Sunday, 21 September 2008


I was hoping to get an entry out today but I've been helping Mike paint windows all afternoon and I'm rather tired now. On the plus side, as I was painting the outside of the windows* (without panties on) so anyone passing with good enough eyesight will have got a good upskirt view of my ass and pussy :) If I had of thought of it, I would have put my vibrating egg in my cunt and seen how many times I could have cum - in lieu of that though, Mike has promised to eat me for as long as I want as thanks for helping.
* The windowsills are incredibly wide so it was easy to either crouch or kneel)
Some of my latest cum pics...

This girl looks quite a lot like an old friend I had called Laura (especially in the second pic where she has exactly the same eyes and smile). I'd like to imaging Laura's pussy is as nicely shaved in real life as in the pics :)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I was really excited to find a new girl Elizabeth on Nubiles - in some of her pics she looks an awful lot like my housemate Rachel (I haven't seen Rachel naked, just my imagination as usual). The other pic also looks quite a bit like her - I hope you'll get the idea of what she really looks like by combining the two pics

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

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