (or over me) and I know better than to try and make him cum (it usually ends up with me cumming again – and often more than once). I went in to spend the night with Jen, leaving Sara with Mike and they snuggled up together. Mike asked Sara if she trusted him and she pointed out that they were laying naked in bed together with his cock pressed up against her back, so if she didn’t trust him then she wouldn’t be there. Mike asked if he could push his cock between Sara’s legs and gently rub against her pussy (promising he wouldn’t cum) and Sara let him do this. He gently slid back and forth while reaching around Sara to cup one of her breasts and after a while he asked if she would let him spoon in her as they fell asleep. Sara hesitated a little before answering but then said that he could. She reached down and held her lips open while Mike positioned the head of his cock and then worked his way in to her cunt. He moved a couple more times and then pressed all the way in to her and promised her that he wouldn’t try to fuck her. Sara said that she knew he wouldn’t as if he did then he would never get to do anything with her again. As they chatted, they moved against each other gently and Mike is fairly sure that if he had tried, he could have cum without Sara knowing it (at least until she started to leak), but he knows that a large part of the reason we get to have fun with our friends is due to trust (plus he really likes Sara so wouldn’t betray her). He remained awake and buried inside her until she fell asleep and the last thing he can remember before he dozed off was still being hard and enjoying the feeling of Sara’s cunt surrounding his cock.

On the Sunday morning Mike woke up feeling understandably horny and crawled under the covers to eat Sara awake. She thoroughly enjoyed this and once she was fully awake, she pulled her legs up to give him better access and used a hand to hold his head against her pussy. Once she had cum, he missed his way up her body and rubbed his cock against her cunt as they kissed. Sara asked him if he wanted her to repay him and Mike said that it sounded nice, but that he would prefer to just spoon inside her again for a while. Sara allowed this and once Mike was buried in her again, she twisted her head round so they could kiss. Mike convinced her to let him play with her clit and he remained relatively still in her as he frigged her, while describing to her how he wanted to feel her pussy contracting around his cock as she came for him. Sara asked if he wanted to cum – which he obviously did, but he told her that she could just enjoy the session and he would be happy if he could cum over her later on. As Sara had her second orgasm of the morning, she moved back and forth quite a bit and Mike ended up having to distract himself to prevent himself from cumming (he wasn’t that close, but he is fairly sure that if he had just let himself enjoy the feelings that he would have cum).

They continued spooning for a while and kissed a bit more. Mike asked Sara if he could cum over her and she said that he could if he wanted, or that she would suck him off. Mike made a deal with her and said that she could only suck him if he was allowed to go down on her again – initially Sara wasn’t sure if she could cum again but Mike persisted and described to her how he would kiss and suck all around her lips, flick his tongue back and forth over her clit, push his tongue in to her cunt and taste her juices from deep inside her and (of course) pay attention to her ass, flicking, rimming and spearing it. This conversation lasted quite a while and once she was ready, Mike also played with Sara’s clit to prepare her. As she got more aroused (again), she squirmed around a fair bit and Mike once again felt his own orgasm building. He told Sara to slow down and she did, but then after a bit she sped up again. He warned her that he would cum in her and that they should move around to 69 if they were going to do that but Sara said that it might be messy if he came over her. Mike told her that after spending so long inside her that it would probably be quite messy if he came in her but Sara said that she didn’t mind that. Mike made a half-hearted final attempt to be valiant and told Sara that she didn’t have to let him cum in her, but she just said ‘I know’ and asked him to fuck her.

Mike pulled out of Sara and let her roll on to her back – he quickly went down on her and gave her a thorough and energetic licking. Sara told him that it felt wonderful, but asked why he was eating her and Mike replied that he wanted to taste her properly again before filling her with his cum. She told him that she wanted him back inside her. Mike sat up and pushed Sara’s legs apart, plunged his cock in to her now very wet cunt and started to fuck her. Their crotches slapped together with each thrust and Mike had to concentrate quite hard to hold back (it had been a fair time since he’d last cum and he had teased himself quite a bit since then). He played with Sara’s clit for a while as they fucked and only when she said she was getting close did he lie down on top of her and they kissed. Mike told Sara that he was getting very close and Sara told him she was just about to cum, but that she wasn’t on the pill. Mike stopped and asked if it was safe and Sara grinned at him and told him to go ahead (which technically wasn’t answering his question, but Sara is a sensible girl – not that Mike claims to have been thinking that logically). He resumed thrusting in to her, trying to get the best contact with her clit that he could and told Sara repeatedly that he wanted her to cum for him. He almost didn’t make it, but just before he came, Sara panted that she was cumming. Mike relaxed and used longer strokes with his orgasm quickly coming and him feeling pulse after pulse of pleasure as his cum shot in to Sara.

When they had both finished cumming, they kissed for a while longer as they caught their breath and Mike apologised to Sara, saying that he really hadn’t intended to fuck her. She told him that it was fine and that she had enjoyed herself and while he was still inside her he asked why she originally hadn’t wanted to fuck him that weekend and if it was because she wasn’t on the pill. It wasn’t due to that – Sara had just originally thought that she didn’t feel like fucking a guy (while Sara is now clearly bi – she is certainly still more to the lesbian end of the spectrum). She was glad that she had changed her mind though and told Mike that it was partly out of lust and partly as he had behaved himself and hadn’t taken advantage of her. Although he had softened a bit, Mike was still sufficiently hard that he could move inside Sara and they both concentrated on how wet her pussy felt now that Mike had added his additional lubrication. He teased her about how it would be so easy to fuck her again as she was so wet but Sara was adamant that she couldn’t cum for a fourth time (if that had been Julia, Susan or me in her place, he would have probably tried just to make a point). She did eventually concede that we would get to make her cum at least once more before she left and Mike finally pulled out of her and pulled the mirror over so she could watch as his cum leaked out of her. As expected following such a long tease, he had deposited a fair bit inside her and when she stood up another batch leaked out down her legs.

They both came downstairs to find Jen and me and the mess on Sara’s legs made it immediately obvious that Mike had fucked her. I didn’t care that he had cum inside her, but I did care a bit when I found out that he had made her cum three times already as I wanted at least one session with Sara before she left. After I promised to be gentle with her, she did at least let me partially lick her clean and Jen even had a turn at this as well. As Mike and Sara ate breakfast I gently played with myself (Jen hadn’t wanted to cum and I had refrained from playing with myself in bed so I could save my energies to do things with Sara). Even by the time she had finished eating, Sara wasn’t ready to do anything more, but was willing to help me out and we fetched the new strap on and fastened it to her. She lay on the bed with her ass at the edge and I mounted her, facing away from her. It was a little tricky as I was kneeling right at the edge so had to be careful not to fall off, but the benefit was that Mike and Jen could easily move between licking Sara’s pussy and my clit. Mostly for demonstration purposes, Mike briefly fucked Sara and we then switched places so that Sara could try riding the dildo while Mike and Jen licked us both (and Mike also fucked me). Sara got the additional treat of riding the dildo the right way round (so she and I could kiss), allowing Mike to spread her cheeks and lick both my cunt and her ass. This was enough to convince Sara that she might want to cum again and Jen decided that even though she wasn’t anywhere near as horny as she usually was, she didn’t want Sara’s visit to end without joining properly at least once so Jen stripped off and climbed up over my face. I took Jen’s cunt and Sara took Jen’s ass. By this point in the pregnancy, Jen had a definite (not large, but present) bump which was pressed against my head as I ate her, but I concentrated on helping to get her off.

