Saturday, 27 September 2008

Yet more food - Part 2

We started to look for other items that looked like they could be useful (and there are lots in a kitchen). We took a break from food items and played with some utensils:

Rachel has a juicer (one of the glass ones that you press the fruit onto) and so we tried juicing my cunt. We couldn't get it all the way into me, but it felt wonderful when Mike span it around so I could feel the ridges moving inside me. We also tried a few spatula & fish slice things (putting the handles inside me) and then we found a thin shot glass which fitted it me nicely while Mike licked my clit again.

We decided it was time to go back to the food - Mike got a small handful of dried spaghetti and putting it longwise between my pussy lips, ran it up and down my cunt while I wrapped my lips around it. I hadn't realised that dry spaghetti wasn't smooth before, it created a wonderful feeling of friction against my clit as Mike moved it back and forth. We tried sliding the bundle into me properly while Mike licked my clit, but I was a bit concerned about some of it breaking off so this didn't last long.

We tried a few more items from the fridge (I can't remember everything we used) but I do remember we ended up with some yoghurt. We had a communal big pint pot of strawberry youghurt and Mike got me to lay on the table with my cunt over the edge and my lips pulled wide open. He spooned it onto my clit and let it run over and into my cunt and catching the drips n the pot. He kept spooning it onto me and then licking my clit and I could feel another orgasm coming.

After all the playing and teasing, it was a big one, but Mike kept licking away until I had finished and was mostly clean of yoghurt. He was clearly quite excited by this point and pulled me off the table and got me to bend over it so he could fuck me from behind. It took hardly any time for him to cum, but he came so much that when he pulled out of me, a huge amount dribbled down my legs.

It was too late for us to have a shower, so we had to clean up as best we could in the kitchen and then straighen up everything we had used. We slept late the next day, but over the following week I made sure I was around for every meal I could be to watch Rachel & Holly eat me in many different ways :)

Monday, 22 September 2008

Yet more food

A similar story to one from before, but I do like playing with my food (or even better, other peoples' food)...

By the time I was reaching the end of my first year in my 'new' house, we'd had sex in every room (including Rachel's), by fucking, Mike eating me, me sucking him and him fucking my ass - and there wasn't too much left for us to do that was new.

We were up quite late one night, both Holly and Rachel had gone to bed and we had decided to do things on the sofa. Mike was lying on his back and I was crouched over him in a 69 position, sucking and wanking him while he licked around my cunt. After we'd been going for a while, he told me to slow down (he still can't cum as many times as I can) and I clambered off him to 'let' him play with me for a while.

I remember I was feeling particularly horny that night and had been looking forward to cumming so I spread my legs wide and he went down on me. After the earlier licking, I was fairly clsoe already and ended up wrapping my legs around his head and keeping his mouth on my cunt until I came. I don't know if I can taste the difference, but Mike says that I taste better when I'm horny (I know I get a lot wetter),

While I was recovering, Mike went to the kitchen and came back with a pot of ice cream. It had been a long time since we'd done anything with food and I was still horny so I didn't even ask him who it belonged to (I knew it wasn't ours). He scooped out a little with his fingers and slid it into my cunt. It was a shock given how hot I was inside and it melted almost instantly. Mike licked it as it dribbled out of me and then dipped his fingers back in the pot and spread some more over my pussy lips.

I'm sure he was trying to get my juices back onto the ice cream as much as he was trying to get the ice cream onto me and I finally had to ask him who it belonged to. It turned out that it was Holly's and I could now picture her licking me clean. I was really getting into it when Mike said he had to put it back in the freezer before it melted too much, but he took my hand and led me into the kitchen with him.

I lay down on the table, with a good idea of what we were about to do. He put the ice cream back and looked through the fridge and found some pre-washed carrots and said it was time for some of Rachel's food (Rachel is reasonably well off and buys her food at M&S, hence the already prepared stuff). He started off with one of the smaller ones and slid it into me almost all the way. It wasn't as cold as the ice cream, but still felt quite intense. He worked his way through a fair part of the bag, and each time he slid a new one into me, I imagined Rachel eating it afterwards (she often munches on raw veg while cooking and I intended to try to watch her eat as much of my pussy juice as I could over the next few days).

