Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lecture cum

It's good to be back ant Uni and now term has started, letures have started again. I've been looking forward to this all summer as I really enjoy seeing how far I can go in lectures.

Last Monday, I went to Uni in what I call my schoolgirl outfit - short (mid thigh) length pleated skirt, white blouse and knee high white socks. (Of course I didn't have panties on, but sometimes I'll wear a pair of white panties with this outfit to complete it*).

There are a few groups of friends I usually sit with in lectures, but because I don't always sit with the same people, they don't think it's odd if I'm not with them. I made sure I was a little late to my second lecture and sat on the second row from the back. There was nobody behind me or on the row I was sitting on so I had a reasonable amount of privacy.

I had decided to write off hte lecture as far as learning anything went, so I slid my hand down to my skirt and started to lift it so I could get to my pussy. It had been a long time since I'd had the chance to do this in lectures and as soon as I touched myself I could feel how wet I was (some of it was Mike's cum from the previous night) and I ended up lifting my skirt out from under my ass so I was sitting directly on the bench (tryin to go avoid a wet patch!)

I held me pen in my left hand so it looked like I was paying attention and writing and started rubbing up and down my pussy, spreading the moisture around. I dipped two fingers into my pussy and pulled a bit more out and made sure my whole cunt was covered. I knew it wouldn't take me too long to cum and there didn't seem to be much point in trying to hold back so I started playing with my clit, gently at first and then pressing harder against it.

I wanted to taste myself but was still aware enough to think it would look odd if I started to suck my fingers, so I slid my pen into my pussy and twisted it around inside myself. I pulled it out and pretended to write again and kept sucking on the end of the pen

I spread my legs and hitched my skirt up so I could see what I was doing with (relatively) discreet glances down and came fairly quickly as I watched my fingers sliding into myself and then rubbing my clit. I ended up leaving a fairly large wet patch on the bench and when I stood up could feel how wet my whole ass was (not the right weather for having a wet ass so I had to go the the toilet and dry myself off).

I did a similar thing on Tuesday while wearing a similar outfit (but with mid thigh black socks and my remote egg in my pussy). It took a lot longer for me to cum as I started off just having the egg going inside me and then after about 10-15 minutes I started playing with myself.

* Most of the time I love being able to feel Mike's cum dripping out of my pussy through the day, but sometimes we fuck while I'm wearing panties and I like feeling them getting wetter and wetter throughout the day.I certainly get a lot of attention when wearing this outfit - the boys certainly seem to like it and I'm sure they'd like it a lot more if they knew I usually had no panties on :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Online chat

I've been having a lot of fun over the last few nights chatting to people (mostly females) online. I'm amazed at how many women there are out there who have had experiences with other girls. I've asked some of them to describe their first experiences to me and I've been getting so horny while reading what they got up to (in most cases they did things with friends while they were still teenagers) - I won't give away any details as I didn't ask them if I could write about it on here.
I was talking to this girl last night who said it would be OK to publish pics of her - she was really hot and I had a great cum while chatting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

