Wednesday, 20 August 2008

How many times can you cum?

This happened on our first anniversary. The timing had worked out really well as it fell on a Saturday and Amy was away for a week visiting her family. We had decided to sleep in Amy's room as her bed was bigger than Mike's (plus it felt naughty - and if you haven't already figured it out, I like things like that :)
The day started with Mike getting up early and making me breakfast in bed. We had and a nice continental breakfast and then champagne with strawberries. As we were finishing, Mike took a strawberry and ran it up my pussy then licked me clean. He then mushed it against my cunt and started lapping away, eating it off and out of me. Once he had cleaned me, he started really licking me hard and fast, running his tounge into me and then sucking on my clit. He lifted my ass up to give better access to my cunt and was working much faster than usual - I came in just a few minutes but he kept going.

I (like most of my friends I have asked) feel very sensitive after I've cum and I wasn't sure if I could take the licking for much longer but I thoght I'd see what heppened. Mike was now licking all around my cunt, from my ass to my clit and I could feel another orgasm coming. It hit me he said (between licks) to make noise so I did. The orgasm subsided and he slid a couple of fingers into my cunt and one into my ass (he somehow manages to do that that with one hand and it feels really good!) and licked even faster.

I tried to push him away but he used his other hand to hold mine and pulled himself against me even harder. His fingers were now jammed deep in my cunt and ass and working inside me and he kept licking. It almost hurt but still felt good (only almost, I don't like pain and other than the occasional slap on the ass, we don't do anything like that!) - each lick sent a sharp sensation through my pussy and I recoiled from his tounge but he kept moving back with me until I was pressed against the headboard. This time when I came it was really intense - my whole cunt seemed to be throbbing with the thrusts of his fingers and my clit shooting out waves of - something (again, almost pain, but not).

I was definity loud this time and he kept eating me through my thrashing around. In the end I managed to push him away and he pulled his fingers out of me. I think I nearly collapsed (difficult to do when you are already lying down!). My clit still felt as if it was being licked but this quickly stopped and my cunt and ass felt empty. He offered his fingers to me and I licked them clean without thinking about it (I couldn't really think about anything after that).

Mike tried to slide his cock into me but it was too soon so after a minute or so I took a mouthful of champagne and started to suck his cock. He said that the bubbles felt wonderful and I moved so i was just sucking and licking the head and pumping the shaft with my hand. That was when he said he wanted to see how many times I could cum in a day and moved round so he was under me in a 69 position.

I had recovered a bit so didn't put up too much resistance and started lapping at my pussy again. I'd dribbled out quite a bit of the champagne when we moved so I grabbed another mouthful and went back to working on the head of his cock. He was pushing his tounge deep into my pussy and had worked a finger into my ass. I was still licking around his cock head and he came - mixed with the champagne, it didn't taste too bad so I swallowed and licked his cock clean. I rested my head on his and kept playing with his while he went back to licking me. It was much less intense this time as he was concentrating on licking in my pussy and the only pressure on my clit was when his chin rubbed against it. In the end, I came ane he moved round so I could taste my juices off his mouth and chin.

Because we had the house to ourselves, we didn't dress at all and with short breaks between sessions, we kept sucking, fingering, fucking and masterbating for the entire day. I don't remember everything that we did, but some of the 'highlights' I do remember are:

- sex in front of the fireplace in the living room
- lying on the dining room table and having more strawberries eaten out of my cunt (and tasting them myself)
- fucking in the garden and then being eaten
- being made to cum 3 times in a row again
- cumming in every room of the house (living room, dining room, both bedrooms, on the stairs, hallway, bathroom and kitchen)
- having multiple orgasms near the end

By the end of the day, I had cum 36 times (I've never even got close to that again - I don't think I could take it) and Mike came 5 times (once in my mouth, once in my ass* and three times in my cunt) which he said was a record for him too. The whole house stank of sex and we didn't assume our usual spooning position when we went to sleep that night!)

So my question to you is, how many times have you cum in a single day (or made someone else cum?) I'd love to hear the details...

* I realised that I missed out the first time we had anal sex. I may go back and fill in that story sometime if I can think of enough to say about it.


  1. From time to time i just get really bored and fuck myself time and time again in one day, i'd say i may have made myself cum 8 times once. . . :P

    Since i started having sex it dropped down to about once or twice a day. . i'm still certain this is too much :)

    In a 5 hour sex session i had not too long ago i think i made the girl cum 5-8 times .. she says she lost count, x

    It really disapoints me when a girl cums and quickly grabs my head or hand and begs me to stop just as it is getting interesting.

    On a seperate note i had my first anal experiance today. . sitting in hot tub with charlotte
    (code-named dani :P) and we were playing with each other below the bubbles, her mum was in the hot tub with us and from time to time her mum would stroke my foot, hehe, lucky me or what. I normally finger her deep when we are sitting in the hot tub but she is on atm so that was off limits. I played with her clit and for some reason i decided to be extreamly bold and play with her asshole . . . afterwards she told me it didn't really do much for her but she took the que from me and started stroking my asshole. Well i'm the type of person who likes to rub his asshole while he jerks off so this was amazingly hot for me. She slipped her finger in a tiny bit and a notibly gasped, it was amazing. She carryed on deeper untill 3/4 of her finger was fingering my ass, right in front of her mum :-)

    It was one of the most pleasureible things i can remember happening to me in a long while . We left the hottub about 2 hours ago and i took 20 mins to play with her in my role as her master
    "did you like what i did to you sir?" "very much slut, would you like to suck my cock as a reward for being such a good girl" "yes please sir, thank you sir"

    Was pretty hot, anyway, i need a smoke, great post.

  2. Great post Andi, gold medal in the "Cum Olimpics" for you.

    Keep up the good work ~ it certainly perks up my cock!


  3. Love your post Andi in another episode of my sex life I will explain how a woman was able to get me to orgasm at least 4 times in a night she probably had about 7 or 8 that night .
    She has a technique that allows a male to orgasm without ejaculating and it can keep you going for hours (along with plenty of alcohol)lmao

  4. I'd like to know how to do that! I can get Mike to cum a few times in an evening and he squirts each time. I'm sure he'd love it if I learned how to make him cum more without tiring him out!

    Does it meant that when you do cum you cum a lot in one go? If so then it would mean we could wake up early and I could get him to fill me just before I go out in the morning...

  5. I came 13 times once in a day made my balls ache a bit after that

  6. Wow - you have Mike's (and my) admiration. We haven't found a guy that can cum anywhere near that number of times. I assume you don't ejaculate much (if at all) after the first couple of times?

    (Now if you could produce a large amount of cum each time I'd be tempted to invite you up to visit and have some fun...)

  7. First time with a new partner we did it I recall 10 times in about 12 hours - but she's insistent I'd given it to her 12 times. She only came once but milked me so dry!

  8. I'm not sure I like that ratio - if I made a guy cum 10 (or 12) times, I'd want him to make me cum a bit more than just once. Either way, I'd love to fuck a guy who could cum that many times - do you remember how many times you actually produced cum?

    1. I was dry after 4th or 5th. It was our first time - and for her, after coming out of a bad relationship, a fairly cautious new adventure. It got better and better over subsequent years to the extent that the ratio eventually got reversed - with her coming endlessly!