Sunday, 21 December 2008

Slumber patry - Ep 5

Rach was certain that Lis had been touching herself while she was in the room and was fairly sure when she went to the bathroom for such a long time that she had gone there to give herself an orgasm. To her surprise, an image of Lis fingering herself flashed into her mind and for a moment she wondered what it would be like to watch her cum. Rach still didn’t think she had any real sexual feelings towards Lis but was also feeling slightly turned on by the sexy talk during the game. She wondered if the girls would be up for another round of it at their next sleepover.

Her hand slid between her legs and she gently stroked herself while thinking of some more dares – she was considering touching herself properly when she saw Lis coming back into the room and getting into bed. She didn’t was Lis to know she was awake and stopped moving her hand but squeezed her things together while pressing her fingers against her pussy. The only person who had ever seen her masturbate was her boyfriend and she wasn’t sure she could do it in a room full of her friends, even if they were asleep. As time wore on, the tingling in her pussy began to fade from lack of attention and Rach decided that she could probably get back to sleep.

The following morning, after a few of the girls work, they tried to get everyone else up so it wouldn’t be too late when they went out. Anna wanted to have a lie in – for someone who usually had so much energy, she was a legend for her laziness in the morning and they knew if they tried to get her up she would only be cranky for the rest of the day. The rest of the group went down to the kitchen for some breakfast, leaving Anna in her bed.

A few of them had mild hangovers, but their youth mostly protected them from the worst effects of the alcohol and they planned a nice breakfast to set them up for a busy day shopping. They were still dressed in their night clothes, with a few of the girls wearing gowns that they had brought with them. When they were nearing the end of their meal, Jo’s brother walked in to the room.

“Have a good night girls?” he asked.

“Mmm – a little too good” replied Jo.

“Really, how much did you all drink?” asked Paul.

“Oh, not too much, but enough to hurt a bit” said Jo. She started to worry that he might tell their parents after all and signalled to Vicky to distract him.

Vicky had told Jo that she fancied her brother and she often flirted with him. Vicky stood up and took her bowl over to the sink beside where he was standing. She was just wearing her nightdress – a long t-shirt that just came to the top of her thighs and barely covered her panties. She thought that Paul liked her breasts and leant back against the counter, pushing them out. Paul actually preferred smaller breasts but liked the look of her legs and he tried to covertly look at her. His gaze travelled over her body and her long slender legs. His gaze concentrated on the bottom of her t-shirt and he wished she would lean back just a bit more so he could catch a glimpse of what he really wanted to see, her panties, but he could also feel his cock hardening and knew that neither his PJs or dressing gown would hide his erection so he made his excuses and left.

Vicky sat down again and said “You’re welcome” to Jo.

“That was close – at least at his age he’s easy to distract” said Jo.

“Hey – are you saying I couldn’t distract him if he was any older?” asked Vicky, “I bet with these I could distract most guys” and she gave her breasts a playful bounce. “He seemed to be enjoying himself – did you see the bulge?”

“Eew” said Jo, “I don’t want to think about him like that. If you end up ever doing anything with him, I don’t want to know the details!”

Rach had been watching Vicky jiggle her breasts around and even though she had beautiful firm breasts, she had wondered what it would be like to have breasts as large as Vicky’s and how she could tease the boys with them. Still thinking about the previous night, she was planning some more dares to try and get a good look at them next time they played.

Meanwhile, Paul had got to the top of the stairs and was intending to go back to his room and jack off while thinking of his sisters friends in the kitchen. He paused and wondered if he could slip into his sister’s room and grab a pair of panties out of one of the girls’ bags to jack off to and he headed down the hall. He looked back down the stairs and listened and then gently pushed the door open. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw someone was still in the room.

He quickly backed up and then stopped when he realised that the girl was still asleep and it was Anna. He didn’t know her well, but like many of Jo’s friends, he thought that she was quite hot and he had always thought she was cute. The sun had started coming into the room and had warmed it up a bit since the girls had gone downstairs. Anna was still sleeping soundly but had kicked off the blanket to cool down a bit and was laying on her back with her legs and arms spread and her nightdress halfway up her body.

Paul’s cock, which was only just softening from Vicky’s teasing, immediately sprang to attention. His gaze moved quickly over Anna’s body, taking in her cute face and slender frame. His hand went to his cock and he rubbed it through his PJs, feeling it jump as he touched it. He took a step into the room, his eyes fixed on Anna’s pink panties and he wrapped his hand around his cock and squeezed it. He took another few steps towards her and slipped his hand into his PJ bottoms so he could rub himself properly. He now had the perfect view of her crotch and his gaze kept alternating between her panties and her face, checking that she was still sleeping.

He pulled the front of his PJs down, freeing his cock so he could stroke it properly. He could hardly believe he was daring to do this – if Anna woke up he knew he be in trouble, but was so close that he needed to cum. He fixated on her pussy, and stroked his cock even faster and then felt the pressure building. He panicked a bit when he realised he was just about to cum all over Anna and started to pull his PJs over his cock. He missed a bit of the first squirt which shot out of his cock and landed near Anna’s legs, the rest of his cum coated the inside of his PJs until the whole front was soaked through.

He stood for a few seconds recovering and Anna suddenly turned over. He completely froze and thought about running, but after a few seconds, he realised that she was still asleep. He now had a perfect view of her cotton panties stretched over her tight little ass and felt his cock begin to harden again. As he had recovered from cumming, he had come to his senses enough to know he had to get out of there. He quietly moved out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him. He quickly ran back into his own room and peeled off his PJ sans started stroking his cock again while thinking of Anna’s ass.

Lis had decided to head up first to start getting ready for their day out and arrived back at Jo’s room a few minutes after Paul had left it. She pushed the door open and was greeted with the sight of Anna still lying on her front. She felt her pussy tingle and remembered how strong her orgasm had been the previous night while thinking of Anna and Jo. Her hand strayed back to her panties and she gently touched herself, wondering if she dared try to repeat it.

She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slid a finger into her pussy – she had either got wet quickly or was still wet from the previous night as it slipped in with ease and she added a second one. With her fingers in her pussy, she slid her other hand under her nightdress and up to her nipples…


  1. I'm glad - I enjoyed writing it :)

    I'm going to try to develop things a bit over the next few stories but they probably won't be afor a while as I'm heading home for Christmas to see my mum and lil' sis.

  2. wow this is sooo hot I think maybe I will carry on the guys from your blog maybe email it to you