Thursday, 8 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

After a little while longer he asked about getting a drink and Sara said they would have to go to the kitchen. Mike said he would go with her and Sara had made it as far as putting a t-shirt on when she realised this was likely to be a trap. She asked him if he was going to do anything to her in the kitchen and he said he couldn’t make any promises not to. She did at least get him to promise to be careful not to get caught and he slipped her dressing gown on (it was white and fluffy so he could just about carry it) and they headed out of her room. As soon as they were in the hallway Mike slid a hand under the back of Sara’s t-shirt and fondled her ass – she tried to bat his hand away but he pointed out that there was nobody around and on the way to the kitchen he slipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and sought out her pussy. Her lips were still slick with his cum and he easily got a couple of fingertips inside her but paused as she opened the kitchen door in case there was anyone in there. It was empty so he continued and as Sara reached up to her cupboard to fetch a couple of glasses he repositioned his hand and worked two fingers all the way inside her. Sara was understandably nervous but allowed him to continue so he used his other hand to first play with her clit and then lift up the front of her t-short to fondle her breasts.

Mike moved away and propped the door open, explaining that this meant they would hear someone coming down the corridor instead of just being surprised when they opened the kitchen door – or worse having people look through the glass and just watch them (‘worse’ being a relative term there as it would be ‘worse’ from Sara’s point of view whereas I would relish this). Sara was still a bit nervous but allowed Mike to lift her up on to the counter and spread her legs. He gave her pussy a few licks and got her to lean back a bit so he could flick his tongue over her ass and then stood up to kiss her while he used his fingers. He asked her what she thought her new neighbours would think of her having her ass rimmed in their kitchen and got her to picture some of them playing with her. There was a second year that Sara thought was hot and a first year that she found quite cute, but (as far as she knew) neither of them were gay (or bi). Mike pointed out that their being straight shouldn’t stop her from fantasising about them and he gave her ass and pussy another few licks and then resumed playing with her clit. Sara was coming along quite well when they heard people in the corridor and she quickly jumped down. She moved over to the sink and filled the glasses with water as the people walked past the door but as soon as they had gone through the next fire door, Mike moved up behind her and lifted the back of her shirt. He knelt down and lapped at her ass, knowing full well that this is her weakness (although not really as she knows that she can get Mike to do this to her on demand). She still let out a little whimper and said he wasn’t being fair and when he told her to lean forwards she did, making it easier for him to access both her ass and cunt with his tongue.

Mike stood up, fished his cock out and rubbed it back and forth along Sara’s pussy. He pulled her back against him and stood her upright so she was straddling his cock and reached up to play with her breasts. When Sara complained that they might get caught he said he didn’t care if anyone knew he was fucking the sexiest girl in the Uni and Sara told him that just because he complimented her it wouldn’t mean she would let him do whatever he wanted – but thanked him anyway. He carried on and described how they could see her wonderful breasts with their cute little nipples (and pointed out how hard those nipples were), how her little patch of red hair looked on her mons, how her lips squished against his cock and how her firm ass pressed back against him. He asked her whether she would like her hot second year or cute first year to discover them and beg to eat her pussy and Sara told him she would rather have both of them walk in and decide to ‘experiment’ with her. Mike teased her about being greedy and just wanting two tongues on her holes at once, knowing that neither of them had ever touched another girl beforehand. Sara said that sounded nice and told Mike he could be inside her if he wanted. Mike moved back and forth against her pussy and then reached down to frig her while stroking his cock against her slit. Sara asked him to fuck her and in return he said he thought she was worried about getting caught. She said she was still listening for people coming and Mike told her that if she could concentrate on listening it meant she wasn’t enjoying herself enough. They moved over to a chair and he bent her forwards over it, rubbed his cock against her pussy and then knelt down and ate her. He didn’t try to prolong things (in case they got interrupted again) and shared his attention between her pussy and ass to drive her to a relatively quick orgasm.

They headed back to Sara’s room, with Mike once again fondling her ass, but this time Sara didn’t make any effort to stop him even though he had her shirt lifted up past her waist (although she was also carrying both glasses of water so couldn’t really do much anyway). Back in her room, he lay Sara on the bed and kitty kissed her, this time just paying attention to her pussy (and thighs). As a favour he asked if she had any long socks but she didn’t, or at least not with her (and Mike promised to correct this) so she put her opaque black tights back on and allowed Mike to kitty kiss her through them. Mike now focused more attention on her legs and also promised to correct the fact that she didn’t have any seamless opaque tights. He returned to her pussy a number of times and licked her more firmly and longer each time until she was whimpering again. Mike kissed his way up Sara’s body and asked if he was still allowed to fuck her – she paused and said that it might be better if he didn’t, so she really knew she could trust him so Mike moved back down between her legs and told her that he was going to gently kiss her until she came. Sara pulled her legs up and apart and told him to get to work but after a minute she swatted him on the head and told her that of course he could fuck her.

Mike was incredibly relieved – as much as he would have enjoyed eating Sara to another orgasm and then cumming over her tights (I sometimes have him do this to me in the mornings before I go out), he really wanted to feel her pussy around his cock. He pulled at the crotch of her tights and Sara lifted her ass to let him take them off but he said he wanted her to keep them on and bit at the tights until he made a little hole he could tear at. He tore a hole just big enough to expose Sara’s pussy, got her to pull the tights up snugly again and buried his mouth in her cunt. Between licks he told her she tasted delicious (even though he could still taste some of his cum) and this time when he crawled up her body he slid his cock in to her, kissed her and told her that she felt wonderful. Sara said he felt quite good too and they fucked for a while with Mike caressing her legs (he can’t resist opaque tights any more than he can long socks). Sara asked him to spoon her so he climbed off and moved around behind her, slid back inside her and they fucked while he frigged her. Sara told him he could cum inside her properly this time and Mike told her he wished he could produce as much cum again to fill her. He fed Sara some of her juices from his fingers and rubbed some over her nipples (which were still nice and pointy) and he once again got her to fantasise about her crushes joining them. After a bit of deliberation Sara decided she wanted the hot second year to be licking her clit while she (Sara) lapped at the cute first year’s pussy and taught her just how good it could feel to have a girl eat you. Mike got Sara to describe the first year’s pussy to him, what it looked like, how it tasted and then to rate how the second year was doing at licking her (Sara’s) clit. Sara told him she was getting close and Mike assured her he was holding back and could cum quickly and between his cock inside her, his fingers on her clit and Sara’s imagination she came. Mike wasn’t too far behind her and she pushed back against him telling him she wanted him deep inside her. Mike gave her a few squirts of cum and remained buried in her as they kissed and then caressed her breasts and legs.

Once they had calmed down (with Mike still inside her) he asked Sara how she had imagined the first year had tasted. As expected, Sara said ‘like Emily’ and Mike asked if she wanted Emily back. Fortunately Sara said that she would happily fuck Emily for the taste of her pussy, but wouldn’t date her again. We already knew that Sara had hooked up with Emily over the summer and had been worried that she might fall in love with her again (Emily cheated on Sara twice) and Mike said he was glad that Sara was being sensible as he didn’t want her to get hurt – although he agreed that any chance to taste Emily’s nectar should really be taken and it was a shame she wasn’t going to be at the party. They made a bit of small talk and Mike asked if he could try to fall asleep inside Sara (which she agreed to) and she then went quiet and asked Mike if she could trust him to keep a secret. He assured her he could and if she asked he wouldn’t even tell Jen or me. She said that we could know (as long as we didn’t tell anyone) and after another pause she said that she really liked Clare. Mike wasn’t really surprised by this as Clare is a nice girl (and quite attractive in a tomboyish way) but even though she now does things with girls (sometimes fairly enthusiastically) she is still mostly straight – and already dating Giles.

Sara said she knew it was silly and unlikely to lead to anything but she hooked up with Clare and Giles relatively frequently (which we also already knew) and she knew Giles loved watching Clare and Sara together and Sara didn’t mind Giles fucking her if she also got to be with Clare. They discussed the situation for a while but in brief it boiled down to Mike telling Sara to be careful as he didn’t know if Clare would really fall for her. Sara told him how she and Clare had done things together a few times when Giles wasn’t around (some of which we knew about – and one of which I was involved in) and how her plan was to keep showing Clare how good they could make each other feel. Sara explained that she actually liked Giles as well – and that he was also getting better at pleasuring her but that she didn’t think she would fall in love with him. Mike wished her luck and pointed out that long-term threesomes can work out (Mike, Jen and myself and Richard, Janes and Abrahii) and to lighten the mood he asked if they should try and bring Clare back after the party (somehow palming Giles off with someone else – if I’d been there I would have happily taken him home and fucked him until he forgot Clare wasn’t there). Mike even volunteered to stay elsewhere (or in Sara’s room by himself) if she got the chance to go home with them after the party but Sara said that wouldn’t be fair on him and it wasn’t really that difficult to arrange a threesome with them.

The next morning Mike ate Sara awake and caressed her legs (she still had the tights on) and as he spooned with her he dared her to wear just her t-shirt to the kitchen again. Sara said he just wanted to show her off, which he agreed with but she went along with it anyway. There was another girl there when they arrived (not one of the ones Sara fancied) and Mike stole a few caresses from Sara whenever the other girl wasn’t looking (they think she might have noticed one of them). As soon as they were alone Mike played with Sara openly and asked if she would fuck some of her crushes’ food so they had to eat her juices. As much as Sara liked this idea she wasn’t prepared to actually do it (she knows we’ve done it numerous times and how hot I’ve found it to watch as an unsuspecting person eats my juices). She did let Mike briefly lick her and even semi-fuck her, but her orgasm had to wait until they were in the shower. A guy spotted them going in to a cubicle together (but it wasn’t that unusual for people to shower with their partners). It probably isn’t that unusual for people to fuck in the showers either and Sara didn’t seem to bothered when Mike went down on her after shaving her (in preparation for the party, even though she was already quite smooth) and then allowed him to fuck her up against the wall. The guy had gone by the time they left the shower but a girl was there and witnessed them coming out of the cubicle (Mike hid the bulge of his cock with a towel). As they got dressed Mike got Sara to fantasise about the girl having told them she knew what they’d been up to and that she was going to tell on them unless they let her watch. Naturally the ‘watching’ moved on to ‘participating’ and getting Sara to eat her.

