Monday, 12 February 2018

Valerie’s Affair – Part 4

We kissed, then 69ed again and I asked Valerie why she liked this position so much and she said that she liked being able to give pleasure to someone while receiving it, but not through something that was directly related (as opposed to when a boyfriend was fucking her it felt good, but he was getting pleasure directly from the same action so she didn’t know how much he was trying to please her versus just please himself). I asked if that meant she would enjoy having me fuck her with a strap-on as I could do this without the internal vibe so she would know I was doing it just to give pleasure to her. Valerie reached down to my pussy and stroked me, saying she would love for me to fuck her and that she’d like to do the same to me. I told her about my wish to be able to grow a cock so I could bury it in my girlfriends’ pussies and fill them with cum and maybe even get them pregnant. Valerie especially liked the sound of that and said she’d love to have my baby and we ended up talking about what she wanted to do about Nye (who as I mentioned previously, didn’t want children). Valerie said she loved Nye, but she knew that she would probably have to find someone else and I told her that she’d have to make sure whoever she ended up with was happy with her having a girlfriend on the side. Valerie kissed me again, slipped her fingers into my pussy and told me it would be so much easier if I really could get her pregnant and I told Valerie about the conversation I’d had with Lis the previous weekend. Valerie obviously knew about Mike being the father of Lis’ bump (and even more obviously of MJ), as well as the fact that I was as broody as she was and intended to start trying for a baby in the very near future. I then told Valerie about Mike’s wedding present for Lis and Josie (he would start trying to get Sue pregnant on her wedding night – although I personally thought it might be the following day as I Josie might want Sue to herself that night). Valerie was amazed that Mike would do this and asked what our Mum would think – I told her that she had taken the news of Mike (and Jen) fucking Sue reasonably well (but still didn’t know about Sue and me) and that I hoped she wouldn’t be too surprised as she now seemed to realise that Sue loved Mike and I was okay with this. I went on to explain that Lucy would probably be the next one he ‘actively donated sperm’ to and then after a brief internal debate (I kissed her to buy some thinking time) I told Valerie that if she wanted she could always borrow Mike for a little while and make a baby that way.

Valerie asked if I was being serious and I admitted that when Lis had initially joked about Valerie wanting this that I had panicked, but now I’d had time to think about it I had realised that if it was something she wanted that I would be happy about it (then tickled her and said as it would mean she’d never be able to get rid of me). Valerie said it was an incredibly sweet offer – if a strange one, and not something she had considered. I said that it wasn’t something she needed to think about for a while as I was definitely the next person Mike was getting pregnant and then went back to describing my fantasy of having a cock and I fingered her as I described how I would slide into her, fuck her until she came multiple times, then pump so much cum into her that she’d have twins. Just before Valerie came (and between kisses) she kept saying ‘please fuck me’ as she played along with the fantasy and as she came down from her orgasm I told her to imagine my cum was seeping out from her cunt.

We chatted about Jen and Rachel and Valerie said the food play sounded very sensual. I told Valerie we could use each other for breakfast if she wanted and she said that sounded nice, but she wanted something just between us (without Mike and Jen watching) so we headed downstairs and rummaged through the kitchen to find something suitable. As it was the middle of the night, we didn’t want to do anything that would involve us having to shower off so when we found a Magnum ice cream, instead of running it over each other and licking off the mess, I just took a big bite, then kissed Valerie and we shared it between our mouths. Valerie took the next bite and we again shared it, then worked our way through the entire ice cream in this manner. Valerie was breathing quite heavily by the end of this and I realised that as it was the first time she’d done it that it had probably felt more intense as she wasn’t used to it. I sat up on the counter and wiped the last little bit of ice cream over my pussy and asked Valerie if she would clean me off, then watched as she bent forwards and licked me. Valerie didn’t seem to care that we were in full view of the kitchen window, with the lights on in the middle of the night and I considered asking her if she wanted to go play in the garden, but what she was doing felt so good I didn’t want to interrupt it and just let her eat me until I came. I offered to do the same to her but she said she’d prefer to go back to bed (where we 69ed), then curled up to sleep with me spooned up against Valerie, holding her tightly and us whispering soppily how much we loved each other.

(Much) earlier on the Saturday night, Jen and Rachel had finished their session while Valerie and I were near the beginning of ours, had showered together (so Rachel wouldn’t have Jen’s scent on her) and went downstairs (with Rachel dressed but Jen remaining naked). As it was late, Mike offered to walk Rachel home so she and Jen had a goodbye kiss at the front door, with both Jen and Rachel caressing each other (this was somewhat easier for Rachel to do as Jen’s pussy was exposed). Rachel only seemed a little bit embarrassed that Mike saw this and chatted to him during the brief walk with him asking if Rachel intended to visit again on the Sunday and her answering ‘Of course’. When Mike got home, he convinced Jen to let him go down on her and he then spooned with her. Unfortunately for him, she was somewhat tired as the expected ‘trilogy’ had turned out to be a very respectable six orgasm session (well, Rachel came six times, Jen only came four, but she had worked quite hard to pleasure her little student). Mike pushed deep into Jen and she told him he could cum in her but he decided to hold it, with the hope of getting to play with Valerie the next day.

