Sunday, 31 August 2008

Long time cumming

I was going to writ this yesterday but sepnt the day with friends and then out gain in the eveing with Jo and Sue...
This happened about a year or so ago - we've done something similar a few more times since then, but as with most of the stories on here, it's the first time that I do something that I really remember it - I guess mainly because of the 'new and exciting' aspect of it.
We were round at Mike's place and having dinner - we had ice cream for pudding and as I had expected, Mike got me up on the table (he really likes licking ice cream off my pussy). I lifted my skirt up and he dripped some of the ice cream onto my clit. I love the way the first few drops feel as they run over the clit and down the lips. As the ice cream reached the bottom of my pussy, he gently licked up one side of the lips and then up the other. He repeated this a few times, not touching my clit or sliding his tounge into me, just dripping ice cream and licking it off my lips.
I lay back on the table and opened my legs wider, waiting for him to dive into my cunt properly and eat me, but he kept working around the outer lips, licking, nibbling and sucking on them. Ocasionally, his tounge would flick over my ass or he'd spread my outer lips and very gently lick the inner lips. This went on for what seemed like ages and I was now writhing around on the table and begging him to lick me properly.
He stopped and put a blob of unmelted ice cream in his mouth and then pushed it into my cunt with his tounge. I was so hot by this point that the cold from the ice cream sent a shock through me and I thought he would now make me cum, but he went back to playing with my outer lips, only licking my cunt and ass when some of the ice cream dripped out of me.
When most of it had melted, he slid his tounge back into me and cleaned out my cunt and then said we should go upstairs. I was heading up first and he told me sto stop and bend over - I did this and he flipped my skirt up and went back to licking around my cunt while I stood there. We were in full view of the front door and had no idea when Amy would be coming home. Every time I tried to touch myself and rub my clit he stopped me and I ended up trying to rub my pussy against his face to get myself off, but because he was eating me from behind I couldn't get any pressure on my clit.
We finally made it to the top of the stairs, with Mike stopping me every few stairs to tease me some more. At the top, he undid my skirt and pulled it down and told me to take off my top lie down - I did this and he knelt down on the stairs, stuck his head between my legs and started licking me properly - I was finally going to cum! We were still in full view of the front door but by this point I really didn't care and was bucking my hips to meet each stroke of his tounge and pulling his head towards me to get more pressure. I could feel my whole cunt starting to tingle, and then he stopped and started gently kissing around my pussy again. I was so close and couldn't do anything - each time I tried to push myself against him he leant back and he still wouldn't let me use my hands.

He stared to lick me again and I pulled his head against my cunt as hard as I could and told him to make me cum - I was grinding my pussy up and down but again when I got close he stopped. I'm pretty sure I swore at him :) but all he would do was gently kiss and lick around my pussy again until I wasn;t as close to cumming. He repeated this over and over again and I was becoming more and more desperate to cum, shouting at him, begging and pleading him to eat me properly and to let me cum.

Each time I got close, the feeling was stronger and it felt like the whole area from my clit to deep in my cunt was pulsing. He licked a little too long one time and I think I started to cum, but then he stopped and it was worse tha ever being left hanging there! Eventually(after what turned out to be about 45 minutes) I was almost crying with desperation and he finally took pity on me. He did exactly the same things he had been doing and when I was screaming to cum (but expected him to pull away), he kept going and it hit me.
Wow - I thought I had cum hard before but this was amazing. I wrapped my legs around Mike's head and jammed my cunt against his face. He licked and licked at my clit and wave after wave of orgasm coursed through me. I was probably louder than I have been at any other time but I really didn't care if anyone heard me or if Amy walked in and stood and watched (she didn't).
I'm not sure how long I came for, but it felt like ages as if it kept rollout out of my cunt and through my body. Eventually it did end and I released Mike and collapsed. He moved up a few stairs and I saw that he had been jacking himself off. His whole face was covered in my pussy juice and he quickly came over my cunt and stomache. Clearly the teasing had been having an effect on him too as he came far more than usual and I was covered. He rubbed it up over my breasts and neck and down over my thighs and managed to cover most of my body but I was too exhausted to move.

We went into his room and collapsed on the bed and both fell asleep fairly quickly - we didn't even hear Amy come in that night.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I promised some more pics a few days ago so these are the ones I've used to cum recently. The first pic just looks like a nice pussy to lick, the second looks a little like a Thai girl I know (and will now imagine playing with!). I wish I was in the ballet class the third pic is from :) The last two pics play to my schoolgirl fantasy - Mike always likes it when I have my tartan skirt and white socks on but I really want to get a pair like in the fourth pic. The girl in the last pic looks so cute I just want to lick her...
If anyone has any links to pics of really cute girls, let me know (I may have already seen them, but you can't get enough cute girls :)

Friday, 29 August 2008

The following night

We didn't talk about the previous night (well, Mike and I did, but neither my sister or I mentioned it to each other), and went about on the Saturday looking around town. Mike left us for a bit to go girly shopping (us, not him!) and then caught up with us later on. (On a side note, clothes shopping is much more fun when you don't wear panties as it means when you're trying things on you get to stand in the changing room almost naked :) - it would only be a short post, but I may tell you about that properly in future.)

Back to the Saturday - we spent most of the day in town and then grabbed some food and went back to change for the evening. I wore my usual clubbing outfit of short flippy skirt (and no panties) and Sue had a similar little skirt on (I assume she had panties!) We went back into town and visited some more pubs (we have hundreds of them in York) and then on to a club later in the evening. Mike had managed to slip his hand under my skirt a few times in the pubs but because Sue was with us all the time I hadn't been fondled as much as usual - I'm actually not sure if that made me feel more or less horny :)

We (Sue and I - Mike doesn't dance much) danced for a bit and I went off to find Mike. We stood and watched the dancefloor for a while and talked about the previous night. He told me he wanted to do the same thing tonight, the only diference being that we would know she was listening to us. It took him a little while to talk me into it (I had really thought she was asleep the previous night) but finally agreed to it as long as we weren't too obvious.

We danced and drank a bit more and went back to Uni, chatted for a bit and went to bed (us on the floor again and my sister in my bed). Mike couldn't wait and slid his cock into me from behind me as soon as I'd turned the lights off and got into bed. It's very distracting trying to talk to someone while you are being fucked! To be fair, he wasn't moving a lot, but was rubbing my clit at the same time and it was having an effect on me.

After a while Sue stopped answering and Mike asked her if she was asleep - we didn't get a reply and assumed that she was either pretending to be asleep again (what Mike wanted) or really had nodded off. I had assumed he was going to do the same thing as the previous night but he slipped out of me and worked his way under the covers. He pulled my legs apart and started to eat me - I was already quite wet from the partial fucking and kept wondering if my sister could hear him licking me - but my orgasm was building and I was concentrating on being quiet. That was made much more difficult when he slid a couple of fingers in my cunt and one in my ass and started pumping them in and out of me while licking my clit. I had an incredible orgasm that time - I think not being able to move or make any noise made it stronger (and my desier to cum with other people around was beginning to win out over the fact that the other person was my little sister!)

Even though I had been quiet, I knew I was breathing heavily and reached under the covers to push Mike away from my pussy - he moved up my body and kissed me (which at least masked the heavy breathing) and slid his cock into me. He started to fuck me while we kissed and I tasted my pussy juices off him and then he whispered for me to rub my clit. I figured that he woulnd't take long to cum and I didn't want to be left without cumming again so I slid my hand down between our bodies and pressed my fingers agaisnt my clit. Mike did a good job ob being quiet apart from the occasional slap of skin as he pushed into me (at least being on the floor, there were no noises from the bed moving).

He was speeding up and I could tell he was going to cum soon so I rubbed my clit faster. He pushed hard into me and I felt his cock pulse. He pumped into me a few more times and I could feel my cunt getting much wetter as his cum filled me. He kept moving slowly and I rubbed my clit even faster. just as I was about to cum, he whispered something like 'cum for your sister' into my ear (I think it may have been for Sue as much as for me even though he only whispered it) - and I came. I'm pretty sure I managed to be quiet again other than my breathing.

Mike kissed me again and slid off me - I was right about how much he had cum, it dripped out of my pussy and down over my ass - we certainly had to wash the blankets before giving them back. We took up our usual spooning position (with me in the wet spot!) And said good night to each other. It was only a few minutes before we heard movement on the bed. Sue was still very quiet, but not as much as the previous night and we heard the occasional movement of the covers and her breath getting faster. Mike was moving inside of me and I knew that even after his mega cum that he wanted to cum again so I teased him his by pressing back against him hard so his cock was buried completely in me (the head of his cock can just about reach my cervix in the right position).

