Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Slumber party (fantasy)

I'll post part 3 of Dreams later in the week - I've got my first request for a story which I'm going to try to do first :)

This is based on an online conversation I had earlier tonight with a girl called Rach - as nuch as possible it is based on things I was told in our chat, but I've obviously elaborated a lot on what she told me (or made a lot up!). I'm hoping it will get Rach feeling horny enough to cum for me :) In our conversation, Rach said this happened when she was 16.

Rach was heading over to Jo's house for their usual Friday night sleepover. The other girls from school would be arriving soon, but she wanted to get there early and chill a few bottles of wine for them to all enjoy later on. She arrived and Jo's mum told her that Cindy and Lisa had got there even earlier than her and the 3 of them were already down in Jo's room in the basement.

She ran downstairs and they hugged, chatting excitedly about their plans to go shopping and catch a film over the weekend. Rach slipped the wine into Jo's mini-fridge and returned to the conversation. After about 20 minutes, Vicky and Clare arrived and Jo got a text from Liz saying that her mum had to pick up her brother and would be dropping her and Anna over in about an hour or so.

The girls settled down with some popcorn and started watching a film - not really paying attention to it and mostly still chatting about their week at school and what had happened to them all. Eventually, Anna and Liz arrived and had brought some beer with them and the girls got the wine out of the fridge.After they had drunk a little, someone suggested that they continue the game of truth or dare they had been playing the previous weekend. It had been a fun, but fairly innocuous game - some secrets had come out, a few of the girls had to kiss each other and Jo had felt up Anna's breasts through her top. Rach had really enjoyed the game and was hoping that this week would be even more exciting.

It started off fairly mildly - questions about who fancied who and silly dares, but it was fairly obvious that everyone was trying to move the questions and dares on to more risque areas. As the beer and wine were consumed, things began to get a bit more interesting...

Clare: Truth - How far have you gone with your boyfriend? He's got his hand into my panties a few times and almost made me cum once.

Vicky: Dare - Change into your PJs in the middle of the group. She stood up and slipped off her top and then slid out of her trousers so she was just standing in her bra and panties and then took a little bow. The girls gave her a cheer and a round of applause as she slipped on her PJs and sat back down - getting a new glass of wine poured for her as a prize.

Lisa: Truth - Have you ever given your bf a blowjob? Yes - he really likes it but I don't like the taste when he cums in my mouth.

Cindy: Dare - Eat a candy from Anna's tounge. Anna put a candy into he mouth and held out her tounge. Cindy crawled over to her and tried to lick the candy off but missed and it fell on the floor so had to repeaet it. Anna poped another candy in her mouth and this time Cindy pressed her lips agains Anna's and slid her tounge into Anna's mouth. Anna let the candy slide into Cindy's mouth and they parted - Cindy held the candy between her teeth to show everyone and then ate it.

Jo: Dare - Take a drink out of someone's belly button. She chose Liz - it was an easy choice as everyone in the group knew that Liz was very ticklish. Liz lay down and pulled up her top and Jo poured some wine onto her stomache. As soon as she touched her Liz started to laugh and squirm, but Jo licked her belly and slurped away until there was no wine left. Liz was in fits of laughter now which everyone loved so Rach poured a bit more wine higher up on her stomache and Jo licked her clean once again before moving back to her place. Liz stopped laughing after a few seconds and tried to pat herself dry with her top - she then slipped her wet top off and pulled on her nightdress before pulling her jeans off.

Rach: Truth - When was the first time you masterbated? Um, when I was 13. I sort of started doing it by accident and then realised it felt really good so kept going.

Anna: Dare - Go out into the garden in your underwear and stand there for 30 seconds. Anna was a bit nervous about this as to get into the back garden she had to go through the house - the garden door on the basement went out to the front garden. She knew that Jo's parents were still in the kitchen so she decided to risk it and stripped down to her bra and panties and ran out the door onto the lawn. She stood there, looking up and down the street and then ran back into the house. She saw that the others had hidden her clothes and went to her bad to get her PJs but found out that they had hidden them too so had to rejoin the group just in her bra and panties.

Liz: Dare - Anna was planning on getting her own back with this one so she dared Liz to remove everyones top. Liz went round the group and stipped everyone of their tops and was going to sit back down when Clare and Cindy grabbed her and said that it was only fair for her to have her top removed too. She pretend to struggle a bit but let them remove her top and it was thrown in the corner with everyone elses.

