Thursday, 7 August 2008

First time - part three

I woke the following morning and found Mike under the covers kissing around my pussy. I was already tingling a bit and had no idea how long he had been there. When he realised I was awake he pulled the covers back, opened my legs and went down on me properly, licking all around my cunt and ass. I was still flinching whenever his tounge touched my asshole as it seemed an incredibly dirty thing to do and I wasn't sure about it even though it felt nice.

Like the previous night, he licked up and down my lips, played with my clit and pushed his tounge into my cunt. He was beng a bit mote forcful and spreading my outer lips to get deeper into me and licking the inside of my pussy more. He did this for a few minutes and I began to feel an orgasm building (I was learning fast what the feeling was like :) As I got close, he slowed down and started gently licking my outer lips again. I wanted to cum again but he brought me close to orgasm another time and backed off. I was feeling really turned on now, possibly even more than the night before and I think the fact that I now knew what I was going to feel made me want it much more.

The third time he concentrated on my clit I started to cum before he could back off and he kept going (much to me relief). It was more intense than before and he said after that I made a bit more noise. I remember feeling sharp throbs of pleasure pulsing out of my clit and pussy and as soon as I had finished I had to ask him to stop as it was so intense.

He kissed me again and I got the taste of my juices off him. He still had his boxers on but he was rubbing his cock against my pussy through them and I wanted to make him cum to pay him back for the three orgasm I had now had. I was still very nervous though as I had never even seen a cock before apart from in a sex-ed video many years before (I said I has led a sheltered life!)

Once I had recovered, I moved my hands down to his boxers and started rubbing his cock through them. He pulled them off and I tried to gently stroked up th side of his cock but it jumped whenever I touched it. He told me to wrap my hand around it and when I did it felt very different to what I had expected. It felt warm and almost soft, even though he was very hard. He lay on his back and I moved my hand up and down and then stopped to look at it properly. I went back to gently feeling it and ran my fingers over it. Whenever I touched the head it would jump and it was fairly obvious that was the most sensitive place. He asked me to make him cum but I wasn't quite sure what to do so I just wrapped my hand around it again and rubbed up and down.

I did this for a little while and although he seemed to like it, he wasn't getting much closer to cumming and he showed me how to hold it so that my hand would not brush against the head directly but hold on to the skin of the shaft (I'm not even sure now how to describe that properly). He told me to grip a little tighter and move faster. A few times I got the wrong position and started rubbing the head directly which was apparrantly too intense so I had to reposition my hand. It didn't take too long once he was telling me what to do and he started to moan a bit. He told me to go a bit faster, which I did and then he came. Three or four squirts of cum came out and landed on him - I could feel them as they went through his cock. I kept rubbing him quickly and he grabbed my hand and told me to go slowly and then after a minute or so to stop.

I had his cum all over my hand and wasn't really sure what to do with it so I wiped it off on the bedcovers. His chest and stomach were covered in cum and I asked him if I sould get a tissue. He said he wanted my panties (I knew I had a clean pair) so I let him use them to wipe himself off - they were fairly soaked by the time he had finished.

I lay down beside him and we kissed again. I wanted to stay there all day (even though I was failry sure I didn't have the energy to cum again), but I had to get an essay finished for the following day so I ended up leaving about an hour later after we'd had breakfast (he did slide his hand into my panties while we were cleaning up and play with me for a few seconds).

We couldn't see each other for a few days afte that but I was certainly thinking about cumming for most of the time - I'm not sure I learned much in lectures those days! I didn't play with myself even though I wanted to cum (I still didn't really know how) and by the time we met again I was ready...

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