Jen and Mike woke first again on the Sunday morning with Mike eating Jen and her alternating between gently riding him and sucking on his cock. As Mike was usually the one doing the teasing, Jen quite enjoyed her role and kept Mike reasonably close to cumming until MJ woke up and they had to tend to her instead. When Valerie and I eventually woke, we could hear them downstairs chatting and while we were both fairly hungry, we agreed we needed to make love at least once before leaving the bed. We actually went for a double session and after a bathroom break Valerie was just getting a robe when I pulled her onto the bed again and gave her pussy another good licking. We then went down for breakfast and as promised, Valerie and I shared our bodies with each other, using yoghurt, bananas, chocolate spread and marmalade (and making quite a mess). Valerie said she didn’t mind Jen and Mike watching us and in the middle of the session, she told them that she’d actually quite like the session she was promised with all three of us playing with her. Mike was especially pleased to hear this and told Valerie he’d been hoping to get a chance to play with her again. I asked to be allowed to finish my breakfast with her before having to share her though and they agreed so I finished eating (both breakfast and Valerie), then showered with her and we cleaned each other out thoroughly as I knew both Mike and Jen would want to taste her natural flavours.

While Valerie and I were in the shower, Rachel turned up, straight from church and we up to Jen’s room to play with her. Initially she had been meant to go home for lunch but called and told her parents that we had said she could stay so she ended up spending a couple of hours with Jen and then joined us for some lunch downstairs. Rachel chatted with Valerie and told her that she knew she was my new girlfriend and Valerie blushed as I explained that Valerie hadn’t come out yet so she wasn’t used to people thinking of her in that way (which was technically no different than Rachel’s position – she just seemed to have the insatiability of youth). Rachel went home for a bit, but promised to pop by later and Jen told us that they intended to break the 100 barrier that evening (and then explained to Valerie that it would be the 100th time Rachel came). Valerie didn’t believe that we knew it would actually be her 100th orgasm so Jen explained how strict Rachel’s parents were and then went to get ‘Rachel’s Orgasm Chart’ and showed Valerie who was suitable impressed at how the numbers added up (and was quite surprised when we went through and counted up how many times she had cum herself the previous day).

Having only recently finished with Rachel, Jen’s wasn’t quite ready to cum again, but she was more than willing to help play with Valerie to get her back in the mood so after waiting a little while to let lunch settle (and more importantly for MJ to go down for a nap), we headed up to Jen’s room and laid Valerie out on the bed. Mike told her that he had been saving his cum for her and Valerie said she liked that idea, asking him if he wanted to cum in or over her. Mike said he’d decide later unless she expressed a preference, then crouched down and started licking her, leaving her breasts for Jen and me to play with. After making Valerie cum once, Mike asked if she would put long sock on for him (which being Valerie, she naturally agreed to) and he kitty kissed her, then ate her to a second orgasm. Jen had sat over Valerie’s face for the latter part of this and then had a turn eating Valerie while Valerie sucked on Mike’s cock and then licked at My clit as Mike fucked me. Jen the 69ed with Valerie and I lapped at Valerie’s ass, which she whimpered about and said I didn’t have to do, but liked it enough that she got to cum again.

We gave Valerie a little time to catch her breath and watched as she then sucked Mike and I then joined in, kissing her around Mike’s cock. It was obvious just how ready he was to fuck her and Valerie lay on her back, spread her legs and let him slide into her. He fucked her with long strokes and got her to wrap her legs around him, she then rode him and I kissed her while Jen sucked on her nipples and frigged her and when Valerie bent forwards to kiss Mike, Jen and I took turns lapping at her ass again (which Valerie said wasn’t fair). Valerie moved onto her back again and Jen and I each had a brief turn sitting over her face, letting her lick us while Mike lapped at our asses, but as Jen had got to cum more than once already, we let Mike finish things off by himself and just sat watching as he pumped away in Valerie until she came and he kissed her as he unloaded in her. Valerie kept her legs wrapped around him and Mike warned her that it felt like he had cum a fair bit. Valerie said she didn’t care and Mike slowly pulled out of her and she then lowered her legs. We all watched as what was indeed an impressive amount of cum dribbled out of her pussy. I looked up at the pussy pictures on the wall above Valerie and told her that we would need to get her up there as well now we were dating and that I’d offered Mike to her. Mike asked what I meant and I quickly told him that he might have to get Valerie pregnant, but that it didn’t matter – then shushed Valerie when she started to object and went back to discussing getting her pussy photographed. Valerie said she couldn’t pose for a stranger for a photo like that and became even more adamant when I told her how she not just had to pose, but would also need to have pictures taken with her pussy in its ‘resting state’, as well as after being fingered, frigged and fucked (preferably with cum leaking from it). This led to us looking at a number of the other pictures from the photography sessions (we only had the best one of each person up on the wall) and Valerie did an impressive job of identifying each person from their pussy. In the end she agreed to let Mike take a good photo of her pussy and we would get it printed out for the wall.

