Saturday, 6 September 2008

Naked photos

It was about a year ago that Mike first suggested that we take some naked pictures of me. Given I'd come to enjoy looking at photos on the web so much, I thought it would be fun to make some of our own (and to be honest, by this time, there wassn't much that I wasn't willing to try). We did this round at his house during another day that Amy was going to be out. We started off with a few pictures of me on the bed and then got a bit distracted with him eating me and then did a few more and got a bit distracted again as we fucked.

Later on we went down to the sofa and took a few more 'artistic' shots which were meant to be non-sexual (but still naked of course - I think if he got his way I would be naked all the time we were indoors and half the time we were outdoors - not that I'm complaining about either as I'd rather not wear clothes for as much time as possible now.)

I enjoyed being able to see me the way that he does and he enjoys having the pics for the days when we don't get to see each other. I certainly like the idea of him masterbating to the pics of me more than the pics of other random girls we find on the web, but as long as I feature in his fantasy of them it's not too bad - especially if he describes what they did to me the next time we're together :) I'll tell you about some of our favourite fantasies later on once I've got up to date with our exploits.

We did another few photo sessions, one at my home (real home) in my room, another at his place with strawberries and cream (very messy session that, but also very tasty) and another one with me fucking a wine bottle (see profile pic!). We also got a few pics one time recently when I visited him at work.

I have been wondering for a while what it would be like to go to a nudist camp. I know that 'real' nudists aren't meant to find it arousing to be naked around other people, but I love the idea of being able to walk around and have everyone see me (and of course eye up the cute girls). I'm fairly certain it's frowned upon to have sex in public in such places though and I doubt I'd be able to last long without it becoming quite clear that I was aroused and needed to cum. One of my biggest fantasies at the minute is to have Mike fucking me or eating me outside and have someone discover us and watch me cum - of course if it could be a nice cute girl who wanted to help make me cum again afterwards then I'm sure I could cope with that :), but even the idea of people just watching me cum over and over again turns me on.

When we first took the pictures, Mike had suggested that we post them online but I was really against that. I think that fantasising about the whole nudist thing was a big part of what changed my mind and I've certainly become a lot more adventurous and cum in so many differnt ways that it doesn't seem to be so bad showing myself off any more. I've also come to enjoy photos of 'real' girls more than ones of models* and hope that at least some people like the look of me enough to be able to cum looking at my pics (the idea of people doing that also gets me quite hot, so if any of you have done so, then please leave a comment and I'll try to cum once for each of you :)

The one downside of taking photos is that the times we do it, the sex was always a lot more stilted and interrupted as we have to try to use positions that would allow Mike to hold the camera or I'd be posing for a while (when I could have been cumming instead!). At least it's been decided for us for now as our camera stopped working a few months ago and I can't afford a new one with the start of term coming up so I expect that by the time I have spare money (might be a while as a student!), it'll be something different and exciting again.

I have one more photo related story - but they're not photos of me, so I'll save it for later :)

* Of course, this doesn't apply to pics of Beth, Sharon or Pavlina - or any other models I find that look like people I know as it makes it much easier to fantasies about them with pics ;) It also doesn't apply to pics of Inka as she is one of the cutest girls on the web and I finally managed to get hold of the rare third set of her climbing yesterday - here are a few samples along with the pics from earlier in my blog that appears to have vanished...

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

...and the new pics from the 'Climbing' set:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

She has such a cute smile I get wet just looking at her and I love the way her pussy lips look like they are layered and beggin to be explored with fingers and a tounge...


  1. hi baby i love all ur post and the stories turn me on and the pics even better and i saw the pics of the blonde girl and it was hot i wish u put some pics of u or send me pics to me if is ok tell me cause i love ur pics or even chat with you that would turn me a lot more so tell me if is ok

  2. Inka is certainly hot - I've probably cum to photos of her more than almost any other girl (or guy) on the web. I'm hoping she will do some more sets sometime but also hooping that she doesn't turn slutty like all the other cute girls seem to.

  3. Hey Andi, I love this blog. Do you have those nude pics anywhere? Could you send me the link, or send them to me, or just post them here? Thanks. is my email. I'm going to become a regular reader I think ...