Mike got Sara to agree to eat me once we had finished our group session so he mostly concentrated on eating Sara’s ass (although he did occasionally throw some licks my way). Sara definitely enjoyed the position and once she and Jen had both cum, she agreed that the new strap on had definitely been a good buy. She also kept her word and went down on me – at first she lapped at both my ass and pussy but I told her that I needed her to just eat my cunt (as I still hadn’t cum yet). We switched to 69ing, with her eating me and me kitty kissing her. This worked out much better and Sara seemed to try quite hard to please me (not that she really needs to try, as I’ve said before, she’s practiced enough so is very good). As I came I pulled her pussy tight against my face and pushed my tongue in to her while moaning – in part I was hoping that I could get her ready for another round, but she was definitely spent so I had to make do with just the once cum from her.

I wasn’t too bothered about this as I knew I could always talk Mike in to making me cum (and as it was due to him having made Sara cum three times before leaving her bed that she was spent, he owed me this anyway). I went and showered with him and once again got him to fuck me while I used the pulse spray on my clit. Once Jen and Sara had showered (with a bit of fondling, but no real action) and we had all dried off, we showed Sara some of the videos we had taken with our new camera. I had asked Lis and Lucy if they minded us showing the stuff we had involving them to people and unfortunately they had said that they would prefer we didn’t so we kept that private. We also tried to convince Sara to add to our collection and while she was happy for us to use the camera to project a close up of her pussy up on to the TV, we had to promise her that we wouldn’t record anything (and we didn’t).

We did convince her to let us show her some more of herself and she watched (on the TV) as we fingered and licked her and Mike slid his cock into her. We used a couple of toys in her pussy and I captured a close up as Mike flicked his tongue back and forth over Sara’s ass. She even allowed us to fuck her with a cucumber (which we then used in a salad at lunch) and got her to agree to consider letting us record her another time. It wasn’t difficult for Mike or Jen to tell that I was still horny so I ended up taking Sara’s place on the sofa and having the other end of the cucumber used to fuck me while Sara and Jen toyed with my breasts and clit. I felt much better after my second orgasm and we moved in to the kitchen to make lunch, ate this and then Sara started to get her things ready to leave.

I would have liked one final session with Sara (as would Mike), but Jen asked if she could have a proper play with Sara so we let her have priority. We didn’t just sit idly by and played with each other as we watched Jen and Sara finger, fondle, kiss and eat each other on the bed. Jen has always been quite fond of Sara’s pussy lips and spent quite a while sucking on them. Jen came first but Sara kept kitty kissing her. Sara was on the bottom and as she got close to cumming, she half wrapped her legs around Jen’s head and humped her crotch up and down which looked incredibly sexy (and we presumed meant that Jen had done a pretty good job at getting Sara aroused again).

As Sara got dressed, we confiscated her panties and told her that we would return them the next time we were in York (or Sara could come back to get them). She only objected briefly before telling us to take care of them (they were one of her good pairs) and we promised her that if Jen’s pussy returned to being as wet as it had been, that we would ensure the panties got a good coating of Jen’s juices and probably a load of Mike’s cum rubbed in to them before Sara got to wear them again. We tried to convince her to borrow one of our remote controlled eggs but she declined the offer so I took one with me (in the appropriate place of course). We stopped off for a coffee before Sara caught her train and I allowed her to use the egg’s remote control, relaying back to her the settings that she was using. Sara kept it buzzing away in my pussy for a fair amount of time and while I knew that I wasn’t likely to cum, it felt pretty good (until it started to be a bit too much). I removed the egg (in the bathroom) before we left the cafĂ© and wrapped it in Sara’s panties as I had formulated a plan…

As we said goodbye at the station, Mike, Jen and I each had a fondle of Sara under her skirt as we kissed her goodbye (this is why long coats are good). I did a bit more than just fondle her though and pushed the egg up in to Sara’s pussy (not all the way, just far enough that she had to decide to try and take it out or to accept it and let me push it in properly. She went with the latter option and I turned the egg on before putting the remote in her pocket and daring her to try and cum while on the train. We waved her off and later found out that she hadn’t actually cum on the journey home, but had turned the egg on to a low setting a number of times and enjoyed the feeling of it buzzing away inside her. Sara didn’t want to cum again that night, but she made good use of the egg over the following weeks.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sara’s Visit – Part 1

On the first weekend in February, Sara came up to visit us. I had been looking forward to this for a while as I quite like Sara (both as a friend and a fuck buddy). The visit almost didn’t happen as Jen wasn’t feeling too good (pregnancy sickness – for some reason she seemed to get horny during the first trimester and feel sick more often during the second, but then again she isn’t really normal!). Fortunately Jen is a very kind girl and said that even though she wasn’t going to participate in many of the games, she didn’t want Mike or me to miss out and was happy for Sara to still come up anyway.

Being a student, Sara could skive off early and so she arrived up in the late afternoon. Jen met up with her and I headed home a little early to see her before Mike got back from work. I behaved myself though and didn’t try and pounce on her to take advantage of having her to myself. When Mike got back from work we all sat and chatted over dinner and as sex is obviously such an important part of our lives it played a big part of the conversation and we filled Sara in on our exploits since Mike had seen her along with discussing Sue having picked up a girlfriend. We all agreed that if we had known Sue would be up for dating a girl that Sara would have been a good choice (although we know that there is more to wanting to actually date someone than just enjoying the sex with them). The obvious benefit of Sue dating Sara would have been that Sara knows all about our ‘situation’ (seeing as she is a part of it) and we would have been able to easily see her and have fun with her a lot more. As the conversation had progressed, the levels of touching and caressing had increased somewhat so by the time we were talking about being able to do things with Sara, both Jen and I had already had our hands between her legs a couple of times. She pointed out that we seemed to be doing quite well at getting access to her even without her dating Sue, and we moved over on to the sofa to make things more comfortable.

Jen and I sat on either side of Sara and took turns kissing her while Mike sat across from us to watch. Jen and I reached up under Sara’s top to her breasts and up under her skirt to her crotch and we soon had our fingers inside her panties and her breasts fully exposed. Sara was clearly enjoying herself but said that it wasn’t fair that Jen and I were both still dressed and tried to pull at our clothes. I was happy to let Sara undress me but Jen wasn’t in the mood to cum (although she did let Sara remove her top and have a play with her nipples). I slipped Sara’s panties off and gave her a few quick licks before moving back up to sit beside her and Jen and I each took one of her legs and spread them wide before resuming our join fingering kissing and caressing of her. It wasn’t difficult to get Sara moaning and bucking under our touches and kissed and when I looked over to Mike I saw that he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it as he watched. I told him not to waste his cum, but I didn’t really expect him to cum that quickly anyway so wasn’t too worried.

