Saturday, 23 August 2008

Neck stroking

I'm still not sure about the other story relating to halls, so I'll skip it for now. This story is about a wonderful discovery we made one night...

We were at Mike's place and had had sex (just the regular kind) and he was leaning back against the headboard and I was lying between his legs with my head in his lap. He had been kissing my next while screwing me and I had really liked it (I'd noticed this before but never experimented with it).

I told him how good it had felt and he started gently stroking my neck - from my throat right up to my chin. It felt nice and I asked him to keep going. It was very gentle strokes, nothing fast or hard but it felt really good and after w little while I could feel myself getting really turned on by it. The more he stroked, the wetter my pussy was getting and I was now squirming around.

His cock had hardened up again and was stroking against my cheek so I tuened my head and kissed and licked it (or the bits I could get to). I tried to move my hand down to my cunt by he said not to, just to let him stroke my neck. I was definitly getting hotter and was opening my legs and then pressing them together - I could feel an orgasm building, but it was agonisingly slow. I was now almost panting I wanted to cum so badly - my head was thrown back and he rubbed his cock on the top of my neck and underside of my chin while he kept gently stroking with his other hand.

I kept moving my hand down to rub mu clit but he kept telling me to just wait. I thought I was going to go crazy, between his hand and cock head on my neck I was ready to explode. When I came it started as a very gentle orgasm but gathered in strength and kept going. It felt as if a throbbing was coming from deep in my pussy and was one of the longest single orgasms I've ever had - and all without my clit being touched once.

We've used this technique a number of times since then. I've managed to cum while watching a film with my housemates in the room with us, in a club and lying in Museum Gardens earlier this year (when we had sun). There was nothing overtly sexual about what we were doing, but I'm sure anyone looking at my face would have realised I was cuming!

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