Saturday, 1 October 2016

December 2014 Sex Show – Part 1

The week before Christmas I was making good on my deal with Alistair (the sex shop owner) to put on another show. We had hoped that Sue and Josie would join us, but unfortunately they ended up having a large project at work that needed to be finished so they couldn’t make it. Sue had even convinced Josie to join in the show (although Josie hadn’t quite decided if she would let any of the guys fuck her) so it was a bit disappointing, but Mel and Julia stepped in to take their place (and failing that we would have shipped Susan up as she’d have been more than happy to have a group of strangers fuck her).

Lisa was also joining us for the weekend, but hadn’t been able to get an early flight so we had a few hours with Mel and Jules before she arrived. We met Mel and Jules at the station and had our usual ‘hello’ kisses with Julia, reaching into her coat to fondle her pussy. She reciprocated and caressed both Jen and me under our skirts and Mike greeted Mel as we did this. Mel is still the dominant one in the relationship with Jules and we quickly discovered that Julia hadn’t made the journey just without panties on but that Mel had made her remove her skirt before they had boarded the train and had then toyed with Jules at every opportunity she’d got. As it was a Friday, the train had been quite busy and on the walk home we discovered that Mel had been a bit more forceful with Jules than we would have been and she’d been fingered a couple of times when a few people surrounding them were clearly aware of what was happening. It had presumably been even more obvious due to the fact that Julia has died her hair bright pink again (and I mean *bright* pink), so she kind of drew attention to herself anyway even without the fondling – it did make our playing with each other at the station more interesting though as we had to be even more careful while fooling around.

Mike scolded Mel for the way she had treated Julia on the train and said it wasn’t worth getting arrested but Mel told him she’d do whatever she wanted with Julia. Mike told Mel he intended to do whatever he wanted with her and reached up under her skirt and pushed his hand down the back of her panties. The street we were walking down wasn’t too busy, but there were other people around and Mel told him he wouldn’t dare to do anything to her, but that’s a stupid thing to say to Mike and he slid his whole hand into her panties, slipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and pushed the tips up between her lips and into her pussy. Mike pushed down with his wrist to try and push the panties down which didn’t entirely work out so he pushed a bit harder until Mel said they were digging in to her stomach. We moved over to the side of the street and Mike reached up under the front of Mel’s skirt, took hold of her tights and tore at the material until her panties were pretty much fully exposed, then pulled at the front of her panties while pushing the back down. There was a satisfying rip and after another couple of tugs, the panties gave way on one side and left Mel’s crotch exposed. This made it much easier for Mike to play with her and he did so for the remained of the journey home, but a bit more discreetly as he slipped his hand into her coat and then lifted her skirt.

When we got home, Mike guided Mel into the house like a bowling ball (two fingers in her pussy and his thumb in her ass) and told her that she deserved to be punished for being mean to Julia. Mel asked him what he was going to do and he proceeded to strip her, pushed her onto the sofa and knelt in front of her to eat her. Unfortunately for him, Mel had grown out her pussy hair – it wasn’t really long, but covered her mons and lips and he really prefers shaved lips so he can get good contact with the skin. It didn’t stop him from burying his face in her pussy though and giving her a thorough licking, occasionally stopping and commenting on how he thought she should be shaved. He continued eating her until she came, then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes before pulling his cock out, pulling her forwards on the sofa so she was mostly lying down with her ass out over the edge and rubbed his cock up and down the length of her wet pussy.

Jen and I had taken turns playing with Julia during this time who was desperate to cum after the teasing during the journey, but as my overriding memory of Julia is that of her being teased along with me, we weren’t in any hurry to actually make her cum. Of course she moaned about this, but knew if she misbehaved that we might end up torturing her for a lot longer. We fingered and licked her and made sure that she reciprocated. As Mel came, Julia complained that she should be the first one to be cumming but she was told to wait her turn and we’d make sure she got the orgasm she wanted. When Mike started to rub against Mel’s cunt, Jen climbed over Mel’s face and told her to eat her while I took MJ and told Jules to help Mike out and make sure that Mel came again. Jules did as instructed and frigged Mel’s clit while Mike fucked Mel. It was obvious from Jen’s expression that Mel wasn’t holding back and was giving Jen a good licking and as Mike pumped into Mel with long hard strokes.

Jen came and I challenged her to remain sitting over Mel’s face. She took the dare and Mike said he’d ensure she stayed in place, then he asked me to fetch a few things from the bedroom for later use. I took MJ up with me and looked out the items he’d asked for and on returning to the living room I was pleased to see that Jen was where I’d left her and Mel was clearly getting close to cumming again as she was squirming around as Mike and Julia fucked and frigged her. I took MJ to the kitchen for Mel’s orgasm as she often swears quite a bit when she cums. Mike fucked her the whole way through her orgasm then pulled out and buried his face in her pussy. He gave her an energetic kitty kissing (not quite eating her, but harder than ‘normal’ kitty kissing. He then stood and asked Julia if she would clean him off and she obliged by kneeling and sucking Mel’s juices from his cock. He said that he hoped to be able to play with Lisa on the way back from the airport and if he got the opportunity he was now more than ready to cum in her – although acknowledged that he’d probably have to wait as the airport is usually busy on a Friday evening.

It was getting close to the time he needed to set off and told Mel to put on the pair of long socks I’d brought down. She asked why and he said she was coming with him to get Lisa. Mel doesn’t usually let other people tell her what to do, but she played along and only objected when Mike told her she wasn’t allowed to wear anything else (other than a coat of course). He told Mel that he thought it was time she had a weekend of being someone’s bitch instead of her just getting to boss Julia around. Mel asked what he had in mind and he told her she would cum as many times as we wanted and that we’d do whatever we wanted to her. As a demonstration, Mike pulled her legs apart and told Julia to eat her, then got Jen and me to have a turn eating her. She was still fairly sensitive after having cum twice (while Mel dishes out many orgasms to other people, she isn’t as used to cumming multiple times). Jen knelt beside Mel and whispered to her that they intended to use her all weekend and Mel asked if Julia had helped to plan this. Jen said it only seemed fair given how Mel usually treats Jules and when Mel said Julia would pay for this Jules pointed out that there wasn’t much more Mel could make her do.

Mike and I pulled Mel up and ushered her towards the front door. She was given a coat to wear that left a fair bit of skin exposed between the top of the socks and the coat, but provided enough coverage that nothing would be visible when she was standing in the airport. Mike and Mel set off in the car and as Mike pulled out of the driveway he told Mel that she had to undo her coat and spread it open. She asked whether it was sensible to be naked and he told her she’d just need to look out and cover herself up if she thought anyone could see too much. This meant that as they drove through town Mel had to flip the coat over herself a number of times, but for the part of the journey on the motorway she remained exposed for much longer periods. A couple of times, Mike pulled alongside a lorry and got Mel to remain exposed and finger herself while looking up at the driver in the cab. Mike handed her a dildo to use the second time and told her to keep using it until they got to the airport (which she did).

Once they had parked, Mike got out and went round to Mel’s side of the car. He got her to lower one leg to the floor and face outwards, then knelt and gave her clit a good suck. Mel told him she was getting close and he pulled away from her and said she’d have to wait to cum again (given Mel does things like that to Jules all the time, she wasn’t too surprised). She was a bit surprised however when Mike pulled out one of Jen’s chains and attached it to Mel’s clit. Fortunately for Mel, Mike isn’t as mean as she is so he didn’t overtighten it and once it was firmly attached he got Mel to present her nipples to him so he could attach the other ends of the chain. As the airport would be busy, Mel was allowed to do up the buttons on her coat, but she had to ensure that the chain was looped out between the buttons so Mike could easily take hold of it. He led her through the car park by the chain and occasionally gave a little tug on the top part to tweak her nipples. As they waited for Lisa’s flight Mike told Mel that it was her job to keep Lisa aroused on the journey home and if she did a good job of this that she’d be rewarded.

They greeted Lisa and took her aside so Mike could have a brief fondle of her. When Mel kissed Lisa hello, Mike got Lisa to tug on the chain a few times and once they were back at the car Mel had to open her coat and let Lisa see the chain properly. Mel sat in the back seat and Lisa allowed Mike to remove her skirt, then moved in to sit beside Mel. After trying out a few positions, Lisa ended up on her back with Mel over her face and Mike lapped at Lisa’s pussy. They had to be quite careful as there were other people in the car park so Mike didn’t get the chance to slide his cock into Lisa and partially fuck her. The girls remained in the back seat with just a large blanket covering them and Mel took her responsibility seriously, almost continually toying with Lisa and keeping her as close to cumming as she could. At one point, the two of them managed to get into a (cramped) 69 position and ate each other while Mike drove along. Mike reminded Mel that Lisa wasn’t allowed to cum but told Lisa she could make Mel cum as many times as she wanted. Unfortunately for Mike, Lisa isn’t overly keen on the way Mel tastes either (not many people are) and she ‘suggested’ that it might be better if she just teased Mel. Mike wasn’t overly bothered so told Lisa to do whatever she wanted to Mel and the girls returned to sitting positions and went back to fondling each other. The chain fell off of Mel’s clit and Lisa couldn’t get it back on so they ended up removing it completely and Mike told Lisa to use some of the toys he’d brought on Mel. Lisa tried a few but spent the most time with a vibrating egg, running it back and forth across Mel’s nipples and then sucking on them while using the egg on Mel’s pussy and clit. Mel said she was getting close again and told Lisa to make her cum but Mike reminded Mel that she was the one who had to do what she was told and that she’d take whatever she got.

