Friday, 15 August 2008

Cinema cum

A fairly short entry tonight...

This was a few weeks after my first fuck. We'd been screwing quite a bit and I had discovered the joy of having cum trickle out of my pussy at random times of the day! I had learned to be careful not to sit on my skirt so that i didn't end up with any marks on the back of it if anything leaked while i was sitting in lectures - i think I did leave a few wet seats behine me though :)

The hair had begun to grow back on my cunt - I still kept the lips shaved, but there was now a light covering of fuzz above them. We thought it would be fun to try something a bit more public again and so went to the cinema for a late showing one night. I had one of my short flippy dresses on and (as usual) no panties. The idea had been to find a desserted row just behind some people and for Mike to go down on me. Unfortunatly, we chose the wrong film and the cinema was full.

Looking at this development as a challenge (obviously I wasn't going to get my pussy licked), we settled down and started watching the film. I had my jacket over my crotch and soon felt Mikes hand running over my dress and he started sliding it back and forth against my cunt. I slid down in my seat slightly and opened my legs a bit. This was the closest I had ever been to anyone when my pussy was being stroked and I did wonder if we could get away with it.

He was slowly moving my dress up and my hand joined his under the coat and I pulled my dress up, exposing my cunt to his hand. His fingers slid over my lips but couldn't really get far inside me due to the angle he was working at. In the end, he rested his hand above my pussy and used his fingertips to flick my clit. I got quite close but then he slowed down (he said afterwards his hand was getting tired).

I pressed his fingers against my clit harder and he started stroking it again. I wanted his to move his fingers faster, but he was obviously trying to not make my coat move too much. I jammed his fingers against my clit as hard as I could and started to cum silently. Due to the presure, i felt my orgasm explode out from my pussy and it took some effort to stay quiet but I managed it fairly well.

He continued playing with my pussy for quite a bit of the film, but only gently - no more orgasms! Afterwards we went to (the aptly named) Orgasmic bar next to the cinema (I actually think it might have been called something else then, but I can't remember). We stood on the upper area overlooking the dance floor and I know it was too dark for people to see anything, but I loved the thought that they were all looking up at my wet pussy.

Needless to say, when we got home, Mike fucked me and left enough cum in me for me to drip quite a bit the next day :)

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