Monday, 4 August 2008

The beginning

I'll start by recounting past exploits and then move on to current happenings. This will probably mean my first few entries will be much longer than my later ones but I guess it'll help get the blog started. I'm hoping to get some comments to let me know how much detail people want and how explicit I should be.

I will start with my first sexual experience which was just over 3 years ago. I had started dating my bf Mike a few months previously. He is 6 years older than me so he knew a bit more about sex than me. We had slept over at each others place a few times and had fooled around a little but hadn't got past him playing with my breasts. At this point I was still a complete virgin in that I had played with myself a few times in my life but had never had an orgasm. I had been getting more aroused each time we had made out and really wanted to know what it felt like to cum.

We had dinner at Mike's place and had started kissing and fondling on the sofa and then moved up to his bedroom. I was wearing a shift dress and black opaque tights which is one of his favorite outfits for me to wear. We were kissing and the top of my dress was pulled down and his hands were playing with my nipples. I rolled over so I was on top of him and his hands stroked their way down my back. He started fondling my ass through my dress and then slipped under the dress onto my tights. We had made it this far before but I pressed against him more and kissed him. He semed to know what I wanted and his hands slid to the top of my tights and slipped under them and into my panties.

He felt all over my ass and kept stroking his hands deeper between my legs and onto my pussy. It felt very strange given I wasn't even used to my own hands being there but it felt nice. His fingers slid over my pussy lips and I could feel moisture being spread around. He pulled my tights down over my ass and continued to rub me. His fingers slipped into me a little and I tensed up but was still enjoying it so I pulled my tights and panties off and slipped my dress off so he could see me naked. This was the first time I had been naked in front of anyone and I felt rather nervous so I slid under the covers but opened my legs and asked him to carry on. He removed all of his clothes other than his boxers and joined me under the covers. We were kissing deeply and he was working his fingers a little into my pussy and then rubbing my clit with the moisture.

I was very confused when he moved down between my legs and didn't know what he was doing until he started to lick my pussy. I felt embaressed but as soon as his tounge started to flick over my clit I didn't care any more as I couldn't have anticipated anything like it. I was now far more turned on than I had ever been while playing with myself and was trying hard not to moan. He told me to make as much noise as I wanted but I was still too embarrassed to really let go and make a lot.

He then started licking up and down the whole length of my pussy, flicking his tounge over my clit, into my cunt and around my ass (I guess that's why I like that so much now). I don't really think I knew exactly what I was feeling but I knew it was amazing and I opened my legs as far as I could. By this point, any reservations I had about being naked were forgotten and I knew I was about to cum for the first time and I really wanted it. He kept licking all around my pussy and ass for a while and then concentrated on my clit. I could feel his tounge rubbing against it over and over and my pussy was pulsing. I really thought that I had already cum as it felt so good but then the orgasm hit me. It felt like my cunt exploded, my body went stiff and all I could feel was pleasure flowing through my body.

He kept licking and I kept cummin for what seemed like ages. I didn't want it to stop but after a while, it did and he stopped licking my clit and went back to licking up and down my pussy lips and pushing hit tounge into my pussy. He told me I tasted wonderful and he kissed his way up my body, kissed my nipples and then kissed my mouth deeply. I would have probably objected if I hadn't been feeling so good but I kissed him back and tasted my juices from his mouth - and I was glad I did (ever since then I've been happy to taste my pussy juice from his mouth, cock or my fingers). We kept kissing for a while and I could feel his cock rubbing against me through his boxer shorts.

That's probably long enough for my first real post so I'll stop now and do the second half of the night (and the following morning) later.

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