Monday, 20 November 2017

Rachel’s First Time – Part 1

On the Monday following my epic fuck-fest in London (and our younger neighbour Rachel’s admission that she is gay), I went home from work early as a surprise for Jen. Rachel had arranged to come over after school (once again to clarify, she was at the age of consent) and I appeared a little before Rachel was likely to arrive and told Jen that I was taking MJ for a walk and would have dinner out with Mike that night. Jen told me I didn’t have to do that and it might even be better if I didn’t, but I told Jen I know her well enough and the fact that she had put her hair up in a nice style, was wearing one of her nicer dressed and even had panties on showed that she was making an effort for Rachel’s visit. When I slipped my hand between Jen’s legs she moaned and told me not to touch her as it was difficult enough to stop her panties from being drenched. I paid no attention to this, told her she’d just have to change and knelt and suckled her through her panties until I could taste her. Jen told me I was mean so I pulled the panties off and licked her clean – mostly avoiding her clit, wiped her thoroughly with the panties and then slid them on myself, telling her I’d keep her juices against my pussy.

Jen sat nervously waiting for Rachel to turn up – unsure of what was going to happen. She quickly answered the door when Rachel knocked and ushered her in, asking how her day had been and making small talk. They sat and chatted for a while and Jen calmed down, realising she had been being stupid. Rachel made a comment about one of the girls at school she liked and Jen gently teased her about this, saying she could always ask her out – but Rachel said she couldn’t as her parents might find out. Rachel asked Jen if they could sunbathe again and Jen said they could and asked if Rachel needed to go get a bikini. Jen watched as Rachel chewed on her lip and squirmed on her seat, then said if it was okay that she wouldn’t mind sunbathing naked again. Jen said that was fine with her and Rachel asked if Jen would be naked as well, to which Jen said she would if Rachel didn’t mind. Rachel told Jen she’d have to be careful not to get her school uniform dirty and Jen suggested Rachel lay it out on the table or bed. Rachel headed upstairs and returned down with a towel wrapped around her, by which time Jen had already put a couple of other towels out on the grass, along with the sun lotion.

Rachel sat down and started applying the cream as Jen slipped her dress off, then pulled her panties down and tossed them aside. Jen applied cream to her front and Rachel asked Jen if she wanted her back done. Neither girl said much as Rachel sat over Jen’s ass and applied the cream but when Jen felt the younger girl press harder against her ass, she pushed back against Rachel. Once Jen’s back was done, Rachel asked if she could do Jen’s legs and Jen breathlessly let out a little ‘uh-huh’. Rachel started at Jen’s ankles and worked her way up. Jen spread her legs slightly and imagined Rachel looking at her pussy. Jen didn’t feel as wet as she had the previous day, but could still feel her pussy tingling, especially as Rachel’s hands rubbed her upper legs, just below her ass. Rachel then said ‘my turn’ and lay on her towel, allowing Jen to apply the suncream to her. Jen asked if Rachel wanted her legs done and she said yes so Jen stroked up and down the length of Rachel’s legs, evenly covering them with cream. When Jen slid her hands up Rachel’s inner thighs, Rachel spread her legs and allowed Jen to run the cream in. Jen kept her fingers a couple of inches from Rachel’s pussy, but finished with a playful tickle, causing Rachel to writhe about on the towel.

It was only at this point that Rachel asked where MJ was (up until a few days previously, we had thought it had been entirely due to MJ that Rachel had been visiting). Jen told her that I had her for the afternoon, hesitated and then added that I wouldn’t be back for a while. They lay quietly for a while and Rachel then said that Jen was lucky as she could live the way she wanted. Jen told Rachel how she had been really nervous about coming out, had hidden it from her friends and family and hadn’t told anyone until she was 19 so Rachel shouldn’t feel any pressure to tell people if she wasn’t ready. Rachel went on to complain that she couldn’t even sunbathe with a bikini on at home as her parents were afraid people would see her and then added that it was really frustrating not being able to ever do anything. From the conversation the previous day, Jen assumed Rachel was talking about masturbating and told Rachel that if she ever needed some time ‘alone’, that she could always visit them and use one of the bedrooms. This made Rachel go bright red and she very quietly said thanks. Rachel asked if she could ask more personal questions and Jen told her to go ahead. She asked how girls do things to each other and Jen told her it all depends on the people involved, some like kissing, touching, fondling, licking, using toys… Jen said all of this very slowly, watching Rachel as she said each word.  Rachel asked if she could ask more personal questions and Jen told her to go ahead. She asked how girls do things to each other and Jen told her it all depends on the people involved, some like kissing, touching, fondling, licking, using toys… Jen said all of this very slowly, watching Rachel as she said each word. Rachel asked Jen what she liked and Jen said that would also depend on who she was with so Rachel asked if Jen did different things with Mike and me. Jen said that other than the obvious (that she could have intercourse with Mike), things were otherwise quite similar. Rachel asked for more details and Jen said she didn’t know if it was appropriate to tell her and Rachel said she wasn’t a little girl and knew about sex – to which Jen said she hadn’t meant that.

Jen ended up telling Rachel that she liked oral sex – and that both Mike and I loved doing this to her. Rachel asked Jen to describe what it felt like and Jen did her best while trying not to be too explicit and basically told Rachel it was an incredibly intimate and deep feeling (at least with someone you love). Rachel said she wished she knew what that felt like and Jen told her she’d meet someone and get to find out all in good time. Rachel told Jen she wanted to try it now and feel what it was like and before Jen could answer, asked if Jen liked her. Jen told Rachel she thought she was beautiful and she really liked her – but wanted Rachel to be sure before doing anything more. Rachel said she was sure and asked Jen if she could look at her body properly.  Jen said that was fine and lay on her back, watching as Rachel moved right up beside her and felt her gaze as it roamed over her body. Rachel lifted a hand to Jen’s breast and asked ‘Can I?’. Jen nodded and felt Rachel gently squeeze her breasts, one at a time, then she lifted her second hand and played with them both at once. Rachel stroked around the breasts, only making gentle contact with the nipples (much gentler than Jen likes). She asked if she could look at Jen’s pussy and Jen quickly spread her legs and watched Rachel move down between her legs. Jen spread her lips, allowing Rachel to see her inner lips and she felt some moisture run out and over her ass. Rachel whispered ‘it’s beautiful’ and Jen thanked her. Rachel asked if she could touch and Jen nodded, then felt Rachel’s fingers slide up and down her pussy. Rachel pushed her fingers a little way in and then quickly pulled out apologising. Jen said it was fine and Rachel asked if she could do it again. Jen lay back and concentrated on the feeling of Rachel’s fingers slowly sliding in and out of her wet cunt, with the feeling of Rachel’s breath on her lips.

