Tuesday, 21 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 3

I sat on the toilet again and gently sucked his cock, moving the cum around in the condom with my tongue. We heard another guy come in to the bathroom and the guy pulled out of my mouth and I handed him some toilet paper to clean his cock off with and catch the cum as he pulled the condom off. Once he’d done this he gave me a final kiss, opened the door and left and I slipped my clothes back on. I could hear that someone else was still in the bathroom and couldn’t be bothered waiting so walked out of the stall and gave the guy a hello nod. He looked a bit surprised to see me but I made it quite obvious what we’d been up to as I stood in front of the mirror and straightened my clothes, then decided to have a bit more fun and lifted my skirt to wipe my pussy, splash a little water on it and wipe it once more. The new guy asked me if I often did things in hotel bathrooms so I told him no (with the reason being that it’s not often we stay in hotels), but that I liked having fun and enjoying myself so didn’t see why I shouldn’t make the most of it. I let the paper towel fall from my hand and kept ‘wiping’ my pussy with a couple of fingers, slipping them between my lips and circling my clit. I asked the guy if he liked having fun and he said he did so I wandered over to him and pulled his hand to my pussy. His fingers curled up into me but he asked what would happen if someone came in so I led him towards the stall I’d just used, pulled him inside and locked the door.

I asked if he wanted my breasts and let him pull my top off. He massaged them through my bra so I pulled this off and to save time, slipped my skirt back off as well. We quickly freed his cock and I repeated what I’d done with the first guy, sucking and then fucking him. We made it through without anyone else coming in to the bathroom and the guy warned me he was getting close. I told him he could cum as long as he fingered me afterwards (I wasn’t in the mood to give charitable fucks) and once he’d agreed to this I humped back against him so our bodies slapped together and told him how good his cock felt thrusting deep into my cunt. He came fairly quickly but he followed through on his promise and he sat on the toilet and fingered me while sucking on my nipples. Someone else came into the bathroom as he was doing this and to have a final bit of fun I whispered to the guy fingering me to play with my ass as well so he reached around with his other hand and pushed a finger a little way in to me. As my orgasm built I moaned a bit – not too loud, but enough that I guessed the other person in the bathroom could hear and I announced repeatedly that I was cumming as my orgasm pulsed through me. I let the guy leave the stall first (as I got dressed) and wandered out to see the person I presumed had heard me cum washing his hands so I just flashed him a smile, straightened my clothes and wandered out to see how Jen and Sara were getting on.

They were still both sitting with their respective targets so I went to each of them in turn and draped myself over them, reaching down Jen’s top and up Sara’s skirt as I did so and asked if they intended to go up to our room to carry things on. Both of the women asked if I’d be joining them and I said that I’d like to if they were interested. Fortunately both of them said yes, but it was still somewhat of a surprise for them when Jen walked in with her lady to see Sara, the other lady and me already there. There was a little hesitation but once Sara and Jen started undressing each other, the ladies seemed to decide to go with the flow and allowed us to kiss and caress them. They were eager to get to Jen and Sara’s breasts and my top was soon pulled up so I removed it along with my bra and to keep to form, slipped off my skirt so I was the first one completely naked. I fingered Sara under her skirt and this ended up being removed so one of the women could help out and Jen’s skirt was next, allowing her to be fingered. We told our guests that we didn’t mind having each other’s juices in us but that we’d want to use protection with them and they took this well and said it was sensible. One of the ladies toyed with my pussy while I undressed her and as soon as she was naked I pushed her back onto the bed, spread a dental dam over her pussy and went down on her. She held on to my head tightly, pulling me hard against her cunt as I ate her. I hadn’t had long to examine her but had seen she had a full covering of hair – although trimmed by the look of it. I pulled on either side of her pussy to spread her lips and sought out her clit with my tongue. She told me not to hurry so much and in response I told her I could slow down but that we didn’t intend to just make them cum only once. She laughed at this and said it could be a good night and then lay back – I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to take my time or go for it so slowed down a slightly, but still with the aim of getting her off for the first time relatively quickly. Her pussy had a fairly nice scent and I really wanted to slide my tongue into her properly and taste her but we’ve made it this far without getting any serious STDs (just the occasional bout of thrush) so I wasn’t going to risk it. I reached over to stroke Jen’s legs and she took this as a sign to help out, moving over to kiss the woman and then suck on her nipples. Between the two of us we got her off and she moaned her way through her orgasm and was left panting, saying that we were very good girls (which was a little patronising as she wasn’t that much older than me).

Meanwhile, Jen and Sara had been working on the other lady and Sara had continued this when Jen had come to help me out. I knelt behind Sara and lapped at her little pussy, then swirled my tongue around her ass before moving up onto the bed to sit on one side of the lady with Jen on the other. Jen and I toyed with her breasts and both kissed her while encouraging her to enjoy herself as much as possible. We dared her to cum as loudly as she could and she said it was embarrassing so we cajoled her along, saying that we were all naked, all wanted to cum and that she had the cutest redhead in York eating her cunt so she should make the most of it (Yes, I think Jen is cuter than Sara, but Jen isn’t really a York girl). We kept whispering to her that nobody but us would hear her and how she’d already heard her friend cum and that we’d all be cumming multiple times and letting her see and hear. She moaned a bit louder as she came and certainly looked like she was enjoying herself but once Sara moved away, she closed her legs and covered her breasts saying that she was embarrassed.

The other woman didn’t seem quite as self-conscious and was lying on her side watching us so I buried my face in Sara’s and then Jen’s pussy and allowed them to do the same to me (and each other). We told the women that we hoped that each of us could make each of them cum and then corrected this to include them making each other cum as well. They asked if we really meant that and I told them that we’d make them cum as many times as they wanted (assuming that if either of them had the same sort of sexual appetite I did that we could just sleep all the next day to recover for the party). Jen fished out a vibe and handed it to me and I ran it over my clit but she told me off and said she wanted me to use it on her. I gave a pitiful whine and told Sara to fetch a couple more so Jen, Sara and I could stimulate each other and the women moved to either end of the bed to make space for us to put on our little show. I made sure that the women occasionally got to see what I was doing to Jen as I fingered, ate and used the vibe on her and I wanted them to see Sara doing the same to me, but by this point I just wanted to cum again so wasn’t as bothered about exhibiting myself as I usually would be. I don’t know exactly what Jen was doing to Sara, but it seemed to be working as Sara was being much louder than she usually is and came quicker than either Jen or I did. Both Jen and I were more explicit than Sara in describing what we could feel and what we wanted with Jen telling me and me telling Sara how we wanted our cunts played with. I felt a second pair of hands on my ass and quickly looked back to see one of the women fondling me, but didn’t let it distract me from my work on Jen. Sara’s tongue flicked over my ass a few times and I decided to pass this on (with interest) and speared Jen repeatedly. I could hear Jen’s muffled mewing and felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching so I moaned loudly into Jen’s cunt, telling Sara to lick and finger me and then moaning more as I came. I fingered and frigged her rapidly as I came, then plunged my now well lubricated fingers into Jen’s ass, buried my face back in her cunt and ate her until she came. I kept this up until her orgasm ended and then licked all around her cunt with long, messy licks before rolling away from her and lying with my legs spread, displaying myself fully to one of the women and telling her how good that had felt.

We encouraged the women to fondle us and in return we did the same to them. As we played with each other they commented on our display and how uninhibited we seemed and I told them that life was much more fun that way. Jen made a comment about how Sara loved having her ass licked and Sara blushed a bit at this but admitted that she did. In return Sara told the women how Jen loved watersports, either just peeing herself as she came or having someone else involved. I wasn’t left out and Jen told them how I would fuck pretty much anyone, anytime, anywhere. I corrected her and said that it was more than ‘anywhere’ and the more public the better. Jen then moved on to telling them how many times I’d fucked already that day (and had to admit that she had also played with Clare) and it came out that Jen and I were partners, but that I had my husband at home who was with his girlfriend, looking after his and Jen’s baby. The women seemed amazed at the complexity of our sex lives (they aren’t really that complicated), but were also getting rather distracted as we were playing with them properly by this point, using vibes and fingers. They had agreed to let us use the vibes we’d used on each other, taking our word for it that we were disease free (which was a bit silly of them, but I liked the idea of getting our juices right into their cunts). After watching us, our conversation and our stimulating them, we had no trouble getting them both off and this time they moved to return the favour – using vibes on us (not the ones we’d used on them) as well as their fingers and tongues (with dental dams). Each of them had a go at fucking two of us at once and one of them seemed to especially enjoy feeding us each other’s juices. The younger of the two women seemed to be quite talented at cunnilingus and as I lay cumming with her mouth on my cunt I was thinking of how to compliment her on it without putting the other women out.

