Sunday, 19 October 2008

Golf balls

I came across a few interesting pics last night while browsing the web:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I've used the sets of balls on string before (can't remember what they're called - the ones that allow you to pull the balls out one at a time) but apart from the thrill of walking around with them inside me, they didn't do too much as they had no texture to them.
When I saw these pics last night I started wondering what it would feel like so first thing this morning (well, closer to 10, it was a Saturday!) we went out and bought a few golf balls. I popped in to Next to use their changing room and slid the ball into my pussy.
It was quote a tight fir, but I was already quite wet as I'd been looking forwards to getting it inside me and it didn't take too long. We bought three balls and I'd hoped to be able to get two of them into me, but given how tight it was I didn't want to end up getting one stuck (that would be an interesting trip to the hospital!) so just went with one of them.
As I walked out of the dressing room, I felt it drop down towards my pussy lips and almost thought it was going to fall out of me but it only moved a little and then seemed quite secure. I could feel the texture of the ball rubbing against the inside of my cunt as I walked and I only had to press my legs together slightly to really feel it pushing into the walls of my cunt.
We walked around town for a bit and went for a coffee - this gave me the chance to keep pressing my legs together and squirm around on the seat and pretty much every time I moved, I could feel the dimples as the ball moved. It only fell out of me once when we were going down a set of stairs - I felt is start to slip between my cunt lips and had to stop and press it back into myself (I hid my hand behind a bag I was carrying so I don't think anyone saw). It's odd that my little remote control egg doesn't fall out of me as easily, but I guess the golf ball is quite a bit heavier...
I would definitly recommend that any girls reading this give it a try - but unless you're very brave, I would recommend this is one of the few times you might need to wear a pair of panties! It didn't give me enough stimulation to cum, but was definitly a good way to get turned on (Mike was more than happy to help me cum when we got home :) I'm going to try this again (with panties) and go jogging - I get the feeling that it could be very stimulating (which could make the jogging hard!)
I was sent a nice email from someone about how my 'Dreams' entry could have continued which he has given me permission to adapt and post on here - I'll try to get that done tomorrow (I got a bit distracted while reading it and thinking of what other direction it could go it and had to cum).

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  1. Love all your Pics Andi especially ones of you