Jen reached down and pulled on Rachel’s arm, telling her to come here. Rachel moved up over Jen’s body and Jen pulled Rachel against her, pressing their breasts together and feeling Rachel’s public hair against her pussy. Jen asked Rachel if she had kissed anyone and Rachel said she had – Jen was a little disappointed at this (although not too surprised), but lifted her head and gave Rachel a kiss on the lips. Rachel kissed Jen back and Jen stroked up and down Rachel’s back. Jen opener her mouth and licked against Rachel’s lips, who opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out quite forcefully. Jen briefly broke the kiss and told Rachel not to hurry and they went back to kissing. Jen slowly stroked her hands down Rachel’s back, then traced her fingers over Rachel’s ass cheeks. She asked if it was okay and Rachel moaned a yes and pressed against Jen harder. Jen worked one of her legs between Rachel’s and felt the warm slickness of her pussy and Rachel immediately started humping against Jen. They rolled over so Jen was on top and Jen pushed her pussy against Rachel’s thigh and they kissed some more. Jen kissed down to Rachel’s breasts and took one in her mouth, swirled her tongue around it, then released it and kissed around the breast. Rachel moaned and Jen asked if she liked what she was doing (she did).

The two girls humped and ground against each other in the sunlight, the kissing becoming increasingly passionate. Jen finally slid a hand down between them and her fingers slid between Rachel’s lips. Rachel said it felt wonderful and Jen nuzzled Rachel’s breasts as she explored Rachel’s pussy, then kissed back up to her face and asked if they should go indoors. Rachel said yes so they stood and Jen led Rachel by the hand into the house and up the stairs. Jen led Rachel into Mike’s room and lay her down on the bed, joining her and resuming their kissing. Rachel’s hands explored Jen’s body and she asked if she could play with Jen’s breasts, which Jen eagerly allowed and lay enjoying the feeling of Rachel sucking on her nipples. Whether it was through inexperience or enthusiasm, Rachel sucked quite firmly, but Jen likes it that way so didn’t complain – especially as Rachel seemed to be enjoying it. Rachel pushed a hand between Jen’s legs and squelched a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy, causing her to let out a mew. Rachel asked if Jen was okay and Jen explained that was just one of the sounds she made when she felt good. Rachel said it sounded cute so Jen tickled her, but this time she tickled her much longer until Rachel was breathless. Jen kissed around Rachel’s breasts and sucked on her nipples. Rachel was breathing heavily but otherwise quiet and Jen told her that while she didn’t have to make lots of moaning sounds, if she wanted to make any noise then she could and didn’t have to feel embarrassed. Jen slid a couple of fingers into Rachel’s pussy, eliciting a ‘ooohhh’ from her so Jen kissed her on the lips and said that was more like it. Jen gently fingered Rachel and used her thumb to stroke her clit while moving between kissing her mouth and breasts.

Rachel got visibly more aroused and writhed on the bed under Jen’s touch. Jen whispered to Rachel that she wanted to go down on her and asked if she could. Rachel’s face lit up and she said ‘yes please’ so Jen moved down the bed, pushed Rachel’s legs apart and placed her face just in front of Rachel’s pussy. Rachel covered herself and said again that she wished she was shaved but Jen told her that her pussy looked beautiful and asked her to move her hand. Rachel gingerly did this and Jen spread Rachel’s lips, then stroked a finger up and down the inner lips. Rachel gasped a little as Jen pushed her head forwards and traced her tongue up and down the length of Rachel’s pussy. Jen pushed her tongue between Rachel’s lips, then squirmed it up inside her pussy and licked around in a circle. Rachel was panting already and said it felt amazing but Jen was only just getting started and crawled backwards down the bed, pulling Rachel with her until Jen was kneeling on the floor and Rachel’s ass was at the edge of the bed. Jen pushed Rachel’s legs apart and started licking up and down her pussy properly – occasionally circling her clit or pushing her tongue into her. Rachel let out a few more sounds of obvious pleasure and Jen decided she had teased her enough so carried on but spent a little more time around Rachel’s clit until Rachel panted ‘oh, oh, oh’ and Jen felt Rachel’s body tense. She kept licking as Rachel came and eased off as Rachel relaxed back into the bed.

Jen kept kitty kissing Rachel who told Jen she had just had an orgasm and asked why Jen was still licking her. Jen raised her head and told Rachel not to be silly – she was a girl and not limited in the way men were. Rachel asked what Jen meant and Jen told her to just relax and enjoy things. Jen kitty kissed Rachel, spending more time exploring her pussy, then ate her to another orgasm and kitty kissed her for another few minutes before kissing her way up Rachel’s body. Jen didn’t want to gross Rachel out so she wiped her face clean of Rachel’s juices before kissing her. Rachel had a look of pure bliss on her face and told Jen that it had felt amazing. Between kisses they chatted and Jen asked Rachel if she had cum before and Rachel said she had, but Jen found out that Rachel had only cum three and a half times before (she wasn’t sure about the fourth one – but she was adamant that what Jen had just done felt infinitely better than any of the times she had played with herself. Jen asked if that meant Rachel hadn’t cum since their sunbathing and foreplay the previous day and Rachel blushed and said she had touched herself a bit that night, but had been too scared to masturbate at home. Rachel picked up on what Jen had said and asked if Jen had masturbated and Jen openly admitted that she had been so turned on that she had fingered her pussy in the middle of the kitchen the moment Rachel had left and had done it again later that afternoon and that she had even got Mike and me to make her cum that night as she’d been so turned on. Rachel looked a little panicked and asked if she had told Mike and me about her and Rachel said she had, but not to worry as we wouldn’t tell anyone. She then whispered to Rachel why she thought I had come home and taken MJ out to give them time alone.

Rachel asked if that meant Jen had wanted to get her into bed and Jen said she hadn’t known what was going to happen, but she wanted to have the chance as she had been so turned on by Rachel over the weekend. Rachel seemed surprised by this but Jen blushed and said that she had felt so aroused that she had dripped her juices over Rachel, which Rachel said she had felt, causing Jen to blush more. Rachel then said that she didn’t get that wet and asked if it was a problem but Jen pointed out that not many women ever get to the point of being literally dripping wet, then added that she herself didn’t get that wet that often and it was due to Rachel. They kissed more and Rachel ran her hands down Jen’s back and caressed her ass. Jen kissed her way down to Rachel’s breasts and started moving down her stomach when Rachel asked what she was doing. Jen said she was going to eat Rachel again and Rachel said she wanted to try and do it to Jen. Jen moved back up and told Rachel she didn’t have to – she could just let her make her feel good but Rachel said she wanted to play with Jen’s pussy so they rolled over and as Rachel moved down the bed, Jen told her not to lick her if she didn’t like the taste or sensation and that Rachel could stop anytime.

Jen made sure she was positioned at the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. Rachel knelt between them and stroked up and down Jen’s pussy, then said Jen was so much wetter and Jen again told Rachel that was her fault. Rachel kissed Jen’s pussy very gently a few times, then gave a few small licks. Jen mewed her approval and was just about to tell Rachel to stop if she didn’t like it when the younger girl pushed her tongue against Jen’s pussy and licked up and down. Jen let out a long sigh and Rachel asked if she was doing it right. Jen told her to just experiment and see what she liked and Rachel went back to licking her. Jen made the occasional mewing sound to encourage Rachel, but didn’t need to give her any guidance as Rachel was eagerly licking Jen and didn’t seem at all bothered by how wet Jen was, even pulling Jen’s lips apart and licking inside her in the way Jen had done. As Jen got closer to cumming, she wanted to tell Rachel to concentrate more on her clit, but Rachel’s tongue was making enough contact with it to slowly push Jen towards cumming and she decided to let Rachel keep exploring and just enjoy the experience. Rachel must have picked up on the fact that Jen’s mewing was becoming more insistent though as she started licking faster and harder and Jen could feel her orgasm building and then exploding from her cunt. She came hard and gripped her breasts, pulling on the nipples. Unfortunately Rachel stopped licking and asked Jen if she was okay – Jen just moaned oh yes, yes and then relaxed onto the bed as her orgasm faded. She knew she had to teach Rachel about kitty kissing (and how to keep going until the person finished cumming), but knew this wasn’t the time to say anything.

