Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Outdoors egg

Feeling a bit better now and I've missed writing this, so here goes...

This is another outdoors story - and the use of a wonderful present that Mike got for me. I love my normal vibrating egg - holding against my clit gives me a really strong orgasm, but it's not something I can easily use outdoors as it has a control box and egg joined by wire, so it's not very discreet.

My present, was a radio controlled egg - it's not quite as strong as the wired one as it only has a couple of little batteries in it, but it allows me to have it in my pussy all day and turn it on and off whenever I want :) This entry is about a time I was wearing my long dress that buttons up the front - I never have it buttoned all the way down, but the thing I really like about it is that I can unbotton it quite high and almost have my pussy showing even though it looks like a very conservative dress.

We had got the bus into town and had sat near the back - I had lifted my dress as I sat down so Mike could get his hand under my ass and his fingers into my pussy. We had a woman sitting just in front of us and she had no idea that I was being fingered as we drove along. Given I was sitting on his hand, Mike obviously couldn't move it very much, but it was nice just feeling his fingers moving back and forth inside of me.

Just as we stood to get off, Mike turned me around and slipped the egg into my pussy, pushing it completely inside of me. I was a little worried about whether we would be able to get it out again later on but went with it anyway. Mike had the remote in his pocket and as we stepped off the bus, I felt it starting to vibrate inside of me. It felt so nice walking through town, surrounded by people with no idea what I was doing.

The remote egg isn't strong enough to make me cum, but it has a number of different settings on it and Mike played with them as we went along. I was certainly getting quite wet from all the vibration and I managed to get myself even more turned on by sitting on the edge of the fountain in the middle of town and openly playing with the remote control and feeling what the different vibration patterns were like (the remote is just a little pink box so I doubt anyone knew what I was doing even though we had people sitting and walking all around us).

The batteries lasted about an hour or so and by the time it died, my whole pussy was soaking wet and it was actually quite difficult to walk without the egg sliding out of me. We ducked into an allayway and I let it fall out into my hand and hid it away in my bag and went off to the Museum gardens (nice area with lawns, trees and bushes). It wasn't a really hot day but still warm enough for a number of people to be sitting out.

We lay down and I experimented with spreading my legs or bending one at the knee so my dress fell open and I tried to see how much of my pussy I could show off. I then rolled onto my side and faced Mike so he could slide his hand up my legs and play with my clit, spreading my pussy juices around my cunt and thighs even more. Unfortunatly there were too many people around for him to finger me long enough to cum (but I love the idea of cumming hard in a completely exposed place like that, or even having him lick me - mmm :)

Eventually it got to me and I decided that I really did need to cum, so once Mike's cock had calmed down enough for us to walk through town, we got the bus back home to have sex. This time though, we had the back of the bus to ourselves and I knew that I didn't want to wait to have my first orgasm of the session. I sat by the window and undid another few buttons on my dress so it was now open almost to my stomache and spread my legs. Mike slipped his fingers onto my cunt and started to rub my clit and slide fingers into me.

I told him to be quick as I really didn't want more people to get on the bus and us have to stop so he concentrated on my clit, only occasionaly dipping his fingers into my cunt. I came before we were even half way home with people looking straight at me (they couldn't see the fact I was almost half naked). It was similar to cumming with Sue in the room with us, except I also had to try to keep it from showing on my face as well as keep quiet.

I did up the buttons but found out that when I stood to get off the bus, there was a bit of a wet patch on the seat and Mike had to walk behind me to hide my dress from other people. There was nobody else in when we got home and we ended up having sex on the stairs with me bent over and Mike taking me from behind. He reached around underneath me and rubbed my clit and I certainly made u pfor having to be quiet on the bus! By the time we got to the top of the stairs, my legs were wet from my juices and his cum.

We played with my real vibrating egg for a while after that until my housemates came home and we had to clean up before joining them downstairs. (More about housemates in a later story).

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