Mike wanted Sara to wear her torn tights under her skirt and Sara decided to play along but first she put the cute underwear on from the previous night and asked Mike what he really thought of it. He told her (honestly) that she looked incredible in it and it was the perfect blend of cute and sexy for his taste. Sara pranced around in it for a while and Mike repeatedly threatened to make her cum again and when she posed in one of his favourite anime poses (sitting with her knees pulled up and the crotch of her panties showing with the added bonus that she had pulled on some little white socks) he said he’d had enough, wrestled her on to the bed, buried his face in her crotch and ate her until she was moaning and pushing back against his face. It wasn’t going to be that easy for her though as he pulled away before she could cum, slid his cock in to her and gently fucked her while holding her hands so she couldn’t masturbate herself. Mike said it was only fair that if she could tease him them he could tease her and Sara pouted and promised to be good. She was so obviously playing up to his cute fetish that he let her off and told her she could either play with herself or he would make her cum but Sara had calmed down enough that she said she would wait until the party.

Mike told her that this was a mistake as he would now make it his goal to tease her so much she had to cum before the party and Sara told him to go ahead. She put a mid-thigh length skirt on with the torn tights underneath (without panties) and once she had finished getting ready they headed out for a wander around York. The weather wasn’t brilliant but they stopped on a couple of bridges and elsewhere by the river so Sara could stand with a foot up on railings and semi-expose her bare pussy to the wind. Each time Mike teased her, either physically (when they were sufficiently secluded or nobody was around) or verbally by getting her to imagine Clare or one of her crushes was kneeling in front of her and admiring her pussy. They also did a bit of shopping as Mike had to make good on his promises and dragged her to buy her some long socks. She told him that he didn’t have to buy them for her but also  knew how much he liked them (and how Giles would like them, therefore how she would get to fuck Clare more). They then moved on to finding suitable seamless opaque black tights and Mike got her a couple of sets (‘just in case’ they got ruined). He then asked if she had any denim shorts and when Sara said no he insisted on buying a pair for her. The pair he bought had about an inch of leg on them and Sara agreed to change in to them in the bathroom of the café they went to, although not until they had sat there for a while with Mike caressing her thighs under her skirt. He wasn’t able to make contact with her pussy as the place was too busy but Mike appreciated the way she looked but told her he wanted to trim the amount of material on the shorts – basically by removing the legs and only leaving a small strip of material over the crotch. Sara pointed out that her tights already had a hole in them (which Mike was fully aware of) and while she thought it was a pity to ruin the shorts, as Mike had just bought them for her she said he could trim them if he wanted.

Monday, 5 October 2015

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

At the end of September Mike headed down to York for the start of year sex party (I’d gone the last time and Jen didn’t want to go). He had invited Lisa along but her term was just starting and had also invited Sue (and of course Josie) but Josie wasn’t quite ready to attend such an event (although seemed to be wavering). He headed to York straight from work and arrived around 8. Hannah had offered him a bed for the weekend but had already arranged to stay with Sara (seeing as he was the one who took her hetero virginity he feels connected to her – plus he loves the way her pussy looks). Sara met him at the station and when they hugged, Mike lifted her up and kissed her deeply. Her jacket wasn’t long enough for him to reach under her skirt but as he was holding her up by her ass he got a good enough feel to know that she had panties on and told her off for not being naked –Sara pointed out that she had opaque tights on, which Mike appreciated, but he told her that they would still have to correct the panties issue as soon as possible.

Sara insisted on stopping off for a drink on the way home and Mike tried to get her to go to the bathroom and remove her panties but she said she wanted him to see them on her. She didn’t object to Mike sliding his hand up her leg and caressing her thighs, even when it was clear that other people noticed what he was doing. He managed to get his fingers up to her crotch a couple of times and gently stroked up and down the length of her pussy. Sara told him he wasn’t being fair but didn’t try to stop him and once they had finished their drinks she said she was ready to go home. Sara was living back in Uni halls for her final year (to be closer to Campus and make it easier to concentrate on studying) and she was well aware of the things we’d got up to in Uni halls in the past so was understandably nervous of what Mike might want to ‘encourage’ her to do. Of course, Sara had the advantage of not ‘having’ to agree to do things the way that Jen and I do and she is also reasonably adventurous of her own right. She led Mike to her room (which wasn’t too far from where Rachel used to live in her second year) and as she fished out her keys he reached around her from behind, slid a hand in to her jacked to caress her chest and pushed the other hand to her crotch to rub her through her skirt while grinding his crotch against her ass. Sara told him to behave, but as there wasn’t anyone else in the corridor she pushed back against him and told him he only had to wait a few more seconds. By the time she unlocked the door, he had pulled up the front of her skirt and was trying to work a hand in to her tights but she pulled his hand out and told him to be patient.

They entered her room and removed their coats and Sara got Mike to sit on the bed. She sat beside him and told him she was more than willing to play but that she didn’t want to fuck. Mike asked what he was allowed to do and she said that he could eat her (whatever hole he wanted to), use his hands and rub against her and that she would give him a blow job, but that she just didn’t want to fuck. Mike was understandably disappointed but as Sara was still willing to let him eat her little pussy he wasn’t too bothered and told her that as long as she was willing to let him make her cum he would be happy. Sara stood up, moved around in front of him and asked if he wanted to see her strip – Mike admitted that the idea appealed, but that he wanted to slowly uncover her body as they made out so Sara sat on his lap and scooched forwards so her crotch pressed against the bulge in his trousers and they started to kiss. Mike’s hands slid up her back under her top and he slowly worked it up her body until her bra was exposed. Sara asked him if he liked it and she leant back to let him have a better look. It was a lacy white bra with little pink bows on it and Mike told her he thought it was very cute and incredibly sexy. He caressed her breasts through the bra and went to unfasten it to reveal her nipples but she said she wanted him to see the bra with the panties. He pulled her top completely off and they kissed some more.

Sara wriggled away from him and stood up with her legs either side of his. She asked him to undress her and Mike ran his hands up her legs under her skirt first but then unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her thighs. Sara had to move back a bit and put her legs together to let the skirt slide to the floor, but once she stepped out of it she straddled Mike’s legs again and started to pull her tights down. Mike stopped her and said he would admire her panties in due course but asked if he could play with her while she still had tights on for a while. Sara thought this was a fair exchange and allowed him to nuzzle against her crotch – at first while she was still standing but she then lay on the bed and let Mike kiss and stroke around her thighs and crotch. At her request he didn’t lick her as she wanted her panties to be dry when he revealed them but Mike told her from the wonderful scent her pussy was emitting that they she may well be responsible for making them damp. As a final request he got her to kneel on all fours and pulled both her tights and panties down just enough to reveal her pussy. Sara let him take a picture of her like this and as a reward Mike gave her ass a couple of licks before she pulled her tights and panties back up and stood up.

It was clear that she really wanted Mike to admire her underwear so he knelt in front of her and slowly pulled her tights down to reveal her panties. Once they were midway down her thighs he stopped and kissed her mons through her panties and then worked the tights the rest of the way down so she could step out of them. Sara parted her legs slightly to allow Mike to caress and kiss her legs and he nuzzled against her panties for a minute before she stepped back and asked him what he thought of the look. This time he didn’t go with the ‘cute’ compliment and went straight for sexy and irresistible (although did add ‘adorable’). Sara lay on the bed in various poses and then called Mike over. She got him to stand beside the bed and caressed his cock through his trousers while she asked him what he wanted to do to her. He told her he wanted to fuck her but that he would go down on her, finger her, rim her ass and eat her until she came. As he talked, Sara undid the zip on his trousers, fished his cock out and started to lick and kiss it. Mike told her that now she wasn’t being fair as she wasn’t naked but Sara just helped him out of his trousers and got him to remove his top so he was naked in front of her. She sucked him a bit more and then got him to lie on the bed beside her so they could carry on playing and they kissed and rubbed against each other. Sara got Mike to hump against her panties and then let him go down on her again (but still just kissing through her panties and not licking). Sara asked him to take a few more photos and he happily obliged and she got to do her striptease for him, slowly peeling her panties down and revealing her ass (and pussy from behind) and then the patch of red hair on her mons as well as pulling at her bra to reveal one and then the other breast.

Once naked, she knelt in front of him and sucked on his cock again and asked him to beg her to let him eat her (which Mike did). Sara wanted to 69 but Mike convinced her to let him have a minute between her legs ‘properly’ so he could savour her taste and examine her crinkle-cut lips. Once his minute was up she got him to lie on the bed so she could climb over him and they lapped and sucked each other relatively quietly, with just the occasional moan of pleasure. After a while Sara reversed her position and ground her wet cunt against Mike’s cock, telling him he was allowed to cum over her if he wanted to. Mike asked where she wanted him to cum and as they kissed she said she didn’t care, he could cum over her body, over her face, in her mouth or over her pussy and ass. As she said this Mike’s hands roamed over her ass and his fingertips brushed over her little rosebud. He teased her about how she liked having things touch her ass and asked if she wanted him to lick her there again. Sara acted coy and said that he didn’t have to do that if he didn’t want to and Mike told her (as he does every time he sees her) that he’s happy to do it as he knows she enjoys it. Sara said he could do it if he wanted but he told her he wanted her to ask so she put her mouth right beside his ear and whispered ’will you lick my ass?’. Mike humped against her pussy a few more times, kissed her and told her he would be glad to.

Sara piled up a few pillows and lay over them with her ass in the air. Mike spread her cheeks and took a few laps at her pussy then told her how the whole area looked so beautiful. Sara knows how much he likes her but acted coy again and said he was embarrassing her which gave Mike and idea and he suggested that if either Miyako or Kiyomi was at the party that they try to capture her and have a threesome with her. Sara liked the idea of this and as Mike worked on her ass she described how she wanted to make Miyako cum and hear her little whimpers. We’re pretty sure that Sara described this knowing full well how much Mike would enjoy hearing it and therefore that it would encourage him to keep going on her ass – for his part Mike played along and licked, rimmed and speared Sara’s ass until she was breathing heavily and squirming around against his tongue. He asked her if she wanted to cum and she let out a plaintive ‘yes please’ (as I’ve said before, manners are important even if someone has a tongue in your ass). Mike spread Lisa’s cheeks and flicked his tongue back and forth across her ass, enjoying each moan that she uttered. He kept going until she came and  felt her body tense up at which point he tried to spear her a few more times, flicked over her ass for another minute and then eased off. Sara lay breathing heavily and Mike kissed up her back and pressed his cock against her pussy but positioning it between her lips with the head near her clit. Sara craned her head round to kiss him and thanked him, then got him to lift his body up so she could turn round and kiss him properly.

