Friday, 29 August 2008

The following night

We didn't talk about the previous night (well, Mike and I did, but neither my sister or I mentioned it to each other), and went about on the Saturday looking around town. Mike left us for a bit to go girly shopping (us, not him!) and then caught up with us later on. (On a side note, clothes shopping is much more fun when you don't wear panties as it means when you're trying things on you get to stand in the changing room almost naked :) - it would only be a short post, but I may tell you about that properly in future.)

Back to the Saturday - we spent most of the day in town and then grabbed some food and went back to change for the evening. I wore my usual clubbing outfit of short flippy skirt (and no panties) and Sue had a similar little skirt on (I assume she had panties!) We went back into town and visited some more pubs (we have hundreds of them in York) and then on to a club later in the evening. Mike had managed to slip his hand under my skirt a few times in the pubs but because Sue was with us all the time I hadn't been fondled as much as usual - I'm actually not sure if that made me feel more or less horny :)

We (Sue and I - Mike doesn't dance much) danced for a bit and I went off to find Mike. We stood and watched the dancefloor for a while and talked about the previous night. He told me he wanted to do the same thing tonight, the only diference being that we would know she was listening to us. It took him a little while to talk me into it (I had really thought she was asleep the previous night) but finally agreed to it as long as we weren't too obvious.

We danced and drank a bit more and went back to Uni, chatted for a bit and went to bed (us on the floor again and my sister in my bed). Mike couldn't wait and slid his cock into me from behind me as soon as I'd turned the lights off and got into bed. It's very distracting trying to talk to someone while you are being fucked! To be fair, he wasn't moving a lot, but was rubbing my clit at the same time and it was having an effect on me.

After a while Sue stopped answering and Mike asked her if she was asleep - we didn't get a reply and assumed that she was either pretending to be asleep again (what Mike wanted) or really had nodded off. I had assumed he was going to do the same thing as the previous night but he slipped out of me and worked his way under the covers. He pulled my legs apart and started to eat me - I was already quite wet from the partial fucking and kept wondering if my sister could hear him licking me - but my orgasm was building and I was concentrating on being quiet. That was made much more difficult when he slid a couple of fingers in my cunt and one in my ass and started pumping them in and out of me while licking my clit. I had an incredible orgasm that time - I think not being able to move or make any noise made it stronger (and my desier to cum with other people around was beginning to win out over the fact that the other person was my little sister!)

Even though I had been quiet, I knew I was breathing heavily and reached under the covers to push Mike away from my pussy - he moved up my body and kissed me (which at least masked the heavy breathing) and slid his cock into me. He started to fuck me while we kissed and I tasted my pussy juices off him and then he whispered for me to rub my clit. I figured that he woulnd't take long to cum and I didn't want to be left without cumming again so I slid my hand down between our bodies and pressed my fingers agaisnt my clit. Mike did a good job ob being quiet apart from the occasional slap of skin as he pushed into me (at least being on the floor, there were no noises from the bed moving).

He was speeding up and I could tell he was going to cum soon so I rubbed my clit faster. He pushed hard into me and I felt his cock pulse. He pumped into me a few more times and I could feel my cunt getting much wetter as his cum filled me. He kept moving slowly and I rubbed my clit even faster. just as I was about to cum, he whispered something like 'cum for your sister' into my ear (I think it may have been for Sue as much as for me even though he only whispered it) - and I came. I'm pretty sure I managed to be quiet again other than my breathing.

Mike kissed me again and slid off me - I was right about how much he had cum, it dripped out of my pussy and down over my ass - we certainly had to wash the blankets before giving them back. We took up our usual spooning position (with me in the wet spot!) And said good night to each other. It was only a few minutes before we heard movement on the bed. Sue was still very quiet, but not as much as the previous night and we heard the occasional movement of the covers and her breath getting faster. Mike was moving inside of me and I knew that even after his mega cum that he wanted to cum again so I teased him his by pressing back against him hard so his cock was buried completely in me (the head of his cock can just about reach my cervix in the right position).

He had more self control that I expected and just kept his cock pressed hard into my cunt and I heard her cum (well, I heard her sigh so I assume she came). Mike was rubbing my clit again and the whole situation had really got to me - I wanted to cum again but he stopped after she came. He did keep gently fucking me until he fell asleep but I felt very frustrated and almost masterbated.

Neither of us have talked about it (I think she has mentioned it to Mike). The room I have next year has a double bed - I wonder if she'll let us sleep on one side of it with her on the other? :)

Let me know if you've ever had sex with someone else in the room - either quietly like we did or with them watching you openly. I really like the idea of someone watching me be licked, fingered and fucked and cumming for them over and over again (maybe even if it was my sister!)

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  1. Wow! Your stories are getting hotter and hotter! Loved imagining you having sex with Mike then her rubbing her pussy to orgasm with you still so close! The idea of you fucking in a double bed beside her is also very hot! Can't wait for more! raddd X