With the second round over we sat and chatted a bit more and the older woman suggested we order something to drink. She called room service and order champagne, saying that it felt right to celebrate as we were having such a good time. Both the women put bathrobes on in anticipation of the arrival of our drinks, but Jen, Sara and I remained naked. Jen thought I should go a step further and got me to sit up on the bed with my legs spread wide, using our body want on my pussy and keeping myself close to cumming. Jen answered the door naked and told the guy that he was welcome to come in as long as he didn’t mind seeing me cum and he apparently didn’t as he stepped in to the room and stood watching as Jen told me to stop holding back and to cum for him. Despite having cum a number of times, it was quite easy to do so again as the bodywand is a wonderful vibe (as any women who’ve used one will know) and I enjoyed the waves of pleasure throbbing out from my cunt as I came. Once my orgasm passed, I turned the wand off and slid a couple of fingers between my lips and slowly played with myself. Jen told the guy he could fuck me if he wanted but he said he needed to get back or he’d get in to trouble – when he’d gone the women asked if we tried that often and we told them we’d done it a number of times (and that I’d got a better response a number of times).

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

As regular readers will have noticed, I haven't been posting as frequently. This is due to not having time to write things up due to changes in our circumstances (that are probably fairly easy to guess for those who have been following the commentary interspersed with the sex). I'll keep doing my best but I've only really got time to either enjoy myself or write about having enjoyed myself and as much as I love people reading about me cumming, I love *actually* cumming more :)


He did as I asked and pressed me harder against the glass as he pushed into me. Jen got Clare to stand next to me (she needed a little convincing to stand naked at the window, but played along) and Clare reached down to play with my clit. I pulled Clare to me so I could kiss her and then got her to kiss Giles and Jen joined in by kneeling down and once again burying her face in Clare’s pussy. I told Giles to pace himself as he also needed to fuck Clare like that – at first she said she couldn’t, but once again allowed herself to be convinced to join in and was soon pressed up against the window with Giles in her while I toyed with her clit. Jen didn’t leave me out and knelt to lick my pussy. This felt good but she knew I wanted Giles in me as I came so she didn’t try too hard to get me off. I then got Clare to step back a little so I could crawl between her and the wall and she leant forwards so her breasts were pressed up against the glass as I licked her and Giles fucked her. Jen also joined in and reached down between Clare and Giles to rub her finger back and forth across Clare’s ass and we teased her about letting three people make her cum in full view of everyone in York (or at least a good number of people). Clare moaned that it wasn’t her fault and I told her to just let go and enjoy herself and anyone who did actually see her would be lucky to see someone so hot cumming – but also assured her that we were quite high up so actually fairly safe. I made Giles promise not to cum (so he could do the same to me afterwards) and we carried on stimulating Clare. Jen leant against her and reached up to fondle one of Clare’s breasts and then announced that she was going in and pressed about half her finger into Clare’s ass. I lapped at her clit and Giles carried on fucking her and we encouraged Clare to moan and tell us what she could feel. She described the various sensations we were giving her and how she was getting closer to cumming and panted loudly, saying she was cumming over and over.

When Giles pulled out I got him to slide his cock back between Clare’s legs so I could suck the head and told him to stay hard as I needed him to get me off again. Clare sat on the floor and watched as Giles fucked me, at first she just reached up and played with my clit while Jen stood and fondled one of my breasts (which were again pressed up against the window) but once Clare recovered from her orgasm she asked if I wanted her to repay me. I told her she could copy what I’d done if she wanted or she could just keep frigging me and Jen slapped my ass and told me to tell Clare what I actually *wanted* her to do. I pointed out to Jen that we were on my home turf and she was meant to do what I said (our old rules from before we lived together and visited each other) but played along anyway and told Clare that I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit, have her lick my cunt as her fiancé fucked me and to help eat me to orgasm as the town watched. I shifted back a bit to allow her to crawl between me and the wall and pointed out that it was a pity we didn’t have full-height windows so everyone could see exactly what we were doing. As Clare started to lick me I felt Jen slide her hand down my back and across my ass and asked her to caress my ass. I tried reaching over to fondle Jen’s pussy but needed both my hands to keep my balance. I described what I could feel in a similar way to Clare had, just with slightly dirtier language (Clare still doesn’t say ‘cunt’ too much). As my orgasm built I told Clare to suck my clit, Giles to fuck my cunt and Jen to finger my ass. When I said this, Jen gave my breast a squeeze so I corrected my request and asked her to ‘finger my ass and fondle my breasts’. Giles said he was very close and I panted to him to just keep going for a few moments longer. I imagined every building I could see had people staring directly at us (or me) and this helped push me over the edge. I came loudly and enthusiastically, telling Giles to fuck and cum in my cunt again and begging the girls to lick and finger me. I imagined all the guys watching me wanking and their cum shooting over my body and got a bit carried away with my fantasy so didn’t really pay attention and missed Giles cumming. He came in me though so I didn’t mind and even felt a little bit of cum leak out of me when he pulled out.

We moved over to the bed and chatted some more, getting the full details of how Giles had proposed and finding out that even though they were saving the general announcement for the party that they had told Sara already (during a session with her). I asked Clare if she intended to let us continue to fuck her once she was married and she tried to look serious and said she would consider it but it was obvious from the look on her face that she was just messing around and I told her that I looked forwards to eating her newly married cunt and fucking her husband’s newly married cock. As time was getting on and we had a dinner date we started to get ready. In this case, ‘getting ready’ didn’t involve Jen or I showering as we wanted to go out with the various sex-juices smeared over us (and given we were seeing Sara we knew she wouldn’t mind). As a parting shot, Jen and I each rubbed Clare’s pussy and smeared her juices over our breasts and then briefly buried our faces between her legs to get a final coat of her juices on our faces. I got the added bonus of wiping Giles’s cock over my breasts and face (although I’d already drained him of cum earlier so this was more for show than to get anything more on me). Naturally Clare didn’t escape unscathed and her breasts were flavoured with Jen’s and my juices (we took one each) for Giles to enjoy later on. I made him promise to go down on her and that I wanted photographic evidence. Clare said that she’d cum enough and that he didn’t need to but gave in after a couple of minutes of badgering and said she’d let him eat her.

We wandered out with Clare and Giles, said our goodbyes and headed off to meet up with Sara. Unfortunately Sara didn’t have a long coat on so we couldn’t grope her as we hugged hello (although she slid her hands under our skirts). Jen made up for this at the restaurant though as she went to the bathroom with Sara and fondled her there – discovered that Sara had panties on and as punishment told her that she not only had to remove the panties but also her bra as well. Sara knew better than to argue (not that Jen could have easily forced Sara to strip) and went into one of the stalls, slipped her bra off and handed it out to Jen. Jen semi-discreetly carried the bra and panties back to the table and handed them to me and I told Sara off for having had panties on but congratulated her for going braless. Sara told me she could smell and taste Clare on us and I said she’d get to taste Giles from me later on if she wanted to fuck. She said we hadn’t changed and I told her that I hoped she hadn’t changed either but the waiter came so we had to tone down the conversation and once we’d ordered we chatted about Clare and Giles’ engagement and whether Sara thought she would remain as their fuck-toy.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and sat in the bar area to have drinks. There was some sort of conference on which meant there were a good number of single people around. Jen dared me to show myself off to a few people and I easily managed this (either by sitting with legs spread far enough to let them see up my short skirt, or by bending over while beside them so my skirt rode up. We decided that as it is always fairly easy to pick up guys that it would be more of a challenge (and more fun) to see if we could pick up and of the women at the convention. I suggested that we could do both and see if we could help along a budding office romance (or affair) and get things kick-started with a four or fivesome but we thought that would be too difficult so went back to looking for a woman (although not entirely as I told Sara and Jen that if a nice guy happened to show an interest in me that I’d probably let him fuck me). We couldn’t be too overt as we sat and chatted, but tried to make it fairly obvious that we were lovers by occasionally kissing each other and lots of semi-innocent touching (nothing too bad, just less innocent and more frequent than would be the case for ‘just friends’).

We noticed two women who seemed to have their eye on us and Jen and Sara headed off to walk past them and test the waters. Jen flashed her cute smile and gave her target a brief greeting and Sara acted similarly to the other woman. Within minutes each of the women had bought drinks and both Jen and Sara were sitting chatting with them. I wandered over to Jen first and draped my arms around her shoulders, letting one hand slide down under Jen’s top and running my fingers across the top of Jen’s breasts. I asked Jen to introduce me and after a brief chat said I’d let Jen get on with her conversation but that I’d be back. I then headed over to Sara but her top was too tight to get to her breasts so I went a bit further and sat beside her then ran my hand up Sara’s thigh while looking at the woman and then down to Sara’s skirt as I slid it up to reveal she was naked underneath. I asked the woman if she’d want to join us later on for a drink upstairs and she said she might once she’d gotten to know Sara a bit better so I left them to chat and headed off to the bathroom.

