Monday, 18 August 2008

Outdoors fuck

Another weekend at the start of the new yearm (not too long from the last story I think) and we were out at some pubs for the evening with friends. We (the girls at least) were doing fancy dress and we had a mix of french maids and schoolgirls. The idea was to try to compete in how silly we looked with the stupidly large number of hen parties that we get in York.

I had gone for the schoolgirl look and had on a white blouse (I had to wear a bra under it), a short red tartan skirt and long white socks. To complete the outfit I decided to shave all of my pussy again. I was going to wear some white panties but in the end decided to go with my usual nothing under the skirt.

We had been out for quite a while and visited a number of pubs and had ended up on the far side of town in a little pub called the maltings. Some people suggested going to the Gallery (tacky nightclub) but Mike had just ordered a pint so we said we would catch up with them (and of course it meant I had time for another glass of wine :)

We finished our drinks and set off towards the club. There is a little place by the river (actually opposite the cinema) - for those of you who know York (the placing may not be exactly right, but it was in that area.)

Anyway, we ducked in there and Mike started fondling me (I think he liked the schoolgirl outfit!). We sat on his jacket and he played with my breasts through my top and then started stroking my pussy under my skirt. I remember that I pulled out his cock and started sucking him off and spread my legs so he could get to my cunt. We were in a similar position to that we had used on the train. After a little while I suggested we fuck - Mike seemed a bit nervous about getting caught but all I had to do to convince him was lie back, spread my legs and lift my skirt.

He slid into me and started pumping into my pussy. He undid my top and pushed my bra over my breasts so he could play with them 'properly' (as he call it). We head peopel walking past a few times, but they seemed to be too drunk to notice what we were doing (we were fairly well hidden by some bushes) and it didn't take long for him to cum in me. I was fairly close and told him to eat me, it didn't take long for me to cum like this and I lay there almost naked for a few minutes until i started to feel him cum trickle out of my pussy.

I removed my bra and did up my blouse, straightened my long socks and stood up. I felt the cum run down one of my thighs and smeared it over my leg. We finally got to the Gallery and our friends were still in the queue so we joined them and went inside after a short wait. Between not having a bra on anymore and the cum dripping out of my pussy, I thought dancing would be a bad idea so we got some more drinks and stood on the upper gallery watching people dance. Mike was hugging me from behind and I could feel his cock pressing against my ass.
He kept asking me if I wanted to cum again and if I wanted to be fucked there in front of everyone. My nipples were poking against my blouse and his cum had now run down both my legs to my socks. After a while I couldn't take any more and we waved goodbye and dashed back to Uni (I had now moved into halls) with only a few fondling stops on the way. We got to my room and I started to undress but he wanted the skirt and socks left on. I sat over him and slit onto his cock and we had one of the hardest fucks I can remember. He pounded into my cunt over and over again while his hands kneaded my ass and played with my asshole.
I came and made far too much noise and he kept pounding at me then gripped me tight and stopped when he came. I rolled off him and my pussy felt soaked from his cum and my juices. Due to exhaustion and the alcohol, we fell asleep fairly quickly but I was awoken in the middle of the night when he started spooning me and rubbing my clit. We still use the skirt and socks from time to time, but it can be a pain to clean the cum out of them!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Another pic of one of my favourite girls. Oh what I would give to be out for a walk in the woods and come across her (and have her cum across me).

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  1. Well if she's only 16 then make sure you take good care of her, although it sounds as if you aren't exactly forcing her to do anything! How did you start out with her if she is a friend of your sister? (a story would be good!)

    Once she hits 18 then feel free to get some nice pics of her and post them on here :)

    There's nothing wrong with talking dirty - it took me a while to get into it but once I did it was much easier to tell Mike what I wanted done to me.