Rachel asked if she had done a good job and Jen pulled her up over her and kissed her deeply, tasting her own juices from Rachels face. She told Rachel that it had felt absolutely wonderful and she had cum really hard. Rachel seemed very pleased about this and after kissing her a bit more, Jen told her that she was obviously a natural at eating pussy. Rachel asked if that was always what Jen call ‘it’ and Jen said it as usually that or cunt – then saw the surprise in Rachel’s eyes at the use of cunt. Jen apologised and asked what words Rachel used (she didn’t really as her parents would disapprove of such language) and Jen said she didn’t care and it was up to Rachel what words she wanted to use when she was with her. She could use vulva and vagina, pussy, snatch, twat, cunt – whatever she liked. Rachel said she liked the word pussy as it sounded cute and Jen told Rachel she had an incredibly cute pussy and asked if she could have another play with it. Rachel was confused again and said that Jen had already given her two orgasms and Jen told her that she could have lots more if she had the energy. She asked if Rachel had really only cum three of four times and Rachel confirmed this, saying she was too afraid to play with herself at home in case she got caught so had only done this a few times (being interrupted once, hence the half orgasm).

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

London Visit May 2015 – Part 5

I was eager to tell Jen about all the fun I’d had over the weekend (I didn’t want to make her jealous as she had been meant to be there with us, but it had been such a good weekend I needed to share it). Jen looked in an incredibly good mood when we arrived and greeted her. She told me I reeked of sex and I said it was mostly due to Susan, but that I probably had some Abrahii, Lisa and Amber on me – as well as various bits of boy-cum. I was just about to launch into a summary of my orgasms (we usually give each other an overview and then go into the full details later – the latter part often being when I’d make notes so when I get around to writing up my blog – which is now two years behind – I can remember things) when I finally realised just how much Jen was beaming and asked her what was up. She told me I wouldn’t be able to guess so I asked if Lauran had come round to visit and asked for a private session and Jen said it was much better than this. I was at a bit of a loss as I couldn’t think of anything Jen would enjoy more than helping to turn a straight woman gay (or at least bi) as this is Jen’s stated mission for life. I had a sudden panic and asked Jen if she was pregnant again (both she and I are on the pill, but I know it isn’t 100% effective) as I know Jen would love to have another baby, but she had agreed that the next one would be mine. She told me she wasn’t and then commented on how relieved I looked and I tickled her until she promised to tell me (although not immediately as Jen insisted Mike and I both go and say hello to MJ first as she was convinced we would be enthralled by what she had to tell us). This just made it even more infuriating, but we crept upstairs and kissed MJ hello (she was asleep in her cot), then headed back down and sat facing Jen so she could describe her weekend.

Jen had invited Ineta over on the Friday night and once MJ had settled down, she and Ineta had sat out in the back garden enjoying a glass of wine. They chatted for a while and Jen unbuttoned the front of her dress until it was lying completely open, then dribbled a bit of wine on her breasts and asked Ineta if she would help clean her up. Not being as used to playing outside, Ineta looked around to check they weren’t being watched, but then moved over and knelt between Jen’s legs and licked the wine from Jen’s breasts. Jen added a little more wine and got Ineta to lick this up, then dribbled some on to her stomach and finally onto her pussy. Ineta told Jen she could have just asked to be eaten but Jen said this was more fun and slid forwards to make it easier for Ineta as she moved back down between Jen’s legs. Mike interrupted to say he would have to reward Ineta at work on Monday and Jen said that she had already repaid her, but he could pay her again if he wanted. Ineta had remained between Jen’s legs eating her until she came and Jen had to resist peeing as she came (Ineta knows about Jen’s pee fetish, but doesn’t enjoy being peed on as much as Jen does). As Ineta moved back over to her chair and brushed off her knees, Jen thanked her and said it had felt wonderful. Jen slid her dress off and crawled over to where Ineta was sitting, then started pulling at the buttons on Ineta’s jeans, telling her off for wearing clothes that made it difficult to get to her bits. After a couple of minutes, Jen got Ineta to stand up and she pulled the jeans down, then Ineta sat and Jen pulled them completely off, spread Ineta’s legs and went down on her. Ineta held Jen’s head between her legs and let out little moans until she was close to cumming and then told Jen she couldn’t hold back any more. Jen looked up and told Ineta to pee as she came – Ineta asked Jen if she was sure and was told ‘of course – let go and enjoy it’ before Jen buried her tongue between Ineta’s lips again. Jen kept eating until Ineta started cumming, briefly broke contact to say ‘pee’ and went back to eating Ineta as she peed into Jen’s mouth and over her face. Jen kept going as Ineta let out a number of yelps and gasps, then switched to kitty kissing her when Ineta tried to push Jen away. Ineta looked down and saw a drenched Jen and said she was sorry but Jen briefly broke contact again to say it was fine and she had enjoyed it, then went back to kitty kissing Ineta for another few minutes.

When Jen moved back over to her chair, she shivered a bit and used her dress to wipe herself dry(ish). Ineta asked Jen if she had really enjoyed that and Jen explained (again) that she found it incredibly arousing and had loved the feeling of the warm liquid as it had squirted out of Ineta as she came. Ineta said she still found it embarrassing that she had just done that but Jen assured he again that she had loved it then suggested they go inside as she was now a bit cold. Jen showered before going to bed and she and Ineta had another session, starting off with kissing, then humping, fingering, a little licking and then using vibes on each other to cum. MJ woke up a couple of times in the night and needed settling, but was back in her cot by the morning so Jen could kiss and lick Ineta awake. Ineta commented that she loved staying over with Jen as this was by far the best way to be woken up. Jen lapped at Ineta’s pussy until she came, then kitty kissed her for ages (only stopping when MJ woke up). Ineta said it was a pity Jen hadn’t cum but Jen said this was fine and they could play later on once MJ had been fed (Jen did get to cum when MJ went down for her morning nap and as a bonus she ate Ineta in the shower, getting another golden shower of her own).

Ineta left around lunchtime and unfortunately wasn’t able to return that night as she already had plans (she had invited Jen out with them, but Jen hadn’t wanted to leave MJ). Jen was just getting ready to sunbathe in the back garden when Rachel (the girl from down the street turned up) and asked if she could see MJ (she adores MJ). Jen invited Rachel in and told her to take MJ out to the garden while she popped upstairs. Jen had been planning on slipping out of her dress and sunbathing in just her panties (as she almost never wears a bra), but now Rachel was here, she quickly put a bikini on and slipped her dress back on, then headed out to the garden. Jen asked Rachel if she would mind her sunbathing and when Rachel said no, Jen removed her dress and applied some suncream, then helped Rachel later MJ in cream. They chatted for a while and Rachel then asked Jen if she could sunbathe with her. Jen said she didn’t mind and Rachel said she would go home and get a swimsuit. Jen nearly suggested Rachel just strip down to her underwear, but restrained herself and it only took a couple of minutes for Rachel to pop home and return with a black bikini stuffed into a bag. She asked if she could change in the house and was told to go ahead, then appeared in the kitchen doorway a couple of minutes later.