I got a bit sidetracked on the way and ended up flirting with a guy I’d noticed earlier. He was very smartly dressed which gave me lots of opportunities to stroke his suit and comment on the fabric. I leant across him at one point and pressed my body up against him and felt him push back slightly against me. I whispered in his ear if he wanted to come with me and he said he thought I was interested in women (he’d apparently noticed my display with Jen and Sara – not that we’d been trying to hide it) and I told him I enjoyed men every bit as much as I do women. He let me lead him away by the hand and at that point I had no idea where I was going to take him. I considered going back to our room and letting him fuck me but saw a bathroom and pulled him into it. He seemed surprised that I’d want to do things in a place like that, but I pointed out that it was very clean and that I liked the idea of being fucked somewhere we could be caught. He was a bit taller than me so I stood on tip-toe to kiss him and reached down to caress his crotch. I guided one of his hands to my breasts and we backed into a stall to carry on, at which point he quickly pulled my top up and I helped him remove it, along with my bra. I freed his cock and sat on the toilet to suck him (after putting a condom on it of course). We kissed a bit more and he fingered me until I asked if he wanted me to be naked. He did, so I slipped my skirt off and caressed myself then moved closer to him and rubbed his cock against my pussy. He told me I was wonderful and I said he should wait until we’d fucked to decide that and I quickly turned around, leant against the wall and presented my ass to him. He rubbed along the length of my cunt again and slowly worked his cock into me, getting a little deeper with each thrust until he was all the way in. I asked him to fondle me and he played with my breasts but then moved a hand down to my clit just before I was about to ask him to do that. We heard someone else come in to the bathroom and he stopped moving but I carried on, slowly rocking back and forth, taking his cock deep in to my cunt and then pulling forwards so just the head was inside me. He remained still but squeezed my breasts quite firmly and didn’t try to stop me from moving. I reached down to the hand he had on my clit and pushed his fingers until he started frigging me again and I continued to hump back against him like that until the other person left the bathroom. The guy started moving in me again and said he’d never done anything like this before so I told him he’d been missing out and should take the opportunity to enjoy himself as much as possible. I got him to rub my clit a bit faster and he also squeezed my breasts a lot more, but it wasn’t too hard so I let him have his fun with them. As my orgasm approached I told him to keep frigging me even if someone else came in but we weren’t interrupted and I came, then got him to feed me my juices from his fingers as he finished off fucking me and came.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

We knew that this would probably be one of our last sex parties as the age difference between us (not so much Jen, but definitely for Mike and a little for me) and the students was getting too great. I’m not claiming that Mike had any issues with fucking sweet, innocent 18 year old girls (although while some of the girls that came to the parties were sweet, they were hardly innocent), we just thought we should stop before things became a bit too creepy. We weren’t quite ready to give up yet though and as Mike had been to the last party, it was my turn to enjoy an orgy. Even better was the fact that now Jen had spent a night away from MJ (when we’d gone to visit her Uni friends), she was coming too and I was looking forward to seeing her let go and be pleasured by multiple girls (providing I got a turn as well of course!).

We decided it wasn’t fair for both of us to ask to stay with someone so got a room in the Park Inn as a late deal and headed down quite early on the Friday. We did this to allow us to maximise our enjoyment there as we generally try to not cum on the Saturday before the party (after the early morning fuck anyway) so at least this way we’d have a sensible amount of time to do things on the Friday.

We travelled down by train and both wore panties for the journey, but the sets with the mini vibrating eggs built in to them. Both Jen and I had remote controls (that operated the eggs in both our panties) and this allowed us to tease each other but for either of us to turn them off if we got too close to cumming. We’d hoped to have enough space to ourselves on the train to be able to play with each other openly (possibly using fingers and tongues as well as the vibes) and while it was relatively quiet, there were still too many people around for us to find a sufficiently secluded space to reveal ourselves properly. We did manage to sit and show our crotches to each other while taking turns at getting ourselves as close to cumming as we could before one of us turned the eggs off. This turned out to be quite dangerous as Jen got noticeably wet – to the extent that there was a large damp patch on her panties and she moved over to sit beside me and whisper in my ear about how much she wanted to cum and how she’d happily stand for everyone to watch as she masturbated and then peed herself as she came. She slid a hand up my thigh so I did the same to her and then told her to get something out of her bag so I could play with her properly. She knew what I meant and stood facing away from me, bent forwards as she rummaged through her bag and I slid my hand under her skirt, my fingers into her panties and buried at first two and then three fingers inside her. She was certainly wet and she pushed back against my hand, allowing me to get my fingers as far into her as I could and I then held the crotch of her panties aside as I withdrew them so Jen could sit back down and watch as I sucked my fingers clean (she helped with this).

We considered giving in and allowing ourselves to cum, but by this point we were about halfway there so decided to try and hold out – or at the very least get ourselves into an even hornier state so we’d enjoy our train orgasms even more. A number of rounds of cum-chicken (seeing who could get closest without actually cumming) later, and Jen was even more desperate to cum, but still sufficiently stubborn to not be the one to give in. I’m not claiming that I was the paradigm of self-control by this point as my own pussy was soaked and all I could think about was allowing myself to cum. At one point I even threw caution to the wind and unbuttoned my dress up to my crotch, spread my legs and buried two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass while rubbing the vibe against my clit. I only just stopped before I came and had to hold the panties away from my crotch while asking Jen to turn the vibe off. At first Jen accused me of cumming as she said it looked like my pussy was pulsing, but she said she could see from my face just how frustrated I was so she believed me that I hadn’t cum.

We had a little break when the train stopped at a station and someone joined us on our section of seating. We considered moving but decided against it and via text we discussed how close to cumming we could get with our new arrival not being aware of it. It turns out that his presence didn’t make much difference (other than no longer being able to use fingers) and we each got quite close to cumming a few more times. I decided to change things up for the last part of the journey and on the way back from a quick trip to the bathroom I turned my vibe on while out of range of Jen. I sat down and enjoyed the sensation for a minute or so, then pressed the remote, turning my vibe off and Jen’s one on. I used hand gestures to let her know that we were now taking turns and watched as the vibe worked its magic on Jen’s clit. We think that we’ve both had more than enough practice at doing things in public to hide what we’re feeling – at least from other people, but we also know each other well enough to be able to read the subtle cues so I wasn’t too surprised when Jen reached into her pocket and I felt my vibe come alive again. I texted and asked her how close she’d got and she said ‘fairly’ so I immediately turned her vibe on again. Jen shook her head at me as texted that it wasn’t fair so I described how she could cum and pee everywhere, soaking her panties, dress and legs.

Jen switched things around so my vibe was on and proceeded to describe how I could moan out loud about what the vibe was doing to me and when people came to see what the noise was I could pull my clothes off to let them watch me cum and then have them fuck me one after the other. She knows that one of my fantasies is to ‘service’ a train full of people, taking the guys’ cum in and over my body and eating or being eaten by the girls, smearing their juices over my body. I told her that this wasn’t fair as she knows that I can’t resist fantasies like that and I could feel my orgasm building. I switched the vibe back to her and told her how we’d get a chance to eat Emily’s delicious nectar and play with Sara’s beautiful pussy. Jen said she was more looking forward to getting Clare off as one of the girls she/we had helped turn bi (it wasn’t just us, but I do think we played a reasonable part in it). It was Clare and Giles that we were meeting up with first so we ran with that fantasy and included them in our conversation so they would be aware that we’d be expecting their attention as soon as we arrived. Giles joined in the conversation wholeheartedly while Clare was initially a bit more reserved, but by the time the train pulled in to York she was texting that she would happily bury her face in Jen’s wet cunt and eat her clean.

The one good thing about the winter months is long coats as this allows fondling in public (inside the coat). I directed Giles to slide his hands into my coat and then up and under my skirt and finally into my panties. He commented on how wet I was and on the fact that my vibe was still buzzing and Jen hugged Clare, allowing Clare to feel how wet Jen was. Jen’s vibe was running fairly low on power by this point so we switched her one on and my one off as we walked towards the hotel and left Clare and Giles in no doubt that we’d be pouncing on them as soon as we arrived.

Jen and I checked in and we went up to the room. It had a good view over the river and Jen wasn’t at all surprised when I told her we’d be making good use of the windows (and the exposure they gave us). I let Giles remove my clothes while Jen and Clare undressed each other. I was soon left standing in just my panties and suggested that both Jen and I keep our panties on for the time being. Jen knelt and kissed Clare’s pussy and I quickly pulled Giles’ trousers and shorts down to free his cock so I could catch up. I knelt and sucked him and asked if he wanted to see Clare eat Jen and me (which he did). Jen got to go first and lay back on the bed so Clare could peel Jen’s panties off, revealing Jen’s engorged and soaked little cunt. I helped Clare spread Jen’s lips so we could all examine her and Clare then kissed and licked around Jen’s pussy. As Clare did this, I knelt behind her, stroked her ass and pussy and then knelt to lick her from behind. Giles seemed to especially like seeing this and I called him over so I could easily switch between licking Clare and sucking him. We then combined the two as I got him to slide into Clare and briefly fuck her before I sucked him clean. Jen was mewing away by this point and she said she couldn’t hold out much longer so I told her to switch places with me and I peeled my panties off and pulled Clare’s face to my cunt. Jen knelt behind Clare and ate her, pushing her tongue as deep into Clare’s pussy as she could and flicking it back and forth across Clare’s ass. Clare whimpered into my cunt but carried on licking me and I almost wanted to just lie there and let her make me cum but knew that would be greedy as Clare was meant to be getting Jen off.