He had more self control that I expected and just kept his cock pressed hard into my cunt and I heard her cum (well, I heard her sigh so I assume she came). Mike was rubbing my clit again and the whole situation had really got to me - I wanted to cum again but he stopped after she came. He did keep gently fucking me until he fell asleep but I felt very frustrated and almost masterbated.

Neither of us have talked about it (I think she has mentioned it to Mike). The room I have next year has a double bed - I wonder if she'll let us sleep on one side of it with her on the other? :)

Let me know if you've ever had sex with someone else in the room - either quietly like we did or with them watching you openly. I really like the idea of someone watching me be licked, fingered and fucked and cumming for them over and over again (maybe even if it was my sister!)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sister visit

This happened one time my sister came to visit me for the weekend while I was living in college - if I have my timing right, she would have just been 18 at the time. She arrived early evening on the Friday (after having skived the afternoon from school) and we went out for some food and a drink. It was the first time she had come up to York by herself (without our mum) and so she was going to stay in my room. We had a good evening out and visited a few pubs and met up with Mike. We stumbled back to Uni fairly late (although by the time we got there, we had walked off most of the alcohol so weren't really drunk).

I asked her if she minded if Mike stayed over and as an incentive said that she could have the bed and we would crash on the floor (I'd borrowed some blankets from friends and made up a makeshift bed). She agreed and went off to the bathroom to change and Mike's fingers went straight under my skirt and to my pussy. I told him to be quick and sat on the bed. He started to lick me but unfortunatly my sister didn't take very long so I hadn't cum yet by the time she had changed.

I went to the bathroom to change (it's been a long time since my sister and I have seen each other naked - probably not since we used to bath together when we were young). It felt strange to wear a nightdress (have been sleeping naked as it makes it easier for Mike to 'access' certain bits of me through the night. Mike brushed his teeth and then slipped out of his clothes under the covers on the floor (no PJs at my place). I turned off the light and joined him as my sister got into bed and we chatted about what we were going to do the following day. His hand was already under my nightdress and playing with my nipples, but it was fairly dark so I felt quite sure that Sue couldn't see anything.

I felt his cock press against my pussy and put my hand on his side to tell him to wait until Sue was asleep but I was wet enough that he slipped into me (I may have pushed back a bit). I pressed against him and he got the idea not to do anything more though. We kept talking for a bit and I could feel Mike moving very slowly in me (really just pressing deep into me) - after a while Sue seemed to go to sleep (I asked her a few questions that she didn't reply to).

Mike started pumping into me faster and I whispered to him to keep quiet. He reached down and started to rub my clit. I kept listening for any noise from the bed but my sister was silent and I could feel my cunt getting wetter. I knew we'd probably only be able to cum once so I pressed his fingers harder against my clit and pressed back against him to get his cock deep in me. Mike came fairly quickly and was breathing quite heavily but I was close so just kept pressing his fingers against my clit hard and soon came (I think I was fairly quiet).

We settled down to sleep with Mike's cock still inside me and his free hand on my breast (best way to go to sleep as you can always get a quick fuck in at any time before you doze off!) After a while (not sure how long as I was almost asleep) I heard Sue call my name - I was going to answer by Mike put his finger on my lips so I stayed quiet. She called again and then I heard movement on the bed. Things went quiet again for a while. I'd like to think I remember hearing the covers rustling with her hands moving but I don't :( - I did hear her breathing change after a few minutes though and become faster and then a few minutes later a few little gasps. I had felt Mike's cock getting harder inside me again but he said the next day that he didn't want to move and make any noise.

I realised that this meant that my little sister had probably just heard us having sex only a few metres away from her (even though she couldn't see anything) and that she had just cum. Suprisingly, Mike didn't try to do anything else, but I certainly didn't feel him go soft before I fell asleep!

Next post is what happened the following night (still not having sex with her!).
Time to go look at some porn now - if I find anyone cute I'll add some pics here - then off to bed.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

More food play

I hope people keep reading after this story - it was an incredible turn on at the time, but I did feela bit guilty about it afterwards...

We had done food play a few times and tried a number of items. Mike liked using ice cream on me as when he dripped it onto my clit I would almost always squeal from the cold. My favourite was strawberries and cream as I loved the way they tasted after they had been inside me.

On one of our 'late night sex in halls' experiences, we were doing things in the kitchen. We had the door slightly open so we would be able to hear if anyone came Mike had already fingered and fucked me but he kept talking about the risk of my friends walking in and finding us so I was still fairly horny. We were both wearing dressing gowns so we could cover up quickly should we hear anyone.

I was lying on the kitchen table with my gown open up to my waist and Mike used a strawberry we had stolen from Jo's shelf in the fridge to flavour my pussy and licked me clean. (This is the Jo who looks like Beth from Nubiles as per the last post). While he was licking me, he kept saying that he wondered what Jo would think of this and wondering if she would like to taste the strawberry out of me. Now Jo is incredibly cute and has an amazing figure and I think it's fair to say that if I ever get up the nerve to play with a girl, I would be very happy if it was her. As such I was getting more and more turned on.

He took another strawberry and ran it over my pussy and pushed it into me. I told him not to use too many of them or she would notice that someone had been stealing her food (people are very sensitive about that in halls). He took it out of me and dropped it back in the bowl. I couldn't believe he had done it and told him to take it out but he kept saying that when she ate it it would be like she was eating me. As dirty as it was, I really liked that idea and said he could leave it in the bowl.

He dived back into my cunt and licked me fast and I could feel an orgasm approaching. I then felt another strawberry sliding over and slightly into me and saw him drop it back in the bowl. I could picture Jo taking the bowl out of the fridge and eating them, tasting my pussy as she did so and then started to imagine it was her eating my cunt. I must have visibly relaxed or Mike just sensed my mood change, but he rubbed another few strawberries over my pussy between licking me. As I started to get close to cumming, i apparantly said 'lick me Jo' - but I don't remember that (althought I know I was thinking it). He slid a strawberry almost the whole way into me and concentrated on my clit. His tounge was flicking over it fast and I came imagining Jo's head between my legs and feeling my cunt throbbing against the cold strawberry.

The strawberry slid out of me and Mike put it back in the bowl and put the bowl back in the fridge. He licked around my pussy to clean me up and then finished the job with some towels. I admitted to him that it had felt amazing (that was when he told me I had said Jo's name out loud) and he kept playing with my pussy while asking if I wanted her to fuck me.

I was still horny and he told me to take of my gown - I did this (but kept it close enough for emergencies) and he told me to close my eyes. I heard him go back to the fridge and he returned and pressed something cold against my slit and started rubbing up and down. I looked and saw he had got a courgette (Jo is an incredibly healthy girl and eats lots of fruit and veg - I guess that's why her figure is so good). Now we had used a carrot and a banana before, but my pussy is still quite small and this looked even larger than my dildo so I was a bit nervous. I was wet enough though and it was soon shining with my juices and Mike started to work it into me a bit at a time.

Given we'd already used her strawberries, I felt it was a bit late to protest so I pressed back against it. It was a bit tight (and cold!) but it got a fair way into my pussy and Mike started sliding it in and out of me. I could feel my pussy streaching - not too much though and it did feel good, I could feel the shape of the courgette as he slid it into me and twisted it around.

He then tried to slide his cock into my ass but the table was at the wrong height so he just went down on me and licked my clit again. Between his tounge, the courgette (the largest thing I had ever had inside me), and the thought of Jo eating it later that day (and eating me) I came fairly quickly. When he pulled it out of me it was shining with my juices and he put it back (presumably where he had got it from) on her shelf.

He went down on me again and I wondered how long we could keep this up (and how much food was in the fridge) but we then heard someone coming. I scrambled into my gown and Mike went to the sink (a gown doesn't hide an erection well!). Whoever it was was only going to the bathroom but the scare was enough to make us leave the kitchen. Just as we got back to my room, Mike pulled my gown down and slid into my cunt from behind. I thought he was going to fuck me (I had cum four times compared to his one), but he pulled out and pressed against my ass. We don't actually have anal sex that often (even though I do quite like it) but he was clearly ready to cum and I used one hand to spread my cheeks for him (the other was supporting me against my door).

He got into my ass and reached round to finger my clit. I pushed back against him and he started to fuck me. I was still horny after our food game and with having my clit and ass stimulated at the same time I knew I could cum a fifth time (the 36 times a day had somewhat opened my eyes!). He came fairly quickly in me (and a bit loudly, but it was very late so it may have just seemed louder). He kept his cock buried in my ass and rubbed my clit until I came (I nearly slid down the door frame).