[02:28:06] andiwinters (F/22): When I go out shopping with my friends, I sometimes masterbate while I'm in the changing rooms next to them instead of trying on the clothes
[02:28:43] cutegirl (C/31): never did that... it's good???
[02:29:18] andiwinters (F/22): It is very good - I can talk to them while I cum (well, not exactly when I cum, but just before and after)
[02:29:52] cutegirl (C/31): have to try that...
[02:30:20] andiwinters (F/22): Mmm - would love to taste you. How about we go shopping, dash into a changing room and I can lick you with people walking past the other side of the curtain
[02:31:02] cutegirl (C/31): ok we can do that
[02:31:33] andiwinters (F/22): ...and I can bring Holly's vibrator and fuck you in a different shop so she can then get both our pussy juices mixed in her cunt :)
[02:32:54] andiwinters (F/22): I'm sure you'd like Holly too - she's almost as cute as you are
[02:33:56] cutegirl (C/31): and how about to do a trio with my hub????
[02:34:53] andiwinters (F/22): I don't think Mike wants any other men fucking me - I'd happily do things to you while you suck him, or lick your pussy while he fucks your ass
[02:35:23] andiwinters (F/22): For a pussy that sweet, I'd even lick his cum out of you :)
[02:35:57] cutegirl (C/31): sound great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:36:12] cutegirl (C/31): and a DP with him and mike????
[02:36:22] cutegirl (C/31): for you and for me
[02:37:44] andiwinters (F/22): Depends how big his cock is. I've never had anyone elses cum in my cunt, but he could take my ass
[02:38:49] cutegirl (C/31): ok and mike can fuck me here he wants...
[02:40:00] andiwinters (F/22): Before i got interested in the whole girl-girl thing, I had a fantasy about doing things outside somewhere and getting caught by a group of people and letting them spend the whole night using me with the girls eating me (and me eating them) and the guys fucking my cunt and ass, and filling and covering me with cum
[02:40:52] cutegirl (C/31): nice fantasy.....
[02:41:12] andiwinters (F/22): I thought so :)
[02:41:59] andiwinters (F/22): I wish I could taste you
[02:42:30] cutegirl (C/31): me too
[02:42:45] andiwinters (F/22): Lick up and down the length of your pussy, slowly spreading your lips and moving my tounge further into you
[02:43:22] cutegirl (C/31): sounds really nice....
[02:43:31] andiwinters (F/22): then push my tounge deeper into you, tasting tiye cunt properly
[02:43:57] andiwinters (F/22): move up to your clit and lick it for abit before moving back to your pussy lips
[02:44:20] cutegirl (C/31): yes...
[02:44:30] cutegirl (C/31): i'm almost comming....
[02:44:30] andiwinters (F/22): spread your lips and lick up in long stroken from your ass to your clit
[02:44:35] andiwinters (F/22): me to
[02:44:51] cutegirl (C/31): suck me
[02:44:52] andiwinters (F/22): concentrating mo your clit a bit more with each lick
[02:45:08] cutegirl (C/31): mome more
[02:45:26] andiwinters (F/22): I'd slid a finger into your ass and one into your cunt while flickiny my tounge over your clit
[02:45:54] cutegirl (C/31): coming coming....
[02:46:02] andiwinters (F/22): then suck your clit into my mouth and keep licking it
[02:46:11] cutegirl (C/31): huuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[02:46:17] cutegirl (C/31): ....................
[02:46:22] andiwinters (F/22): good?
[02:46:37] cutegirl (C/31): great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:46:53] andiwinters (F/22): then kiss my way up your body and kiss you on the lips so you can taste yourself
[02:47:06] cutegirl (C/31): nice
[02:47:28] andiwinters (F/22): and rub my cunt against yours with our juices mixing
[02:47:51] andiwinters (F/22): your hands on my ass
[02:48:19] andiwinters (F/22): and you feel my juics rush over you as i cum[02:48:39] cutegirl (C/31): come to me.....
[02:48:39] andiwinters (F/22): cumming
[02:48:45] cutegirl (C/31): come come
[02:49:08] andiwinters (F/22): lick me
[02:49:22] cutegirl (C/31): i'm licking....
[02:49:46] andiwinters (F/22): I came looking at that last pic of you
[02:49:49] cutegirl (C/31): liking yoiu hard
[02:50:06] cutegirl (C/31): and it was good???
[02:50:18] andiwinters (F/22): Was imagining your cute face between my legs
[02:50:33] andiwinters (F/22): Was very strong
[02:50:57] andiwinters (F/22): Now very wet!
[02:50:57] cutegirl (C/31): great
[02:53:43] andiwinters (F/22): I wore my 'schoolgirl' outfit to Uni today - short pleated skirt and mid thigh white stockings/socks and fingered myself in a lecture...
I then gave her hubby a blow job and just before he came told him I was sitting over him and sliding his cock deep into my cunt so he could fill me with his cum - I think he enjoyed it! I then imagined Jo noticing his cum leaking out of my cunt in lectures the next day and licking me clean so I had to cum again :)

[03:05:07] andiwinters (F/22): Would you mind if I put a pic of you in my blog?
[03:05:35] cutegirl (C/31): ok no prob
[03:06:03] andiwinters (F/22): Was going to write an entry about online chat so will feature you :)
Hopefully I'll find a few more people who are willing to share :)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Golf balls

I came across a few interesting pics last night while browsing the web:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I've used the sets of balls on string before (can't remember what they're called - the ones that allow you to pull the balls out one at a time) but apart from the thrill of walking around with them inside me, they didn't do too much as they had no texture to them.
When I saw these pics last night I started wondering what it would feel like so first thing this morning (well, closer to 10, it was a Saturday!) we went out and bought a few golf balls. I popped in to Next to use their changing room and slid the ball into my pussy.
It was quote a tight fir, but I was already quite wet as I'd been looking forwards to getting it inside me and it didn't take too long. We bought three balls and I'd hoped to be able to get two of them into me, but given how tight it was I didn't want to end up getting one stuck (that would be an interesting trip to the hospital!) so just went with one of them.
As I walked out of the dressing room, I felt it drop down towards my pussy lips and almost thought it was going to fall out of me but it only moved a little and then seemed quite secure. I could feel the texture of the ball rubbing against the inside of my cunt as I walked and I only had to press my legs together slightly to really feel it pushing into the walls of my cunt.
We walked around town for a bit and went for a coffee - this gave me the chance to keep pressing my legs together and squirm around on the seat and pretty much every time I moved, I could feel the dimples as the ball moved. It only fell out of me once when we were going down a set of stairs - I felt is start to slip between my cunt lips and had to stop and press it back into myself (I hid my hand behind a bag I was carrying so I don't think anyone saw). It's odd that my little remote control egg doesn't fall out of me as easily, but I guess the golf ball is quite a bit heavier...
I would definitly recommend that any girls reading this give it a try - but unless you're very brave, I would recommend this is one of the few times you might need to wear a pair of panties! It didn't give me enough stimulation to cum, but was definitly a good way to get turned on (Mike was more than happy to help me cum when we got home :) I'm going to try this again (with panties) and go jogging - I get the feeling that it could be very stimulating (which could make the jogging hard!)
I was sent a nice email from someone about how my 'Dreams' entry could have continued which he has given me permission to adapt and post on here - I'll try to get that done tomorrow (I got a bit distracted while reading it and thinking of what other direction it could go it and had to cum).