She wanted to rub against him but Mike told her that he expected her pussy to be nice and wet after her orgasm as his reward for making her cum asked to kitty kiss her. Sara allowed this but said she wanted to rub against him later and she moved up the bed a bit so her ass was fully on the pillows to make it easier for Mike. When he parted her lips he described the view to her and she could feel herself just how wet she was (she had cum without anything touching her pussy to remove any juices). Mike spent about 10 minutes kitty kissing her, enjoying the taste of her pussy, the texture of her lips and the sensation of the little patch of hair on her mons. Near the end of the session Sara spread her legs wide and pulled his head against her pussy and Mike offered to make her cum but she said he wanted him to rub against her. He told her that he wanted her to cum again and she said she would but she wasn’t sure she could cum three times. Mike reminded her that she had cum many more times than that before but did as she wanted and kissed his way up her body, pressed his cock against her pussy and humped against her as they kissed. Sara said it felt wonderful and after a couple of minutes they rolled over so she could direct the humping better and she leant forwards to get good contact between his cock and her clit. Sara confirmed that she could cum again and asked Mike if he could cum while grinding against her pussy as she wanted his cum over her. He told her that this wouldn’t be a problem and with someone as hot as her he could easily cum – especially over her beautiful little cunt (even though it would spoil it a bit for further kitty kissing). She asked if he wanted to fuck her and he told her that she knew he did but that he wouldn’t unless she let him and if she just wanted him to cum over her little cunt then he would.

Lisa lifted herself up a bit, took hold of Mike’s cock and rubbed the head back and forth between her lips. She put the head just inside her and wiggled it back and forth more and then told him she wanted to finish off another way. She quickly dismounted and lay beside Mike, told him to get on top of her and got him to grind against her once more. She thrust herself against Mike as he slid back and forth but let him do the work to actually make her cum by positioning herself so his cock was rubbing back and forth against her clit. She told Mike he could cum whenever he wanted (she knows he would almost certainly get her to cum before he did) but if he waited he’d get a treat. Mike slid his cock back and forth against her and told her how much he wanted to see her cum – and she did. Sara reached down and pressed his cock harder against her pussy just before she came and got him to keep moving like that. Mike could feel how much more pressure his cock was putting on Sara’s clit, although it didn’t do much for him as she wasn’t touching the head. He kept sliding back and forth against her anyway as she came and told her how sexy she looked. Sara eased off the pressure on his cock but asked him to keep moving for a little bit and to get himself close to cumming. He didn’t have a problem with that and as soon as he repositioned himself so the head of his cock rubbed against her pussy he told her it wouldn’t be long. Sara asked him to hold back for just a minute and Mike edged until she said she was ready. She reached down and spread her pussy, at which point Mike thought she was going to ask him to fuck her after all but she told him to put the head of his cock at the opening and to cum into her. Mike would have preferred to keep humping against her pussy instead of using his hand, but the idea of cumming in to her was also appealing and he was too close to really care so he did as instructed and within a couple of strokes he felt the pressure building and aimed directly in to her spread pussy. Sara pulled her lips a little further apart as Mike came and some of his cum splattered over her fingers but most of it shot between her lips with some sliding in to her and some staying on the inner lips. Mike wiped his cock over her pussy and positioned it against her before leaning forwards to lie on top of her and kiss her. Sara said that she felt quite wet (as his cum was only a little way inside her) and Mike told her he would have happily cum deeper in her if she had let him.

They kissed for a while longer and Mike asked Sara if she was planning on having a ‘girls only’ sex party (not letting any guys fuck her). She said that she was considering it so Mike pretended to be offended and asked why he wasn’t allowed to fuck her if other guys were going to. Sara apologised (which wasn’t quite what he had expected) and said she had wanted to know if she could really trust him and told him how she had been verbally abused by some school ‘friends’ over the summer in relation to her being gay (technically bi, but her ‘friends’ didn’t know that). Mike assured her that she could always trust him (along with Jen, Sue, myself, Clare, Giles and probably the rest of the people from the parties) and then pointed out the potential risks in getting a guy really horny and then telling him he couldn’t fuck her in order to see if he could be trusted. Sara said that she knew she could actually trust him and just wanted to see how far she could push him and when he asked if he had passed she said yes. Mike asked if that meant he was allowed inside her and she said she would consider it but for now she just wanted to enjoy the squelchy feeling in her pussy. Mike moved down between her legs and gently played with her lips and the hair on her mons. He told Sara that he couldn’t believe she used to be self-conscious about the way her pussy looked as it was just unbelievably cute.

Friday, 2 October 2015

A Rare Push – Part 11

A longer entry for the weekend to finish this series off...

Mike wanted to make the most of the cum and saliva in Sue’s pussy and they considered heading upstairs to his room, letting Sue straddle my face and then get me to either eat the cum out of her or just let it drip over me. They decided I’d done enough for one day though so I was spared this and instead Mike dared Sue to go out front and stand in the garden to let the cum drip out down her legs. There are bits of our new front garden that are relatively sheltered (and this is where Sue headed for) but Mike pulled her in to the middle, which is still shaded from the streetlight so it was dark, but is visible from a number of houses. He worked off the assumption that it was quite late so nobody would see them and as Sue stood with her legs slightly parted, Mike stood behind her and reached around to spread her lips and smear his cum over her thighs, pussy and breasts as it dribbled out of her.

This was going well and Sue was getting a decent amount of cum smeared over her body but a car came down the road and they had to dive behind the hedge to hide from it. It pulled in to a driveway on the other side of the road and a couple of houses down and Mike and Sue both found the situation quite amusing as they hid and listened to the people get out of the car. Mike told Sue that he would fuck her if he hadn’t just cum twice and Sue said if it wasn’t so cold she would be happy to kneel there and offer herself to him and then leave the grass stains on her knees so the rest of us would know what they had been up to. As soon as our neighbours had gone inside Mike and Sue made their way back in to our house. Most of the cum had dried in to Sue’s skin by this point (although her pussy still felt quite damp as not everything had leaked out) and she was a bit cold so the two of them crept up to Jen’s room and slid in to bed beside Lisa. She woke up when Mike spooned up behind her (his skin was quite cold) and she asked if they’d had fun. Mike asked if she would take care of licking Sue’s pussy clean of his cum in the morning and Lisa said she’d only do it if she got something in return. Mike rubbed his cock against her ass but too spent to get hard enough to slide in to her so in place of this he promised her that she would be eaten awake and that he would give her a good fucking. Lisa was happy enough with this and allowed Mike to switch positions with her so both he and Sue could use Lisa’s body heat to warm up. Lisa reached an arm around Sue and caressed her breasts as they dozed off and Mike’s cock came back to life enough that he could get inside Lisa. Neither of them wanted (or had the energy) to fuck but Lisa pushed back against him and Mike gently moved inside her as they dozed off.

On the Sunday morning I was woken by Jen pulling my legs apart and saying it was time to see what state my cunt was in after the punishment of the previous day. Both Jen and Josie examined me and said that I looked perfectly fine (although I did feel a little tender) and Jen told me it was time for me to give Josie our usual morning greeting. Usually this would involve the person I was eating remaining on his or her back but as Jen wanted to kitty kiss me at the same time, Josie crawled up over my face and lowered herself on to my mouth. Jen started kissing around my pussy but then stopped and I heard her tell Josie that she should get to watch herself. Jen pulled our mirror to the foot of the bed and then crawled back up between my legs so Josie could now see her own reflection (as well as getting a good view of Jen’s ass and pussy as they bobbed around in the air). Jen slowly lapped at my pussy while I ate Josie a bit more forcefully. Jen commented on the way Josie looked a number of times and encouraged her to closely watch herself as she became increasingly aroused. Josie said it was embarrassing but did as Jen suggested and ended up asking Jen to lie flat on the bed as she ate me so Josie could see more of herself. We love it when we can get people to be more honest about enjoying themselves so I pulled Josie’s lips apart and swirled my tongue around inside her as well as sucking on her clit. Josie caressed her own breasts (which Jen enjoyed watching) and Jen encouraged her to hump against my face. She leant forwards a bit as she did this to make it easier for me to lick her clit and warned me she was about to cum. She let out a few quiet ‘yess’ and ‘mmmm’s as she came and I switched to kitty kissing her, trying to copy what Jen was doing to me. We continued like this for a couple of  minutes before she climbed down and lay beside me. She pointed out that my face was a mess but kissed me anyway. I suggested that we gang up on Jen and Josie agreed – Jen said that she wasn’t really in the mood to cum, but that we could try and convince her so we got her to lie between us and started on her breasts. We had progressed to fondling her pussy and Josie had just moved down between Jen’s legs when we heard MJ cry and Jen said that while what we were doing felt nice, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy herself until she’d had her morning cuddle so left us and told Josie to make sure I enjoyed myself. I told Josie if I was going to cum that I wanted her to cum again – she wasn’t too sure about this but agreed to let me kitty kiss her so we 69ed and despite her reservations I managed to pull a second orgasm out of her (and she gave me one as well).

Mike, Sue and Lisa had actually woken up a bit before us and as promised Mike went down on Lisa to wake her. She was then given the job of eating Sue (who had woken up but had patiently waited to be serviced). Mike slid in to Lisa from behind and gently fucked her for a while, occasionally pulling out and offering his cock to Sue to suck clean. Sue then suggested he fuck her through Lisa (not in the anime way where he slides his cock right through Lisa’s body so it emerges from her mouth – she just wanted him to pound Lisa so her mouth was pushed up against Sue’s cunt in time with his thrusts). Mike did as requested, but only briefly as MJ started to stir and he really wanted to finish the session without waking her. Instead, he got Lisa to move around into a 69 position on top of Sue and he used long steady strokes to fuck her while Sue lapped at her clit. He pulled out completely a couple of times to let Sue eat Lisa properly but the aim was to get Lisa off while he was buried inside her. Lisa was really close by the time MJ actually woke up and Mike told Sue to quickly lick her clit – this was enough to push Lisa over the edge and Mike pushed deep in to her and held himself inside for a few seconds before pulling out and fetching MJ from her cot (leaving Sue to finish tending to Lisa’s orgasm).

