Sunday, 23 November 2008

Slumber Party 2

Vicky: Dare - Lick the vibrator clean. It was clearly covered with Clares juices and she hesitated a bit. Jo had pulled out a bottle of vodka and noticing her hesitation, Rach made Vicky down a swig as a penalty. Vicky was aware that if she didn't hurry up, the next penalty may be worse and she was already horny from having Clare's head moving around in her lap.

Clare looked up at her and the look of pure lust in her eyes was enough to encourage Vicky on. She took the vibrator and licked the end of it, tasting another girl for the first time. Clare watched intently and slid a hand down to her panties. Vicky discovered she liked the taste and sucked more of the vibrator while looking at Clare.

Clare's hand was now working on her pussy through her panties and then after fumbling for a bit, she pulled the crotch aside and slid two fingers straight into her cunt. The rest of the girls all moved closer and could now see her fingers plunging in and out between her lips. Vicky offered the vibe to Clare's mouth and she sucked on it hungrily. It was obvious that Clare wanted to cum was so turned on that she didn't care that everyone was intently watching her.

Rach leaned over and began to pull Clare's panties down - they got tanged up with her hand but once Clare realised what was going on, she moved her hand out of the way and raised her ass so that her panties could be removed. As they slid off her legs, the girls saw that her lips were fully shaved, with just a small patch of blonde hair on her mons. Her hands quickly went back to her cunt and the group eagerly watched her spread her pussy lips and slide two fingers back into herself.

Clare was squirming around in Vicky's lap even more than she had been and Vicky's pussy was now burning. She pulled the front of her PJ bottoms down a little and slid the vibrator into her panties. Clare tried to turn to watch and Vicky put her other hand back onto Clare's breasts and started to play with her nipples again. Clare was distracted briefly but said she wanted to see what Vicky was doing and started to pull at her PJs with her spare hand. With Clare's head in her lap, the PJs couldn't be pulled down much so Vicky got a big pillow, slipped her legs out from under Clare and replaced them with the pillow.

Before she could do anything else, Rach had pounced on her and started to yank her PJs down. Cindy started helping and they quickly tore them off along with her panties. They sat her back down on the pillow above Clare's head and handed her back the vibrator. Clare strained her head back to watch as Vicky with her legs spread either wide, ran the vibrator over her lips and onto her clit. She let out a moan and Clare streached her head back ever further - Vicky looked down at her and offered the vibrator to her mouth again.

This time Clare hesitated, but Vicky still had her hands on Clare's nipples ans she pinched one of them. As Clare opened her mouth to gasp, Vicky slid the vibrator in and let Clare taste her. She tool it back and knelt up so she could slide it properly into her pussy - everyone else was watching as Clare continued to rapidly play with her pussy while at the same time Vicky was fucking herself kneeling over her head.

Rach pointed out that the game shold continue and Lisa, a little afraid of what the next dare would be, took a truth. Do you want to cum now? She knew it was obvious from the way she had been squirming around that she was as turned on as everyone else and said that of course she did but wasn't sure she could do it in front of everyone. This time Liz and Anna pounced - her bra was yanked off and her panties were pulled down her legs before she could object.

Part 2 done for now - will work on getting part 3 out quicker!


  1. oh shit I can't wait I have such a boner I better do something about it