Sara pushed a hand between my legs and I told her not to worry about me for now (although added that she could keep touching me if she really wanted) as Jen and I wanted to greet her properly and get the weekend started on the right note. Sara told us that she was getting close to cumming so we told her that she should just relax and let us help her enjoy herself. She panted an incredibly sexy ‘pleaasseee’ and pushed Jen’s and my heads down to her breasts so we each took a nipple and sucked on them while fingering and frigging her. I heard her panting get deeper and felt her hand push my head against her breasts harder and carried on plunging a couple of fingers in and out of her little cunt while Jen rubbed her clit. Sara arched her body and let out a moan and I sucked her nipple as far in to my mouth as I could and pushed my fingers all the way in to her cunt. She let out a few little ‘aahh’ sounds, interspersed with more panting and we only stopped stimulating her when her body relaxed back in to the sofa.

Jen and I sucked our fingers clean (Sara had recently been tested as when we originally planned for her visit Jen thought she would be in the mood to fuck her) and Mike asked if he could have a taste. I fed him a little of Sara juices and he asked her if he could kitty kiss her. She reminded him that she didn’t think she wanted to fuck him (she had warned him before her visit) and Mike said it was fine, he just wanted to help her enjoy herself and taste her beautiful little pussy. Mike threw a cushion on the floor, knelt between Sara’s legs, spread her lips and started to gently kitty kiss her, working his tongue up in to her pussy and around her lips but only gently grazing over her clit from time to time. Sara kissed Jen and I while Mike did this and after a while she reached down to my pussy again to play with me (she offered the same treatment to Jen, but despite Jen’s nipples looking rather hard and pointy, Jen said that she still didn’t feel up to cumming).

We decided to head up to bed and Jen took Mike’s room for the night (his bed is a little smaller than Jen’s) so that Mike, Sara and I could use her bed. Once we had got ready for bed, Mike gave the bump its (although we knew it was a girl by this point, so ‘her’) goodnight kiss and came in to join Sara and me. Sara was already busy working between my legs but Mike crawled under her and pulled her pussy down to his face. We remained in that position with Sara eating me and Mike eating Sara until we both came. I came a bit before Sara (but she had started on me before Mike started on her) and she kitty kissed me until she came, at which point I moved down beside Sara and let Mike spoon in me. As he wasn’t getting to fuck Sara, the spooning fairly quickly progressed to fucking. Sara did at least help out a bit and spent a little while licking us both but we then changed position so Mike was on top of me and we convinced her to climb up over my face so we could both eat her at the same time. As expected she loved this (Sara loves having her ass licked, so when she can have her cunt eaten and ass licked at the same time she is in heaven). Mike pumped away inside me and I reached down between us to press a finger against my clit, letting Mike’s thrusts take care of applying pressure and slightly moving my finger. We teased Sara quite a bit, slowing our licking each time she said she was getting close and I kept myself from cumming by just taking my finger off of my clit. Mike held back for quite a while but then said that he wanted to fill me with his cum (and I never get tired of that) so we all geared up for our orgasms. We continued to keep Sara from actually cumming and Mike fucked me until I came and then emptied himself in me in just a handful of strokes after that. Finishing Sara off was trivial as she had been close for so long and Mike flicked his tongue back and forth over her ass while I licked and sucked on her clit and felt the moisture from her pussy covering my chin.

When Mike pulled out of me, both he and Sara watched as his cum leaked out of me but Sara volunteered to prevent a wet patch forming and lapped at the cum as it dribbled out of my cunt. I suspect that this was primarily so she could drag her tongue over my ass as she enjoys doing it almost as much as she enjoys having it done to her. She did a thorough job and even licked up inside my pussy a few times just before she finished. Sara thanked Mike for helping her cum and told him that if he wanted, she would suck him off the next day to repay him. We then curled up together with me spooning against Sara’s back and Mike went off to spend the night with Jen (he offered to eat or spoon her, but she just wanted cuddled).

Mike did get to eat Jen awake in the morning and then spooned with her for a while (but didn’t fuck her). The two of them got up a fair bit before Sara and I did and when I finally woke up I could hear them downstairs and could smell coffee. I crawled under the covers, pulled Sara’s legs apart and woke her by eating her. Sara woke with a start, but is quite used to us doing this so settled down fairly quickly and told me to turn around so that she could 69 with me. We agreed to let Mike and Jen know that we were awake by being as loud as we could and after a number of minutes of moaning and panting, they wandered in and stood watching us. As you know, I always enjoy having an audience (even if it is just Mike and Jen) so I redoubled my efforts on Sara and she played along and eagerly ate and fingered me in return. I slurped at Sara’s little cunt, smearing her juices over my face and sucking her squishy lips into my mouth and was determined to hold out for longer than she did (although it wasn’t really a fair competition as I hadn’t told her I was trying to outlast her). Sara is quite good at eating pussy (she had lots of practice with Emily), but I managed to get her off first and after a brief lull in her licking while she came, she finished me off and I moaned in to her sweet little cunt as I kitty kissed her.

Both of our faces were covered with the other person’s juices and we shared a messy kiss, first tasting ourselves and then a combination of our flavours (which I thought went quite well together). We then headed downstairs and chatted as Sara and I ate breakfast and Jen then showered with Sara, followed by Mike and I showering together. As he hadn’t cum yet, Mike was quite pointy in the shower and I offered to take care of him but this just resulted in him fucking me while I aimed the shower (set to pulse spray) at my clit. As we were in the shower, I peed as I came, spraying it all over Mike’s legs (but he’s used to this from Jen). After a quick rinse and getting dried off, we went to dress and headed out in to town, determined to ensure Sara enjoyed her visit.

We pretty much just did the usual – a bit of shopping, some playing in changing rooms (Jen fingered Sara), a little ‘careless sitting’ over coffee to allow our targets to see up our skirts and then out to our favourite sex shop to have another play. As we had already gotten Sara off by fingering her, eating her and double eating her, we had been discussing how many other ways we could make her cum. The obvious ones (vibes, dildos & strap-ons) had already been discussed, but in the shop we found a new (to us) type of strap on. We’ve actually been quite spoiled as Mike bought us a really good one years ago, working off some advice that the better the dildo is attached to the body, the better it is to fuck with. Our strap on has a harness that is effectively a (very) thick pair of panties, with the dildo or vibe then sticking out of a hole (and this also allows us to use an internal vibe so the ‘man’ can enjoy themselves as well). The problem with this is that the pussy of whoever has the harness on isn’t accessible, but the one we found in the shop had two straps that went around the ass cheeks (instead of between the legs) and left the pussy completely exposed. We asked Alistair (the owner) if we could try it on and he said that as long as we had panties on it was fine. While I rarely wear panties, I almost always carry a pair (just in case) so I quickly slipped my skirt off, pulled the panties on and then pulled the strap-on on. It wasn’t held anywhere near as firmly as our one is, but it clearly left my pussy exposed so we decided to buy it.