Jen appeared a minute or so later and took MJ but stayed to watch Lisa lapping at Sue (and Sue kitty kissing Lisa). Sue must have been licking a bit harder than usual as Lisa said she couldn’t take it and rolled off of Sue. When she saw Jen with MJ she offered to go down and help get breakfast ready but Mike said he would prefer it if she stayed and played with him and Sue. It didn’t take much to convince Lisa and as Jen headed downstairs, Mike and Lisa teamed up on Sue. This turned in to Lisa and Sue teaming up on Mike with him lying on the bed and them taking turns riding him while he ate the other one. Lisa volunteered to repay Sue for the previous night so they spent a little while with Sue leaning forwards and Lisa rimming her while Mike ate her pussy. Both Mike and Sue were getting close to cumming by this point so Sue moved back to Mike’s cock and Mike ate Lisa a bit more seriously than he had been. He swirled his tongue repeatedly around her clit and Sue reached forwards to fondle Lisa’s nips. Lisa reached down to play with Sue’s clit and while Sue would have preferred for it to be just Mike who made her cum, she accepted Lisa’s ministrations. Sue started to cum and Mike sped up his movements but held back from actually cumming until Lisa panted that she was getting close. Sue’s orgasm had completely finished by this point but she continued to ride him and when Lisa announced she was cumming he thrust in to Sue repeatedly until he came (not quite in time with Lisa but close enough that she got the idea that he was using her orgasm to help stimulate him). Mike held Sue in place on his cock until Lisa had climbed off of his face and he then asked Sue if she would share his cum with Lisa. Sue didn’t mind doing this so she covered her pussy as she lifted herself off of Mike and then climbed over Lisa and let his cum drip into Lisa’s pussy (which Mike was spreading). Sue rubbed against Lisa for a minute or so to smear his cum over both their cunts and Mike told them he could happily watch them do that all day, but needed some food or he wouldn’t have energy to do anything more.

Over breakfast I was given the grand total of cums for the previous day which was a fairly impressive 29 (nowhere near my record but far more than even over a whole standard weekend). The more impressive fact was that 10 different people had made me cum (Jen, Mike, Sue, Josie, Lisa, Alistair, the two customers and the two delivery guys). I really liked the fact that I’d done my part for equal opportunities by letting 5 guys and 5 girls make me cum and Mike suggested that they could always continue the game and see if I could break 30 orgasms that day. I knew that I needed some time to recover and fortunately they all realised this – the only thing they really pushed for was for Sue and I to fuck again but we both said that we thought they had seen us do more than enough for one weekend and actually stood firm on this. We diverted the conversation to the fact that Jen hadn’t cum yet and while she still protested that she wasn’t really in the mood I reminded her that she had given us (or at least Josie and me) permission to ‘convince her’.

In deference to my submission the previous day, Jen allowed us to try to get her in the mood to cum and we headed back up to her room. Mike, Sue, Lisa and I took turns looking after MJ while the others (and Josie) all joined in with stimulating Jen. Just as we’d done earlier, we spent a while concentrating on Jen’s breasts, but as there were now more of us we could also fondle her legs and play with her pussy at the same time. Jen quickly admitted that she could happily cum and we told her that she would have to wait a little longer before we allowed this, but promised that we wouldn’t tease her too much. Mike spooned with her for a while and the rest of us each had a turn lapping at her clit but Mike selflessly let Jen have an all-female orgasm with Sue between her legs, Josie over her face and Lisa and me playing with her breasts. Mike took MJ out of the room to let Jen mew her way through her orgasm and I had a turn kitty kissing Jen after Sue. Josie had enjoyed Jen’s licking but hadn’t cum yet – this was on purpose though as Jen had remembered the promise she had made to Josie the previous day and when I released Jen, she told Josie she wanted to shower with her. It wasn’t until they had washed each other down that Jen reminded Josie of the promise and knelt between her legs. Josie asked Jen if she was sure and Jen pointed out that it was her who had introduced Sue (and the rest of us) to watersports. Josie leant back against the wall as Jen lapped at her and asked Jen how she wanted to finish things off, to be told by Jen that she expected no less than for Josie to pee as hard as she could and just enjoy herself while letting Jen take care of everything. Jen took Josie close to cumming a couple of times and both times she reminded Josie that she expected her to really let go. As Josie was in the third approach to her orgasm, Jen got Josie to lift one leg over her (Jen’s) shoulder to give her better access to Josie’s pussy and Josie promised Jen that she wouldn’t hold back at all. Jen buried her face in Josie’s pussy, licking up inside her, around the lips and across her clit. Josie warned Jen she was about to cum and Jen just hummed an ‘uh-huh’ into Josie’s pussy. Fortunately (for Jen) Josie kept her promise and as she came she let go and Jen felt Josie’s pee spray over her face, run into her mouth and cascade down across her body. She didn’t break contact with Josie throughout this and ravaged Josie’s pussy with her tongue. Josie seemed to forget to be embarrassed by what was happening and pushed back against Jen’s mouth and face and reached down to pull Jen’s face harder against her.

As Josie relaxed back against the wall she tried to pull away but Jen held her place between Josie’s legs and kitty kissed her. Once Josie had recovered a bit (so wasn’t quite as sensitive) Jen gave her pussy a much more thorough licking, finishing off with a single kiss. Jen then climbed out from between Josie’s legs, stood up and kissed her squarely on the lips, pressing her pee soaked body up against Josie’s. Josie apologised to Jen for getting carried away but Jen told her she was glad she enjoyed herself and that she would happily do it again anytime Josie wanted. They quickly showered off again and as they dressed Jen got Josie to describe in detail how Sue would eat Josie as she peed on her and whether Josie enjoyed it as a ‘power’ thing or if she just enjoyed the sensation of peeing as she came (the way Jen does).

Once the rest of us had showered (I did so with Lisa and Mike showered with Sue) we went out for a walk and a coffee. Jen challenged Sue to cum in the café and handed her a vibrating egg. Josie thought it was too risky, but Sue was game and using her jacket to provide cover, she manage to slip the egg under her skirt, position it against her clit and press her thighs together to hold it in place. Josie was allowed to control the vibe and put the power up and down at Sue’s request. Once it started to take effect, Sue leant forwards with her elbows on the table and her chin resting on her hands and enjoyed the feeling. It was quite obvious to those of us who knew that her increasingly flushed look was due to her impending orgasm, but we assumed that nobody else could guess what was going on. Sue concentrated on keeping a straight face as she came, but did emit a little squeak and asked Josie to turn the vibe down to low power. She let it remain between her legs for another minute or so and then nearly dropped it when she removed it. She cradled it in her hand until an opportune moment and then leant towards me, slid her hand between my legs (I was sitting with one leg folded up under the other to partially expose myself as usual) and quickly pushed the egg in to my pussy. I could have probably stopped her but it didn’t seem worth the effort and it felt quite nice having it buzz away on low power inside me (everyone knew it wasn’t going to make me cum like that).

Before we left the café we bullied Josie in to taking the egg and wearing it in her panties. As she walked it moved around and didn’t stay pressed up against her clit so wasn’t likely to make her cum either, but we still enjoyed changing the vibration pattern and power to keep her from getting too used to it. Everyone apart from me (my turn to stay with MJ) then popped down an alleyway that we are intimately familiar with (or at least the alleyway is familiar with us being intimate in it) and we took turns holding the egg against Josie’s crotch. Mike got impatient and pulled her panties down (but not off) and Josie said she felt very vulnerable in that position but allowed us to bend her forwards so Mike could have a lick of her pussy and then stand in front of her to get her to suck him while the rest of them toyed with Josie. Mike briefly fucked her while Jen stood against the wall and let Josie play with her but to finish Josie off, they put her up against the wall and all four of them fingered her while using the egg on her clit. By this point Josie’s skirt was hiked up over her hips and she offered no resistance when Jen pulled her top up to fondle her breasts. All she managed was to tell them that they were all insane, but she didn’t try to struggle and allowed them to make her cum. Mike and Sue then each had a turn kitty kissing her and Mike slid back inside her briefly before they took her panties and told her she had done a good job.

On returning home Mike asked Sue if she would help him make Lisa cum again and they tossed a few pillows on to the floor in the living room. Sue lay on her back and Lisa crouched over her in a 69, but was told to face the other way so Mike could more easily slide in to her. He fucked Lisa while Sue lapped at her clit and (with a bit of effort) Jen pulled Lisa’s top off and removed her bra so she just had her skirt on. They tried to get me to take advantage of Sue’s positioning and play with her – I was tempted to do so but other than lifting her skirt and giving her pussy a gentle stroke I behaved myself. Jen played with Lisa’s breasts a little and with Sue’s a bit more and as Lisa had nothing better to do with her mouth, I threw a cushion down in front of her, sat on it and demanded she make me cum. Having spent most of the summer with us, she is quite used to this sort of behaviour and got straight to work. She wasn’t too far from cumming so was quite enthusiastic with her tongue and it felt good (making up for me not having cum while out on our walk). Lisa came before I did but Sue kept kitty kissing her after Mike had pulled out and Mike alternated between fucking and eating Sue while Lisa keep working on me. I tried to get Josie or Jen to join in so we could extend the chain another link or two more but neither of them wanted to cum and were happy to just watch the four of us play together. Mike fucked Sue to orgasm (with a bit of frigging going on as well) and once I’d cum, Sue and I finally gave in to the peer pressure and 69ed for a couple of minutes to kitty kiss each other.