Mike and Jen took turns kitty kissing Valerie (Jen went first and cleaned up most of Mike’s cum) but they left Valerie and me alone to say goodbye properly. At first Valerie said she just wanted to kiss, but she was humping against me every bit as much as I was against her. I told Valerie I wanted her scent covering me again and she thought this was odd, but played along and allowed me to smear myself with her juices (which in the process involved us having a final 69 session). Valerie had to shower afterwards as she couldn’t go home smelling of sex or Nye would be rather suspicious. On a similar note, she decided to leave the new underwear with me so she wouldn’t have to explain where they came from – and she also added that she didn’t want them to end up being stained with his cum as they were from me. Mike offered to drive us to the airport but we decided to just go ourselves and we had a proper goodbye kiss just before Valerie went through security. We were obviously going to be in frequent contact but it was one of those emotional departures with us both saying we wished she didn’t have to go. I told Valerie I’d have her silk panties washed, ironed and waiting for her to slip into them and she said we’d figure out a way to meet up again soon (and I  suggested we should start a ‘collaboration’ so we have a chance to meet and ‘work on our paper’).

On the way home I regretted not having agreed to let Mike drive us (partially as I could have played with Valerie in the back on the way there) as it meant I didn’t have anyone to talk to and take my mind off Valerie having just left. When I got back home I found Mike downstairs with MJ and he told me Rachel had returned a little while ago and she was up with Jen. It wasn’t long before they returned with Rachel looking a little flushed and Jen reported that they had just given Rachel her 100th orgasm (as well as her 101st). Rachel had actually wanted to stay a little longer and work towards her 100th orgasm with Jen (the 101 total included the few times Rachel had masturbated) but Jen had explained that Rachel would need to learn to manage her expectations as she couldn’t expect many people to be willing to make her cum so many times in a session (or even a day). Rachel has pouted at Jen and said she thought Jen loved her so Jen picked up the phone and suggested Rachel call her parents and explain she’d be home late for dinner as she wanted to spend longer humping her cunt against Jen’s face. Jen promised Rachel they’d get to their 100th time together in the next few days and she would make it special, but that they didn’t want to do anything to make her parents suspicious or they might not be allowed to see each other at all.

Once Rachel left, Mike pulled me to him and said it looked like I needed distracting. I accepted his offer and allowed him to kitty kiss me, then fuck me (he’d only cum once in 2 days). I felt much better with him moving inside me and as we fucked I explained my offer to Valerie about letting him get her pregnant. He was as excited about the idea as I had assumed he would be, but equally realistic about how difficult that would make things. I told him not to worry as I didn’t think this was what Valerie wanted (I think her traditional side would win out and she’d want a husband to raise a child with). Mike agreed with this, but said if it came to it, he’d fill her with cum as many times as needed and was sure we’d find a way to make it all work. I decided not to spoil his fantasy by telling him I thought the more likely outcome would be that Valerie would get another guy and that as a bonus, the new guy would get to have frequent threesomes with Valerie and me (in the short-term I wanted Valerie mostly to myself, but as long as I got to keep her, I didn’t mind if she was also with someone else). Later that night Lis and Lucy called to see how things had gone with Valerie. Lis was very annoyed that she hadn’t got to see Valerie playing with me (or have Valerie watch her and Lucy) and I told Lis we’d work on this for the next visit.

By the end of Rachel’s Tuesday visit, she and Jen had fucked 99 times. Rachel wanted to push this to 100, but Jen promised they could have a much nicer time on Wednesday and arranged for Mike to come home early and take MJ so they had longer together. I told Rachel I sympathised with her and that Jen was very good at teasing, then kissed Jen and slid my fingers between her lips, commenting on the fact that Rachel had gotten her quite wet. The following day, Mike was already home when Rachel arrived and he opened the door to find her standing there in her school uniform. Rachel asked if Jen was in and Mike told her not to worry, Jen was just getting everything ready and told Rachel he thought she would enjoy her anniversary.

Jen had prepared another bowl of jelly and told Rachel she could decide what they did. Rachel wanted their 100th time to be just the two of them together (which Jen agreed with) so they headed upstairs and Mike took MJ out for a coffee (well, a milk for her). Jen and Rachel 69ed, making Rachel cum twice, then headed out to the garden and shared the jelly and ice-cream, eating it out of each other’s cunt and mouths. Jen gave Rachel’s ass another thorough licking and Rachel peed over Jen’s face as she came and then frigged Jen with the aim of her peeing as she came. In the end, Rachel actually licked Jen’s clit as she peed, letting Jen pee over her face and gave Jen a good licking (after she finished peeing). By the time they showered, Jen had made Rachel cum 105 times in total and she stood behind the younger girl, washing her body down as they kissed and telling her they just had 895 to go before they reached the thousand mark.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Valerie’s Affair – Part 3