Semi-reluctantly I told Clare to go and play with Jen but warned her that she would have to eat her boyfriend’s cum out of me in a little while and that I’d eat her properly in return. Clare made a comment to Giles which I didn’t catch and she then told us that he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore. She paused and I wondered briefly if they had broken up and just decided to be sex friends but she looked too happy and I guessed what it was just as she started to say that he was now her fiancé. Naturally we congratulated them and asked why they hadn’t said anything before and they told us that they had only told a few of their ‘normal’ friends but were waiting for the party to tell all of their sex friends. I corrected my earlier statement and told her that she’d have to eat her fiancé’s cum out of me and spread my legs once again, inviting Giles to eat me. He eagerly accepted the invitation and it felt nice but after just a minute or so I told him I needed to feel his cock so he stood up and pushed into me. Meanwhile, Jen had pulled Clare over her and I’d briefly watched as the two of them started to 69 but as Giles started to fuck me I concentrated on him, wrapping my legs around him and telling him how much I needed him to to get me off. As usual he played with my breasts quite a bit but when we changed position he also toyed with my clit. We heard Jen mewing away as she came and I told Clare to keep going as I was quite sure that Jen could easily cum twice after our teasing on the train. Giles said he was getting close so I took over frigging myself and told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. He pumped in and out, his body slapping against mine with each thrust and I rapidly strummed my fingers back and forth across my clit. Giles came a little before I did but he remained buried inside me as I came and I pushed back against his cock.

Clare came as I lay enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and I rolled over onto my side to caress her ass and kiss Jen’s leg. Clare lifted her face from Jen’s pussy to kiss me and I asked if she had the energy to get Jen off a second time. Jen had already switched to kitty kissing Clare so Clare was more than happy to remain where she was and Giles and I sat and watched as Clare brought Jen to her second orgasm. As soon as Jen had finished cumming I asked Clare to lick me clean as a fair bit of Giles’ cum had already leaked out of me and after that I asked if she would help me clean off his cock. By this point he had gone completely soft, but as Clare and I knelt and licked him, we felt him quickly start to stir and in no time he was nice and hard again. Not that getting him hard was our aim, but it made it easier to lick him clean and we carried on doing so while also kissing each other around the shaft and head. Jen joined us on the floor and slipped a hand between my legs and her other one between Clare’s. Jen described to Giles how she was fingering us both as we sucked him and offered us the fingers that had been in each other’s pussies to suck on (Giles didn’t even mind the brief interruption to us sucking his cock to clean Jen’s fingers). I told Giles I wanted him to fuck me against the window, so I could look out over York as I came and after a few minutes more of sucking and kissing his cock I led him over to the window, pressed my breasts up against it and told him to get inside my cunt.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 5

Vicky and Jen kissed and humped against each other to finish off (using their fingers on each other for an added bit of help) and they lay back and allowed Mike to move between them, kitty kissing each of them. As expected (and in his defence, just as he’d warned her), he started to concentrate more on Vicky and Jen shifted position to allow her to kiss Vicky and fondle her breasts. As Vicky started to squirm around on the bed she told the two of them that she could quite easily get used to be treated like that and Mike told her all she had to do was convince Oscar to keep coming back and she’d be treated like that as often as she wanted. As Vicky lay there on the edge of orgasm, Mike asked her if she would want to participate in the sex show and she panted that Oscar really wouldn’t approve, but she liked the sound of it. This was hardly news to us as Vicky has been to the sex parties with us and we’ve seen her fucked by many different people (both male and female) in one night, but Jen still teased Vicky and told her she was a dirty little tramp for wanting to have multiple strangers fuck her with cock after cock sliding into her cunt. Vicky took this the way it was intended and said she hoped it wouldn’t just be men and that she’d get to fuck Jen, Sue, me and other girls as well. Her back arched off the bed as she came and she was left panting and repeating ‘oh fuck’ as her orgasm faded. Jen teased her more about the fact that the thought of the strangers fucking her seemed to have been such a turn on but Vicky just swatted one of Jen’s breasts and told Jen that a little piss junkie like her could hardly criticize someone else’s perversions.

Mike kissed his way up Vicky’s body and then kissed her deeply as he slipped his cock into her pussy. He pointed out that none of us were criticizing her perversions and that we wanted to encourage them so she could enjoy herself fully (not that Vicky has much of a problem in that area). Mike slowly moved back and forth inside her but told her she could rest for a bit before they fucked. Vicky again warned him that she might not be able to cum again but Mike said he was confident they’d manage if they all worked together. He pulled out and moved around behind her to spoon and they discussed what they thought Oscar and I were getting up to in the room next door. They actually came up with a far wilder session than we were having as I’d just got Oscar to lick me and we’d then fucked. I started off riding him but we switched over to him being on top and then finishing off with him holding my legs up against his chest. He played with my clit and breasts quite a bit throughout the session but I frigged myself to orgasm to allow him to enjoy the final position and move more. I came a little before he did but not by much as I’d been holding back to try and cum at roughly the same time as him (I didn’t have the energy to try for a proper simultaneous orgasm – and as I knew he didn’t have any cum left it didn’t seem as worthwhile). Once he pulled out I gently licked his cock clean before snuggling up against him and getting him to promise to eat me awake.

Mike and Jen teased Vicky some more about whether she wanted to join us for the sex show and she conceded that if Oscar wanted he to do it that she would (but she knew that he wouldn’t). Mike held one of Vicky legs up to allow Jen to move down and lick them both until Vicky gave in and said she might be able to cum again. They gave her the option of whether she wanted Jen to keep helping and Vicky said that it sounded nice, but she also wanted to ride Mike for a bit. Jen wasn’t too bothered as she was also getting tired so moved away and let Mike and Vicky get into position. Once they were fucking, Jen whispered something to Mike and he started shifting down the bed a bit (taking Vicky with him) until Jen could pull the pillows away. She then stood up and lifted the print of Lis’ pussy down and propped it against the headboard. Vicky told Jen that she was terrible, but she looked at the picture as they fucked and ended up describing how she used to love burying her tongue between Lis’ soft lips and how Lis would use rapid licks to get Vicky off. Mike told Vicky he’d make sure to give Lis a fuck from him the next time she visited. Vicky asked Mike if he’d like to fuck her and Lis at the same time (which was a pointless question) and Mike said he’d happily buys his cock in one of them while eating the other – either way around. As Vicky got close to cumming, Mike kissed her neck, allowing her to stare directly at the picture of Lis’ pussy. Jen reached down and caressed Vicky’s ass as Mike and Vicky thrust against each other.

Vicky told them that she was about to cum and Mike told her to go ahead. He pictured his little lesbian (Lis) being eaten by Vicky and allowed his own orgasm to build. Vicky came and Mike thrust away inside her until he released whatever cum he had left and then slowed his movements. Vicky kissed him breathlessly and then told both him and Jen that they would be the death of her, in response to which Jen pointed out that it would at least be a good way to die. Mike late told me that he wished he’d known how I’d pictured his and Oscar’s cum filling my body when they’d spit roasted me as he’d have liked to picture his cum filling Vicky’s body and squirting out of her mouth into Lis’ pussy (and of course, getting Lis pregnant in the process). If that could actually happen I’m sure Mike would prefer fucking Lucy and getting Lis pregnant through her (and while he’s at it he may as well get Lucy pregnant), but I’m also sure he’d take what he could get… Vicky rolled off of him and spooned behind Mike so Jen could curl up against Vicky’s back and the three of them fell asleep fairly quickly.

Mike got up to pee in the middle of the night and almost woke MJ when he came back into the room. He spent a few minutes settling her and as he climbed back into bed he remembered his promise to Vicky. It was still too early to eat her awake, but as the challenge had been to make her cum without waking her he though this was as good a time as any (and to be fair, Mike will take any excuse to bury his tongue in someone’s pussy – or at least the pussy of someone he likes anyway. He placed his hand between Vicky’s legs and gently stroked her pussy and mons. She didn’t stir so he applied a bit more pressure and started sliding a finger up and down her lips while using his other hand to gently pull her legs apart. He then moved down the bed, spread her legs a little more, climbed between them and positioned himself with his mouth at her crotch. Mike kissed and nibbled on her lips, swirled his tongue between them and gently lapped at her clit. He doesn’t know how long he spent between her legs, but knows it was significantly longer than usual as he didn’t have to worry about anyone complaining that he was taking too long or that he was teasing them too much and they wanted to cum. Mike was really enjoying himself and says his cock felt incredibly hard and that 1he had to resist from grinding against the bed as he worked on Vicky. She certainly seemed to be reacting to the stimulation and he eagerly lapped up her juices, savouring the way her taste and its intensity increased and faded in waves.