We ate lunch and helped Josie and Sue gather their things up to head home. Mike told Josie he wanted a final lick of her and got her to bend over the bed so he could flip up her skirt and eat her from behind. This progressed to him fucking her and Jen helped out by sitting beside Josie and gently frigging her. Josie came with her face buried in the duvet and I took care of kitty kissing her afterwards while Mike moved on to Sue. He wasn’t the only one who wanted a final play with Sue and Jen ended up getting to have the first few licks but she allowed Mike to take over after a short while. Just as with Josie, the licking progressed to fucking and this time Lisa helped out by frigging Sue. Sue wasn’t as passive as Josie had been and pushed a hand up between Lisa’s legs and started playing with her pussy. Mike asked me to help out so I left Josie, sat on the other side of Lisa and started kissing her. My fingers joined Sue’s between Lisa’s legs and I pulled her legs apart to give us better access. I then removed her top and bra so I could suck on her nipples and as Mike relentlessly slid in and out of Sue’s wet pussy he watched as she and I fingered his girlfriend. Sue told us she was getting close and Mike pushed in to her a little harder but kept up his steady pace and this, coupled with Lisa’s frigging got Sue off. Lisa eased off but Mike kept fucking Sue and asked if she could cum again – she said she wasn’t sure but she knew that Mike wouldn’t cum in her unless she came so said she was willing to try.

I asked Josie if she would help me out with Lisa and we rearranged ourselves on the bed so I was sitting over Lisa’s face (I wanted to enjoy myself too) and Josie toyed with Lisa’s pussy (using some toys that Jen handed to her). This left Mike to take care of Sue and he dived in to her pussy and ate her properly for a while before he climbed on top of her and they started to fuck. Sue offered to put on long socks for him to help him along but he assured her that cumming wasn’t going to be a problem for him and she was the one they needed to concentrate on getting an orgasm out of. Sue whispered to him that with her Oniichan’s cock inside her she didn’t think she would have any trouble cumming either. As Lisa ate and toyed with my pussy I watched the two of them fuck and occasionally glanced down to see Josie frigging fucking and licking Lisa. I complimented Josie on her technique and told her that it looked like Sue would be well taken care of and Josie said she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep up the pace if Sue wanted to cum as many times as she (or I) had that weekend. I assured Josie that even for me 29 orgasms in a day was extreme and that as Sue seemed to like her that she would probably be happy with just one or two. Josie thought even that was a lot to do every day but she had been coping quite well with Sue’s libido up until that point so I told her I thought she would do fine.

Mike and Sue had been whispering dirty things to each other while fucking and I could see Sue’s upper body begin to get flushed as she got more aroused. She had repeatedly told him how good it felt having him inside her and he told her how much he wanted to feel her little cunt cumming around his cock before he pumped his cum in to her. Mike offered Sue the chance to turn over so she could cum in her favourite position (on her stomach with him on top and rubbing her clit) but she said she wanted to face him as she came and that she thought she could cum without her clit being touched. He quietly teased her about being such a horny little girl that she could cum so easily and Sue claimed that it was only because it was his cock inside her. They whispered more to each other and Mike promised Sue that he would cum in her once she came. Sue wrapped her legs around Mike and he wished he had taken up her offer of putting the long socks back on but they were both too close to interrupt things. He kept using long strokes to push in to her and told her he was close. I watched as Sue mouthed that she was almost there, then about to cum and then (with a wonderfully arousing look on her face) that she was cumming. She and Mike kissed deeply and he moved in her steadily as he came and then carried on moving until Sue stopped cumming, even though it felt incredibly intense for him. As they panted in to each other’s mouths Mike slowed and pushed as far in to her as he could, then whispered that she now had all of his cum. She promised him she would take care of it and Mike told her that she didn’t have to keep it and that he wanted to watch me eat it out of her. Sue told him that she wanted this lot for herself but if was good he might get his wish next time they visited.

I came not too long after Mike did and happily rubbed myself against Lisa’s face. From the way she was licking me I could tell she probably wasn’t too far from cumming herself (I had actually expected her to cum first) and announced to her that I would remain where I was so she could kitty kiss me until she came. As Mike’s cock became less sensitive he started to move slowly inside Sue and they kissed and moved against each other while whispering about how Sue used to masturbate outside my door and watching Mike and me fuck. I asked Lisa to concentrate on my clit a bit more as I came and after climbing off her face I humped against one of her breasts, got Josie to do the same to her other breast, let Sue hump against one of Lisa’s thighs (leaving a good coating of her juices and Mike’s cum) and then let Jen hump Lisa’s other thigh. Lisa was handed a light dress to wear (with nothing under it) and wasn’t allowed to clean herself off. Jen had a little lick of Sue’s pussy to taste the mixture of Sue and Mike’s cum but Sue still wanted to keep the rest of his cum and kept her legs together as she finished packing so anything else that dripped out ran down her thighs (which she occasionally rubbed to smear the cum around).

We got to the train station with plenty of time to say our goodbyes and all of the girls (me included) were fondled under our coats by everyone else. Sue still felt quite wet and I told Josie if she could manage to tease Sue on the journey home that she would probably get a good fuck out of it later that night. As for us, Mike had to keep his promise to Lisa to cum in her every day over the holiday (having missed it the previous day – although she hadn’t minded as she had cum more than enough anyway). Before I allowed him to fuck her (I *am*his wife after all), I got him to do me and he took me from behind, then in the missionary position and then with me on top (lying down) with him hammering into me. I told him I had missed having him to myself (I know I always share him with Jen but…) and he fucked me hard and fast through the final build up until I came. He promised me that once Lisa went back to Uni I would get a daily dose of cum and could take it wherever I wanted. I liked the idea of this and told him if he could cum enough (sadly he can’t) then I wanted him to completely coat my body in cum each morning and I would go out wearing his cum on my skin everyday. It was Lisa who received his cum that night though and did so for the next couple of nights before she headed home on Wednesday to briefly see her parents before she had to head off to Uni. He gave her a final goodbye fuck that morning so I didn’t get much cum out of him that night, but on the Thursday morning he did cum over me before I left (and as planned I rubbed this over my chest, stomach, pussy and thighs) and enjoyed the feeling throughout the day.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 10

I was given a little while to recover but wasn’t surprised when I was told that we needed to finish the session so everyone had done everything to me. As a minor concession I was told that instead of having to fuck both Jen and Lisa that they would DP me. I told them I didn’t care and they could make me cum however they wanted. As I was being obedient I was untied at this point and given the task of licking each pussy and (giving Mike’s cock a suck) before having to help Jen and Lisa put the strap-ons on. I was told to beg for it so knelt in front of them and told them how much I wanted them to fill my holes and pump their cocks in to both my ass and cunt. Jen had our good strap-on so it was decided that she should take my cunt and lay on the bed for me to mount her. I leant forwards and spread my cheeks, asked Lisa to fuck me and felt her squirt some lube over and into my ass and then felt the head of the dildo press against and slide in to me. This was a relatively gentle session and Jen kissed me lots while Lisa caressed my ass. Sue, Josie and Mike occasionally reached between Jen and me to fondle my clit and I was repeatedly told that I’d done well and just needed to produce one more orgasm (after this one) and I would be finished. Near the end of the session the three of us had to squirm our way down towards the foot of the bed as Mike wanted to slide in to Lisa and fuck her as she fucked me. In addition to that, Sue was told to climb over Jen’s face to be licked and I was given the task of concentrating on Sue’s ass. Sue and I have done a little ass play before (even before this weekend) so this wasn’t new, but I was too far gone for it to have made any difference anyway and set about rimming and spearing her. Sue moaned a fair bit and said this felt wonderful and between us Jen and I pushed her almost to the point of orgasm, but I ended up cumming first.

Lisa pulled out of my ass and I rolled off of Jen’s ‘cock’ to allow everyone to take turns kitty kissing me. Although I felt incredibly tired and drained, by body felt like it was buzzing and I felt very contented. They reminded me I had one more orgasm to go but I felt much more able to take it than I had before (but I was sensible enough not to let on as I knew they would probably suggest another round if I said anything). As Sue was the only one who hadn’t eaten me (in this final session), they wanted to finish with that (yes, it was just another thinly veiled attempt to get her to eat me to orgasm). I made myself comfortable and told her to do whatever she wanted to me, aware that there was a strong possibility that she might go all the way but not really caring if she did (in my defence, by that point they could have probably brought a goat in to fuck me and I wouldn’t have cared). Sue slowly transitioned from kitty kissing to eating me (it’s much nicer this way rather than just suddenly switching) and once again the others sat around me and helped out by caressing my breasts, kissing and licking my nipples, stroking my thighs and ass and kissing me. Mike knelt behind Sue and slid in to her so he could fuck her as she ate me and told me that she must really enjoy eating my pussy as she felt really wet. My hands were directed to Jen and Josie’s pussies – not to finger them but to just stroke and fondle them and as my orgasm started to build Mike moved up behind me, got me to lie with my head in his lap and his cock against my cheek and he stroked my neck. The group stimulation felt really good and I knew what they wanted so I told Mike I wanted to taste Sue from his cock and turned my head to lick and kiss it.

Sue also played along and asked me if I liked the way she tasted and between gasps I told her she was hardly one to talk and seemed to be enjoying my pussy far more than she should. While we (mostly Jen and Mike) were the ones to really train Sue in cunnilingus, she’s had more than enough experience over the years since Jen ‘turned’ her and she fairly expertly drew out my pleasure, edging me closer to cumming, but not letting me get there. I apparently (I don’t remember doing so) asked her how she had got so good at this and she said she’d had good teachers. I was right on the edge of cumming and kept trying to hump against her mouth but the others helped to hold me still(ish). I figured that Sue intended to give me an amazing orgasm as our first fully oral one and wished that it could have been a mutual one, regretting that we hadn’t done things properly with each other earlier. I was denied my wish though and after a little more teasing Sue pulled back and told Mike to finish me off. They released my legs so I could now hump against the air (which wasn’t very effective) but whenever I tried to touch myself my hands were pulled away from my crotch and I was told I had to let them finish me off. Ike carried on gently stroking my neck, both my nipples were being kissed and my thighs and ass were fondled (mostly avoiding my pussy but with the occasional fleeting stroke across it) and I ended up just muttering ‘fuh, fuh, fuh’ as my orgasm slowly inched closer. It was a strange blended orgasm, combining the deep one I usually have when I cum from my neck being stroked with a pulsing in my crotch and clit. I really wanted something to rub against and humped the air frantically but to no avail. I begged for someone to rub, finger, fuck or frig me but it wasn’t until my orgasm was fading that Jen moved down between my legs and started to lick me. I told her it was too late but she carried on anyway and I felt another orgasm quickly build. I tried to hide this as I feared Jen would pull away in order to tease me but it was apparently very obvious. Jen didn’t stop and kept licking until I came again – it was nowhere as strong, but felt a lot more satisfying than the previous one and as it faded I just kept saying ‘kitty kiss’. Jen did as I asked for a while and Mike then took over, kissing and nuzzling my pussy for about ten minutes before pulling away from me as I dozed off to sleep.

