Friday, 7 November 2008

Dreams - Part 2

This is my version of how I wanted the dream to continue (as expected, there is more involvement of the girls in the class)...

So I was now naked (apart from my white socks) on the table with the whole class standing around me, still recovering from cumming in front of everyone and then being stripped of my clothes.

Our teacher says that now they have all seen me have an orgasm, we may as well continue so that everyone can learn about them properly. He pulls out a dildo and explains that many girls use them to masterbate with, shows us how to put a condom on it and then rubs it up and down my pussy to get it wet. He explains that anything put inside me needs to be wet or it might hurt and then hands it to one of the boys and tells him to slide it into me.

He pushes it in, a bit too roughly, but the teacher tells him to go slower and I feel it sliding in and out of my cunt. streaching the walls of my pussy. Everyone else is still crowded around me and a number of people are playing with my breasts. I feel one of the boys brushing up against my right hand which is hanging over the side of the table and I can feel a hard lump in his trousers. I try to move my hand, but he presses harder against me, trapping my hand between him and the table and he starts to grind against me. I look over and see Mark, grinning at me as he plays with my nipples.

The teacher tells the class to move round and for someone else to have a go with the dildo. I feel fingers on my pussy lips and see some of the boys spreading them open so they can watch the dildo sliding into me. I feel the boy beside me pressing harder against my hand and can tell how horny he is feeling as I can feel the tingling in my cunt starting to build again. I move my hand round and stroke his cock through his trousers while I move my other hand down to my pussy.

I try to stroke my clit but the teacher tells me to stop and explains that the clit is the most sensitive part of the female bodyand that the girls in the class should touch it and watch what it does to me. My friend Tracey slides her fingers over my clit and I gasp with pleasure and end up squeezing the cock I've been rubbing. The teacher sees the boy jump and notices what my hand is doing and tells the class that we may as well move onto the next stage.

He tells the boy to undo his trousers and then tells me to get the cock out so that everyone can see it. I fumble around, still distracted by Tracey playing with my clit, but soon have it in my hand. It feels warm and although the skin is soft, the shaft is rock hard. The teacher tells everyone to stop and watch while he explains how the head is sensitive and tells me to start playing with it.

I still have the dildo in my pussy but it isn't being moved anymore and my clit is begging for attention but I wrap my hand around the cock and start rubbing the head. Mark says that it is too intense and guides my hand down slightly so I'm working more on the shaft and then continues to guide my hand up and down. I move my other hand back to my clit and start rubbing myself but I feel someone move it away and other sets of fingers moving over me.

I can feel another orgasm building and I start rubbing the cock faster - I can hear the teacher explaining about ejaculation and I hear Mark moan. I look over and see a squirt of cum shoot out of his cock. Most of it sails over me and lands on the skirt of the girl standing on the other side of me, but the next few squirts splatter over my breasts and I feel people rubbing his cum into me.

He grabs my hand and stops me rubbing him and people go back to concentrating on my cunt - the dildo is now being pumped quickly into me and my clit is being rubbed. People have rubbed the cum all over me and I'm coated from my face down to my pussy but I'm so close to cumming again I don't care. I look over and see the girl with the cum covered skirt holding it up and I can see her panties. I slide my fingers over them and between her legs.

She looks suprised, but everyone is affected by what is going on and she leans towards me, letting me press harder against her. My cunt now feels like it is on fire and I'm fumbling around her panties, desperately trying to get my fingers into them. Just as I feel her hot pussy lips, the orgasm hits me and my whole body convolses. I moan as I feel my pussy pulsing and I try to push my fingers into the girls pussy but I can't co-ordinate my hand and it falls out of her panties...

More to come - this is long enough for one post!


  1. Wow! Loving the dream sequence... Can't wait for the next installment! You should try out - They've got loadsa stories like this!!

  2. wow what a hot dream love it.
    write some more they are really hot.
    Even better email them to me lol