Saturday, 4 October 2008


I hadn't realised that my last post had been so long ago...

I've been busy over the past week getting ready for the start of term. I was the first one back to the house so Mike and I have taken advantage of the situation and have been fucking in both Holly's and Rachel's beds for the past few days. Our aim is to cum in their beds more times this year than they do :)

While we're not planning on being caught, we came to an agreement that if one of them walks in on us, we will carry on in front of them until we cum and hope that they might want to join us... (I know it wouldn't end like that, but a girl can dream :) Of course I don't knwo how many times Rachel cums as it's only Holly I can hear. What I've really missed over the summer is hearing her vibrator buzzing and us fucking while we know she is cumming next door. Mike describes to me how Holly and I would fuck each other and I know that I'm loud enough that she can hear me cum (so at the very least I know she's thinking of me when she cums - but probably not in the way I'm thinking of her).

I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to try to shark a cute little first year during freshers week. I promised Mie that if I did (and she was willing), I'd share her with him as long as I got first go at everything (and she got first go at me). Only problem is timing - my coursework starts early so I'm going to be quite busy (but then again, is it possible to be too busy to have time to cum?)


  1. I love your description it makes me want to go have a wank very nice

  2. I took your advise on board maybe you would like to correspond?

  3. Which bit of advice was that?