As I recovered, I could feel his cock softening inside me and it slid out. I grabbed my robe and we went in and fell into bed. As we were going to sleep he kept asking if I liked the idea of Jo tasting me and eating my juices. I did, but also felt rather guilty for what we had done. I only actually saw Jo eat one of the strawberries while making her dinner the following night - I have no idea if it was one of the ones that had been inside me, but she did eat the rest the following night (fortunatly not in front of me as I would have probably cum from the thought of her licking me).

Please let me know what you think of this either by leaving a comment on here or via email - should I have felt as guilty as I did?

These pics aren't from that night, but are in the same general theme (the strawberry in the second pic had been in my cunt before I ate it!):

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Monday, 25 August 2008

Porn and girls

I think one more background story is needed and then my 'dirty' story...

Mike likes porn and we started looking at pics on the net to get some ideas of things to do and positions to try out. We would sometimes browse the web lying on my bed and he'd fuck me while we looked, or he'd sit at my desk and I'd sit on his cock and call up pics while he pumped his cock into me and rubbed my clit.
He also really like girl on girl pics, so that is what we ended up spending quite a lot of time looking at. As we progressed, he would talk to me about how the girls might taste, about me licking them and having them go down on me. I don't know I was that way inclined at the start, but I guess that between the conditioning of talking about this while cumming over and over again, the fact that I love having my pussy licked and the fact that I like the way my cunt juices taste, I started to get more and more into the idea.
I started to find my own favourite girls online and continued to hunt them down and build up a fairly large picture archive of them. The common thread would be cute innocent looking girls. I definitly like shaved pussies (either completely bald or just the lips shaved like mine).

Over time the stories changed from being about doing things to my dream girls to doing things with people we knew. I think it started by some of the 'net girls I liked loooking quite a lot like some of our friends. Things changed from eating Beth to eating Jo, from Sharon to Sue or Pavlina to Nellie (they all look fairly similar) and sort of went from there. We still looked at porn on the web (and still do now) but the stories became more focussed on people we knew. Our sex talk became about our friends (female) walking in on us having sex and wanting to join in, or about me walking in on one of them in the shower and making them cum.

We developed entire fantasies around different people. Some of them were just mine and others would eat me and lick my clit while Mike fucked me from behind, some of them I would lean over them and eat them while they watched Mike fuck me and then I'd sit on their face for them to lick my cunt clean.

We had gone beyond just the people who looked like pictures we had and the sex talk now included pretty much anyone we knew who we thought was cute or hot. I started queueing for the bathroom to see certain people coming and going in their nightdresses and it was around this time that I realised that I really wanted it to be more than just a fantasy with some of them*
So that sets the scene - I fancied half the cute girls who lived around me and wanted to have them all eat me. I'll include some pics of my favourite girls so you can see who I like:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Pavlina - she looks like Nellie, the younger sister of one of my friends. I always liked the idea of having her to myself, making her cum over and over again and then maybe having her older sis walk in and catch us.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Sharon - she looks like Sue. I love the idea of walking in on her in this position, going down on her and then Mike joining us to fuck me while I taste her.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Beth - who looks like Jo. Jo looks so sweet and innocent that I really want to do everything with her. I think about 69ing with her, having her watch Mike's cock slide into me and then after I've licked her and got her nice and wet, spreading her lips and watching Mike fuck her while I play with her clit and rub my cunt over he face.
And of course Inna who I have already posted. Unfortunatly I don't know anyone who looks like her so I just fantasies about outdoors sex with her.

It's a bank holiday here so Mike has the day off. After sitting here writing this and playing with myself, I think it's now time to go wake him up and work up a good appitite for lunch!

* I still haven't actually done anything with a girl but I am now activly looking for someone in York to experiment with. Mike doesn't mind (who am I kidding, I only have to mention screwing another girl and he cums in me!) - I'm sure he'd love to either watch or join us.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Neck stroking

I'm still not sure about the other story relating to halls, so I'll skip it for now. This story is about a wonderful discovery we made one night...

We were at Mike's place and had had sex (just the regular kind) and he was leaning back against the headboard and I was lying between his legs with my head in his lap. He had been kissing my next while screwing me and I had really liked it (I'd noticed this before but never experimented with it).

I told him how good it had felt and he started gently stroking my neck - from my throat right up to my chin. It felt nice and I asked him to keep going. It was very gentle strokes, nothing fast or hard but it felt really good and after w little while I could feel myself getting really turned on by it. The more he stroked, the wetter my pussy was getting and I was now squirming around.

His cock had hardened up again and was stroking against my cheek so I tuened my head and kissed and licked it (or the bits I could get to). I tried to move my hand down to my cunt by he said not to, just to let him stroke my neck. I was definitly getting hotter and was opening my legs and then pressing them together - I could feel an orgasm building, but it was agonisingly slow. I was now almost panting I wanted to cum so badly - my head was thrown back and he rubbed his cock on the top of my neck and underside of my chin while he kept gently stroking with his other hand.

I kept moving my hand down to rub mu clit but he kept telling me to just wait. I thought I was going to go crazy, between his hand and cock head on my neck I was ready to explode. When I came it started as a very gentle orgasm but gathered in strength and kept going. It felt as if a throbbing was coming from deep in my pussy and was one of the longest single orgasms I've ever had - and all without my clit being touched once.

We've used this technique a number of times since then. I've managed to cum while watching a film with my housemates in the room with us, in a club and lying in Museum Gardens earlier this year (when we had sun). There was nothing overtly sexual about what we were doing, but I'm sure anyone looking at my face would have realised I was cuming!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Cumming in Uni

As I was now living on campus, I got Mike spent the night at my place fairly often as it was easier for me to get to lectures. Rooms in halls aren't really that soundproof though so we started out trying to be quieter than we would have liked. (That sort of went out the window after the first few weeks, but we still were slightly tamer than at his place).

So my neighbours knew that I enjoyed a good cum (or two), but they didn't know about some of the things we got up to. It became a challenge to find places in college or on campus to screw (and I think we did quite well). Over the course of the year we managed a number of different places:

- In the library - Mike ducked under the table, pushed my skirt up and went down on my pussy
- In our kitchen - he managed to eat me while I sat up on the countertop and fuck me while I was leaning against the sink
- Late one night we had naked sex in the middle of our hallway just outside my door (in case anyone came)
- We fucked in the shower on a regular basis and used the shower head to spray my clit (that takes a long time, but feels really good)
- In a computer room (sitting just under the security camera) he sat on a chair, I sat on his cock and he rubbed my clit
- In another computer room, (with people in it) i sat on his lap and he fingered me and rubbed my clit till I came
- In the Quiet Place (outside) - he fingered me on a park bench

I have another story about doing things in Uni, but that will have to wait until another time. it's probably one of the dirtiest things we've done so I may decide not to post it.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

How many times can you cum?

This happened on our first anniversary. The timing had worked out really well as it fell on a Saturday and Amy was away for a week visiting her family. We had decided to sleep in Amy's room as her bed was bigger than Mike's (plus it felt naughty - and if you haven't already figured it out, I like things like that :)
The day started with Mike getting up early and making me breakfast in bed. We had and a nice continental breakfast and then champagne with strawberries. As we were finishing, Mike took a strawberry and ran it up my pussy then licked me clean. He then mushed it against my cunt and started lapping away, eating it off and out of me. Once he had cleaned me, he started really licking me hard and fast, running his tounge into me and then sucking on my clit. He lifted my ass up to give better access to my cunt and was working much faster than usual - I came in just a few minutes but he kept going.

I (like most of my friends I have asked) feel very sensitive after I've cum and I wasn't sure if I could take the licking for much longer but I thoght I'd see what heppened. Mike was now licking all around my cunt, from my ass to my clit and I could feel another orgasm coming. It hit me he said (between licks) to make noise so I did. The orgasm subsided and he slid a couple of fingers into my cunt and one into my ass (he somehow manages to do that that with one hand and it feels really good!) and licked even faster.

I tried to push him away but he used his other hand to hold mine and pulled himself against me even harder. His fingers were now jammed deep in my cunt and ass and working inside me and he kept licking. It almost hurt but still felt good (only almost, I don't like pain and other than the occasional slap on the ass, we don't do anything like that!) - each lick sent a sharp sensation through my pussy and I recoiled from his tounge but he kept moving back with me until I was pressed against the headboard. This time when I came it was really intense - my whole cunt seemed to be throbbing with the thrusts of his fingers and my clit shooting out waves of - something (again, almost pain, but not).

