Monday, 11 August 2008

Ass play

I've mentioned a few times that i like having my ass licked - but it took me a while to find out just how much I could like it :)

We were staying over at my place and had gone to my room for an early night (but not to sleep of course). Mike said he wanted to try something and got me to lie on my side. He lay down behind me and starting licking my ass. i thought ge was going to move on to my pussy, but he kept licking away at my asshole.

I had never had so much attention there before and it felt nice so I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread then for him. He moved his hand over my stomache and slid two fingers into my pussy and then really started licking hard.

His tounge was slowly penetrating into my ass, not deep, but enough that I could feel the end of it inside me. This was the dirtiest thing we had ever done and (as with most things that involved my cunt or ass) I was enjoying it. He was now spearing my ass with the end of his tounge and moving his fingers in my pussy and I could feel my first orgasm building. I soon came and he kept licking me - it was amazing as my clit wasn't being stimulated it wasn't too intense so I could enjoy it even after I came, which just made me even hornier.

I told him to stay where he was, went and grabbed my egg and got back into the same position. This time I used the egg on my pussy while he licked my ass and I came again.

I had been doing my own research on the web and wanted to try something new for him so I got some baby oil and squirted it on my breasts, Mike sat above me and I wrapped them aruond his cock. It took a little while to get the movement right, but he started humping my tits and I could see the head of his cock appearing and disappearing between them.

He came over me, most of his cum hit the underside of my chin and ran over my neck, but some squirted over my breasts. When he had finished, he rubbed it into my neck and onto my face.

I was turned on again from this but we were also hungry so I put my dressing gown on (Mike had to dress as he didn't have a dressing gown at my place) and we went back downstairs. My housemates were still up and it felt wonderful knowing that I was naked under my gown with my breasts, face and neck covered in his cum, my ass wet from his tounge and my pussy soaking wet as it hadn't been licked clean from my orgasm properly.

We went into the kitchen and I told him how horny I was feeling so he held me from behind, slid his hand into my gown and rubbed my pussy, but stopped before I could cum. We had a snack and went straigt back up to my room and straight into a 69 - he didn't even undress first. I came twice more that night (he did once) an we went to bed happy bunnies!

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