Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Away for Christmas

I'm going to be away for a week or so and won't have net access to post on here. I'll come up with some storylines for the slumber party series but if anyone has any ideas they'd like to see me write about then let me know.

If my sister is around when Mike visits, I may have another entry to post too :)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Slumber patry - Ep 5

Rach was certain that Lis had been touching herself while she was in the room and was fairly sure when she went to the bathroom for such a long time that she had gone there to give herself an orgasm. To her surprise, an image of Lis fingering herself flashed into her mind and for a moment she wondered what it would be like to watch her cum. Rach still didn’t think she had any real sexual feelings towards Lis but was also feeling slightly turned on by the sexy talk during the game. She wondered if the girls would be up for another round of it at their next sleepover.

Her hand slid between her legs and she gently stroked herself while thinking of some more dares – she was considering touching herself properly when she saw Lis coming back into the room and getting into bed. She didn’t was Lis to know she was awake and stopped moving her hand but squeezed her things together while pressing her fingers against her pussy. The only person who had ever seen her masturbate was her boyfriend and she wasn’t sure she could do it in a room full of her friends, even if they were asleep. As time wore on, the tingling in her pussy began to fade from lack of attention and Rach decided that she could probably get back to sleep.

The following morning, after a few of the girls work, they tried to get everyone else up so it wouldn’t be too late when they went out. Anna wanted to have a lie in – for someone who usually had so much energy, she was a legend for her laziness in the morning and they knew if they tried to get her up she would only be cranky for the rest of the day. The rest of the group went down to the kitchen for some breakfast, leaving Anna in her bed.

A few of them had mild hangovers, but their youth mostly protected them from the worst effects of the alcohol and they planned a nice breakfast to set them up for a busy day shopping. They were still dressed in their night clothes, with a few of the girls wearing gowns that they had brought with them. When they were nearing the end of their meal, Jo’s brother walked in to the room.

“Have a good night girls?” he asked.

“Mmm – a little too good” replied Jo.

“Really, how much did you all drink?” asked Paul.

“Oh, not too much, but enough to hurt a bit” said Jo. She started to worry that he might tell their parents after all and signalled to Vicky to distract him.

Vicky had told Jo that she fancied her brother and she often flirted with him. Vicky stood up and took her bowl over to the sink beside where he was standing. She was just wearing her nightdress – a long t-shirt that just came to the top of her thighs and barely covered her panties. She thought that Paul liked her breasts and leant back against the counter, pushing them out. Paul actually preferred smaller breasts but liked the look of her legs and he tried to covertly look at her. His gaze travelled over her body and her long slender legs. His gaze concentrated on the bottom of her t-shirt and he wished she would lean back just a bit more so he could catch a glimpse of what he really wanted to see, her panties, but he could also feel his cock hardening and knew that neither his PJs or dressing gown would hide his erection so he made his excuses and left.

Vicky sat down again and said “You’re welcome” to Jo.

“That was close – at least at his age he’s easy to distract” said Jo.

“Hey – are you saying I couldn’t distract him if he was any older?” asked Vicky, “I bet with these I could distract most guys” and she gave her breasts a playful bounce. “He seemed to be enjoying himself – did you see the bulge?”

“Eew” said Jo, “I don’t want to think about him like that. If you end up ever doing anything with him, I don’t want to know the details!”

Rach had been watching Vicky jiggle her breasts around and even though she had beautiful firm breasts, she had wondered what it would be like to have breasts as large as Vicky’s and how she could tease the boys with them. Still thinking about the previous night, she was planning some more dares to try and get a good look at them next time they played.

Meanwhile, Paul had got to the top of the stairs and was intending to go back to his room and jack off while thinking of his sisters friends in the kitchen. He paused and wondered if he could slip into his sister’s room and grab a pair of panties out of one of the girls’ bags to jack off to and he headed down the hall. He looked back down the stairs and listened and then gently pushed the door open. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw someone was still in the room.

He quickly backed up and then stopped when he realised that the girl was still asleep and it was Anna. He didn’t know her well, but like many of Jo’s friends, he thought that she was quite hot and he had always thought she was cute. The sun had started coming into the room and had warmed it up a bit since the girls had gone downstairs. Anna was still sleeping soundly but had kicked off the blanket to cool down a bit and was laying on her back with her legs and arms spread and her nightdress halfway up her body.

Paul’s cock, which was only just softening from Vicky’s teasing, immediately sprang to attention. His gaze moved quickly over Anna’s body, taking in her cute face and slender frame. His hand went to his cock and he rubbed it through his PJs, feeling it jump as he touched it. He took a step into the room, his eyes fixed on Anna’s pink panties and he wrapped his hand around his cock and squeezed it. He took another few steps towards her and slipped his hand into his PJ bottoms so he could rub himself properly. He now had the perfect view of her crotch and his gaze kept alternating between her panties and her face, checking that she was still sleeping.

He pulled the front of his PJs down, freeing his cock so he could stroke it properly. He could hardly believe he was daring to do this – if Anna woke up he knew he be in trouble, but was so close that he needed to cum. He fixated on her pussy, and stroked his cock even faster and then felt the pressure building. He panicked a bit when he realised he was just about to cum all over Anna and started to pull his PJs over his cock. He missed a bit of the first squirt which shot out of his cock and landed near Anna’s legs, the rest of his cum coated the inside of his PJs until the whole front was soaked through.