As Mike paid for it, I let Sara have a fondle of the dildo and told her that I could fuck her with it. Sara knows about the things we get up to in that particular shop (and in the sex shows), so she wasn’t too surprised when I got a wipe out of Jen’s bag and cleaned the dildo. I then pulled her to me and pushed the head of the dildo under the front of her skirt and rubbed it against her pussy. Sara asked if I was really going to fuck her in the middle of the shop and I answered by pushing her up against a wall (okay, so it was nearer the side than the middle) and knelt down slightly so I could position the head of the dildo at the entrance to her cunt. After a couple of attempts, I got the head in to her and I straightened my legs, letting the dildo slide deep in to Sara and then started pumping back and forth. We didn’t go all the way, but the dildo was still shining with her juices when I pulled out and I wiped it on the inside of my skirt. I told her that we would use it properly later on as I unfastened the dildo, put it in a bag, removed my panties and pulled my skirt back on.

Mike was quite surprised that I hadn’t fucked Sara with the dildo properly, or that I hadn’t removed my panties and put it back on before using it on her, but I said that I just didn’t think that the sweet innocent little Sara was really up for public displays of cumming. Naturally she protested about this and said that it was hardly fair to call her innocent given the number of lewd things she has gotten up to so we told her that once we got home we would experiment some more with her to see just how dirty she could be.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit tamer until we headed home, at which point I really wanted to try out our new toy. I had fairly realistic expectations about it, but still liked the idea of being fucked while fucking Sara with it so once we had stripped off, I got Sara to lean against the wall wither ass pushed out and I slid the dildo in to her waiting cunt. Mike then stood behind me and pushed in to me and we fucked each other. As seems to be the case with many of the multi-person positions, it wasn’t really that easy to move in sync, but Jen decided that she would help us out and knelt on the floor to rub Sara’s and my clits. This made it feel considerably better and Jen also sucked and licked Sara’s nipples as her little breasts swayed back and forth in time with my thrusts. I could certainly feel the dildo moving around a lot more than our good strap on does, but Sara was enjoying herself and I enjoyed having Mike inside me at the same time, so on balance it turned out to be a very good purchase. I gave Sara the choice as to whether she wanted to cum first and for me to keep fucking her until Mike and I came or to wait until we had cum until she came. She opted for the latter so Jen concentrated a little more on my clit than Sara’s and Mike reached around me to fondle my breasts. I continued to energetically fuck Sara and loved the little sounds of passion she made as my dildo slid in and out of her cunt. I watched closely as her lips clung to the dildo each time I pulled out and once again wondered what it would be like to have a real cock to fuck her (or preferably Jen) with. My attention was soon distracted from this though as I felt my orgasm building so concentrated on that. I told everyone that I was getting close and Mike nuzzled my neck (which always feels wonderful) and as he fucked me he whispered to me about how he wanted me to fuck Sara. I had no trouble cumming and eagerly moaned as my orgasm pulsed out from my cunt. I was fucked, frigged fondled and nuzzled through my orgasm and only when I said I had finished did Jen leave my clit alone.

We still had Sara to take care of and by getting her to bend down a bit more and me bending forwards slightly more, we managed to find a slightly better way to move. Mike helped to guide my waist back and forth so I could go forwards and plunge in to Sara or back and have Mike slide in to me. We tried things with both Mike and I moving in the same direction (so he would move a long way back and push fast in to me as I moved forwards to slide in to Sara, but he found this rather frustrating as he didn’t get to move as fast inside me (and fell out a couple of times), so we went back to the first method. Jen now concentrated on frigging Sara and Mike said he was going to hold back until Sara came. She wasn’t quite as vocal as I had been, but was still making sexy little moaning sounds with each thrust and was good enough to tell us when she was getting close. Mike waited until Sara was cumming before he came in me (he was actually a little bit after her, but it was good enough for him to imagine he was fucking her).

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another January London Visit

I apologise for this entry – I wasn’t feeling too well when writing it up and couldn’t really get in to it. It’s probably only worthwhile reading for completionists who want to understand how things develop (although there is one interesting session from the Saturday night that was a first for me that I put a bit more effort in to describing)…

At the end of January we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni – we hadn’t been planning on visiting again quite so soon, but hadn’t done anything the previous weekend as Jen had been tired and she wanted to get out of the house and have some fun (which is pretty much always guaranteed with her Uni friends). When we found out that Mel, Julia and Ashraf were also going to be visiting we knew that there was no chance of having a dull weekend so set off with high hopes.

We got there quite early on the Friday afternoon (the good thing about academia is that my hours are fairly flexible and Mike took a half day) so we arrived before dinner. This worked out incredibly well as Susan had been put up for another pizza dare and I wanted to join her. When she found out the full details of the dare, Jen actually also wanted to join in but decided against it for reasons that will become apparent… Mike, Jen and I were staying over at Abrahii and Susan’s new place (although I hoped that I might get to spend a night at Richard and James’ place as well) so we dumped our things up in Susan’s room and once the food was ordered, Susan and I were instructed to strip off and just wrap towels around our bodies. It wasn’t really necessary as we weren’t likely to back out, but some people thought that it would be a good idea to play with us while we waited ‘to get us in the mood’ and following about ten minutes of having to suck some of the guys off, sit on their cocks and having a couple of the girls finger us the doorbell rang and we quickly wrapped our towels around our bodies again.

Susan, Abrahii and I went to the front door and invited the guy in to fetch his money. Abrahii had changed in to a fairly skimpy nightdress so she was actually more exposed than Susan or I was but we had been given instruction that were likely to distract the guy’s attention from Abrahii’s outfit (which took some doing as she is pretty damn sexy). While Abrahii fished around for the money, Susan and I each took a slice of pizza, blew on it a few times to cool it down and pushed the pizza up under our towels and rubbed ourselves with it. The guy asked what we were doing (he actually said ‘what the fuck are you doing’) and we told him that we had been dared to eat the pizza with our pussy juices on it. I withdrew my slice and took a bit and once Susan had done the same, we swapped slices and pushed them back under our towels. After rubbing ourselves with the pizza a bit more, we swapped slices once again and ate the pizza with each other’s juices on them. They guy couldn’t believe what he was witnessing and when Abrahii asked him if he wanted to see properly what we were doing he gave an enthusiastic yes. That was the signal for Susan and I to drop our towels and we started rubbing fresh slices of pizza against each other’s pussies and then decided that as we would need to shower anyway, over each other’s breasts as well. We very quickly got very messy and as I was enjoying showing myself off I got Susan to lie up on the table and buried my face between her now rather greasy and messy thighs and ate her.

