Thursday, 11 September 2008

Housemate's bed

We had sex a few times before this story in my housemate's bed (but always when she had been out) but I think that this is the most memorable time...

My housemate Holly was quite cute. Unfortunatly I don't have any naked photos of people that look like her, but to give you an idea of what she's like, she is about 5' 2" or so, very slim, long strawberry blonde hair, small breasts and an impishly cute face. Mike and I had enjoyed fucking in her bed a number of times when we'd had the place to ourselves (we'd done the same thing in Amy's bed at times she was away too). This time was a bit different though...

Holly really likes watching films and had come back one evening with a DVD that really didn't interest us. My other housemate Rachel was out and we had left her to watch it and went upstairs to find something more interesting to do. As we got upstairs, I got the idea to try using her bed while she was downstairs - her bedroom was above the kitchen and mine was above the living room so I assumed that if she heard any noise from us, she would just think that we were in my room.

We undressed in my room (to save having to grab our clothes if we heard her coming) and crept into her room. We had done things under the covers before, but this time we decided to stay on top as we wouldn't have time to make the bed if we had to run for it. We kept the door open and I sat on the bed and spread my legs for Mike to lick me (as you probably know by now, we mostly started like this as he loves the way my cunt tastes and I love having it licked :)

It wasn't too long before I wasn't really listening out for Holly that much as I was concentrating on how my pussy was feeling - Mike cilmbed onto the bed and slid into me and we started fucking slowly. After a while, we rolled over so I was on top and his hands were kneading my ass while I slid up and down his cock. He started playing with my asshole and slid a finger into me and used it to guide my movements. Our sessions were always much quicker on Holly's bed (or at least the orgasms were much quicker so I could cum more) and Mike started to say that he was getting close.I started to push my clit against him harder and between that, his cock inside me and his finger in my ass, I came before he did - it didn't take long though for him to cum in me after that.

I rolled off him and we lay there for a few minutes to recover, now listening out for Holly again. He started to finger me and telling me to cum as many times as I could in her bed and then moved to start licking my cunt. I knew that he was really turned on as he doesn't like licking me as much once he's cum in me and usually just concentrates on my clit so he can't taste his cum.

So far, this was similar to the times we'd used her room before, but this time he stopped licking me (and I assumed he was going to fuck me again), but he moved to her bedside drawer and started looking in it. I asked him what he was doing, and he pulled out her vibrator from inside a towel. I thought I had heard something buzzing a number of times before late at night and now realised that I could hear when Holly masterbated (our beds are against the same wall). I was having ideas of us fucking while we heard her using the vibrator. I was getting quite excited (and distracted) when he ran it over my lips.

Almost without thinking about it (but definitly thinking about a naked Holly with her cute little legs spread), I licked at it. Mike kept it near my mouth and I sucked the end of it, imagining Holly plunging it into her cunt over and over again. Mike moved it down to my pussy, turned it on and started sliding it over my lips. I was still wet from him cumming in me and I was also feeling incredibly horny from the thought of what we were doing and I'm fairly sure that my own juices were contributing quite a bit to the wetness.

I told him I wanted to cum and he turned the vibrator up and slid it into me. I didn't know if Holly had cleaned it since she had last used it, but I was imagining her there with us, rubbing her cunt against mine and our pussy juices mixing with each others' Mike clearly knew what I was imagining and was sitting over my legs, using one hand on the vibrator and one had to jack himself off. He asked me to describe what I was thinking of and I told him how Holly's soft little cunt lips felt rubbing against mine and then how I wanted to share a dildo with her while I held her and kissed her.

Apparantly that was as much as he could take and he came over me. After a brief pause, he started rubbing him cum into my body and down onto my clit while he kept pumping the vibrator into me. I came with him rubbing my clit and describing how it was Holly's mouth on my cunt and licking deep inside me. It was an incredible orgasm with me imagining Holly's face between my legs getting covered with my juices.

Mike hid the vibrator back in the towel in her drawer and then slid back into me. I't's quite rare for him to cum three times so quickly so I hadn't expected him to do much, but he started fucking me again. I was still recovering from my last orgasm but when he started talking about Holly using the vibrator on herself and wondering if she would lick or suck it before using it, I got interested again fairly quickly! We started fucking harder and he was describing her sliding it into her cunt and mixing my juices with hers inside her and we got a bit carried away. I'm suprised that she didn't hear us as we were nowhere near as gentle with our movements as we'd been the first time, but I assume she just though we were having sex in my bed if she did.

We came again (me first this time I think), straightened out her bed and went back into my room to sleep. I had wanted to stay awake and listen for the buzzing, but it had been quite an intense set of orgasms and I fell asleep. I did hear her using it the folowing night and we quietly fucked while listening to it. Unfortunatly she was very quiet and we only ever heard her make any noise (other than the buzzing) a few times throughout the year. We did try to return the favour - and while I didn't vocalise any of my fantasies about her (or any other girls), I imagine she now has a fairly good idea of what i like having done to me and I hope she used those images to cum a few times :)

These were from a different 'stawberries and cream' session we had round at Mike's house - I won't go into too much detail here as I may post properly about it later on, but Mike licked me clean each time and the strawberry I'm eating in the last pic had been in my cunt earlier that evening :)

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