He stood for a few seconds recovering and Anna suddenly turned over. He completely froze and thought about running, but after a few seconds, he realised that she was still asleep. He now had a perfect view of her cotton panties stretched over her tight little ass and felt his cock begin to harden again. As he had recovered from cumming, he had come to his senses enough to know he had to get out of there. He quietly moved out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him. He quickly ran back into his own room and peeled off his PJ sans started stroking his cock again while thinking of Anna’s ass.

Lis had decided to head up first to start getting ready for their day out and arrived back at Jo’s room a few minutes after Paul had left it. She pushed the door open and was greeted with the sight of Anna still lying on her front. She felt her pussy tingle and remembered how strong her orgasm had been the previous night while thinking of Anna and Jo. Her hand strayed back to her panties and she gently touched herself, wondering if she dared try to repeat it.

She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slid a finger into her pussy – she had either got wet quickly or was still wet from the previous night as it slipped in with ease and she added a second one. With her fingers in her pussy, she slid her other hand under her nightdress and up to her nipples…

Friday, 19 December 2008

Lacey Stone

I see from the logs on here that quite a few people like the blonde girl at the end of my 'More bad writing coming' entry. I came across her on an amateur site a while back and thought she was quite cute and ended up finding a bunch of pics of her. I'd love to be able to find her email and ask her if she wanted the pics posted or if thety were put up by an ex.

Either way - I like her - she has cute breasts and I'd love to help her shave her pussy (and then check how smooth it is with my tounge of course :)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Slumber Party - Ep 4

They continued to chat for a short time, but the conversation died off as the alcohol and tiredness took over and the girls drifted off to sleep. It was a warm night and many of them only had the blankets half covering them. Lis had made her bed at the edge of the group and her eyes had now adjusted to small amount of light coming in the window and she could see her friends fairly well.

Her pussy was burning and she was wondering if she should go to the bathroom and play with herself for some relief when she saw Anna turn over and the blanket slipped off her body. She had put her nightdress back on to go to bed, but it had ridden up a fair way and Lis could make out the outline of her ass across the room. She felt her pussy tingle harder and decided that she would go to the bathroom and then wondered if she could at least touch herself a little while enjoying the view.

She slowly slid her hand over her breasts, which were even smaller than Anna’s, and felt the little nubs of her nipples which were as hard as stone. She gently toyed with them through her nightdress, thinking about the views of her friends she had got during the evening, the feeling of having Rach and Anna spank her and intently looking at Anna across the room. Every time she stroked her nipples she could feel her pussy tingle more – she had masturbated many times before but had never felt anything this intense before she had even started to touch between her legs.

She had intended to go to the bathroom after just a few minutes, but between the alcohol and the heat burning in her little pussy, she found her hand slipping down from her nipples and stroking over her panties. Her fingers moved over the material and she applied a bit more pressure, feeling the cotton press between her lips. She was trying to keep her breathing steady but was having difficulty.

She looked around the room to make sure everyone was asleep and her gaze fell on Clare who she had fantasised about a few times. Clare was mostly under the covers but was facing towards her and Lis could faintly see her sweet face, and her blond hair spilling down over her cheek and hiding part of her face. Lis lifted her hand to the top of her panties and gently slid it down inside them. Her fingers brushed over her thin pubic hair and then reached further down to her pussy lips. She ran a single finger just between her lips and felt how wet she was and when she brushed against her clit she let out a small gasp before she caught herself.

Rach was ‘sleeping’ a little bit away from Lis but was also facing towards her. She had been drifting in and out of sleep but was almost awake when Lis gasped. Rach couldn’t see Lis who was in a fairly dark part of the room but she could tell that Lis had been getting excited earlier and was wondering if she was actually touching herself.

Lis had worked one of her fingers partially into her pussy, but with her hand in her panties it was difficult to move. She knew that she would need to go to the bathroom soon to finish off but wanted to keep looking at her friends for a bit longer. Anna had curled up almost into a foetal position and her ass was sticking out a bit more towards Lis who was hungrily eyeing it up.

Lis worked her other hand down the back of her panties and slowly moved them a few inches down her legs. She could now slide a finger into her pussy from behind and touch her clit with her other hand. Her breathing was becoming more and more erratic and she could feel the moisture spreading around her pussy. After only a few minutes she knew that she couldn’t take it any more and tried to quietly scramble up and make her way to the bathroom.

Rach saw her move and lay very still – she had definitely heard Lis’ breathing change and as she got up, she was fairly sure that her panties weren’t pulled up fully. She was now fairly sure that Lis fancied one of their friends and had been playing with herself and wondered if the spanking episode had been a part of what had gotten Lis excited. It had definitely felt nice with Lis squirming around underneath her earlier on, but apart from the amusement value she was still quite sure that she had no other interest in Lis playing with herself.