As Mike was buried under the covers, he was quite warm and had no idea whether Vicky was actually still asleep or just being very still and enjoying what he was doing. Although the aim was to make her cum without waking her, he didn’t really care is she was asleep (as long as she was enjoying it). The only issue with doing this to someone while asleep is that it is apparently difficult to know how aroused they actually are (at least to the same level as when they’re awake). He really thought that Vicky was awake near the end as she shifted around a bit and he could tell that she was breathing much more rapidly, but once again, as she wasn’t complaining he just assumed that she was enjoying what he was doing and he carried on. He certainly knew when she came and he licked her the whole way through her orgasm, then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes before crawling out from under the covers and giving her a kiss. It was at this point that he found out he had succeeded and that she had woken up mid-orgasm (or at least after it had started). Vicky briefly complained that he was all sweaty but kissed him anyway and said that it was even better waking up to an orgasm than it was waking up to being eaten. She was a bit surprised at the time (it was only about 4.30) and Mike explained that this was just a trial run and he’d happily do it again in the morning. He asked to spoon with her and Vicky said he could, but warned him she might fall asleep and he assured her he didn’t want to fuck her (or rather he did, but wouldn’t) and just wanted his cock buried inside her while he fell asleep. He cupped one of her breasts and gently massaged it while kissing her shoulder and telling her how much he had loved eating her little pussy. She was quite surprised at how long he’d spent down there before she came (Mike isn’t exactly sure what time he started but is fairly confident he spent the best part of an hour on her). Vicky dozed off with Mike gently moving in her and the last thing he remembers is him still being hard and inside her before he fell asleep.

Both Mike and Vicky were glad that they had the earlier session as it wasn’t as successful when Mike tried to repeat it in the morning. He did manage to get started on her, but she woke up after just a couple of minutes. That didn’t stop Mike though anckyd even though Vicky said she needed to pee he held her in place until she’d cum (it wasn’t as if she was trying to escape) and only then did he let her dash to the bathroom. When she returned, Jen insisted on kitty kissing her and this migrated to Jen and Vicky 69ing with Mike taking Jen from behind at the same time. Vicky got Jen off fairly easily but Mike held back and didn’t cum (saving it for a later session with Vicky). When they told Jen the details, she said she was quite jealous of Vicky’s dream-cum and asked if Vicky had been dreaming of sex while Mike had been eating her but unfortunately Vicky couldn’t remember.

My morning session featured a long cunnilingus session with Oscar. As instructed, he had eaten me awake and I was quite detailed in giving him instructions on what felt good and what he should do to make it feel even better. This was part of the ‘deal’ with Vicky as while she loves being fucked, she wishes that Oscar was as keen on eating her as Mike is (and Lis was). I think Oscar was aware of this as he seemed to be quite open to accepting direction and doing what I told him to do. I got him to eat me slowly to my first orgasm and then told him if he got me off again I would ride him as energetically as he wanted. I also had to promise to once more describe what it was like when I did things with Sue and once I’d promised this he went down on me again (with more direction from me) and he ate me to a very satisfactory orgasm. As promised, I then rode him and described in detail how Sue and I had fingered, kissed, scissored, fucked and eaten each other. Oscar gripped my hips firmly as he got close to cumming and pulled me hard against his cock with each thrust. I was quite thankful that he lasts quite a while as it gave my body a chance for another orgasm to build and I helped this along a bit by masturbating while riding him and pretending (out loud so he could hear) that it was Sue who was stroking me. I came a bit before Oscar did and my pussy felt quite tender (we’d been fucking quite hard and it was my third orgasm in a relatively short space of time). I kept riding him though, determined to repay him (and in the process receive his cum as my reward). I leant forwards and whispered to him, asking if he wanted to watch me slide my tongue between my little sister’s pussy lips and eat her cunt. This was enough to help push him over the edge and he told me he was cumming. I encouraged this, telling him to pump as much of his cum as he could          into my cunt and that I’d show him just how much I loved it over breakfast. I lay on top of him for a minute or so, squeezing myself around him and thanking him for making me cum before we headed downstairs to join Mike, Jen, MJ and Vicky.

As Oscar’s cum leaked out of me I smeared it over my body but had something else in mind for the cum that was still inside me. I moved my chair back from the table, spread my legs and used a banana to fuck myself with, pumping it into me a few times and then rubbing it over my face and breasts to transfer the cum to my body. After a few rounds of this I pushed it in as far as I could worked it around inside me, then withdrew it and ate it while looking straight at Oscar. To ensure I didn’t end up with a yeast infection from the sugars in the banana, I gave myself a yoghurt douche (using natural yoghurt) and allowed Oscar, Vicky, Jen and Mike to help lick it out of me as I lay on the table. This ended up making the usual mess and Mike smeared some of the yoghurt over Jen’s pussy as she licked me so she would in turn have to be licked clean by Vicky. Mike decided to test Oscar and asked him to finger some of the yoghurt into Vicky as she ate Jen so he (Mike) could eat Vicky clean. Oscar did this without making any fuss so I knelt and sucked Oscar while Mike ate Vicky.

We obviously needed to clean up properly so Jen, Vicky and I headed up to the shower. After we had washed each other I stood behind Vicky and reached around to caress her breasts while Jen knelt and licked her. I told Vicky that she knew what Jen wanted and asked if she would join in properly and Vicky said if she could make Jen happy then she was more than willing to play along. I thanked Vicky and said that she would be rewarded, then kissed my way down her back, spread her ass cheeks and flicked my tongue back and forth across her asshole. Vicky moaned out loud and Oscar said it looked incredible (both he and Mike were watching us). He asked to take some photos and we told him to go ahead so he pulled back the shower curtain (even though it’s clear, it still distorts the photos) and got both photos and video of us getting Vicky off and her emptying her bladder over Jen’s face and body. Vicky even played along and kissed Jen deeply, fully aware that Jen’s face was still soaked in her pee. She then asked if Jen wanted her to return the favour and Jen eagerly accepted but I told Vicky she could choose between front and back as I wanted to help out again. Vicky said she didn’t mind and Jen mischievously asked if she could pee on both of us. I said I didn’t mind and Vicky echoed this sentiment so we started off with Vicky eating Jen and me lapping at Jen’s ass. After a couple of minutes Jen let out a few good squirts of pee (enough to cover Vicky’s face and run down her body) and once Vicky had licked Jen clean, we swapped places so I could finish Jen off. This didn’t take long and as Jen’s mewing increased, she pushed hard and I felt a strong spray of pee squirt into my mouth and over my face. I know that Jen loves whoever is eating her getting in to things when she pees so I ate her as energetically as I could, allowing the piss to cover my body and face. I let Jen see me swallow some of the liquid – at which point she gave me one of her wonderful smiles – and Vicky and I carried on gently lapping at her ass and pussy until Jen let out a sigh, thanked us and said we should clean up before we used up all the hot water. I did suggest that Mike and Oscar should shower together but neither of them were on board with that (although Mike later said if Vicky had wanted it – and Oscar had been willing – he would have jerked Oscar off, allowed us to suck them both at once or fucked us with both his and Oscar’s cock in our cunts.

After heading out for a walk, we returned for a final session. Mike took care of MJ while Oscar and I fucked and Vicky and Jen humped and scissored. Jen allowed Oscar and I to fuck on the bed beside her and Vicky so Oscar could watch them and he reached over and caressed Vicky’s breasts a few times and even got her to suck his cock while Jen was eating her. Not intending to be left out, I got Vicky to eat me (just for a moment) and then got Oscar to do it for a while longer. We considered using a strap-on so Oscar could join in and DP either Vicky or me but thought we’d save that for the next visit (giving him something to look forward to). I told Oscar he could either cum in me there and then or save it for our later session (while Mike was fucking Vicky) and he opted to just make me cum but save his own orgasm. I told him I preferred that idea as it would mean his cum would leak out of me as we walked to the station and promised in return to keep him nice and aroused until it was time for his orgasm.

Vicky wanted a little break between fucking Jen and Mike but she gave in and allowed him to kitty kiss her to help prepare her for her next round. In the meantime I knelt and sucked Oscar, used a vibe on his cock, occasionally sat over him and rode him and generally tried to keep my promise of ensuring he stayed hard and ready to fuck. Mike ate Vicky to an orgasm then kitty kissed her some more before fucking her. They started off with him on top, then she had a turn riding him and they finished by spooning while facing the mirror so Vicky could watch herself as she came. Mike whispered to her how with the promise of Sue (and probably Josie) along for their next visit, that he didn’t think there would be any problem convincing Oscar to come back and that he couldn’t wait to sink his tongue into her smooth cunt again. Vicky asked if he would give her another sleep orgasm and he assured her he’d do that anytime she wanted. He offered her the chance to take Jen’s pair of panties with the vibrating pad home so Oscar could turn them on during the night and try to give her multiple sleep orgasms but Vicky said she thought it would be much nicer if it was Mike eating her. As Vicky came, Mike described how he could be fucking her, with Josie lapping at her ass, me sucking on her nipples, Sue sitting over her face and Oscar sliding his cock between Sue’s lips and into her mouth. The practicalities of this position aside, Vicky liked the idea of us all giving her pleasure and reached around to pull Mike harder against her. Mike pushed into her as deep as he could and told her to look after his cum as he unloaded in to her.

