Saturday, 22 November 2008

Busy again

Sorry to those waiting for the Dreams and Slumber Party conclusions. I'll get to them soon, just been busy again.

I'm typing this in bed after a fairly long sesion in which I came 5 times. My pussy feels quite tender and very wet! Mike went down on me twice, used my vibrator on me and fucked me twice (he actually fucked me once before eating me which he doesn't often do). I'm know that Holly would have heard us and Rach may even have heard a few of my cums!

He bet me that I can't cum a 6th time so I thought I'd post quickly on here and look for some new pics but I'd forgotten how much I like writing on here and can feel my clit starting to tingle already. I don't think I have the concentration to type and play with myself this late at night but I might try and suck Mike's cock clean of my juices at the same time and maybe I can get him interested in another fuck...!

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