The girls chatted for a while longer and played with MJ. Jen asked Rachel if she could put some cream on her back and there was the usual difficulty with the bikini strap getting in the way so Jen reached around and undid it, making it much easier for Rachel. Jen didn’t fasten the strap and when she had to get up to retrieve MJ (who had crawled a little way away) she held the front of the bikini over her breasts. Jen made a comment to Rachel about the garden being private and that she would usually sunbathe topless and Rachel told her she could if she wanted. Jen asked Rachel if she was sure and Rachel said it was okay, as long as Jen didn’t tell her parents (Rachel’s parents are quite religious and strict and we are well aware that they don’t approve of Jen being gay and be being bi). Jen let the bikini fall from her body and added a bit of cream to her hands to wipe over her breasts (not massaging them too much – just applying the cream for protection). She lay on her back and they chatted some more and Jen thought she saw Rachel glancing at her breasts a number of times. As Rachel is so much younger than us (legal, but still a lot younger), we don’t think of her in a sexual way, and Jen pretended she hadn’t noticed and just put it down to the fact that Rachel’s parents probably didn’t take her anywhere on holiday where people sunbathed topless. Rachel asked Jen to put some cream on her back and as Jen had done, Rachel undid her bikini, but once Jen had finished, Rachel tied it up again.

Jen moved into the shade for her nap and when she returned to the towels with a fresh jug of iced tea, Rachel asked Jen if she could tell her a secret. Jen asked if there was anything bad happening to Rachel and she said there wasn’t, but she wanted to tell Jen something. Jen pinky promised not to tell to try and lighten the mood as Rachel looked quite serious and then took Rachel’s hands and told her she didn’t have to tell her anything, but that she would listen to whatever she had to say. Rachel looked Jen in the eyes, then looked down and quietly said that she thought she was gay. This was quite a surprise as Rachel had hinted a number of times about various boys she liked at school and Jen realised that to Rachel this was a big admission (especially given what her family was like). Jen just said ‘OK’ and gave her hands a gentle squeeze. Rachel told Jen that she hadn’t told anyone this before and if her parents knew that they would probably disown her. Jen hugged Rachel and told her it was fine, that she wouldn’t tell anyone and that Rachel could always talk to her and to me as well if she wanted. Rachel asked if Jen had to tell me and Mike and Jen said we didn’t have any secrets, that she could trust us not to tell anyone (she is out now – the one advantage of being so far behind on my blogging) but if she really wanted, she wouldn’t tell us until Rachel was ready.

They chatted a bit more and lay holding hands as Jen assured Rachel that she didn’t have to tell anyone else until she was ready and comfortable and Rachel told Jen about a few of the girls at school she had crushes on (but weren’t gay – at least as far as Rachel knew). Rachel asked Jen if she could sunbathe topless too and Jen said it was fine as long as Rachel was comfortable with it. Jen had to restrain her love of breasts as Rachel slowly slipped her bikini top off and caught herself licking her lips and Rachel rubbed suncream over her breasts, then forced herself to look away. Both girls caught each other looking at their breasts a few times and when Rachel asked Jen to put some more cream on her back, Jen had to resist letting her hands run up Rachel’s sides to cop a feel. When Rachel rubbed more cream on Jen’s back, Jen felt a shiver go through her and Rachel certainly spent longer applying the cream than was necessary but Jen didn’t say anything about this as she could feel Rachel’s crotch pressed against her ass.

Rachel stayed for dinner that night (Jen put her dress back on but didn’t put a bra on). Rachel showered before getting dressed again but Jen didn’t see her naked and over dinner Rachel told Jen how relieved she was to have finally told someone. Jen told Rachel about how she came out and how I was the first girl she had been with properly (not in anywhere near as much detail as I’ve described in the blog and Jen concentrated more on the coming out part than our fucking at the party). Rachel asked if that meant Jen had only ever been with one girl and Jen told her that she had been with others, but that I knew about this and ended up telling Rachel we were in an open relationship (which Rachel said her parents would make them approve of us even less than they already did, but promised to keep our secret if Jen kept hers). After putting MJ down to bed, the two of them snuggled up on the sofa and watched a film and Rachel then went home, but they had a much longer goodbye hug than usual and Rachel kissed Jen on the cheek and thanked her.

Jen had a cool shower and then lay awake in bed for a fair while that night, trying to resist for as long as she could before finally giving in and masturbating to the thought of Rachel. Deciding she wasn’t satisfied with cumming just once, she also replayed our first time at the party (having talked about it earlier) and came to a mix of this memory and the thought of doing the same to Rachel. Jen felt a little guilty about this as Rachel is so young (but as I’ve said – legal – just to be clear!) but that didn’t stop her from having dreams of doing much more with Rachel and waking up with her pussy leaking juices. Jen thinks she might have even been playing with herself in her sleep as her fingers felt wet even before she plunged them into her cunt. As she was still coming round, she wasn’t thinking about what she was doing and didn’t even try to think about anything other than the dreams of Rachel. She was well on the way to cumming when MJ woke up (and admits that it might have been her moaning Rachel’s name out loud that woke the baby) and had to stop.

Jen spent the morning doing the household chores and playing with MJ until the doorbell rang and she was greeted with the sight of Rachel who asked if Jen was planning on sunbathing again that day. Jen said she had been thinking of going for a walk and that Rachel could come with them but Rachel pouted and said she’d like to get a little sun first and couldn’t sunbathe in her own back garden as her parents didn’t want her brother’s friends to see her. Jen relented and said they could go for a walk in a little bit and stood aside to let Rachel in. As they lay out the towels and Jen went to fetch a drink for them both, Rachel removed her dress to reveal she already had a bikini on underneath, which Jen immediately noticed was a bit skimpier than the one she’d worn the previous day and Rachel then slipped off the top and rubbed suncream over her breasts. Jen felt her pussy pulse – she still hadn’t cum from her interrupted session that morning and the sight of Rachel’s pale breasts with her small nipples was incredibly arousing. Jen placed MJ in her walker on the patio and Rachel asked if Jen was going to sunbathe as well. Jen nodded yes and slowly unzipped her dress. As she slid it off, she thought about the fact she didn’t have a bra on and dismissed it as Rachel had already seen her breasts and she was sitting topless in front of her anyway. It was only as Jen dropped the dress to the ground and half-stepped out of it that she remembered she didn’t have any panties on (while Jen isn’t always pantyless, she often doesn’t wear them and her pussy had been so wet from the time she woke up that she hadn’t bothered putting them on).