Meanwhile, Lis had made it down the hallway, past the study and into the bathroom. She pulled off her panties, sat on the floor and spread her legs. In the light she could see that even though she had a light covering of blonde hair on her pussy, it was dark with moisture. One hand went to her pussy and the other slid under her nightdress to her breasts. She gently pinched her nipples and then kept toying with them while her fingers played over her pussy. She dipped a finger into herself and spread her juices over her clit and rubbed a bit faster.

Jo’s brother’s bedroom was next to the bathroom so she knew she still had to be quiet, but she now had the freedom to move her hands as much as she wanted and was soon sliding two fingers into her pussy. Her nightdress kept getting in the way and she quickly pulled it off so she was now naked. She was about to start fingering herself again but saw a pink hairbrush beside the bath. She knew it belonged to Jo and that it was years old and gingerly picked it up, wondering if she dared do what she wanted with it.

After a few seconds thought, her lust took over and she slid the narrow handle over her pussy. The handle had raised sections for grip and as they bumped over her clit she felt a series of little shocks going through her. She leaned back against the wall and spread her legs as far as she could, took the hairbrush and slid it inside her cunt.

She was still very tight and could feel every part of the handle as she pumped it into herself – slowly at first, but then with a bit more speed and force as she got used to it. She wondered if sweet little Jo ever used it for this purpose and the image of Jo crouched above Vicky shot into her mind. She pictured herself in Vicky’s position with Jo’s crotch just above her face. She imagined grabbing Jo and kissing and licking her cute white panties until they were wet and rubbing her face over them until Jo was feeling as horny as Lis was herself.

It was with the image of Jo begging her to make her cum that Lis came, the hairbrush halfway into her hot little pussy and her fingers flying over her clit. Her legs stiffened and her back arched, causing her to hit her head off the wall, but not hard enough to distract her from her orgasm. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and it took a couple of minutes for her breathing to return to normal and her legs to stop shaking. It was by far the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced and she hoped that she hadn’t made any noise when she came.

She washed the handle of the hairbrush, wiped her pussy clean and got dressed into her panties and nightdress. Turning out the bathroom light, she felt her way back along the corridor and into Jo’s room. Her night vision had almost returned by this time and she managed to slip back under her blanket without stepping on anyone else.

After Lis had left the room, Rach had continued to think about the events earlier in the evening…


I loved writing this episode - even though I've had a fairly good idea of what was going to happen, it felt wonderful writing about Lis playing with herself.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Slumber party - Take 2 - Ep 3

Cindy wanted some vodks, so went for a dare. Rach clicked and said "Ah - that's rather tame - high five everyone in the room".

"That's not fair" cried Jo, "mine was much worse than that".

"That's just the game - what the computer says, goes", replied Cindy and went round the group high fiving everyone with her best Californian beach babe impersonation of "Yo dude". She sat back down and drank before passing the bottle on to Valerie.

Valerie chose another truth, but everyone said that she had to go for a dare as everyone else had so after a bit of badgering she gave in. Rach clicked away and said "Turn to the person on your left and give them a sample of your dirty pillow talk".

"You know I've never had sex - I don't have any pillow talk" replied Valerie. "I mean I've obviously made out on my bed but we're kissing then so not really talking."

"OK" said Rach, "you get a random if you can't do the dare". She clicked again and said "When is the last time you went out without underwear on."

"Um, never - well, maybe when I was very little or something, but I can't remember" said Valerie.

"Really?" said Vicky as Valerie handed the bottle (after taking a shot of course). She seemed a bit surprised at Valerie's reply and everyone was quick to notice this.

"So do you go out without panties then" Anna asked Vicky.

"Weeellll", teased Vicky, "you'll have to wait until that question comes up on my turn to find out. I'm choosing a dare though, so you can't find out this turn".

Rach clicked away and said "Go down in a split as far as you can."

Vicky had done gymnastics when she was younger so knew this wouldn't be a problem - she stood in the middle of the group and slowly slid down as she did the splits. Once she reached the ground, she gave a little bow and took a drink of the vodka. Her intention was to give a graceful display, but the alcohol was really beginning to affect her and when she tried to stand up again, she ended up wobbling and falling over sideways onto Rach.

They disentangled themselves from each other and Vicky crawled back over to her place - Lis was enjoying the view of Vicky's ass as Vicky crawled away from Rach and then had to remind herself to look away in case anyone noticed she was staring, but thought that everyone was drunk enough by now that she probably got away with it.

Clare decided that she had had enough to drink and went for a truth. Rach clicked and said "What is your most romantic dream?"

"Do you mean something I've actually dreamt or just what I'd like to happen?" asked Clare.

"Either will do" replied Rach.

"Hmm, well I think it would be Rob turning up unexpectedly one afternoon, bringing me beautiful bunch of roses and then taking me for a sunset picnic down by the lake. We kiss under the trees for a while and I fall asleep against him."

"Aah, sweet" said Jo.

Anna, who was up for getting drunk, took another dare. Rach clicked and said "Do a striptease to your underwear."

Anna hesitated a bit but realised that they’d all seen each other get changed during gym so stood up and pulled off her nightdress and threw it into the middle of the group. She sat down again wearing only a pair of pink panties and a matching bra with a lace trim. Anna had quite small breasts, but she wasn’t worried about their size as they made it much easier for her when playing sports. She took a big swig of vodka, smacked her lips and let out a big “aaahhh”.