On arriving at home, Mel and Lisa had to make the journey into the house with just the blanket to cover them up. On entering the house they found Jen had drifted off to sleep while settling MJ down for the night and that Julia and I had spent almost the entire time since Mike had left playing with each other. We’d had a fairly long edging session, fingering, licking and using toys before finally cumming while 69ing and had then kitty kissed for a long time before starting to push each other again. I think we’d only have needed another 5-10 minutes before we would have cum again (although could have probably cum much quicker if we’d tried). Mike brought Lisa up to speed on our plan to use Mel (we hadn’t originally planned on doing this, but as with many things we do we just went with it as it seemed like fun). I asked Julia if she wanted to fuck Mel or have us do it for her and she said she wanted to see Mel fucked properly. I asked Julia to be more specific as ‘properly’ can mean a number of different things for us and she said she wanted to see all of Mel’s holes being filled. That was easy enough to do and I fetched our good strap-on vibe and one of the strap-on dildos. Lisa agreed to take Mel’s cunt but as Mike didn’t want her to cum yet (he’d had a few more licks of her but wanted to enjoy her properly later on), she didn’t have the internal vibe inserted into the harness. Jen took the strap-on dildo and lubed it up in preparation and Mike stripped to reveal his cock, which was unsurprisingly already hard.

Lisa lay on the rug and let Mel mount her. Jen knelt behind Mel, pressed the dildo against Mel’s ass and slowly pumped it in, getting deeper with each stroke. As Jen did this, Mike knelt up over Lisa’s head and offered Mel his cock. She took it in her mouth and sucked him as the girls fucked Mel’s other holes and Julia stood watching. I knelt and reached under Mel to frig her clit a couple of times but Julia said it would be better if Mel had to cum ‘naturally’ (we all knew that Mel usually can’t cum without clitoral stimulation – Jules was just trying to make things last longer). Julia got a good number of photos of Mel being triple fucked and told us that Mel had made her do the real thing often enough (with three guys) that it was time Mel had to do it. (For clarification, while Mel is very dominant and ‘abuses’ Julia quite a bit, Jules is as much of a sex addict as I am and enjoys the vast majority of the things she is ‘forced’ to do.) We knew most of the things that Mel and Jules got up to and how Mel often used Tinder and other dating apps to invite guys round to fuck Julia (either individually or as a group when she could find willing participants). Recently Mel had also been offering Julia’s services on Grindr (a gay dating app) so that if there were any bi guys they could enjoy Julia with their partners. This had included sessions with two bi guys fucking Julia as well as ones where only one of the guys was gay. In the latter case, she had the gay guys fuck her ass or her mouth with the bi one taking her cunt and on a couple of occasions she’d had the bi guy fuck her while the gay guy fucked the bi guy’s ass. The guys apparently loved the latter arrangement but that wasn’t surprising as we know that Susan and Abrahii often do that with James and Richard.

The foursome on the floor was heating up with Lisa massaging Mel’s breasts and rubbing tingle gel into her nipples. Mike occasionally pulled out from Mel’s mouth and slipped into Jen, Julia or me so that Mel could suck him clean of our juices. A couple of times Julia took Mike’s place and either stood facing Mel so Mel had to lift her head up to lick Julia, or kneel forwards in front of her and be eaten from behind. When we decided it was time for Mel to cum, Mike gave Lisa some pointers on how to thrust up in time with Mel’s movements to fuck her properly. Jen reached around and helped fondle Mel’s nipples and Mike thrust his cock in and out of Mel’s mouth. He didn’t push too deep as Mel can’t do deep-throat, but he pumped in and out at a good speed and if he wasn’t so practiced at holding back I imagine he could have cum fairly easily. He felt Mel hum and pant around his cock as her orgasm built and I let Jen take over frigging Mel’s clit to finish her off. She came and let out a series of ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ sounds, somewhat muffled by Mike’s cock but still fairly distinguishable. Julia told them to keep fucking Mel and they did – ideally Jules wanted Mel to be fucked to another orgasm but as I’ve already said, she isn’t used to that. To Mel’s credit, she took the stimulation fairly well and allowed them to keep pumping into, frigging and fondling her but once it became obvious she wasn’t going to cum again Julia told them to pull out and leave her to recover.

Julia got a few more pictures of Mel as she lay there. Mike spooned with Mel briefly and got Mel to suck him clean and once Lisa had removed the strap-on, he slid into her and got Mel to suck him once more so she’d eaten all of our juices from his cock. He then went down on Lisa while Mel repaid Jen and also serviced Julia and me (remember that our session had been interrupted so we were more than happy to let Mel get us off). By the time we’d all cum (apart from Lisa who Mike was still saving for later), Mel said she was getting tired and we agreed that it was probably time to head upstairs. Jen, Julia and I went into Jen’s room, leaving Mike, Lisa and Mel in Mike’s room. Lisa was quite eager to cum by this point but Mike wanted to tease her just a little longer. He spooned with Lisa while getting Mel to gently lap at her clit but when it was time to actually make her cum, Mel was dismissed and Lisa rode Mike with the two of them kissing messily as they quickly pumped against each other. Mike wasn’t pounding into her the way he sometimes does but as they were moving too quickly for Lisa to be able to also grind against him, it took longer for her to cum than they had intended. Mike didn’t mind this too much but Lisa was now desperate and told him she needed to cum – then added that she wanted to feel him cum in her as well. Mike teased her about this and said it was wonderful to see her so keen to feel her own orgasm. Lisa told him it was his fault for teasing her for so long and Mike whispered that it was the whole point and he wanted to feel her cum around him. They fucked some more and he whispered to her how he wanted to fill her with cum. Lisa kept telling him to fuck her and told him she was getting close and they came pretty much together.

Lisa remained on Mike as they kissed until he asked her to sit over Mel and let her eat her clean. Lisa said she wanted to keep Mike’s cum in her so they compromised and got Mel to kitty kiss Lisa, only eating the cum that leaked out while Mike kitty kissed Mel. Of course, he ended up doing more than kitty kissing her and half-ate her once more. He didn’t try to make her cum, just made sure she was nicely aroused and told her that she could fuck herself if she wanted to cum again, but that this was the only way she would cum that night. Mel is quite stubborn and said she’d just go to sleep so Mike had another go at licking her and got her closer to cumming. Mel told him he was a bastard and still refused to play with herself so Lisa had a turn. She fingered, frigged and lapped at Mel’s pussy while both she and Mike watched Mel’s face closely. While Lisa isn’t as practiced at keeping someone close to cumming as the rest of us (mostly because she’s younger – she’s probably more experienced than I was at her age), she did a fairly good job and got Mel to the point of whining about wanting to cum. That was Lisa’s cue to back off and Mike was pleased when Mel slid a hand down to her pussy and started rubbing herself. She noticed Mike’s amusement and pulled her hand away so Mike buried his face between Mel’s legs again and licked her until she was on the verge of cumming.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 4

Apologies for the absence - a longer entry to makeup for it.

On the Sunday morning, Mike went down on Lis and ate her awake, enjoying the time between her legs. He had no trouble making her cum and happily kitty kissed her afterwards until she said she wanted to fuck. This time they spooned for most of the session (with a couple of other positions in the middle) as Lis wanted him to hold her against him. She craned her neck round so they could kiss as she came and Mike carried on slowly moving in her while she recovered. She asked if he was going to cum and he told her ‘all in good time’ and they discussed how he could give her multiple orgasms in the way he’d done to Lucy. Sadly, this wasn’t something Lis could give him an answer to, but was happy to let him fuck her to another orgasm (once she’d had a chance to recover a bit). This time Mike did cum in her and then remained in her while stroking her stomach and asking her to describe what pregnancy symptoms she’d been experiencing so far.

In Jen’s room, Lucy woke first and went down on Jen to wake her. At first Jen assumed it was me eating her but once she saw me still sleeping she lay back and enjoyed Lucy’s attention. Jen’s mewing woke me up and for a little while I lay watching her getting more excited, gently stroking myself as I did so. I ended up sliding over to be beside Jen so I could play with her breasts. As Jen’s legs were spread to allow Lucy access to her pussy, I humped against one of them and asked Jen to describe what Lucy was doing. Between her mews, Jen told me how Lucy was licking her, where her tongue was probing, how she was sucking her clit and how it all felt. I told Lucy to hurry up as I wanted her to do me next, then decided not to be so greedy (I’m working on this) and thought I should help out our guest.

I kissed Jen goodbye and got out of bed, moved down to the end, flipped up the covers and buried my face between Lucy’s ass cheeks. At this point Lucy was lying flat on the bed so I couldn’t get to her pussy that well and just lapped at her ass, but when I pulled on Lucy’s hips she adjusted her position and knelt up so I could kneel down and lap at her pussy properly. After licking and fingering her for a couple of minutes I decided I should make proper use of the access I had and went to fetch a couple of toys. I lubed up one of our nice silicone coated vibes with tingle gel and worked it into Lucy’s pussy, then slid a small anal vibe into her ass. I placed apadded stool at the end of the bed so I could lie on my back with my ass on the stool and my head and shoulders on the bed then pulled Lucy’s crotch down to my mouth and lapped at her clit. I had put both the vibes onto a slow setting so they wouldn’t provide too much stimulation and I took my time and kissed and licked around Lucy’s mons and lips as well as teasing her clit. I could hear Jen’s mewing continuing and then growing in intensity and hoped we didn’t wake MJ. Fortunately MJ slept through until long after Jen had cum (Lucy kept kitty kissing Jen) and when MJ did finally wake, Jen said she would take care of the baby and leave Lucy and I to finish our morning session.