Jen saw Rachel’s eyes widen and she quickly reached down and grabbed for her dress, apologising for flashing Rachel. Jen said that she sometimes sunbathed naked (which she thought was better than ‘my pussy is drenched and I’ve been trying not to masturbate all day as I’ve been thinking of fucking you’) and apologised again, holding the dress around her waist and disappearing into the house to get a set of bikini bottoms. Up in the bedroom, Jen quickly rifled through her drawer – briefly being tempted to wear a very skimpy set, but opting for something with better coverage and sufficiently dark that it wouldn’t show up any patches caused by her juices. When she got back out to the garden, Jen apologised again and said she hadn’t meant to do that but Rachel said it was okay and she didn’t mind. Rachel asked Jen if she would put some cream on her back and Jen straddled her, but then lifted herself up slightly so she wasn’t pressing against Rachel. Jen started at Rachel’s shoulders and rubbed the cream in, then worked her way down Rachel’s back. Jen’s resolve weakened and she slowly lowered herself until her crotch was pressing against Rachel’s ass and she wondered if Rachel had any idea how turned on she was. Jen allowed herself to ever so slightly rub against Rachel before saying she was done and reluctantly pulling herself clear.

Rachel volunteered to do Jen’s back and immediately straddled Jen, pressing her crotch firmly against Jen’s ass. Jen tried to keep her body still as Rachel rubbed the cream in but at one point Rachel tickled her (probably accidentally) and Jen squirmed her ass against Rachel’s pussy). Rachel offered to do the back of Jen’s legs but Jen said she could do them herself as she was afraid if Rachel’s hands went too far up her legs that she’d feel or smell how wet Jen was. Jen distracted herself by covering MJ in suncream and they played with her for a little while. They had lunch outside and Jen put MJ down for a nap then applied more cream to each other’s backs. This time Jen definitely felt Rachel squirm against her ass and when Jen sat over Rachel to do her back, she allowed herself to apply a bit more pressure and slowly ground her crotch against Rachel’s ass. The girls lay quietly beside each other chatting and after a while Rachel asked if she could ask Jen something. Jen assumed this was going to be more coming-out questions and told Rachel she could ask her anything at all. Rachel hesitated and Jen didn’t push her, then Rachel asked if it was difficult to shave between her legs. Jen apologised to Rachel again and said she hadn’t meant to show her that but Rachel quietly said that she didn’t mind and it looked nice. Jen could feel her pussy oozing juices but kept her composure and told Rachel that it isn’t too hard and she sometimes did it herself, but that Mike or I usually did it for her. Rachel asked if Jen shaved me and when Jen nodded, Rachel said that she really wanted to shave so she could look as nice down there as Jen did. Jen pressed her thighs together and told Rachel not to worry about it and that she could always just trim there if she wanted her pubic hair to be shorter and didn’t want to shave herself. Jen wanted to offer to shave Rachel but knew this was probably an unwise thing to say and would probably frighten her off but her thoughts were interrupted when Rachel said that she had never really seen another girl naked – well, in the showers at school, but not anywhere when she could actually look at them – and if Jen wanted to sunbathe naked, then Rachel wouldn’t mind.

Jen could feel her whole body flushing, her nipples stiffening and her pussy throbbing as the desire built up in her dreams and interrupted masturbation session throbbed in her. Jen asked if Rachel was sure and when Rachel just nodded, Jen slid her hand to her waist, lifted her ass slightly off the towel and slid her bottoms down, trying to hide the fact that they were soaked with her juices. Jen rubbed a little suncream over her mons in the hope that the slickness of the cream would hide her own juices, but this backfired a little as she just ended up smearing more of her juices around so she gave up and lay back. Jen could see that Rachel was trying to discreetly look at Jen so she pretended not to notice. Rachel hesitantly asked if she should sunbathe naked as well and Jen told her she could if she wanted, but that she didn’t have to. Jen watched as Rachel slipped her bottoms off and Rachel then covered her pussy with her hand and said she was embarrassed that she had so much hair. Jen told her it was fine and that lots of girls kept the area unshaved but Rachel said she really wished she had less. Jen watched as Rachel rubbed a little cream over her pussy and mons and had to resist from reaching over and stroking the hair (or doing anything more). Rachel gently tugged on the hair, again saying that it was too long and Jen told her in a conspiratorial voice that my pubic hair used to be longer than that so not to worry about it. Rachel’s eyes lit up and she asked Jen if I shaved now and then apologised for asking about private things. Jen didn’t tell Rachel that all she would have to do is ask and I would strip and show her as much as she wanted to see, but she did tell her that I’m now shaved as well, although that we sometimes grow out little patches of hair on our mons.

Jen checked on MJ – using the opportunity to wipe her pussy as she knelt by the playpen, then returned to the towels and lay beside Rachel. Her nipples were so hard it felt as if they were pulsing and she turned over onto her front to press them against the towel. Rachel asked if Jen wanted any more cream on her back and while she knew she didn’t need it, she said OK. Rachel straddled Jen and squirted some cream in the middle of Jen’s back. As Rachel massaged this in, Jen felt Rachel lower herself and the tickle of Rachel’s pubic hair on her ass and finally contact as Rachel sat down properly on Jen. Rachel rubbed cream up and down Jen’s back and her pussy slid back and forth over Jen’s ass. Jen moved a little with this, feeling the material of the towel rubbing against her nipples, driving her half mad. Rachel massaged all the cream in and when she climbed off Jen, her hand brushed over Jen’s ass – it didn’t linger for long, but was almost certainly more than an accidental touch and Jen was torn between wanting Rachel’s fingers to push down between her ass cheeks and fear of Rachel discovering how turned on she was. Rachel asked if Jen would do her back and Jen had to control her breathing to push out a simple ‘sure’ as her answer. Rachel lay on her front and Jen raised herself up, ignoring the fact that Rachel was staring at her hard nipples. Jen quickly moved behind Rachel and straddled her, immediately feeling the cool air on her sopping pussy. As she applied cream to Rachel’s back, she could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and looked down to see a strand halfway down to Rachel’s ass. To prevent this dripping on to her, Jen lowered herself down and made contact, then kept rubbing Rachel’s back. Jen could definitely feel Rachel squirming against her and allowed herself to slide back and forth a number of times as Rachel had done against her. Jen couldn’t remember having been that wet since she had been pregnant and at one point she felt a blob of juices leak out of her which presumably ran down between Rachel’s ass cheeks and over her pussy. When Jen climbed off of Rachel, she could see Rachel’s ass was covered with her juices and wiped her hand down over Rachel’s ass, trying to wipe the mess off (and she wondered if that was why Rachel had stroked her ass in the same way).

Jen lay down on her front again and tried to calm herself. She wanted to pounce on Rachel and devour her – or at the very least to masturbate and relieve the pulsing in her cunt and nipples. She managed to restrain herself until MJ woke up she and told Rachel that she’d have to feed the baby but that Rachel could join them for lunch if she wanted. Rachel said that she had to get home for family lunch and went upstairs to quickly shower off, returning downstairs with her clothes on. Jen felt a little strange standing there naked but Rachel didn’t say anything about this, gave Jen a hug and asked if she could come back later on. Without thinking about it, Jen said ‘anytime you want’, they gave each other a little kiss and Rachel saw herself out. Jen couldn’t wait any longer and plunged her fingers into her pussy to coat them in her juices, smeared them over her breasts and face, then rapidly fingered and frigged herself while kneeling in the kitchen. It took almost no time for Jen to cum and her hand was soaked with pussy juice, which she licked and sucked from her fingers. Jen says she would have kept going and cum at least once more if MJ hadn’t wanted food but her love for MJ is even greater than her love of cumming (quite a bit greater) so she was a dutiful mother and prepared lunch.