Rach selected a dare and clicked on the button “Hmm, grab the player to your right’s ass”. She immediately shot her hand out and grabbed Lis’ ass through her nightdress and gave it a none-too gentle squeeze.
“Hey watch it”, cried Lis, “that thing is delicate!”

“Oh really” said Rach, and pushed Lis over. She rolled her over so she was laying face down sat on her back and started smacking her ass – not too hard, but hard enough that everyone could hear the slaps.

Anna cheered and crawled over to the pair of them and joined in slapping Lis. Rach grabbed the bottom of Lis’ nightdress and pulled it up so Anna was slapping her panty covered ass. After about 30 seconds, Rach decided that Lis had suffered enough and crawled off her. Lis pulled her nightdress down, and sat down again, rubbing her ass.

“That was mean” said Lis. “I’m taking that as my go too” and she grabbed the bottle off Rach and took a drink, then took another as she felt she deserved it. Secretly she had enjoyed having two girls’ hands on her even if the odd slap was a bit painful. Rach too had enjoyed it, she was certain that she wasn’t gay and had loved fucking with her last boyfriend (who had been her first) before they broke up, but since the time Lis had admitted to her that she liked girls, Rach had occasionally thought of Lis. She had a fairly good idea that Lis liked someone in the group but wasn’t too sure who it was.

“I think that’s fair” said Rach, who took the bottle back and drank the last shot of it. “Wow, we finished that fairly quickly – who was drinking so much?”

Everyone thought that everyone else was to blame, but most of the girls were quite drunk so nobody really cared too much. Jo was quite glad she had missed her turn as her head was starting to spin a bit and most of the rest of the girls were starting to get a bit tired too so they decided to call it a night and go to bed.

“We’ll have to send Rach back next week to chat up the guy and get more booze” said Anna who, as usual, was still full of energy and still ready for more alcohol. She crawled over to where the wine bottles were and started checking them out to see if there was anything left to drink.

Anna was still just in her bra and panties and Lis had a clear view of her crotch wiggling in the air as she searched for leftover wine. Lis could feel her own crotch tingling and was being far less discreet at staring

“Hah, we could send you in to flirt with him and see if he likes jailbait” replied Rach, “or we could both go in and see if we could get him to blow his load in the shop!” Because of her very slender body amd small breasts, it was true that Anna looked quite a bit younger than her age of 16 years.
“Mmm, how much free booze do you think we could get if we both promised to make out with him?” Anna asked. She had found a little wine and had was now sitting cross legged facing Rach and Lis while she downed the bottle. This was stretching her panties tight across her pussy and Lis was definitely being affected by the view.

“If we sent you in, we’d never get anything, I doubt he’s give stuff to someone who looks 12” said Vicky and then ducked as Anna threw a pillow at her.

Rach had noticed Lis staring at Anna and slapped her on the back saying “Come on, if we’re going to go shopping tomorrow, we’d better get some sleep.”

Lis was brought out of her trance by the slap and in a slightly confused state she moved over to the pile of blankets and grabbed one. Anna had now finished the wine and had conceded that they all needed to get some sleep and after a few minutes of pushing things in the room out of the way, the girls had made enough space for them all to lay on the floor.

They took turns going to the bathroom to brush their teeth and remove their bras to sleep and about 15 minutes later were all curled un in their makeshift beds on the floor. Jo turned the lights off and the room went dark.


I'm fairly sure Lis won't be able to just go to sleep in the state she is in :)

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Slumber Party - Take 2 - Ep 2

"I might - it would certainly make it easie for us to get alcohol if we had an 'inside man'" said Rach.

"Oh yes - and would 'the man' be inside you as well?" teased Vicky.

"He'd have to give us lots of drink to get that far!" replied Rach and stuck her tounge out at Vicky. "But he was cute. Anyway, you and Jo were the ones hugging in front of him".

"Well what do you expect" said Vicky, "Jo's so cute and we DID get a bottle of vodka out of it!"
Jo blushed and said "Stop teasing me, I wouldn't have done it at all if you hadn't made me, but speaking of vodka, how about we open it?"

Rach bounced up and retrieved the bottle from where Jo had hidden it earlier. She put it in the middle of the group and said "How about we play truth, dare or vodka - we just have to decide if vodka is good or bad".

Clare asked "What is the vodka bit - I know about truth or dare".

"We decide if taking a shot of vodka is good or bad and depending on that, you either get a shot when you complete your truth or dare or you have to take a shot if you fail to do it" Rach explained. "I overheard my sister playing it a few years ago and they really enjoyed it."

"I'm up for that" said Clare. "I vote vodka as good."

Cindy and Lis chimed in and said they agreed and seeing as nobody dissented, they decided that vodka would be a good thing and you had to complete a dare or a really big 'truth' to get a shot and if you failed either, you got a penalty.

Anna asked "How do we decide the questions?" and Jo pulled out her laptop and searched for some questions, She found a site that let them select truth dare or random. Cindy suggested that if someone refused to complete their turn, they would be given a random item as a penalty and HAD to complete it.