Our next stop was one of the upmarket lingerie shops and I told Valerie I wanted to get her a present. She said I didn’t have to, but looked through the underwear with me and allowed me to select a few sets for us to try on. I’ve always thought it was somewhat unfair that men (usually) aren’t allowed to go into changing rooms with women while two women can go in together – but at least it means I can enjoy myself half the time. Valerie and I shared one booth and I quickly removed my dress, then helped her undress. I gave Valerie a kiss and stroked her pussy, then quickly knelt and gave her a few licks before saying I wanted to see how she looked in silk underwear. I produced a pair of flesh-coloured panties from my bag and got her to step into them and slid them up her legs, kissing her as I did this. Valerie then tried on a few sets and we judged how they looked and I then tried a few on, leaving the most revealing one for last. I told Valerie that I really needed to see her in natural light to know how she looked and dared her to come out into the main part of the shop. Valerie wasn’t brave enough to do this, but she did leave the cubicle and stand at the end of the dressing rooms and watch me as I wandered down to the front of the shop and casually looked for another set for Valerie to wear. I was right by the window and it was a good thing I had my own pair of panties on under the nice ones as I could feel the moisture in my pussy as people walked past and looked at me. I returned to the dressing room with two more sets for Valerie to try and I stripped completely while she modelled them, then sat and stroked myself as I told her how good I thought she look in one particular set. Valerie said she liked it so I helped her carefully remove it, told her it was my present to her and then asked if I could have a kiss in return. Valerie wrapped her arms around me and we kissed but I then whispered that this wasn’t the kind of kiss I meant. I dropped to my knees and bushed my mouth hard against her pussy, giving her a good lick for about 30 seconds before pulling away and saying we should go and pay. I got dressed much quicker then Valerie and had paid for the items by the time she exited the dressing rooms.

We went for coffee and Valerie told me I shouldn’t have spent so much on her but I said she was beautiful and while I loved the underwear she already had, I wanted her to have something to wear that was from me. Valerie said that my present was certainly better than the last set of panties I’d left for her (referring to the ones soaked with multiple loads of my juices and Nye’s cum) and I told her I had been amazed when she had appeared on Skype wearing them but she said she had done this for Nye. Valerie asked about other things Nye and I had done and I blushed when she told me he had told her about the peeing. I explained to Valerie that watersports was really Jen’s fetish, but that Nye had seemed to like me being dirty so I’d shown him. I also told her about him taking me out for dinner in a revealing nightdress and Valerie said he had told her about that as well, then paused and asked if she could take me out like that – possibly to the gay bar that Jen and Mike had taken her to when she had visited. I teased Valerie a bit about this and asked if this meant she was coming out but she reminded me I’d said that nobody would know who she was and I told her I’d happily dress up in whatever way she wanted. Instead of just going out to the bar, I suggested we have a proper dinner date together, then go for drinks afterwards and Valerie agreed so we headed home to get ready and I desperately called around to find somewhere with a free table.

Valerie and I showered together and before we got dressed I got her to lie down on the bed and gave her a gentle massage, then lay down on her back and kissed around her shoulders and down her back. I made it as far down as the top of her ass and was very tempted to play with her properly but kissed my way back up to her shoulders instead and Valerie congratulated me for restraining myself. I showed Valerie the nightdress that I’d worn while out with Nye, along with the other similar ones I had (one in dark blue, one deep red and one in white). I let Valerie see me in with all the lights on as well as in subdued lighting and she said she liked the way the white nightdress looked, but that she thought the other ones looked more like actual dresses. I modelled the dark blue one and the white one again and told her I was happy to wear whichever she chose and had stockings that would match either one if she wanted. In the end, she went with the dark blue and I slipped on some hold-ups that came to middle of my thighs, just below the hem of the nightdress. I let Valerie approve the outfit and even let her choose how I wore my hair (she helped put it up in a ponytail with two small braids). Valerie borrowed one of Jen’s white blouses and wore a dark-green flippy skirt. She had intended to wear tights but I convinced her to leave her legs bare (and spent a while kissing and caressing them to show my appreciation). She also had the new silk underwear on and said it felt very sensual, allowing me just one kiss of her panties so they wouldn’t get stained.

Both Mike and Jen looked over our outfits before we left and Mike particularly liked the way I looked. Valerie let me lift her skirt to show off her new underwear but she wouldn’t let Mike or Jen caress her pussy (but did allow Mike to stroke her ass through her panties). Jen told us that Rachel was coming over again to ‘watch a movie’ with her and I asked how many ‘movies’ Jen thought they would get through (she didn’t know, but assumed Rachel would want to at least ‘watch a trilogy’). Valerie was well aware what our barely disguised euphemisms were referring to and asked what Mike would be doing. He said he’d probably give Lis a call to see how she was doing and told Valerie he’d pass on her regards. The taxi arrived and we made our way to the restaurant – I’d managed to get a table at somewhere I’d eaten before and knew it was relatively well lit. We had a romantic dinner, held hands across the table and flirted quite a bit. Valerie kept telling me how much of my body was on show and how she could see my nipples getting stiff whenever we talked about anything remotely erotic. I told her that this was all due to her as my nipples aren’t usually that sensitive but that when we got home I intended to play with her nips until they were as hard as I could get them. We shared dessert and I told Valerie about how Jen and Rachel had ‘shared’ the jelly and ice cream, eating it from each other’s mouths (as well as other bits). Valerie said she guessed it wasn’t really any different than kissing someone deeply, it just sounded intense. I told Valerie I’d love to try that with her if she was willing but Valerie didn’t think the middle of a restaurant was the place to try it. She looked at me and asked if I agreed and I told her if she wanted the truth so in a low voice I told her how I would love to climb up on the table, share the dessert with her, passing it back and forth between our mouths, rub it over her body and lick her clean, then 69 multiple times. Valerie told me I was incorrigible and I said I’d heard that before and was glad I left out the part of the fantasy where every guy present would fuck us, filling and covering us with cum as we ate each other.