He then helped Vicky get dressed, smoothing her tights on (without panties of course), fastening her bra, helping with her skirt and top and caressing her through her clothes for a couple of minutes. When they came downstairs I was still toying with Oscar and he was reaching the point of really wanting to cum. I waited until we were just about to leave before allowing him to do this though and I leant forwards over the arm of the sofa, used a vibe on my clit and let him take me from behind. He lasted longer than I’d thought he would given the amount of time I’d teased him and I came a good few minutes before he did. I didn’t mind too much though and let him pound away inside me while feeling one of this thumbs swirl around my ass and gently press in to it. He came in me and I squeezed myself around him a few times, then turned and wiped his cock on my breasts, then sucked it clean. I slipped on a short t-shirt (without a bra underneath) and some long socks, then put my raincoat over the outfit. It was long enough that I could have been wearing a short skirt underneath it so it wasn’t obvious that I was semi-naked but the best part was feeling Oscar’s cum leaking out and running down my legs as we walked. Unfortunately there was only a little, but I still enjoyed it and we sat and had a drink with them while waiting for their train.

We called Sue later on that night to tell her that Oscar and Vicky wanted them to join us. The discussion quickly moved to the promise of letting Oscar see Sue and me doing things together and from there to how much we were looking forward to seeing each other at Christmas. After our previous encounter where Sue and I had gone ‘all the way’ and finally eaten each other to orgasm, we had decided to try to pull back but we both admitted that we had enjoyed it and with just a little encouragement from Mike, Jen and Josie, Sue and I were telling each other how much we really wanted to do it again. The others encouraged this and as Sue and I described how we would make each other cum, Mike fucked me while Jen frigged me and Josie and Sue toyed with each other. They tried to make Sue and I cum at the same time and didn’t do too bad a job but Sue came a little bit before I did. She continued to play along in her post-orgasmic state and kept telling me how she wanted me to cum for her so she could drink my pussy juice and I imagined it was her tongue in place of Mike’s cock and Jen’s fingers. Both Sue and I felt a little embarrassed about some of the things we’d said during the session but got over it fairly quickly and promised each other and everyone else that we’d put on a good show for them and fuck properly again at Christmas.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 4

I decided not to be quite as greedy and told the guys that if they could promise to hold out that they could spit-roast Vicky first. Vicky said she’d like to give it a quick try but would wait until they could fuck her properly before having a ‘real’ go (meaning she didn’t intend to cum). I found this a bit odd as if I’d been in her position I’d have happily accepted the opportunity to cum around their cocks, even if they weren’t going to cum in me. I didn’t really care though and told Vicky it was her choice and she knelt on the rug, let Oscar slide into her cunt and took Mike in her mouth. Mike moved back a little so she could get the right length of his cock in as she rocked back and forth without choking and I watched as Vicky enjoyed the sensation of two cocks being inside her. I half expected her to change her mind and ‘let’ them make her cum, but she showed remarkable restraint and pulled back from Mike after a minute and asked them to switch round. She let them use her for another couple of minutes with Mike in her cunt and Oscar in her mouth before pulling away and saying it was now my turn to enjoy them.

I eagerly took her place and we started off with Mike in my pussy and Oscar in my mouth. They both fucked me eagerly (a little too eagerly in Oscar’s case as he pushed in a bit too far, but he pulled back when I gagged). Vicky helped out and played with my clit, which made me realise that I should have done that for her and we would have made her cum whether she’d wanted to or not. It was too late to worry about that now though and I was in no doubt that Mike and Jen would ensure Vicky was sufficiently satisfied later on that night anyway so stopped worrying about it and just enjoyed the sensations. Mike said that now Vicky was helping that they should make me cum at least once with his cock in my cunt and once with Oscar buried there. I murmured an ‘uuh-huh’ as a sign on agreement (not that my opinion would have mattered much) and pushed back against him to get him deeper into me. Vicky used her other hand to fondle my breasts and I wanted to reach over and play with her pussy, but needed both hands on the ground to hold me up. As my orgasm built I imagined both Mike and Oscar cumming in me, their cum pumping out in jets, filling my body and meeting in the centre (Mike’s anime may have influenced this image). I humped back hard against Mike and sucked furiously on Oscar as my orgasm pulsed through me. It felt incredible (as in better than usual) and Vicky kept frigging me gently as my orgasm faded which seemed to help make it last longer.

I pulled away from Oscar to tell them how good it had felt and Mike pulled out of me (at which I whimpered a little cry) and I was left kneeling on all fours on the rug, catching my breath. Mike went upstairs but reappeared almost immediately with a couple of toys and I told them I didn’t think I’d need any help cumming again as I’d have the added help of knowing Oscar was going to actually be cumming in me. Mike said that it couldn’t hurt to use them and if they were going to try and make me cum then they should go all out. I rolled onto my side and described how strong the previous orgasm had been, but that just led to them saying that the next one had to be stronger and I told them that they were more than welcome to try and if they could make me cum hard enough to pass out that I’d be a very happy girl (providing as long as I got to feel enough of the orgasm first anyway). Vicky kindly helped out by 69ing and kitty kissing with me to help me prepare for the proper spit-roast. I offered to make her cum but Jen said Vicky’s next orgasm was hers so I just teased her. Oscar slipped back inside me so Vicky could lick him at the same time as me and just before Vicky and I broke apart, Mike slid into Vicky to get his cock coated with her juices (for me to suck off later). I got Oscar to slide into Vicky one last time so he could fuck her juices into me in advance of his cum and I then took up the same position I’d been in earlier and told the guys I was ready for them.

Oscar slid into my waiting pussy and I had to tell Mike to stop licking Vicky and kneel in front of me. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and flicked it repeatedly across the underside. He said it felt good and I contracted myself around Oscar’s cock as I started rocking back and forth in time with Oscar’s thrusts. Vicky knelt beside me again and toyed with my clit but this time she also applied some tingle gel to my clit and nipples. I could see the anal vibe lying there and just waited for Mike to tell her to add some of the gel to it and once she’d done this she handed it to Oscar who turned it on and pressed it against my ass. I relaxed and it slid into me easily (it’s quite slim) and once again settled down to enjoy the multiple stimulatory sensations. Vicky didn’t use too much pressure on my clit and we fucked for quite a while like this. I could feel y orgasm slowly building but it didn’t feel frustrating as I didn’t want what we were doing to end. Mike said that the way I was sucking him felt really good and I briefly broke contact with him to ask Vicky if she minded if I took a load of his cum. Vicky said she had wanted to fuck him once more that night but he promised her he would manage to do so and this satisfied her.

I know how to read Mike fairly well in terms of arousal but still not so much with Oscar so told him to let me know when he was getting close. As I no longer had to hold back with Mike I sucked faster on the head of his cock (and some of the shaft, but he likes having the head licked and sucked)
as I pushed back harder against Oscar. I felt him pushing on the end of the anal vibe, moving it around slowly inside me and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Vicky commented on the fact that I felt very wet and that her fingers were coated with my juices. I could feel my saliva running down my chin as I sucked Mike and tried to tell her that I was wet as it felt so good, but didn’t want to break contact with Mike’s cock so just hummed around it to agree with her. Oscar said he was getting close and I flicked my tongue rapidly on the underside of the head of Mike’s cock to try and speed him up. In my mind I still had the fantasy of them both cumming as I came and filling my body with their cum and as I concentrated on it I could feel my own orgasm building a bit too quickly but decided to stop holding back and just enjoy it again. It was nowhere near as strong this time but that allowed me to concentrate on pleasing the guys as I came so it wasn’t too long after I’d cum that Mike announced he was about to cum and I felt his cum pulse into my mouth. Oscar followed suit a minute or so later and pushed deep into me. I contracted myself around him and pictured his cum pumping into my pussy while pushing back hard against Oscar and gently sucking on Mike.

Mike pulled out first, allowing me to let out a long ‘aaahhhh’ and when Oscar pulled out I remained kneeling but put my knees together and remained in that position while his cum slowly dribbled out of my pussy and ran down my thighs. As expected, he hadn’t produced that much cum so I wasn’t soaked but he’d still made enough that when I finally stood up, another few drops leaked out and ran down my legs. I massaged this over my thighs, pussy and mons and thanked the guys for their cum. Vicky commented once more on how much I seemed to have enjoyed myself and asked Oscar if he was willing to repeat that with her. He said that he would (just obviously not straight away) and Vicky told him he was the best boyfriend ever.

Mike got me to sit facing the sofa with my legs spread and slowly finger myself. Oscar was briefly surprised that I still wanted to play but then remembered that I can cum almost endlessly (as far as practicality and time allow anyway - unless people are making a concerted effort, in which case I can be beaten). Mike suggested I use some toys to put on a show but Jen went one better and said we should use some of the beer bottles. Mike quickly rinsed a couple of these out (you don’t want yeast in certain places) and smeared some tingle gel on to them. He handed one to me and one to Vicky and Jen complained about being left out. While Mike prepared another bottle, Jen headed upstairs and put MJ down to sleep then returned and immediately took the offered bottle and slid it in to herself. The three of us sat fucking ourselves until Jen reminded Vicky that she had reserved Vicky’s next orgasm so Jen took over moving the bottle in Vicky and also frigged Vicky’s clit. I eased off slightly with my bottle play as I watched them and enjoyed how much Jen seemed to be enjoying playing with Vicky. For once Jen wasn’t distracted by Vicky’s breasts and just concentrated on her cunt and clit. I didn’t want Jen to miss out so I pulled the bottle from my own cunt and ran it up and down Jen’s lips. Jen pushed back and the neck slipped in to her and Oscar now had the choice of watching Jen’s little cunt being bottle fucked or the same being done to Vicky but with the occasional addition of Jen’s tongue.