Rachel returned mid-afternoon and they talked some more. Rachel had more questions about shaving herself and said she wanted to look like Jen. Jen told her not to hurry anything, but that she could give her instructions if she decided to do it. Rachel told Jen she’d never be able to do it at home and that she couldn’t do anything there. Jen asked what Rachel meant and Rachel quietly told Jen that her parents were really strict and that when they had caught her brother masturbating, he wasn’t allowed out for ages and had his phone taken away. Jen started asking Rachel if that meant she had never masturbated and Rachel stammered out that she had done a little, but was clearly embarrassed so Jen told her they didn’t have to keep talking about it, but that it was completely natural. Rachel quickly asked Jen if she did it and Jen decided to go for an honest answer and said she did (although didn’t mention that the last time had been just a few hours before while thinking of Rachel). Rachel asked why Jen would do that if she had Mike and me to sleep with and Jen told Rachel that sometimes she just wanted to do things by herself and other times it was nice to let other people see you do things. Rachel hesitantly asked if Jen means she played with herself in front of us and Jen said yes and Mike and I did the same – and that we all liked seeing it.

Realising they were rapidly heading back to the ‘wanting to pounce on Rachel’ territory, Jen steered the conversation away and they ended up going for a walk and a coffee (and a mint as Rachel’s parent’s didn’t approve of her having coffee either). Rachel had to be home earlier that evening to prepare for school so they said their goodbyes but not before Rachel asked if she could visit the next day after school. Jen said that would be fine and once she was back indoors, she set MJ down in her playpen with some toys, spread her legs and toyed with herself until she came again, smearing her juices over her thighs, breasts and face while imagining they were Rachel’s fingers in her and Rachel’s juices on her body.

Mike and I had been sitting listening to Jen – occasionally asking questions, but mostly just enjoying her story. Despite my multiple orgasms down in London earlier that day, my hand had been busy between my legs for the latter part of the story and I had been keeping myself on the verge of cumming. Jen had shifted her position so she was kneeling on the sofa with her legs folder under her body. She sat back and spread her legs to reveal her pussy was almost as wet as she had been describing and asked Mike if he would like to clean her up. He didn’t hesitate and took position between her legs, buried his tongue in her pussy and made her cum quickly. He then slowed his pace and lapped up the juices from her thighs and mons before returning to her pussy and eating her to a second orgasm, then keeling up and sliding his cock into her. He pulled Jen off of the sofa so she was riding him (they had to scooch away from the sofa a bit) and she leant forwards to kiss him and taste her own juices. As they fucked he told her he loved it when she was that wet and he pumped into her. I could hear his cock making her cunt squelch and kept playing with myself (I had already cum while Mike had been eating Jen). Mike fucked and frigged Jen until she came and then passed her to me so she and I could 69 and Mike pushed back into Jen and came in her. Jen and I finished our session, making each other cum and messily licking each other so we were covered in each other’s juices (I had considerably more of her juices on me as she was on top and still leaking quite a bit). Only then did we sit down and properly discuss the consequences of what had happened.

It was obvious that Jen hadn’t been forcing Rachel to do anything and that Rachel felt at the very least comfortable enough around Jen to tell her secret as well as be naked. We all agreed that Rachel was expressing a strong interest in Jen and that as long as Jen didn’t try to push things, it wasn’t unreasonable to see how things developed. Mike suggested that Jen tell Rachel she could use our house to masturbate in which might be enough to keep Rachel satisfied. Jen said that was a good idea and I teased her about her not wanting Rachel to be the only one satisfied. Jen tickled me until I could barely breathe, then planted her cunt over my face and told me to make her cum again (so I did). Mike ate both Jen and me that night as Jen thought if she came lots then she’d have more self-control the next day. That didn’t go quite as she planned as on the Monday morning, Mike ate Jen awake, but didn’t finish her off and switched to making me cum, leaving Jen to take care of MJ.

Later on that week, there was a minor upset back down in London where Amber got into an argument with Lisa about the fact she would have been prepared to sleep only with Mike. Despite Lisa telling Amber that she would happily devote herself to her and not sleep with anyone else (including Mike), Amber was convinced this meant that Lisa would have left her for Mike if things had worked out that they (Lisa and Mike) could have stayed together. It was Mike in the end who helped (for the meantime at least) sort things out between them as he told Amber that she had ‘won’ as if Lisa had really wanted to be with him, she could have moved up and lived with us and he would have taken care of her until she found a job. This wasn’t entirely true as while we would have certainly welcomed Lisa in to the house and supported her, Lisa has always wanted to successful so I doubt she would have ever taken this option while there was a chance of her getting a job or furthering her studies. It was enough to convince Amber though and Mike said that he wouldn’t sleep with Lisa any more but a few days later Amber called back and said she had just been stressed about exams and didn’t want to stop Lisa from enjoying herself with other people, or him. As consolation, Mike suggested that the next time he saw them, he wouldn’t do anything with Lisa and both he and Lisa would concentrate on making Amber cum as many times as she could. Amber said she wouldn’t be able to keep up with two of them but eventually agreed to let them fuck her until she was unconscious just so she could see how much Lisa really loved her.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

London Visit May 2015 – Part 4

Susan said she didn’t want to stop and when the guys pointed out that people were coming, she told them to follow her, went back in to the kitchen and closed the door behind them. Susan put the jug of water down and pulled her t-shirt off, sat up on the table, spread her legs and told them to get back to doing what they had been doing in the hallway. Once their hands were back on her body and the vibe was inside her again, she asked if they had any condoms. Unfortunately they didn’t and Susan berated them, saying if they had, then they could have fucked her. One of the guys said he had some in his room and asked her to go with him but she told him to go fetch them and they would fuck right where they were. As that guy disappeared to his room, Susan went to the fridge and pulled out a courgette, rinsed it off and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. She let the remaining guy insert in into her and fuck her with it until the first guy returned – then let him have a little go so he didn’t feel left out. The guys let Susan roll condoms onto both of their cocks and give them a brief suck each, before bending  over the table and spreading her cheeks, telling the guy who had got the condoms that he could go first. She sucked the other guy while she was being fucked and got them to use the vibe on her clit (which made quite a bit of noise against the table). The guys switched round a few times so she could suck them both, but each of them came while in her cunt. Susan had held back her own orgasm but made sure she got to enjoy herself and after the second guy had cum, she rolled over on to her back and got them to use the courgette in her and the vibe on her clit (they played with her breasts without her telling them to) and she came. The courgette was placed back in the fridge before she left and she walked back to Lisa’s room naked with the t-shirt draped over her arm. On entering, she was asked why she was holding the vibe and relayed the story to Mike and Lisa (and determined that the courgette probably belonged to a guy two doors down from Lisa).

