Friday, 30 January 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 9

They were standing by the gate and Mark wrapped his hands Around Anna from behind. His hands went to her breasts and he pulled her back against him. She could feel the bulge of his cock rubbing against her back as his hands massaging her breasts.

Again, she had to tell him to be gentle and he softened his movements. She leant back against him fully, and he moved his hands to the bottom of her top and started to lift it. Without the restraint of the cinema seat, it easily slid up her body, first exposing her smooth stomache and then the bottom of her breasts. His hands dipped under her top and started stroking her breasts again. Anna still couldn't believe how much she was being affected by this - she was used to feeling horny and had been touched by boys before, but it was taking all her willpower to stop herself from stripping naked and fingering herself on the front lawn. She could feel the air on her wet pussy and that just excited her even more as she squeezed her legs together.

As his hands played with her breasts, her top rode up higher and higher until her breasts were almost completely exposed and his fingers were rubbing her nipples. She knew that in the shadow of the house she couldn't easily be seen, but Anna turned around and said "Let's go to the clubhouse"

"OK" replied Mark, hoping that tonight was the night he was going to get to do a lot more with her.

She quietly opened the gate and they slipped through. Looking round the corner, she checked that nobody was looking out any of the windows, pulled her top down a little and then dashed up the path. She fished out the key from it's hiding place, entered the clubhouse and let Mark in behind her. The clubhouse was mostly hidden by from the house by some trees so Anna left the door open a little while she pulled down the blinds and turned on a small light before shutting the door.

Mark's hands were instanatly on her again and she turned to kiss him. She wasn't sure how far things were going to go, but the events of the day had put her in such a state of arousal that she almost didn't care. Her top was quickly pulled off and they fell onto the sofa. Mark had seen her topless before and had played with her pussy through her panties, but they had never done any more than this.

Mark lay on the couch and pulled Anna on top of him, he started licking and kissing her nipples which put her at exactly the right height for her to feel the top of his cock rubbing against her pussy through his jeans. She could feel him humping against her, and the pressure of the rough material rubbing against her labia over and over, coupled with his tounge (which felt much softer and nicer than his fingers), was heightening her arousal even more.

His hands wandered down her back and started playing with her ass through her skirt. She couldn't let him know that she had gone out without panties on and her mind was racing to find a way to get out of this, but without stopping how she was feeling.

Just as she thought he was about to feel her bare ass, his hands moved around and slipped between them. Thinking he was trying to get to her cunt, she quickly lifted her body up to avoid his hands, but instead she felt him unbutton his jeans and pull them down slightly. He pulled her back against him and now she could feel the material of his boxers against her cunt as he thrusted against her.

"This feels really good" she panted, "but we can't have sex."

His hands returned to her ass and he was now pulling her tight against him in time with his humping, her pussy sliding up and down his boxer shorts. Her pussy was so wet she could feel her lips easily parting and the material of his boxers rubbing directly against her clit. Her body was burning and Anna knew she needed to cum (and from the speed of Mark's thrusting, that he desperatly wanted to cum too). She also realised that if he came now, it would soak through his boxers and rub directly onto her cunt and this was enough of a wake up call for her.

She pulled back from him and said "Wait."

He just said "Please...".

It was the first time his jeans had been undone while they had been together, and even though it was still covered by his boxers, she could see the outline of his cock through his boxers and even a bit of the head poking out of the top of them. Anna had only ever seen one other cock, and it had been quite a bit smaller than Mark's. She wondered if they ever did have sex if she would be able to take something that big as it was nearly twice the length of her vibrator and seemed quite a bit thicker.

Mark took her hand and guided it to his boxers and she tentively touched them and felt his cock jump. Mark let out a moan and pressed her hand against himself a bit harder. He then pulled down the top of his boxers, exposing his cock properly.

He tried to guide her hand up to touch his bare cock, but Anna pulled back. "I'm not ready for that" she said, even though an increasing part of her wanted to both cum and see, or make, him cum. Mark started pleading with her and an idea shot into her head.

"Stand up and go over there" she said, indicating to an area by the desk.

When he got there, she told him to turn around and then she put her shoes and top in a pile on the floor at the end of the couch. She was hoping that he would think she had taken off her panties too and at least knew she now had some control.

She sat down on the couch and told him to turn around. "Seeing as you've been good, you can have a treat." She lifted her skirt and showed him her shaved pussy and he took a step towards her. Anna covered her pussy and said "No, stay there, or I'll stop"

Mark stopped, but didn't stop back, and Anna lifted her skirt again and spread her legs. She felt the now familiar thrill of someone seeing even though it was only earlier that day she had first discovered it. She ran her hands over her breasts, still slightly wet from Mark's licking and played with her nipples.

Mark's hands weren't idle, he was rubbing his cock through his boxers and his eyes were fixed on Anna as she played with herself. He hungrily took in the sight of her slim figure and nearly bald pussy and wanted to fuck her badly.

Anna had been masterbating for yeears and had a few previous boyfriends finger her, mostly through her panties (only one of them had ever touched her pussy), but she had never felt anything as exciting as this. Her nipples felt more sensitive than she could remember them ever have been before, and when she moved a hand to her pussy, she felt like she could cum in seconds and had to hold herself back.

Mark had lowered his boxers and was rubbing his cock openly now. Anna looked over at him and saw it properly for the first time - it was indeed as large as she had thought and she watched his hand, wrapped around the shaft, moving up and down with increasing speed. The top half of it was shining with his pre-cum and she was glad she had stopped humping against him.

Usually Anna had to lubricate her clit with her juices so that she could comfortably rub it, but the whole area was soaking wet already and her fingers were easily sliding over her lips and clit. She dipped two fingers into her pussy and let out a moan. She considered removing her skirt so she could be completely naked, but didn't want to interrupt the way she was feeling and just quickly yanked it up as far as she could.

She looked over at Mark again and saw his hand flying over his cock even faster than her own fingers were working on her clit and pushing into her cunt. She could feel her orgasm building and managed to let out a gasping "I'm close". She lifted one leg and reached around it to slide two fingers into her pussy from underneath while her other hand worked on her clit - one of her favourite ways to make herself cum. She realised how exposed this position made her and that just added to her excitement and propelled her towards her orgasm even faster.

Mark's cock had been hard since he had started kissing Anna in the cinema and he didn't think he could hold back any longer. Knowing that Anna was about to cum in front of him pushed him over the edge and he felt the cum starting to rise from his balls.

He said, "Oh yeah" and took a stumbling step towards her to get a better view of her orgasm. He couldn't hold back any longer and a thick stream of cum squirted from his cock and landed on her neck and breasts.

Anna had been distracted by her approaching orgasm and when his cum hit her, she looked up to see him standing just in front of her, his eyes fixed on her. She was too close to stop and her own orgasm started to hit her. She threw her head back just as she felt another stream of cum land on her and run down her stomache. She let out a moan, much louder than she had intended, as her orgasm intensified. She felt a third squirt of Mark's cum land on her face and some dribbled into her mouth.

Anna's whole body was pulsing with her orgasm and she knew that she was so far gone that if Mark tried to fuck her, she would probably let him. She jammed her fingers as deep into herself as she could and quickly rubbed her clit while feeling his cum running over her face and body.

Mark couldn't believe the view in front of him. He hadn't intended to cum over her but the view of cute little Anna, now covered in his cum, just seemed to drive his orgasm on. He shot another load, this time intentionally aiming it at her face and managed to get it from her hair and down her cheek. His final squirt landed on her raised leg and he moved forwards more so he could to squeeze out the last few drops onto her face.

Her orgasm was beginning to subside and she lifted a hand to her breasts. Only then did she realise just how much cum was covering her body. Her hand smeared it over her breasts and she collapsed back into the couch, panting, as her body went limp.

Mark tried to press the head of his cock into her open mouth, but Anna shook her head away from it and then raised her hand to push him away. She opened her eyes again and saw his cock, still dripping cum onto her body as is started to shrink. She could taste his cum on her lips and then looked down at her body. Her breasts were covered with the cum she had smeared over them and it was dripping down her sides and had covered her skirt. She was glad she had left it on as it had stopped the cum on her upper body running onto her pussy. She saw the cum running down her leg and wiped it off, unzipped her skirt and then tried to clean herself as best she could with it.

She was angry with Mark for nor staying where she had told him to, but she also knew it was partly her own fault for getting carried away and not stopping him. She wasn't going to let him know she was angry with herself though.

"I told you to stay over there you bastard, you could have got cum inside me" she shouted.

Mark was flustered, "I, I'm sorry. You looked so hot and didn't tell me to move away and I just came".

"Yeah, of course - and so you had to keep cumming on me and then try to get me to suck you off. How the fuck do I get indoors now with my skirt covered with your fucking cum".

"I'm sorry... I'll get my jacket" replied Mark and he sutffed his cock back into his trousers and dashed out the door.

