Monday, 8 December 2008

I got an email from someone called Mark asking me to describe what it's like when I have sex in as much detail as I can and it's been a while since I did a long entry based on reality so I'll give it a go. I'm going to write about last night - we didn't do anything special, but I'll try to put as many details in as I can and I hope it's what Mark was looking for.
We were over at Mike's place - it may be too cold to wear skirts at the minute while I'm out, but once I'm in for the night I like changing into just a t-shirt (it's a bit too cold to be naked, even indoors!) We had eaten and were sitting on the sofa trying to find something to watch on TV - I was snuggled up against Mike with my legs curled under me to keep my feet warm. He had one arm around me and was alternating between gently stroking my neck and rubbing my breasts through the t-shirt.

He started to concentrate more on my left nipple and leaned over to kiss my neck - he knows this is an easy way to turn me on and sure enough, I started to feel my nipples hardening and the flushed feeling that I get. We slid down on the sofa he started kissing my neck harder and slid a hand under my shirt to play with my breasts. I didn't have any panties on so his trousers were rubbing against my pussy and after a day of not being able to play with myself I was quite horny so I started grinding against him and we kissed properly.

He slid his hand down onto my pussy and started rubbing my clit and pushing a couple of fingers into me (he couldn't get very deep because of the angle, but the first time he touches me in the night my pussy always feels very responsive). The problem with this is I generally want to cum quickly the first time (well, it's not a problem, but does mean I want to hurry the first time) so I asked him to go deeper. He moved down so he was kissing my nipples and pushed his fingers deeper into me so his thumb could touch my clit).

I could feel his fingers sliding inside me and his thumb rubbing against my clit - he turned his hand and started rubbing against the top of my pussy. My g-spot isn't very sensitive, but it definitly feels very nice when it's played with. Mike says he can feel a slightly rough area where it is (although sometimes he can't find it), but he managed last night and I had my first quick orgasm like that. It wasn't very powerful, but with my g-spot being rubbed it did feel quite deep

He wiped his fingers on my breasts and lay on top of me as he licked them clean. I could feel his cock was now very hard and he was pressing against me, humping around my thigh and pussy. Because I hadn't cum too hard it didn't take me long to recover (and I wanted to cum again) and I soon spread my legs so he could rub against me properly. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed as we continued to grind against each other. He was getting very turned on and pulled away so he could undo his belt and pull down his trousers and boxer shorts and then lay back on top of me.

I now had his cock rubbing against my cunt and could feel each time the head bumped over my clit - he slid into me and I felt his cock go the whole way into me on the first pump (I guess I'd already coated it with my juices). He usually works his cock into me over a few pumps and it definitly feels different being entered in a single go - I can feel it streaching deep inside me as if my cunt didn't quite have time to adjust.

He lay on top of me again and we kissed deeply - he was pistoning into me and I could feel his body slapping against me (which I could really feel on my clit) - I thought he was going to cum but he stopped moving and just hugged me for a little while (he likes delaying cumming as he says it makes it feel stronger - I prefer cumming many times, but I can cum more than he can...)

He pulled out of me and said he wanted to 69 - he lay on his back and I climbed over him and he pulled my cunt to his face and started attacking it with his tounge. I could feel his fingers playing over my ass and started to lick his cock as he pushed a finger into my cunt and then into my ass.

I can get distracted quite easily when he's doing this but I was making a bit of an effort to keep licking him until he pulled my ass cheeks apart, pushed his finger quite deep into me and really started lashing my clit with his tounge. I pretty much gave up what I was doing and just ended up half collapsed on top of him and rubbing his cock against my cheek. He pulled my pussy lips open and pushed his tounge inside me - it wasn't very deep, but felt good as he licked inside my pussy. He kept my pussy spread and went back to my clit - when he pulls the lips apart like that I get the full force of his tounge on it and I can cum really quickly (which I did).

This orgasm was much stronger than my first one and I think I made a fair bit of noise as I came (which he likes - so he just licked harder until I couldn't take any more and pulled away from his tounge).

We kissed for a bit and I tasted my juices a lot as his face was half covered with them and the whole time he was gently rubbing his cock against my leg. I didn't think I'd be able to cum again before he did so we spooned for a bit - he gently moved inside me at first and then started pressing harder and deeper against me. He told me to push back against him (he loves this) and it feels really deep inside me - almost as if his cock is getting to my cervix. I pushed back hard against his cock and he moved back and forth slightly.

He wanted me to cum again (and I'm never against cumming) and started talking to me about doing things with Holly and Jo. He kept describing having them watch us fucking and them seeing my cunt, playing with themselves, first through their panties and then getting more turned on until they stip off, spread their legs and let us watch them finger themselves.

Mike had pushed his hand between my legs and was playing with my clit again and this, coupled with the story and his cock inside me was getting me closer. I started describing Jo eating Holly out and he pushed hard into me and came - he kept his cock buried in me and kept rubbing my clit and I came with the image of Jo's cute face between Holly's legs, lapping away at her little shaved pussy and the look of joy on Holly's face as she came.

The delayed orgasm and the story had quite an effect on Mike and he had to grab his boxers to stop his cum from leaking out of me onto the sofa - once I had stood up I let it run down my legs and did my usual thing of rubbing it over me (I won't be able to do that outside for a while so I have to make the best of it!)

I hope that was what Mark wanted - he also asked what pics I'd been using to cum recently so here are a few of my recent favourites...

First a few new ones (to me anyway) from Inna's 'Climbing' series - if anyone has any other pics of her, *please* let me know, she has the most amazingly beautiful pussy on the web!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

...and now some random ones:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I'm still enjoying looking through the sites of real girlfriends - it's so much hotter seeing pics of real girls (as opposed to just models or porn stars). If any of you have any hot pics of your girlfriends (or yourself if you're a girl!), I'd love to see them. I won't post them on here unless you want me to!

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