Lucy was already well along the path to cumming and I was ready for some attention. At first we just 69ed, but Lucy then told me she wanted to fuck me and I was told to lie back and let her slide the vibes that had been inside her into my holes. I suggested we be a bit more adventurous and break out the double dildos and Lucy enthusiastically agreed. She actually did most of the work, selecting two of the long ones, covering the ends with lube and pushing them into both my cunt and ass. She then climbed onto the bed, knelt on all fours facing away from me and lifted the end of the dildo protruding from y ass and pushed it into her cunt. She asked me to take care of the other one so I lifted it and pressed the end against her ass as she pushed back and watched it slide between her cheeks. Lucy rocked back and forth and the dildos in our asses mostly stayed put, meaning they slid in and out of each other’s pussies. Given I was in a better position to play with her, I reached forwards and toyed with Lucy’s clit and occasionally took hold of the dildo in her ass and pumped it in and out to fuck her properly. As we fucked, we chatted about how Lucy had been such a dark horse – so well behaved at Uni (in comparison to the rest of the gang there anyway) but really just as much of a slut who enjoyed cumming. Naturally Lucy blamed this on Jen, Lis and me and I was more than happy to take credit and told her she should show off her new found freedom the next time she visited her Uni friends. As we fucked I described how Lisa would happily eat her in front of everyone and how I was sure Susan and Abrahii would join in and that Mel and Julia would probably come back if they knew they’d get to fuck her. We then moved on to discussing the guys with me asking her which ones she thought would be the most desperate to bury their cocks in her and whether she wanted them to cum over her or in her. Lucy is still mostly gay so this didn’t appeal to her quite as much but she said she was a bit tempted to fuck James as he seemed quite sweet but as he is also mostly gay, she wasn’t sure if she could make him cum. I reminded her that Abrahii had been ‘training’ James to appreciate a woman’s pussy for a number of years now and that I couldn’t imagine he’d be able to keep himself from cumming if he found his cock in any of her holes.

Lucy was very close to cumming and asked me to play with her clit so I did so as she humped back and forth on the dildos. She came and I wished I’d been able to see her face (unfortunately the mirror wasn’t at the end of the bed as I’d moved it when I’d put the stool there) so I just had to imagine her expression. I started to toy with my own clit but Lucy told me to do it properly and that I had to fuck myself the way she’d just done so we slowly turned around with the aim of getting her on her back and me kneeling up with the dildos still in us. We didn’t quite manage this and the dildo in my pussy slipped out so we stopped to reinsert it. Next, the dildo from Lucy’s pussy fell out and audibly slapped against her thigh so we got into position with me kneeling on all fours beofore reinserting them and Lucy told me to ride her until I came. I made a comment about her really being a little slut which resulted in her slapping my ass, rapidly pumping the dildo in and out of my ass and telling me I was hardly one to talk. I pointed out that I wasn’t complaining and Lucy said she could always bring her police uniform along next time and I’d find out how she used the truncheon (we know, she and Lis have told us). Lucy frigged my clit as I fucked her and I said I liked the sound of that, but Jen would probably prefer being punished more. When I looked back I saw that Lucy was frigging herself and I asked what on earth had happened to her as she seemed far hornier than usual – but that once again I wasn’t complaining. Lucy said she just wanted to cum so I promised her that if I came first I’d made sure she was taken care of and continued humping against the dildos while occasionally looking under my body at the view of the dildos shared between us. I repeatedly pushed back against Lucy, feeling the dildo in my pussy sliding in and out and the one in my ass mostly remaining still. Lucy’s fingers rapidly frigged my clit and I told her I was getting close – she said she wasn’t there yet and I told her not to worry and that I’d keep going. I moaned into the duvet as I came – not that I was being really loud, I just couldn’t be bothered to move it out of the way. Lucy eased off frigging me but as promised I kept riding her – fucking us both with the dildos as she carried on frigging herself. I tried looking back to watch her but this made it more difficult to keep a steady rhythm so I just concentrated on humping and listened as Lucy told me she was getting close and then came.

I felt Lucy place her hand on my ass to slow my movements and I slowed down, but didn’t stop, instead switching to longer strokes, getting as much of the dildo into my pussy (and Lucy’s) as I could, then pulling a good way out. I didn’t do this for long and pulled myself away so the dildo’s slipped out of our cunts, then turned around and crawled up over Lucy’s body so we could kiss. We each still had a long dildo trailing from our asses and I asked Lucy how she liked having a tail. She giggled at this and I told her we could always go buy her a proper tail if she liked it but Lucy said she couldn’t imagine wearing it out anywhere the way I’d done. We kissed for a few more minutes before separating and removing the dildo’s from each other’s asses. I pulled the mirror back to the end of the bed and we both lay on our backs with our legs up and examined the ‘damge’ that had been done. Neither of us do anal frequently enough that we had gaping assholes, but it was quite obvious we’d just had something of a reasonable size u pthere. I teased Lucy more about doing things with the gang from her Uni and asked what she thought they would think of her if they could see her like this. Lucy said she didn’t really care what they thought. I told her that was a lie but she was adamant so I dared her to stay where she was with her legs drawn up and spread and I grabbed my phone. I took a few pictures and even got her to slide a couple of fingers into her pussy then suck them clean (with more pictures being taken) and it wasn’t until I started listing who I was going to send them to that her fa├žade started to break. To her credit, she let me list most of the members of the gang (past and present) and said she didn’t care them seeing her like that and it was only when I said I’d add some of her ‘normal’ (meaning non sex-crazed) friends that she told me not to send it. Of course, I didn’t sent the pics to anyone (although did keep them) and Lucy later said that she knew I wouldn’t have sent them, even to the gang (or at least she had been counting on me not sending them).

Lucy and I joined Jen downstairs and Mike and Lis surfaced a little later (Lis was still just wearing the long socks but put her bunches back in). Lucy found the look quite alluring as well and fondled Lis in the kitchen so I joined in and whispered a description of what Jen, Lucy and I had got up to the previous night and that morning. Lis said she wasn’t surprised and that she had warned us Lucy was really a dirty little girl and as punishment for this, Lucy smeared yoghurt over Lis’ breasts and pussy for she and I to lick off. Mike wanted in on this as well, but was told to give the girls a chance (he did point out that Lucy can play with Lis whenever she wants but was still told to back off). I felt a little bit sorry for him as I knew how much he wanted to play with both Lis and Lucy at the same time so I took pity on him and said he could always play with me. He wiped some of the yoghurt over my pussy and knelt behind me to lick me and once I was clean he slid into me to fuck and frig me while watching what we were doing to Lis. Mike made me cum before we got Lis off and I took MJ from Jen to let her take my place playing with Lis. Mike repeated what he’d done to me, eating and then fucking Jen, although Lis came before Jen did and Mike backed off and offered Lucy the chance to finish Jen off. Jen thanked Mike for this and event knelt and gave his cock a quick kiss, saying she would reward him later on – he did ask if he could play with her while she played with Jen but Lucy said she had something else in mind and he should wait patiently. Fortunately Mike is well versed at this so sat and watched until Jen came.

I went and showered with Lis and Jen showered with Lucy. Jen made use of her time with Lucy to pee over her and in return she knelt and lapped at Lucy’s pussy while Lucy emptied the remainder of her bladder into Jen’s mouth. Jen stood and pulled Lucy tight against her, pushed her tongue into Lucy’s mouth and let the contents flow along with her tongue while frigging Lucy’s clit. Lucy kissed Jen back as the pee slowly dribbled out down their chins. Lucy flinched as Jen slid a finger into her ass and told Jen she needed to save an orgasm for later as she was going to do things with Mike once more. Jen took this as a challenge and toyed with Lucy even more, taking her close to cumming and giving Lucy one of her cute looks as she asked if she really wanted to hold back. Lucy told Jen that as long as she prepared her to fuck again that she could make her cum and Jen pushed Lucy over the edge with her fingers, promising to kitty kiss her afterwards and that she’d be more than ready for another fuck.

Mike was left to shower alone (but there wasn’t much hot water left by that point so he had to be quick anyway) and as he did this Jen lay on the bed with Lucy, gently kitty kissing her while Lis and I dried off and sat chatting. We mostly left Jen and Lucy to it, although our hands occasionally wandered over their bodies, caressing, teasing and stroking them. Lis fingered Jen from behind and commented on how it seemed odd that she still felt so tight after having pushed a baby out. Lis asked if we still planned on being naked most of the time as MJ grew up and we told her how we didn’t mind her seeing us naked, but intended to make sure she didn’t see us fucking. Lis and Lucy generally don’t wander around their house naked so this wasn’t gong to be such an issue for them – but of course they were also at a disadvantage as there were only two of them so they wouldn’t have the third person to take care of the baby while the other two played.