Anna stifled a laugh - she had just had the best orgasm of her life, and she knew it was because he had been watching her - and then she had made him feel sorry about it. She wiped her face with her hand and smeared his cum across her tits again. She knew that she had liked the feel of his cum covering her body but knew there was a risk she could get pregnant so had to find a better way of doing things. Just standing naked in the middle of the room, she could feel her pussy beginning to tingle again but couldn't do anything about it until she washed her hands so continued to clean herself up with her skirt.

Mark returned with his jacket. Their difference in height meant that it would be longer on her than her skirt had been was so she could get back into the house safely. He sheepishly handed it to her - obviously thinking she was going to shout at him again.

"It's okay" she said. "But next time, you do EXACTLY what I say, or it will be the last time." She playfully hit his crotch - not hard, but hard enough to make him jump back.

"So I get another go do I?" he asked.

"We'll see" she replied as she slipped her top and his jacket on. "You'd better go in case my parents realise we're out here," she continued, as she zipped up the jacket and put her shoes on. She hid her wet skirt in a box at the side of the sofa and turned off the lights as they left. With a final kiss at the gate, Mark ran off to his car and Anna went in the front door and dashed up the stairs to the shower.


I think next episode will feature Clare and Cindy's dates...

Thursday, 29 January 2009

1 day to go...

Jen is definitly coming over tomorrow - she'll get here late evening and I can feel my pussy starting to get wet already. I decided that I wouldn't cum tonight (or tomorrow before she arrives), but given I still want to get the next episode of of slumber party out, that will be difficult (let alone thinking about what might happen over the weekend).

Thanks you everyone for the comments and emails about telling my housemates - I know that I don't *have* to tell them, but they are two of my best friends and we get on really well (apart from a few times, but hey, all housemates argue occasionally).

I had told them both that a friend was coming to visit me earlier this week, just so they would know. Earlier this afternoon I decided to tell Rach that she was a little more than a friend and was someone I had done things with (I didn't give quite as much detail as I did in the blog post!)

Rach was fine with it (as I had expected - the reason I like my friends is because they are nice people!) She seemed a bit suprised at first as I've never expressed any interest in girls (to them) and I think she wanted to ask me more (and no, I don't think she is secretly gay/bi and it's going to turn into a threesome!) I'm going to tell Holly tonight as she will be the one who might end up hearing us if she is around this weekend.

Mike is going to help me prepare - he's going to shave me so I'm perfectly smooth and has promised me that he won't do anything to make me cum (but I get the feeling he might tease me a bit, which is only going to make things worse).

I've got a few things lined up for over the weekend, places to take her and things to see - and other than that, we're just going to see how things go.

Better dash now - I'll hopefully be back later to get the story posted.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The last episode of 'Slumber Party' ended rather suddenly, but I had spent quite a long time writing it (and thinking about Anna's pussy for that long wasn't helping me concentrate so I had to finish it and cum! )

Although I've said this in a few comments (or emails, I can't remember which), the girls in this story are all based on people I know (although I don't know them as well as they are going to end up knowing each other in the story!)

Anna really is as slim as I have described her - and as hyperactive. She plays sports and swims a lot (and the way she looks in her swimming costume is amazing). I don't know how much (or if) she shaves, but she at least trims her pussy hair as there is no sign of it (not that I've ever been looking at her pussy when she's in a swimsuit, oh no, not me - *whistles*)...

I have no idea if she ever goes out without panties on, but I know that she does often skip wearing a bra as her breasts are very small (generally an A, but sometimes anywhere between a large AA up to a small B). She is a very down to earth kind of girl - very easy to talk to and always friendly and bouncy. It's almost impossible to be unhappy around her as she just has so much energy and is always positive about things.

I don't know what her early sex life was like, but given how bouncy she is now, I would imagine that anyone lucky enough to get her into bed would need a lot of energy to keep up with her (but I'm sure it would be more than worth the effort!) I've been out shopping with her often enough to know that she generally wears simple plain panties (I was with her when she bought the pink pair featured in the story!) and I once helped her choose a pair for a 'special' night (with some direction, she went for a white pair, slightly lacey but very cute!)

The person on the web who most reminds me of her is Suzie Carina (her early pics, when she still looked cute. Most of my pics of Suzie are actually stored in a folder marked Anna.)

It's not that they look exactly alike, but they could definitly be sisters - and some of Suzie's shots really do look like her. Suzie's breasts are also quite a bit larger. These are the pics that I think look most like her (and the ones I skipped to last night when I needed to cum):

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I've got plenty mroe of her if anyone is interested in them.


As I said on Sat, Jen is coming to visit me and if you can't guess, I'm *very* happy about it :)

She has now read almost all of this blog so knows more about me than almost anyone (well, apart from everyone else reading this of course!) We've exchanged quite a few emails and have come to an arrangement - she is going to be brave and tell her parents that she is gay and I'm going to be brave and tell my housemates that I'm bi (I'm not sure if one encounter actually counts as being bi, but...)

I haven't decided how to tell my housemates - does anyone have any advice on whether I should tell them in advance, or let Holly figure it out from the sounds of us cumming? I don't think they are going to be that bothered by it - maybe just a little suprised given that we've lived together for ages an I've never mentioned it.

The only other thing I am a little concerned about is Mike. He says that he still likes the ides of me being with Jen (as long as I report back in great and explicit detail!) Given that every time we talk about what Jen as I could do, we end end up fucking and it is very intense, I believe him. It's not like I'm in love with her or anything, but I really don't want to mess up what I have with him or for him to feel jealous.

(Of course, we've talked about it lots, and Jen knows the situation too - and both of them will read this - I just wanted to make sure they knew how I felt).

So with that out of the way - Jen will be here either this or next weekend and has promised me that I will finally get the chance to take my time and do things 'properly' with her. She doesn't mind me writing about it on here afterwards (but will be checking before I post, so anything that does go up will have her consent).

In the meantime, I'm going to try and get the next slumber party episode out as I want to clear up how Anna's night with Mark ends up (which may depend on how horny I am feeling when I write it!)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 8

The girls finished up their drinks and left Starbucks. They wandered around a few more shops while finalising the plans for Tuesday night. After another few hours, it was time to return to Jo's house and pick up their stuff.

Lis had arranged to go and see a film with Rach and had hoped to have a proper chat with her but Vicky and Valerie were at a loose end and decided they wanted to tag along with them.

Clare, Cindy and Anna were all seeing their boyfriends that night and so Jo was going to have a quiet evening in by herself. She actually didn't mind this too much, but was wondering what sort of chance she had in catching Ian's attention. Anna had promised Jo that she would find a way of introducing Ian to her at the next swim meeting and so Jo was planning on spending most of the evening trying to figure out what to say to him.

Anna jogged home, putting an extra spring in her step from time to time and enjoying feeling her skirt flip up each time she did so. She arrived after a 10 minute run and was covered in a light sweat. Mark wasn't coming to get her for another hour so she had plenty of time to get ready. She peeled off her top and skirt and threw them onto her bed. She and her older sister Lucy shared a bathroom, but Lucy was still away at Uni so Anna had the pace to herself. She walked out of her room, still naked, got a towel from the airing cupboard and went into the bathroom. The room had frosted windows, but it was a hot day and with her new found exhibitionist streak she opened the window (she knew that nobody could actually see her anyway, but liked the idea). She turned on the shower and stepped into it.

Once she was under the water, she turned the heat up to help her muscles relax after her run and basked as the hot water ran over her body and the steam filled the room. She streached her legs out one at a time and kneaded them as she soaped herself up. Her hands worked their way up from her feet across her calves and then to her thighs. She slid her hands over her ass and remembered Lis sitting on top of her and spanking her that morning and started wondering how to get her own back. She gave her ass a quick squeeze and then ran her hands between her legs, feeling the stubble that had encouraged her to skip wearing panties earlier that day.

She reached for her razor and stepping our from under the flow of water she soaped up her legs and quickly shaved them. She then grabbed the small mirror and shower head and sat down in the shower to shave her pussy. First she aimed the hot water between her legs and over her mons and spread a little shaving gel above her lips. She had learned not to use the gel when shaving the lips themselves. With practiced ease she quickly removed the stubble leaving just a small patch of short blonde hair starting about an inch above her clit.

She rinsed the gel off and aimed the hot water directly at her pussy, spreading her legs as wide as she could and letting the water soften the hair on her cunt. An older girl on the swim team had told her about this method when she had first joined but it had only been for the past few years that her pubic hair had needed shaving. Anna thought about another girl on the team who had told her that she got her boyfriend to shave her and it was a lot easier (and sometimes had other bonuses when he was down there).

Her mind went back to Jo's revelation earlier that day - she couldn't believe that sweet little Jo had let Jack lick her pussy and was looking forward to everyone's reaction when she told them. She made a note to get more alcohol as she was sure Jo would never have the nerve to tell everyone while sober.