They all agreed to this and sat in a circle with the laptop beside Rach so that most of them could see it. Rach picked one of the girls at random and asked Cindy what she wanted.

"Truth - lets start easy" said Cindy.

Rach clicked truth and asked "Have youever had a crush on a teacher?"

"Ooh - mean." Cindy blushed a bit and continued "Um, yes, Mr Jarret in English. I loved it when we were doing poetry with him."

"Ah yes - you always did sit there with a dreamy look on your face" said Valerie. "He is quite hot. Well that one was fairly easy - I'll have a truth as well."

Rach clicked again and asked "What is the quality that is most important to you in a boyfriend?"

"Hmm, I think just that he's a sweet guy who really cares about me" replied Valerie.

"Uh-hu, and him being good looking and well built doesn't matter I guess?" said Clare, remembering some of Valerie's past boyfriends.

Valerie gave a coy look and said "Well, that doesn't hurt, but I think him being a nice person is more important.

Vicky was next in line and said "I'll be brave and take a dare."

Rach clicked on the dare button and said "This one is easy - bark like a dog".

Vicky barked a bit and then growled then got on her hands and knees and panted a bit. After a minute, the rest of the group thought she had done enough and she was allowed to take her swig at the vodka. She took the bottle and took a big swig and half choked on it. The rest of the girls laughed as she tried not to spit the vodka out and eventually managed to swallow it. "OK", she wheezed, "that was a bit too much to have in one go!"

Clare was next and said "Well, I'll be brave too then and go for a dare."

Rach clicked away again and said "Ooh, interesting. Show us how you masterbate."

Clare went bright red and said "I didn't know that site had questions like that I can't do that.."

"Well in that case, you have to take a random and do whatever it says" said Rach and the others agreed with her.

"It's got to be better than that one" said Clare, so Rach clicked random.

"Truth - have you ever used a flavoured condom?" said Rach.

"That's easy - no" replied Clare, obviously relieved and slowly returning to her usual colour. She took the vodka and had a sip before passing it on to Anna. Clare's boyfriend had been pestering her about having sex, but she had held off until now - the closest he had got was getting his hand into her panties a few times, but he had only fumbled around and it hadn't done too much for her.

"I'm up for a dare" said Anna.

Rach clicked dare and said "This one is more interesting. Take a drink out of the player to your right's bellybutton. Ooh - that would be me."

"Fine", said Anna. "Lie back then."

Rach lay on her back and pulled her nightdress up. She was glad she had kept her underwear on but her thoughts of everyone seeing her panties were interrupted by a cold splash of vodka in her bellybutton. She gasped with suprise and then watch Anna dip her head down and felt her slurping the vodka out. Once she was clean of vodka, Anna have her stomach a little kiss and sat back down. Rach wiped herself off, pulled her nightdress back down and sat back up.

"I thought you were going to make that tickle a lot more" said Rach.

"I didn't think of that" replied Anna, "maybe next time I will" she said and lunged towards Rach pretending to tickle her.

"Not unless it's a dare" said Rach. "Speaking of which, I'll have a dare too, I want something to drink."

Lis clicked the button for her and said "Give the person opposite a piggyback ride."

Rach knelt down and Valerie schooched over to her. She sat on Rach's shoulders and Rach stood up, with the help of a bookcase. Neither of the girls were sober and Rach staggered about a bit but managed to keep Valerie balanced on her by wrapping her arms around Valerie's legs.

Everyone decided she had completed her dare and she tried to kneel down but slipped and the two of them ended up in a pile on the floor. Everyone burst out laughing as the girls disentangled themselves and crawled back to their places - Rach took a drink from the bottle and passed it on to Lis.

"I'll take a dare too" said Lis and Rach selected another dare on the computer.

"Hug every person in the group" said Rach.

This was an easy dare for Lis. She wasn't quite sure yet if she was gay, and had dated a few boys, but had certainly been noticing other girls a lot more over the past couple of years. The only person in the group she had confided in was Rach a few months ago and as far as she could tell, Rach hadn't told anyone else. She went round everyone in the group and gave them a proper hug, enjoying the feel of their bodies against her and getting more excited as she got closer to Clare.

She had developed a bit of a crush on Clare recently and had even found herself trying to catch furtive glances of her at times and had even thought of her once or twice when she masterbated. She made it round the circle to Clare and hugged her tight, letting her hands slide slightly lower down her back than with the other girls, but didn't hold it too long. She finished up by hugging Anna and then Rach.

As she hugged Rach, Rach whispered in her ear, "I bet you enjoyed that".

Lis blushed and just whispered "ssh" back, but gave her and extra squeeze before sitting down. She though that Rach was giving her a sly smile and wondered if she'd had figured out that she might like someone in the group, but just took her drink.

Even though she hadn't had a shot of the vodka yet, the wine had really started to get to Jo and she was no longer feeling as shy as usual so she decided to take a dare too. Rach clicked away and said, "Opponent lays on the ground and you have to stick your crotch in their face."

None of the girls expected Jo to go ahead with this, but she suprised them all by picking up one of the empty wine bottles and spinning it in the middle of the group. It ended up pointing at Vicky and Jo said "Well, are you game?"