As the restaurant was so well lit, I suggested we have a final drink at the bar before going to the lesbian bar. Valerie said this was a good idea and I sat with one leg up on the bar of the stool so my pussy was facing Valerie and relatively exposed. We then walked arm-in arm through town and had another drink in the lesbian bar. Valerie let me kiss her quite passionately and I kneaded her ass through her skirt. In return, Valerie slid her hand under the back of my nightdress and caressed my bare ass which felt wonderful. Valerie asked me if I’d like to cum in the middle of the bar and I told her it wasn’t that sort of place (although there would occasionally be people heavily making out), but that yes, I’d love to sit up on the bar and have everyone watch as Valerie spread my lips and ate me. I suggested this would be a good way for her to come out, or the next time all our friends met up how the two of us could 69 with them all watching and Valerie said that wasn’t likely to happen, but it sounded fun. Valerie’s fingers worked a little way into my pussy and while she wasn’t really masturbating me I enjoyed the sensation of them moving along and between my lips as we kissed. I whispered to Valerie that I wanted her and asked if we should go home. She said she was enjoying showing me off and I tried to slide my hand up her leg to stroke her as well but she wouldn’t let me put my hand under her skirt (but did at least let me caress her inner thigh). I slid down on the chair a little, letting my nightdress ride up and knowing that others could almost certainly see Valerie’s fingers on my pussy (we were on a mezzanine level overlooking the main bar – far enough back that the people downstairs probably couldn’t see, but there were a dozen or so other tables around us as well as some people standing. Valerie didn’t stop me from massaging her breasts through her top (I wasn’t allowed to put a hand in it) and I told her she could slide her hand up inside my nightdress to play with my breasts, not caring that this would pull it up and completely reveal my pussy, but Valerie only caressed them through the material. She did eventually say we should go home and I literally dragged her out of the place and to the nearest taxi rank.

As it was still relatively early (and people were still heading into town) we got a taxi almost straight away. I gave the driver my address and moaned to Valerie that I needed to feel her. We kissed and I pushed her hand back down between my legs, spreading them wide to give her full access. She still only gently stroked me, occasionally slightly penetrating my lips, but nothing more and as in the bar, when I tried to slide my hand up her legs, she stopped me whenever I got to the hem of her skirt. I pleased with her to let me touch her pussy and she said she didn’t want to ruin the panties. I told her I’d get her another pair (when sufficiently horny I’m willing to do almost anything – and while we didn’t really have the spare cash for another pair, I would have paid it to get my hands on her properly).

When we got home we found Mike sitting on the sofa watching some anime (not hentai, just anime) and he told us that Rachel was still upstairs with Jen (and had been for a couple of hours). Mike could see how aroused I was and asked how our evening had been and I told him that Valerie had been teasing me. He offered his help but I told him I wanted to have Valerie to myself and he said he was disappointed, but understood (what I didn’t know at that point was he hadn’t cum so far that day as he’d been saving his cum for Valerie). I led Valerie up to Mike’s room and knelt in front of her. She let me kiss around her thighs but stopped me from touching her pussy until she had removed her panties. I stood back and took in the view of her in the silk bra and panties. I wanted to kiss Valerie through the panties but she said again that she didn’t want them spoiled as they were the first present I’d given her (since we started dating) so I slid the panties down her legs and kissed up her inner thigh and across her pussy. Valerie was every bit as wet as I felt myself and I swirled my tongue around her lips, gathering and swallowing the juices. She pulled me up, kissed me and pulled on my nightdress until I lifted my arms and let her remove it. Her bra quickly followed and we ground against and fingered each other while kissing. I ended up half lying on her as we frigged each other, breathlessly telling each other that we wanted them to cum. We didn’t quite do the whole staring into eyes as we came, but I remained transfixed on Valerie’s expression as she had her orgasm and kept mouthing ‘I love you’ to her as I came.

We separated to catch our breath but were soon in a 69, initially kitty kissing but quickly progressing to eating each other. Valerie still felt very wet and while I felt calmer than I had when we first arrived home, I could still hear the occasional squelch from my pussy when Valerie fingered me. Valerie came first again and I kitty kissed her until I came and she pussy kissed me so I switched to doing this to her and we alternated between pussy and kitty kissing for ages. When we moved around to face each other I told her that even though she now knew a lot more about just how lewd I was, I assumed that I hadn’t scared her off. She said she wasn’t going anywhere and I told her there were probably a few specific things she still had to find out about, but that she now knew pretty much everything. I took a deep breath and told Valerie I wanted her to hear something and tried (again) to explain how I’ve slept with lots of different people and while most of them were just friends, I cared about them lots, but that it was important to me that she understood that the way I felt about her was completely different which is why I had ended up crying the previous night when I thought she was going to leave me. Valerie hadn’t realised I’d been crying while she was asleep and said she was sorry and I told her I didn’t mean it like that, I was just trying to explain how much I loved her. Valerie came out with what was the perfect response and said ‘Like a sister, right?’ and we both laughed. I kissed her forcefully and told her yes,, exactly – but if she had even the slightest inkling of  just how much I loved my little sister, she would realise how much I loved her.

