Monday, 8 September 2008

Anal sex

I missed our the tale of the first time we had anal sex and thought that I should quickly add it in...

If yuo've read the rest of this blog, you'll have gathered that I like having my ass played with in a number of different ways. I love having it licked while Mike is going down on me and I came to love having it fingered too. This started off one time when I was kneeling up and was being fucked from behind (a really goot position as I can thrust back against Mike's cock hard and he can get really deep inside me - it certainly takes much longer for his cum to leak out of my pussy afterwards!) Anyway, he was fucking me from behind and was rubbing my ass with his thumb, spreading juices from my cunt up onto it. i felt him press against me and his thumb slid into me a little. It felt quite strange but really nice and I just pressed back against him and by the time I came, he had pretty much his whole thumb sliding in and out of my ass.

One of my favourite ways to be fingered is lying on my side with one of this thumbs buried deep in my cunt and the other deep in my ass - he alternates pumping them into me and it gives me a differnt kind of orgasm than from just my cunt or clit being stimulated as it seems centered in both my pussy and ass and can last quite a long time.

I'm not sure how long ago it was that we first had anal sex but I do remember that I was the one who suggested we try it (it really didn't take much to convince Mike to try :). I told Mike to go slowly as even though I was fairly certain I would enjoy it (girls, I think this makes a big difference as it stops you clenching up and it hurting), I was still a bit nervous about having his whole cock in me. I knelt on the bed and raised my ass in the air and he started licking both it and my pussy, getting me as wet as he could with both his saliva and by spreading my pussy juices up onto my ass. I was pretty much ready to cum just from the licking by the time he slid into my cunt and got his cock nice and wet before pulling out of me and pressing against my asshole.

I slowly pressed back against him and felt the head jump into me - he didn't press too deep at first but slowly pumped just the head sligtly back and forth and then pressed deeper each stroke. Each time he pushed I pressed back a bit harder and felt him slide deeper into me - apparantly he was enjoying it as he kept saying I was so tight he would cum fairly quickly. I wanted to enjoy it for a bit first and feel what it was like properly, so I told him to move slowly and get deep into me.

It is a very strange feeling - having something in my cunt feels natural and right, having his cock in my ass felt good, but definitly like we were doing something unusual (of course, the more unusual the thing the more I like it generally :) Mike got alomst his whole cock into me and was using long slow strokes and I felt as if my whole ass was filled and being streached by him. By this point I'd started rubbing my clit and Mike said he could feel my ass clenching around his cock.

He came a bit before I did and I could really feel the warmth of his cum squirting to me - he kept his cock buried in me and I came too. Cumming like this is hard to describe, I felt the usual waves from my clit, but my ass now had something to pulse against and it's almost like I could feel it throbbing around his cock.

After I had finished cumming, Mike pulled out and got cleaned up. My ass hurt a little, but not for long - and it was definitly worth it! We don't have (full) anal sex often as neither of us want me to end up with a gaping asshole (not pretty) but we've experimented using vibrators in my cunt while he fucks my ass (he loves this as he can feel the vibrator on his cock through the wall of my pussy, and he once managed to fuck my ass outdoors in the middle of town after we'd been to a club.

I got a few emails asking for some of the pics of me - they're on a few photo posting sites on the web, but here are a few of the ones I like the most. I didn't really want to post them so close to the ones of Inka as I obviously can't compare to her and I would give anything to have her figure and small firm breasts (actually I'd just give anything to have her!)

Hmm, these are taking a while to upload, so I'll do a few per post... click on them for high def versions and you'll get almost as good a view of my cunt as Mike does ;)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and just want to say I admire you honesty and straight forward realness.
    I think I read just about the entire thing and think it's pretty great. In some ways is reminisent of my own life. Your way with words is so erotic. Keep up the excellent work. Good for you being so young and in touch with yourself.
    I will be back, take care.

  2. I missed this comment when it was posted - I think I'm just trying to make up for lost time. If I'd learned how to cum at the same age some of the other people I've been talking to did (as young as 3 or 4 in one case!) then I might not be quite so fixated on it now.

  3. What a pussy! Let me at it!

    1. Thank you - those pics are a few years old now, I've been shaved bald for quite a while but I'm thinking of growing back a little patch of hair (probably less than in the pics and I'll certainly be keeping my lips shaved so I can be licked)