My cunt was beginning to get a bit cold so I asked him to find something else to use. He picked up a banana and started to play 'hunt the g-spot' with it. It was fairly bent banana and actually worked quite well on my g spot, but was too bent to get very far inside me. After a while of playing with this we looked for soome other things to try - unfortunatly neither of them had a courgette but Rachel had a cucumber...

It looked a bit big to me but we tried it anyway - I was able to get a few inches of the narrow end into me before it was too wide so Mike pumped that into me while licking my clit. He slowly worked it a bit deeper into me, but I was still too tight to take much more of it before it began to hurt (other than the odd slap on the ass, I'm not into pain), so we switched to a corn cob.

I've seen pics of people using corn and would love to know what it feels like so slide it properly into my cunt, but it would never fit. We did the next best thing with a cob that Holly (I think) had - I spread my pusst lips and pulled back the skin to expose my clit and Mike rubbed up and down my cunt so I could feel the individual bits of corn bumping over my clit. Mike kept rubbing my cunt with the corn and it was such an unique texture that I came reasonable quickly (and quite hard - if you haven't tried this, I really recommend it!).

It was fairly obvious that having come this far, we were going to work our way though as many things as we could find The table was feeling quite hard by this point so I knelt on the floor and Mike placed a pack of cherry tomatoes below me. I slid a couple into my cunt while Mike rubbed my clit. I let them slide back out into the pack and pushed a few more into myself. After a few goes at this, I started putting more in at the same time, but after doing that a few times, one almost got stuck and I decided that was enough small things.

That's enough for now or I'll never get this posted - part two later in the week...

Sunday, 21 September 2008


I was hoping to get an entry out today but I've been helping Mike paint windows all afternoon and I'm rather tired now. On the plus side, as I was painting the outside of the windows* (without panties on) so anyone passing with good enough eyesight will have got a good upskirt view of my ass and pussy :) If I had of thought of it, I would have put my vibrating egg in my cunt and seen how many times I could have cum - in lieu of that though, Mike has promised to eat me for as long as I want as thanks for helping.
* The windowsills are incredibly wide so it was easy to either crouch or kneel)
Some of my latest cum pics...

This girl looks quite a lot like an old friend I had called Laura (especially in the second pic where she has exactly the same eyes and smile). I'd like to imaging Laura's pussy is as nicely shaved in real life as in the pics :)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I was really excited to find a new girl Elizabeth on Nubiles - in some of her pics she looks an awful lot like my housemate Rachel (I haven't seen Rachel naked, just my imagination as usual). The other pic also looks quite a bit like her - I hope you'll get the idea of what she really looks like by combining the two pics

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Changing room

Probably a quick post this, but it's about something that I really love to do and haven't written about yet...

As I've said before, I usually go out without panties on - this has the advantage of making my pussy easily accessible whenever I (or Mike) want to get at it. One of the places I've cum most often in public is in changing rooms.

This started a while ago and the first time I had actually gone in to try a skirt on. Once I had slipped the one I was wearing off, I thought I'd give myself a quick feel as I liked the idea of doing this while being able to hear everyone around me. I started off just touching myself while standing up but soon sat down on the bench and spread my legs. What I had intended to be a quick feel soon turned in to wanting to cum and I had two fingers sliding into my cunt and my other hand working on my clit. I came very quickly that time and it definitly felt rushed but I enjoyed it enough to plan for more...

I came to realise that the best way was to take as many items in to 'try on' as I was allowed to as I could then stay in longer without the assistants becoming suspicious. I've taken dildos in and used them (not quite brave enough to risk people hearing the buzzing of a vibrator) and have even managed to make use of a coathanger that had a nice wide rounded end.

My favourite way though is when I go out shopping with my friends - being in a changing room next to them (which of course gives me even more time as we are talking to each other about what the clothes we're trying look like). I love sitting in the dressing room and imagining Jo, Holly or Claire undressing in the next cubicle while I play with myself - and actually being able to talk to them while (or just before) I cum is an incredible turn on.