Mike reappeared from the shower at around this time and approved of the sight on the bed. Lis called him over and stroked his cock, then smeared some of Jen’s juices over it and took it in her mouth. He told her that he’d happily cum for her if she wantedand she said that sounded good, but she had a better place for him to cum. Mike pushed her back on the bed and buried his face between her legs – Lis allowed him to eat her for a couple of minutes then pushed him away and said he needed to give them a minute to get ready. Mike complained that she looked more than ready as she was but he was ushered out of the room and Lis asked Lucy if she was set. Jen had done a fairly good job on Lucy who was more than up for another round and Jen and I watched as both Lis and Lucy slid into school uniforms. I asked what their plan was and they said it was just another thank you to Mike for giving them a baby. Lis told me they were going to get Mike to cum in Lucy with the thought that he might get her pregnant as she knew he loved that idea, but assured me that by this point in Lucy’s cycle it was now incredibly unlikely anything would happen. Jen and I were ushered out of the room (although they said we could come and watch if we wanted) and Mike was sent up to receive his prize. On the way past I gave his cock a gentle stroke and told him to enjoy himself but to save some cum for me as I’d want him later on that day. Mike said he’d do what he could and assured me I’d get to cum one way or the other, then headed into Jen’s bedroom.

Mike loved the view that greeted him. Lis and Lucy were both sitting on the bed, their legs folded under them coyly, showing off the long socks (Lis had white ones and Lucy blue ones), their short pleated skirts riding high on their legs, but not quite showing anything off, their hair in bunches and sweet innocent looks on their faces. He asked what he was allowed to do with them and was told ‘anything’ so he sat on the bed beside them and kissed each of them while caressing their legs. He kept his hands out from under their skirts for a while until they were all lying down and they had removed his towel to free his cock. He moved his attention between them, kissing them both and watching as they kissed each other. Both Lis and Lucy stroked his cock and took turns kissing, licking and sucking it, then they both kissed around it.

Mike wanted to have a turn playing with them so they lay beside each other and let him move back and forth between them. He spread their legs and kissed his way up their thighs to their panties (they had the same simple white panties on with a small bow on the front). He nuzzled each of their crotches through the panties then pulled the material to the side to nibble on their lips. Once their panties were removed he spent a couple of minutes eating each of them and then asked them to 69. He participated in this by lying behind each of them in turn and spooning with them as they ate each other. He said it would be nice to have them both cum around him like that, but wanted to be the one to actually get them off so they agreed to let him go back to eating them. The girls weren’t entirely passive though and had another joint suck of his cock before lying back and spreading themselves for him. As he ate them, Lis said that I had agreed that Mike could cum in Lucy one more time and he told her he hoped he could cum a fair bit into her. Lucy got into this and as her orgasm built, she described how she wanted him to fill her with cum so she could have a baby at the same time as Lis. Lis and Lucy kissed as Lucy came and Mike kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes before moving over between Lis’ legs and telling her it was her turn. It didn’t take too long to make Lis cum and Mike spent another couple of minutes swirling his tongue around her pussy, occasionally grazing her clit and helping to get her started for the next round.

They lay and chatted while caressing each other and spent a little time playing with Lis and Lucy’s breasts (up until that point their blouses had remained fastened). Lis teased Mike about how much he was enjoying himself and he said it wasn’t his fault given the way they looked and tasted. Lucy conceded that Mike was fairly good at cunnilingus – although not as good as Lis so he told her he’d work on it and started immediately by ‘practicing’ his kitty kissing on her. He didn’t neglect Lis and made sure to give her some attention as well (although he admits he spent longer on Lucy, but as it was still the first weekend of being allowed to eat Lucy, Lis probably understood). Once again, the girls weren’t being completely passive and played with each other as well as Mike until they were ready to move on to the main event and told him they wanted to fuck.

Things started off with Lis and Lucy lying on the bed and Mike taking turns with each of them. This progressed to having them kneel up and him taking each of them from behind, then another session with the two girls 69ing with Mike having turns in each of them. By this point they were both topless, but had kept the socks and skirts on (at Mike’s request). Mike sat at the edge of the bed and Lucy rode him while Lis knelt and lapped at her clit and they switched round to give Lis a turn being fucked. He spent a couple of minutes eating them again before lying on his back so they could ride him and sit over his face and Mike swirled his tongue around their cunts and asses. During one of the times they were switching positions he asked if him being allowed to do anything would include anal and Lucy bent forward across the bed, spread her cheeks and told him that as long as he was gentle, he could go ahead. As tempted as Mike was, he just lent forwards and gave her ass another lick before telling her he was happy burying his cock in her pussy and pumping her full of cum. Lis told him to go ahead and lay in front of Lucy so she could be eaten while Mike slid into Lucy but position only lasted for a couple of minutes before Lis asked Mike if he wanted to try and get all three of them to cum at the same time.

I’m aware that not everyone has enjoyed the experience of a threesome, but I hope you’ll appreciate that it can be difficult enough to get orgasms to coincide (even roughly) with just two people having sex. Getting three people to cum together on demand is incredibly difficult and takes quite a bit of luck, practice or judgement. Even when Mike, Jen and I all do things together, we don’t usually try to cum at the same time (although this is made easier by the fact that Mike will almost always cum last so we can keep using his cock). Lis and Lucy obviously know each other’s timing quite well and Mike was gaining experience with each of them separately but he was well aware of the challenge that Lis was presenting. Not that this made him any less willing to want to try and the thought of emptying his cum into Lucy while having Lis cum into his mouth. They all agreed to give it a go, but not to worry too much about achieving the magical simultaneous triple orgasm and Mike suggested the girls could just keep cumming continually until he came but Lucy warned him he might not manage to give her another multiple orgasm.

Lis mounted his cock and rode him while he ate Lucy and they switched back and forth a few times. Whoever he was eating occasionally helped out by frigging whoever he was fucking and it turned out not to be too difficult to get both Lis and Lucy feeling like they were fairly close to cumming. Mike was in absolute heaven with sock clad legs and a wet shaved pussy for him to eat and an equally wet and hot pussy on his cock. He held out for a fair while until both Lis and Lucy said they really wanted to cum then fucked Lis to the brink of cumming before switching around again so she was sitting over his face. He got her to give a running commentary as to how close she was and he eased off or lapped at her pussy and clit harder and faster as appropriate to keep her close but without letting her cum. Lis frigged Lucy as she rode Mike’s cock, with him thrusting back against her movements and pushing as deep as he could into her (it’s not really the best position for depth). Lucy told Mike as her own orgasm approached and she helped him along by telling him how she wanted his cum in her to get her pregnant as well. They didn’t manage to all cum together as Mike thought Lucy was a bit closer than she actually was and he pushed Lis over the edge first, licking along the length of her pussy and clit as she humped against his face. Mike had been close and was going to let himself cum but he held back until Lucy came and it then took a little while longer for him to get back to the point of cumming (he thinks only about 30 seconds or so, but this meant he came as Lucy’s orgasm was finishing and after Lis had cum). He pushed into Lucy and imagined his cum filling her cunt and pictured the image of both Lis and Lucy lying naked with his babies inside them as he came. Mike isn’t really in to pregnant porn, but doesn’t find pregnant women unappealing either – the thought of Lis and Lucy being pregnant with *his* children though was very appealing so as he thought there was still a tiny chance that Lucy might get pregnant meant he enjoyed the session immensely (it was only later on that night I told him that Lis had said it was almost certainly safe).

Mike kitty kissed Lis some more then when she climbed off of him, Lucy bent forwards and kissed him, tasting her wife’s juices from his face and slowly sliding back and forth on his cock. Mike nibbled on Lucy’s ear and told her if she wasn’t pregnant yet that he was putting dibs on being the one to give her a baby. Lucy said if it hadn’t worked that time that he’d have to wait, but she thought it would be a good idea for their (Lis and Lucy’s) children to have the same father and in the meantime he’d have to put up with just having sex when it was safe for her and eating her the rest of the time. Mike was more than pleased with that arrangement and when Lucy dismounted, he had a brief session kitty kissing her before moving back to Lis and toying with her pussy one last time.

Both the girls knew that if they let him, he would keep them there with him for the whole day (or possibly days), and while they had enjoyed the session they knew they needed to get ready to head home. Mike knew this too but that didn’t stop him from fondling them as they packed and things didn’t get any easier when Jen and I (in shifts so the other one could look after MJ) joined them. At various points, both Lis and Lucy ended up back on the bed, both individually and together, with Mike, Jen or I teasing them. Mike got as far as pressing his cock firmly against Lucy’s ass to test if she was really going to let him fuck her there and she didn’t object but Mike said he wanted to enjoy it properly so he’d wait until their next visit.

Mike, Jen and I each had a goodbye nuzzle of Lis and Lucy’s pussies, gave them a fondle and a long kiss. It was unfortunate they’d had to get an earlier train than usual (but it was a lot cheaper) but we at least had time to grab a bite to eat. We dared them to go back with just their coats on but they refused to do this and challenged Jen and I to do the same. Jen didn’t go along with this but I wasn’t going to be denied my fun so headed into town with just a mid-thigh length coat and shoes on. As we sat having lunch I unbuttoned the bottom part of the coat and sat with my legs slightly spread, watching as guys tried to casually look up my coat and on a couple of occasions I spread my legs wider for them and let them see my pussy.