The rest of them went downstairs and discussed what they had just done to me. Josie was incredibly impressed at my capacity to cum and even Sue was amazed at how far I had been pushed (while she knows about everything I’ve got up to we think this was one of the most extreme displays she has seen). Sue was mercilessly teased about having done so much with me but she took it well and said that if they’d prefer, she would never play with me again (they didn’t like that idea). It was getting fairly late by that point so they all headed up for bed with Josie and Jen coming in to bed with me and Mike, Lisa and Sue taking Jen’s room. I woke up as Josie and Jen curled up against me and Jen slid a hand down between my legs and pretended she was about to fuck me but when I moaned I was too tired to do any more she told me not to worry. Josie was also too tired (and had cum and been played with more times than usual) so the three of us just went to sleep, although Jen did warn me that I would be expected to perform again in the morning.

In Jen’s room, things weren’t as tame. Mike was desperate to cum and wanted to do so inside Sue. Lisa had accepted the fact that Sue was going to be the focus of his attention but he didn’t ignore her and ate her while Sue rode him and then Sue ate her while he fucked Sue from behind. Mike got Lisa and Sue to lie at the edge of the bed so he could lick them both and then convinced them to don long socks again to indulge his fetish. He and Sue focussed on Lisa with Mike working her pussy and Sue playing with Josie’s nipples and kissing her. Mike asked Sue which hole she wanted and she said she didn’t care so as I had eaten Sue’s ass earlier on, it was decided that Sue should pass this on to Lisa. Mike lay on his back, Sue mounted his cock and Lisa sat over Mike’s face. Sue apparently didn’t hold back and worked as hard on Lisa’s ass as Mike did on her cunt. Sue and Mike ground against each other as they got Lisa off and worked hard enough on her that she had to muffle her moans as she came to avoid waking the baby. Lisa let them kitty kiss her for a few minutes (during which time Sue rode Mike a bit more energetically) and then climbed off of Mike’s face and thanked them for her orgasm (manners are always important – even when you’re talking to people who have just had their tongues buried in your cunt and ass). Lisa had also cum more than enough times for the day so was happy to let Mike and Sue just play with each other (she did offer to help out if they wanted but was even more generous and told them that they could go downstairs and fuck so they wouldn’t have to hold back). We think that this was Lisa acknowledging how much Sue meant to Mike but realising that she wasn’t about to steal him away from her so she didn’t need to worry so much (or just that she was too tired to care at that point).

Mike and Sue took Lisa up on her offer, told her they would be back in a while and slipped out into the hallway and down the stairs. Sue led Mike by his cock for some of the way and he warned her that he had held back for long enough and hoped he would be able to pump her full of cum. Sue still had the long socks on and asked him if she should pop back up to get a little skirt but he said he was more than happy with her the way she was. Near the bottom of the stairs Sue got him to sit down and she planted herself on his cock and then lifter herself off, turned around, knelt and took him in her mouth. She gave him a good sucking for a couple of minutes, working on both the head and shaft of his cock and then took him between her breasts and rubbed up and down while asking if he wanted to cum over her face and body to mark her as his. Mike told her he would love to do that but he really wanted to fill her cunt with his cum first, to which Sue replied ‘good ‘cos I want you to fuck me’. She didn’t get her wish straight away though as Mike swapped places with her and lapped at her pussy for a couple of minutes, getting her fairly close to cumming but then giving her time to calm down by leading her out in to the garden (still naked obviously) and gently teasing her up against the tree.

They didn’t stay out for too long as it was a bit chilly (they could have probably kept warm if they had been fucking properly but not with the low level fondling they were doing) and Mike led Sue back in to the living room, lit a couple of candles and they sat on the sheepskin rug. They spent a while kissing and fondling but neither of them could resist getting Mike inside Sue and as he told her how good her cunt felt. Sue wrapped her legs around him and they gently fucked (showing more restraint than I would have expected either of them to have by that point) and as Mike slowly slid in and out of Sue with long even strokes he teased her about having done so much with me that day. Sue played up to this and described how my pussy had felt on her tongue, how she had loved having me eat her and how she loved being able to make me cum. They rolled over so Sue could ride him again and Mike caressed her legs and thighs as she alternated between sliding up and down on his cock and grinding her clit against him. Sue leant forwards and kissed him, then put her head on his shoulder and let him move inside her while telling him how she wanted me to eat her to multiple orgasms. Mike told her if anyone was going to do that, it would be him and Sue told him he could do this whenever he wanted – as long as he finished fucking her first. At this point Mike was torn as he really wanted to pull out and go down on her, at least briefly, but also wanted to remain buried in her and fuck her.

They compromised and Mike had a brief lick of her pussy when he pulled out to change positions but quickly moved around behind her and slipped back in to her. He held her tight against him as they humped against each other and he alternated between fondling her breasts and stroking her clit while kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulders. They changed position again, but this time they just rolled over so Sue was on her stomach with Mike on top of her. He reached around to play with her clit again and went back to using long strokes. This is Sue’s favourite position and she really enjoyed it but told him she didn’t want to cum like that and wanted to face him. Mike liked the idea of being able to kiss his imotou as she came so after a few more thrusts he pulled out of her, pulled on her ass so she lifted it in the air, buried his face in her pussy and licked her and then gave her the choice of being on top.

Sue wanted him on top for a little bit so she could wrap her legs around him again and this time they moved against each other much more forcefully. She started telling him about eating me again but he told her to shut up as he wanted to fuck just her and not the idea of her doing anything. Sue teased him and asked if that meant he really liked her, to which he replied telling her that she knew full well how much he ‘liked’ her. They kept fucking and kissing deeply until Sue said she was getting close (although from their description she had been ‘close’ for quite a while). They rolled over again and Mike took hold of Sue’s ass and pumped in to her with long hard strokes, his body slapping against hers with each thrust. Sue panted in his ear as her orgasm edged closer and Mike told her he wanted to fuck her the whole way through and then cum in her. Just before she came he told her that he wanted her to always be with us and that she should never forget how much he loved her. Sue professed her love as she started to cum and Mike concentrated on holding back as his cock repeatedly plunged as far in to her cunt as he could get it. Sue’s panting was shallower than before and she kept making little ‘nng’ and ‘aah’ noises and as Mike felt her body start to relax he let go and felt his own orgasm rise. He pushed deep in to Sue and used much shorter strokes as he came and Sue told him to give her all his cum. He used a couple of longer strokes which felt incredibly intense on his cock but Sue seemed to like them. He then pushed in all the way again and remained still, although could feel his cock twitching and they kissed deeply again.

They rolled over and Sue wrapped her legs around Mike again so he could caress them (and her socks) as they kissed. He remained buried inside her and moved a little bit to try and stay hard but after a few minutes he felt his cock start to wilt. He was still inside her and just about hard enough to move a little but Sue said she wanted to see how much he had cum so he pulled out. Before she moved Sue asked him to kneel beside her and sucked on his cock to clean off their combined cum. That was the idea anyway but she kept going and started swirling her tongue around the head until she felt life returning to it. Mike asked Sue if she could cum again and she said she was willing to try so he straddled her, pulled her legs up and apart and started lapping at her pussy. In this position, he could keep most of his cum inside her but still lick her clit. Sue wrapped her hand around Mike’s shaft so he could pump in and out of her mouth without going too deep and causing her to choke, although most of the time he remained relatively still and allowed Sue to showcase her cock-sucking skills. Mike switched back and forth between Sue’s pussy (mostly her clit) and her thighs and socks and it took a little while but they managed to get another orgasm out of each other. Sue asked Mike where he wanted to cum and he told her he didn’t mind and she could decide so she opted to let him use her mouth but said she would spit it out over her body afterwards. Mike warned her that he might not cum much after the load he’d just emptied in to her pussy but Sue didn’t mind. Mike spread her lips and let his saliva dribble in to her pussy a few times to add to the liquid already inside her but by this point she was getting close to cumming and he’d teased her enough. She didn’t get to cum straight away, although this was of her own choosing as she wanted to try and get Mike to cum at the same time so he backed off a bit and let Sue concentrate on sucking him until he was close. He misjudged this a bit and had to try to hold back but didn’t manage and came in Sue’s mouth while her orgasm was still building. She held him in place and gently sucked until she came and as promised, once Mike climbed off of her, she sat up (while holding a hand over her pussy to stop it from leaking) and let Mike’s cum dribble out of her mouth and down across her breasts.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 9

As before with Lisa, Josie was quickly removed from the cock and to keep her promise, Sue let the guy fuck Lisa for a little while as Jen played with me to ensure I was ready for him. Jen ended up with a bit more time than they had intended as Josie told the guy he needed to fuck Sue as well. Sue didn’t object to this in the least and bent over the arm of the sofa to present herself to him, at which point I was told to lie on the sofa so she could lick me. They were still aware that the guy might not last too long so we had to switch positions after only a short while. The guy eagerly fucked me and reached around to fondle my breasts and Lisa was given the job of kneeling beside me and rubbing the vibe around my clit. Given how carried away I’d gotten with Lisa I made sure to hold back a bit with Sue and while I gave her a good licking, I was careful to pay attention to how aroused (and flushed) she was getting. I let the guy watch me finger and frig her as well and would have happily made her cum like this but the guy told us he couldn’t hold back much longer and I was told to concentrate on enjoying myself. I didn’t entirely do as I was told as I buried my tongue between Sue’s legs again, but this time I just ran it up and down between her ass and clit, enjoying feeling her squirm under my touch and trying to focus on the vibe and cock that were stimulating me.

