Thursday, 14 August 2008

First fuck

I have been wondering about writing this post - I don't want people to think that I had intercourse just to cum, it really did mean something to me but the feedback I've got so far seems to be from people who like the sex side of things so in keeping with the rest of the blog, that's what I'll concentrate on.

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On to the story... It was fairly obvious that the progression of our sexual adventures would fairly soon lead to us having sex 'properly' so I had visited the doctor and gone onto the pill about 5 or 6 weeks before this happened (I hadn't told Mike about this yet as I was saving it as a suprise). I know that he would have used condoms if I had asked him to, but he had only had one partner before me (who was also a virgin) and so I thought I was fairly safe from diseases.

I had been feeling horny all day knowing what I had planned for that night and had been wearing my usual outfit of a skirt with no panties. I had even ended up stroking and fingering myself a few times in lectures (not enough to cum, just to keep me feeling hot).

In the evening, we went out to a cocktail place called the Evil Eye - it's kind of grungy but they do good drinks there. We were sitting on a bed up on the first floor (it is decorated in a vary strange way!) and Mike discovered the first part of my suprise for him. I was wearing one of my short pleated skirts and he was fondling my thighs. He ran his hand up under the skirt to my pussy and found it completely bald. I usually only shave the lips as in my photo, but for what I had planned, I wanted to feel his skin against all of me.

The room was reasonably busy so we didn't have the chance to do much, but he did slide an ice cube onto my clit and as it started to melt, popped it inside my cunt. The feeling of the cold ice on my pussy was wonderful and I knew I'd want to play with that again sometime. I was so hot that it melted very quickly and I felt the water run out and over my ass. I knew I'd have a damp spot on my skirt, but I didn't really care any pulled Mike towards me to kiss him. Me kept his hand on my pussy and then slid a couple of fingers inside me. I had my back to most of the people in the room so I felt we were fairly safe. He took his fingers out and sucked one clean, giving me the other to suck. We kissed for a bit longer but the room was gettting too busy and we had to share our bed with some other people so couldn't do any mroe than that.

We headed back to his place after a few more drinks and went straight to his room. We quickly undressed and started kissing on the bed. He ended up on top of me with his cock rubbing against my pussy. After a day of keeping myself aroused and out play in the pub, I was ready to explode and I wanted to feel him inside me. His cock was covered in my juices and as I would have normally told him to be careful by now, I think he knew that we were about to have sex.

I had pictured how this would be for quite a while though, so I wanted it to be done my way. I rolled over on top of his and started grinding my pussy and clit against his cock. Each time I moved, I let the head of his cock come a bit closer to my hole and he was pushing against me, trying to slide into me. I felt myself getting quite close to cumming and slowed down but moved so that he could slide into me. After a few attempts, I felt the head of his cock push between my lips and enter me - I was so wet that it didn't have any trouble. He started moving, pushing a little deeper each time and I tried to move in time with him to stop his going in too fast. It was a strange feeling - although I had had his fingers and the vibrator in my pussy before, his cock was hard and warm, just large enough to streach me slightly as it slid between my lips.

I sat up a bit and he slid into me the whole way - I could feel my clit pressed against him and I pressed my body down to get pressure on it. He used his hands to guide me up and down and I tried to concentrate on what I could feel - the whole length of his cock rubbing agaisnt the inside of my pussy. He started rubbing my clit and let out a moan and I realised that he had cum. I could feel the additional wetness running down his cock as I moved and out of my pussy. That (coupled with him playing with my clit of course) was enough for me and I came. It wasn't as intense as I had hoped but it felt wonderful with his cock buried inside me and knowing that I was full of his cum.

I collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside me and he told me not to move too much so we kissed for a bit. It was onlt then that he asked whether we should have used a condom (*men*!). I told him that I had gone on the pill and he seemed somewhat relieved.

I started to move again but he said it was his turn and we rolled over so he was on top. My pussy was now dripping wet with oue combined juices and I could feel a trail running down my ass as we fucked. He alternated between long slow strokes and fast hard ones and I was loving the feeling. We kissed deeply and he started kissing my neck (this will be important in another story!) - I could feel that I was going to cum again and told him to fuck me harder.

He seemed to like this idea (and the dirty talk) so pushed into me as far as he could. My legs were spread wide (I hadn't learned to wrap them around him yet) and I could feel my whole pussy being slapped each time be slid into me. I came again, this time having the orgasm I had been wanting all day and I made quite a lot of noise (Amy was away for the weekend) and kept telling him to fuck me and cum inside me again. It wasn't long before he obliged me and then fairly quickly slowed and stopped.

As Mike pulled his cock out of me, I felt a huge amount of liquid dribble out over my ass. In order to avoid the very) wet patch, we ended up spooning on the other side of the bed with his cock nextled in my pussy in what is still my favourite position to fall asleep.

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