I went to the bathroom with Lis and ended up fondling her in a stall. As we did this I pulled at her clothes and removed my coat, whispering to her that I wanted to be naked with her one more time before she left. Stupidly, she fell for this (although it was also true) and we kissed while fondling each other. We didn’t have time to get each other off but the real plan was to get Lis aroused and when she went to get dressed I held on to her clothes and said she wasn’t allowed them back. Lis couldn’t object too loudly as there were other people in the bathroom so we came to a compromise where she could choose one item of clothing. She opted for her top and once we were ‘dressed’, we returned to the others and I handed Lis’ skirt to Jen. Lucy was sensible (or boring) and wouldn’t go to the bathroom with Jen, but did let all of us give her a goodbye fondle under her skirt while at the station waiting for her train. I tried to get Lis to give me her top as well and she wavered, to the point of saying she would remove it if I left my coat unfastened. As much as the idea of doing that appealed to me (although that’s not really surprising as the idea of being completely naked in a busy place appeals even more), I didn’t want to get arrested so had to decline her trade. We did get a picture of her in the bathroom on the train though to prove that she hadn’t slipped on another skirt and as a ‘reward’ for following through on her forced semi-nudity, Lucy was asked to spend an hour playing with Lis that night.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 3

Once Lucy had been released from the ravages of Mike’s tongue, we set about deciding on what to have for dinner. As we hadn’t done the pizza dare for a while (or our variation of it) I suggested we get a take-away instead of cooking, but only if Lis and Lucy would play along as well. Lucy was hesitant at first but when Lis said she was game Lucy agreed so we decided on what to get and placed the order. We had a fair wait (the perils of ordering take-away on a Saturday night) so Lis and Mike fed MJ and got her down to bed while at the same time Jen and I selected some outfits for us to wear. Needless to say, none of them covered up much and Lis, Jen and I went without panties altogether (and even Lucy’s were very lacy, without a solid crotch panel so even her pussy was fairly visible). We debated having Mike answer the door so Lis, Lucy, Jen and I could be ‘busy’ but decided it would be better if Mike stayed out of the way and one of us answered. Lucy was the natural choice as she wasn’t *actually* half naked (although as I’ve said, she was hardly covered as her bra was similar to her panties so her breasts were also pretty much fully exposed). She objected at first but when we reminded her of the plan she agreed that having the delivery guy see her like that would be the least of her worries.

When the doorbell rang I peeked out the window and thought I recognised the guy. We pushed Lucy down the hall and she nervously answered the door while Lis and Jen sat on the sofa and I moved between them, licking and fingering them in turn. We heard Lucy invite the guy in and warn him that ‘her friends’ were busy in the living room but he could go in if he wasn’t going to be offended. The guy strode in and stood watching us, then Jen told Lucy to get back to work and held her lips apart. Lucy knelt beside me and starting eating Jen and I looked round to the guy and told him I could do with some attention – if he was interested. As expected, he was interested and I felt his hand on my ass. He also stroked Lucy’s ass but she told him (fairly kindly) that she was gay and it was me who wanted him. The guy apologised and stroked my ass some more and I then felt his fingers rubbing around my pussy, slide between my lips and pump in and out of me. I murmured that it felt good, but that his cock might feel a lot better and told him where he could find a condom (we always keep stashes of one or two in a number of places so they are on hand but without making it look too obvious by having a whole pile in one place). I watched the guy slide the condom on, wiped some juices from Lis’ pussy onto the condom and resumed eating Lis while sticking my ass out to present my pussy to him.

I felt him rub his cock along my pussy lips, then between my ass cheeks. He asked if he could take my ass and I told him maybe another time and that I wanted to feel him in my cunt. He didn’t seem too bothered by this and slipped in to me, then made a comment about how wet I felt. I stoked his ego a bit and told him it was because of the way he’d been fingering me and rubbing his hard cock around my pussy and felt him push in deeper. I wanted to enjoy the session so told him to play with my breasts and clit and that if he made me cum before he did that he could come back and fuck me again sometime (I nearly said ‘anytime’ but decided it would be best to reward him a little at a time). He reached around and fondled my breasts through my top at first but then pushed it up and freed my breasts so he could grope them directly. I humped back against him and after me prompting him again he also reached around to play with my clit. I made sure to put on a good show with what I was doing with Lis and moved my head out of the way a few times so he could watch as I fingered her. I grinned up at Lis as I did this and mouthed at her that she had to cum, then dived in to her pussy one last time and lapped at her until she pushed herself harder against my face and had the orgasm I was trying to give her.

I was getting fairly close by this point so encouraged my delivery guy to frig me a bit more and pulled Lis’ pussy lips apart to give him a better view but still occasionally lapped gently at her. Jen’s mewing was increasing in volume and I told the guy to try and get me off at the same time as her. In the end, I came a little before Jen did, but that meant that the guy could watch Jen cum and hammer away inside me so he came just a little bit after she did. He pushed hard into me and I pushed back against him while doing my best to squeeze myself around his cock (this isn’t always as easy just after cumming) to try and milk his cum from his cock. I then turned around and took him in my mouth, sucking my juices from the condom. I then stroked Lucy through her panties, rubbing the crotch of them against her pussy and between her lips a few times before pulling them down and handing them to the guy to use to clean himself off as he removed the condom. He gingerly wiped his cock with them so I helped out and wrapped them around it properly and giving him a good (but gentle) rub to clean his cum up, then handed the panties back to Lucy. Unsurprisingly she didn’t put them back on but also didn’t try to cover up the fact that her pussy was now bare. I thanked the guy for helping me cum – he thanked us for the show (and for letting him fuck me) and we paid him for the meal before sending him on his way. I kept my promise and gave him my number, saying he could call me anytime he wanted for another fuck, but added the provision that I wanted him to be desperate to cum and that we’d fuck properly as many times as he could manage.

With the guy gone, Mike came down to join us and we ate dinner in our semi-clad state in front of the fire. Mike spooned with Lucy for a while and was going to cum in her again but I convinced him he should really save his cum for Lis. That didn’t stop him from fucking and frigging Lucy so she came again and Jen told him off as she didn’t want Lucy to be too tired to do anything with her. Lucy assured Jen that she would cope and then asked me who I’d be spending the night with. I really wanted to go with Mike and Lis, but as I’d had the previous night with Lis it seemed fairer to go with Jen and Lucy (and I figured I’d get to play with Lis on the Sunday before she left anyway). Mike gave Lucy one last little kitty kissing session before we all headed upstairs with Jen. Lucy and me heading into Jen’s room and Mike taking Lis into his room.

Lis asked Mike what he wanted her to wear and he said he didn’t mind and would fuck her naked but Lis seemed to want to play so wandered into Jen’s room and looked through the wardrobe. In the end she went with one of our older outfits – a red pleated tartan skirt with long white socks and a white blouse. She even put her hair up in bunches for him and I was quite tempted to follow her back into Mike’s room, but it would have been rude to interrupt what I’d started with Lucy and Jen so let her go but did look longingly after her. Fortunately Jen and Lucy were enough to keep me distracted so I didn’t have time to miss Lis and as Jen fucked Lucy (with our ejaculating strap on), Lucy used some toys, her fingers and her tongue on me. Jen ‘came’ in Lucy with some edible cum mix, then licked the cum out of her as Lucy finished off making me cum. As Jen hadn’t cum as many times as we had that day (and because she finally had a proper session with ‘her’ Lucy, she was feeling quite horny and eagerly accepted the advances of both Lucy and me. We couldn’t make too much noise as MJ was asleep in the cot beside us but now that Jen had stopped breastfeeding she wanted us to treat her a bit rougher. We sucked firmly on Jen’s nips and then bit them – not hard enough to draw blood, but certainly much harder than I know I could take. We each gave Jen’s thighs some firm bites, working our way closer to her pussy. Lucy got there first on her turn and gently bit Jen’s pussy lips. For my turn, we flipped Jen over and I bit her ass and Lucy joined in with this. We gave her a few firm slaps, pulling the covers up to muffle the noise and Lucy and I each used two fingers on Jen at the same time to finger her while taking turns firmly frigging her and tweaking her nipples. Jen mewed into a pillow. As Jen started to cum, I pinched one of her nipples harder and she pressed my hand firmly against her breast. I could feel her body making little jerking movements as she came and we carried on firmly fingering her, with all four of our fingers pumping in and out of Jen’s cunt until she lifted her head from the pillow and panted ‘enough’.

I suggested that Lucy could help Jen calm down so Jen rolled onto her back and let Lucy kitty kiss her and I took the opportunity to climb over Jen’s face as I remembered how she used to give me really good lickings after a spankings. It wasn’t quite how I’d remembered it, but felt quite nice and would have definitely felt much better in a matter of minutes if MJ hadn’t woken up. We generally don’t fuck in front of her (when she’s awake) anyway, but as Jen as enjoying her time with Lucy, I sacrificed my enjoyment and dismounted Jen’s face so I could go and comfort MJ, lifting her from her cot and taking her downstairs for a cuddle on the sofa. I peeked in at Mike and Lis on the way past who were still going at it and as I walked downstairs I wondered if she would still want to fuck Mike as the baby grew inside her.