Her mind returned to the task at hand and she heated up the razor under the running water. Pulling the skin tight on one side of her pussy she gently stroked the razor across the lip. She kept warming the blade under the water and occasionally directing the shower at her pussy and in a matter of minutes managed to remove the stubble. She repeated this on the other lip and then ran her fingers over her pussy to check, finding one little bit she had missed. She ran the razor over it a few times and once she was happy she was smooth she directed the water at her pussy again and gently washed the area.

The hot water playing over her pussy felt very nice and Anna's mind drifted back to her mini exhibitionism display at lunch. She slipped a finger into her pussy and aimed the water directly at her clit. The idea of shaving had been so she could wear nice panties for her date but she wondered if she dared go out semi-naked again.

She decided quickly to go with the idea and also thought that if she held off on cumming, it would be even mroe exciting. She stood up again and finished washing herself, only letting her hands stray back to her pussy a few times, but ensuring that they didn't stay there too long. She stepped out of the shower, dried off in front of the open window and returned to her room to decide what to wear. After about a 20 min decision process she ended up with a black top that only covered from her breasts down to her belly button and a little flippy skirt - slightly shorter than the one she had worn earlier.

She put a chair in front of her mirror and sat down. She practiced opening her legs and raising one as Vicky had taught her and figured out what she could do without making it too obvious she was naked under her skirt, while still exposing herself. She was just experimenting with having both her feet on the seat and catching a glimpse of her pussy from behind her legs when the doorbell rang.

Anna skipped downstairs to answer it, Mark greeted her and looked into the house. Anna told him they were alone, he streached out his arms and she jumped at him. Due to him being almost a foot taller than her, they had developed a custom of him holding her up so they could kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist and they said hello properly.

He carried her into the house and she kicked the door shut behind them. He moved over to the stairs with his hands on her lower back and lowered her down so she was standing two stairs up.

"I've just got to grab my bag" said Anna, and turned around to go upstairs, but Mark's hands were still around her and he slid them up from her waist to her breasts.

"No bra again I see", he said while pulling her back against him and rubbing her nipples through her top.

Anna looked back at him and said "Not now, behave yourself and maybe later", but as she slapped his hands away from her nipples she could feel her pussy burning. She hadn't intended on him finding out she had no panties on but wondered if she might end up trying to jump him tonight instead of the usual other way around. She dashed up to her room, grabbed her bag and rejoined him.

They got in to Mark's car and drove to the cinema. Mark had already picked up the tickets so they went straight to the popcorn stand. Much to the eternal annoyance of her friends, Anna could eat a limitless amount if snacks and still keep her tiny figure so she loaded up with popcorn sweets and a drink. After a 10 minute wait they got to go in and find their seats.

They were in an empty row and about 10 minutes into the film, Mark leant over and started kissing Anna's neck. She put the bag of sweets she had been eating on the seat next to her, almost spilling them in the process, and turned her head to kiss him back.

As usual, she felt his tounge straigt away and realised that it wasn't worth trying to convince him to take things slowly and she opened her mouth. They kissed like this for a while and then she felt his hand on her top. He was kneading her breasts and she could feel her little nipples hardening (and knew that he could too) and let out a gently moan into his mouth.

Mark took this as a sign to proceed and started playing with her nipples more forcefully. After a few minutes his ministrations began to hurt and Anna had to tell him what to do.

"It's much nicer if you stroke gently" she whispered to him, and felt his touch soften a little. "That's better" she whispered, and returned to kissing him.

His touch was affecting her and she slowly lifted a leg, pretending she was trying to turn to kiss him better, but actually exposing her freshly shaved pussy to anyone sitting in front of her who might look backwards. As she did this, she felt a thrill go through her, just as she had at the coffee shop earlier and she moaned again.

Mark, thought this moan was due to his work and tried to move his hand under the bottom of her top, but couldn't get it the whole way up to her breasts. Anna knew that he wouldn't be able to do this so didn't pay too much attention until she felt his hand move to the top of her top and start to pull it down.

She tried to move to stop him but felt her skirt slide up her thigh and could feel a breeze directly on her pussy. She quicly kissed him again so he wouldn;t see her exposed pussy and then gently slid her skirt down so she was mostly covered again. In doing this though, she had allowed him to work on her top and his fingers were now brushing over the top of her little breasts as he worked the top down. She felt her right nipple pop free from her top and his fingers immediately started playing with it.

Anna gasped and she spread her legs before realising what she was doing and closing them again. She couldn't believe how turned on she was and was having trouble concentrating with one of her breasts exposed and her pussy partially showing. She felt Mark's hand moving along her leg and this brought her to her senses - she coudn't let him find out she was naked under her skirt. She grabbed his hand just as it started to slide under the hem of her skirt and she stopped him.

"No, not there" she whispered, but was afraid that he would be able to tell from her voice just how hot she was feeling. To her suprise, and relief, she felt his hand move away, but as she rested her head back on her seat, she felt the other side of her top being pulled down and his mouth enveloping her newly exposed breast.

Anna didn't know what to do - she loved the feelings coursing through her body, but still didn't want things to go too far. She was concentrating on keeping her legs (mostly) closed and after a while, pulled Mark's head away from her nipple and said "How about we leave?"

Mark agreed immediately and Anna tried her best to pull her top up over her breasts and straighten it. Wondering how visible her nipples were, she got up and started towards the end of the row. It was only then that Anna saw that a couple of guys had joined their row - presumably while she had been distracted. From the way they were looking at her, she knew they had been watching her and had seen her breasts being licked and sucked and she felt an incredible rush go through her body. As she walked past them, they grinned at her and she couldn't help herself from raising her hand and giving one of her nipples a quick pinch through her top.

She quickly left the cinema, with Mark following her and they got into his car. He drove back to her house but parked a few doors away. This was something they had done before as it meant that if Anna's parents looked out they wouldn't know she was back yet. All the way home, Anna had been intending to dash out of the car as soon as they got home but unfortunatly for her, the thought of the two guys watching her came into her mind just as Mark pulled in to her street and another pulse of pleasure went through her pussy.

"How about we go out back?" asked Mark.

They had been out to the clubhouse at then end of a previous date and although Anna knew it wasn't a good idea, she wasn't really thinking straight and agreed. They got out of the car and Mark quickly led her down the path at the side of her house.

As they got to the garden gate, Anna paused...

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Slumber Party - Ep 7

"Will you two stop telling everyone that!?" said Anna, while lookign around to check nobody else had heard.

"What do you expect?" said Jo - if you're going to do it then we want to know about it. We're not meant to have any secrets remember?"

Anna knew this was true, all of the girls told each other pretty much everything. Rach had told them all about the times she and her boyfriend had screwed (and then how he had boasted about it to his friends and she had dumped him).

Anna pulled them to the side of the street and quietly said "OK, fine. Like I said to Val, it's no biggie. I just remembered Vicky being suprised that you hadn't done it and thought I would give it a try."

"...and what is it like?" asked Valerie.

Anna replied "It's quite exciting. I know that nobody can see anything", and then looking at Valerie, "apart from when they barge in of course! But it's just nice knowing that I'm naked under here" she indicated her skirt.

"I'd never be able to do that" said Valerie. "I'd be far too nervous".

"It's easy" said Anna. "Just slide your panties off and you're done."

"I'm not shaved like you though..." said Valerie, and realised that Jo now knew just how much she had seen in the changing rooms.

Anna sighed, "Why not just tell the whole world everything?" and then to Jo, "Yes, I'm shaved - I have to do it for swimming."

Jo giggled and Anna and Valerie looked at her. "What's up?" said Anna, "It's not that unusual."

"I know" said Jo and leaned towards them. "I've never told anyone this, but I shave there too. You remember Jack, well he asked me to do it once and then he..." Jo went bright red "um, then he licked me".

"WHAT" shrieked Anna, and then calmed herself down. "You didn't tell us this - you were the one just saying we weren't meant to have secrets."

"I know" replied Jo, "that's why I thought I'd tell you. He wanted us to have sex and when I wouldn't, he ran off with that bitch Laura."

"You're worth far more than him" said Valerie, giving Jo a quick hug. "But you're going to have to tell us all the details now you're dirty little secret is out."

Jo blushed an even deeper shade of red but knew that she would be pestered by the whole group once Anna and Valerie passed on this information to them so agreed to it as long as they didn't tell anyone in the meantime.

"Hmm, my parents are in tonight" said Valerie. Then to Anna, "How about we use your clubhouse tonight?" Anna's family had a big shed at the end of their garden that was decked out as a games room that the girls sometimes camped over in.

"I can't tonight" said Anna. "I'm seeing Mark later on. How about Tuesday night - we don't have to go in to school on Wednesday because of that training day?"

"Sounds good" said Valerie. "We'll make sure everyone is there."