I had my ass facing towards the guy and was hoping that he would ask to join in and fuck me (or at least play with me) – when he didn’t I asked Abrahii for some help and she quickly moved towards me and reached back to my pussy to caress and finger me. She knows (and indeed helped to shape) my exhibitionist tendencies so she spread my cheeks and pussy a couple of times to let the guy get a really good look, but she didn’t play with me intensively enough to get me off before I made Susan cum. As much as I enjoyed being watched, I now wanted a bit more and as the guy didn’t seem to want to actually participate, Abrahii paid him and showed him out. We then carried the pizza’s in to the living room and people tucked into the one that was for proper eating, leaving the one that Susan and I had started for playing with. Throughout dinner we let anyone who wanted to use the pizza to rub our cunts or smear it over our bodies and even got Brandon to participate properly by letting us use a slice on his cock (which he enjoyed a lot while it was still warm but said it didn’t feel as good when it cooled down). As Brandon had actually joined in (the other guys didn’t want to get too messy), we felt he deserved a reward so gave him a double blow job to start cleaning off his cock. I would have happily fucked him but wasn’t too sure about getting cheese and tomato inside my pussy so just toyed with myself while helping Susan to suck him. Two tongues are apparently quite a bit better than one and we got him to cum quite quickly (but he is also only 19) and we kept our mouths locked around his cock, continually licking and kissing him and letting his cum squirt or run out of our mouths and down our bodies. As I still hadn’t cum yet, Susan was given the job of finishing me off and I eagerly lay back and spread my legs to make this as easy as possible for her. She got to work straight away and concentrated on my clit, sucking it in to her mouth and then flicking it back and forth with her tongue. I hadn’t been expecting such a direct and sustained assault, but I wanted to cum quickly so didn’t mind too much (it was a little bit too intense, but not compared to some of the things I’ve been made to endure over the years so I could handle it). I put on a slightly exaggerated show for people and played with my breasts as my orgasm built and then mauled them quite firmly as I came.

We obviously needed a shower before we could go out anywhere so Susan and I took Brandon upstairs and all showered together. We made sure to thoroughly wash his cock and kept this up until his cock started to stiffen again at which point we switched to playing with him and each other. Susan turned around and rubbed her ass against him and Brandon slid into her cunt while I stood behind him and pressed my breasts against his back while reaching around him to hold on to Susan’s hips. I told Brandon that he had to fuck Susan and then fuck me (which he didn’t think he would manage) so as a compromise we settled on him fucking Susan and then the two of them making me cum. We didn’t try to draw things out as we knew everyone was waiting for us to freshen up and get ready so I helped things along by fondling Brandon’s balls and playing with Susan’s clit (doing my best to make sure that she came first of course). Susan then grabbed the toothpaste pump from the shelf in the bathroom and knelt in front of me to fuck me with it while lapping at my clit and Brandon happily played with my breasts. I considered squirting (peeing) over Susan as I came but decided not to be too mean to her so held back and just let them make me cum before we all went to dry off and get dressed.

Julia & Mel and then Ashraf met up with us later on in the evening and we didn’t stay out too late. Mel and Julia were staying at a hotel while Ashraf was staying with Richard and James on the Friday night. I stayed with Jen that night, but this wasn’t really much of a sacrifice as I also had Susan and Abrahii to play with and as Susan was as obedient as ever, she was allowed to use a vibe on Jen while I ate her and Jen played with Abrahii (which meant that we weren’t really sticking tour ‘no sex with others while pregnant’ rule, but as no bodily fluids were exchanged, we agreed that it was safe). Mike went to the hotel with Julia and Mel and fucked and ate them both (cumming in Julia, but then spooning in Mel while they went to sleep).

Most of Saturday was our standard fare (morning sessions and playing out around the town) but once we returned to Richard and James’ place tings got significantly more interesting. Since our previous visit where we had been experimenting with double penetration, all of the freshers had agreed to give it a try with various combinations of the guys ‘helping out’ (oh how I wish I’d been as far along in my sexual experimentation at their age – I was only just having my first orgasm!). I did have something extra that I wanted to try out though and fairly easily co-opted Ashraf, James, Sean and Richard to help out. For this, we headed up to Richard’s room as I thought having a comfortable bed to work on would make things significantly easier. I explained what I wanted to do and Susan and Julia helped to get the guys ready (they didn’t really need much help but Mel liked the idea of getting the two of them to suck the guys off at least a little bit). Mike and Lisa meanwhile took turns going down on me and fingering me to ensure I was nice and wet (which again wasn’t really necessary as I’d been horny for a fair bit of the evening while thinking about what I wanted to do).

Richard then lay down on the bed and Susan and Julia both had a brief ride of him. I mounted him and my cunt easily slid down and engulfed his cock while Abrahii bent over and let Ashraf use her cunt to lubricate his cock. He then knelt over Richard’s legs and with a bit of stretching of my pussy (which was a bit uncomfortable but I put up with as I wanted to see if my goal was achievable) and some of Richard’s and James’ good lube, he worked his cock in to my cunt alongside Richard’s. They both loved the way that having their cocks rubbing directly against each other’s felt and the added warmth, wetness and tightness of my cunt holding them together enhanced the feeling. I wasn’t done yet though and the next bit was the difficult bit. Sean climbed up over my back and Ashraf leant back to allow Sean to press his cock against my ass and gradually work his way in to me. He couldn’t get as deep in to me as he would have been able to if I’d just been letting him fuck my ass, but he was in far enough that both he and I could feel it (and Ashraf said he could also feel Sean moving in me). Getting the fourth cock was much easier as it just involved James crouching in front of me and pushing in to my mouth.

Ashraf could only move in me a little bit as Sean’s body stopped him from pushing all the way in to me, but I still loved the feeling of having my body invaded by four cocks at once. A few times we managed to get a decent rhythm going, but the easiest sustained way for everyone to enjoy themselves involved the guys staying (mostly) still while I rocked back and forth (which also allowed me to press down on Richard and get some friction on my clit). Now when I’d imagined this position I had of course pictured the five of us being able to easily move and fuck and the guys emptying load after load of cum into me – I obviously knew that I was only going to get one load per guy and while I really wanted us to all cum at once, I really wanted to make sure that I came before any of the guys did (so that they were all still inside me as I came). I made sure that they knew this and as I was quite willing to let them continue using my body after I’d cum, they had no problem with this so I carried on grinding against Richard and concentrating on the sensations caused by the cocks in my various holes. At this point I couldn’t say much as James’s cock was buried in my mouth but I tried to communicate that I was enjoying myself by moaning loudly around his cock. I kept humping back and forth and the guys all moved in me a bit (Richard and James could move more than the others) and as I felt my orgasm start to pulse out of my cunt I imagined them all cumming inside me. As soon as I came I told them to go for it and felt them speed up their thrusts and they gradually got deeper and better at moving together.

Unsurprisingly James came first and I felt his cum squirt in to my mouth. I sucked him a little longer after he finished cumming and when he pulled out and moved, I glued my mouth to Richard’s and kissed him while letting his boyfriend’s cum run into his mouth. Richard came next and said it felt really intense but I wanted him to stay inside me so I pushed myself as far down on his cock as I could, which allowed Ashraf to keep moving in my cunt without his cock rubbing against the head of Richard’s cock. Ashraf held back a bit and let Sean cum next so he could then enjoy fucking my cunt and Richard’s cock properly, but he didn’t last too long once he really got going. It felt wonderful when he pushed deep in to me as well and even when he came I got him to remain inside me and  pictured the two cocks squished against each other.