I was definity loud this time and he kept eating me through my thrashing around. In the end I managed to push him away and he pulled his fingers out of me. I think I nearly collapsed (difficult to do when you are already lying down!). My clit still felt as if it was being licked but this quickly stopped and my cunt and ass felt empty. He offered his fingers to me and I licked them clean without thinking about it (I couldn't really think about anything after that).

Mike tried to slide his cock into me but it was too soon so after a minute or so I took a mouthful of champagne and started to suck his cock. He said that the bubbles felt wonderful and I moved so i was just sucking and licking the head and pumping the shaft with my hand. That was when he said he wanted to see how many times I could cum in a day and moved round so he was under me in a 69 position.

I had recovered a bit so didn't put up too much resistance and started lapping at my pussy again. I'd dribbled out quite a bit of the champagne when we moved so I grabbed another mouthful and went back to working on the head of his cock. He was pushing his tounge deep into my pussy and had worked a finger into my ass. I was still licking around his cock head and he came - mixed with the champagne, it didn't taste too bad so I swallowed and licked his cock clean. I rested my head on his and kept playing with his while he went back to licking me. It was much less intense this time as he was concentrating on licking in my pussy and the only pressure on my clit was when his chin rubbed against it. In the end, I came ane he moved round so I could taste my juices off his mouth and chin.

Because we had the house to ourselves, we didn't dress at all and with short breaks between sessions, we kept sucking, fingering, fucking and masterbating for the entire day. I don't remember everything that we did, but some of the 'highlights' I do remember are:

- sex in front of the fireplace in the living room
- lying on the dining room table and having more strawberries eaten out of my cunt (and tasting them myself)
- fucking in the garden and then being eaten
- being made to cum 3 times in a row again
- cumming in every room of the house (living room, dining room, both bedrooms, on the stairs, hallway, bathroom and kitchen)
- having multiple orgasms near the end

By the end of the day, I had cum 36 times (I've never even got close to that again - I don't think I could take it) and Mike came 5 times (once in my mouth, once in my ass* and three times in my cunt) which he said was a record for him too. The whole house stank of sex and we didn't assume our usual spooning position when we went to sleep that night!)

So my question to you is, how many times have you cum in a single day (or made someone else cum?) I'd love to hear the details...

* I realised that I missed out the first time we had anal sex. I may go back and fill in that story sometime if I can think of enough to say about it.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Outdoors fuck

Another weekend at the start of the new yearm (not too long from the last story I think) and we were out at some pubs for the evening with friends. We (the girls at least) were doing fancy dress and we had a mix of french maids and schoolgirls. The idea was to try to compete in how silly we looked with the stupidly large number of hen parties that we get in York.

I had gone for the schoolgirl look and had on a white blouse (I had to wear a bra under it), a short red tartan skirt and long white socks. To complete the outfit I decided to shave all of my pussy again. I was going to wear some white panties but in the end decided to go with my usual nothing under the skirt.

We had been out for quite a while and visited a number of pubs and had ended up on the far side of town in a little pub called the maltings. Some people suggested going to the Gallery (tacky nightclub) but Mike had just ordered a pint so we said we would catch up with them (and of course it meant I had time for another glass of wine :)

We finished our drinks and set off towards the club. There is a little place by the river (actually opposite the cinema) - for those of you who know York (the placing may not be exactly right, but it was in that area.)

Anyway, we ducked in there and Mike started fondling me (I think he liked the schoolgirl outfit!). We sat on his jacket and he played with my breasts through my top and then started stroking my pussy under my skirt. I remember that I pulled out his cock and started sucking him off and spread my legs so he could get to my cunt. We were in a similar position to that we had used on the train. After a little while I suggested we fuck - Mike seemed a bit nervous about getting caught but all I had to do to convince him was lie back, spread my legs and lift my skirt.

He slid into me and started pumping into my pussy. He undid my top and pushed my bra over my breasts so he could play with them 'properly' (as he call it). We head peopel walking past a few times, but they seemed to be too drunk to notice what we were doing (we were fairly well hidden by some bushes) and it didn't take long for him to cum in me. I was fairly close and told him to eat me, it didn't take long for me to cum like this and I lay there almost naked for a few minutes until i started to feel him cum trickle out of my pussy.

I removed my bra and did up my blouse, straightened my long socks and stood up. I felt the cum run down one of my thighs and smeared it over my leg. We finally got to the Gallery and our friends were still in the queue so we joined them and went inside after a short wait. Between not having a bra on anymore and the cum dripping out of my pussy, I thought dancing would be a bad idea so we got some more drinks and stood on the upper gallery watching people dance. Mike was hugging me from behind and I could feel his cock pressing against my ass.
He kept asking me if I wanted to cum again and if I wanted to be fucked there in front of everyone. My nipples were poking against my blouse and his cum had now run down both my legs to my socks. After a while I couldn't take any more and we waved goodbye and dashed back to Uni (I had now moved into halls) with only a few fondling stops on the way. We got to my room and I started to undress but he wanted the skirt and socks left on. I sat over him and slit onto his cock and we had one of the hardest fucks I can remember. He pounded into my cunt over and over again while his hands kneaded my ass and played with my asshole.
I came and made far too much noise and he kept pounding at me then gripped me tight and stopped when he came. I rolled off him and my pussy felt soaked from his cum and my juices. Due to exhaustion and the alcohol, we fell asleep fairly quickly but I was awoken in the middle of the night when he started spooning me and rubbing my clit. We still use the skirt and socks from time to time, but it can be a pain to clean the cum out of them!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Another pic of one of my favourite girls. Oh what I would give to be out for a walk in the woods and come across her (and have her cum across me).

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Being overheard

This happened the first time Mike came to visit me at my mum's place. We have quite a big house - both my sister (4 years younger than me) and I have our own rooms and we share a bathroom and my mum has her room on the other side of the house (with a much bigger bathroom - grr!) My parents split up when I was 10 so we haven't had a man in the house for quite a while.

Things went quite well for the first time Mike had met my mum and sis - there was the usual awkwardness that my friends say always comes with these situations but they seemed to get on. He was visiting me for a week, then had to get back to York to work. There isn't a great deal to do around where I live so we went for walks and I showed his around the places I grew up. I think I was a bit more reserved than usual as I knew that most people around would know me so there wasn't as much outdoors fondling as I would have liked (we did manage a few sessions and he did eat me behind the bikesheds at my old school - it had to be done :)

Mostly this meant that I was feelign quite horny when we went to bed and we had longer than usual sessions. The door for my room is on the opposite side of the hallway from my sister's room and our bathroom is between us (at the end of the hall) so at first I had been trying to be very quiet. On our third night (I think - not entirely sure) Mike was taking me from behind - his cock in my cunt and one of his thumbs jammed in my ass (I had come to love this position) and I was giving a bit more vocal encouragement to him than I realised at the time. I came fairly loudly (still not as loud as I can be). Mike had thought he heard someone on the other side of the door but I didn't find this out until later that evening.

He came over me and immediately went down on me and started licking my pussy - I had recovered from my orgasm but was still fairly sensitive so it took no time to get me going again. He kept encouraging me to tell him what to do and (as I knoew he liked it) I dutifully told him to lick my cunt, lick my ass, finger me, etc. He kept me going for quite a while, getting me close to cumming but not pushing me over the edge - at the same time he was jacking himself off.

Just as I was about to cum, he slid up my body, slid his cock into my cunt and started fucking me again. I was on the verge of cumming when he told me that he thought my sister was listening outside the door. I froze and wondered what to do but he kept fucking me and came inside me. The shock had certainly reduced my desier to cum, but he kept saying that if she was actually there, that she had already heard pretty much everything and may have heard me cum the time before.

He had moved sohe was lying beside me and was playing with my pussy and my resolve was beginning to weaken. He kept telling me to let her hear me cum again and saying that she was probably standing out there playing with her own cunt (I think that part was more for himself than me - and she was 16 so what he was saying was legal!) His fingers were still playing with me and the thought of someone hearing me cum (again) was bring me close to orgasm (even if the 'someone' was my little sister).

I gave in and asked him to eat me and came fairly quickly once his tounge touched my clit. I wasn't as loud this time but still audible. We spooned after that and a few minutes later I heard her bedroom door shut. I honestly couldn't decide if I had really enjoyed her hearing us or if I was going to be too ashamed to face her the next day.

She didn't say anything about it and I came to terms with it to the extent that we repeated the show the following nights. I still wasn't as loud as I am sometimes (only in an empty house!) but I did start using my full range of dirty talk. I think I justified it to myself by saying that she would know I had sex and would be able to talk to me about it when it was her turn (yes, I know that's a post-hoc justification).

