Thursday, 18 December 2008

Slumber Party - Ep 4

They continued to chat for a short time, but the conversation died off as the alcohol and tiredness took over and the girls drifted off to sleep. It was a warm night and many of them only had the blankets half covering them. Lis had made her bed at the edge of the group and her eyes had now adjusted to small amount of light coming in the window and she could see her friends fairly well.

Her pussy was burning and she was wondering if she should go to the bathroom and play with herself for some relief when she saw Anna turn over and the blanket slipped off her body. She had put her nightdress back on to go to bed, but it had ridden up a fair way and Lis could make out the outline of her ass across the room. She felt her pussy tingle harder and decided that she would go to the bathroom and then wondered if she could at least touch herself a little while enjoying the view.

She slowly slid her hand over her breasts, which were even smaller than Anna’s, and felt the little nubs of her nipples which were as hard as stone. She gently toyed with them through her nightdress, thinking about the views of her friends she had got during the evening, the feeling of having Rach and Anna spank her and intently looking at Anna across the room. Every time she stroked her nipples she could feel her pussy tingle more – she had masturbated many times before but had never felt anything this intense before she had even started to touch between her legs.

She had intended to go to the bathroom after just a few minutes, but between the alcohol and the heat burning in her little pussy, she found her hand slipping down from her nipples and stroking over her panties. Her fingers moved over the material and she applied a bit more pressure, feeling the cotton press between her lips. She was trying to keep her breathing steady but was having difficulty.

She looked around the room to make sure everyone was asleep and her gaze fell on Clare who she had fantasised about a few times. Clare was mostly under the covers but was facing towards her and Lis could faintly see her sweet face, and her blond hair spilling down over her cheek and hiding part of her face. Lis lifted her hand to the top of her panties and gently slid it down inside them. Her fingers brushed over her thin pubic hair and then reached further down to her pussy lips. She ran a single finger just between her lips and felt how wet she was and when she brushed against her clit she let out a small gasp before she caught herself.

Rach was ‘sleeping’ a little bit away from Lis but was also facing towards her. She had been drifting in and out of sleep but was almost awake when Lis gasped. Rach couldn’t see Lis who was in a fairly dark part of the room but she could tell that Lis had been getting excited earlier and was wondering if she was actually touching herself.

Lis had worked one of her fingers partially into her pussy, but with her hand in her panties it was difficult to move. She knew that she would need to go to the bathroom soon to finish off but wanted to keep looking at her friends for a bit longer. Anna had curled up almost into a foetal position and her ass was sticking out a bit more towards Lis who was hungrily eyeing it up.

Lis worked her other hand down the back of her panties and slowly moved them a few inches down her legs. She could now slide a finger into her pussy from behind and touch her clit with her other hand. Her breathing was becoming more and more erratic and she could feel the moisture spreading around her pussy. After only a few minutes she knew that she couldn’t take it any more and tried to quietly scramble up and make her way to the bathroom.

Rach saw her move and lay very still – she had definitely heard Lis’ breathing change and as she got up, she was fairly sure that her panties weren’t pulled up fully. She was now fairly sure that Lis fancied one of their friends and had been playing with herself and wondered if the spanking episode had been a part of what had gotten Lis excited. It had definitely felt nice with Lis squirming around underneath her earlier on, but apart from the amusement value she was still quite sure that she had no other interest in Lis playing with herself.

Meanwhile, Lis had made it down the hallway, past the study and into the bathroom. She pulled off her panties, sat on the floor and spread her legs. In the light she could see that even though she had a light covering of blonde hair on her pussy, it was dark with moisture. One hand went to her pussy and the other slid under her nightdress to her breasts. She gently pinched her nipples and then kept toying with them while her fingers played over her pussy. She dipped a finger into herself and spread her juices over her clit and rubbed a bit faster.

Jo’s brother’s bedroom was next to the bathroom so she knew she still had to be quiet, but she now had the freedom to move her hands as much as she wanted and was soon sliding two fingers into her pussy. Her nightdress kept getting in the way and she quickly pulled it off so she was now naked. She was about to start fingering herself again but saw a pink hairbrush beside the bath. She knew it belonged to Jo and that it was years old and gingerly picked it up, wondering if she dared do what she wanted with it.

After a few seconds thought, her lust took over and she slid the narrow handle over her pussy. The handle had raised sections for grip and as they bumped over her clit she felt a series of little shocks going through her. She leaned back against the wall and spread her legs as far as she could, took the hairbrush and slid it inside her cunt.

She was still very tight and could feel every part of the handle as she pumped it into herself – slowly at first, but then with a bit more speed and force as she got used to it. She wondered if sweet little Jo ever used it for this purpose and the image of Jo crouched above Vicky shot into her mind. She pictured herself in Vicky’s position with Jo’s crotch just above her face. She imagined grabbing Jo and kissing and licking her cute white panties until they were wet and rubbing her face over them until Jo was feeling as horny as Lis was herself.

It was with the image of Jo begging her to make her cum that Lis came, the hairbrush halfway into her hot little pussy and her fingers flying over her clit. Her legs stiffened and her back arched, causing her to hit her head off the wall, but not hard enough to distract her from her orgasm. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and it took a couple of minutes for her breathing to return to normal and her legs to stop shaking. It was by far the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced and she hoped that she hadn’t made any noise when she came.

She washed the handle of the hairbrush, wiped her pussy clean and got dressed into her panties and nightdress. Turning out the bathroom light, she felt her way back along the corridor and into Jo’s room. Her night vision had almost returned by this time and she managed to slip back under her blanket without stepping on anyone else.

After Lis had left the room, Rach had continued to think about the events earlier in the evening…


I loved writing this episode - even though I've had a fairly good idea of what was going to happen, it felt wonderful writing about Lis playing with herself.

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