It was a pretty amazing session and ended with me having a fair bit of cum running out of my cunt and down my legs and my face and chin with dribbles of James’ cum on it (as well as cum in my ass, but that stayed put). Julia said I was being greedy by hogging all the guys so Mel said that it would be her turn to be fucked like that on their next visit (Mel didn’t bother asking the guys if they were okay with this – not that they were likely to turn the opportunity down, but Mel generally just decrees things like this).

Lisa and Amber had asked Mike if they could have another night with him (and he was so pleased about this that he nearly asked Jen if he could go with them instead of spending the night with her). He didn’t though and Mike slept with Jen that night (and had a brief session eating Abrahii – Susan had gone off with someone else) but it was Jen that he ate just before she want to sleep and then spooned in as she dozed off. He also ate her awake in the morning but left her to take care of Abrahii (with toys) so he could dash off and meet up with Lisa and Amber (and by ‘meet up with’, I mean go around to Lisa’s place where Amber had spent the night).

Mike knocked on the door and was greeted by a naked Amber who opened the door but hid behind it. Mike quickly entered the room, shed his coat and asked if the girls were still interested in letting him pleasure them. They didn’t seem to have quite as much energy as they had the previous night, but were quite happy to let him join them in bed so Mike quickly removed his clothes and crawled in between their naked bodies. Lis reached down and took a hold of his cock, commenting on how hard he felt and Mike said that was due to the thought of playing with the two of them. He asked if he could have a go at their pussies and crawled down under the covers to first have a few licks at Lisa’s cunt and then switched over to Amber (he said he would have preferred to concentrate on Lisa, but that he couldn’t really ignore Amber or he might not get invited back).

Mike surfaced before making either of them cum and asked if they wanted him to continue (which they figured out was just because he wanted to hear them say that they wanted their pussies eaten). He then went down on them again and fondled one while eating the other, switching back and forth every couple of minutes. He tried hard to (and succeeded in) making Amber cum first so he could then concentrate solely on Lisa, at which point he spent a couple of minutes just teasing her before moving in for the kill and eating her to orgasm. When he crawled back up between them, he gave Amber a deep kiss and asked her if she liked the way Lisa’s juices tasted and then reached down between Amber’s legs, briefly fingered her and fed some of her juices to Lisa. They lay chatting for a while and Mike rubbed his cock up against each of them and spooned with them both for a while, gradually increasing the speed and force of his movements in them until they were fucking properly. As they did this, he asked how many times they had slept together since he’d last seen them (which he already knew) and commented on how they seemed to get on really well. By the time they were fucking properly he whispered in Lisa’s ear about how she should just make Amber hers – and added that given the way the group worked, it wouldn’t be as if they wouldn’t be able to do things with other people if they wanted.

They moved on to a proper threesome with one of the girls sitting over Mike’s face and the other riding him and then once he had eaten and fucked them both they switched around to having one of the girls on the bottom with Mike fucking her and them both eating the other girl. Lisa especially seemed to like being eaten by them both and was more enthusiastic about Mike spearing her ass but Mike knew that he definitely wanted to empty his first load in to Lisa so he made sure to hold back until he was inside her and helping to eat Amber before he came. He stayed buried inside of Lisa and the two of them finished off Amber with their tongues. When Mike pulled out of Lisa, he reached down between her legs and scooped up his cum as it dribbled out of her and rubbed some of it over Lisa’s nipples before offering Lisa his fingers to suck clean. She swirled her tongue around them and Mike commented on how sexy it was to see a girl so eager to eat his cum and Lisa replied by saying that as he was so keen on eating her that it only seemed fair. Amber said that she didn’t mind tasting his cum either so after a short while to let the girls recover, they had another threesome, this time with Amber in the middle with Lisa sitting over her face and Mike going down on Amber.

They stayed in this position playing with each other for quite a while and between licks, Mike teased Lisa about how sexy she would look if she dressed up in a cute outfit and got Amber to agree that she wanted to see Lisa dressed like that. As the girls got closer to cumming, Mike got them to imagine if they had been friends back at school and had been able to play together like this every afternoon (and occasionally at school). Lisa admitted that she had actually cum at school a couple of times – once with a boy and once with a girl, but she wouldn’t give the full details so Mike described his imagined version of how it happened and got Amber to play the part of the other girl. From his viewpoint between Amber’s legs, Mike had a fairly good view up across Amber’s body to watch what she was doing to Lisa’s pussy and he really enjoyed this so was more than happy to make sure that he did a good job on Amber. Not quite a good enough job to make her cum though as he wanted to ensure he had a chance to fuck her so he kept her quite close to cumming for a while and only when Lisa had cum did Mike moved up from between Amber’s legs, slide in to her and fuck her. As she was quite keen to cum by this point, she let Mike roll them both over so she was on top and then he pumped away in to her as hard and fast as he could. Lisa just lay beside them and watched as Mike fucked Amber as hard as fast as he could. He held back until Amber told him she was getting close and then allowed himself to enjoy the feeling fully so by the time she actually came, he wasn’t too far behind (but still far enough that he fucked her right through her orgasm and had her moaning before he actually came in her).

For completeness, Mike asked Lisa if she would eat Amber clean – he was a bit torn over this as he loved the idea of having as much of his cum as possible remain in them, but had also really enjoyed watching Amber eat it out of Lisa so wanted to see this again. Lisa happily obliged (although not for as long as Amber had eaten Lisa) and they then headed off to the bathroom and showered together. Mike had a good fondle of them both and managed to get hard again (although not hard enough to properly do anything with them) and while he would have liked to visit the shared kitchen and play with them, it was sufficiently late by this point that they just got dressed and headed out to meet up for the customary Sunday brunch. It was obvious from the look on his face how much he had enjoyed himself.

I had spent the night with Doug and Ashraf (Ash enjoys fucking the freshers just as much as Mike does – he’s just a little less fussy and will fuck the guys just as eagerly as he will the girls). I got looked after quite well by the pair of them and between the evening and morning sessions I was fucked by them both while the other one took the ass of the one fucking me and I got to suck them both off (at one point with both cocks in my mouth at the same time). On the way to the shower in the morning, I only had a small towel and let some of Doug’s neighbours see my crotch and ass and then noisily masturbated as I showered. It wasn’t that I needed to cum at this point, I just liked the idea of people knowing that I was playing with myself and then cumming. Even after the shower I was still feeling frisky but Ashraf went down on me while Doug showered and I then convinced Doug to lend me one of his sweaters to wear out to brunch (obviously without anything on underneath it).

This meant that I could easily challenge Julia and Susan in the ‘who can keep their pussy exposed the most’ contest, throughout brunch and as both Mel and Jen were there, things were made a bit more interesting by us not just having to show our cunts, but insert vibes and keep them sufficiently far inside us that they didn’t slip out and buzz against the hard seats (which is why padded seats are so much better for games like that as you can always just close your legs when someone comes and it doesn’t matter if the vibe touches the seat). Lisa joined in this game quite eagerly (although we didn’t have an additional vibe for her so she just displayed herself).

