Tuesday, 26 August 2008

More food play

I hope people keep reading after this story - it was an incredible turn on at the time, but I did feela bit guilty about it afterwards...

We had done food play a few times and tried a number of items. Mike liked using ice cream on me as when he dripped it onto my clit I would almost always squeal from the cold. My favourite was strawberries and cream as I loved the way they tasted after they had been inside me.

On one of our 'late night sex in halls' experiences, we were doing things in the kitchen. We had the door slightly open so we would be able to hear if anyone came Mike had already fingered and fucked me but he kept talking about the risk of my friends walking in and finding us so I was still fairly horny. We were both wearing dressing gowns so we could cover up quickly should we hear anyone.

I was lying on the kitchen table with my gown open up to my waist and Mike used a strawberry we had stolen from Jo's shelf in the fridge to flavour my pussy and licked me clean. (This is the Jo who looks like Beth from Nubiles as per the last post). While he was licking me, he kept saying that he wondered what Jo would think of this and wondering if she would like to taste the strawberry out of me. Now Jo is incredibly cute and has an amazing figure and I think it's fair to say that if I ever get up the nerve to play with a girl, I would be very happy if it was her. As such I was getting more and more turned on.

He took another strawberry and ran it over my pussy and pushed it into me. I told him not to use too many of them or she would notice that someone had been stealing her food (people are very sensitive about that in halls). He took it out of me and dropped it back in the bowl. I couldn't believe he had done it and told him to take it out but he kept saying that when she ate it it would be like she was eating me. As dirty as it was, I really liked that idea and said he could leave it in the bowl.

He dived back into my cunt and licked me fast and I could feel an orgasm approaching. I then felt another strawberry sliding over and slightly into me and saw him drop it back in the bowl. I could picture Jo taking the bowl out of the fridge and eating them, tasting my pussy as she did so and then started to imagine it was her eating my cunt. I must have visibly relaxed or Mike just sensed my mood change, but he rubbed another few strawberries over my pussy between licking me. As I started to get close to cumming, i apparantly said 'lick me Jo' - but I don't remember that (althought I know I was thinking it). He slid a strawberry almost the whole way into me and concentrated on my clit. His tounge was flicking over it fast and I came imagining Jo's head between my legs and feeling my cunt throbbing against the cold strawberry.

The strawberry slid out of me and Mike put it back in the bowl and put the bowl back in the fridge. He licked around my pussy to clean me up and then finished the job with some towels. I admitted to him that it had felt amazing (that was when he told me I had said Jo's name out loud) and he kept playing with my pussy while asking if I wanted her to fuck me.

I was still horny and he told me to take of my gown - I did this (but kept it close enough for emergencies) and he told me to close my eyes. I heard him go back to the fridge and he returned and pressed something cold against my slit and started rubbing up and down. I looked and saw he had got a courgette (Jo is an incredibly healthy girl and eats lots of fruit and veg - I guess that's why her figure is so good). Now we had used a carrot and a banana before, but my pussy is still quite small and this looked even larger than my dildo so I was a bit nervous. I was wet enough though and it was soon shining with my juices and Mike started to work it into me a bit at a time.

Given we'd already used her strawberries, I felt it was a bit late to protest so I pressed back against it. It was a bit tight (and cold!) but it got a fair way into my pussy and Mike started sliding it in and out of me. I could feel my pussy streaching - not too much though and it did feel good, I could feel the shape of the courgette as he slid it into me and twisted it around.

He then tried to slide his cock into my ass but the table was at the wrong height so he just went down on me and licked my clit again. Between his tounge, the courgette (the largest thing I had ever had inside me), and the thought of Jo eating it later that day (and eating me) I came fairly quickly. When he pulled it out of me it was shining with my juices and he put it back (presumably where he had got it from) on her shelf.

He went down on me again and I wondered how long we could keep this up (and how much food was in the fridge) but we then heard someone coming. I scrambled into my gown and Mike went to the sink (a gown doesn't hide an erection well!). Whoever it was was only going to the bathroom but the scare was enough to make us leave the kitchen. Just as we got back to my room, Mike pulled my gown down and slid into my cunt from behind. I thought he was going to fuck me (I had cum four times compared to his one), but he pulled out and pressed against my ass. We don't actually have anal sex that often (even though I do quite like it) but he was clearly ready to cum and I used one hand to spread my cheeks for him (the other was supporting me against my door).

He got into my ass and reached round to finger my clit. I pushed back against him and he started to fuck me. I was still horny after our food game and with having my clit and ass stimulated at the same time I knew I could cum a fifth time (the 36 times a day had somewhat opened my eyes!). He came fairly quickly in me (and a bit loudly, but it was very late so it may have just seemed louder). He kept his cock buried in my ass and rubbed my clit until I came (I nearly slid down the door frame).

As I recovered, I could feel his cock softening inside me and it slid out. I grabbed my robe and we went in and fell into bed. As we were going to sleep he kept asking if I liked the idea of Jo tasting me and eating my juices. I did, but also felt rather guilty for what we had done. I only actually saw Jo eat one of the strawberries while making her dinner the following night - I have no idea if it was one of the ones that had been inside me, but she did eat the rest the following night (fortunatly not in front of me as I would have probably cum from the thought of her licking me).

Please let me know what you think of this either by leaving a comment on here or via email - should I have felt as guilty as I did?

These pics aren't from that night, but are in the same general theme (the strawberry in the second pic had been in my cunt before I ate it!):

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*


  1. Wow! Again! Loved the story... those strawberries look all the more appetising now! Love fantasising about food play... can't wait to hear more!!

  2. Loved the story andi, i like that type of dirty :P i think jo would have known she was eating your juices and carried on, just like my sister knows what me and charlotte get up to, plus she found some of the pics :)

    Fantastic pics tho, would love to see more of you!

    xx Lulu