Thursday, 18 September 2008

Changing room

Probably a quick post this, but it's about something that I really love to do and haven't written about yet...

As I've said before, I usually go out without panties on - this has the advantage of making my pussy easily accessible whenever I (or Mike) want to get at it. One of the places I've cum most often in public is in changing rooms.

This started a while ago and the first time I had actually gone in to try a skirt on. Once I had slipped the one I was wearing off, I thought I'd give myself a quick feel as I liked the idea of doing this while being able to hear everyone around me. I started off just touching myself while standing up but soon sat down on the bench and spread my legs. What I had intended to be a quick feel soon turned in to wanting to cum and I had two fingers sliding into my cunt and my other hand working on my clit. I came very quickly that time and it definitly felt rushed but I enjoyed it enough to plan for more...

I came to realise that the best way was to take as many items in to 'try on' as I was allowed to as I could then stay in longer without the assistants becoming suspicious. I've taken dildos in and used them (not quite brave enough to risk people hearing the buzzing of a vibrator) and have even managed to make use of a coathanger that had a nice wide rounded end.

My favourite way though is when I go out shopping with my friends - being in a changing room next to them (which of course gives me even more time as we are talking to each other about what the clothes we're trying look like). I love sitting in the dressing room and imagining Jo, Holly or Claire undressing in the next cubicle while I play with myself - and actually being able to talk to them while (or just before) I cum is an incredible turn on.

I have my favourite shops to cum in (the ones with the softer seats in the cubicles!) but I think that over the past few years I have probably managed to cum in pretty much every big clothes shop we have. In one or two shops where there are no assistants, I've stripped naked, but the thing I find most exciting is having more people around. Of course Saturday is the best day for that and I really wish that places like Next had their dressing rooms open on sale days when the store is packed (although I guess I would have to be quick!). When I can, I try to get the cubicle just by the entrance to the changing rooms so I can hear everyone in the shop and everyone coming and going has to walk past me

Have any of you managed to cum in places like this, or are there any places you would love to have sex or masterbate but haven't been brave enough to try?

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