Monday, 15 December 2008

Slumber party - Take 2 - Ep 3

Cindy wanted some vodks, so went for a dare. Rach clicked and said "Ah - that's rather tame - high five everyone in the room".

"That's not fair" cried Jo, "mine was much worse than that".

"That's just the game - what the computer says, goes", replied Cindy and went round the group high fiving everyone with her best Californian beach babe impersonation of "Yo dude". She sat back down and drank before passing the bottle on to Valerie.

Valerie chose another truth, but everyone said that she had to go for a dare as everyone else had so after a bit of badgering she gave in. Rach clicked away and said "Turn to the person on your left and give them a sample of your dirty pillow talk".

"You know I've never had sex - I don't have any pillow talk" replied Valerie. "I mean I've obviously made out on my bed but we're kissing then so not really talking."

"OK" said Rach, "you get a random if you can't do the dare". She clicked again and said "When is the last time you went out without underwear on."

"Um, never - well, maybe when I was very little or something, but I can't remember" said Valerie.

"Really?" said Vicky as Valerie handed the bottle (after taking a shot of course). She seemed a bit surprised at Valerie's reply and everyone was quick to notice this.

"So do you go out without panties then" Anna asked Vicky.

"Weeellll", teased Vicky, "you'll have to wait until that question comes up on my turn to find out. I'm choosing a dare though, so you can't find out this turn".

Rach clicked away and said "Go down in a split as far as you can."

Vicky had done gymnastics when she was younger so knew this wouldn't be a problem - she stood in the middle of the group and slowly slid down as she did the splits. Once she reached the ground, she gave a little bow and took a drink of the vodka. Her intention was to give a graceful display, but the alcohol was really beginning to affect her and when she tried to stand up again, she ended up wobbling and falling over sideways onto Rach.

They disentangled themselves from each other and Vicky crawled back over to her place - Lis was enjoying the view of Vicky's ass as Vicky crawled away from Rach and then had to remind herself to look away in case anyone noticed she was staring, but thought that everyone was drunk enough by now that she probably got away with it.

Clare decided that she had had enough to drink and went for a truth. Rach clicked and said "What is your most romantic dream?"

"Do you mean something I've actually dreamt or just what I'd like to happen?" asked Clare.

"Either will do" replied Rach.

"Hmm, well I think it would be Rob turning up unexpectedly one afternoon, bringing me beautiful bunch of roses and then taking me for a sunset picnic down by the lake. We kiss under the trees for a while and I fall asleep against him."

"Aah, sweet" said Jo.

Anna, who was up for getting drunk, took another dare. Rach clicked and said "Do a striptease to your underwear."

Anna hesitated a bit but realised that they’d all seen each other get changed during gym so stood up and pulled off her nightdress and threw it into the middle of the group. She sat down again wearing only a pair of pink panties and a matching bra with a lace trim. Anna had quite small breasts, but she wasn’t worried about their size as they made it much easier for her when playing sports. She took a big swig of vodka, smacked her lips and let out a big “aaahhh”.

Rach selected a dare and clicked on the button “Hmm, grab the player to your right’s ass”. She immediately shot her hand out and grabbed Lis’ ass through her nightdress and gave it a none-too gentle squeeze.
“Hey watch it”, cried Lis, “that thing is delicate!”

“Oh really” said Rach, and pushed Lis over. She rolled her over so she was laying face down sat on her back and started smacking her ass – not too hard, but hard enough that everyone could hear the slaps.

Anna cheered and crawled over to the pair of them and joined in slapping Lis. Rach grabbed the bottom of Lis’ nightdress and pulled it up so Anna was slapping her panty covered ass. After about 30 seconds, Rach decided that Lis had suffered enough and crawled off her. Lis pulled her nightdress down, and sat down again, rubbing her ass.

“That was mean” said Lis. “I’m taking that as my go too” and she grabbed the bottle off Rach and took a drink, then took another as she felt she deserved it. Secretly she had enjoyed having two girls’ hands on her even if the odd slap was a bit painful. Rach too had enjoyed it, she was certain that she wasn’t gay and had loved fucking with her last boyfriend (who had been her first) before they broke up, but since the time Lis had admitted to her that she liked girls, Rach had occasionally thought of Lis. She had a fairly good idea that Lis liked someone in the group but wasn’t too sure who it was.

“I think that’s fair” said Rach, who took the bottle back and drank the last shot of it. “Wow, we finished that fairly quickly – who was drinking so much?”

Everyone thought that everyone else was to blame, but most of the girls were quite drunk so nobody really cared too much. Jo was quite glad she had missed her turn as her head was starting to spin a bit and most of the rest of the girls were starting to get a bit tired too so they decided to call it a night and go to bed.

“We’ll have to send Rach back next week to chat up the guy and get more booze” said Anna who, as usual, was still full of energy and still ready for more alcohol. She crawled over to where the wine bottles were and started checking them out to see if there was anything left to drink.

Anna was still just in her bra and panties and Lis had a clear view of her crotch wiggling in the air as she searched for leftover wine. Lis could feel her own crotch tingling and was being far less discreet at staring

“Hah, we could send you in to flirt with him and see if he likes jailbait” replied Rach, “or we could both go in and see if we could get him to blow his load in the shop!” Because of her very slender body amd small breasts, it was true that Anna looked quite a bit younger than her age of 16 years.
“Mmm, how much free booze do you think we could get if we both promised to make out with him?” Anna asked. She had found a little wine and had was now sitting cross legged facing Rach and Lis while she downed the bottle. This was stretching her panties tight across her pussy and Lis was definitely being affected by the view.

“If we sent you in, we’d never get anything, I doubt he’s give stuff to someone who looks 12” said Vicky and then ducked as Anna threw a pillow at her.

Rach had noticed Lis staring at Anna and slapped her on the back saying “Come on, if we’re going to go shopping tomorrow, we’d better get some sleep.”

Lis was brought out of her trance by the slap and in a slightly confused state she moved over to the pile of blankets and grabbed one. Anna had now finished the wine and had conceded that they all needed to get some sleep and after a few minutes of pushing things in the room out of the way, the girls had made enough space for them all to lay on the floor.

They took turns going to the bathroom to brush their teeth and remove their bras to sleep and about 15 minutes later were all curled un in their makeshift beds on the floor. Jo turned the lights off and the room went dark.


I'm fairly sure Lis won't be able to just go to sleep in the state she is in :)

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  1. LOL your almost teasing me with this story! I love it!