Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Online chat

I've been having a lot of fun over the last few nights chatting to people (mostly females) online. I'm amazed at how many women there are out there who have had experiences with other girls. I've asked some of them to describe their first experiences to me and I've been getting so horny while reading what they got up to (in most cases they did things with friends while they were still teenagers) - I won't give away any details as I didn't ask them if I could write about it on here.
I was talking to this girl last night who said it would be OK to publish pics of her - she was really hot and I had a great cum while chatting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

[02:28:06] andiwinters (F/22): When I go out shopping with my friends, I sometimes masterbate while I'm in the changing rooms next to them instead of trying on the clothes
[02:28:43] cutegirl (C/31): never did that... it's good???
[02:29:18] andiwinters (F/22): It is very good - I can talk to them while I cum (well, not exactly when I cum, but just before and after)
[02:29:52] cutegirl (C/31): have to try that...
[02:30:20] andiwinters (F/22): Mmm - would love to taste you. How about we go shopping, dash into a changing room and I can lick you with people walking past the other side of the curtain
[02:31:02] cutegirl (C/31): ok we can do that
[02:31:33] andiwinters (F/22): ...and I can bring Holly's vibrator and fuck you in a different shop so she can then get both our pussy juices mixed in her cunt :)
[02:32:54] andiwinters (F/22): I'm sure you'd like Holly too - she's almost as cute as you are
[02:33:56] cutegirl (C/31): and how about to do a trio with my hub????
[02:34:53] andiwinters (F/22): I don't think Mike wants any other men fucking me - I'd happily do things to you while you suck him, or lick your pussy while he fucks your ass
[02:35:23] andiwinters (F/22): For a pussy that sweet, I'd even lick his cum out of you :)
[02:35:57] cutegirl (C/31): sound great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:36:12] cutegirl (C/31): and a DP with him and mike????
[02:36:22] cutegirl (C/31): for you and for me
[02:37:44] andiwinters (F/22): Depends how big his cock is. I've never had anyone elses cum in my cunt, but he could take my ass
[02:38:49] cutegirl (C/31): ok and mike can fuck me here he wants...
[02:40:00] andiwinters (F/22): Before i got interested in the whole girl-girl thing, I had a fantasy about doing things outside somewhere and getting caught by a group of people and letting them spend the whole night using me with the girls eating me (and me eating them) and the guys fucking my cunt and ass, and filling and covering me with cum
[02:40:52] cutegirl (C/31): nice fantasy.....
[02:41:12] andiwinters (F/22): I thought so :)
[02:41:59] andiwinters (F/22): I wish I could taste you
[02:42:30] cutegirl (C/31): me too
[02:42:45] andiwinters (F/22): Lick up and down the length of your pussy, slowly spreading your lips and moving my tounge further into you
[02:43:22] cutegirl (C/31): sounds really nice....
[02:43:31] andiwinters (F/22): then push my tounge deeper into you, tasting tiye cunt properly
[02:43:57] andiwinters (F/22): move up to your clit and lick it for abit before moving back to your pussy lips
[02:44:20] cutegirl (C/31): yes...
[02:44:30] cutegirl (C/31): i'm almost comming....
[02:44:30] andiwinters (F/22): spread your lips and lick up in long stroken from your ass to your clit
[02:44:35] andiwinters (F/22): me to
[02:44:51] cutegirl (C/31): suck me
[02:44:52] andiwinters (F/22): concentrating mo your clit a bit more with each lick
[02:45:08] cutegirl (C/31): mome more
[02:45:26] andiwinters (F/22): I'd slid a finger into your ass and one into your cunt while flickiny my tounge over your clit
[02:45:54] cutegirl (C/31): coming coming....
[02:46:02] andiwinters (F/22): then suck your clit into my mouth and keep licking it
[02:46:11] cutegirl (C/31): huuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[02:46:17] cutegirl (C/31): ....................
[02:46:22] andiwinters (F/22): good?
[02:46:37] cutegirl (C/31): great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:46:53] andiwinters (F/22): then kiss my way up your body and kiss you on the lips so you can taste yourself
[02:47:06] cutegirl (C/31): nice
[02:47:28] andiwinters (F/22): and rub my cunt against yours with our juices mixing
[02:47:51] andiwinters (F/22): your hands on my ass
[02:48:19] andiwinters (F/22): and you feel my juics rush over you as i cum[02:48:39] cutegirl (C/31): come to me.....
[02:48:39] andiwinters (F/22): cumming
[02:48:45] cutegirl (C/31): come come
[02:49:08] andiwinters (F/22): lick me
[02:49:22] cutegirl (C/31): i'm licking....
[02:49:46] andiwinters (F/22): I came looking at that last pic of you
[02:49:49] cutegirl (C/31): liking yoiu hard
[02:50:06] cutegirl (C/31): and it was good???
[02:50:18] andiwinters (F/22): Was imagining your cute face between my legs
[02:50:33] andiwinters (F/22): Was very strong
[02:50:57] andiwinters (F/22): Now very wet!
[02:50:57] cutegirl (C/31): great
[02:53:43] andiwinters (F/22): I wore my 'schoolgirl' outfit to Uni today - short pleated skirt and mid thigh white stockings/socks and fingered myself in a lecture...
I then gave her hubby a blow job and just before he came told him I was sitting over him and sliding his cock deep into my cunt so he could fill me with his cum - I think he enjoyed it! I then imagined Jo noticing his cum leaking out of my cunt in lectures the next day and licking me clean so I had to cum again :)

[03:05:07] andiwinters (F/22): Would you mind if I put a pic of you in my blog?
[03:05:35] cutegirl (C/31): ok no prob
[03:06:03] andiwinters (F/22): Was going to write an entry about online chat so will feature you :)
Hopefully I'll find a few more people who are willing to share :)


  1. wow I guess I better get a messenger service lmao seems I am missing out what service are you on ? and I think I have figured out how to subscribe to blogs I am really enjoying yours .

  2. I had to cum back to read this blog she is very pretty maybe I need to immigrate

  3. This was the chat feature on Amateur Album - - where I hang out from time to time.

    There aren't that may girls on there though (hardly a suprise) and while it's certainly nice to get a guy to cum every now and then, I have Mike for that :)

  4. were are these forums you go to?

  5. See the comment above your one :)