On the last night that Mike was staying he suggested we up the stakes a little higher and left the door open just a little. Because of the way my room is arranged, we had to use some odd positions to make things visible from the door, but if she looked, she would have been able to see my little cunt being fucked and filled with cum.

I still don't know if she did actually look - we heard her door shut after we had finished (well, Mike did - he has better hearing than I do). We now put on a show (usually with the door shut) whenever Mike visits.

She has admitted to him that she has heard us having sex (because we haven't had a male in the house since she was 6, she looks to him like an older brother and he takes care of her - it's very sweet) but swore him not to tell me.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Cinema cum

A fairly short entry tonight...

This was a few weeks after my first fuck. We'd been screwing quite a bit and I had discovered the joy of having cum trickle out of my pussy at random times of the day! I had learned to be careful not to sit on my skirt so that i didn't end up with any marks on the back of it if anything leaked while i was sitting in lectures - i think I did leave a few wet seats behine me though :)

The hair had begun to grow back on my cunt - I still kept the lips shaved, but there was now a light covering of fuzz above them. We thought it would be fun to try something a bit more public again and so went to the cinema for a late showing one night. I had one of my short flippy dresses on and (as usual) no panties. The idea had been to find a desserted row just behind some people and for Mike to go down on me. Unfortunatly, we chose the wrong film and the cinema was full.

Looking at this development as a challenge (obviously I wasn't going to get my pussy licked), we settled down and started watching the film. I had my jacket over my crotch and soon felt Mikes hand running over my dress and he started sliding it back and forth against my cunt. I slid down in my seat slightly and opened my legs a bit. This was the closest I had ever been to anyone when my pussy was being stroked and I did wonder if we could get away with it.

He was slowly moving my dress up and my hand joined his under the coat and I pulled my dress up, exposing my cunt to his hand. His fingers slid over my lips but couldn't really get far inside me due to the angle he was working at. In the end, he rested his hand above my pussy and used his fingertips to flick my clit. I got quite close but then he slowed down (he said afterwards his hand was getting tired).

I pressed his fingers against my clit harder and he started stroking it again. I wanted his to move his fingers faster, but he was obviously trying to not make my coat move too much. I jammed his fingers against my clit as hard as I could and started to cum silently. Due to the presure, i felt my orgasm explode out from my pussy and it took some effort to stay quiet but I managed it fairly well.

He continued playing with my pussy for quite a bit of the film, but only gently - no more orgasms! Afterwards we went to (the aptly named) Orgasmic bar next to the cinema (I actually think it might have been called something else then, but I can't remember). We stood on the upper area overlooking the dance floor and I know it was too dark for people to see anything, but I loved the thought that they were all looking up at my wet pussy.

Needless to say, when we got home, Mike fucked me and left enough cum in me for me to drip quite a bit the next day :)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

First fuck

I have been wondering about writing this post - I don't want people to think that I had intercourse just to cum, it really did mean something to me but the feedback I've got so far seems to be from people who like the sex side of things so in keeping with the rest of the blog, that's what I'll concentrate on.

Please leave me some feedback to let me know what you want me to write about, or the style you prefer, either by commenting on here or via email.

On to the story... It was fairly obvious that the progression of our sexual adventures would fairly soon lead to us having sex 'properly' so I had visited the doctor and gone onto the pill about 5 or 6 weeks before this happened (I hadn't told Mike about this yet as I was saving it as a suprise). I know that he would have used condoms if I had asked him to, but he had only had one partner before me (who was also a virgin) and so I thought I was fairly safe from diseases.

I had been feeling horny all day knowing what I had planned for that night and had been wearing my usual outfit of a skirt with no panties. I had even ended up stroking and fingering myself a few times in lectures (not enough to cum, just to keep me feeling hot).

In the evening, we went out to a cocktail place called the Evil Eye - it's kind of grungy but they do good drinks there. We were sitting on a bed up on the first floor (it is decorated in a vary strange way!) and Mike discovered the first part of my suprise for him. I was wearing one of my short pleated skirts and he was fondling my thighs. He ran his hand up under the skirt to my pussy and found it completely bald. I usually only shave the lips as in my photo, but for what I had planned, I wanted to feel his skin against all of me.

The room was reasonably busy so we didn't have the chance to do much, but he did slide an ice cube onto my clit and as it started to melt, popped it inside my cunt. The feeling of the cold ice on my pussy was wonderful and I knew I'd want to play with that again sometime. I was so hot that it melted very quickly and I felt the water run out and over my ass. I knew I'd have a damp spot on my skirt, but I didn't really care any pulled Mike towards me to kiss him. Me kept his hand on my pussy and then slid a couple of fingers inside me. I had my back to most of the people in the room so I felt we were fairly safe. He took his fingers out and sucked one clean, giving me the other to suck. We kissed for a bit longer but the room was gettting too busy and we had to share our bed with some other people so couldn't do any mroe than that.

We headed back to his place after a few more drinks and went straight to his room. We quickly undressed and started kissing on the bed. He ended up on top of me with his cock rubbing against my pussy. After a day of keeping myself aroused and out play in the pub, I was ready to explode and I wanted to feel him inside me. His cock was covered in my juices and as I would have normally told him to be careful by now, I think he knew that we were about to have sex.

I had pictured how this would be for quite a while though, so I wanted it to be done my way. I rolled over on top of his and started grinding my pussy and clit against his cock. Each time I moved, I let the head of his cock come a bit closer to my hole and he was pushing against me, trying to slide into me. I felt myself getting quite close to cumming and slowed down but moved so that he could slide into me. After a few attempts, I felt the head of his cock push between my lips and enter me - I was so wet that it didn't have any trouble. He started moving, pushing a little deeper each time and I tried to move in time with him to stop his going in too fast. It was a strange feeling - although I had had his fingers and the vibrator in my pussy before, his cock was hard and warm, just large enough to streach me slightly as it slid between my lips.

I sat up a bit and he slid into me the whole way - I could feel my clit pressed against him and I pressed my body down to get pressure on it. He used his hands to guide me up and down and I tried to concentrate on what I could feel - the whole length of his cock rubbing agaisnt the inside of my pussy. He started rubbing my clit and let out a moan and I realised that he had cum. I could feel the additional wetness running down his cock as I moved and out of my pussy. That (coupled with him playing with my clit of course) was enough for me and I came. It wasn't as intense as I had hoped but it felt wonderful with his cock buried inside me and knowing that I was full of his cum.

I collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside me and he told me not to move too much so we kissed for a bit. It was onlt then that he asked whether we should have used a condom (*men*!). I told him that I had gone on the pill and he seemed somewhat relieved.

I started to move again but he said it was his turn and we rolled over so he was on top. My pussy was now dripping wet with oue combined juices and I could feel a trail running down my ass as we fucked. He alternated between long slow strokes and fast hard ones and I was loving the feeling. We kissed deeply and he started kissing my neck (this will be important in another story!) - I could feel that I was going to cum again and told him to fuck me harder.

He seemed to like this idea (and the dirty talk) so pushed into me as far as he could. My legs were spread wide (I hadn't learned to wrap them around him yet) and I could feel my whole pussy being slapped each time be slid into me. I came again, this time having the orgasm I had been wanting all day and I made quite a lot of noise (Amy was away for the weekend) and kept telling him to fuck me and cum inside me again. It wasn't long before he obliged me and then fairly quickly slowed and stopped.

As Mike pulled his cock out of me, I felt a huge amount of liquid dribble out over my ass. In order to avoid the very) wet patch, we ended up spooning on the other side of the bed with his cock nextled in my pussy in what is still my favourite position to fall asleep.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Cumming in public

This happened one time we went out for dinner at a nice restaurant called the Biltmore. It's not a really posh place, but we both dressed up nicely for it. Mike had a shirt and smart trousers on and I had a long dress that buttoned up the front (I was even wearing a bra, panties and opaque tights as I was trying to be a good girl that night!)

We had a really nice meal with a bottle of wine. A few times during the meal, Mike's hand slid under the table and brushed over my pussy. At first I told him to behave as I really was trying to be a good girl, but after a while it began to get to me. Just before dessert I went to the bathroom and when I came back, opened my bag to show Mike my uderwear - he asked if my bra was in there too (a little too loudly as I think the people at the next table heard) and I confirmed that it was. I was back to my usual naked self under my dress.

Durring dessert, his hand strayed back to my pussy and I helped by undoing a few buttons at the bottom of my dress. I couldn't open my legs very far because of the table legs, but he managed to rub my clit a little.