We ended up staying up until late in the night, alternating between talking, kissing, making love and fucking (in that way you do in a new relationship). Valerie ended up telling me she was jealous of me as I know who I am and I’m honest about it. She said she felt that she didn’t know how much of ‘her’ was an act to keep other people (particularly her boyfriends) happy, and how much was really her own personality. I told her that I’d known her as a friend for over a decade so I thought I had at least some idea of who she really was and I certainly liked her. I then told her that I would give myself to her and she could use me in whatever way she wanted to help discover who she was or wanted to be. Valerie asked what would happen if she changed and I didn’t like the results, but I promised her I couldn’t see that happening. We had another session and chatted more about various things (including more about Sue and how we first got started with her) and I told her how even before she did anything with us, Mike would sometimes eat or fuck me while I was talking on the phone with Sue and that we later found out that she would sometimes masturbate while she talked to Mike and me (at that point her interest was all focused on Mike), but we didn’t know (or even suspect) she was doing this and how it would have made things so much easier if we had known. Valerie asked why Mike was playing with me while I talked to Sue and I explained how he started doing this while I was on chatting with my Mum (occasionally even making me cum) but that this progressed to him playing with me when I was on the phone with pretty much anyone. Valerie asked the natural question as to whether he’d ever done this while I’d been talking to her and I told her he had – as had Jen, and before Valerie could ask I confirmed that while I couldn’t recall a specific time, I was pretty sure they would have made me cum at least once during one of our chats. 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Valerie’s Affair – Part 2

I’d lain awake for so long that Valerie woke up before me (not that I would have been eating her awake anyway) so I awoke to the sight of her resting on one elbow and looking at me. I gave her a little smile and asked if she was okay, getting a nod in reply. I told Valerie I was sorry and that I hadn’t meant to spoil things but I wanted to be honest with her in the same way she had been with me. Valerie asked if Sue had wanted to do things with Mike and Jen and I told her that Sue had loved Mike like a brother (wincing at the connotations as I said this) and that she had been willing to play with Jen and had enjoyed it (which was evident as she was now engaged to another girl). Valerie asked what I had done with Sue and I said I couldn’t tell her but Valerie said she wanted to know so I said how we had kissed each other, how Mike had liked us both licking him at the same time, how Jen had encouraged us to play with each other’s breasts, how we had moved on to fingering and using toys on each other and then how it had been obvious we both wanted more and had finally declared our full love for each other and succumbed to oral sex. I told Valerie that she now knew the whole truth (admittedly not all the details but that would have taken days to describe) and reached up to cup her face and told her I really loved her and didn’t want to lose her. Valerie asked if Sue was one of the pictures up on the wall in Jen’s bedroom and I nodded, and Valerie then asked if I really loved her and I said yes – as much as I did Mike, Jen, Lis or her (Valerie). I moved closer and pressed up against Valerie, telling her I loved her and even though her breasts were within inches of my mouth, I lifted my head and kissed her collar bone and nestled my face against her body as I hugged her. I felt Valerie’s hand on my back and a minute or so later she said ‘I love you too’. I wanted to say ‘But?’ to prompt for what came next, but didn’t want to hear it so I just kept holding her and kissed around the front of her shoulder. I slowly slid my hand down Valerie’s back and eventually traced my fingers over her ass then looked up at her and said ‘Please don’t go’. I moved my lips towards Valerie’s mouth and kissed her and she kissed me back then said ‘I won’t’.

I immediately started crying, to the extent that Mike came in to see what was happening but I waved him away and said I’d explain later. Valerie comforted me and I told her I was so scared that I was going to lose her and she said that she didn’t realise she had meant that much to me. I looked at her and told her that when I had said I ‘loved her like a sister’, she now knew exactly what I meant and just how much that was. This got a little smile from Valerie which was the first I’d seen since telling her about Sue. I kissed Valerie again and told her I loved her and she said it back. Valerie said she had one more thing to ask and it was how old Sue was when Mike first did things with her. When I said 19, Valerie said that was probably OK and I asked if she thought we were all strange. Valerie nodded and said that wasn’t the half of it and we were all kinds of fucked up, but that she loved me anyway. I asked if I could make love to her again and she said that given she was in bed with a nympho, she probably didn’t have any choice. I didn’t waste any time and moved around into a 69 position, holding Valerie’s pussy firmly against my mouth as I ate her. Valerie ate me back and I felt such relief that everything might be alright. We licked each other for ages, cumming and then kitty kissing. Valerie was actually kissing my pussy (which is slightly different than kitty kissing) so I did the same back to her and we kept doing this, kissing pussies and only occasionally licking the juices from each other.

When we eventually broke apart and moved around to kiss, I asked Valerie if this meant I could keep her and she said yes. She asked more details about things I’d done with Sue and I described in much greater detail how we had touched, kissed and fingered each other, then had the occasional oral session but kept pulling back, then had our ‘forbidden sessions’ where we said we didn’t want to do that, but did anyway and finally gave in and ate each other properly. Valerie asked what it was like and I told her that my love for Sue had built and changed from just sisterly-love to being more like I felt for Mike and Jen so it was absolutely incredible (and admitted that the fact it was forbidden probably helped). I asked Valerie if she wanted to see some pictures and she said yes so we looked through a selection of images and Valerie recognised some of the ones I had shown her and Nye before. This time however, I included the shots that clearly identified Sue and let Valerie see her sucking Mike’s cock, her face covered with his cum, him fucking her and his cum leaking from her pussy, Jen’s face pressed against Sue’s cunt with Sue obviously cumming, Sue licking Jen and finally ones of Sue and me kissing, fingering and eating each other. Valerie said she could see why I had given in and I asked if she fancied my little sister, then said that as part of the inner circle, she would now be eligible for a proper ‘sister session’ if she so wanted. Valerie looked at me and asked if I was being serious and I changed tack and decided it really was time to be serious so told her that the reason I had let her in on our secret was because I really hadn’t wanted to hide anything from her and if we were going to last any time, she would end up knowing everything about me. I told her that I wanted to remain with her and while she knew that I loved other people (and now knowing that Sue was included in that list), that if she wanted our relationship to be a one-on-one thing, that we could keep it like that and Mike, Jen, et al. would respect that decision.