"Oh yay" said Jo in a sarcastic voice, and then continued "You might need to give me lots to drink for me to be brave enough to tell everyone."

"That's not a problem, I've borrowed a few bottles from my sister's stash" said Anna.

The girls realised they were running out of time if they wanted to get anything else before going for coffee and started off to their next shop.


Meanwhile, Lis Rach and Cindy had finished their shopping and had been having their own conversation about sex. Rach, as the only member of the group who had actually had sex, was their resident member and Cindy was wondering if she should sleep with her boyfriend Jon.

"I'm just a bit scared" said Cindy. "I really want to, but I'm not sure if it's the right time."
Rach was trying to be wise and told Cindy "Just wait until you are sure - don't rush into it and be sorry."

Cindy could be incredibly forthright sometimes, especially when she was only talking to a few people, and said, "It's just I really want to find out how good it can be. Jon isn't very good at touching me and I have a hard enough time cumming when I touch myself sometimes."

"Really" said Rach, "well you'll need to work on that at least - being able to give yuorself a good cum whenever you want is important! Isn't is Lis?"

Lis started, "Uh, um, yes, of course." She was sure that Rach knew she had been playing with herself last night - she just hoped she didn't know what she had done with Jo's hairbrush.

"Yep" continued Rach, "you should be able to cum as many times as you want, whenever you want."

Lis looked at Rach amazed - she certainly had no problems cumming, but if Rach could do it as readily as she was saying, them Lis thought that she may still have some things to learn. In truth, Rach could get herself aroused very easily and would readily cum whether it was her or someone else fingering her. She liked to pretend that she knew a lot more than the other girls, and certainly liked flirting with the boys, but apart from fucking Tim a few times, only a couple of other boys had even seen her half naked.

A picture of Cindy with her legs spread, trying to masterbate flashed through Lis' mind who was still horny from the previous night and morning's antics. Her eyes ran over Cindy's body, taking in her slim figure, firm breasts and beautiful legs.

"I'm sure someone will have some hints for you" Lis said, "apart from Clare and Jo of course who'll be far too embarressed to talk about such things unless we get them drunk."

"We'll see" said Cindy, and then in order to try to change the subject "hadn't we better start heading off to Starbucks?"

"Yeah" said Rach, "I need something to drink, it's too hot today."


Cindy, Lis and Rach were the first ones to get to Starbucks and managed to get seats by the window away from the door. After a couple of minutes Valerie, Jo and Anna joined them.

Within seconds of sitting down, Valerie leant over to Cindy, Rach and Lis and whispered "Anna hasn't got any panties on!"

"Oh jeez, thanks, lets just put up a sign" said Anna, and lightly punched Valerie.

Rach said "Well done girl" to Anna. "I didn't know you did that."

"It's my first time", replied Anna, "but it feels nice."

At this point, Clare and Vicky arrived and before Valerie could say anything, Anna sighed and said, "Go on, you may as well tell them too."

Valerie whispered to Vicky who's eyes widened in appreciation and she then told Clare.

"Wow, I'd never have the nerve to do that" said Clare, "you're braver than I am".

Rach decided that she didn't like Anna getting all the attention and indicated for everyone to lean in to the middle of the table. "She's not the only one you know."

"Well that makes three of us who've done it then" said Anna. "I assume from you're response last night that you've done it before" she said to Vicky.

"Well, yes", replied Vicky. After gym one time I put my panties in my bag and went the rest of the day without them.

"In school?" said Lis, "What if you'd been caught?"

"How would I be caught" replied Vicky. "Anyway, the riskier it is, the nicer it feels."

Jo stood up and asked what people wanted to drink, after she had taken everyone's orders and money, Cindy, Valerie and Lis went with her to help carry them back.

Anna had been thinking about Vicky's comment and wondered what she could do to try it out. Feeling the air on her pussy all day and having Jo see her in the changing rooms were definitly beginning to affect her and she was beginning to feel her pussy get wet. She was facing the window and opened her legs slightly, knowing that her skirt would still hide her pussy.

Vicky noticed her do this and whispered in her ear "If you put one foot up on the chair, you can pretend you're just holding onto your leg and it's even better".

Anna thought about this for a while and decided that she could at least try it for a few seconds.
She slowly lifted her leg and placed her foot on the chair beside her other leg. She felt her skirt slide up her thigh and quickly glanced down half expecting to see her little pussy in full view, but she had her thighs firmly pressed together. Feeling a bit braver, she wrapped her hands around her leg and rested her chin on her knee.

Clare and Rach had been talking, but Rach had caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and figured out what she was doing. Rach decided that she would keep Clare distracted a bit longer to let Anna have her fun.

Vicky leant over to Anna again and whispered "There, now you can just tilt your leg to the side as much as you dare."

Anna quietly asked her "You've done this before haven't you?"

"Uh-huh, it's a good way to tease, or sometimes just if I'm feeling hot. I can lure them in with 'the ladies' and give them a quick flash of my pussy" smirked Vicky.

Anna slowly tilted her leg to the side a little and felt a shiver go through her, knowing that if someone outside looked in, they would be able to see her pussy. She felt even wetter and wondered how it could be affecting her so much given she was used to parading around in front of groups of people in a skin tight swimsuit.

"Oh wow, I see what you mean. I like!" said Anna, but then noticed that the rest of the group were coming back with the drinks and slipped her leg back down to the floor.
Just as the girls arrived with the drinks, Vicky whispered to Anna "So we have a new little exhibitionist amongst us."

Everyone sat down and Anna broached the plan for the midweek sleepover at her place. Rach wasn't sure she could make it as she was going out to dinner with her family, but thought she might be able to join them afterwards.

"Well, you'd better make it, it seems some of us have secrets we need to share" said Anna.

Everyone instantly wanted to know who and what, but Anna quickly said "Nope, I'm vetoing it until Tuesday - you're either there or you miss out."

Jo had felt herself starting to blush at the thought of people finding out, but managed to keep it under control enough that nobody other than Valerie and Anna noticed. Cindy wa also wondering if Rach had said anything to Anna about their previous conversation.


I'd wanted to develop it a bit further in this episode, but time is against me (stupid assignments). You should get the idea that they are quiet interested in sex (as most teenage girls are - honest boys - we just want you to be interested in things other than *just* trying to have sex with us!)

In the next story - Anna's date with Mark...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

White Socks

I've had a few requests to put up some of the pics of girls in long white socks that I've got - so here are a few of them:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I especially like the last one above as the girl looks so cute :)

Even better than girls in white socks - girls in white socks and tartan skirts!

...and best of all, Paula (or Pavlina) in a cheerleader uniform having her pussy fingered and licked.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Jen and I have been emailing each other and we're definitely going to meet up again soon. Away from home she's a lot less nervous and didn't mind me posting details of our evening on here (she's read pretty much all of thsi blog now so she knows the things I like). This is just additional warning that I hope you'll have the socks on next time!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Years Eve - Part 2

Back to New Years Eve (although it was 2009 by this point)...

After Jen had cleaned herself up, I went into the bathroom and did the same - while I was there I tore the crotch of my tights so my pussy was exposed. I had cooled down a bit and probably looked no more ruffled that anyone else at the party (the whole house was rather hot) so I was fairly sure that nobody would think me being slightly flushed was out of place.

I found Mike and he asked me where I had been - I took him to one side and kissed him and then whispered to him that I'd just made a girl cum. (I had been trying to think of a really good way to tell him, but that was the best I could come up with at short notice).

I don't think he believed me at first and said something like 'Oh yeah, who?". Jen wasn't in the room at the time so I asked him if he remembered the girl in the long white socks (I knew he would as he likes them even more than I do).

I think he still didn't believe me and thought I was just playing with him so he asked how I'd made her cum. I told him we'd been upstairs and fingered each other. When I said this, he looked straight at me and asked "Really?".

I told him that we had really done things and I could feel him getting hard (very quickly) as he pressed up against me. I whispered a few details to him and then Jen walked into the room. She knew I was talking about what we'd just done so I quickly went over to her and told her that Mike wouldn't tell anyone there so she didn't have to worry.

I glanced back over at Mike and he was sitting down watching us (he told me he was getting a good look at Jen so he could imagine her and I together properly. I whispered to Jen that I had really enjoyed earlier and offered to give her my email address - she accepted it and said she would mail me (and I was hoping that meant she might want to meet up again sometime).

I gave her a quick hug - nothing overt as we were surrounded by her friends, (but I sooooo much wanted to at least kiss her). I'd guessed that the reason Mike was sitting down was to hide his erection, so I went over and sat on his lap. I could definitly feel his cock on my ass and told his if he calmed down, we could get out of there and I could give him all the details. I was sitting facing away from him and after a bit of squirming around, I managed to feel his cock pressing against my pussy. I moved back and forth and could feel his jeans rubbing against my cunt and knew I'd be leaving a wet mark on them, but it was fairly dark so I assumed it wouldn't be a problem.