When Lis had returned in the tartan skirt and bunches, Mike told her that she looked incredibly sexy and he hoped she had the energy to cum a few more times for him. Lis wrapped a hand around his cock and bent over to suck him, then told him that as long as he fucked her and came in her again, he could do whatever he wanted. He pulled her onto the bed, across his knee and caressed her ass under the skirt, sliding his fingers between her lips and up into her pussy. Lis reached back to stroke his cock (although the angle was a bit awkward) and Mike told her he wanted to examine her little cunt. He pulled her over him in a 69 position but didn’t start eating her and just used his fingers to stroke and spread her lips. Lis stroked and sucked on his cock. Mike couldn’t keep his mouth away from Lis’ pussy for long and pushed it between her lips, tasting the juices he’d been stimulating in her. The licking turned into eating and after making contact, he worked on her without pulling away once until she came and he had kitty kissed her back to normal. Lis had continued to suck and stroke Mike throughout this and she commented on the colour his cock had turned and whether it meant he had enjoyed what she’d done. Mike rolled Lis off of him and climbed over her, pressing his cock against her crotch and kissing her deeply, then telling her that her mouth felt wonderful and if he hadn’t wanted to cum deep inside her pussy, he would have gladly emptied his cum down her throat. Between kissed, he teased Lis and asked whether a lesbian would prefer to have a guy cum in her pussy or mouth and Lis told him that just like Jen, she didn’t consider him a man, just someone she loved. Mike pretended that she had wounded his pride, but told her he loved her too and that now she had his baby inside her that he hoped both Lis and Lucy would be a part of our lives for ever.

Lis wrapped her legs around him and told him to push into her. As they started to fuck she asked if he really thought he could keep four women satisfied but Mike pointed out that Lis, Lucy, Jen and I would all be helping to keep each other satisfied and he would eat or fuck whichever of us wanted him at any given time. Lis hissed that she wanted him and they rolled over so she could ride him, allowing Mike to caress her legs and play with her clit. She leant forwards and they kissed some more as Mike caressed her ass and he asked her to keep the socks on overnight so he could stroke them as he kissed her thighs in the morning. Lis agreed and said it was a good trade. Lis asked how close he was and Mike said he could last a bit longer and she humped against him faster. Lis ground her clit against Mike’s body and told him to warn her when he got close and they carried on fucking. Instead of Mike being the one to keep Lis close to cumming (but not actually letting her cum), Lis took care of this herself. She switched between grinding against him and riding him, her thrusts growing more intense and passionate as the session developed, but she held her desire in check just enough to stop herself from cumming. Mike encouraged this as he loved seeing her enjoying herself so much and getting so worked up so he held back as well and just enjoyed the velvety feel of Lis’ hot, wet pussy around his cock. Lis eventually panted to him that she wanted to cum and between kisses Mike teased her and said that he thought they should keep going for another 20 minutes before cumming. Lis told him to shut up and cum in her cunt so Mike pulled her against him and pumped away. Lis wanted to remain in control though and sat up so she could grind against him again, moaning almost continually and telling him how close she was getting. As Mike had also been holding back for a fair while he had no trouble getting to the point where he could cum and held back just long enough for Lis to reach her orgasm (he actually came slightly before she did, but was still cumming when her orgasm started).

Lis humped against Mike until he couldn’t take it anymore and he once again pulled her down against him. She continued to grind against him, although only gently and they kissed while panting into each other’s mouths. As Mike caught his breath, he took Lis’ face in his hands, gave her a little kiss and said ‘Fuck, you’re good’. Lis beamed one of her cute smiles at him and told him he wasn’t bad either. They kissed some more and Lis asked him if he’d still want to fuck her when she had a huge bump and Mike reminded her that he had happily eaten, fingered and fucked Jen throughout her pregnancy and that he expected Lis to be  just as alluring and irresistible no matter how big she got. He teased her about her now being one of ‘his’ girls and how he wouldn’t let her go, then nibbled on her neck and told her he intended to repeatedly fuck her wife (Lucy) as well. Lis said that was fine as long as she could fuck his wife (me) and then added that she also wanted access to Jen. They made a verbal contract assigning each other full access to their respective partners and Mike told Lis he hoped her libido would go into overdrive the way Jen’s had during her pregnancy.

By this point Mike had slipped out of Lis so she took the opportunity to remove her blouse and skirt (but left the socks on). She suggested that they spoon while falling asleep but Mike was too soft for this so Lis sat with her legs spread and pouted while stroking herself, saying that she was sad she wasn’t sexy enough to keep Mike hard. Let’s just say the sight of Lis in bunches, with a cute look on her face and long white socks on, toying with her pussy as his cum leaked from it was more than enough to get Mike interested again and when she bent forwards and took a good length of his cock in her mouth, it cemented the deal. Once Lis had given him a good sucking, he offered to kitty kiss her but she said she was tired, he lay behind her and slid easily into her pussy. They moved against each other while Mike kissed her neck and shoulders and caressed her stomach, asking her to promise to look after his child. Lis assured him that she had stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and cur right back on the meth (teasing him). She pointed out that it was still really early and Mike said he understood and the discussed what they would do if things didn’t work out. Lis said she would want to keep trying and Mike promised her as much of his cum as he could produce.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 2

Mike was torn between diving in and burying his face in Lucy’s pussy or taking a few minutes to prepare – giving them both a chance to visit the bathroom, have a drink and a bite to eat and then settling down for an extended session. Lucy said she didn’t mind and suggested they do both, letting Mike have a turn with her straight away and tasting what she was like just after waking up (Lucy loves the way Lis tastes first thing), then having a break and refreshments before letting him have a ‘proper’ go with her. Mike kissed her, told her he thought she was wonderful and promised to do his best. He kissed his way down Lucy’s body, suckling on each of her nipples on the way past, tickling her belly button with his tongue and leaving a trail of kisses down to her mons. He kissed around her thighs, across her mons and right up to her pussy – going only just a little further in than he’d been allowed to the previous night and avoiding her lips. Lucy spread her legs wider to allow him access and told him he didn’t need to tease her but Mike still spent a few more minutes kissing around her lips, just occasionally grazing them with his lips as he moved from kissing one side of her pussy to the other.

He spread Lucy’s lips again and told her that her pussy was beautiful then got her to push a couple of pillows down which he helped slide under her ass to put her in a better position to eat. Lucy enjoyed the last brief period before Mike eating her by asking him how much he’d wanted to do this and he told her (as she knew) that it was at least as big a turn on for him as getting to have sex with her. Lucy covered her pussy with a hand and asked if he’d be disappointed if she changed her mind and he warned her that she’d better not as he couldn’t wait any longer. She slowly stroked herself and pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy, commenting on how wet she was and asked if he’d help to clean her up. As he settled down between her legs he pointed out that he was hoping to make her much wetter with what he was about to do, but then added that he intended to taste a good portion of her juices so it might even out. He kissed up each thigh and around her pussy and mons once more before kissing up the length of her slit. He did this a few more times then spread her lips and kissed around her inner lips – not using his tongue yet though. Lucy squirmed around under him in anticipation and Mike finally added his tongue to the mix, lightly licking from the bottom of her pussy, swirling around her inner lips and then up to her clit. Lucy murmured that it felt nice so he told her he was just getting started and licked a bit harder. He licked and sucked every part of her pussy, pulling her lips into his mouth, sliding his tongue as far into her as he could, sucking and licking her clit, both slowly and rapidly and swirling his tongue over her ass. Mike occasionally broke contact with Lucy’s pussy to kiss and nibble on her thighs as well as reaching up to cup her breasts. Lucy tried to hold him against her pussy a few times but he asked to take things a bit slower so he could enjoy his first time there properly. She whined a bit and said she wanted to cum so he didn’t tease her too much, but made sure he didn’t push her towards her orgasm too quickly either. When Lucy let out a plaintive ‘pleaasseee’ he concentrated a bit more on her clit and was glad that he’d slept with her a few times so he had some idea of how she reacted as she got close to cumming. This allowed him to take her to orgasm at a fairly steady pace, eat her through her orgasm and then switch to kitty kissing before the sensations became too intense. Lucy relaxed back into the bed and stroked his head, saying that he wasn’t bad at it and he could do it again. Mike briefly pulled away to say they’d have a proper session after breakfast and Lucy let out a little laugh, saying that if what they’d just done wasn’t a proper session then what was?

Mike kissed his way back up Lucy’s body and told her she’d have to wait and see. She shied away from his kiss at first as his face was covered with her juices so Mike told her that she didn’t seem adverse to burying her mouth in Jen’s pussy. Lucy said it was different as that was someone else’s juices so Mike told her she tasted every bit as good as Jen and that he’d seen her taste herself enough times that she didn’t need to keep up the ‘good girl’ act. They kissed and Mike slid his cock into Lucy. She commented on how hard he felt and he told her he’d fuck her at the end of their next session if she wanted him to, then changed it to say ‘if she’d let him’. Lucy said if he bought her breakfast then he could fuck her so he led her downstairs and prepared a light breakfast that they ate together.

Lis, Jen and I woke up a little later than Mike and Lucy had so we were really only just getting started on our morning session when we heard them head downstairs. At the time I assumed it was just because Lucy had only allowed Mike a morning fuck (not knowing he was now allowed to eat her). Both Lis and I had cum and Jen and I were lying either side of Lis, playing with her breasts, kissing her and fondling her pussy when we heard Mike and Lucy come back upstairs. I half expected them to come in and see what we were up to but they didn’t make an appearance and we still had to take care of Jen so we didn’t spend too much time thinking about them.

Lucy and Mike both had a quick bathroom break and Lucy said that she assumed Mike wouldn’t mind her having just peed given he lived with Jen. They started off kissing properly with Mike grinding against Lucy as he described to her how he was used to eating Jen as she peed and how he loved the way she enjoyed doing this (Mike isn’t into watersports himself – he just likes seeing Jen cum). Lucy and Jen have done the same thing enough times now that Lucy doesn’t find it too odd either. Mike slipped his cock into Lucy and they slowly humped against each other for a while. He told her that he really wanted to taste her properly and she said she thought it was a little strange that he was so into eating pussy when most guys wanted to just fuck. Mike assured her he wanted to fuck her as well and reiterated that he loved giving pleasure to girls and it made it feel all the better for him when he then came afterwards. Lucy asked if he was going to get started so he kissed her one last time on the lips, kissed his way down her body, stopping briefly at her nipples and then kissed down her stomach to her crotch. As he’d done earlier, he kissed around her pussy first before starting to eat her and swirled his tongue around, over and in her pussy.

