Thursday, 11 December 2008

Slumber party - Take 2

Right, I'm going to try some proper erotic writing and involve some of the things I've actually done (not with the girls in this story sadly...) along with some things that Mike and I fantasise about while having sex. This will be a lot slower to develop than the previous stories, but I'd like to hear what people think about it and what direction they want it to go in.


Jo, Cindy, Val, Vicky, Clare and Anna had all met each other within the first week of starting high school and had become best friends almost immediately. Rach had moved into the area a few years ago and Lis had joined the school just a year ago. Despite the closeness of the original six, they had welcomed Rach and Anna into their group. They all had other friends - but whenever any one of them had something to celebrate or anything bad had happened, the eight of them would always get together.

They were all attractive girls and certainly got attention from the boys at school or whenever they went out. Cindy was about 5'4" with long wavy dark blond hair and an outgoing personality - she seemed to get along with everyone and was always willing to spend time to help out anyone who needed help. Jo was much quieter - she was a few inches taller and quite shy until she got to know people - she had shoulder length reddy-brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, along with a smile that could melt most boys hearts.

Valerie had dark brown eyes and curly dark hair that was quite long when she straightened it. She was always flirting with boys - which often led to boys following her around and showering her with flowers and cuddly toys. Vicky was the tallest in the group and this, coupled with her slim frame, made her large breasts stand out. She was very proud of 'the ladies' and didn't mind occasionally dressing revealingly to get what she wanted.

Clare was another slim girl, about 5'6" with sholder length blonde hair. She was another very positive and cheerful girl but always seemed to feel the cold so was often wrapped up in layers of clothes. Anna was the smallest girl in the group - she was only about 5'2" and had such a slender frame, could fit into a skirt for an 10 year old. Despite being the smallest, she was the most energetic and bubbly.

This left the newcomers, Rach had long straight dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes - she was often a fairly serious girl, but also knew how to relax and enjoy herself. Lis was another very slender girl (but not quite as slim as Anna) - she had straight long blonde hair and brown eyes.

The girls were pretty much like any group of 16 year olds - they went shopping and to the movies together, chatted about the boys they liked and did silly teenage things. They knew where to get hold of alcohol and would occasionally get drunk (but only when they could hide it from their parents and they knew about sex (although Rach was the only one who had admitted that she had actually had sex). Cindy Anna and Clare currently had boyfriends and Val had a few guys she was tryng to choose between.

The girls had been looking forward to Friday night all week - Jo's parents were going to be away and they had arranged a sleepover at her house to keep her company. They gang had planned to turn up at about 7 but Vicky and Rach had headed home with Jo from school as they had been given the job of getting some alcohol and Jo wasn't quite brave enough to try and buy it by herself.

They chose a few bottles of wine and as she went up to the counter, Vicky undid a couple of buttons of her blouse so her cleavage was visible. The guy at the counter certainly noticed and she only had to flirt a little to distract him enough that he didn't ask for any ID. The girls got out of the shop and Jo said "I can't believe how you can get away with doing things like that - I'd be way too embarresed".

"It's easy" Vicky replied, "men are usually suckers for younger girls". The three girls did indeed make an incredibly cute sight in their school uniforms. They had the standard white blouses and pleated blue skirts on, Rach and Vicky had black opaque tights and Jo had little white socks on.

"We need more wine", Vicky continued, "you give it a try".

"I can't" said Jo, "I'd never be able to manage it".

"OK, how about I try at the next shop and see if you can do it after that" said Rach. They kept walking until they got to the next shop and Vicky waited outside with the wine they had already bought and Jo and Rach went in. They picked up a few more bottles of wine and Rach undid three buttons of her blouse.

"You can't go up there like that" said Jo, "you can see half of your bra".

"That's the point", replied Rach. "We want the wine don't we?" She trotted off up to the counter and plonked the bottles down. The boy behind the counter took one look at her and then couldn't take his eyes off her chest. She paid for the wine and they ran outside giggling to meet up with Vicky.

"I think he was quite cute" said Rach. "He certainly seemed to like my tits, he clearly had a hard on."

"Well, at least we know somewhere we can easily get alcohol now" said Vicky. "How about you try to get the vodka here Jo?"

"I'm not sure - he was kind of cute, but I'm nto as brave as you are" replied Jo.

"Nonsense, you just need some practice - I'll come with you". Vicky dumped the wine she was carrying beside Rach, grabbed Jo's hand and dragged her back into the shop. They went and found a cheap bottle of vodka and Vicky urged her to undo her blouse. Jo managed one button but then started turning bright red at the thought of undoing any more.

"OK, lets just try it like that then" said Vicky. She took Jo by the hand again and they went up to the desk. Jo put the vodka on the counter and looked embarressed. The guy looked at the pair of them and kept looking between Vicky's cleavage and Jo's barely exposed chest but incredibly cute nervous smile. With her extra height, Vicky cound easily see from the large bulge in the guy's trousers that he certainly liked what he saw so to tease him, she slipped her arm around Jo's waist.

Jo paid for the vodka and they walked out of the shop. As soon as they got outside Vicky burst out laughing and Rach came over to them. "You should see how red you are", she said to Jo.

"I can't believe I did that" said Jo, "he did seem to like us though".

"That was OK for a first attempt" said Vicky. "You'll be able to stock up on alcohol for us in future". They headed off to Jo's house, Rach did up one of her buttons and Jo tried to do up the button she had undone but Vicky playfully slapped her hand away and told her to keep it like that. "It's not as if you can really see anything - we'll have to get you to practise and get to two buttons next time" she told her.

They made it home and went up to Jo's room to hide the vodka. Although her parents weren't home, her older brother Paul was and she thought she could get away with a few bottles of wine but was afraid that he might tell her parents if he saw the vodka. He was only a year older than her and they got on fairly well, but they had different circles of friends and didn't socialise together much.

The three girls sat around and chatted about the guy in the second shop - Rach had clearly taken a liking to him and seemed very pleased as the reaction she had got. She was wondering what she might be able to get out of him in future.

After a while, the rest of the group arrived and they started deciding what films they wanted to watch. This always led to chaos as some of the girls wanted soppy chick-flick type movies and the others wanted something faster paced. While they were trying to decide, they ordered some pizza and opened a couple of bottles of the wine. by the time the pizza arrived, they still hadn't decided on a film so they went with their usual fall back and watched some Sex in the City.

As the evening went on, the girls changed into their nightdresses or PJs and they got through a couple more bottles of the wine. They were now all in a silly mood and Vicky told everyone about the guys in the shops and how proud of Jo she was. "I'm hoping to train her up so she can get anything she wants" joked Vicky.

"Shut up" said Jo and threw a pillow at her. She had been turning bright red as Vicky had described the event, but was laughing as well. "At least I wasn't as bad as Rach here - she had half her blouse undone!"

"It wasn't that bad - he could only just see my bra - but he seemed to like it" Rach grinned.

"And you seemed to like him" said Vicky. "Any chance you might go back and visit him again?"


Phew - that's probably enough for the first post. Please let me know what you think - I know I'm enjoying it (but then I know what I'm planning on having them all do!) I may be busy (or drunk) with some end of term parties but I'll try to post more frequently again and will hopefully get to some of the good stuff fairly soon :)


  1. I like it...keep up the good work.

  2. you have set the scene perfectly .
    You have explained where each of the girls fit in and I await your next post with anticipation

  3. I've started the next entry and will probably finish it tomorrow. I'm much happier with the new style and even though it will end up being just as silly, at least we'll all know how the girls got there!