Vicky was obviously enjoying herself and I wanted Jen to feel just as good so I used my juices to lubricate a finger and circled it around Jen’s ass. I didn’t really probe her with it, but pressed against her ass a number of times and got a few whimpers from Jen as I did this.                Jen was happily mewing away by the time Vicky came and she kitty kissed Vicky while I used the bottle to fuck her and my fingers to frig her to her own orgasm. I made a show of sucking the bottle clean of her juices and then reached over to do the same with the bottle that had been used in Vicky. Jen and Vicky kissed for a while and I crawled over to kneel between Oscar’s legs and gently fondled his cock. He didn’t seem quite ready to get properly hard again but he wasn’t completely limp and I told him I was looking forward to having him fuck me again that night.

I was rewarded for helping out with Jen and was dragged back over to the rug, pushed onto my back and had a bottle pushed in to my cunt. Vicky joined in as well and frigged my clit but Jen told her I deserved more than that and handed the other bottle to Vicky and told her to use it in my ass. I relaxed and allowed her to slide the neck in and then enjoyed the sensations as they pumped the bottles in and out of both of my holes. I saw that Mike was recording the session and he said it was a bonus gift for Oscar to take away so I told the girls to make sure they did a good job and showed off as much as possible (of me). I felt them spreading my lips, exposing my clit and spreading my ass cheeks to give various views and Mike got a few close-ups as well as full-body shots. I had tingle gel smeared over my clit, pussy, ass and nips and Oscar was invited to help out by fondling various parts of me and having a turn at using each of the bottles to fuck me. I got him to kneel beside my head and guided his cock into my mouth. He was no longer just semi-hard and I knew I’d almost certainly get him inside me again that night but for the time being I just concentrated on sucking him. I had vibes used on my clit and nipples and moaned that I couldn’t hold out much longer althoughI could have if I’d tried but as my capacity to cum has increased I now don’t hold back as much as it’s more fun to just cum.

Having said that, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be allowed to actually cum as Mike and Jen still like teasing me and getting me close but then pulling back. That can lead to incredible orgasms (as well as the occasional very disappointing one) but this time Jen just went for the kill and kept stimulating me as my orgasm built and I came. I swore, moaned and panted – partially for the camera but mostly out of actual enjoyment. Vicky eased off on my clit as my orgasm faded, but they kept pumping the bottles into my pussy and ass and Oscar kept using the vibes on my nipples. After a couple of minutes Jen pulled the bottle in my cunt out and went down on me. It was a bit more intense than kitty kissing, but not ‘proper’ eating. Mike had a go next and kitty kissed me, followed by Vicky and finally Oscar. He was instructed to eat me properly and concentrate on my clit while Jen and Vicky took turns sitting over my face and I had to switch between kitty kissing and eating them on demand. Oscar had a quick break from eating me to give me a quick fuck but went back to using his mouth to finish me off and I came again with his tongue flicking over my clit, his fingers buried in my and the other beer bottle still in my ass. This orgasm was much sharper and not as pleasant as my previous ones but I dutifully thanked everyone for making me cum and told them that I was, as ever, their little fuck-toy and would do whatever they wanted to pleasure them (or would let them pleasure me).

We sat round drinking and chatted and I suggested that Vicky should join me for the sex show that I occasionally do. Oscar wasn’t too keen on this idea as he said he didn’t like the idea of 8-12 strangers fucking his girlfriend. I suggested that Vicky could just join in for the lesbian section and that I (possibly along with Sue, Julia or whoever else I got to join in) would take the guys and then suggested that Oscar could be a part of the pre-orgy part of the show. He said he wasn’t brave enough to fuck in front of an audience and I told him this was a pity as I’d love to have his cock buried in my, fuck him energetically, have him cum over me and then massage his cum into my body while everyone watched.

I spent the rest of the evening moving between Oscar, Mike, Vicky and Jen, caressing, licking and sucking them. I wasn’t the only one doing things to other people as Mike licked at Vicky, Jen and me and Oscar played with both Vicky and me. Jen and Vicky played with each other a bit but were mostly content with letting the rest of us tease them and by bedtime my pussy felt like it had fully recovered from its earlier punishment and it was clear that we were all heading upstairs for another proper fuck.

We didn’t even make it to bed before things started as there was a fair bit of fondling in the bathroom while people washed and brushed their teeth. Jen sat on the toilet and peed in front of everyone while gently stroking her clit and occasionally bringing her fingers to her mouth to suck them clean. Jen and I both fondled Vicky and I toyed with Oscar’s cock to ensure it remained hard and got him to briefly fuck me as I leant against Jen. As a final show of lewdness, I wiped my toothbrush against Vicky’s pussy and then against mine and Jen’s before using it to brush my teeth and told Oscar that now he could imagine he was eating all of us when we kissed. Oscar then remained with me in the bathroom while Mike, Jen and Vicky said goodnight and went into Jen’s room.

Mike pushed Jen onto the bed and buried his face in her pussy, licking her clean and preparing her for Vicky (Jen likes having this done instead of wiping after she pees). Vicky then took over and ate Jen while Mike took Vicky from behind and they then switched position so Mike could eat Vicky while she carried on eating Jen. The girls then scissored for a bit, grinding their pussies together and trying to get as much pressure on their clits as they could. Naturally Mike helped out and caressed various parts of their bodies, then concentrated on their nipples (Mike isn’t a breast man, but he knew both Vicky and Jen are, both in the giving and receiving sense). Mike told Vicky that he intended to eat and fuck her before she would be allowed to go to sleep and she warned him she might not have the energy to cum that many more times (being well aware that Jen intended to make her cum at least once). Mike assured her that she would cum, even if she did it in her sleep and Vicky said that sounded like a nice idea. Mike accepted the challenge and told her that instead of eating her awake in the morning, he would try and eat her to orgasm without waking her (it’s possible as both Jen and I have had this done multiple times.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 3

When he returned, Jen had finished with Vicky’s nipples but was still idly fondling her pussy and Mike told her not to hog Vicky as it was his turn next. He then told us that Sue was okay with it and asked Oscar if he wanted to see any of the videos of Sue doing things with us. Oscar jumped at the chance and we moved to the living room while Mike started up the media PC. We let Oscar see the full set of pictures of Sue from the professional photoshoots first, starting with the ‘tasteful’ nudes, then moving on to the explicit ones and close-ups of her pussy (the one we got made into a print was just the best one). As we were showing him Sue it only seemed fair to let him see the pictures of Jen and me and I openly stroked myself at the sight of him enjoying seeing the close-ups of me. Vicky asked if we could see the shots of Lis and Lucy but we said no as we didn’t have their permission (and I couldn’t imagine Lucy being happy about Lis’ ex-girlfriend seeing either her or Lis naked). Oscar knew what Lis looked like from Vicky’s own photos of her – some of these being nude, but he was more concerned with getting to the videos so our refusal to show the pictures wasn’t really an issue.

We started off gently with a short clip of Sue and I sitting beside each other on the sofa (the same one we were all currently sitting on) masturbating ourselves. I mirrored what I was doing in the video and when Sue and I kissed each other, I turned and kissed Jen and then Oscar. The next clip had Sue and I masturbating each other. We were still sitting beside each other on the sofa, with our legs drawn up to expose our pussies and we started off by stroking and frigging each other, but moved on to fingering each other and turning to face each other so we could kiss. We didn’t cum in that clip but the next one had us scissoring (with a dildo shared between us) and there were some explicit close ups of us mashing our cunts together as well as longer shots showing both of our bodies and faces as our orgasms approached and then hit us.

My pussy was soaked by this point and I made Oscar aware of this by pulling his hand to it. He didn’t stop me as I fished his cock out and I took him in my mouth while still watching the TV with one eye. Vicky seemed to decide that for fairness, she was allowed to do the same to Mike and started sucking him and Mike put on a video of Sue and I taking turns kneeling in front of each other eating the other person and then another one of us 69ing on the rug by the fire. Despite having fucked not long ago, Oscar’s cock felt rock hard in my mouth and I was looking forward to getting it back inside me. As Sue and I came in the video, I pulled away and asked him if he was ready to fuck. He eagerly followed me upstairs and as we left Mike crawled down between Vicky’s legs to eat her (it was Jen’s turn to look after MJ). The two of them migrated upstairs to Jen’s room (with Mike sliding in to Vicky multiple times on the way up the stairs) and they fucked as Oscar and I did the same.