Valerie said she actually quite liked the idea of having me, Mike and Jen all playing with her at the same time and I told her they would be overjoyed to hear that. Valerie asked if she could see some of the videos that were in the folder with the pictures so we lay and watched one of Sue being eaten and fucked by Mike and another of Sue and I playing and eating each other. I promised Valerie we’d give her a proper group session later on, but that I wanted her to myself for just a while longer and we humped, kissed and fingered each other for about another 30 minutes before Valerie said she wanted to lick me again. We moved back into a 69 with Valerie on top and lapped at each other until we’d cum twice, with a mix of kitty kissing and the slightly different pussy kissing between and after the orgasms.

Earlier that morning, Mike had eaten Jen awake and was in the process of fucking her when MJ work up. He could have probably made Jen cum again quickly enough, but as Jen was expecting Rachel to visit, she didn’t mind being left in the middle of a session (and she’d cum once so it wasn’t all bad). They took MJ down for breakfast and sat chatting with Mike dashing upstairs when he heard me crying but then returning to tell Jen he didn’t know what was happening but that he had been dismissed. They had expected Valerie and me to join them at some point so sat and drank more coffee than usual, then started doing some of the household chores downstairs (but not coming back upstairs as they were giving Valerie and me time to work out whatever had made me cry). Rachel turned up at about 10am and Mike had to grab a towel to wrap around his waist and sheepishly waved hello to Rachel (Jen had peered through the peeohole before answering the door naked). Jen took Rachel upstairs and told her to be quiet but Rachel caught sight of Valerie and me who were probably at the point just before our extended 69 where we were humping and fingering each other. Rachel whispered to Jen and asked if she could watch and Jen nodded so Rachel put her eye to the crack in the door. Jen suggested Rachel kneel down, then proceeded to slide her hand under Rachel’s skirt and into her panties to finger her. I noticed someone watching us at some point during the proceedings and assumed it was Mike and/or Jen just wanting to see what we were doing and I never refuse an audience so when we moved around to 69, I angled Valerie’s ass towards the door so they had a good view of me licking and fingering her.

Jen managed to slide Rachel’s panties off and finger her properly as she watched us, but they didn’t stay for long (leaving before Valerie or I had our first orgasm of the 69) and moved in to Jen’s room. Rachel quickly stripped and they lay in bed together. Rachel was a little disappointed that Jen had already cum and said she wanted to pretend to be eaten awake by Jen so she ‘fell asleep’ and Jen ‘woke her up’ in our traditional way. By the time they finished their session, Jen had cum twice and Rachel three times. Meanwhile, Valerie and I finally surfaced for the day and wandered downstairs to get some food (we were both rather hungry). Mike had a pair of shorts on by this point and Valerie wore a robe while I remained naked. I kissed Mike good morning and stroked his crotch, then moved over to Valerie, slid my hand into her robe and two fingers into her pussy and offered them to Mike who sucked them clean and said she was still delicious. Valerie blushed a little and I told Mike the good news that she wanted all of us to make her cum together. Valerie blushed more but then watched as I pulled Mike’s shorts down and rubbed his cock against my pussy until he was hard, knelt and sucked him, then turned around and backed onto his cock and leant forwards to let him move in me. Mike apologised to Valerie for my behaviour (but kept fucking me for a while longer) then pulled out and offered Valerie some coffee and breakfast (he fed me as well).

We had finished eating and were standing in the kitchen when Jen came downstairs with Rachel. Jen was naked but Rachel had got dressed again and Valerie jumped when she saw Rachel and pulled her robe closed (Mike may have reached in and caressed her a couple of times). Mike still had his shorts on, but with an obvious bulge as he still hadn’t cum yet and seeing as Rachel didn’t seem overly bothered about the fact I was naked, I made no effort to hide. Once Rachel had left, Valerie (naturally) asked who she was and we explained she was the neighbours kid and Valerie asked the next obvious question of how old she was. Jen assured Valerie she was 16 and explained how Rachel had come out to Valerie a few weeks before, then asked to play with her and how they were now girlfriends with Jen teaching her everything she wanted to know about sex.

