Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dreams - via email

This is a continuation of my 'Dreams' post that someone send me via email - I'll post my version of it soon but thought I should put something up here as it's been a while... I've edited it slightly but kept the same outline:

.. and i read your new dreams story ,, really hot !! i locked the door to my room and masturbated reading it til i cum ( same time you did in class :) hmmmm ).

What i was imaging is that your teacher, then went on to demonstrate how the acutal intercourse would happen using a big carrot. He asked you to apply a condom on it first, then he inserted the carrot in your cunt slowly, first making it wet with your juices.

Then he told everyone in the class to play with your nipples and clit, which were both getting hard, while he kept pumping the carrot deeper into your pussy. He asked everybody to take turns feeling your pussy with their fingers for themselves and to watch you as you got close to cumming. When you had cummed a second time, the teacher asked the guy who was standing closest to you (with a big bulb in his jeans) to take them off so that the class could get a real demonstration of what an intercourse is all about. (I was imagine it was me in the jeans ).

The class still with their hands all over you the lad started to pump his cock inside you, doing it in a kind of rough fast way, didnt take long before you felt his cock throbbing and his cum inside you, the same time you got your 3rd orgasm. Finally the teacher tells everybody to stick a finger inside your pussy to taste the cum & juice so that they will know what its all about. End of class.

I replied with my version of how I wanted the dream to end - I'll clean it up (so to speak!) and put it on here.

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