Vicky moved the wine bottle and crawled into the middle of the circle. She lad down and said "Come one then - lets see if you're really drunk".

Jo was blushing, but moved over to Vicky, pulled up her nightdress and crouched over her, with her white panties just above Vicky's face. She crouched there for a minute, wobbling slightly from the wine and then crawled off.

Lis had a clear view of Jo's panty covered ass and felt very jealous of Vicky. Even though she had a crush on Clare, she hadn't failed to notice how incredibly cute Jo was and the view of her incredibly toned legs and firm ass was having an effect on her. As Jo climbed off Vicky, Lis got an incredible view of her panties streached across her crotch. and felt her own crotch start to tingle.

Jo sat down to a round of applause and Vicky said "Wow - we'll have you buying stuff topless in no time."

Jo just said "Hah" and took her drink of vodka and passed the bottle on to Cindy to start the second round.


Chapter 2 done - I need to go out now so I'll leave it there. and will hopefully do chapter 3 fairly soon as I'm enjoying it :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Slumber party - Take 2

Right, I'm going to try some proper erotic writing and involve some of the things I've actually done (not with the girls in this story sadly...) along with some things that Mike and I fantasise about while having sex. This will be a lot slower to develop than the previous stories, but I'd like to hear what people think about it and what direction they want it to go in.


Jo, Cindy, Val, Vicky, Clare and Anna had all met each other within the first week of starting high school and had become best friends almost immediately. Rach had moved into the area a few years ago and Lis had joined the school just a year ago. Despite the closeness of the original six, they had welcomed Rach and Anna into their group. They all had other friends - but whenever any one of them had something to celebrate or anything bad had happened, the eight of them would always get together.

They were all attractive girls and certainly got attention from the boys at school or whenever they went out. Cindy was about 5'4" with long wavy dark blond hair and an outgoing personality - she seemed to get along with everyone and was always willing to spend time to help out anyone who needed help. Jo was much quieter - she was a few inches taller and quite shy until she got to know people - she had shoulder length reddy-brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, along with a smile that could melt most boys hearts.

Valerie had dark brown eyes and curly dark hair that was quite long when she straightened it. She was always flirting with boys - which often led to boys following her around and showering her with flowers and cuddly toys. Vicky was the tallest in the group and this, coupled with her slim frame, made her large breasts stand out. She was very proud of 'the ladies' and didn't mind occasionally dressing revealingly to get what she wanted.

Clare was another slim girl, about 5'6" with sholder length blonde hair. She was another very positive and cheerful girl but always seemed to feel the cold so was often wrapped up in layers of clothes. Anna was the smallest girl in the group - she was only about 5'2" and had such a slender frame, could fit into a skirt for an 10 year old. Despite being the smallest, she was the most energetic and bubbly.

This left the newcomers, Rach had long straight dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes - she was often a fairly serious girl, but also knew how to relax and enjoy herself. Lis was another very slender girl (but not quite as slim as Anna) - she had straight long blonde hair and brown eyes.

The girls were pretty much like any group of 16 year olds - they went shopping and to the movies together, chatted about the boys they liked and did silly teenage things. They knew where to get hold of alcohol and would occasionally get drunk (but only when they could hide it from their parents and they knew about sex (although Rach was the only one who had admitted that she had actually had sex). Cindy Anna and Clare currently had boyfriends and Val had a few guys she was tryng to choose between.

The girls had been looking forward to Friday night all week - Jo's parents were going to be away and they had arranged a sleepover at her house to keep her company. They gang had planned to turn up at about 7 but Vicky and Rach had headed home with Jo from school as they had been given the job of getting some alcohol and Jo wasn't quite brave enough to try and buy it by herself.

They chose a few bottles of wine and as she went up to the counter, Vicky undid a couple of buttons of her blouse so her cleavage was visible. The guy at the counter certainly noticed and she only had to flirt a little to distract him enough that he didn't ask for any ID. The girls got out of the shop and Jo said "I can't believe how you can get away with doing things like that - I'd be way too embarresed".

"It's easy" Vicky replied, "men are usually suckers for younger girls". The three girls did indeed make an incredibly cute sight in their school uniforms. They had the standard white blouses and pleated blue skirts on, Rach and Vicky had black opaque tights and Jo had little white socks on.

"We need more wine", Vicky continued, "you give it a try".

"I can't" said Jo, "I'd never be able to manage it".

"OK, how about I try at the next shop and see if you can do it after that" said Rach. They kept walking until they got to the next shop and Vicky waited outside with the wine they had already bought and Jo and Rach went in. They picked up a few more bottles of wine and Rach undid three buttons of her blouse.

"You can't go up there like that" said Jo, "you can see half of your bra".

"That's the point", replied Rach. "We want the wine don't we?" She trotted off up to the counter and plonked the bottles down. The boy behind the counter took one look at her and then couldn't take his eyes off her chest. She paid for the wine and they ran outside giggling to meet up with Vicky.

"I think he was quite cute" said Rach. "He certainly seemed to like my tits, he clearly had a hard on."

"Well, at least we know somewhere we can easily get alcohol now" said Vicky. "How about you try to get the vodka here Jo?"

"I'm not sure - he was kind of cute, but I'm nto as brave as you are" replied Jo.