As a reward for her bravery (or wanton lust), Mike and Lisa made Susan cum once more and Susan then lay kissing Lisa while Mike moved back and forth between them, kitty kissing both their pussies. Lisa didn’t want to cum again but did want Mike to spoon in her. It was much easier for him to convince Susan to let him make her cum once more and this helped him get hard enough to spoon with Lisa. He gently moved in her as they chatted and he told her how good her little cunt felt around his cock. Lisa squirmed back against him and said he could always cum in her again if he wanted but he told her that she knew he couldn’t cum if she didn’t (technically he *can* of course cum without the girl cumming – he just doesn’t like doing so). Susan scooched down and nuzzled Lisa’s nipples and Mike whispered to Lisa that he still wanted her to cum again. She still resisted, but didn’t stop Susan from moving down further and lapping at her clit, then finally surrendered and told him he’d won and she cum for him. Mike moved back and forth inside her as Lisa encouraged him to give her more of his cum and he actually came before she did but remained buried in her, unable to move as his cock felt so sensitive. Fortunately Susan kept licking Lisa’s clit until she came and Mike got to experience the sensation of her pulsing around his. He remained inside Lisa as she fell asleep, but had to be still has his cock had shrunk by this point and he knew if he slipped out, he wouldn’t get back in. Susan pouted a bit that Mike wasn’t making her cum and he told her to go fuck herself (usually that would be an insult, but this is something the gang often say to Susan when she wants to cum and they are too busy or tired to help her out. Susan did as instructed and fingered herself while lying beside them. When Mike told her she was just a naughty little slut, she reminded him that he had been meant to spank her so he promised to do it the next day if she still wanted.

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate Lisa awake, then worked on Susan. Susan was sent back to the kitchen to make coffee while Mike and Lisa made love (he openly admits it was more than just sex). By the time Susan returned, Mike was buried in Lisa and she had her legs wrapped around him, they were kissing deeply and he fucked her until she came, then came in her. Susan joined them on the bed once they had finished and told Lisa that the people living around her were prudes as she had once again gone to the kitchen wearing a t-shirt that was barely long enough to cover her ass. She had got some approving looks from one guy and was going to play with him when a girl entered the kitchen and after a couple of minutes, she quietly told Susan that she thought she was inappropriately dressed. Susan told the girl she hadn’t realised how short the top was, but when the girl turned her back, she pulled the t-shirt up, fully exposing herself to the guy, who burst out laughing. Susan then waited for a couple of minutes in the hope the girl would leave, but the guy headed off first, so she returned to Lisa’s room with the ever important coffee.

Lisa agreed that the three of them could shower together – although was a little nervous about this as while her ‘normal’ friends (and her neighbours) know that she is bi, they don’t know most of the things she gets up to. As would be expected, there was a bit of playing in the shower and Lisa was in the middle of being licked and fingered when someone else entered the room. They took the cubicle next to the one Mike, Lisa and Susan were in and Susan bent down to see if it was a guy or a girl, whispered to Lisa that she would keep the person occupied and quickly dashed back to Lisa’s room to grab a condom. On returning to the bathroom, she tossed her towel in with Mike and Lisa, then stood naked and knocked on the door of the next cubicle. The guy asked what she wanted and she asked if she could borrow some shower gel. When he opened the door (with a towel wrapped around his waist) he just looked at her and Susan said it was a bit cold out there and asked if she could come in to let him soap her up. When he responded ‘fuck yeah’, Susan pushed past him, pulling on his towel as she went and they were soon in the shower together. Mike and Lisa listened in as Susan told him to keep cleaning her breasts more and that it felt good, then heard her comment on how hard his cock felt against her ass. She offered him the choice of her stroking him, sucking him or fucking him and he asked why they couldn’t do all three so she told him she liked the way he thought, and started jerking him off. He fingered her as she did this and once she put the condom on his cock, she knelt and sucked him, then let him fuck her up against the wall. Susan was reasonably loud – certainly more than enough that Mike could play with Lisa and she could let out a few little whimpers without fear of being heard. Susan frigged herself as the guy fucked her and after they had both cum, she knelt and sucked his cock once more and walked out of the cubicle, then dashed back across the hallway to Lisa’s room while still naked where Mike and Lisa joined her a few minutes later.

Susan went home to get a bit more revision done and Mike was meant to return to Richard and James’ house and give Lisa time to do her own work. While giving her a goodbye hug and telling her to work hard, he slid his hands down over her skirt and back up to her bare ass. When he commented on her lack of panties she said that he’d always liked her like that and Mike knelt to kiss her ass. This progressed to him getting her to bend forwards across her desk so he could eat her from behind and then lying on the bed with her feet on the floor so he could finish what he started. Lisa came and then allowed him to take a couple of pictures of her lying there, legs spread, skirt flipped up and pussy wet with juices and saliva. She offered to suck him or let him fuck her but he said she should really get some work done, but if she did a good job he’d make sure she came again before he left. Lisa said he was no fun, but settled down to revise and Mike headed off.

When I woke up on the Sunday morning, my pussy still felt sensitive, but I didn’t let this stop me from eating Abrahii awake, who then did the same to Amber who in turn then played with me. Over breakfast I told everyone in more detail about my night time trip next door and Richard commented on how he would like to break in a couple of the guys. Amber made a comment about being worried that Lisa might be as insatiable as I am (I told her Lisa wasn’t even close), but not to worry as Lisa had told Mike she wouldn’t sleep with anyone else when they were dating (Mike had told her not to be silly and to enjoy having her friends to fuck) and if Amber wanted, I was sure she would promise the same for her. I than asked Richard for some help relaxing Amber before she went off to work and after sucking his cock to attention. I got Amber to mount him and I knelt and licked them both as they fucked. Abrahii helped out a little and kissed Amber, as well as participated in a little nipple play and Amber was soon looking quite flushed and saying she could cum any time. We teased her a little longer before telling Richard to hurry up and as he pumped in to her faster and harder, I lapped at Amber’s clit and swirled my tongue around it until she came. Richard kept going and pushed hard into Amber as he came. When he pulled out, his cum started to drip from Amber’s cunt and I got her to sit on a chair so I could kitty kiss her (just to help clean her up). I didn’t make her cum again, but did get to spent about five minutes working on her pussy. She said she needed to shower before going home so I went up with her and helped clean her off, then stood behind her, wrapped my arms around her and rapidly stroked her clit. Amber leant forwards against the wall and I whispered in her ear that I wanted to feel her cum. She partially protested that she couldn’t cum again, but I managed to prove her wrong and as she came I could feel her thrusting her crotch against my hand. I told her she didn’t need to repay me (I was also aware I shouldn’t keep her from revision) and helped her dry off, then waved her goodbye while standing naked in the doorway.

Susan arrived at home first and Mike joined us a little while after this and I told him about my night. He was quite impressed and said he wished he’d seen it, suggesting we go back over and see if the guys that lived there wanted to fuck me again. Susan overheard this and said she’d join me, only having a little more work to finish up and Abrahii (who knew I was there to enjoy myself as much as possible) suggested a dare of Susan and I playing with each other for as long as we could. I quite liked the sound of that (although I prefer having more than one person to play with in an extended session) and said I was up for it if Susan was (which she – of course – was), so Mike, Richard, Abrahii and I all made lunch and chatted while Susan and James revised. Nobody objected when I pushed a cherry tomato into Abrahii’s pussy and then added it to the salad so I repeated this with the remainder – inserting them into Abrahii, Susan or myself, letting them slide out and then slicing them in half. Richard played along with this and said that given Susan had fucked a courgette, I should be able to take the cucumber, so I had this inserted in to me and he fucked me with it while strumming my clit. Abrahii wasn’t let off and had a turn with the cucumber as well and Susan had to flavour a number of the carrots with her juices before we sliced them up.