We had time for a brief play after lunch but had to utilise some changing rooms to do this as we didn’t have long enough to get back to anyone’s house and then out to the airport for our flight. Jen didn’t want to actually cum, but she took the opportunity to have a play with Samantha and managed to get her off. As I needed to return Doug’s sweater, I went a step further and we found a suitable alleyway where I could strip off and change in to my own clothes. This was rather risky as the town was fairly busy, but the risk is the whole reason that it is fun so I made use of the fact that I was naked and got Richard to have a play with me. This started off with me just kneeling and sucking him but I knew all along that I wanted him to actually cum in me so after a while I stood with my hands against the wall and offered my cunt to him. Richard pushed in to me and reached around to play with my clit as we fucked. When he reached up to my breasts he commented on how hard my nipples felt which I told him was all down to how good he was, but he knows me well enough to know that the fact we were in a public place probably had a lot to do with it (as did the fact that it was quite cold). I was happy that Richard produced enough cum that I could feel it leaking out of me as I got dressed and when we emerged and reported our successful copulation, Mel promised us that Susan and Julia would be fucked before they returned home.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lis and Lucy January Visit- Part 3

As he wasn’t going to get to actually fuck Lucy, I was the next best thing so Mike moved around behind me and asked Lucy for her help once more. Mike spooned me and he asked Lucy if she would at least play with my clit so she moved around to lie in front of me and reached down to my pussy. She rubbed me and her fingers brushed over Mike’s cock a little, but not as much as he would have liked. What happened next was rather unexpected as Lucy moved down the bed, got Mike to lift my upper leg and then pushed her face against my mons and licked at my clit. She didn’t stay down there for long, but Mike definitely felt her tongue brush against the shaft of his cock a number of times and he told Lucy that she could keep doing that for as long as she wanted. Unfortunately for Mike, she had already done it for as long as she wanted, but she went back to frigging me and then started kissing around my neck. We weren’t really in the right position for neck work, but it was the thought that counted (and her fingers definitely counted). Mike reached around between us to fondle my breasts (and ‘accidentally’ get to fondle Lucy’s breasts with the back of his hand at the same time). She gave him a couple of kisses as well during the session so he was quite happy, but he still managed to hold back (I think he was partly trying to prove a point after my earlier comment about him not lasting inside Lucy). I wasn’t trying to hold back though and had a pretty nice orgasm while the two of them fucked, frigged, kissed and fondled me.

As Mike hadn’t cum, he kept spooning me and Lucy curled up in front of me. Lucy teased Mike a bit more, asking him if she gave him the chance to either eat or fuck her, which one would he choose. I had assumed this would be a no-brainer for him and that he would want to eat her but after much deliberation he decided if he could really only do one of them, he would want to cum inside her (after fucking her for a long time), but if he could do one with even the potential of doing the other another time, he would want to spend a whole day eating her, tasting her juices and making her cum time and time again. Lucy said that this sounded quite appealing (and she knows from what Lis, Jen and I have told her that Mike is very good at cunnilingus). Mike promised her that even if she only wanted him to eat her that he would spend a whole weekend taking care of her and Lucy said that she would consider it, but then let on that Jen had put her up to teasing Mike like that. Mike told her that she was a mean, heartless bitch, just preying on his desire for her and that he should pull out of me and cover her with his cum (and I’m fairly sure that he could have cum both fairly quickly and in quantity at that point in time), but he kept his cock firmly in my cunt and told Lucy that he would save his cum to fill up her girlfriend’s cunt with the next morning.

Lis had probably already cum a couple of times by this point, but to be fair, she had been rather desperate when she first went up to bed and Jen had taken care of Lis’ first orgasm in a matter of minutes. Jen kitty kissed Lis for a while after this to help her calm down (and to get her in the mood to do more) and Lis then spent quite a while teasing Jen, using her rapid fluttery licks on Jen’s pussy while Jen described some of the things that she, Mike and I had gotten up to with Sue – going in to more detail than we had told them up until that point. Lis shares Mike and Jen’s fascination with having Sue and I eat each other, so she really enjoyed hearing all the details of how close we came (or at least as close as Jen knew about at that point). Lis had significantly expanded her sexual techniques since she started playing with us and had been practicing teasing Lucy so decided to use Jen to get some revenge for the way Mike had teased her. To Lis’ dismay though, this wasn’t that effective as Jen is very used to being teased and really enjoyed it (OK, so Lis wasn’t that dismayed as neither she nor Lucy are as mean as the rest of us). When Jen finally wanted to cum, she got Lis to turn around and they 69ed (both licking and fingering each other). Jen tried to hold back, but she had such a large head start on Lis that she came first but after just a quick pause, she dived back in and ate Lis until she came and then held Lis in place and they gently kitty kissed each other for a while longer before disengaging and curling up to chat and sleep.

Mike woke me up on the Sunday morning by caressing my pussy and rubbing his cock against my ass and I passed this on to Lucy (just without the cock rubbing – although I guess I could have put the strap-on back on…). She decided to relent on not letting Mike do anything with her – not as much as he wanted, but she did at least let him kiss her and play with her nipples while I went down on her. Once we had given Lucy her morning orgasm, Mike left us and went in to see Jen and Lis who were still both asleep. He quickly woke them though and they let him eat them both. He made sure to make Lis cum a little while before Jen so that she would have time to recover and be ready to receive him properly. Once Jen had cum, Mike explained how Lucy had teased him (which Jen was pleased with) and how much he wanted to cum in Lis. She was quite happy to receive however much cum he could produce and was even happy to go and put on one of her ‘cute’ outfits for him (I wish she had worn it for me the previous night). Mike and Jen sat watching Lis as she dressed and when she climbed back on to the bed Jen said that it would be a pity to just let Mike fuck her and that she would help out. Mike didn’t argue with this and said that as long as he got to cum in Lis, he didn’t mind what Jen did so the two of them pushed Lis down on to the bed and started fondling, kissing, caressing, fingering and eating her. Mike fucked her for a while and then Jen took over fingering her while Mike offered Lis his cock (which she sucked) and Mike then went back to fucking her with Jen helping out on Lis’ clit.

Lis came for them both, but guessed from the fact that Mike hadn’t cum yet that her session wasn’t done (and she was right). Jen climbed over Lis’ face and told Lis to do to her whatever Mike did to Lis. Given Lis had just cum, Mike started off very gently and kitty kissed her for quite a while, but Jen enjoyed having this transferred up to her pussy. Mike tried to emulate Lis’ fluttery licks which Lis passed on much more readily and when he rimmed Lis, she even passed that on without comment. Mike then straddled Lis’ body and Jen leant forwards to allow him to slide in to her so they could fuck while Lis lapped at Jen’s clit. Mike then moved back down and started to fuck Lis while helping Lis to eat Jen and Jen then climbed off of Lis’ face to allow Mike and Lis to fuck a bit more energetically. Lis wrapped her sock-clad legs around Mike and they thrust against each other hard enough that Lucy and I could hear the bed moving from the next room. The rolled over so Lis could ride Mike for a while and Jen knelt behind her and reached around to caress Lis’ breasts and clit. Mike loved watching Jen do this to Lis and when Jen moved to sit over Mike’s face he asked her to remain behind Lis and carry on caressing her until they had both cum. Lis was also enjoying this position so Jen agreed (on the condition that they took appropriate care of her afterwards of course). Between them, Mike and Jen made sure that Lis was close to cumming and then Jen eased off on Lis’ clit while Mike fucked her a bit more. Mike held back until he was at bursting point and then Jen increased the pressure of her fondling of Lis’ clit and breasts to push Lis over the edge. Mike was only just a little behind Lis and as he thrust in to her time and time again he told Lis how he was emptying so much cum into her cunt that she would be leaking for weeks (if only that was possible – I’d love to be able to spend even a single day wandering around with cum constantly leaking from my pussy).