We finished up and started the walk back home (towards Uni). We stopped off at a few of the darker corners and he undid another button at the bottom of my dress each time before fondling my ass and pussy. I had my long coat on so it meant that as long as I stood with my back to people, he could get his hands under my dress to play with me without them knowing.

We ducked down a little alleyway near a nightclub (The Gallery for those who know York) and started kissing. He moved his hands down to the bottom of my dress (now unbuttoned almost to my pussy) and undid a few more buttons (about up to my waist). A few people walked past occasionally, but as i had my coat wrapped around us, they couldn't see anything. He started playing with my pussy with one hand and tried to get the other hand up inside my dress to stroke my nipples - finding this rather hard, he ended up undoing the remaining buttons so my dress fell completely open.

This was the first time I'd been naked 'outside' since we'd done things on the train a month or so previouslyand that, coupled with having my pussy and nipples played with was bringing me towards a fast orgasm. People at the end of the queue for the club were at the top of the alleyway, probably only 10-15m away from us and Mike kept whispering that they probably knew what we were doing. I pressed up against him, jamming his hand against my pussy - he could no longer play with my nipples so he wrapped his other arm around my back and gathered up my dress and held it behind me.

I had never been this naked outside and I think I almost wanted someone to know what we were doing but I didn't have much time to think about it as my clit was being rubbed and Mike's other hand was now kneading my ass cheeks. I came, moaning into his mouth and holding on to him to keep myself from falling over (I've never been very good at standing orgasms). When I recovered, I did up just two buttons on my dress, one at the top and one at my stomache and we walked home like that. If i want too fast, the dress would open and show my pussy, so whenever we saw someone coming I had to hold my coat shut. Just before we got back to my place, we stood against a wall in the shadows (bright streetlights are really good for this!), he undid my dress again, opened it and knelt and licked my pussy. It was onlt for a little bit, but standing there completely exposed with my cunt being eaten was a real turn on.

We went indoors, said hi to my housemates and went upstairs (they had gotten used to us not spending too much time with them in the evenings!) Mike stripped and I shed my dress and coat and we fell on each other on the bed. I ended up on top of him and was grinding my pussy against his cock. I was so wet that my lips were slipping either side of it and a few times he almost slid into me - but it was obvious that he wouldn't take long to cum so I concentrated on rubbing my clit against the length of his cock. I started to cum and that turned him on more and he came (I think this as the first time we had cum together).

I collapsed on top of his and we kissed with his cock still nestled against my pussy, he was trying to move to slid it into me but I told him that he had to wait for another time (and another story).

Monday, 11 August 2008

Ass play

I've mentioned a few times that i like having my ass licked - but it took me a while to find out just how much I could like it :)

We were staying over at my place and had gone to my room for an early night (but not to sleep of course). Mike said he wanted to try something and got me to lie on my side. He lay down behind me and starting licking my ass. i thought ge was going to move on to my pussy, but he kept licking away at my asshole.

I had never had so much attention there before and it felt nice so I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread then for him. He moved his hand over my stomache and slid two fingers into my pussy and then really started licking hard.

His tounge was slowly penetrating into my ass, not deep, but enough that I could feel the end of it inside me. This was the dirtiest thing we had ever done and (as with most things that involved my cunt or ass) I was enjoying it. He was now spearing my ass with the end of his tounge and moving his fingers in my pussy and I could feel my first orgasm building. I soon came and he kept licking me - it was amazing as my clit wasn't being stimulated it wasn't too intense so I could enjoy it even after I came, which just made me even hornier.

I told him to stay where he was, went and grabbed my egg and got back into the same position. This time I used the egg on my pussy while he licked my ass and I came again.

I had been doing my own research on the web and wanted to try something new for him so I got some baby oil and squirted it on my breasts, Mike sat above me and I wrapped them aruond his cock. It took a little while to get the movement right, but he started humping my tits and I could see the head of his cock appearing and disappearing between them.

He came over me, most of his cum hit the underside of my chin and ran over my neck, but some squirted over my breasts. When he had finished, he rubbed it into my neck and onto my face.

I was turned on again from this but we were also hungry so I put my dressing gown on (Mike had to dress as he didn't have a dressing gown at my place) and we went back downstairs. My housemates were still up and it felt wonderful knowing that I was naked under my gown with my breasts, face and neck covered in his cum, my ass wet from his tounge and my pussy soaking wet as it hadn't been licked clean from my orgasm properly.

We went into the kitchen and I told him how horny I was feeling so he held me from behind, slid his hand into my gown and rubbed my pussy, but stopped before I could cum. We had a snack and went straigt back up to my room and straight into a 69 - he didn't even undress first. I came twice more that night (he did once) an we went to bed happy bunnies!

Public transport

Again, I'm not sure of the exact timescale this happened, but it's probably about the right period in the story... We had gone down to London for a day out (about 2.5 hours on the train). It had been a nice day ending with an early dinner in Chinatown and then onto a bar for drinks before dashing for the last train at about 8 or 9.

We ended up with about half the carriage to ourselves and ended up kissing for quite a while. Mike was fondling my breasts, initally through my top and then he slid his hands under it and pushed my bra up over them so he could play with my nipples. After a while of doing this he pushed my top up and sucked on them.

This was the first time I had been (semi) naked in public and even though I was a bit scared we could get caught I was turned on by it (I was learning that I could get turned on by many things!) It had either been a cold or wet day (I can't remember which), but unusually, I was wearing jeans, so I didn't think there was much more we could do - apparantly I was wrong!

Mike undid my jeans and slid his hand into my panties. His fingers found my clit and started rubbing it - he tried to push deeper into my jeans and slide a finger into my pussy, but couldn't quite manage it so he alternated between playing with my clit and my pussy lips. We started to slow down to stop at a statoion and I pulled down my top and put a coat over my crotch in case people got on. I was dismayed when they did, but they ended up sitting a few seats behind us, so once the train started again, Mike's fingers slid back to my pussy.

I was now beginning to realise how much I liked doing things with people around. I kneow that I had to try to be quiet when I came, but I had managed it when Amy was in the next room (see earlier post) so I didn't think there would be any problem with the noise of the train to mask any sounds that I did make.

He had pushed my jeans down slightly, not enough that I couldn't easily cover them up with my coat, but enough to get his fingers inside me a little and his thumb onto my clit. I was getting close to cumming and (almost) didn't care if anyone caught us so I unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and leant over so I could suck him off.

For some reason his attention to my pussy seemed to waver when I did this :) and he had been so turned on by fingering me that he soon came in my mouth. I still wasn't overly keen on the taste of cum, but I knew I couldn't have him cum over me so I swallowed it and licked his cock clean.

I was now lying across the seat with my head by his cock (and we still had a group of people two seats or so behind us). Mike slid one hand back down the front of my jeans and into my panties and onto my clit and the other hand down the back of my jeans, pushing then down a bit more, and started fingering my cunt. He pushed two fingers into me (as much as I could take at the time) and kept rubbing my clit.

I was feeling so turned on that I really didn't care about being caught now so I pushed my jeans down a bit further (probably only about halfway down my thighs, but I could no longer cover myself up in a hurry. He now had ready access to my pussy and was pumping his fingers into me while rubbing my clit. I loved being naked with people around and my pussy was very wet - his fingers were making audible squealching sounds as they played with me. I began to cum and I knew I wasn't being as quiet as I should be but it felt so good - I ended up sucking on his cock again to muffle my moans!

When I had finished cumming he dared me to stay exposed for as long as I could. I was probably like that for another 5 minutes or so until we heard the ticket inspector coming and quickly straightned up our clothes, Half of my ass was wet from my pussy juices and for the rest of the journey I could feel my panties sticking to me. The people behind us got off at the next stop but unfortunatly another group got on and sat in view of us so the adventure ended with only one orgasm.

My gallery for the night (I'll explain about these soon) is one of my favourite girls, her name is Inka/Inna G:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Making myself cum

Despite the fact I had now cum many dozens of times (or maybe because Mike had made me cum so much), I still hadn't masterbated myself. That was about to change though as one evening Mike asked me to show him me masterbating.

I knew what had felt good, but I was a bit unsure as to exactly what to do so he got me started by guiding my hand to gently rub my pussy, then sliding his finger into me, guiding one of mine to my pussy and then rubbing my clit with my fingers.

It took me a while to get the right ryrhm and pressure but I found a way that seemed to be working quite well and could feel my orgasm building. He told me to keep looking at him as he wanted to see me cum. It was definitly a strange experience, looking directly into his eyes and trying to cum(*) but given the other things we had done I didn't feel embarressed.

