Saturday, 27 September 2008

Yet more food - Part 2

We started to look for other items that looked like they could be useful (and there are lots in a kitchen). We took a break from food items and played with some utensils:

Rachel has a juicer (one of the glass ones that you press the fruit onto) and so we tried juicing my cunt. We couldn't get it all the way into me, but it felt wonderful when Mike span it around so I could feel the ridges moving inside me. We also tried a few spatula & fish slice things (putting the handles inside me) and then we found a thin shot glass which fitted it me nicely while Mike licked my clit again.

We decided it was time to go back to the food - Mike got a small handful of dried spaghetti and putting it longwise between my pussy lips, ran it up and down my cunt while I wrapped my lips around it. I hadn't realised that dry spaghetti wasn't smooth before, it created a wonderful feeling of friction against my clit as Mike moved it back and forth. We tried sliding the bundle into me properly while Mike licked my clit, but I was a bit concerned about some of it breaking off so this didn't last long.

We tried a few more items from the fridge (I can't remember everything we used) but I do remember we ended up with some yoghurt. We had a communal big pint pot of strawberry youghurt and Mike got me to lay on the table with my cunt over the edge and my lips pulled wide open. He spooned it onto my clit and let it run over and into my cunt and catching the drips n the pot. He kept spooning it onto me and then licking my clit and I could feel another orgasm coming.

After all the playing and teasing, it was a big one, but Mike kept licking away until I had finished and was mostly clean of yoghurt. He was clearly quite excited by this point and pulled me off the table and got me to bend over it so he could fuck me from behind. It took hardly any time for him to cum, but he came so much that when he pulled out of me, a huge amount dribbled down my legs.

It was too late for us to have a shower, so we had to clean up as best we could in the kitchen and then straighen up everything we had used. We slept late the next day, but over the following week I made sure I was around for every meal I could be to watch Rachel & Holly eat me in many different ways :)

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