I have my favourite shops to cum in (the ones with the softer seats in the cubicles!) but I think that over the past few years I have probably managed to cum in pretty much every big clothes shop we have. In one or two shops where there are no assistants, I've stripped naked, but the thing I find most exciting is having more people around. Of course Saturday is the best day for that and I really wish that places like Next had their dressing rooms open on sale days when the store is packed (although I guess I would have to be quick!). When I can, I try to get the cubicle just by the entrance to the changing rooms so I can hear everyone in the shop and everyone coming and going has to walk past me

Have any of you managed to cum in places like this, or are there any places you would love to have sex or masterbate but haven't been brave enough to try?

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Club sex

Back to another public sex story now - this was an incredible night and the closest I've come to having sex with people (other than my sister) watching us properly (although she only saw us through a partly opened door). It was also the fist (any only time so far) time I was touched by a girl...

We'd gone out and I was wearing a dress, but it was much shorter than I usually wear (short enough that even I considered wearing panties with it), but given we were planning some outdoors action, I decided to go with my usual naked pussy and just be careful.

We'd done a few pubs and I'd been quite careful about how I sat down and had actually ended up standing for most of the evening as I couldn't easily cover myself when sitting. I had got a few comments from our friends about how short my dress was, but I don't think any of them had realised I was naked under it. In the Evil Eye (which was packed as usual), Mike had managed to rub my clit for a bit while we were waiting to get drinks at the bar and I think if we hadn't been served when we were I could have probably managed to cum right there.

We went to the Gallery after drinks (still a cheesy place, but it our usual) When we were queueing on the stairs I made sure that I was near the back of our group so that they couldn't see up my dress - of course, the people further back in the queue must have got a fairly good view of my ass and I guess would have assumed I was wearing a tiny thong (or figured out I was going commando...)

It was much busier than usual inside and we had to push our way through to get drinks and the dancefloor was stupidly busy. We made it out there anyway and Mike's hands moved down under my dress and onto my ass. This meant that my dress was getting moved up even higher, but there were so many people around that there wasn't room for people to look down (and I really didn't care too much either!) We were kissing deeply and he kept knading my ass and then turned me around so he was against my back and could rub my breasts (through my dress).

I was grinding back against him and could feel his cock rubbing up against my ass. I was going to turn around again so we could kiss properly and saw a quite drunk (but cute) looking girl beside us dancing by herself. She seemed to be enjoying watching my breasts being fondled so I moved over towards her. We started to dance together and I moved a bit closer to her, she put her arms around me and I grabbed on to her. Her hands were moving over my back and slid down towards my ass so I did the same with her. Unfortunatly she was wearing jeans but I did get a good feel of her ass and I guess she figured that she was allowed to do the same and her hands went under my skirt and onto my ass.
It felt incredible having her hands there, the way she touched me was much softer and I pressed up against her. She was a bit taller than me so I just nuzzled against her neck and pressed my fingers as far between her ass cheeks as I could. Her hands stayed on my ass, but given how wet I was getting and the fact we were still dancing, I wondered if my juices were being spread around enough for her to feel them. My dress was now ruding fairly high and I was trying ro rub my cunt against her leg but I don't think she realised that I didn't have panties on and after a while, she seemed to lose interest and just wandered off and I felt ready to explode - I had been having thoughts of her coming home with us and finally having a chance to taste another girl.

Disappointed as I was, I didn't want to waste the way I was feelign and grabbed Mike (who had stayed close enough to watch (and from the bulge in his jeans, he'd got a good view :) We moved over to the wall away from the bars and I I pressed his hand against my cunt and told him to make me cum. I kissed him and jammed his hand between us - he started to rub my clit and his other hand went to my ass. I was so horny it only took a matter of minuted before I came and it was really strong. The music was so loud that I didnit worry about how much noise I made and I think I was pretty vocal! As I recovered I realised how high my dress had got again and anyone near us must have got a good look at my ass.

We left (our friends are used to us disappearing at random point in the night) and we went back for what turned out to be a fairly intense session. Mike had clearly been affected as much as I had by random tall girl fondling me and when he came in me, it was far more cum than usual. We made good use of the experience and between us developed a whole fantasy about what could have happened if she had come back with us - I think we could have made her happy :) and I know i would have loved to find out what her pussy was like under her jeans.

