Wednesday, 6 August 2008

First time - part two

Time for the second part of my first night now - I love the idea of people reading this and imagining me cum... I found a pic from that night (before I undressed - naked pics came quite a bit later!).

So I had just had my first orgasm and was feeling wonderful. Mike was kissing me and rubbing his cock up against my thigh and I knew I wanted to cum again. I pushed his hand back down to my pussy and he started rubbing me again. This time he pushed a finger into me much deeper than he had before and slid it in and out of my pussy while he rubbed my clit. I was already feeling my pussy tingling and I wanted him to lick me again so I asked him to do what he did before. He wanted to me to tell him exactly what I wanted him to do but I wasn't ready to start dirty talk and the best I could do was ask him to kiss between my legs (with some training, I have since learned how to ask for exactly what I want doing to me and as you can tell from the writing here I'm not afraid to say any words!).

He moved back down between my legs and slid a finger back into my cunt. he tried to add a second one but I was too tight so just kept sliding one into me while licking my clit. I could feel the other fingers rubbing against my asshole and really wanted him to lick both my ass and pussy like he did the first time but couldn't ask him to. My second orgasm came mush quicker and felt very different with his finger inside me but was no less intense. As I came he pressed one of this other fingers against my ass, it didn't enter me but felt as if it would if I pressed back. I was still too new to control how I was feeling and did end up moaning a bit louder this time which Mike seemed to like as he licked even harder on my clit. I think I may have actually cum more than once that time but I don't know if it was just a long cum or the second one was a bit weaker.

After I had finished he kept licking me but my pussy was feeling a bit sore so I had to ask him to stop. He moved up behind me and we spooned (not with him inside me, he still had his boxers on but I could feel his cock against my ass). He rubbed the finger he had been using over my lips and told me to lick it. It still felt like a dirty thing to do but I gave it a little lick and then sucked just the end of it. I remember him asking if I liked the wayI tasted and when I nodded, he reached back down to my pussy, rubbed two fingers over the lips and gave them to me to taste. I hesitated and he reminded me that he has just had his whole tounge inside me so I liked them clean. I knoew that I liked the taste but was still shy about it.

It was only then that I told him that I had never had an orgasm before. He was shocked and asked whether I had ever masterbated and I explained that I had but had never got really turned on doing it so had only really tried it a few times. He seemed really suprised as he kept asking if that had really been my first (and second!) orgasms. He tried to get me to describe what I had done but again I couldn't really tell him. We fell asleep spooning - I could feel him moving his cock against my ass but he was nice enough not to try to get me to do anything to him.
I'm finding it quite hard to write this and get across how shy and embaressed I was about some of these things at the time given how much I've changed over the past few years. Hopefully over the next few posts I'll get better at it and you will see how my increasing libido drove me on. It's my bedtime now - I'll have the story of the following morning next time when Mike actually gets to cum!

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