When both Lis and Mike had finished, Jen released Lis and let her lie down on Mike so they could kiss properly. His cum was already leaking out around his cock and when Lis pulled herself off of him, more came out (he might not have cum quite as much as he had told her, but from what Jen said, he seemed to have produced more than he usually does). As soon as Lis was out of the way, Jen straddled Mike’s crotch and rubbed her pussy back and forth against his cock, stroking her won clit and smearing his cum over herself. Mike told her that he couldn’t perform again straight away but would be happy to eat her. That wasn’t good enough for Jen who had something specific in mind so she turned around and sat over Mike in a 69 position, knowing that close proximity to a wet pussy is usually enough to get him hard. She messily sucked and slurped on his cock while he ate her and once his cock started to get hard again Jen climbed off and dashed into his room (where Lucy and I were lying chatting having already finished our session. Jen retrieved the strap-on and told us that she was going to make good use of Lis and then disappeared. We considered going in to watch but as we hadn’t been invited we decided to leave them to it. I then teased Lucy about how she was going to have difficulty keeping up with Lis’ sexual appetite and how we would have to continue our monthly sessions so we could all work to keep Lis satiated.

I had assumed that Jen intended to ‘use’ Lis by fucking her with the strap-on, but Jen wanted the opposite from Lis. She helped fasten the harness to Lis’ body, pushed Lis down on to her back and mounted her and then leant forwards, telling Mike to push in to her ass. Although he was mostly hard again, he wasn’t really hard enough for anal (but thinks he could have managed it if he had persevered) so they ended up swapping and Jen mounted Mike’s cock while Lis knelt behind her and pushed the strap-on vibe (now nicely pre-lubricated with Jen’s juices) in to Jen’s ass. Jen really got in to the session and at times she let them fuck her and other times she got Mike and Lis to remain (relatively) still while she rocked back and forth between the two cocks. Jen got Lis to lean forwards so she was almost lying on Jen’s back and then to reach around and fondle her nipples. As Jen’s mewing started to build (a sure sign she was getting close to cumming) she said that she wished she was somewhere that she could really let go and pee as she came. Mike promised her that once the weather warmed up, they could repeat this position out in the garden and she could pee to her heart’s content. Lis was a little surprised that Mike was so keen to have Jen pee on him but he just said that if it made her happy then he was willing to do pretty much anything she wanted – and then added that this was also the case for her (Lis) – if there was anything she ever wanted to try, then she just had to ask. Mike had another idea to help Jen’s orgasm along and described in detail to Lis how Sue had eaten Jen while she was peeing at the sex show we had put on at the end of last year. He talked about how Sue’s tongue pushed between Jen’s lips and her piss ran in to Sue’s mouth, over Sue’s face and down her body. This had the desired effect and Jen came while uttering what Mike and Lis described as a growling sound (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her make the sound before).

Following a brief rest, Mike, Jen and Lis came down to join Lucy and I for breakfast. I had a quick fondle of Lis’ pussy to see if she was as wet with Mike’s cum as I expected (she was still pretty damp) and as we ate, they described to us how they had DP’d Jen and what her reaction had been. Naturally Mike offered to give the same service to Lucy and Jen agreed that it would be nice for Lucy’s first time with a guy to be with two guys (especially if Jen was playing the part of one of the guys). Unsurprisingly Lucy declined this offer, but allowed Mike to shower with her again (and Jen also joined them this time). Mike was still only allowed to wash certain parts of Lucy (with Jen taking care of those parts), but they teamed up to wash Jen thoroughly. While Lucy was in the shower, I had a chat with Lis and told her that we had been chatting to Vicky who wanted me to go and visit. Vicky is still with her boyfriend and that she had been telling him about her previous sex life, including about Lis and me. At first, she thought that Oscar didn’t believe her and that she was just teasing him (he also likes the idea of lesbians) but a little while after he realised that she was telling the truth, he implied that he would quite like to see Vicky do things with another girl. I was quite pleased that I was her first choice – I guess she knows that I would be up for it and was ‘safe’ – but I really wanted to make sure that Lis was okay with me playing with Vicky as I knew she was really upset when they broke up. I needn’t have worried as Lis is now hopelessly in love with Lucy (which I guess is why they are getting married) and told me to enjoy myself (but did add that I had to make Vicky cum at least once ‘from her’ so I promised that I would make sure Vicky knew that I was passing on an orgasm.

We continued our discussion in the shower, but kept getting interrupted by the others coming in to the bathroom (obviously Mike and Jen knew but I wasn’t sure how Lucy would feel about me talking to Lis about her ex) so decided to continue the chat online from work. Once we were all dressed, we headed out for an early lunch as Lis and Lucy had an early flight to catch and then went out to the airport with them. On the coach, Mike sat beside Lis and reached under her skirt to fondle her – at first Lis thought this was too risky, but Mike convinced her to let him try and I watched as Lis curled up against him and closed her eyes. He made her cum without any difficulty and I warned him that I wanted the same treatment on the way back, but Lis ended up giving me a nice send off in one of the toilet cubicles in the airport. She fingered me as we kissed and we had a brief goodbye lick of each other’s cunts before heading off to security and waving them off. Mike offered to make me cum on the coach but I still had a nice buzz from Lis’ fingers and declined (and later regretted it). I had Mike eat me when we got home though and teased him for a bit, but didn’t fuck him as I wanted to see how much cum I could get out of him later on that night.

Jen wanted to go to bed early as she was tired again so Mike and I went for a walk a little way from the house where there are some trees. Even though it was quite cold, I had him fuck me up against a tree and we started off with my skirt just pulled up for him to get in to me but as the session progressed, my top and bra were pulled up to expose my breasts and then taken off completely and my skirt was pulled up over my waist so it only covered my stomach. Mike fucked me hard and the noise our bodies made as they slapped together sounded quite loud in the relative quiet. Mike teased me about what I would do if some people discovered us and I gave the obvious answer of keeping them quiet by offering them the chance to fuck me so I imagined someone finding us and me fucking him, then another person finding us while the first guy was in me (and so on) until I had cum from dozens of guys filling my cunt and running down my legs. Mike didn’t produce as much as twenty plus guys could, but it was still enough to leak out of me and when we got home we could easily see the streaks of cum running down my stockings. We left Jen to sleep by herself that night and Mike spooned in me for a while and then went down on me one last time before we went to sleep (with him spooning inside me again).