Monday, 11 August 2008

Public transport

Again, I'm not sure of the exact timescale this happened, but it's probably about the right period in the story... We had gone down to London for a day out (about 2.5 hours on the train). It had been a nice day ending with an early dinner in Chinatown and then onto a bar for drinks before dashing for the last train at about 8 or 9.

We ended up with about half the carriage to ourselves and ended up kissing for quite a while. Mike was fondling my breasts, initally through my top and then he slid his hands under it and pushed my bra up over them so he could play with my nipples. After a while of doing this he pushed my top up and sucked on them.

This was the first time I had been (semi) naked in public and even though I was a bit scared we could get caught I was turned on by it (I was learning that I could get turned on by many things!) It had either been a cold or wet day (I can't remember which), but unusually, I was wearing jeans, so I didn't think there was much more we could do - apparantly I was wrong!

Mike undid my jeans and slid his hand into my panties. His fingers found my clit and started rubbing it - he tried to push deeper into my jeans and slide a finger into my pussy, but couldn't quite manage it so he alternated between playing with my clit and my pussy lips. We started to slow down to stop at a statoion and I pulled down my top and put a coat over my crotch in case people got on. I was dismayed when they did, but they ended up sitting a few seats behind us, so once the train started again, Mike's fingers slid back to my pussy.

I was now beginning to realise how much I liked doing things with people around. I kneow that I had to try to be quiet when I came, but I had managed it when Amy was in the next room (see earlier post) so I didn't think there would be any problem with the noise of the train to mask any sounds that I did make.

He had pushed my jeans down slightly, not enough that I couldn't easily cover them up with my coat, but enough to get his fingers inside me a little and his thumb onto my clit. I was getting close to cumming and (almost) didn't care if anyone caught us so I unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and leant over so I could suck him off.

For some reason his attention to my pussy seemed to waver when I did this :) and he had been so turned on by fingering me that he soon came in my mouth. I still wasn't overly keen on the taste of cum, but I knew I couldn't have him cum over me so I swallowed it and licked his cock clean.

I was now lying across the seat with my head by his cock (and we still had a group of people two seats or so behind us). Mike slid one hand back down the front of my jeans and into my panties and onto my clit and the other hand down the back of my jeans, pushing then down a bit more, and started fingering my cunt. He pushed two fingers into me (as much as I could take at the time) and kept rubbing my clit.

I was feeling so turned on that I really didn't care about being caught now so I pushed my jeans down a bit further (probably only about halfway down my thighs, but I could no longer cover myself up in a hurry. He now had ready access to my pussy and was pumping his fingers into me while rubbing my clit. I loved being naked with people around and my pussy was very wet - his fingers were making audible squealching sounds as they played with me. I began to cum and I knew I wasn't being as quiet as I should be but it felt so good - I ended up sucking on his cock again to muffle my moans!

When I had finished cumming he dared me to stay exposed for as long as I could. I was probably like that for another 5 minutes or so until we heard the ticket inspector coming and quickly straightned up our clothes, Half of my ass was wet from my pussy juices and for the rest of the journey I could feel my panties sticking to me. The people behind us got off at the next stop but unfortunatly another group got on and sat in view of us so the adventure ended with only one orgasm.

My gallery for the night (I'll explain about these soon) is one of my favourite girls, her name is Inka/Inna G:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*


  1. And all for the price of a return ticket to London ~ Brillient!

  2. Wow! I'm often on the train back past York... could have been sitting those few rows away from you!! would love to have had a glimpse of your fun!!!