I was now getting very close and it was becoming difficult to keep looking at him. He placed his hand on my cheek and while staring into my eyes, kept saying that he loved me and wanted to see me cum(**) I was gasping now and trying to focus on both him and my pussy, I kept stroking my clit and dipping down to gather moisture from my pussy for lubrication. I had my first self-induced orgasm while staring into his eyes and it seemed to encompass my whole body. I quickly learned that I had to reduce the pressure on my clit once I came, but kept stroking myself for a minute or so then offered my fingers to Mike and he licked them clean.

I told him it was now his turn and he took his cock and started pumping it. He rolled me onto my back and positioned himself above me. I did the same thing hehad done and placed my hand on his cheek to keep him looking at me. He came and I felt him cum squirt up my body. I can't really describe what it was like looking so intently into his eyes (see *), but I think that was the time I first really knew I wanted to lose my virginity with him.

He lay on top of me and I could feel his cum between our bodies as we kissed. his cock was sliding against my pussy and after a while I got a bit nervous about his cum ending up inside me so we moved apart a bit and I got a towel to clean us up.

Wel fell asleep in my favorite position (at the time), him nested up behind me with his cock pressing against my ass.

* If you haven't tried this, it can be a really intense experience. Either make yourself or your partnet cum while staring directly into their eyes and the expression at the point they cum is something very special and personal.

** This wasn't the first time he had said he lvoed me, just the first time I've mentioned it asi I guess people aren't as interested in the love aspect of the story as the sex side (is this true).

Saturday, 9 August 2008

New Vibrator

My head hurts - I think I drank too much last night (and I'm sure staying up really late didn't help!)

Back to the story...

Up until now we had used hands and mouths on each other - a month or so after we had first had set (no intercourse yet), Mike came round to my place one day with a present. I wanted to unwrap it but he told me I had to wait until later on but wouldn't say why (given I had two housemates who were in the room with us I understood why later :)

After we'd all had dinner, we went up to my room and I got to open my present. It was a white vibrator, about 6 inches long and a vibrating egg with a control unit. I was eager to try them out but aware that I had never had anything other than Mike's finger in my pussy so I wanted to be very ready.

We fooled around in the usual way, kissing and licking each other and we got into a 69 position with me on top. Mike grabbed the vibrator and started rubbing it up and down my pussy, which was fairly wet after all the attention. He turned it on and held it against my clit - it felt nice, but after having my clit licked, it wasn't really strong enough to do much so he turned it up. I could feel a bit more now but was ready to try it inside me so he slowly worked it into my pussy, a little at a time.

It was a very strange feeling, having something buzzing inside me and streaching my pussy at the same time. I was wet enough that it didn't take long before he could slide it a fair way into me and was slowly pumping it in and out. It definitly felt nice but I didn't think I could cum with just that so I asked him to lick my clit at the same time. With a bit of fiddling around, he found a position that let him do this.

I was now positioned so I couldn't easily suck him but I could just about lick the head of his cock while rubbing him. With the added attention on my clit it didn't take me too long to cum - it wasn't the strongest orgasm, but felt as if it came from deeper inside my pussy than usual. After I had finished cumming, I kept licking him and he soon came over my face.

Later that evening we played with the egg on my clit, which I found I really preferred and gave a much sharper more intense orgasm.

Got to dash now - I think the next story is about my first proper (self) masterbation.

(Corrected for typos).


This is my first blog and I am really enjoying writing it but I would love to know how to get people to come and read it so I can get some comments. The idea of people seeing me cum or reading about what I've done really gets me hot so I'm going to try and publicise this a bit. If you're reading this please let me know what you think of it so far (whether you are male or female - the idea of men seeing me cum appleals too :)

If you have any friends (or girlfriends whoyou like the idea of being with another girl), point them over here.

Sex Blogs Net seems to be the first place I can get things added - so I'll see how that works.

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Horny as hell

I think that when I catch up to the present day, many of my posts could end up being titled like that!

It's 4.30 in the morning. I'm still fairly drunk and Mike is asleep. We had sex a while ago (which I'm sure my housemates heard) but I'm still so horny and want more. I'm sitting naked on the sofa typing this with my egg in my pussy. I wish one of my housemates (both girls) would come downstairs and I could spread my legs and let them see me cum.

Mmm - I found some nice pics to look at while I came - especially the last pic, I would love to get a taste of that... yummy!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I think I'm going to go out into the garden now

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The following weeks

Just a quick post today as I'm going out in a bit (wearing my favourite outfit of just a shift dress). It's meant to really pour down later - I wonder how obvious it'll be I've got nothings else on :)


Over the next few weeks we pretty much repeated the same things. I learned how to give a good handjob and also how to suck cock. I didn't really like the taste of his cum at first but I got used to it and found out that I really liked having him cum over me. We did all of the usual things (they were still all new and exciting to me) like 69ing and me sitting over his face and rubbing my pussy against him while he licked me.

I slowly learned to make a bit more noise whiole cumming and to talk dirty and tell him what felt good (although I think I would only every say 'pussy' - I hadn't made it to 'cunt' yet). I got a bit more used to him playing with and licking my ass when he was going down on me and after a while he started sliding a finder into it or pushing his tounge in there.

He convinced me to let him shave my pussy - the first time we shaved the whole area (but later decided that we preferred a little hair left above the lips). He really liked licking my smooth pussy lips and I definitly preferred the feeling of his tounge directly on my skin.

The only event I remember in detail from that time was sitting on his sofa with my panties off , my dress up around my waist and my legs spread. He was eating me and teasing me again - getting me close to cumming and then slowing down (unfortunatly he had got better and recognising when I was going to cum). We had been doing this for a little while when we heard the back door (in the kitchen) open. Mike dived up beside me while I pulled my dress down and his housemate Amy walked in on us. She sat on a chair opposite us and started chatting, seemingly not having noticed that I was really flushed (Mike had wiped my juices off his face, but the place still smelt of sex).

After a few minutes, she went to dump her things in her room upstairs and Mike dived back between my legs and attacked my cunt and clit. I was really close when we heard her coming down the stairs again and had to stop and straighten ourselves out (again). She went into the kitchen (just beside the sofa but around a little corner) and I tried to get Mike to go upstairs so we could finish (my pussy was almost pulsing I was so horny) but he slid his hand under my dress and started to finger me. I was too far along to care much so I opened my legs a bit and he used his other hand on my clit. Amy was still talking to us but I have no idea what about as I was concentrating on not making any noise. It was a really strange feeling knowing that I was about to cum hard with Amy just around a corner (and she really could have walked in on us).

When it hit me, I managed to stifle all but a little squeak and my whole body shook. I don't think I actually squirted, but I was certainly very wet. He rubbed my juices over my thighs and gave me his hand to lick clean (I had grown to really like the taste of my cunt). I now stank of sex but fortunatly, Amy had made some eastern food that smelt quite strong so she didn't seem to notice (or if she did she didn't say anything).

Got to dash now - more later or tomorrow (no rain yet).

First time - part three

I woke the following morning and found Mike under the covers kissing around my pussy. I was already tingling a bit and had no idea how long he had been there. When he realised I was awake he pulled the covers back, opened my legs and went down on me properly, licking all around my cunt and ass. I was still flinching whenever his tounge touched my asshole as it seemed an incredibly dirty thing to do and I wasn't sure about it even though it felt nice.

Like the previous night, he licked up and down my lips, played with my clit and pushed his tounge into my cunt. He was beng a bit mote forcful and spreading my outer lips to get deeper into me and licking the inside of my pussy more. He did this for a few minutes and I began to feel an orgasm building (I was learning fast what the feeling was like :) As I got close, he slowed down and started gently licking my outer lips again. I wanted to cum again but he brought me close to orgasm another time and backed off. I was feeling really turned on now, possibly even more than the night before and I think the fact that I now knew what I was going to feel made me want it much more.

The third time he concentrated on my clit I started to cum before he could back off and he kept going (much to me relief). It was more intense than before and he said after that I made a bit more noise. I remember feeling sharp throbs of pleasure pulsing out of my clit and pussy and as soon as I had finished I had to ask him to stop as it was so intense.

He kissed me again and I got the taste of my juices off him. He still had his boxers on but he was rubbing his cock against my pussy through them and I wanted to make him cum to pay him back for the three orgasm I had now had. I was still very nervous though as I had never even seen a cock before apart from in a sex-ed video many years before (I said I has led a sheltered life!)