"Nonsense, you just need some practice - I'll come with you". Vicky dumped the wine she was carrying beside Rach, grabbed Jo's hand and dragged her back into the shop. They went and found a cheap bottle of vodka and Vicky urged her to undo her blouse. Jo managed one button but then started turning bright red at the thought of undoing any more.

"OK, lets just try it like that then" said Vicky. She took Jo by the hand again and they went up to the desk. Jo put the vodka on the counter and looked embarressed. The guy looked at the pair of them and kept looking between Vicky's cleavage and Jo's barely exposed chest but incredibly cute nervous smile. With her extra height, Vicky cound easily see from the large bulge in the guy's trousers that he certainly liked what he saw so to tease him, she slipped her arm around Jo's waist.

Jo paid for the vodka and they walked out of the shop. As soon as they got outside Vicky burst out laughing and Rach came over to them. "You should see how red you are", she said to Jo.

"I can't believe I did that" said Jo, "he did seem to like us though".

"That was OK for a first attempt" said Vicky. "You'll be able to stock up on alcohol for us in future". They headed off to Jo's house, Rach did up one of her buttons and Jo tried to do up the button she had undone but Vicky playfully slapped her hand away and told her to keep it like that. "It's not as if you can really see anything - we'll have to get you to practise and get to two buttons next time" she told her.

They made it home and went up to Jo's room to hide the vodka. Although her parents weren't home, her older brother Paul was and she thought she could get away with a few bottles of wine but was afraid that he might tell her parents if he saw the vodka. He was only a year older than her and they got on fairly well, but they had different circles of friends and didn't socialise together much.

The three girls sat around and chatted about the guy in the second shop - Rach had clearly taken a liking to him and seemed very pleased as the reaction she had got. She was wondering what she might be able to get out of him in future.

After a while, the rest of the group arrived and they started deciding what films they wanted to watch. This always led to chaos as some of the girls wanted soppy chick-flick type movies and the others wanted something faster paced. While they were trying to decide, they ordered some pizza and opened a couple of bottles of the wine. by the time the pizza arrived, they still hadn't decided on a film so they went with their usual fall back and watched some Sex in the City.

As the evening went on, the girls changed into their nightdresses or PJs and they got through a couple more bottles of the wine. They were now all in a silly mood and Vicky told everyone about the guys in the shops and how proud of Jo she was. "I'm hoping to train her up so she can get anything she wants" joked Vicky.

"Shut up" said Jo and threw a pillow at her. She had been turning bright red as Vicky had described the event, but was laughing as well. "At least I wasn't as bad as Rach here - she had half her blouse undone!"

"It wasn't that bad - he could only just see my bra - but he seemed to like it" Rach grinned.

"And you seemed to like him" said Vicky. "Any chance you might go back and visit him again?"


Phew - that's probably enough for the first post. Please let me know what you think - I know I'm enjoying it (but then I know what I'm planning on having them all do!) I may be busy (or drunk) with some end of term parties but I'll try to post more frequently again and will hopefully get to some of the good stuff fairly soon :)

More bad writing coming

Okay, I know I said I wasn't happy with the slumber party story, but we've been continuing it while having sex and both really enjoy the things that the girls have been getting up to. I think I'm going to re-write it in a much longer form and develop the story much slower but (hopefully) in a much better way. I'm going to start onthe first entry tonight - it won't have any sex in it but will begin the setup for the story and allow me to change some of the characters a bit.

Monday, 8 December 2008

I got an email from someone called Mark asking me to describe what it's like when I have sex in as much detail as I can and it's been a while since I did a long entry based on reality so I'll give it a go. I'm going to write about last night - we didn't do anything special, but I'll try to put as many details in as I can and I hope it's what Mark was looking for.
We were over at Mike's place - it may be too cold to wear skirts at the minute while I'm out, but once I'm in for the night I like changing into just a t-shirt (it's a bit too cold to be naked, even indoors!) We had eaten and were sitting on the sofa trying to find something to watch on TV - I was snuggled up against Mike with my legs curled under me to keep my feet warm. He had one arm around me and was alternating between gently stroking my neck and rubbing my breasts through the t-shirt.

He started to concentrate more on my left nipple and leaned over to kiss my neck - he knows this is an easy way to turn me on and sure enough, I started to feel my nipples hardening and the flushed feeling that I get. We slid down on the sofa he started kissing my neck harder and slid a hand under my shirt to play with my breasts. I didn't have any panties on so his trousers were rubbing against my pussy and after a day of not being able to play with myself I was quite horny so I started grinding against him and we kissed properly.

He slid his hand down onto my pussy and started rubbing my clit and pushing a couple of fingers into me (he couldn't get very deep because of the angle, but the first time he touches me in the night my pussy always feels very responsive). The problem with this is I generally want to cum quickly the first time (well, it's not a problem, but does mean I want to hurry the first time) so I asked him to go deeper. He moved down so he was kissing my nipples and pushed his fingers deeper into me so his thumb could touch my clit).

