Friday, 19 December 2008

Lacey Stone

I see from the logs on here that quite a few people like the blonde girl at the end of my 'More bad writing coming' entry. I came across her on an amateur site a while back and thought she was quite cute and ended up finding a bunch of pics of her. I'd love to be able to find her email and ask her if she wanted the pics posted or if thety were put up by an ex.

Either way - I like her - she has cute breasts and I'd love to help her shave her pussy (and then check how smooth it is with my tounge of course :)


  1. Andi - The pictures I've seen that still have EXIF data intact are dated May 2005. Lacey graduated high school in 2009 and is 20 now. So...that makes her in the neighborhood of 14 years old in the pictures. A nice neighborhood, from what I have seen, but not one that Google or Rapidshare would approve of!

  2. If that's the case, then I'm glad my computer crashed and I lost the files - and I certainly won't be posting any more links to the pics if I come across them again.

  3. Exactly! I have seen her photos a few different places, and I really think most people don't realize she isn't legal. I didn't realize it either until I saw the photos with the the actual date/time in them and did the math. I let the posters know, when I can, so it's nice to see someone who actually cares. Most just blow it off, believe it or not.