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Slumber Party - Take 2 - Ep 2

"I might - it would certainly make it easie for us to get alcohol if we had an 'inside man'" said Rach.

"Oh yes - and would 'the man' be inside you as well?" teased Vicky.

"He'd have to give us lots of drink to get that far!" replied Rach and stuck her tounge out at Vicky. "But he was cute. Anyway, you and Jo were the ones hugging in front of him".

"Well what do you expect" said Vicky, "Jo's so cute and we DID get a bottle of vodka out of it!"
Jo blushed and said "Stop teasing me, I wouldn't have done it at all if you hadn't made me, but speaking of vodka, how about we open it?"

Rach bounced up and retrieved the bottle from where Jo had hidden it earlier. She put it in the middle of the group and said "How about we play truth, dare or vodka - we just have to decide if vodka is good or bad".

Clare asked "What is the vodka bit - I know about truth or dare".

"We decide if taking a shot of vodka is good or bad and depending on that, you either get a shot when you complete your truth or dare or you have to take a shot if you fail to do it" Rach explained. "I overheard my sister playing it a few years ago and they really enjoyed it."

"I'm up for that" said Clare. "I vote vodka as good."

Cindy and Lis chimed in and said they agreed and seeing as nobody dissented, they decided that vodka would be a good thing and you had to complete a dare or a really big 'truth' to get a shot and if you failed either, you got a penalty.

Anna asked "How do we decide the questions?" and Jo pulled out her laptop and searched for some questions, She found a site that let them select truth dare or random. Cindy suggested that if someone refused to complete their turn, they would be given a random item as a penalty and HAD to complete it.

They all agreed to this and sat in a circle with the laptop beside Rach so that most of them could see it. Rach picked one of the girls at random and asked Cindy what she wanted.

"Truth - lets start easy" said Cindy.

Rach clicked truth and asked "Have youever had a crush on a teacher?"

"Ooh - mean." Cindy blushed a bit and continued "Um, yes, Mr Jarret in English. I loved it when we were doing poetry with him."

"Ah yes - you always did sit there with a dreamy look on your face" said Valerie. "He is quite hot. Well that one was fairly easy - I'll have a truth as well."

Rach clicked again and asked "What is the quality that is most important to you in a boyfriend?"

"Hmm, I think just that he's a sweet guy who really cares about me" replied Valerie.

"Uh-hu, and him being good looking and well built doesn't matter I guess?" said Clare, remembering some of Valerie's past boyfriends.

Valerie gave a coy look and said "Well, that doesn't hurt, but I think him being a nice person is more important.

Vicky was next in line and said "I'll be brave and take a dare."

Rach clicked on the dare button and said "This one is easy - bark like a dog".

Vicky barked a bit and then growled then got on her hands and knees and panted a bit. After a minute, the rest of the group thought she had done enough and she was allowed to take her swig at the vodka. She took the bottle and took a big swig and half choked on it. The rest of the girls laughed as she tried not to spit the vodka out and eventually managed to swallow it. "OK", she wheezed, "that was a bit too much to have in one go!"

Clare was next and said "Well, I'll be brave too then and go for a dare."

Rach clicked away again and said "Ooh, interesting. Show us how you masterbate."

Clare went bright red and said "I didn't know that site had questions like that I can't do that.."

"Well in that case, you have to take a random and do whatever it says" said Rach and the others agreed with her.

"It's got to be better than that one" said Clare, so Rach clicked random.

"Truth - have you ever used a flavoured condom?" said Rach.

"That's easy - no" replied Clare, obviously relieved and slowly returning to her usual colour. She took the vodka and had a sip before passing it on to Anna. Clare's boyfriend had been pestering her about having sex, but she had held off until now - the closest he had got was getting his hand into her panties a few times, but he had only fumbled around and it hadn't done too much for her.

"I'm up for a dare" said Anna.

Rach clicked dare and said "This one is more interesting. Take a drink out of the player to your right's bellybutton. Ooh - that would be me."