Mike took his time and teased Lucy more than he’d done before – taking her close to cumming twice and backing off before licking her through her first orgasm of the session. He held on to Lucy’s legs as she came so she didn’t pull away and he switched to kitty kissing as her orgasm faded. Once Lucy relaxed and he was sure she knew he was going to be gentle for a while he reached up and their fingers entwined. He slowly kissed and nibbled at her pussy as her breathing steadied and she told him how nice it felt. Mike refrained from making any comment as he was focussed on the desire to get her off twice without his mouth breaking contact with her pussy (or at least her crotch as he was still occasionally flicking his tongue over her ass and gently spearing her). Lucy seemed to relax more as he continued eating her and made a few more noises – she isn’t generally that loud when having sex but now seems to be a lot more comfortable around us and at least utters moans and sighs which Mike loved hearing. He pulled her lips apart and explored inside her with his tongue but kept returning to her clit so she stayed well stimulated. This time he didn’t take her as close to cumming while teasing her, but kept her aroused for longer until she was breathing heavily. He reached up to hold hands with her again before he pushed her over the edge and she humped back against his face as she came. Mike pictured how her face looked as she came and swirled his tongue around her pussy and clit. As her orgasm faded he gave her a few more firm licks and she moaned again so he decided to see if she could cum again and resumed eating her properly. Lucy let out a gasp and a moan and started cumming again. This was more than Mike had hoped for (realistically anyway) so he ate her through the orgasm and eased off back to kitty kissing.

He stayed between her legs for another five minutes or so, only kissing and licking her pussy very gently and occasionally flicking his tongue over her ass. She flinched a number of times when he did this, but from the sounds she was making he guessed she was enjoying it. After a final lick of her cunt he pulled away and wiped the juices from his face, kissed her mons and crawled up her body. Lucy gave him a smile and said that it had been good so Mike pouted and said he’d been aiming for a bit more than just ‘good’. She kissed him and said that seeing as he’d given her multiple orgasms she might upgrade the assessment. Mike said that he was surprised he’d got the second orgasm out of her at the end and Lucy kissed him and said that he’d actually got a third orgasm. Mike said he meant the second orgasm the second time she’d cum and Lucy told him that she’d actually cum three times at the end or four times in total that session – once at the beginning, then a second time after the kitty kissing and licking, then the third and fourth time just after the second. It’s difficult to explain just how pleased Mike was with this and he asked if it meant he’d be allowed to eat Lucy again sometime. Lucy told him that they both knew once she let him eat her that it would continue – just like him being allowed to have sex with her.

Mike took that as a cue and slid down a little so his cock was pressed against the entrance to her pussy, then moved up to slide in to her. Lucy let him in but said she needed a bit of a break before they did anything properly but he could spoon with her if he wanted. Mike told her it wouldn’t be any fun cumming in her if she didn’t cum as well so he would wait. Lucy made a comment about him always being the gentleman and he asked if that really applied to someone who’d just spent the best part of an hour buried between her legs and then wanted to fill her cunt with his cum. Lucy agreed that if he put it like that, then he might not be quite as much of a gentleman, but at least he was making sure she enjoyed herself.

They kissed a while longer before coming downstairs to see Lis, Lucy and me and Lis asked Lucy if she had given Mike his present. Lis had already told Jen and me that Lucy had been considering letting Mike eat her and we’d guessed that’s what they’d been doing. From the state Mike’s cock was in, it was also clear that he hadn’t cum yet so I asked if he’d managed to exhaust Lucy. It was Lucy who told us he’d given her a proper multiple orgasm (at which point I told Mike he’d have to do the same to me that night – sadly I can’t get these on demand though). I offered Mike to Lis but as Jen and I had already taken care of her just a little bit earlier, she declined, although told him he might be needed later on and that she didn’t want him to tire out his tongue on Lucy so Mike promised her he’d keep enough energy to eat her as much as she wanted. I’d had enough of waiting by this point and told him to lie back so I could plant myself on his cock. As we fucked I told him he felt nice and hard and that he must be really turned on from eating Lucy – he agreed with this but said he’d hold back as he wanted to cum in her later on as she might also be able to get pregnant. I told him that I was the next one who’d be getting a baby and Lis assured me that Lucy was on the borderline of her safe period, although there was a small chance that something could happen. I trust Lis’ statistical analysis enough that I felt slightly reassured but I still humped against Mike quite fast in the hope I could convince him to cum in me instead of Lucy. Sadly, Mike is still very adept at holding back and Lis ended up helping out but getting me to turn around so she could lick my clit as I rode Mike so I didn’t stand a chance.

After this, Mike showered with Lis and semi-fucked her as they washed each other down. Jen showered with Lucy and I went in after them. The rest of the day was relatively quiet (in terms of sex) – we wandered around the shops and made plans for Lis’ baby (both Lis and Lucy wanted Mike to be involved with things. Only once while we were out did we fool around when we used a dressing room and instead of just checking out the clothes Lis wanted to try on, Jen and I stripped her, pressed her up against the wall and toyed with her until she came. In our defence, Lis should have known better than to enter a changing room with us as we’ve fucked in them many times before and she didn’t exactly put up a struggle and allowed us to play with her. Lis came with Jen and I each stroking one of her nipples, my fingers in her pussy and my thumb pressed against her ass and Jen’s other hand working Lis’ clit. She let out a few gasps that were possibly a little louder than was sensible given or surroundings, but nothing came of this and I knelt to kitty kiss her while Jen gathered up Lis’ clothes so she could get dressed again.

On returning home, Mike asked for another chance to go down on Lucy and she allowed him the ‘privilege’ of eating her. Always one to push his luck, Mike asked if she’d wear some long socks for him and with a sigh, she agreed. Once Mike had fetched the socks (he went for long white ones), slid them on to Lucy’s legs and settled down between them, Lis reminded him that she’d promised to wear whatever he wanted and I thought it was quite amusing that he had two self-declared lesbians almost (but not quite) fighting for his attention. Jen told Mike not to be too greedy as she wanted a turn with Lucy later on that night so he promised to be gentle and buried his mouth in Lucy’s pussy. I have to admit, while Lis (after Jen of course) is my favourite girl, Lucy looked incredibly sexy as Mike worked on her – she joined in the conversation from time to time and then went quiet for periods of time, visibly enjoying what Mike was doing to her. He spent a good part of an hour licking her but didn’t push her too close to cumming for most of that period – it was only near the end that Lucy seemed to be very close and that only lasted for five minutes or so before she came (at which point we all stopped talking and watched her throughout her orgasm. I had been slowly stroking myself for a fair part of the session and Jen toyed with herself a bit in the run up to and through Lucy’s orgasm, saying that she intended to have an even better session with Lucy that night. Mike tried to give Lucy another multiple orgasm but had to back off and just kitty kiss her when she said she couldn’t cum again.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Christmas Present (December 2014) – Part 1

Mid-December 2014, Lis and Lucy came for their usual monthly visit with the aim of Mike impregnating Lis. Mike had withheld his cum for a couple of days (Jen and I had still fucked him, we just hadn’t allowed him to cum) so we knew he had a decent load of cum for Lis and he was eager to share it with her. I stayed at home to look after MJ, letting Mike and Jen go to the airport to meet Lis and Lucy. Jen kept Mike occupied on the journey out there, sitting in the passenger seat, stroking herself as Mike drove the car and occasionally reaching over to caress his crotch. When they met up, the traditional greeting was used (reaching under coats to fondle and caress) and Mike and Jen were pleased to discover that both Lis and Lucy had removed their panties on the plane (although neither of them had been brave enough to go through airport security without them on though). On the drive home Jen told Lis how Mike had been preparing for her visit and Lis said she was grateful and would gladly receive as much of Mike’s cum as he could give her. Not being satisfied with having one cute younger girl throwing herself at him he asked Lucy if he would be allowed to fuck her again and she said that he probably would, providing he behaved himself.

On arriving back at the house, Mike fondled Lis as we sat and chatted. She didn’t try to stop him and allowed him to kneel on the floor and kitty kiss her. He complimented her on how well her pussy was shaved and asked If Lucy was as smooth. She knew this was his not so subtle way of asking to see her pussy so she slid down in her chair and spread her legs for him. Mike quickly crawled over to her and Lis whined that he was neglecting her but he said he would be back. He asked Lucy if there was any chance of him being allowed to go down on her yet and she told him he had to wait a bit longer, but that he could touch her and kiss around her pussy as he’d done before. Mike took hold of Lucy’s legs and pulled her down further, pushed her legs apart and kissed his way up her thighs one at a time. I watched as he spread her lips and examined her pussy, ran his fingers up and down the outer and then the inner lips and tasted Lucy from his fingers. He nibbled on the little fold of skin at the top of her thigh once more before moving to return to Lis but by this point I had already taken his place and was kneeling up on the floor between Lis’ legs, kissing her and working two fingers in her pussy. Mike said it wasn’t fair as Lis was meant to be his but I pointed out that he had walked (or crawled) away from her so she was mine for the time being. He went to return to Lucy but Jen lifted her skirt and beckoned Lucy over and she quickly placed herself between Jen’s legs and started licking her.