The guy said a few more times that he was getting close (and then *really* close) and I pictured his cock emptying his cum in to me to help speed my own orgasm along. I told him when I was on the verge of cumming and he came only just before my orgasm started (effectively at the same time unless you want porn level fully simultaneous orgasms). He told me a few times that he was cumming but kept thrusting in to me and I tried to push back against him to help him get as deep as possible inside me. He kept pumping away inside me the whole way through my orgasm and gradually slowed down but still continued to move in and out. I complimented him on having kept moving in me and told him that it had felt amazing. Jen said I would give his cock a final suck and once he pulled out of me I turned around, knelt in front of him and sucked on the head, of his cock. Just as before, I could feel his cum squishing around in the condom but I realised that as we were at home and I could easily clean off I could enjoy it properly this time so I knelt up a bit, edged a little closer so his cock was over my breasts and peeled the condom off. I squeezed the cum out of the condom on to his cock and then tossed it aside, wrapped my breasts around him and gently stroked him. I used a hand to rub his cum over my neck but mostly concentrated on giving him a boob job – it would have been wonderful if I could have actually made him cum again but I had to be content with the sensation of his cum being smeared over my body. I was certainly effective enough to keep him from going soft and Jen told him he could fuck me again if he was up for it but he said he really had to go as he was going to get in to enough trouble already for having taken so long.

Just as with the pizza guy, I had to show the guy out in my semi-naked (and now cum-smeared) state. Jen was responsible for holding my skirt up and fondling me as I stood waving goodbye and thanking him for the fuck (she used one hand on my pussy and one on my breasts so as not to transfer his cum to my cunt). Once we closed the door I went up to clean off and was told that this should be done properly – I didn’t realise exactly what they meant but guessed it would involve more stimulation and after I had sponged the cum off of my breasts I was told to strip and stand in the shower with one leg up on the side and then hold my lips apart. Sue was given the task of using the pulse spray on my clit to get me off and I warned them that this would probably take a while as I’d only just cum but we proceeded with the plan anyway. The gentle throbbing of the spray on my clit felt nice but as I’d expected, it wasn’t sufficient to make me cum given everything else my pussy had been subjected to that day. To make up for this, Jen said that I should use our location to get revenge on Sue for earlier and Sue put up a feeble protest to this suggestion, but did nothing to move out of the way. To be fair, I didn’t give her much of a chance and just pushed as hard as I could to empty my bladder. I had to get Sue to direct the shower spray away from my pussy as it was interfering with my stream of piss, but Sue did as asked and I directed my pee up and down her body from her face to her stomach as best I could (we can’t aim as well as guys).

I could see Jen quickly undressing as I did this and warned her that I wouldn’t be able to keep peeing for long, but that wasn’t her aim and once I had emptied my bladder I was told to get out of the way and let Jen take my place. As she hadn’t cum (anywhere near) as many times as I had that day, she was more than ready to indulge her fetish and got Sue to lick and finger her. Usually Jen waits until she is cumming until she pees, but she let out a few small squirts over Sue’s face and in to her mouth. Josie made a comment about it being gross but Sue told her that she didn’t react like that when she (Sue) was doing it to her (Josie) and Josie told Sue to shut up and went bright red. This obviously led to the rest of us teasing Josie and I rubbed up against her while asking if she liked having Sue eat her as she peed and if she did the same back to Sue. Jen (who was beginning to mew by this point) told Josie that she would happily shower with her in the morning and that Josie didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about. A short while later, Jen warned Sue that she was about to cum and Sue just nodded as her mouth was glued to Jen’s pussy. Jen let out a combination of mew’s and an ‘aahhhh’ and she peed as hard as she could into Sue’s mouth. We watched as Jen enjoyed her orgasm and her pee poured out over Sue’s face and ran down her body. Jen humped back and forth against Sue’s face until her orgasm ended and then asked Sue to lick her clean. The rest of us didn’t see this, but Sue opened her mouth and looked up at Jen, letting her see that it was full of pee, then swallowed and showed Jen her mouth again before returning to licking Jen.

Jen said she felt a shudder of pleasure at Sue’s display and enjoyed being kitty kissed for a few moments more before pulling Sue up and kissing her deeply. Jen’s fingers went to Sue’s pussy and toyed with her but she told Sue she couldn’t make her cum as she (Sue) still had more work to do that nigh and she didn’t want to tire her out. Jen did ‘let’ (by which I mean ‘ask’) Sue press up against Jen’s thigh and pee down her leg as they kissed and Jen then knelt to give Sue’s pussy a quick lick (which ended up being a bit more thorough than Jen had initially intended) before showering them both off and finally joining the rest of us again.

As I hadn’t cum in the shower it was deemed that it was time for me to be the target once more and by unanimous agreement (with two obvious abstentions) it was decided that it was time for Sue and I do to things with each other ‘properly’. Everyone wanted to see us fuck and we were told in no uncertain terms that they really wanted to watch us break our rule and eat each other to orgasm (or at the very least for one of us to do that to the other). I looked over at Sue and decided to fight back against them in the only (reasonable) way I had available. I took Sue aside and we pretended to chat for a while about what we were prepared to do, indicating at each other’s pussies, gently stroking each other and making faces to try and indicate we were talking about eating each other. We then walked back over to the group holding hands and I announced that given everything they had seen us do that day already (dramatic pause), that we would fuck each other to orgasm for them (another dramatic pause) but that we wouldn’t eat each other (to orgasm). This had the desired effect and they all moaned and complained but we stood our ground and said it was a choice of fucking or nothing. They realised that this was the best offer they were going to get (although they still tried to convince us otherwise) and we headed upstairs to Mike’s room (so we could be louder without waking up MJ).

Sue and I started off kissing and caressing each other while everyone else sat around us watching and toying with each other. We occasionally felt someone else’s hand slide over our bodies but we were mostly left alone and just made out. As much as I enjoy being watched, it was a little odd having my audience so close to me but it didn’t put me off (or Sue from the way she was acting) and we kissed deeply and progressed to grinding against each other. Mike and Jen in particular wanted to see us 69 and we told them once more that we weren’t going to eat each other to orgasm but that we would get to some oral play in good time. First, we indulged in a little breast play and moved on to include fingering at the same time before I asked Sue if she wanted me to eat her and she nodded an eager yes. I got her to spread her legs and I climbed over her body, lowered my pussy to her mouth and felt her pull me to her. I told her to be patient as we were meant to be putting on a show and to just spread my lips and get ready. I felt her do this and I did the same in return and then said that we should get started. I kissed around Sue’s pussy and started to gently lick her, answering the various questions about how she tasted and felt as I did so. They asked Sue to lick right up inside me (which she did) and then got me to do the same to her and after a bit more general pussy play we got a bit more serious and concentrated more on each other’s clits. There was no doubt it felt good and once again I was tempted to just carry on until we came as I knew for certain that there was no danger I was ‘forcing’ Sue in to doing things she might regret. It was difficult to pull away, but we stuck to our original agreement – whenever one of us thought they were getting too close to cumming they would say – and I told Sue I couldn’t take any more without cumming.

Before we could reposition ourselves we had to hold each other’s pussies open for our audience to see how wet we had got each other and then have a final lick up inside to swallow as much of each other’s juices as we could. I really wanted to cum by this point and told Sue I needed to fuck her. We moved in to a scissor position, held on to each other’s thighs and humped back and forth, switching between grinding our cunts together and thrusting against each other. We took turns frigging each other and backed off whenever anyone got too close to cumming until we were both on the verge of orgasm. Sue said she couldn’t hold back any more so I told her to fuck me hard and we humped against each other’s cunts for all we were worth. Mike, Jen, Lisa and Josie fondled our breasts and thighs but avoided touching our pussies so we would be solely responsible for each other’s orgasms and we were subjected to a barrage of instructions, telling us to make each other cum, for me to fuck Sue, for Sue to grind against my cunt… Sue came first and threw her head back as her orgasm took her – I was determined not to be left behind and humped against her as fast as I could. It took a bit longer than I had expected for me to actually cum but I got there in the end and was rewarded with a fairly strong orgasm. I slapped my cunt against Sue’s in time with the waves of pleasure and then just pressed against her and gently rubbed back and forth. Both she and I were panting and grinned at each other but when we went to kiss we were told we had to clean each other off first.

We hadn’t intended to kitty kiss but neither of us made any objections and moved back round to a 69 position and lapped at each other’s pussies until we had cleaned them of our combined juices. I rolled off of Sue and we asked our audience if they were happy with the show. Jen had one hand between Josie’s legs with the other between her own and Mike had his cock inside Lisa so we assumed they had been sufficiently aroused by our display but it was nice to hear them describe how hot it had been. Mike pulled out of Lisa and offered me his cock to suck, saying that it should be clean before it was used on me. I told him that I would need some time to recover and he just replied saying that I kept claiming that but still managed to cum whenever they played with me. I was actually given a little while to get a drink and prepare but it was only when Mike and Jen tied my hands to the bed that they told me it was time for my final wave of orgasms for the night and that each one of them was going to make me cum again, just like they used to at Jen’s Uni.

I really wasn’t sure if I had the energy or stamina to cope with a sustained attack, but no longer had much choice in the matter. I don’t actually remember the details well enough to document everything that happened here but Mike and Jen made enough mental notes to guide me and over the next two hours I was made to cum multiple times more. Mike got things started by fucking me while Lisa and Jen played with my breasts and clit. Jen then went down on me (with a little finger play), Josie mostly fingered and frigged me but then used a vibe to help finish me off, Lisa 69ed with me, Josie fucked me with one of our strap-ons and Mike tit-fucked me for a while (without cumming) followed by Sue taking his place with our ejaculating strap on, which she came over my breasts and face with.