"Fine", said Anna. "Lie back then."

Rach lay on her back and pulled her nightdress up. She was glad she had kept her underwear on but her thoughts of everyone seeing her panties were interrupted by a cold splash of vodka in her bellybutton. She gasped with suprise and then watch Anna dip her head down and felt her slurping the vodka out. Once she was clean of vodka, Anna have her stomach a little kiss and sat back down. Rach wiped herself off, pulled her nightdress back down and sat back up.

"I thought you were going to make that tickle a lot more" said Rach.

"I didn't think of that" replied Anna, "maybe next time I will" she said and lunged towards Rach pretending to tickle her.

"Not unless it's a dare" said Rach. "Speaking of which, I'll have a dare too, I want something to drink."

Lis clicked the button for her and said "Give the person opposite a piggyback ride."

Rach knelt down and Valerie schooched over to her. She sat on Rach's shoulders and Rach stood up, with the help of a bookcase. Neither of the girls were sober and Rach staggered about a bit but managed to keep Valerie balanced on her by wrapping her arms around Valerie's legs.

Everyone decided she had completed her dare and she tried to kneel down but slipped and the two of them ended up in a pile on the floor. Everyone burst out laughing as the girls disentangled themselves and crawled back to their places - Rach took a drink from the bottle and passed it on to Lis.

"I'll take a dare too" said Lis and Rach selected another dare on the computer.

"Hug every person in the group" said Rach.

This was an easy dare for Lis. She wasn't quite sure yet if she was gay, and had dated a few boys, but had certainly been noticing other girls a lot more over the past couple of years. The only person in the group she had confided in was Rach a few months ago and as far as she could tell, Rach hadn't told anyone else. She went round everyone in the group and gave them a proper hug, enjoying the feel of their bodies against her and getting more excited as she got closer to Clare.

She had developed a bit of a crush on Clare recently and had even found herself trying to catch furtive glances of her at times and had even thought of her once or twice when she masterbated. She made it round the circle to Clare and hugged her tight, letting her hands slide slightly lower down her back than with the other girls, but didn't hold it too long. She finished up by hugging Anna and then Rach.

As she hugged Rach, Rach whispered in her ear, "I bet you enjoyed that".

Lis blushed and just whispered "ssh" back, but gave her and extra squeeze before sitting down. She though that Rach was giving her a sly smile and wondered if she'd had figured out that she might like someone in the group, but just took her drink.

Even though she hadn't had a shot of the vodka yet, the wine had really started to get to Jo and she was no longer feeling as shy as usual so she decided to take a dare too. Rach clicked away and said, "Opponent lays on the ground and you have to stick your crotch in their face."

None of the girls expected Jo to go ahead with this, but she suprised them all by picking up one of the empty wine bottles and spinning it in the middle of the group. It ended up pointing at Vicky and Jo said "Well, are you game?"

Vicky moved the wine bottle and crawled into the middle of the circle. She lad down and said "Come one then - lets see if you're really drunk".

Jo was blushing, but moved over to Vicky, pulled up her nightdress and crouched over her, with her white panties just above Vicky's face. She crouched there for a minute, wobbling slightly from the wine and then crawled off.

Lis had a clear view of Jo's panty covered ass and felt very jealous of Vicky. Even though she had a crush on Clare, she hadn't failed to notice how incredibly cute Jo was and the view of her incredibly toned legs and firm ass was having an effect on her. As Jo climbed off Vicky, Lis got an incredible view of her panties streached across her crotch. and felt her own crotch start to tingle.

Jo sat down to a round of applause and Vicky said "Wow - we'll have you buying stuff topless in no time."

Jo just said "Hah" and took her drink of vodka and passed the bottle on to Cindy to start the second round.


Chapter 2 done - I need to go out now so I'll leave it there. and will hopefully do chapter 3 fairly soon as I'm enjoying it :)

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