He said that wasn't fair and wanted to leave so he could find out all the details so I stopped moving and waited until I felt his cock soften before standing up. I said goodbye to a few people on the way out and we started the walk home. It was much colder by this time (and having just come from a hot house didn't help) ans the air on my pussy felt really freezing (but it was nice to be out without panties again - it has been a while).

I gave him a brief outline of what had happene don the way home and he kept asking little details (did we use tounges when kissing, what it felt like having my nipples kissed by her, how far inside her did I get my fingers...) and the more I told him, the more excited he got. By the time we got home, it was obvious he was ready to fuck me (and I was more than ready for it, having been reliving the experience in my head).

We pretty much ran upstairs and fell onto the bed - he almost tore my top off and had his fingers inside me while I described what had happened again. I had barely got to the point of Jen unbuttoning my blouse when he slid his cock into me. I still had my blouse on and bra pushed up over my breasts and my skirt and tights were still in place - Mike had only pulled his jeans and boxers down he was so impatient.

He was pounding his cock into me and the more detail i added, the faster he went. I was getting close and ended up picturing the scene from earlier in my mind as I described it. I think Mike came the first time as I was tellig him about her fingers in my pussy - I was so close that I just had to literally touch my clit while picturing her cumming and my orgasm hit.

We lay there for a while with Mike's cock still inside me - clearly not going soft - and he asked me to go through the evening again. I got to the point where I first started talking to her and he pulled out of me and asked me to put on a pair of my long white socks. I liked that idea and stood up to get them and by the time I had made it to the drawer I felt his cum start to drip out of my cunt. I grabbed the socks and sat down again, removed my tights and slipped the white socks on - they were one of my longer pairs and came to just below my knee. Mike was naked by this point and I stood up and bent over the bed - his cum started dripping out of me again and I could feel it running down my legs (but it obviously stopped as soon as he entered me).

He fucked me from behind, while reaching around me to rub my clit and we both came again fairly quickly. I was feeling a bit shakey by this point so we lay down again and he started spooning me and asked me to describe the way she looked in detail. He wasn't moving in me at first, but again, the more I said, the more he started to fuck me. I think I came that time while descriving the texture of her pussy and what her nipples felt like when I sucked them.

We rested for a little while after that and I thought we were going to go to sleep, but I was telling him about the things I had wanted to do to her if I had more time and he started moving in me once again (he's never fucked me four times in a row before!) We ended up with me on top of him, riding his cock while he continued my story and told me about having her sit over my face so I could eat her while he fucked me.

By time time it was really late so we had to get some sleep as we were travveling back later that day. When I woke up my pussy and thighs were soaked with his cum and my school skirt may well never be the same again!


Tired now so need sleep, otherwise I would have tried to do a better job on this posting. Needless to say that long white socks have become the latest target for my picture hunting and I've managed to find a few nice ones. If anyone is interested, I'll post them.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Slumber party - Ep 6

I'll post the about the rest of New Years's Eve night next time - it's safe to say that Mike was almost as excited about what had happened as I had been...

Back to the slumber party story - Lis had just gone back upstairs and seen Anna still sleeping and had started to touch herself again:

Lis could hear her pussy squelching as she pumped her fingers into it and her nipples were as hard under her fingers as they had been the previous night. Although she had been having thoughts about girls for a while now, this has convinced her just how much she liked the idea of being with another girl and was fantasising about what she wanted to do while her eyes were taking in the sight of Anna sleeping in front of her. Anna now had one leg drawn up slightly and her panties were streached tight across her pussy and ass - Lis moved closer to Anna, knelt down, pulled the crotch of her own panties completely to the side and continued to finger herself.She knew she didn't have much time and her fingers were alternating between sliding into her pussy and playing with her clit while her other hand continued to tweak her nipples. She was kneeling by Anna's feet and her eyes were fixed on Anna's panty covered crotch, trying to make out the folds of Anna's pussy lips through the material. Little did Lis know that Jo's brother had cum just a few minutes before while looking at the same view and her knee was only inckes away from where his first squirt of cum hand landed..

Lis was wetter than she could remember having ever been before and could feel her orgasm building when she heard the other girls coming up the stairs. Disappointed, she quickly pulled her fingers out of her pussy and extracted her other hand from her nightdress. She had an idea and pulled her clothes out of her bag so it looked like she had been starting to get ready. She walked into the hallway and met the girls at the top of the stairs, signalling to them to be quiet. As she raised her hand to her face to shush them, she could smell her juices on her fingers. She led them back to Jo’s room and indicated to Anna who was still sprawled out on her front with her nightdress halfway up her back.

"I’m going to get my own back for the spanking last night" she said. She quietly walked over to Anna, stood over her and lowered herself so she was kneeling just above her. She slapped Anna’s ass and then plopped herself down on Anna's back so that Anna was trapped in a similar position to the one Lis had been in with Rach on top of her. Anna had only been lightly dozing and woke up with a start and tried to turn over.

"It’s payback time" said Lis, and slapped her ass again, letting her hand linger for a little longer than needed and wiping her juices off her finger onto Anna’s panties.

Anna kept trying to twist around and said "That’s not fair – we were drunk, and it was Rach’s fault anyway". She kept trying to escape and Lis could feel Anna’s back rubbing against her pussy. When she had pulled her fingers out of her panties, she hadn’t straightened them and she could feel one side of her pussy rubbing against Anna’s bare skin. She knew that she was probably rubbing her pussy juice onto Anna's back and that thought turned her on even more. She wanted to hump herself against Anna and enjoy the feeling for longer, but everyone was watching them so she contented herself with a few more slaps of Anna’s ass.

She slapped her one last time and left her hand on it as she turned and asked "So, are we even now?"

"Hmph, I still think it was Rach’s fault" replied Anna, "but truce for now".

Lis pushed herself up with her hand still on Anna's panties, allowing her a final little squeeze. She carefully stood up, not wanting anyone to see that her pussy partially exposed and then helped Anna up. They all decided that they had messed around enough and needed to get ready to go out fairly quickly so started taking turns in the bathroom getting washed and dressed.

Lis’s pussy was on fire and she desperately wanted to cum again, but the rest of the girls were hurrying so much she didn’t have time and had to have a cool shower to try and calm down. She knew that she would be replaying the events from the previous night and this morning many times while she masturbated in future.

Anna’s turn came and she went into the bathroom to shower and dress. She played quite a lot of sports and often swam so she had always kept her pussy hair short. Recently she had started shaving her pussy lips fully and just leaving a small patch of hair on her mons. She quite enjoyed having her pussy bald but it t had been a few days since she last shaved and it itched a bit when she slipped her panties on. She thought about Vicky’s surprise when Valerie had said she had never gone out without panties and decided straight away to give it a try. She slid them down her slender legs and wrapped them in her towel along with her pair from the previous night. She put on her skirt and a t-shirt and then decided to go the whole way – she slipped her t-shirt off again, removed her bra and then put the t-shirt back on.

She looked at herself in the mirror – she thought she looked respectable, her pink nipples were barely visible through her top and her skirt came to the middle of her thighs so her pussy was safely hidden. She confidently strode out of the bathroom and threw her stuff into her bag. Anna was unaware that Rach had also decided to go out without panties on, although in Rach’s case it was something she had done a number of times before and she was used to it. Rach had a much shorter skirt on than Anna did so she could tease boys but unlike Anna, she was still wearing a bra.

They all headed out and walked into town, chatting about what shops they wanted to visit. Rach fell back a little way with Lis and said to her "You seemed to enjoy last night."
Lis wasn’t sure exactly what Rach meant and replied "You can hardly talk – what was with the spanking you gave me?"

"So you didn’t like having two girls slapping your ass?" giggled Rach. "In that case, why did you want to do it to our cute little Anna this morning?"

Lis still wasn’t ready for everyone to know that she might be gay, but liked the chance to have someone to talk to about it and decided that she would tell Rach a little bit more than she had before – although not everything! "I just saw her sleeping there and thought it would be a fun way to wake her up."

"Uh-huh, sure. And you didn’t enjoy fondling her ass at all?" said Rach.

Lis blushed slightly and replied "Well, maybe a little – was it noticeable?"

Rach thought for a second and said "Nah, I think the others just thought you were having some fun and Anna didn’t seem to notice it so you’re probably safe. So it’s Anna that you fancy then?"

Lis was a bit startled by this, she hadn’t told Rach anything about her fantasies she’d been having. She stammered "What, no… it’s… um… why do I, who said I fancy anyone?"

"Ooh" squealed Rach, "so you DO fancy someone? I thought you might – is it one of us?"

"I’m still not entirely sure" said Lis. "I did really enjoy last night and don’t mind you knowing but I’m not ready to talk about it all yet, please don't tell anyone."

