Saturday, 13 September 2008

Club sex

Back to another public sex story now - this was an incredible night and the closest I've come to having sex with people (other than my sister) watching us properly (although she only saw us through a partly opened door). It was also the fist (any only time so far) time I was touched by a girl...

We'd gone out and I was wearing a dress, but it was much shorter than I usually wear (short enough that even I considered wearing panties with it), but given we were planning some outdoors action, I decided to go with my usual naked pussy and just be careful.

We'd done a few pubs and I'd been quite careful about how I sat down and had actually ended up standing for most of the evening as I couldn't easily cover myself when sitting. I had got a few comments from our friends about how short my dress was, but I don't think any of them had realised I was naked under it. In the Evil Eye (which was packed as usual), Mike had managed to rub my clit for a bit while we were waiting to get drinks at the bar and I think if we hadn't been served when we were I could have probably managed to cum right there.

We went to the Gallery after drinks (still a cheesy place, but it our usual) When we were queueing on the stairs I made sure that I was near the back of our group so that they couldn't see up my dress - of course, the people further back in the queue must have got a fairly good view of my ass and I guess would have assumed I was wearing a tiny thong (or figured out I was going commando...)

It was much busier than usual inside and we had to push our way through to get drinks and the dancefloor was stupidly busy. We made it out there anyway and Mike's hands moved down under my dress and onto my ass. This meant that my dress was getting moved up even higher, but there were so many people around that there wasn't room for people to look down (and I really didn't care too much either!) We were kissing deeply and he kept knading my ass and then turned me around so he was against my back and could rub my breasts (through my dress).

I was grinding back against him and could feel his cock rubbing up against my ass. I was going to turn around again so we could kiss properly and saw a quite drunk (but cute) looking girl beside us dancing by herself. She seemed to be enjoying watching my breasts being fondled so I moved over towards her. We started to dance together and I moved a bit closer to her, she put her arms around me and I grabbed on to her. Her hands were moving over my back and slid down towards my ass so I did the same with her. Unfortunatly she was wearing jeans but I did get a good feel of her ass and I guess she figured that she was allowed to do the same and her hands went under my skirt and onto my ass.
It felt incredible having her hands there, the way she touched me was much softer and I pressed up against her. She was a bit taller than me so I just nuzzled against her neck and pressed my fingers as far between her ass cheeks as I could. Her hands stayed on my ass, but given how wet I was getting and the fact we were still dancing, I wondered if my juices were being spread around enough for her to feel them. My dress was now ruding fairly high and I was trying ro rub my cunt against her leg but I don't think she realised that I didn't have panties on and after a while, she seemed to lose interest and just wandered off and I felt ready to explode - I had been having thoughts of her coming home with us and finally having a chance to taste another girl.

Disappointed as I was, I didn't want to waste the way I was feelign and grabbed Mike (who had stayed close enough to watch (and from the bulge in his jeans, he'd got a good view :) We moved over to the wall away from the bars and I I pressed his hand against my cunt and told him to make me cum. I kissed him and jammed his hand between us - he started to rub my clit and his other hand went to my ass. I was so horny it only took a matter of minuted before I came and it was really strong. The music was so loud that I didnit worry about how much noise I made and I think I was pretty vocal! As I recovered I realised how high my dress had got again and anyone near us must have got a good look at my ass.

We left (our friends are used to us disappearing at random point in the night) and we went back for what turned out to be a fairly intense session. Mike had clearly been affected as much as I had by random tall girl fondling me and when he came in me, it was far more cum than usual. We made good use of the experience and between us developed a whole fantasy about what could have happened if she had come back with us - I think we could have made her happy :) and I know i would have loved to find out what her pussy was like under her jeans.

Another few pics - first one is after I'd been licked clean (eacting another strawberry that had been inside me), second one was inviting mike to fuck me and third one was from early on in a session with a bottle.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*


  1. i'm in NYC, but, alas, not a girl. any chance you would convert for an eager guy?

  2. I'm in Old York (UK) and I would have thought it was fairly clear that I wouldn't need to 'convert' as I have a steady boyfriend!

    He really wouldn't like me screwing another guy - he does however, really like the idea of me eating another girl's cunt (and of course having her eat mine).

  3. can you repost these pics

  4. It's easier to look on my Picassa page - click on one of the galleries on the right of my blog, look at all the galleries and fine the ones with me in them.