Thursday, 16 October 2008


Still busy with the start of term - lots of new people to meet (and lots of cute new first years to fantasise about :)

I had a really nice dream the other week that I thought I should share. I had been posting on a masterbation forum and one of the topics was about people cumming in school. I didn't have my first orgasm until after I'd left school so I couldn't really post much in that thread, but reading everyone elses tales got me thinking about some of the people I went to school with and how much I wish i could go back and 'appreciate' them a bit more in the showers and such like.

In my dream, I was back in school, sitting in a biology class. We were doing sex education and the teacher called me up to the front of the class. He told me to sit up on his desk, spread my legs and pull my panties to the side so that he could describe the vulva, vagina and clitoris. In the dream I was wearing a uniform quite similar to the one I used to wear - a short(ish) pleated dark blue skirt, long white socks*, a white blouse and white panties.

So I was now up on the desk, with my legs spread and the whole class looking at my bald cunt** while our teacher described what they could see. I was getting very turned on by this (I'm sure I would have been mortified if I'd actually had to do it in school!) He told me to spread my lips and show them my clitoris which I tried to do, but I was getting so wet that I couldn't easily hold my panties to the side at the same time as pulling my pussy lips open and so I kept having to pull the skin away from my clit which was just getting me even hotter.

The teacher could see that I wasn't doing a good job of showing people what he wanted to talk about so he told everyone to come up to the desk and have a proper look. The whole class walked up to the front and took turns at getting a really close look at my cunt. Someone decided I wan't doing a good enough job so told me to just hold my panties to the side while they spread my pussy properly. Each person then did the same so I could feel lots of different fingers on me.

Someone else then said that it would be even easier to see if I took my panties off - for some reason I was quite shy about doing this but a few people lifted my ass up and pulled them off (I didn't try very hard to stop them). My legs were then spread again and people went back to fondling and spreading my cunt lips. One of the girls asked why I was so wet and our teacher explained that it meant I was getting aroused and that it made it easier for penetration to happen. As he was describing this, she slid a finger into my cunt and I let out a moan.

She was suprised at how hot and wet I was inside and the other people in the class now wanted to try this. I now had different people (both boys and girls) sliding one or two fingers into me. Occasionally someone would also bump their hand against my clit and I could feel a shock go through me. The teacher had continued to explain that my nipples would also be getting hard and some of the class (I think the boys) pulled my blouse open and pulled my bra up.

My nips were indeed rock hard and people started fonding my breasts and I knew I was about to cum. One of my friends Jo (a tiny girl who was very cute and I've had a few fantasies about since reading the forums) slid her fingers into my cunt and I reached down and grabbed her wrist. She didn't seem to mind and let me pump her fingers into myself a few times and I came really hard (and quite loudly) while the teacher explained that I was having an orgasm.

As I recovered, the teacher said something along the lines of I wasn't meant to have an orgasm and that I had no self control, but given I had gone that far I may as well show them everything. I felt lots of hands removing my clothing so I was just wearing my white socks.

Unfortunatly, that was the point I woke up - I've been trying to continue the dream for the past week but haven't managed to do so - any ideas as to what happens next are welcome :)

* We had to either wear long white socks or black tights at the school I went to.

** I think I had shaved myself in the dream as I certainly had breasts so must have gone through puberty - but then again it was a dream so doesn't have to make sense!

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