Rach could see that Lis was still quite nervous about talking about it and while she had wanted to tease her a little, she didn’t want to upset her friend so she decided to lighten the mood. "Hey, don’t worry about it, when you want to talk you can tell me all about it, until then, lets catch up with everyone." She slapped Lis’s ass through her skirt and ran ahead to catch up with the rest of the group.

Lis was beginning to wonder if Rach was interested in being anything more than just her friend but was too scared to ask her. It was Clare and Jo who she had been thinking of over the past few months and Anna who she had nearly masterbated over earlier that day - and that was enough to keep her fantasies going for a while.

She ran after Rach and joined in the conversation about where they wanted to go. They encountered their usual problems with everyone wanting different shops to suit their style and split up into groups. Vicky and Clare went off togther, and Anna, Jo and Valerie went in a different direction. Usually Lis went to whatever shop Clare went to so she could offer advice on things Clare was trying on (and get the odd glimpse of her half clothed), but she wanted to make sure that Rach wasn't going to say anything to anyone so she went with Rach and Cindy. They had all agrred to meet up in a few hours and get a coffee.

Jo said that she had seen a dress that she wanted to try on and they wandered through town towards the shop. They arrived after a few minutes and Jo pointed it out in the window. It was a cute shift dress, very much in Jo's usual style, but much shorter that she usually wore.

"Wow, who are you trying to get no notice you wearing that?" asked Valerie. "Is there someone we don't know about?"

"Um, maybe", replied Jo. "You know Ian from upper 6th?"

Anna perked up at hearing this "Ian? You mean the one who's on the swim team? I can see why you'd like him, he's amazing."

"Settle down" said Valerie, "you've already got Mark. But you've got good taste Jo, Ian does look amazing."

"Now I understand why you've been coming to support me so much" said Anna.

"That's not fair" said Jo, "I've been there times when the boys weren't racing too."

"Hmm, OK, I'll give you that" said Anna. "Come on then, go try it on and we'll see if we can get him to notice you."

They went in and found the dress for Jo. Anna picked up a couple of tops and a little skirt to try while they were waiting. The two of them went into the changing rooms, leaving Valerie outside. Anna slipped off her top and put it on the bench and smiled at the sight of her breasts - none of the others seemed to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra and they certainly had no idea she had no panties on. A wicked thought went through her mind and she ran her hands over her nipples and tweaked them slightly.

She let out a very quiet "Mmm" and ran her hands down to her skirt. She undid the catch and watched it slide down her legs. She stepped out of it and picked it up, placing it on top of her top. She took another look at herself in the mirror. She knew that some people thought that she was too thin, but the truth was that she had always been quite happy with her body and her size was mostly due to the amount of sports she played. Her close friends knew that she ate as much as any of them and was just blessed with a high metabolism. She was sometimes teasted about her height but knew that her boyfriends had always seemed to like the way she looked and wasn't too bothered about it herself. A previous boyfriend had made a comment about her breast being too small (and had quickly become an ex-boyfriend) but she liked them that way as it made running easier and she had caught a glimpse of Lis' breasts a few times while changing after gym so she knew that hers weren't the smallest around.

She ran her fingers over her nipples which were becoming quite firm. She had never realised before just how exciting it could be to be naked outside and knew that she would be trying the no panties thing again soon. Her fingers glided over her pussy and she thought that she would definitly have to shave again soon.

She was snapped out of her dream by Valerie and Jo talking in the the next changing room. Valerie said "I'll go get you another size to try then."

Anna pulled one of the tops she brought in off its hanger and slipped it on. She looked at it in the mirror and thought it suited her. She turned around to get a skirt to try with it.

She heard Valerie ask, "I'm getting some more stuff for Jo, do you need anything Anna?"

"Uh, hold on" Anna replied and knocked the skirt she was reaching for onto the floor. "Shit" she said, and bent down to retrieve it.

Valerie had misheard Anna and stuck her head through the curtain. "What do you need - oh". Valerie saw Anna bending down to pick up the skirt and then she saw the reflection of Anna's ass in the mirror. The lighs were illuminating her perfectly and Valerie had a clear view of Anna's shaved pussy lips peeking out between her ass cheeks.

"Hey, I'm not dressed here" said Anna as she stood up and covered her pussy with the skirt she was holding. Valerie said "Sorry" and quickly pulled her head out of the changing room and put the curtain back in place. She went to get the smaller dress for Jo with the thought of Anna's bald pussy in her mind. It was something she had thought of doing a few times, but had always been a bit scared of cutting herself. She decided that she would ask Anna for advice on the best way of shaving when she got a chance. It was only then that she realised that the reason she had seen Anna's pussy was because Anna hadn't got any panties on. Her mind flashed back to Vicky's suprise that Valerie had never gone out without panties and wondered if it was something that the rest of her friends did often. She found the smaller dress she was looking for and absently took it back to the changing rooms.

Meanwhile, Anna had realised that she had quite liked being caught semi naked and was glad that she had forgone panties for the day. She had dressed again in her own clothes and came out of the changing room as Valerie was heading back in. Valerie looked a little embaressed, but Anna (much more confident as always) wasn't too phased by it. Valerie handed the dress in to Jo and the two of them waited for her to try it on.

Valerie finally got up the courage to whisper "So, no panties eh?"

Anna giggled and whispered back "I thought I'd give it a try after Vicky's comment last night."Valerie looked a bit relieved and quietly said "So this is your first time? I was beginning to think that I was the only one who didn't do it."

Anna started, "Yes, I..." and then Jo opened the curtain and asked them how she looked. They both thought the dress looked very cute on her and that Ian would be bound to notice her. Jo closed the curtain again and Anna continued "Yes, I just thought it would be fun to try, and it really is."

"Aren't you worried about someone finding out" asked Valerie.

"How would they - other than walking into a changing room of course" replied Anna, giving Valerie a poke in the side.

"I thought you said something to me" said Valerie, "I wasn't trying to peek."

Jo had finished changing back and pulled the curtain back again. "Peek at who?" she asked.

Valerie blurted out, "Anna hasn't got any panties on and she really likes it."

"Really?" squealed Jo.

"It's no big thing" said Anna, "I just felt like trying it". She gave Valerie another, harder, poke in the side.

"Hey, it's not my fault if you want to go around half naked" said Valerie. The curtain on the changing room next to the one Jo had been using opened and an older woman stepped out and gave the girls a disapproving look. They all half ran out to the cash desk, giggling amongst themselves. Jo paid for the skirt and they left the shop.

As soon as they were in a street with fewer people around, Jo turned to Anna and said "You really have no panties on?"


That's probably enough for chapter 6 - I came up with lots of ideas over Christmas for more chapters so stay tuned :) If you have any ideas, them let me know and I'll try to build them in.
I'm also curious as to who your favourite girls are so far - getting feedback makes writing this so much more fun.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

My favourite porn pics

I've got a bit of a cold at the minute and I'm feeling a bit under the weather so I don't think I'll be able to put a very good post together (I've found that I seem to write this better when I'm feeling horny and can play with myself - or have Mike play with me - while I'm writing).

Instead, here are some of the pics we've used to cum to over the past week and reasons as to why we like them:

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

This one reminds us of a friend of our's called Clare (not the Clare in the slubmer party story - that's a different one). I've got a few more of a different girl who also remind us of her who is rubbing cream into her pussy - if anyone is interested I'll try to find them.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I love this set - the look on her face in this photo is amazing, and I'd love to be able to lick her clean.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

We both like the Japanese schoolgirl look with long socks, white panties and a shaved pussy - even better when I dress up as well as we pretend they are my schoolmates :)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

This girl looks so cute she has become one of our favourites - unfortunately we only have 3 or 4 pics of her from this series.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Nubiles Elizabeth looks so much like Rachel that it'd just be rude to not want to cum to her pics!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

This was one we found on an amateur site - I love the expression on her face but I wish there had been more pics with him cumming over her face.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Nubiles Paula (or Nubiles Pavlina) had to be in here - she's still one of the cutest girls on the web (along with Beth of course, but I've had a few pics of her in previous posts).

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I think Ksenya A from Met-Art (or Dagmar from Nubiles) looks really cute. Her light nipples are really unusual (she's often referred to as the girl with white nipples) and her pussy is nicely shaved most of the time. I'd love to walk into a bedroom and see her sleeping like that.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Kristina Fey has long been one of the girls we love looking at and cumming to. She's another one with an incredibly cute face, beautiful pussy and the sort of breasts I'd love to have.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

The same goes for Ketty (from Kettydreams) - this is one of the rare pictures where her pussy is in full view.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

These two remind me of another friend I had called Ellie. She was a very pixie-like girl and I wish I'd had a chance to find out if she looked as good naked! (but she's moved away now)

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

This one should be obvious - this is my favourite way to be fingered!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

Mike is quite taken with Luba from Teendreams - he thinks she looks very hot but she's not quite cute enough for my tastes!