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Still busy with the start of term - lots of new people to meet (and lots of cute new first years to fantasise about :)

I had a really nice dream the other week that I thought I should share. I had been posting on a masterbation forum and one of the topics was about people cumming in school. I didn't have my first orgasm until after I'd left school so I couldn't really post much in that thread, but reading everyone elses tales got me thinking about some of the people I went to school with and how much I wish i could go back and 'appreciate' them a bit more in the showers and such like.

In my dream, I was back in school, sitting in a biology class. We were doing sex education and the teacher called me up to the front of the class. He told me to sit up on his desk, spread my legs and pull my panties to the side so that he could describe the vulva, vagina and clitoris. In the dream I was wearing a uniform quite similar to the one I used to wear - a short(ish) pleated dark blue skirt, long white socks*, a white blouse and white panties.

So I was now up on the desk, with my legs spread and the whole class looking at my bald cunt** while our teacher described what they could see. I was getting very turned on by this (I'm sure I would have been mortified if I'd actually had to do it in school!) He told me to spread my lips and show them my clitoris which I tried to do, but I was getting so wet that I couldn't easily hold my panties to the side at the same time as pulling my pussy lips open and so I kept having to pull the skin away from my clit which was just getting me even hotter.

The teacher could see that I wasn't doing a good job of showing people what he wanted to talk about so he told everyone to come up to the desk and have a proper look. The whole class walked up to the front and took turns at getting a really close look at my cunt. Someone decided I wan't doing a good enough job so told me to just hold my panties to the side while they spread my pussy properly. Each person then did the same so I could feel lots of different fingers on me.

Someone else then said that it would be even easier to see if I took my panties off - for some reason I was quite shy about doing this but a few people lifted my ass up and pulled them off (I didn't try very hard to stop them). My legs were then spread again and people went back to fondling and spreading my cunt lips. One of the girls asked why I was so wet and our teacher explained that it meant I was getting aroused and that it made it easier for penetration to happen. As he was describing this, she slid a finger into my cunt and I let out a moan.

She was suprised at how hot and wet I was inside and the other people in the class now wanted to try this. I now had different people (both boys and girls) sliding one or two fingers into me. Occasionally someone would also bump their hand against my clit and I could feel a shock go through me. The teacher had continued to explain that my nipples would also be getting hard and some of the class (I think the boys) pulled my blouse open and pulled my bra up.

My nips were indeed rock hard and people started fonding my breasts and I knew I was about to cum. One of my friends Jo (a tiny girl who was very cute and I've had a few fantasies about since reading the forums) slid her fingers into my cunt and I reached down and grabbed her wrist. She didn't seem to mind and let me pump her fingers into myself a few times and I came really hard (and quite loudly) while the teacher explained that I was having an orgasm.

As I recovered, the teacher said something along the lines of I wasn't meant to have an orgasm and that I had no self control, but given I had gone that far I may as well show them everything. I felt lots of hands removing my clothing so I was just wearing my white socks.

Unfortunatly, that was the point I woke up - I've been trying to continue the dream for the past week but haven't managed to do so - any ideas as to what happens next are welcome :)

* We had to either wear long white socks or black tights at the school I went to.

** I think I had shaved myself in the dream as I certainly had breasts so must have gone through puberty - but then again it was a dream so doesn't have to make sense!

Saturday, 4 October 2008


I hadn't realised that my last post had been so long ago...

I've been busy over the past week getting ready for the start of term. I was the first one back to the house so Mike and I have taken advantage of the situation and have been fucking in both Holly's and Rachel's beds for the past few days. Our aim is to cum in their beds more times this year than they do :)

While we're not planning on being caught, we came to an agreement that if one of them walks in on us, we will carry on in front of them until we cum and hope that they might want to join us... (I know it wouldn't end like that, but a girl can dream :) Of course I don't knwo how many times Rachel cums as it's only Holly I can hear. What I've really missed over the summer is hearing her vibrator buzzing and us fucking while we know she is cumming next door. Mike describes to me how Holly and I would fuck each other and I know that I'm loud enough that she can hear me cum (so at the very least I know she's thinking of me when she cums - but probably not in the way I'm thinking of her).

I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to try to shark a cute little first year during freshers week. I promised Mie that if I did (and she was willing), I'd share her with him as long as I got first go at everything (and she got first go at me). Only problem is timing - my coursework starts early so I'm going to be quite busy (but then again, is it possible to be too busy to have time to cum?)