I called a family meeting and told Mike and Jen that I had told Valerie about Sue (and why I had been crying). Valerie said she was sorry for upsetting me but it had been a lot to take in and I told her as long as she intended to stay that I didn’t care and I knew we were ‘all finds of fucked up’ (echoing what she had said previously). Mike suggested we let Valerie know more about us and I said I thought it would be better to trickle the rest of the crazy out slowly as I really didn’t want to lose her but Valerie said she wanted to know more so we told her about the gang down in London and how we had our own little hippie free-love commune there, about Mike having dated (and then split up with) Lisa, and even the sex parties in York. She was particularly surprised about the latter and said she had no idea anything like that was happening around her and we told her she was more than welcome to join us at one, but that she’d have to be quick as we were thinking of stopping attending as the age gap was getting too great. Valerie referenced Rachel which Mike said was a good point so he should be allowed to continue to sleep with students (I know he likes this but I prefer older men as they tend to last longer before cumming and it would be considered greedy for me to want to have all the guys cum on or in me for the whole party). As we told Valerie all this, I kept explaining that while I enjoyed sex and cumming, doing things with ‘friends’ wasn’t the same as being with someone I loved. Valerie said she got it and I didn’t have to keep trying to justify this to her and I couldn’t tell if she really understood or was getting tired of me saying it. Jen suggested that instead of just telling Valerie I should demonstrate some things and Jen whispered some suggestions to me.

I asked Valerie if she really wanted to know who I was and she looked a little bit nervous so I promised I wouldn’t make her do anything bad, then took her hand and led her upstairs. We showered together and went into Jen’s room to dry our hair. Valerie asked which of the pictures was Sue’s pussy and I got her to guess (given she’d now seen a few smaller pictures) – as she had already been told who owned most of the pussies, it wasn’t too difficult (and Sue’s pussy isn’t much like Josie’s or Lisa’s). Valerie was curious why we hadn’t taken down Lisa’s pussy picture given she and Mike had split up a while ago and I explained that Mike still loved her and while he wasn’t expecting to get back together with her, he wasn’t quite ready to let go (but neither was Lisa). We got dressed and I made a point of Valerie seeing that I didn’t put anything on under my summer dress (although did pack a pair of panties to help with one of the ideas I had) and the two of headed off into town.

Our first stop was actually a trip into my work where I took Valerie to my lab and discovered than unfortunately there was someone working over the weekend. Not deterred, I took her upstairs to the lab where Andy and I fuck and told her how I’d had to visit this place even more than usual after out lunchtime conversations. I made a show of locking the door and saying that as Valerie was meant to be at a conference this weekend that we could possibly ‘collaborate’. I led her over to the front desk and sat up on it, spread my legs and stroked up and down my pussy, then asked if she would kiss me there. Valerie bent forwards and licked me so I enjoyed this for a minute or so, then jumped down and asked if she wanted me to do the same to her. She only let me have a few quick licks of her pussy (and I wasn’t even allowed to remove her panties – having to just move the crotch to the side). She did let me continue my demonstration though and I removed my dress and sat back up on the bench to masturbate. As an unexpected bonus, Valerie was the one who made me cum – licking me for the very end of the session as I quietly moaned my approval to her.

We then went for some lunch and I told Valerie about Nye having fingered me in the pub with the table of guys watching. Valerie said he had told her about this but she thought he was exaggerating so I angled myself towards a couple of guys sitting at a nearby table and sat with my legs spread so they had a decent view of my pussy. It wasn’t a sufficiently private settings that I could get away with masturbating, but I did occasionally drop my hand to my crotch and gently stroke myself while pretending not to notice the guys watching what I was doing. As I exposed myself, I explained to Valerie just how much I enjoyed this and how much it was making we want to cum again and by the time we finished lunch, I knew the next destination on the ‘Exploring Andi’ tour.

I led Andi to our favourite sex shop and said Hi to Alistair as we entered, There were a few more customers present than usual, but everyone was keeping to themselves and I asked Alistair if I could give the Sybian another test-drive. He agreed and provided my attachments for it, which I deftly fixed on to the machine while explaining to Valerie that this was by and far the best sex toy I’d ever tried. I stood in front of Valerie and asked her to unfasten my dress. She asked if I was serious and I told her after my lunchtime display I needed to cum – and I wanted her to see me exhibit myself. Valerie bit her lip and undid the buttons, but kept a hold. I gave her a little kiss and she let go so it slid down my arms and to the floor and I kicked it away. Valerie gasped as I planted myself on the Sybian, turned it on and started rocking back and forth as I ground my pussy against the pad. I slid a hand up Valerie’s leg but she stopped me before I could get it under her skirt and I told her she couldn’t blame me for trying. A number of the other customers were watching me by this point so I lifted each of my nipples to my mouth and licked them but didn’t have much time to do this as I could feel my orgasm already building. I asked Valerie if she wanted to see me cum and she nodded so I leant my head back and let the orgasm pulse through me. It was much stronger than usual and I thought this was due to having shown myself off at lunch and the larger number of people watching, but it turned out I had the Sybian on a higher setting than normal. I humped against the machine as I came, then pulled away, feeling my pussy still tingling. I offered Valerie the chance to try the machine out but (as expected) she declined (I did tell her she was missing something quite special and to her credit she knelt and pressed her fingers against the pad to see how strong the vibrations were. As I got dressed, I introduced Valerie to Alistair and told him that she was my girlfriend and how I was trying to show her the ‘real me’. On the way out of the shop I told Valerie how I would sometimes pop in on the way to or from work and either use the vibe, or if things were quiet how I’d let Alistair use me.