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I love the idea of having this much cum over me - Mike doesn't usually cum quite as much as this and he usually cums in my cunt.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

This is another 'reminds me of' picture - an old friend called Nattaka who is a very slim Thai girl.

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

...and I've saved my new favourite for last. This looks an awful lot like Jen, same hair, cute smile and firm breasts (but Jen wasn't shaved of course -I'm still hoping we can meet up again and remedy that!)
Hmm - I'm now feeling a bit more like cumming so I might start work on the next chapter of Slumber Party...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Years Eve

I've been desperate to share this story, but wanted to have the time to write it properly as I'm sure I'll be re-reading it myself many times in future.

On New Years Eve, we went over to the house of an old school friend (Lil) for a party. I knew many of the people there (most of them were from our year at school) but quite a few people stayed at home and didn't go off to Uni so there was a good contingent of their 'new' friends that I had never met.

It was a fancy dress party in my favourite theme - school uniform (it wasn't my idea - but I wasn't going to complain, and Mike didn't seem to mind too much either!) Most of us had worn our actual old uniforms (jumper, shirt and dark blue trousers for the boys and jumper, blouse and blue/green tartan skirt for us girls). It's been freezing here for the past few days and we had to walk to the party so I had decided to wear white panties and my opaque black tights.

We arrived at about 9.30 and people were well on the way to being drunk already so so had a few drinks to catch up - I wasn't planning on getting hammered as we were traveling back up to York the following day and I hate travelling with a hangover! It was great to see my friends and it was first time Mike had met a few of them. As the evening progressed, I pointed out a few of them that I have been fantasising about and he generally agreed with my taste.

I had been introduced to a copule of new people and had recognised some others that I hadn't seen for a long time and then saw a cute girl who looked familiar but I couldn't remember who se was. She was wearing the uniform from my school (but she had gone for the long white socks - which technically wasn't part of our uniform as it was tights or short white socks, but they looked nice on her). I had been glancing over at her for a while trying to figure out who she was when I realised that she was Jenny, the younger sister of a boy in my year. He wasn't one of my close friends but we had occasionally hung out with friends we both knew - his sister would have been about 15 or 16 last time I saw her (so I was pleased with myself for actually being able to remember her from 4 years ago).

I went over and said 'hi' to her - she sort of remembered me but we had never really knows each other so we just chatted for a while (well, shouted in to each others ear - we were at a party!). I found out she had gone off to Uni and was having a great time there (I remember the first term at Uni being a bit overwhelming but she seemed to have dived into the party scene). I then chatted to her brother for a few minutes and went back to see how Mike was doing.

Throughout the evening, Mike had been sliding his hand under my skirt and touching me and I ended up popping into the bathroom to remove my panties (I kept my tights on in case anyone wondered where they had vanished to). Now when he touched me it felt much nicer but I was trying to be a relatively good girl around my old friends.

Midnight came and we had the standard cheering, kissing and singing. I kissed a few people during the midnight celebrations but when I kissed Jen she seemed quite enthusiatic. She was reasonably drunk, and had probably kissed everyone the same way, but it had definitly felt nice and her lips felt very soft (but didn't taste of cherry chapstick!)

The party went back to normal (New Years is a bit of an odd event as the whole point of the party comes and goes and doesn't really make much difference). I ended up chatting with Jen again (we were both a bit drunker by this point) and I got the impression that she was flirting with me. She is about my height, has long straight brown hair, slim build, small breasts and a cute pixie like face. She reminded me a lot of Jo (the one who looks like Beth from Nubiles) - not so much in the way she looks, but in her cute expressions. Given the number of times I've cum while looking at pictures of Beth, I was definitly interested in Jen.

I wasn't sure if I was imagining the flirting, but she was touching my arm and then had her hand on my thigh (only near my knee unfortunaly) so I thought I would try the same back to her. I took her hand and squeezed it slightly and she didn't pull away and it was one of those moments that I'm probably going to remember forever. We looked at each other and seemed to know we wanted the same thing. Jen stood up and said she wanted another drink and I followed her into the kitchen.

We got into the kitchen (which took a little while as it was packed as is the case with all good parties) and there was a couple making out in the corner but most people seemed to be ignoring them. We got new drinks and sat on the stairs sipping them. I thought I had imagined 'the look' until Jen leaned against me and while pretending to point out something in the hall, snaked her other arm around my waist, gave me a squeeze and said to follwe her upstairs in a minute. She stood up and carefully went upstairs (I got a nice view up her skirt and saw she had white bikini panties on).

I probably didn't wait as long as I should have, but I didn't want to miss my chance so I followed her upstairs and we slipped into Lil's brother's room. We sat down on the bed and I must have seemed nervous as she said something like "don't worry" and leaned towards me. I closed my eyes and kissed her and it was as good as I had hoped it would be. It quickly went from a gentle kiss to a much firmer one and our tounges met.

We kissed for what felt like ages and I could feel my heart pounding - we had fallen back on the bed and she was half on top of me. I had my arms around her and I felt one of her hands go to my breasts and start squeezing them. She said that she loved how big they were and we went back to kissing while she kept fondling them. She undid a few buttons on my blouse and slid her hand straight into my bra and stroked one of my nipples before pushing the bra off my breasts.

My hands were still on her back but were now under her blouse and I kept stroking up and down her back. I moved them up to her bra and undid it and managed to work one of my hands round to her front and played with her breasts as best I could with her on top of me. She said she wished hers were as big as mine and I said they were perfect the way they were (I actually meant it too, I would love to have small firm breasts like she does).

She started kissing my nipples and licking around my breasts and while it felt incredible, I wanted a bit more and after a while ('cos it did feel nice and I didn't want it to stop doing it straight away) I pulled her up towards me. We kissed again and I got her blouse mostly open so I could feel her tits properly. Her nipples were small and hard and I pulled her up even more so they were above my face and I could kiss them. My hands could now easily reach her ass and I was stroking and kneading it first through her skirt and then through her panties. My fingers slid under har panties until I had her ass cheeks in my hands.

She moved back down a bit and we kissed again, but it was now much more intense and her tounge was fully in my mouth. I tried to take off her top but she said she didn't want to be naked in case someone came in. I was a bit disappointed, but wasn't really concentrating on that (I can't imagine why!) and we ended up rolling around for a bit until I was mostly on top. I didn't know how far she wanted to go but I certainly knew what I wanted and put one of my legs between hers so I could rub against her thigh (like in all the best lesbian stories - it actually works quite well).

My cunt was incredibly wet and she must have felt it on her leg (still through my tights) as I humped against her. We were still kissing deeply and she was playing with my nipples again and I think she was rubbing them against hers. I moved a hand down between us and pulled her skirt up - she didn't seem bothered by this so I cupped her pussy through her panties and started stroking her. She pulled harder on my nipples when I did this but I really wanted more and I remember asking her to touch me.

She knew what I meant and her hands moved down beteen my legs and she started rubbing the crotch of my tights. We stopped kissing and I was half collapsed on top of he with my face buried in the pillow beside her head. A part of me wanted to pull all of our clothes off and feel her naked body against mine, but what we were doing felt so amazing that I didn't want it to stop. I could feel her fingers rubbing my pussy and pressing slighly into me (as much as my tights would allow).

My own fingers were still rubbing her pussy through her panties and I tried to push the crotch out of the way. With me kneelig over her it took a few attempts, but then my fingers slipped under the elastic and I felt some very wet pussy lips with a light covering of hair. I pushed the crotch of her panties out of the way and rubbed her pussy. She was now moaning beside me and my own cunt felt like it was throbbing. I slid a finger into her and then added another and alternated between fingering her and rubbing her clit.

She was still just rubbing me through my tights and I asked her to pull them down. She said that someone might come in and i said I didn't care. (I can't see that my tights would have made much difference given the position we were in, and by this point, I would probably have fucked and eaten her in the middle of the living room with everyone watching!)

I asked her to please finger me and tried to pull my tights down with my spare hand and she helped. As I was still kneeling over her, she couldn't get them down past the top of my thighs, but it was enough for her to get a hand between my legs and onto my pussy. I can't describe how it felt - her little fingers slipped between my pussy lips and her hand managed to put pressure on my clit at the same time - she was only the second person I have ever done anything like this with and I did think about Mike, but he had always said that he liked the idea of me being with another girl (and lust was more in control than rational thought).

I knew I was going to cum quickly and turned my head to face her, I moved my hand from her pussy and with her watching me, licked my fingers, tasting her juices. She tasted very different to me, quite sharp and tangy, but I still liked it. I slid my hand back down between her legs, pushed myself up a bit with my other hand and kissed her again. I pumped my fingers into her and was panting, telling her to go faster and to rub my clit.