Another few pics - first one is after I'd been licked clean (eacting another strawberry that had been inside me), second one was inviting mike to fuck me and third one was from early on in a session with a bottle.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Housemate's bed

We had sex a few times before this story in my housemate's bed (but always when she had been out) but I think that this is the most memorable time...

My housemate Holly was quite cute. Unfortunatly I don't have any naked photos of people that look like her, but to give you an idea of what she's like, she is about 5' 2" or so, very slim, long strawberry blonde hair, small breasts and an impishly cute face. Mike and I had enjoyed fucking in her bed a number of times when we'd had the place to ourselves (we'd done the same thing in Amy's bed at times she was away too). This time was a bit different though...

Holly really likes watching films and had come back one evening with a DVD that really didn't interest us. My other housemate Rachel was out and we had left her to watch it and went upstairs to find something more interesting to do. As we got upstairs, I got the idea to try using her bed while she was downstairs - her bedroom was above the kitchen and mine was above the living room so I assumed that if she heard any noise from us, she would just think that we were in my room.

We undressed in my room (to save having to grab our clothes if we heard her coming) and crept into her room. We had done things under the covers before, but this time we decided to stay on top as we wouldn't have time to make the bed if we had to run for it. We kept the door open and I sat on the bed and spread my legs for Mike to lick me (as you probably know by now, we mostly started like this as he loves the way my cunt tastes and I love having it licked :)

It wasn't too long before I wasn't really listening out for Holly that much as I was concentrating on how my pussy was feeling - Mike cilmbed onto the bed and slid into me and we started fucking slowly. After a while, we rolled over so I was on top and his hands were kneading my ass while I slid up and down his cock. He started playing with my asshole and slid a finger into me and used it to guide my movements. Our sessions were always much quicker on Holly's bed (or at least the orgasms were much quicker so I could cum more) and Mike started to say that he was getting close.I started to push my clit against him harder and between that, his cock inside me and his finger in my ass, I came before he did - it didn't take long though for him to cum in me after that.

I rolled off him and we lay there for a few minutes to recover, now listening out for Holly again. He started to finger me and telling me to cum as many times as I could in her bed and then moved to start licking my cunt. I knew that he was really turned on as he doesn't like licking me as much once he's cum in me and usually just concentrates on my clit so he can't taste his cum.

So far, this was similar to the times we'd used her room before, but this time he stopped licking me (and I assumed he was going to fuck me again), but he moved to her bedside drawer and started looking in it. I asked him what he was doing, and he pulled out her vibrator from inside a towel. I thought I had heard something buzzing a number of times before late at night and now realised that I could hear when Holly masterbated (our beds are against the same wall). I was having ideas of us fucking while we heard her using the vibrator. I was getting quite excited (and distracted) when he ran it over my lips.

Almost without thinking about it (but definitly thinking about a naked Holly with her cute little legs spread), I licked at it. Mike kept it near my mouth and I sucked the end of it, imagining Holly plunging it into her cunt over and over again. Mike moved it down to my pussy, turned it on and started sliding it over my lips. I was still wet from him cumming in me and I was also feeling incredibly horny from the thought of what we were doing and I'm fairly sure that my own juices were contributing quite a bit to the wetness.

I told him I wanted to cum and he turned the vibrator up and slid it into me. I didn't know if Holly had cleaned it since she had last used it, but I was imagining her there with us, rubbing her cunt against mine and our pussy juices mixing with each others' Mike clearly knew what I was imagining and was sitting over my legs, using one hand on the vibrator and one had to jack himself off. He asked me to describe what I was thinking of and I told him how Holly's soft little cunt lips felt rubbing against mine and then how I wanted to share a dildo with her while I held her and kissed her.

Apparantly that was as much as he could take and he came over me. After a brief pause, he started rubbing him cum into my body and down onto my clit while he kept pumping the vibrator into me. I came with him rubbing my clit and describing how it was Holly's mouth on my cunt and licking deep inside me. It was an incredible orgasm with me imagining Holly's face between my legs getting covered with my juices.

