Thursday, 29 January 2009

1 day to go...

Jen is definitly coming over tomorrow - she'll get here late evening and I can feel my pussy starting to get wet already. I decided that I wouldn't cum tonight (or tomorrow before she arrives), but given I still want to get the next episode of of slumber party out, that will be difficult (let alone thinking about what might happen over the weekend).

Thanks you everyone for the comments and emails about telling my housemates - I know that I don't *have* to tell them, but they are two of my best friends and we get on really well (apart from a few times, but hey, all housemates argue occasionally).

I had told them both that a friend was coming to visit me earlier this week, just so they would know. Earlier this afternoon I decided to tell Rach that she was a little more than a friend and was someone I had done things with (I didn't give quite as much detail as I did in the blog post!)

Rach was fine with it (as I had expected - the reason I like my friends is because they are nice people!) She seemed a bit suprised at first as I've never expressed any interest in girls (to them) and I think she wanted to ask me more (and no, I don't think she is secretly gay/bi and it's going to turn into a threesome!) I'm going to tell Holly tonight as she will be the one who might end up hearing us if she is around this weekend.

Mike is going to help me prepare - he's going to shave me so I'm perfectly smooth and has promised me that he won't do anything to make me cum (but I get the feeling he might tease me a bit, which is only going to make things worse).

I've got a few things lined up for over the weekend, places to take her and things to see - and other than that, we're just going to see how things go.

Better dash now - I'll hopefully be back later to get the story posted.


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  2. Once you tell Holly what's going to happen this weekend, don't be surprised if you hear some buzzing coming from the other side of the wall when you're alone with Jen. It may affect her more than you'd imagine.

    -- Doug