She had one hand on my ass and I was almost humping her other hand by now as I could feel my orgasm building. She slid her fingers into me again (it might have been 3 fingers as it felt tighter than before) and it hit me. I was moaning into her ear that I was cumming and trying to keep my own fingers moving on her clit (I was determined to keep going and make her cum).

It was an intense orgasm (not quiet as intense as the one Mike had given me the previous night, but the excitement of finally doing something with a girl definitly added to it. I'm fairly sure I was panting in her ear and kept saying I was cumming, but, unfortunatly the orgasm passed all too quickly.

I was still moving my fingers around on her pussy and concentrated on her clit. I don't know what I did differently to before, but she said "oh yeah" and so I kept doing the same thing. She was quite flushed and it was the first time I noticed that we were both covered in sweat. She started to let out a low moaning/mewing sound and I pressed harder and moved my fingers even faster.

I rolled off her as I wanted to watch her cum and it was a truly beautiful sight. She arched her head back and had her eyes tightly shut. Her little breasts were standing proud on her chest and I looked down at her pussy. I was enthralled as watching my fingers playing with her - her pussy was covered with short hair which was dark and matted with her juices. I looked back up at her face and she still seemed to be cumming so I started sucking on one of her nipples. She was now making little squeaking noises so I just kept rubbing until she went limp and I slowed down my fingers and mouth.

I pulled my tights down past my knees and started kissing her again while she recovered. It was very soft, kissing and it took a while for her to get her breath back. I was definitly ready to do more and was rubbing my pussy on her leg, which was now very wet. I sat up and tried to pull down her panties but she stopped me and said she had to get back downstairs.

I was feeling a bit frustrated, but we chatted for a while as we straightened ourselves out and it turns out that she had got off with a couple of girls at parties last term but her family didn't know about it and she was nervous about them finding out.

I was disappointed, but I also didn't want anything spoiling what had just happened so I said I understood. I tried to get her to let me have a little lick at her pussy, but the flirty Jen had reappeared and she said she didn't think I would stop with a little lick. (That was probably true, if I'd had a chance I would have probably eaten her cunt till she was dry :)

We went to the bathroom seperately to finish cleaning up and then rejoined the party. Next post is Mike's reaction...

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Home cumming

OK, back again and this time I hope I can get a proper post out...

So, I was at home without Mike any my egg broke which meant I was restricted from the usual ways I would have to cum. Fortunatly I've been visiting a masterbation forum from time to time so I had some other ideas (like the hairbrush that Anna used in the slumber party story).

I still have a fair amount of stuff at home so ended up having a bit of fun - I tried a hairbrush and it was quite good. The handle wasn't quite thick enough to fill me but it was fairly long so I could reach quite deep with it. I also needed to rub my clit to actually cum with it though.

The best thing I found (apart from the *actual* best thing - more about that later) was a travel bottle of hair spray. The bottle was round and just slightly thicker than Mike's cock and it had raised lettering all down the front. I had to warm it up a bit with my hands before using it but once I had it in me it was wonderful - I mostly had the bumpy side pointing towards the front of my cunt so I could feel the letters against my g-spot. Once I had figured out the best way of moving it I ended up cumming about 3 times over the space of about 30 minutes without taking it out of me. (I was trying to cum without touching my clit but did have to play with my ass a little for the 3rd orgasm)

As for the *best* thing I found to use... Both my mum and sister were out on the night of the 30th and Mike and I thought it would be fun to have sex on my sister's bed (he had arrived that day from his parents' place). We went into her room and started fooling around (we were already naked as we had already been doing things). I was laying on the bed and Mike was on top of me fucking me. He was getting close to cumming so moved off me and knelt on the floor so he could eat me for a while (as I can cum more times than he can, we often do this).

He licked my pussy for a few minutes and then told me to turn over. I was a bit frustrated as I was quite close to cumming, but it had been a while since I had had a good ass licking and so obliged. He spread my ass cheeks and started flicking his tounge over my asshole and then slowly started spearing me with it. He was having a little trouble with the rug he was kneeling on sliding away and kept having to stop to pull himself closer to the bed and I was now getting really frustrated and wanted to cum. One time as he slid away he tried to grab the bed and ended up sliding his hand under the matress and ended up findign my sisters vibrator (that's his story anyway - maybe he had been looking for it).

Now I know my sister has had sex (at least a year before I first did!) but I didn't know that she owned a rampant rabbit (my female readers will probably know what this is - and if you don't then you should really find out!) He said something along the lines of "I though you said you didn't have a proper vibrator to use" (I was too far gone to remember exactly what) and he stopped licking me.

I looked up and saw it and possibly if I hadn't been so close I may have decided not to use it (but I was so I turned over onto my back and asked him to fuck me with it without really thinking about it). He rubbed it over my cunt and then slid it into me (I was easily wet enough by that point) and he turned it on.

OH WOW - it felt absolutly amazing. Even though I had cum a number of times over the previous days, nothing had felt as good as that did. When it was fully inside me I had the little arm pressing against my clit (on medium power) and the balls in the shaft moving at a slow speed). Mike tried to fuck me with it but I grabbed his hand and held it with it rubbing against my clit. He could see how horny I was feeling and ended up sliding a finger into my ass (as best he could while I was on my back) and played with me there while I had an absolutly shattering orgasm. I really don't think I've been that loud when I've cum for a very long time and it seemed to last for ages. In the end it tailed off and he slid it out of me and threw it on the bed.

Normally I can cope with him inside me just after I've cum but when he tried to slide into me I was still too sensitive and had to ask him to wait - he clearly wanted to cum and tried rubbing against the outside of my cunt but even that was too sensitive and I told him he could cum over me or wait. I almost felt a bit guilty about making him wait after him giving me such a good orgasm, but I still felt too good to feel anything bad (and I think he could tell this) so he ended up kissing my neck and talking dirty to me, telling me how much of a horny little slut I was and before I realised it he was fingering me as well and it felt nice again.

He mounted me again and slid straight into me and I knew he would cum before I did so I asked him to take me from behind so I could at least use the vibrator on my clit. I rolled onto my front and got it touching my clit and he pushed hard into my cunt again. He pumped into me for a little while and then said he had an idea. (He has remarkable self control sometimes - I know I find it really hard to stop when I'm very close to cumming). He pulled the vibrator out from under me and slid it into my pussy (with a bit of wiggling from me) until it was fully inside me and then he started pressing his cock against my ass.

I pressed back against him and he slowly slid into me - we don't do lots of anal sex so he still has to be careful or it hurts but he managed to get a fair way inside me and then told me to turn the vibrator on. I already had the clit section working so I pressed buttons by touch and managed to get the main shaft working. He said he could feel it against hs cock through my pussy wall and pressed fairly deep into me but kept slowly moving (it's kind of difficult to describe).

He was talking dirty to me and I was replying by telling him to fuck me ass and cum in me and that my sisters vibe was filling my cunt. He was fully on top of me which was pressing the vibrator hard against my clit and he was kissing my neck while talking dirty. Between the viberator in me, the buzzing on my clit, his cock, the kissing and the talking I could feel another orgasm building fairly quickly. He kept telling me he wanted to feel me cum with his cock buried in my ass and I wasn't about to stop him! My second orgasm wasn't anywhere near as strong as the first one but it felt almost as long and he said I was fairly vocal that time too - apparantly I was gasping into the bed and telling him to cum.

He also said that my whole ass was contracting around him and as I was nearing the end of my orgasm, he said he couldn't hold it. I could feel him press even deeper into me and he let out a mon and came. I think I could feel him squirting in me but I wasn't really in a fit state to tell so I'm not sure. He collapsed on me and kissed my neck some more and then rolled off me a few minutes later once his cock had shrunk a bit. (It's a bit wierd feeling his cock shrinking in my ass - it's tighter than my pussy so I can more easily feel it and feeling full one minute and then not the next just feels a bit strange).

Once we had recovered we cleaned off the vibrator and straigtened up the bed and went back to my room to rest - apparantly having a break from strong orgasms for a few days is a good idea :)


Next is the real story I've been dying to tell about the holidays is my next post, but I'm trying to be good and keep things in chronological order. I'll post in a couple of days (and probably cum many times while writing it!)

Friday, 2 January 2009

Out for the night

I'm just off out now for a few hours but as my sister left today I'm going to be doing my next 'real' post tonight (if I'm not too drunk).

Stay tuned :)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Posting still delayed

I'm now back but can't easily post as my sister came up with me to stay for a few days - she's off taking a bath right now so I can at least get a short post out.

I've been trying to think of the best way to continue the slumber party story and have a few ideas so more posts will appear soon on that topic.

I've got a few tales fro mthe holidays to post too. Mike had gone to his parents for Christmas so I was all alone for Christmas (I was at home with my mum and sis, I mean i was alone in terms of anyone to have sex with). To make things worse, my egg died (which was one of my favourite things) so I had to improvise on ways to cum for a few days.

Sis getting out of bath - will continue later