Clare: Truth - Where and when was the last time you masterbated? Last night in my room - I ended up having two orgasms and it felt wonderful.

Vicky: Dare - Play with Clare's breasts until it's your turn again.Vicky scooted over and sat beind Clare, reached around her and started to fondle her breasts through her bra. Everyone wastched for a few minutes until Vicky finally said it wasn't fair if people stopped taking turns.

Cindy: Dare - Suck on one of Clare's nipples for 1 minute.Vicky was still stroking Clare's breasts through her bra so Cindy moved over to join them and pusher the bra up off her left breast. Clares breasts were still fairly small and had nice pink nipples, flushed from the attention that Vicky had been giving them. Vicky moved her hand out of the way and Cindy lowered her lips to the nipple and began to lick it. She was told off as she wasn't sucking and the dare was raised to 2 minutes so she took the nipple in her mouth and began to run her tounge over it and suck it properly. The bra was now sliding around over Clare's left breast so Vicky unclipped it and pulled it off so everyone could see her other breast and then returned her hand to it, gently stroking her nipple.

Jo: Truth - Do you have a vibrator? Yes. The girls asked her to show them and after a bit of encouragement she went over to her bedside drawer and pulled it out. It was a slim purple vibrator and Jo gave a grin and turned it on and ran it over her breasts a few times.

Cindy's 2 minutes were up and she moved back to her spot. Clare was quite flushed and they could all see her left nipple glistening with Cindy's saliva. Her head was now in Vicky's lap and Vicky moved her other hand back to play with the now wet nipple.

Rach: Truth - Has anyone ever caught you masterbating? Yes, quite a few times. My brother used to walk in on me doing it all the time when I was younger. One day I got horny with a book I was reading in the garden, and I thought no one could see, so I was playing, then looked up and my next door neighbour was watching. I pretended I hadn't seen and kept going until I came.

Anna: Dare - Turn the vibrator on and hold it against your panties for a minute. Anna took the vibrator, turned it on and pressed it against her panties.She started off laughing about it, but after a shor time was moving the vibrator around until someone pointed out that was a penalty as she was dared to hold it against her panties, not move it. She had to spread he legs and press it harder against herself for another minutewhich she did. By the time she had finished, she was looking very flushed and a dark patch had begun to appear on her panties.

Liz: Dare - Suck the vibrator clean. Liz paused but knew if she didn't do it she would be given a worse dare, and Anna had only been rubbing it against her panties so she slid the vibrator into her mouth and sucked it clean, imitating a blowjob on it to the girls amusement.

Clare: Dare - Hold the vibrator against your clit for 2 minutes. Everyone could see that Clare was already very turned on from the attention her breasts had been getting and as she started to undo her skirt, the others helped pull it off her. She slid the vibe into her panties, pressed it against her clit and let out a low moan. While watching this, Rach had decided that she wanted to get rid of her jeans and quickly slipped them off and pulled her nightdress on. On seeing this, the other girls pulled off their skirts and trousers - some slipped into their PJs and nightdresses, but a few just stayed in their panties. Everyone was watching Clare who was squirming around in Vicky's lap. They could see her panties getting wet and could smell her pussy juice. Everyone was fidgiting and a few hands strayed between legs as they watched Clare getting close to cumming. With a mean look. Liz announced that the 2 minutes were up and pulled the vibrator out of Clare's hand.

(Hmm - I wonder what we could do with a vibrator covered in Clare's juices - find out in part 2 :)


  1. This is the most erotic writing I have ever read ,I am so turned on by it .
    can't wait for part two:)
    what should I do now that your writing has turned me on so much lol:)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. That's easy - do what I do while I'm writing it and cum :)

    Even though I'm not overly happy with the writing quality in this entry, it was still enough fun writing it that I had to cum twice while working on it.

  3. hey, this was hot, came really nicely as I was Reading, these are really hot fantasies, please keep it up :-)

  4. I really like your writing .
    I am about to embark on a on-line fantasy fuck with another blogger where we write it from each others perspective I write some then pass on to her she writes about it and so forth and so forth I am really looking forward to it its a huge turn on:)
    Just not sure when we will start probably sometime in the next week.

  5. Ahhh Hurry up! your taking to long!

  6. My fantasy fuck didn't happen :(are you interested lol