Mike shuffled over behind Lucy and caressed her ass, then slid her top up and undid her bra so he could reach around and caress her breasts. Jen meanwhile had pulled her top up and was pulling on her own nipples and Lis and I were kissing deeply, my fingers still inside her and one of her legs between mine for me to grind against. Mike freed his cock and rubbed it back and forth against Lucy’s pussy and was just about to slide into her when she said he couldn’t fuck her yet as his first load had to be for Lis. She let him slide back and forth between her lips a little but that just frustrated him (while Mike is usually very good at holding back, we’d been teasing him for days and he really wanted to cum). He pulled his trousers off and moved around behind me, pulled my hips back, slipped his cock between my legs, reached around to spread my pussy and slid into me. I broke my kiss with Lis and told him Lis was already taking care of me but he knows more than well enough how to push my buttons and whispered to me that I’d much rather have him fuck me and Lis playing with me. He described how Lis could flick my clit with her tongue while he fucked me and then how she and I could 69 as he pumped into my cunt. It certainly felt good but the thing that sealed the deal was him describing how his cock would be soaked with my juices which would act as lube for when he fucked Lis and how I would be helping to get Lis pregnant. He knows that I love the idea of helping to make Lis’ baby so I allowed him to stay inside me. Lis toyed with my clit more but used her other hand to slow my fingering of her pussy and I ended up cumming first.

Mike and Lis were given the choice of using Jen’s bed to sleep (and fuck) in, but they opted to once again use the rug in front of the fire. Mike had already prepared the fire and we had blankets ready so I helped lay them out as Mike lit the fire and the candles and then retired to the sofa to quietly chat with Lucy and Jen while Mike and Lis got down to things on the rug. Despite being desperate to cum, Mike still wanted to pleasure Lis first and the three of us watched as he went down on her, kissed her and rubbed against her. When he finally slipped in to her pussy, we debated leaving them to it but Lucy said we should stay and watch and that she didn’t think Lis would mind.

Mike and Lis kissed for ages as they slowly moved against each other. A few times when he pulled most of the way out I saw the silhouette of his cock between them against the backdrop of the fire and watched as he slid it back into the depths of Lis’ little pussy. Lucy and Lis kissed a fair bit and Jen fondled Lucy’s breasts while I played with Lucy’s pussy. We could hear Mike and Lis whispering to each other but couldn’t make out what they were saying (although guessed relatively accurately as he was telling her how much he was going to cum in her). Lis rode him for a short while and Mike toyed with Lis’ clit as well as pulling her forwards to kiss and suck her nipples. Lis told him she was getting close to cumming and wanted him to fill her so she lay down against him and they moved a bit more energetically against each other. I’d either done a better job on Lis that I’d thought or she was just hornier than usual as she said she couldn’t hold back much longer and Mike had to speed up his movements to catch up with her. He ended up letting her cum while on top of him (so she could grind her clit against him) before rolling over and fucking her as she wrapped her legs around him. As he got close to cumming he asked if she would wear the socks for him next time and Lis told him she’d dress up however he wanted, socks, pleated skirt, cute panties, anything. Mike told Lis that if that was the case he wanted her to wear the Japanese outfit, but for now he was more than satisfied with being buried in her naked body and that he was about to cum. He pushed deep into her with each stroke and they alternated between kissing and talking about getting Lis pregnant.

Once Mike’s orgasm finished, Lis unwrapped her legs from around his body but he remained inside her. They kissed some more, pushed hard against each other and Mike told her he thought he’d cum a fair bit. Lis looked over towards Lucy, Jen and me and asked Lucy if it was time and Lucy nodded. Lis then turned back to Mike and said that it had felt wonderful, but that he might have wasted his cum as she was late for her last orgasm. Mike asked if she thought she was pregnant and she said that while it was very early, it was possible. Mike and Lis kissed some more and Jen asked Lucy for details. Lucy said Lis would explain and once Mike released her (from the kiss – he kept his cock buried in her) Lis said that she was usually very regular (which we knew) but she hadn’t had a period since her last visit and she certainly felt different.

All of us had discussed the consequences of Mike ‘donating sperm’ to Lis and both Jen and I had said we were happy for him to do this, but I still felt quite conflicted when Lis said she was pregnant. I was genuinely happy for her and Lucy (and Mike) but a much larger part of me than I had expected wished it was me that was pregnant. I knew that we (Mike and I) would be trying fairly soon so pushed the feelings down and moved over to give Lis a congratulatory kiss. I’m more than used to the fact that Mike, Jen and I have a ‘non-traditional’ relationship and it doesn’t usually seem at all strange to me, but it definitely felt odd kissing Lis and then Mike to congratulate them on the baby while Mike was still buried inside Lis.

We chatted some more and eventually Mike pulled out of Lis and she sat up (over a towel) so we could talk properly. I occasionally reached down to her pussy and smeared the cum leaking out of it over my fingers, then fingered it into my pussy or sucked my fingers clean. Mike asked why she hadn’t said anything straight away and Lis said that she had wanted to but knew how much he enjoyed fucking her while trying to get her pregnant (and she wanted to pretend they were doing this one last time as well before making it ‘real’ by telling us). Lis showed us the pregnancy test she had taken when she realised her period was late (and then admitted that she may have taken 3-4 more since then to make sure). We all knew that it was very early days (4 weeks at the absolute most – and only that long if the egg had been waiting and it had been the first fuck on the previous visit that had fertilised it!).

Mike said that as his work was now done he didn’t need to sleep with Lis any more so could concentrate on Lucy. Lis pouted at this so he assured her that he fully intended to spoon with her (Lis) for the whole night and would make her cum as many times as she wanted. Lis told him it was fine and that she had wanted to spend the night with her girls (Jen and me) and as a reward, he would be allowed to fuck Lucy. Mike told Lis he still liked the idea of having her dress up for him and she promised to do so. Jen and Lis chatted about pregnancy and Lis told us that she hadn’t had much nausea yet and while her sex drive hadn’t decreased, nor had it gone ballistic the way Jen’s had when she was pregnant with MJ. Of course, every woman (and pregnancy) is different so we warned Lucy that she might wake up one day to find Lis had turned into someone that made me look like I was frigid and that she’d better be prepared to satisfy her wife, but added that if Lis got too bad that the four of us could always take shifts and I was sure that between us we could quench whatever libido Lis developed.

We got ready for bed with Lucy deciding that she’d rather sleep in Mike’s bed with him instead of beside the fire (once the fire goes out the downstairs can get a bit cold). Lis, Jen and I slept in Jen’s bedroom and had a quiet session so we wouldn’t wake MJ. Mike and Lucy chatted for a while about Lucy becoming a Mum and Lucy thanking him for what he had done, then going down on him and giving his cock a good suck. This naturally led to Mike asking to eat Lucy who told him ‘not yet’ and planted herself on his cock so she could ride him while ‘letting’ him fondle her breasts, caress her ass and frig her clit. As Mike had already had quite a strong orgasm, they had a long session before he came. He made Lucy cum once as she rode him facing away from him (watching herself in a mirror with him caressing her breasts and frigging her clit) and the second time with Mike spooning her. The second time, Mike came and they worked to time their orgasms, getting quite close (Lucy cumming just a little before he did). She pushed back hard against him and told him to cum deep into her and try to give her as much cum as he’d given Lis. Mike kissed her neck and said he wished he could, at which point Lucy reminded him that while their visits were timed for Lis’ most fertile period, that she (Lucy) wasn’t entirely in the safe zone. Mike felt his cock jump inside her and asked if she was trying to get pregnant as well but Lucy assured him that it was unlikely, although if it happened it just meant she and Lis would be raising kids together. Mike pushed deeper into her and told her she was a little minx but he’d accept the challenge and fuck her ad many times as he could over the weekend. They fell asleep with Mike still inside her (he remained there even when he’d gone soft).

In the morning Mike woke first and moved down between Lucy’s legs, He kissed around her thighs, going as close to her pussy as he was permitted to and then spread her lips to examine her and catch her scent. Lucy woke up while he was doing this and Mike assured her he hadn’t been eating her but she said she knew as she had been partially awake for a while. Mike crawled up onto Lucy and pressed his cock against her mons, then asked if she wanted him to cum in her again. Lucy told him he could and he reached down to rub his cock back and forth against her pussy when she told him that he might not want to cum in her. He assumed she had just decided to be a bit more careful and that she didn’t really want to risk getting pregnant, but it turned out to be something far better. Lucy kissed him and said that given the circumstances he could have his Christmas present early if he wanted and that she would let him go down on her. Mike was ecstatic about this but tried to play it cool and kept rubbing his cock against Lucy’s pussy, nibbled on her earlobe and whispered to her that he liked the idea of cumming in her while it wasn’t entirely safe. Lucy gave him a little slap and told him that he was never happy but Mike told her earnestly that having made Lis pregnant and having the opportunity to do things (anything) with Lucy made him incredibly happy and if he was allowed to, he would spend the whole weekend buried between Lucy’s legs. Lucy knew that he really would try to spend that long eating her if he was allowed so she told him she wanted to enjoy time with Jen as well, but that she was ready to let him kitty kiss her and that she wanted to see if he was as good at it as Lis, Jen and I said he was.