Thursday, 7 August 2008

The following weeks

Just a quick post today as I'm going out in a bit (wearing my favourite outfit of just a shift dress). It's meant to really pour down later - I wonder how obvious it'll be I've got nothings else on :)


Over the next few weeks we pretty much repeated the same things. I learned how to give a good handjob and also how to suck cock. I didn't really like the taste of his cum at first but I got used to it and found out that I really liked having him cum over me. We did all of the usual things (they were still all new and exciting to me) like 69ing and me sitting over his face and rubbing my pussy against him while he licked me.

I slowly learned to make a bit more noise whiole cumming and to talk dirty and tell him what felt good (although I think I would only every say 'pussy' - I hadn't made it to 'cunt' yet). I got a bit more used to him playing with and licking my ass when he was going down on me and after a while he started sliding a finder into it or pushing his tounge in there.

He convinced me to let him shave my pussy - the first time we shaved the whole area (but later decided that we preferred a little hair left above the lips). He really liked licking my smooth pussy lips and I definitly preferred the feeling of his tounge directly on my skin.

The only event I remember in detail from that time was sitting on his sofa with my panties off , my dress up around my waist and my legs spread. He was eating me and teasing me again - getting me close to cumming and then slowing down (unfortunatly he had got better and recognising when I was going to cum). We had been doing this for a little while when we heard the back door (in the kitchen) open. Mike dived up beside me while I pulled my dress down and his housemate Amy walked in on us. She sat on a chair opposite us and started chatting, seemingly not having noticed that I was really flushed (Mike had wiped my juices off his face, but the place still smelt of sex).

After a few minutes, she went to dump her things in her room upstairs and Mike dived back between my legs and attacked my cunt and clit. I was really close when we heard her coming down the stairs again and had to stop and straighten ourselves out (again). She went into the kitchen (just beside the sofa but around a little corner) and I tried to get Mike to go upstairs so we could finish (my pussy was almost pulsing I was so horny) but he slid his hand under my dress and started to finger me. I was too far along to care much so I opened my legs a bit and he used his other hand on my clit. Amy was still talking to us but I have no idea what about as I was concentrating on not making any noise. It was a really strange feeling knowing that I was about to cum hard with Amy just around a corner (and she really could have walked in on us).

When it hit me, I managed to stifle all but a little squeak and my whole body shook. I don't think I actually squirted, but I was certainly very wet. He rubbed my juices over my thighs and gave me his hand to lick clean (I had grown to really like the taste of my cunt). I now stank of sex but fortunatly, Amy had made some eastern food that smelt quite strong so she didn't seem to notice (or if she did she didn't say anything).

Got to dash now - more later or tomorrow (no rain yet).

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