Once I had recovered, I moved my hands down to his boxers and started rubbing his cock through them. He pulled them off and I tried to gently stroked up th side of his cock but it jumped whenever I touched it. He told me to wrap my hand around it and when I did it felt very different to what I had expected. It felt warm and almost soft, even though he was very hard. He lay on his back and I moved my hand up and down and then stopped to look at it properly. I went back to gently feeling it and ran my fingers over it. Whenever I touched the head it would jump and it was fairly obvious that was the most sensitive place. He asked me to make him cum but I wasn't quite sure what to do so I just wrapped my hand around it again and rubbed up and down.

I did this for a little while and although he seemed to like it, he wasn't getting much closer to cumming and he showed me how to hold it so that my hand would not brush against the head directly but hold on to the skin of the shaft (I'm not even sure now how to describe that properly). He told me to grip a little tighter and move faster. A few times I got the wrong position and started rubbing the head directly which was apparrantly too intense so I had to reposition my hand. It didn't take too long once he was telling me what to do and he started to moan a bit. He told me to go a bit faster, which I did and then he came. Three or four squirts of cum came out and landed on him - I could feel them as they went through his cock. I kept rubbing him quickly and he grabbed my hand and told me to go slowly and then after a minute or so to stop.

I had his cum all over my hand and wasn't really sure what to do with it so I wiped it off on the bedcovers. His chest and stomach were covered in cum and I asked him if I sould get a tissue. He said he wanted my panties (I knew I had a clean pair) so I let him use them to wipe himself off - they were fairly soaked by the time he had finished.

I lay down beside him and we kissed again. I wanted to stay there all day (even though I was failry sure I didn't have the energy to cum again), but I had to get an essay finished for the following day so I ended up leaving about an hour later after we'd had breakfast (he did slide his hand into my panties while we were cleaning up and play with me for a few seconds).

We couldn't see each other for a few days afte that but I was certainly thinking about cumming for most of the time - I'm not sure I learned much in lectures those days! I didn't play with myself even though I wanted to cum (I still didn't really know how) and by the time we met again I was ready...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

First time - part two

Time for the second part of my first night now - I love the idea of people reading this and imagining me cum... I found a pic from that night (before I undressed - naked pics came quite a bit later!).

So I had just had my first orgasm and was feeling wonderful. Mike was kissing me and rubbing his cock up against my thigh and I knew I wanted to cum again. I pushed his hand back down to my pussy and he started rubbing me again. This time he pushed a finger into me much deeper than he had before and slid it in and out of my pussy while he rubbed my clit. I was already feeling my pussy tingling and I wanted him to lick me again so I asked him to do what he did before. He wanted to me to tell him exactly what I wanted him to do but I wasn't ready to start dirty talk and the best I could do was ask him to kiss between my legs (with some training, I have since learned how to ask for exactly what I want doing to me and as you can tell from the writing here I'm not afraid to say any words!).

He moved back down between my legs and slid a finger back into my cunt. he tried to add a second one but I was too tight so just kept sliding one into me while licking my clit. I could feel the other fingers rubbing against my asshole and really wanted him to lick both my ass and pussy like he did the first time but couldn't ask him to. My second orgasm came mush quicker and felt very different with his finger inside me but was no less intense. As I came he pressed one of this other fingers against my ass, it didn't enter me but felt as if it would if I pressed back. I was still too new to control how I was feeling and did end up moaning a bit louder this time which Mike seemed to like as he licked even harder on my clit. I think I may have actually cum more than once that time but I don't know if it was just a long cum or the second one was a bit weaker.

After I had finished he kept licking me but my pussy was feeling a bit sore so I had to ask him to stop. He moved up behind me and we spooned (not with him inside me, he still had his boxers on but I could feel his cock against my ass). He rubbed the finger he had been using over my lips and told me to lick it. It still felt like a dirty thing to do but I gave it a little lick and then sucked just the end of it. I remember him asking if I liked the wayI tasted and when I nodded, he reached back down to my pussy, rubbed two fingers over the lips and gave them to me to taste. I hesitated and he reminded me that he has just had his whole tounge inside me so I liked them clean. I knoew that I liked the taste but was still shy about it.

It was only then that I told him that I had never had an orgasm before. He was shocked and asked whether I had ever masterbated and I explained that I had but had never got really turned on doing it so had only really tried it a few times. He seemed really suprised as he kept asking if that had really been my first (and second!) orgasms. He tried to get me to describe what I had done but again I couldn't really tell him. We fell asleep spooning - I could feel him moving his cock against my ass but he was nice enough not to try to get me to do anything to him.
I'm finding it quite hard to write this and get across how shy and embaressed I was about some of these things at the time given how much I've changed over the past few years. Hopefully over the next few posts I'll get better at it and you will see how my increasing libido drove me on. It's my bedtime now - I'll have the story of the following morning next time when Mike actually gets to cum!

Monday, 4 August 2008

The beginning

I'll start by recounting past exploits and then move on to current happenings. This will probably mean my first few entries will be much longer than my later ones but I guess it'll help get the blog started. I'm hoping to get some comments to let me know how much detail people want and how explicit I should be.

I will start with my first sexual experience which was just over 3 years ago. I had started dating my bf Mike a few months previously. He is 6 years older than me so he knew a bit more about sex than me. We had slept over at each others place a few times and had fooled around a little but hadn't got past him playing with my breasts. At this point I was still a complete virgin in that I had played with myself a few times in my life but had never had an orgasm. I had been getting more aroused each time we had made out and really wanted to know what it felt like to cum.

We had dinner at Mike's place and had started kissing and fondling on the sofa and then moved up to his bedroom. I was wearing a shift dress and black opaque tights which is one of his favorite outfits for me to wear. We were kissing and the top of my dress was pulled down and his hands were playing with my nipples. I rolled over so I was on top of him and his hands stroked their way down my back. He started fondling my ass through my dress and then slipped under the dress onto my tights. We had made it this far before but I pressed against him more and kissed him. He semed to know what I wanted and his hands slid to the top of my tights and slipped under them and into my panties.

He felt all over my ass and kept stroking his hands deeper between my legs and onto my pussy. It felt very strange given I wasn't even used to my own hands being there but it felt nice. His fingers slid over my pussy lips and I could feel moisture being spread around. He pulled my tights down over my ass and continued to rub me. His fingers slipped into me a little and I tensed up but was still enjoying it so I pulled my tights and panties off and slipped my dress off so he could see me naked. This was the first time I had been naked in front of anyone and I felt rather nervous so I slid under the covers but opened my legs and asked him to carry on. He removed all of his clothes other than his boxers and joined me under the covers. We were kissing deeply and he was working his fingers a little into my pussy and then rubbing my clit with the moisture.

I was very confused when he moved down between my legs and didn't know what he was doing until he started to lick my pussy. I felt embaressed but as soon as his tounge started to flick over my clit I didn't care any more as I couldn't have anticipated anything like it. I was now far more turned on than I had ever been while playing with myself and was trying hard not to moan. He told me to make as much noise as I wanted but I was still too embarrassed to really let go and make a lot.

He then started licking up and down the whole length of my pussy, flicking his tounge over my clit, into my cunt and around my ass (I guess that's why I like that so much now). I don't really think I knew exactly what I was feeling but I knew it was amazing and I opened my legs as far as I could. By this point, any reservations I had about being naked were forgotten and I knew I was about to cum for the first time and I really wanted it. He kept licking all around my pussy and ass for a while and then concentrated on my clit. I could feel his tounge rubbing against it over and over and my pussy was pulsing. I really thought that I had already cum as it felt so good but then the orgasm hit me. It felt like my cunt exploded, my body went stiff and all I could feel was pleasure flowing through my body.

He kept licking and I kept cummin for what seemed like ages. I didn't want it to stop but after a while, it did and he stopped licking my clit and went back to licking up and down my pussy lips and pushing hit tounge into my pussy. He told me I tasted wonderful and he kissed his way up my body, kissed my nipples and then kissed my mouth deeply. I would have probably objected if I hadn't been feeling so good but I kissed him back and tasted my juices from his mouth - and I was glad I did (ever since then I've been happy to taste my pussy juice from his mouth, cock or my fingers). We kept kissing for a while and I could feel his cock rubbing against me through his boxer shorts.

That's probably long enough for my first real post so I'll stop now and do the second half of the night (and the following morning) later.

Aim of this blog

My name is Andi. I'm a 22 year old student in the UK. I'm a fairly normal girl and had plenty of friends when growing up but led a fairly sheltered life when it came to sex.

I didn't have my first orgasm until I was 19 and met my first boyfriend. Since then I've been finding out how much fun I can have with my body and have been making up for lost time. I posted some pics on the web a few weeks ago and was really turned on by people seeing them so I thought it would be fun to write about some of the things I've done.