Monday, 22 September 2008

Yet more food

A similar story to one from before, but I do like playing with my food (or even better, other peoples' food)...

By the time I was reaching the end of my first year in my 'new' house, we'd had sex in every room (including Rachel's), by fucking, Mike eating me, me sucking him and him fucking my ass - and there wasn't too much left for us to do that was new.

We were up quite late one night, both Holly and Rachel had gone to bed and we had decided to do things on the sofa. Mike was lying on his back and I was crouched over him in a 69 position, sucking and wanking him while he licked around my cunt. After we'd been going for a while, he told me to slow down (he still can't cum as many times as I can) and I clambered off him to 'let' him play with me for a while.

I remember I was feeling particularly horny that night and had been looking forward to cumming so I spread my legs wide and he went down on me. After the earlier licking, I was fairly clsoe already and ended up wrapping my legs around his head and keeping his mouth on my cunt until I came. I don't know if I can taste the difference, but Mike says that I taste better when I'm horny (I know I get a lot wetter),

While I was recovering, Mike went to the kitchen and came back with a pot of ice cream. It had been a long time since we'd done anything with food and I was still horny so I didn't even ask him who it belonged to (I knew it wasn't ours). He scooped out a little with his fingers and slid it into my cunt. It was a shock given how hot I was inside and it melted almost instantly. Mike licked it as it dribbled out of me and then dipped his fingers back in the pot and spread some more over my pussy lips.

I'm sure he was trying to get my juices back onto the ice cream as much as he was trying to get the ice cream onto me and I finally had to ask him who it belonged to. It turned out that it was Holly's and I could now picture her licking me clean. I was really getting into it when Mike said he had to put it back in the freezer before it melted too much, but he took my hand and led me into the kitchen with him.

I lay down on the table, with a good idea of what we were about to do. He put the ice cream back and looked through the fridge and found some pre-washed carrots and said it was time for some of Rachel's food (Rachel is reasonably well off and buys her food at M&S, hence the already prepared stuff). He started off with one of the smaller ones and slid it into me almost all the way. It wasn't as cold as the ice cream, but still felt quite intense. He worked his way through a fair part of the bag, and each time he slid a new one into me, I imagined Rachel eating it afterwards (she often munches on raw veg while cooking and I intended to try to watch her eat as much of my pussy juice as I could over the next few days).

My cunt was beginning to get a bit cold so I asked him to find something else to use. He picked up a banana and started to play 'hunt the g-spot' with it. It was fairly bent banana and actually worked quite well on my g spot, but was too bent to get very far inside me. After a while of playing with this we looked for soome other things to try - unfortunatly neither of them had a courgette but Rachel had a cucumber...

It looked a bit big to me but we tried it anyway - I was able to get a few inches of the narrow end into me before it was too wide so Mike pumped that into me while licking my clit. He slowly worked it a bit deeper into me, but I was still too tight to take much more of it before it began to hurt (other than the odd slap on the ass, I'm not into pain), so we switched to a corn cob.

I've seen pics of people using corn and would love to know what it feels like so slide it properly into my cunt, but it would never fit. We did the next best thing with a cob that Holly (I think) had - I spread my pusst lips and pulled back the skin to expose my clit and Mike rubbed up and down my cunt so I could feel the individual bits of corn bumping over my clit. Mike kept rubbing my cunt with the corn and it was such an unique texture that I came reasonable quickly (and quite hard - if you haven't tried this, I really recommend it!).

It was fairly obvious that having come this far, we were going to work our way though as many things as we could find The table was feeling quite hard by this point so I knelt on the floor and Mike placed a pack of cherry tomatoes below me. I slid a couple into my cunt while Mike rubbed my clit. I let them slide back out into the pack and pushed a few more into myself. After a few goes at this, I started putting more in at the same time, but after doing that a few times, one almost got stuck and I decided that was enough small things.

That's enough for now or I'll never get this posted - part two later in the week...

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