I showered with Oscar and was surprised when Mike went in to the shower alone, but all was made clear when Jen said that she had already reserved Vicky to shower with her. Oscar was invited in to watch (the benefits of having a clear shower curtain) as Jen knelt and licked at Vicky then received the contents of Vicky’s bladder as she came. As with pretty much all of our ‘traits’, Oscar also knew about this one in advance – as well as the fact that Vicky participated fully, but he was still enthralled to watch as Vicky swapped placed with Jen, ate her and continued doing so as Jen peed over Vicky’s face through her orgasm. They washed each other down thoroughly before leaving the shower and Oscar asked Vicky if she wanted him to do that to her. Vicky said that she only really did it because Jen liked it so much but if it was something he really wanted to try then she would. Jen asked to be present should they decide to try it as her pee fetish is sufficiently strong that she gets off on watching other people do it (although not as much as doing it herself or having it done to her).

It was quite cold out so even though we all wore skirts (apart from Mike and Oscar), we wore thick stockings. We could of course have worn tights (or even trousers) but that would have spoiled the fun and Oscar enjoyed Vicky being out without panties on (which she did occasionally but not as a matter of course). We had a fun time sitting and showing ourselves off – mostly to Oscar and Mike, but we managed to flash a number of guys either by sitting and letting them ‘accidentally’ see up our skirts or by bending over to pick things up and letting our skirts ride up to give them a really good view from behind. We debated taking them to our usual sex shop to let Vicky try out the sybian but were at the wrong end of town and couldn’t be bothered walking back (not that a sybian orgasm isn’t worth the effort, but we were feeling the cold). We joked about pooling our money to buy our own one and I said I was sure I knew a number of other girls who’d be willing to chip in, but then we’d have the problem of where it would live (with us obviously!). We discussed what it would be like to have a sybian at one of the sex parties in York and how every girl could ride it for as long as she could take it, creaming over it multiple times while the guys came over us and leaving the whole thing soaked in a mixture of cum and pussy juices (that I’d be happy to coat myself in before leaving the party).

I wanted at least one orgasm in town though and Vicky was kind (and adventurous) enough to join me in a changing room. She said she didn’t need to cum, but she still stripped off with me and we kissed and fingered each other. She then stood behind me and reached around to fondle my breasts and kiss my neck (she knows I like this) while using my lipstick vibe on my clit (it’s sufficiently quiet that it was safe, but also not incredibly strong so it took a little while and I ended up fantasising about Sue again). I came but it didn’t do much to satisfy my desire – we couldn’t stay in the changing room any longer though so got dressed and re-joined the others to head home. As I was still feeling horny I took Oscar’s hand and placed it in my lap on the bus ride home, then pushed it up under my skirt and hissed at him to finger me. He tried to do this but it was an awkward position so I lifted my ass from the seat and got him to slide his hand under me. From this angle he could easily get his fingers into me and while there wasn’t any pressure on my clit (so I knew I wasn’t going to cum), I enjoyed being fingered in public and when I stood up and Oscar withdrew his hand, his fingers were clearly coated in my juices.

Given Oscar had primarily wanted to visit again to see (and participate) with Vicky and me, I propositioned her when we got home and asked if she would fuck me by the fireplace. She thought that this sounded like a good way to warm up so as Mike built the fire, Vicky and I stripped each other off, kissed stroked and licked almost every part of each other’s bodies (apart from feet – I know some people really like that but I don’t get that particular fetish) and settled down on the sheepskin rug to pleasure each other properly. Jen asked Oscar if we should record the session and that they’d obviously be given a copy of the video. We assured them that nobody else would see it without their permission and as we had just refused to let them see Lis’ and Lucy’s pics and vids they believed us (plus Vicky knows and trusts us anyway). Mike quickly fetched his camera and set it up on a tripod to catch most of the action and we settled down to play with each other.

We didn’t do anything particularly special, just kissed, fondled and scissored for a while, both with and without a dildo (Oscar asked us to repeat what he’d seen Sue and me doing in the video). Mike got some close-ups of us and Jen joined in for a while as an added bonus for Oscar (fully aware that she would be part of his masturbatory material or at least used when he and Vicky were fucking (Jen may not be an exhibitionist to the same degree I am, and she is certainly gay but she still enjoys the power that her body and sexuality has over men). Jen and I double teamed Vicky for a while, kissing and stroking various parts of her body while fingering her. I ate Vicky while Jen rode her face and Jen and I then ate Vicky and rimmed her. Mike got a good shot of the three of us as Vicky came (Oscar got to choose this) and he opted for a close up of my face as I came. For Jen’s orgasm he wanted her eating Vicky so they 69ed, allowing Jen’s expression of joy to be captured while still seeing her lapping at Vicky’s cunt.

Needless to say, Oscar was ready to fuck again by the time we finished but he appreciated the fact that I wanted to try and get as much cum out of his as possible so agreed (or at least didn’t object) when I said I’d play with him for a bit but that he couldn’t cum just yet. I sat on his cock (facing away from him) and Vicky knelt and licked us both while he reached around and fondled my breasts. We had a nice relaxed chat as if nothing was happening and Mike asked Oscar if he could play with Vicky at the same time. Oscar told him to go ahead so Mike knelt behind Vicky and stroked her pussy, then got her to kneel on all fours so he could slide into her. Jen had remained naked after playing with Vicky and me and I suggested that we all have dinner in the nude but Oscar said he wasn’t quite there yet (although he didn’t seem bothered by the fact he was fucking me in front of Mike who was fucking his girlfriend). I told him he was no fun and just a prude, but kept slowly riding him and told him he could make it up to me later on with his cum. Vicky lapped at my clit faster and I warned her I’d cum if she kept going – so she did, and I did. Mike asked Vicky how she wanted to cum and she said he didn’t need to make her cum, but that wasn’t what he’d asked. He gave Jen a say in it (asking if she wanted to take care of Vicky) but she said she’d do that later and he could finish her off if he wanted. We made Mike and Oscar promise not to cum and Vicky carried on licking me until I came while Mike fucked and frigged her until she came. I felt we were quite a bit closer to playing ‘properly’ and once Mike had pulled out of Vicky and I pulled myself off of Oscar, I sucked Mike clean and Vicky took care of cleaning Oscar’s cock of my juices. She somewhat patronisingly congratulated him for fucking in front of Mike and he pointed out that he couldn’t really see Mike as I’d been in the way.

As we made dinner (with Vicky, Jen and I still naked) we chatted to Oscar about his attitudes to gay sex – not in an accusatory way as he isn’t homophobic, he’s just a bit more on the hetero end of the spectrum than Mike. For his part, Mike explained how he didn’t really have any interest in men (he’s fairly hetero as well), but that he’d experimented a little over the years, had allowed guys to give him handjobs and blowjobs, had fucked a guy and would now (relatively) happily lick a girl who had a guy buried inside her (although admittedly not quite in the same way I would where I’d lick up and down the shaft of the cock as well). Oscar said he’d be willing to try a spit roast later but wasn’t quite ready for DP yet and that even then this was still dependent on him being drunk enough to go through with it. Both Vicky and I teased Oscar quite a bit as we ate, telling him how much we wanted to feel two cocks inside us. As Oscar came round to the idea (or possibly just resigned himself to it) he was given the choice of whether he wanted to fuck the mouth or the cunt. I told him I didn’t care which he used and that I just wanted to feel his wonderful cum shooting into my body again. It became apparent that both Vicky and I wanted to be the pig being roasted and while manners should have meant that Vicky got to have priority (as our guest), I *really* wanted them both inside me at the same time. I started off by challenging Vicky to see who could cum the most over dessert and they would win the cocks. This was deemed unfair though as I can cum far more times than she can so we switched to bartering and after promising her that Mike and Jen would make her cum all night I told her I would visit and pleasure her for as long as she wanted on a weekend of her choosing. In the end I agreed to be her little slut for a weekend and follow whatever instructions she gave me and this was enough to secure the right to have my husband and her boyfriend fuck me together.

We still had the matter of dessert to get through though and Vicky, Jen and I took turns lying on the table with strawberries, cream and crushed meringues smeared over our breasts and pussies to be licked clean. Oscar wasn’t allowed to lick Jen (but I don’t think he minded too much as eating pussy isn’t really his thing).  He was given a special dispensation though and Vicky fed him strawberries that had been rubbed over and pushed into Jen’s pussy, which is more than most guys get to do. Mike, Jen and I were much more enthusiastic though and we were each eaten to orgasm with Oscar sucking on Vicky’s and then my nips as we came. The guys weren’t entirely left out and we poured some of the cream over their cocks and crushed some strawberries onto them before licking and sucking them clean. They weren’t allowed to cum though as the aim was to just tease them in preparation for fucking me. We all washed ourselves down before moving on to the fucking but before Jen showered, MJ was given a treat and allowed to feed from Jen’s strawberry and cream flavoured breasts. Vicky then held MJ while Jen showered and Mike was going to warn Oscar that Vicky might start wanting babies if she held MJ too long, but decided not to spoil the mood as I was keeping Oscar ‘interested’ while we waited for Jen.