Mike hid the vibrator back in the towel in her drawer and then slid back into me. I't's quite rare for him to cum three times so quickly so I hadn't expected him to do much, but he started fucking me again. I was still recovering from my last orgasm but when he started talking about Holly using the vibrator on herself and wondering if she would lick or suck it before using it, I got interested again fairly quickly! We started fucking harder and he was describing her sliding it into her cunt and mixing my juices with hers inside her and we got a bit carried away. I'm suprised that she didn't hear us as we were nowhere near as gentle with our movements as we'd been the first time, but I assume she just though we were having sex in my bed if she did.

We came again (me first this time I think), straightened out her bed and went back into my room to sleep. I had wanted to stay awake and listen for the buzzing, but it had been quite an intense set of orgasms and I fell asleep. I did hear her using it the folowing night and we quietly fucked while listening to it. Unfortunatly she was very quiet and we only ever heard her make any noise (other than the buzzing) a few times throughout the year. We did try to return the favour - and while I didn't vocalise any of my fantasies about her (or any other girls), I imagine she now has a fairly good idea of what i like having done to me and I hope she used those images to cum a few times :)

These were from a different 'stawberries and cream' session we had round at Mike's house - I won't go into too much detail here as I may post properly about it later on, but Mike licked me clean each time and the strawberry I'm eating in the last pic had been in my cunt earlier that evening :)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Anal sex

I missed our the tale of the first time we had anal sex and thought that I should quickly add it in...

If yuo've read the rest of this blog, you'll have gathered that I like having my ass played with in a number of different ways. I love having it licked while Mike is going down on me and I came to love having it fingered too. This started off one time when I was kneeling up and was being fucked from behind (a really goot position as I can thrust back against Mike's cock hard and he can get really deep inside me - it certainly takes much longer for his cum to leak out of my pussy afterwards!) Anyway, he was fucking me from behind and was rubbing my ass with his thumb, spreading juices from my cunt up onto it. i felt him press against me and his thumb slid into me a little. It felt quite strange but really nice and I just pressed back against him and by the time I came, he had pretty much his whole thumb sliding in and out of my ass.

One of my favourite ways to be fingered is lying on my side with one of this thumbs buried deep in my cunt and the other deep in my ass - he alternates pumping them into me and it gives me a differnt kind of orgasm than from just my cunt or clit being stimulated as it seems centered in both my pussy and ass and can last quite a long time.

I'm not sure how long ago it was that we first had anal sex but I do remember that I was the one who suggested we try it (it really didn't take much to convince Mike to try :). I told Mike to go slowly as even though I was fairly certain I would enjoy it (girls, I think this makes a big difference as it stops you clenching up and it hurting), I was still a bit nervous about having his whole cock in me. I knelt on the bed and raised my ass in the air and he started licking both it and my pussy, getting me as wet as he could with both his saliva and by spreading my pussy juices up onto my ass. I was pretty much ready to cum just from the licking by the time he slid into my cunt and got his cock nice and wet before pulling out of me and pressing against my asshole.

I slowly pressed back against him and felt the head jump into me - he didn't press too deep at first but slowly pumped just the head sligtly back and forth and then pressed deeper each stroke. Each time he pushed I pressed back a bit harder and felt him slide deeper into me - apparantly he was enjoying it as he kept saying I was so tight he would cum fairly quickly. I wanted to enjoy it for a bit first and feel what it was like properly, so I told him to move slowly and get deep into me.

It is a very strange feeling - having something in my cunt feels natural and right, having his cock in my ass felt good, but definitly like we were doing something unusual (of course, the more unusual the thing the more I like it generally :) Mike got alomst his whole cock into me and was using long slow strokes and I felt as if my whole ass was filled and being streached by him. By this point I'd started rubbing my clit and Mike said he could feel my ass clenching around his cock.

He came a bit before I did and I could really feel the warmth of his cum squirting to me - he kept his cock buried in me and I came too. Cumming like this is hard to describe, I felt the usual waves from my clit, but my ass now had something to pulse against and it's almost like I could feel it throbbing around his cock.