I could feel his fingers sliding inside me and his thumb rubbing against my clit - he turned his hand and started rubbing against the top of my pussy. My g-spot isn't very sensitive, but it definitly feels very nice when it's played with. Mike says he can feel a slightly rough area where it is (although sometimes he can't find it), but he managed last night and I had my first quick orgasm like that. It wasn't very powerful, but with my g-spot being rubbed it did feel quite deep

He wiped his fingers on my breasts and lay on top of me as he licked them clean. I could feel his cock was now very hard and he was pressing against me, humping around my thigh and pussy. Because I hadn't cum too hard it didn't take me long to recover (and I wanted to cum again) and I soon spread my legs so he could rub against me properly. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed as we continued to grind against each other. He was getting very turned on and pulled away so he could undo his belt and pull down his trousers and boxer shorts and then lay back on top of me.

I now had his cock rubbing against my cunt and could feel each time the head bumped over my clit - he slid into me and I felt his cock go the whole way into me on the first pump (I guess I'd already coated it with my juices). He usually works his cock into me over a few pumps and it definitly feels different being entered in a single go - I can feel it streaching deep inside me as if my cunt didn't quite have time to adjust.

He lay on top of me again and we kissed deeply - he was pistoning into me and I could feel his body slapping against me (which I could really feel on my clit) - I thought he was going to cum but he stopped moving and just hugged me for a little while (he likes delaying cumming as he says it makes it feel stronger - I prefer cumming many times, but I can cum more than he can...)

He pulled out of me and said he wanted to 69 - he lay on his back and I climbed over him and he pulled my cunt to his face and started attacking it with his tounge. I could feel his fingers playing over my ass and started to lick his cock as he pushed a finger into my cunt and then into my ass.

I can get distracted quite easily when he's doing this but I was making a bit of an effort to keep licking him until he pulled my ass cheeks apart, pushed his finger quite deep into me and really started lashing my clit with his tounge. I pretty much gave up what I was doing and just ended up half collapsed on top of him and rubbing his cock against my cheek. He pulled my pussy lips open and pushed his tounge inside me - it wasn't very deep, but felt good as he licked inside my pussy. He kept my pussy spread and went back to my clit - when he pulls the lips apart like that I get the full force of his tounge on it and I can cum really quickly (which I did).

This orgasm was much stronger than my first one and I think I made a fair bit of noise as I came (which he likes - so he just licked harder until I couldn't take any more and pulled away from his tounge).

We kissed for a bit and I tasted my juices a lot as his face was half covered with them and the whole time he was gently rubbing his cock against my leg. I didn't think I'd be able to cum again before he did so we spooned for a bit - he gently moved inside me at first and then started pressing harder and deeper against me. He told me to push back against him (he loves this) and it feels really deep inside me - almost as if his cock is getting to my cervix. I pushed back hard against his cock and he moved back and forth slightly.

He wanted me to cum again (and I'm never against cumming) and started talking to me about doing things with Holly and Jo. He kept describing having them watch us fucking and them seeing my cunt, playing with themselves, first through their panties and then getting more turned on until they stip off, spread their legs and let us watch them finger themselves.

Mike had pushed his hand between my legs and was playing with my clit again and this, coupled with the story and his cock inside me was getting me closer. I started describing Jo eating Holly out and he pushed hard into me and came - he kept his cock buried in me and kept rubbing my clit and I came with the image of Jo's cute face between Holly's legs, lapping away at her little shaved pussy and the look of joy on Holly's face as she came.

The delayed orgasm and the story had quite an effect on Mike and he had to grab his boxers to stop his cum from leaking out of me onto the sofa - once I had stood up I let it run down my legs and did my usual thing of rubbing it over me (I won't be able to do that outside for a while so I have to make the best of it!)

I hope that was what Mark wanted - he also asked what pics I'd been using to cum recently so here are a few of my recent favourites...

First a few new ones (to me anyway) from Inna's 'Climbing' series - if anyone has any other pics of her, *please* let me know, she has the most amazingly beautiful pussy on the web!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

...and now some random ones:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I'm still enjoying looking through the sites of real girlfriends - it's so much hotter seeing pics of real girls (as opposed to just models or porn stars). If any of you have any hot pics of your girlfriends (or yourself if you're a girl!), I'd love to see them. I won't post them on here unless you want me to!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Not Unhappy

I got a few emails so wanted to point out that the 'unhappy' title of my last post was only about the way the stories were going, not about life in general! I don't intend to stop writing this blog (although things are getting a bit busy so I'm not going to post as much as I did at the very beginning - probably down to a few posts a week unless something really exciting happens).

I'm not too keen on this time of year as it's too cold to wear a skirt and I've got so used to not wearing panties that it feels strange that I won't easily be able to play with myself for a few months (during the day at least :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Well I've been trying to write the next chapters of the Dreams and Slumber Party stories but I'm not happy with either of them.

I did kind of enjoy writing them (a bit too much at times!) but they aren't really going the way I imagined they would. They are meant to be at least semi-believable even if they are fantasy stories and things clearly progressed way to fast in each story.

I may try again with one or both of them but unless anyone has any ideas how I can bring them back on track I'll drop them for now.

On a brighter note, one of my favourite girls, Inka (or Inna G), is now featured on Met Art - hopefully this means she'll do some more photo shoots:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*