As it was clear Susan was now no longer concentrating on her work (she was almost finished anyway), it was decided that she and I should get started. There weren’t really any rules to the dare and it wasn’t one of our usual competitions to see who could cum first, the most or last longest – the aim was simply for Susan and I to play with each other, making each other feel good and cum as many times as possible, for as long as possible. I warned her that we weren’t leaving until much later that evening (it was the cheapest flight), so I could spend either hours fucking her and Susan said she was fine with that.

We settled down on the air mattress in the living room and 69ed (always a good way to start). The others sat around us chatting and having lunch and Susan and I occasionally pulled away from each other to get a bite to eat, interject something into the conversation or have a drink, but mostly stayed glued to each other’s cunts. Susan came before I did and I switched to kitty kissing her as the aim wasn’t to torture her. I pulled her ass towards my mouth and gently rimmed her a couple of times as my own orgasm approached, but went back to kitty kissing her and pushing my tongue up into her as I came. We then moved around and kissed, tasting our juices from each other’s mouths while grinding against each other and joked about the fact we had another seven hours and forty minutes to go so we should be able to cum another twenty three times. We didn’t quite manage this, but did have an incredibly pleasurable afternoon and I got to know pretty much every inch of Susan’s pussy (I was quite familiar with it, but if you really spend hours buried between someone’s legs then you can become much more familiar with them).

Mid-afternoon, Abrahii got us to slip gowns on and she walked us over to the next door house that I’d visited the night before. When one of the guys answered, she told him I was there to apologise for ruining some of their food and that I was prepared to make up for it by helping to relieve their exam stress. Fortunately all four of the guys who lived there were home (revising) and we decided so we didn’t disturb them too much, we could go from room to room and let them fuck us. We let the first guy have us straight away and Susan and I 69ed on his bed, turning over when he moved between us. It didn’t take long for him to cum and we moved in to the second guy’s room and told him we just needed to finish up before he joined us. We went back to 69ing and ate each other loudly and messily, moaning as we each came and then telling the guy we needed his cock to help us cum again. We spent a little while sucking and stroking him and I let him fuck my breasts while I ate Susan, then he fucked me and we switched round so he could fuck Susan while she ate me. We hadn’t brought any toys with us so had to make do with fingers and tongues, but that didn’t stop us and we each managed to cum once more before leaving the guy (who also got to cum).

Susan said she wanted a bit more fun and on entering the third bedroom, told the guy she wanted him and his friend to fuck us. Susan has always had a knack for getting guys to join her in pairs (she is much more successful at this than I am – just like the Japanese guys from the previous day). While they had fucked her in a threesome before – this had been when drunk and the guy wasn’t as keen on doing it sober. Susan helped to encourage him by pointing out that his girlfriend might not appreciate the fact that he frequently buried his cock in Susan’s cunt (the girlfriend didn’t want to fuck as much as the guy did and Susan was more than happy to ‘help out’ and take up the slack). The guy relented and helped talk his friend in to this and we had our third session in the house with four of us. This meant we could take turns being spit roasted and had a very nice session 69ing while both of us were being fucked. As we made both of them cum, we thought it was only fair that Susan and I got to cum twice, so after the main session had finished, I went with one and Susan stayed with the other and with a bit of cling-film, we got the guys to go down on us. I made sure I was incredibly explicit and told him exactly what to do to me, how fast, how hard and where to lick – how it felt and how close I was getting to cumming. I finished up with two fingers buried in my cunt and the guy swirling his tongue around my clit and told him if he ate his girlfriend like that, she would be very appreciative.

Back in Richard’s house, over the remaining course of the afternoon, Abrahii, Richard, James, Mike, Amber, Brandon, Lisa, Sean and Craig all helped Susan and I enjoy ourselves. Generally, if someone played with one of us, they had to also play with the other one as well, but I like to think I ‘won’ as I ended up with Richard, Brandon, Sean and Craig all cumming in me (James came in Susan). Naturally Susan and I shared this cum – eating it out of each other and enjoying the feeling of it on our faces, thighs and bodies. Susan got her promised spanking – although it had an added bonus as Mike used a trick that we have developed with Jen (regular readers will know that Jen enjoys a bit of pain – and she certainly enjoys a good spanking). Mike got Susan to put on some long socks for the spanking, and she started off with a fresh pair of white cotton panties on. He bent her over his knee and gave her ass a few slaps, occasionally stopping to knead and massage it and moving on to pushing the material of the crotch between her pussy lips and stroking her through the panties. Once she was sufficiently warmed up, the panties were pulled down to her knees and Mike pushed a vibe (on low power) into her pussy and a smaller anal vibe into her ass. This is where Susan’s extensive toy collection came in handy as I’d been able to select appropriate sizes that they would stick out just enough that when Mike slapped her ass, the vibes were driven in just a little way, but not far enough to hurt. With each slap, Mike got to choose which vibe to bump into her, occasionally hitting both. He kept this up until Susan’s ass was bright pink – not hitting her hard enough to really hurt (it’s only really Jen who enjoys pain out of our group of friends) but enough that she was enjoying it – especially when paired with the vibes. To finish off, Susan had to lie over me on the mattress and I lapped at her clit as Mike spanked her until she came. She then had an ice cube rubbed over her ass with it being my job to lap up and drips that dribbled down over her pussy and the remainder of the ice cube was slid into her pussy for me to drink out of her. I wasn’t at all surprised when I had to be spanked in the same way (I was given a clean pair of white panties though as the crotch of the ones Susan had worn was already damp with her juices). I have to admit that it actually felt quite nice – especially when I finally got to the stage of Susan helping out and me getting to cum (although the ice on my ass and in my cunt was something of a shock).

Sadly we didn’t actually count how many times we each came. We rarely came at (and often not even nearly) the same time, but it was probably roughly equal and while I doubt we made the twenty-four target we’d set, it was certainly more than fifteen orgasms and we think it might have been closer to twenty times each. We were both sticky messes by the end of it, covered in a mixture of our own sweat (some of the sessions had been quite intense), our juices and various people’s cum (as well as a few other sets of pussy juice when we’d been asked to eat other people). In our best travelling tradition, I didn’t clean up before getting dressed and as my body felt all tingly from having cum so many times over the afternoon, I decided to not just forgo panties (as usual) but to skip my bra as well as just wore a light dress. Mike had already packed up our things and as I said my goodbyes, everyone was encouraged to stroke, fondle, finger or fuck me as they wished. Lisa gave me a particularly enthusiastic licking and Craig was kind enough to give me a bonus load of his cum in my pussy which I could feel dribbling out and down my leg as we got in our taxi. I hadn’t realised how much the session had exhausted me but I only remembered talking to Mike while we were waiting for the plane to take off and then feeling the bump as we landed. Mike drove us home and I sat with the window down, my legs spread and the front of my dress unbuttoned so I could feel the breeze on my skin (I pulled the dress shut whenever we were somewhere with people around). Mike teased me and said I couldn’t possibly want to cum again so I challenged him and said if he’d eat me I’d show him just how much more I could take and I’d then let him fuck me. He eagerly accepted this (although knew if he insisted on only fucking me I’d have let him) and we headed in to the house.