After I had finished cumming, Mike pulled out and got cleaned up. My ass hurt a little, but not for long - and it was definitly worth it! We don't have (full) anal sex often as neither of us want me to end up with a gaping asshole (not pretty) but we've experimented using vibrators in my cunt while he fucks my ass (he loves this as he can feel the vibrator on his cock through the wall of my pussy, and he once managed to fuck my ass outdoors in the middle of town after we'd been to a club.

I got a few emails asking for some of the pics of me - they're on a few photo posting sites on the web, but here are a few of the ones I like the most. I didn't really want to post them so close to the ones of Inka as I obviously can't compare to her and I would give anything to have her figure and small firm breasts (actually I'd just give anything to have her!)

Hmm, these are taking a while to upload, so I'll do a few per post... click on them for high def versions and you'll get almost as good a view of my cunt as Mike does ;)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Naked photos

It was about a year ago that Mike first suggested that we take some naked pictures of me. Given I'd come to enjoy looking at photos on the web so much, I thought it would be fun to make some of our own (and to be honest, by this time, there wassn't much that I wasn't willing to try). We did this round at his house during another day that Amy was going to be out. We started off with a few pictures of me on the bed and then got a bit distracted with him eating me and then did a few more and got a bit distracted again as we fucked.

Later on we went down to the sofa and took a few more 'artistic' shots which were meant to be non-sexual (but still naked of course - I think if he got his way I would be naked all the time we were indoors and half the time we were outdoors - not that I'm complaining about either as I'd rather not wear clothes for as much time as possible now.)

I enjoyed being able to see me the way that he does and he enjoys having the pics for the days when we don't get to see each other. I certainly like the idea of him masterbating to the pics of me more than the pics of other random girls we find on the web, but as long as I feature in his fantasy of them it's not too bad - especially if he describes what they did to me the next time we're together :) I'll tell you about some of our favourite fantasies later on once I've got up to date with our exploits.

We did another few photo sessions, one at my home (real home) in my room, another at his place with strawberries and cream (very messy session that, but also very tasty) and another one with me fucking a wine bottle (see profile pic!). We also got a few pics one time recently when I visited him at work.

I have been wondering for a while what it would be like to go to a nudist camp. I know that 'real' nudists aren't meant to find it arousing to be naked around other people, but I love the idea of being able to walk around and have everyone see me (and of course eye up the cute girls). I'm fairly certain it's frowned upon to have sex in public in such places though and I doubt I'd be able to last long without it becoming quite clear that I was aroused and needed to cum. One of my biggest fantasies at the minute is to have Mike fucking me or eating me outside and have someone discover us and watch me cum - of course if it could be a nice cute girl who wanted to help make me cum again afterwards then I'm sure I could cope with that :), but even the idea of people just watching me cum over and over again turns me on.

When we first took the pictures, Mike had suggested that we post them online but I was really against that. I think that fantasising about the whole nudist thing was a big part of what changed my mind and I've certainly become a lot more adventurous and cum in so many differnt ways that it doesn't seem to be so bad showing myself off any more. I've also come to enjoy photos of 'real' girls more than ones of models* and hope that at least some people like the look of me enough to be able to cum looking at my pics (the idea of people doing that also gets me quite hot, so if any of you have done so, then please leave a comment and I'll try to cum once for each of you :)

The one downside of taking photos is that the times we do it, the sex was always a lot more stilted and interrupted as we have to try to use positions that would allow Mike to hold the camera or I'd be posing for a while (when I could have been cumming instead!). At least it's been decided for us for now as our camera stopped working a few months ago and I can't afford a new one with the start of term coming up so I expect that by the time I have spare money (might be a while as a student!), it'll be something different and exciting again.

I have one more photo related story - but they're not photos of me, so I'll save it for later :)

* Of course, this doesn't apply to pics of Beth, Sharon or Pavlina - or any other models I find that look like people I know as it makes it much easier to fantasies about them with pics ;) It also doesn't apply to pics of Inka as she is one of the cutest girls on the web and I finally managed to get hold of the rare third set of her climbing yesterday - here are a few samples along with the pics from earlier in my blog that appears to have vanished...

