Sunday, 31 August 2008

Long time cumming

I was going to writ this yesterday but sepnt the day with friends and then out gain in the eveing with Jo and Sue...
This happened about a year or so ago - we've done something similar a few more times since then, but as with most of the stories on here, it's the first time that I do something that I really remember it - I guess mainly because of the 'new and exciting' aspect of it.
We were round at Mike's place and having dinner - we had ice cream for pudding and as I had expected, Mike got me up on the table (he really likes licking ice cream off my pussy). I lifted my skirt up and he dripped some of the ice cream onto my clit. I love the way the first few drops feel as they run over the clit and down the lips. As the ice cream reached the bottom of my pussy, he gently licked up one side of the lips and then up the other. He repeated this a few times, not touching my clit or sliding his tounge into me, just dripping ice cream and licking it off my lips.
I lay back on the table and opened my legs wider, waiting for him to dive into my cunt properly and eat me, but he kept working around the outer lips, licking, nibbling and sucking on them. Ocasionally, his tounge would flick over my ass or he'd spread my outer lips and very gently lick the inner lips. This went on for what seemed like ages and I was now writhing around on the table and begging him to lick me properly.
He stopped and put a blob of unmelted ice cream in his mouth and then pushed it into my cunt with his tounge. I was so hot by this point that the cold from the ice cream sent a shock through me and I thought he would now make me cum, but he went back to playing with my outer lips, only licking my cunt and ass when some of the ice cream dripped out of me.
When most of it had melted, he slid his tounge back into me and cleaned out my cunt and then said we should go upstairs. I was heading up first and he told me sto stop and bend over - I did this and he flipped my skirt up and went back to licking around my cunt while I stood there. We were in full view of the front door and had no idea when Amy would be coming home. Every time I tried to touch myself and rub my clit he stopped me and I ended up trying to rub my pussy against his face to get myself off, but because he was eating me from behind I couldn't get any pressure on my clit.
We finally made it to the top of the stairs, with Mike stopping me every few stairs to tease me some more. At the top, he undid my skirt and pulled it down and told me to take off my top lie down - I did this and he knelt down on the stairs, stuck his head between my legs and started licking me properly - I was finally going to cum! We were still in full view of the front door but by this point I really didn't care and was bucking my hips to meet each stroke of his tounge and pulling his head towards me to get more pressure. I could feel my whole cunt starting to tingle, and then he stopped and started gently kissing around my pussy again. I was so close and couldn't do anything - each time I tried to push myself against him he leant back and he still wouldn't let me use my hands.

He stared to lick me again and I pulled his head against my cunt as hard as I could and told him to make me cum - I was grinding my pussy up and down but again when I got close he stopped. I'm pretty sure I swore at him :) but all he would do was gently kiss and lick around my pussy again until I wasn;t as close to cumming. He repeated this over and over again and I was becoming more and more desperate to cum, shouting at him, begging and pleading him to eat me properly and to let me cum.

Each time I got close, the feeling was stronger and it felt like the whole area from my clit to deep in my cunt was pulsing. He licked a little too long one time and I think I started to cum, but then he stopped and it was worse tha ever being left hanging there! Eventually(after what turned out to be about 45 minutes) I was almost crying with desperation and he finally took pity on me. He did exactly the same things he had been doing and when I was screaming to cum (but expected him to pull away), he kept going and it hit me.
Wow - I thought I had cum hard before but this was amazing. I wrapped my legs around Mike's head and jammed my cunt against his face. He licked and licked at my clit and wave after wave of orgasm coursed through me. I was probably louder than I have been at any other time but I really didn't care if anyone heard me or if Amy walked in and stood and watched (she didn't).
I'm not sure how long I came for, but it felt like ages as if it kept rollout out of my cunt and through my body. Eventually it did end and I released Mike and collapsed. He moved up a few stairs and I saw that he had been jacking himself off. His whole face was covered in my pussy juice and he quickly came over my cunt and stomache. Clearly the teasing had been having an effect on him too as he came far more than usual and I was covered. He rubbed it up over my breasts and neck and down over my thighs and managed to cover most of my body but I was too exhausted to move.

We went into his room and collapsed on the bed and both fell asleep fairly quickly - we didn't even hear Amy come in that night.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I promised some more pics a few days ago so these are the ones I've used to cum recently. The first pic just looks like a nice pussy to lick, the second looks a little like a Thai girl I know (and will now imagine playing with!). I wish I was in the ballet class the third pic is from :) The last two pics play to my schoolgirl fantasy - Mike always likes it when I have my tartan skirt and white socks on but I really want to get a pair like in the fourth pic. The girl in the last pic looks so cute I just want to lick her...
If anyone has any links to pics of really cute girls, let me know (I may have already seen them, but you can't get enough cute girls :)

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