Sue then threatened to fuck my ass but Mike wanted to eat me next and once I’d cum I was then turned around and made to kneel up so Sue could fuck my pussy. The others reached under me and played with my breasts and clit as Sue pumped the strap-on in and out of me. Sue really enjoyed fucking me and I’m told that I warned her I would get my revenge next time – this time however I was helpless and just had to submit to the incessant pounding and frigging as I felt myself being pushed towards yet another orgasm. Mike crawled under me (sideways) and got me to suck his cock and Jen reached around to my ass and used a couple of fingers to fuck it. I remember that orgasm in particular out of the session as it seemed to last much longer than the others and really throb through my pussy – not in a really strong or deep way, just that the individual waves built more slowly as I came.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Rare Push – Part 8

I wasn’t the only target and once we had moved a little way along the riverbank Mike told Sue he wanted to see her cum. For her he wanted to not just fondle her but to actually get inside her and while we weren’t in a secluded enough space for him to actually fuck her, he did manage to get his cock out, slip it under her skirt and have her guide it in to her pussy. They didn’t move much against each other (so it wouldn’t be obvious what they were doing) but Mike stroked Sue’s clit until she was close to cumming and then pulled out (quickly stuffing his cock back in to his trousers while the rest of us shielded him from view) and handed Sue over to Jen who carried on from where Mike had left off. She gave Lisa and Josie a turn with Sue but (unsurprisingly) it was left up to me to give her an orgasm. As I frigged her we had a whispered conversation (that we knew at least some of the others could hear)and discussed how they were just trying to desensitise us to doing things with each other so we would ‘perform’ better later on. Sue said she didn’t care as it felt good and I told her if she felt that way then I had no choice but to make her cum. I could feel the warmth from her body as her skin got more flushed and Jen told Sue she wanted to see her pee as she came. Sue wasn’t willing to do this in such a public place and Jen told her she would have to pay for that later but didn’t push it any further. Sue leant forwards against the railings as she came and I felt her body shudder a bit and she told me to ease off (so I did). I was told to suck my fingers clean of her juices and did so (as if I would waste precious pussy juice) and was then told that I’d done a good job and we could head home to relax.

Naturally ‘relaxing’ didn’t mean that they intended to stop teasing me but I wasn’t the only one as Mike wanted to spend a while playing with Josie. She played along with his wishes and put on a pleated skirt and long blue socks so he could spend a while kissing up and down her legs, nibbling on her thighs and kitty kissing her little pussy. He kept this up for the best part of an hour and by the time he was ready to move in for the kill she was begging him (or anyone) to make her cum. He spent a while fucking her on the sheepskin rug (which she loved the feel of – both the fucking and the rug) and told her that he would love to cum in her but he wanted to save his cum for his night with Sue. Josie said she didn’t care if he came in her or not and she just wanted him to let her cum and she tried to play with herself a few times but we stopped her. Mike relented in the end and gave her the choice of him eating or fucking her to orgasm – once again she said that she didn’t care so he fucked her until she was really close to cumming (again), paused, and then went down on her. This time he ate her to orgasm, lapped at her through her orgasm, kitty kissed her afterwards and tried to push her to cum again. Josie told him she couldn’t cum again but ended caving and up adding a ‘yet’ when we told her she was definitely going to cum at least twice more that night.

Jen had spent a while playing with Sue’s breasts while Mike had been busy with Josie and Jen and Lisa had separately teased me (but not to orgasm). Once Josie had finally been allowed to cum we decided it was time for dinner and as I now knew the communal aim for the day was to make me cum I wasn’t surprised at the decision to get take-away. We opted for pizza and placed the order (which had a surprisingly short delivery estimate for a Saturday night). I didn’t wait to be told and just asked what state they wanted me to be in when the person arrived. We decided to play it straight (so to speak) and instead of acting coy and doing the ‘pizza dare’ to just let whoever delivered the food know that he (or she) could join us for some fun if they wanted. Mike told Lisa that he would really like to see her get involved and Sue told Josie that she should have some fun as well. Josie said that Sue was just saying that so that she could get involved herself so Sue promised that she wouldn’t let the guy do anything to her if Josie played along and let him do things with her. Initially Josie didn’t seem to have any intention of participating (beyond possibly playing with me and helping to present me to the guy) but Sue repeatedly teased her about how nice it could feel to have a stranger’s cock buried in you. Josie called Sue a slut (playfully) a number of times, but Sue seems as happy to wear that badge as I am (she knows that she enjoys sex) and just took it. Josie ended up agreeing to let the guy fondle her a bit if he wanted to (she still wasn’t sure that he would want to participate but from experience there have been very few guys who haven’t been willing to take whatever we offer).

Josie still had the pleated skirt and long socks on so Sue, Lisa and I dressed in a similar way. Josie, Lisa and Sue wore normal (if lacy) bras while I was given one that left my nipples exposed (although I didn’t see this as being that important a distinction if the aim was to get the guy to fuck us anyway). When the doorbell went, Sue and Lisa were sent to answer it and got the guy to follow them to the kitchen to get the money. Meanwhile, I say on the sofa and Josie knelt between my legs to eat me. I moaned in an exaggerated manner so that Lisa and Sue could tell the guy that I was being eaten and ask him if he wanted to see (which he did). When they led him in to the living room (Mike and Jen were hiding upstairs watching via a laptop webcam) I spread my legs further and pulled my knees up to reveal myself more fully. Sue led things along and started fondling Lisa but then knelt behind Josie, flipped her skirt up and caressed Josie’s ass and pussy through her panties. Lisa let the guy fondle her and as soon as he had his fingers inside her I told Sue it was only fair that we should get to see his cock. She and Lisa fished it out and told the guy that they wanted him to fuck me. He was up for this but I suggested that he should at least get to experience each of their cunts as well and as Josie was in a suitable position already (she was still kneeling and eating me), Sue led him over to her, got him to kneel down and guided his cock towards Josie’s pussy.

The guy pushed in to Josie and as he moved back and forth Sue played with Josie’s clit and caressed her breasts through her bra then whispered in Josie’s ear how hot she looked while being fucked. Sue told Josie she wanted to such her juices from the guy’s cock (but added that she wouldn’t do anything more) and while the guy was reluctant at first to pull out, he was happier once Sue took him in her mouth and gave him a good suck. It was now time for him to be inside Lisa and she started off lying on the sofa beside me so the two of us could kiss as the guy fucked her. Sue got Lisa to change position so she was straddling me and the guy could take her from behind then get Lisa to move up a bit so he could slide in to me for a while and switch back and forth between us. Josie and Sue helped out and fondled my breasts, my clit and the guy’s balls but warned him that I needed to cum with his cock inside me (making up an excuse about me getting bored of being fucked by girls). Lisa was told to crawl up and crouch over my face so the guy could watch me eating her. Lisa produced a vibrating egg (she now knows where we stash our supplies) and held this against my
clit while Sue sucked on one of my nips while fondling the other one. I felt someone caress my ass and then a finger rubbing back and forth over my asshole, not penetrating but just pressing a tiny amount in to me and I made more moaning sounds in to Lisa’s pussy to show my appreciation. All the stimulation combined nicely and could feel my crotch tingling as my orgasm built but apparently I’d been even more effective on Lisa as she started rocking back and forth against my face. I hadn’t really expected her to cum as she had already done more than usual (for her) that day but looking back at it, I had really been eating her quite energetically as I was trying to ensure I enjoyed the whole situation as much as possible.

I slowed my licking but Sue noticed Lisa’s pleasure and asked the guy if he thought he could fuck both of us to orgasm. He was quite eager to try and Lisa had to move back down and lie on top of me again, presenting her ass and cunt to the guy while also being able to kiss me. The guy thrust in to her and fucked her and Sue tried to get Lisa to press her clit against the egg (while keeping it against mine). I told Sue to concentrate on helping Lisa cum and the egg was pushed firmly against Lisa’s clit. The guy was told not to cum yet and I felt a couple of Sue’s fingers enter my pussy and Josie was told to frig my clit. As Lisa kissed her own juices from my face, I teased her about how she was letting another guy fuck her (but added that Mike would find it really hot). She came and as soon as her orgasm finished she was told to kneel up over my face again so I could kitty kiss her (I doubt the guy knew what we meant but Lisa did) and he was told to finish me off. Josie had Sue had kept me fairly close so it didn’t take long before my orgasm started and Sue told the guy that he could now cum and to use me as hard and fast as he wanted. He gripped my legs and thrust into me a lot faster than before. I kitty kissed Lisa a bit too hard and she pulled away but I pulled her back  and eased off a bit until the guy said he was about to cum. I pushed Lisa up a little and told the guy to empty his cum in to me and then watched his face as he came. When he pulled out I could see the mess of cum in the condom and was going to offer to gently suck his cock but Sue got there first and had a few sucks before getting Josie to fetch some kitchen towel so the guy could remove the condom and clean himself off. He was then given his money and I was given the task of showing him out but Lisa (at Sue’s instruction) joined me and stood caressing my breasts and fondling my pussy as I waved goodbye.

I was feeling quite hungry by this point and started munching on the pizza but when Mike and Jen joined us they said that the rest of dinner was on the way. Fortunately there was about a twenty minute gap so I (and others) had time to eat, but the doorbell went again and it was a younger guy carrying Chinese food. Mike disappeared again but Jen remained around this time and we were even more direct with this delivery guy than we had been with the first. Jen told the guy that they had been making me cum all day and (using the same lie as before) that I was tired of being fucked by girls and wanted a cock inside me. Despite the rather revealing way we were dressed (apart from Jen who still had her day clothes on) he didn’t seem to think we were being serious but was quickly disabused of this when Jen lifted my skirt and started to fondle me and then got Sue to kneel and lick me. I was told to lie up on the kitchen counter and Jen, Lisa and Josie took turns playing with me while Sue encouraged the guy to join in. She ended up fishing his cock out of his trousers and getting him to slide in to Josie and as he fucked her Sue undid Josie’s bra and removed it. Josie stopped playing with me and tried to fight back, pulling at Sue’s bra but being somewhat constrained in her movements as the guy was still inside her.

Sue told the guy to pull out and they took Josie to the living room (during which time she managed to pull Sue’s bra off, but to be fair Sue wasn’t really resisting). The guy was told to sit on the sofa and Sue pushed Josie down on to his cock (this was obviously a somewhat controlled ‘push’ as she didn’t want to hurt Josie or the guy – especially as we needed his cock in working order). Sue promised the guy that he could fuck both Lisa and me if he just let her do something first and she crouched on the floor between his legs and attacked Josie’s clit with her tongue. It was obvious that Sue wanted Josie to cum (I guess she might have been intending to get Josie close and then stop, but…) so I moved forward to help out and started fondling her breasts but the guy reached around and took over from me so I just kissed Josie. The guy tried to move inside her a few times but was told to remain still so he didn’t cum too soon (Sue was working off the assumption that he wouldn’t last as long due to his age, which bears out pretty well from our experience). He didn’t have to wait too long though as Sue is quite experienced in making Josie cum and after sucking on her clit for a few minutes Sue got the guy to move gently inside Josie as she came.