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

...and the new pics from the 'Climbing' set:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

She has such a cute smile I get wet just looking at her and I love the way her pussy lips look like they are layered and beggin to be explored with fingers and a tounge...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Outdoors egg

Feeling a bit better now and I've missed writing this, so here goes...

This is another outdoors story - and the use of a wonderful present that Mike got for me. I love my normal vibrating egg - holding against my clit gives me a really strong orgasm, but it's not something I can easily use outdoors as it has a control box and egg joined by wire, so it's not very discreet.

My present, was a radio controlled egg - it's not quite as strong as the wired one as it only has a couple of little batteries in it, but it allows me to have it in my pussy all day and turn it on and off whenever I want :) This entry is about a time I was wearing my long dress that buttons up the front - I never have it buttoned all the way down, but the thing I really like about it is that I can unbotton it quite high and almost have my pussy showing even though it looks like a very conservative dress.

We had got the bus into town and had sat near the back - I had lifted my dress as I sat down so Mike could get his hand under my ass and his fingers into my pussy. We had a woman sitting just in front of us and she had no idea that I was being fingered as we drove along. Given I was sitting on his hand, Mike obviously couldn't move it very much, but it was nice just feeling his fingers moving back and forth inside of me.

Just as we stood to get off, Mike turned me around and slipped the egg into my pussy, pushing it completely inside of me. I was a little worried about whether we would be able to get it out again later on but went with it anyway. Mike had the remote in his pocket and as we stepped off the bus, I felt it starting to vibrate inside of me. It felt so nice walking through town, surrounded by people with no idea what I was doing.

The remote egg isn't strong enough to make me cum, but it has a number of different settings on it and Mike played with them as we went along. I was certainly getting quite wet from all the vibration and I managed to get myself even more turned on by sitting on the edge of the fountain in the middle of town and openly playing with the remote control and feeling what the different vibration patterns were like (the remote is just a little pink box so I doubt anyone knew what I was doing even though we had people sitting and walking all around us).

The batteries lasted about an hour or so and by the time it died, my whole pussy was soaking wet and it was actually quite difficult to walk without the egg sliding out of me. We ducked into an allayway and I let it fall out into my hand and hid it away in my bag and went off to the Museum gardens (nice area with lawns, trees and bushes). It wasn't a really hot day but still warm enough for a number of people to be sitting out.

We lay down and I experimented with spreading my legs or bending one at the knee so my dress fell open and I tried to see how much of my pussy I could show off. I then rolled onto my side and faced Mike so he could slide his hand up my legs and play with my clit, spreading my pussy juices around my cunt and thighs even more. Unfortunatly there were too many people around for him to finger me long enough to cum (but I love the idea of cumming hard in a completely exposed place like that, or even having him lick me - mmm :)

Eventually it got to me and I decided that I really did need to cum, so once Mike's cock had calmed down enough for us to walk through town, we got the bus back home to have sex. This time though, we had the back of the bus to ourselves and I knew that I didn't want to wait to have my first orgasm of the session. I sat by the window and undid another few buttons on my dress so it was now open almost to my stomache and spread my legs. Mike slipped his fingers onto my cunt and started to rub my clit and slide fingers into me.

I told him to be quick as I really didn't want more people to get on the bus and us have to stop so he concentrated on my clit, only occasionaly dipping his fingers into my cunt. I came before we were even half way home with people looking straight at me (they couldn't see the fact I was almost half naked). It was similar to cumming with Sue in the room with us, except I also had to try to keep it from showing on my face as well as keep quiet.

I did up the buttons but found out that when I stood to get off the bus, there was a bit of a wet patch on the seat and Mike had to walk behind me to hide my dress from other people. There was nobody else in when we got home and we ended up having sex on the stairs with me bent over and Mike taking me from behind. He reached around underneath me and rubbed my clit and I certainly made u pfor having to be quiet on the bus! By the time we got to the top of the stairs, my legs were wet from my juices and his cum.

We played with my real vibrating egg for a while after that until my housemates came home and we had to clean up before joining them downstairs. (More about housemates in a later story).

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I've not been feeling too well for the past few days and I'm going to get an early night tonight so no post today - I'll hopefully have another one up tomorrow if I'm better.