Monday, 26 January 2009

The last episode of 'Slumber Party' ended rather suddenly, but I had spent quite a long time writing it (and thinking about Anna's pussy for that long wasn't helping me concentrate so I had to finish it and cum! )

Although I've said this in a few comments (or emails, I can't remember which), the girls in this story are all based on people I know (although I don't know them as well as they are going to end up knowing each other in the story!)

Anna really is as slim as I have described her - and as hyperactive. She plays sports and swims a lot (and the way she looks in her swimming costume is amazing). I don't know how much (or if) she shaves, but she at least trims her pussy hair as there is no sign of it (not that I've ever been looking at her pussy when she's in a swimsuit, oh no, not me - *whistles*)...

I have no idea if she ever goes out without panties on, but I know that she does often skip wearing a bra as her breasts are very small (generally an A, but sometimes anywhere between a large AA up to a small B). She is a very down to earth kind of girl - very easy to talk to and always friendly and bouncy. It's almost impossible to be unhappy around her as she just has so much energy and is always positive about things.

I don't know what her early sex life was like, but given how bouncy she is now, I would imagine that anyone lucky enough to get her into bed would need a lot of energy to keep up with her (but I'm sure it would be more than worth the effort!) I've been out shopping with her often enough to know that she generally wears simple plain panties (I was with her when she bought the pink pair featured in the story!) and I once helped her choose a pair for a 'special' night (with some direction, she went for a white pair, slightly lacey but very cute!)

The person on the web who most reminds me of her is Suzie Carina (her early pics, when she still looked cute. Most of my pics of Suzie are actually stored in a folder marked Anna.)

It's not that they look exactly alike, but they could definitly be sisters - and some of Suzie's shots really do look like her. Suzie's breasts are also quite a bit larger. These are the pics that I think look most like her (and the ones I skipped to last night when I needed to cum):

*Pics removed due to Google no-nudity policy*

I've got plenty mroe of her if anyone is interested in them.


As I said on Sat, Jen is coming to visit me and if you can't guess, I'm *very* happy about it :)

She has now read almost all of this blog so knows more about me than almost anyone (well, apart from everyone else reading this of course!) We've exchanged quite a few emails and have come to an arrangement - she is going to be brave and tell her parents that she is gay and I'm going to be brave and tell my housemates that I'm bi (I'm not sure if one encounter actually counts as being bi, but...)

I haven't decided how to tell my housemates - does anyone have any advice on whether I should tell them in advance, or let Holly figure it out from the sounds of us cumming? I don't think they are going to be that bothered by it - maybe just a little suprised given that we've lived together for ages an I've never mentioned it.

The only other thing I am a little concerned about is Mike. He says that he still likes the ides of me being with Jen (as long as I report back in great and explicit detail!) Given that every time we talk about what Jen as I could do, we end end up fucking and it is very intense, I believe him. It's not like I'm in love with her or anything, but I really don't want to mess up what I have with him or for him to feel jealous.

(Of course, we've talked about it lots, and Jen knows the situation too - and both of them will read this - I just wanted to make sure they knew how I felt).

So with that out of the way - Jen will be here either this or next weekend and has promised me that I will finally get the chance to take my time and do things 'properly' with her. She doesn't mind me writing about it on here afterwards (but will be checking before I post, so anything that does go up will have her consent).

In the meantime, I'm going to try and get the next slumber party episode out as I want to clear up how Anna's night with Mark ends up (which may depend on how horny I am feeling when I write it!)


  1. The best bet, is to just be frank, if you indeed feel you must tell them. Your sexuality is your own business, so if you chicken out, it's not a big deal to me. If you tell them and they freak out, then they don't deserve you as a friend. Friends should be understanding and respect you for who you are. Lots of luck to Jen...and Anna seems awefully cool in my book. Wish I had a girlfriend :(

  2. You asked for some suggestions ... well, here are one guy's creative and adventurous ideas for keeping Mike happy during and after your encounter with Jen:

    1. Promise that you'll call him the minute Jen leaves ... that you'll immediately invite him over ... and that, at that point, what's yours is his (as always). Tell him he can let himself in (I presume he has a key), and when he does, he'll find you naked and on your bed, legs spread willingly for your man, and that he can have you any way he wants you.

    2. This might surprise you, but what could really get Mike stoked (it would me, anyway) is this: Once you and Jen finish with each other and Jen leaves, don't clean up, don't shower, don't get dressed, don't even change the sheets.

    Tell him he can have you in the exact same place where you and Jen just enjoyed each other, complete with all the hot feminine aromas and juices that went along with it.

    Then, the minute he walks in the room, tell him exactly what you and Jen just did to each other and what it felt like. You can even point to the bed and say, "I was lying right here when she ..."

    3. With Jen's permission, there are various ways of "including" Mike in your encounter without him actually being there (not necessarily this first time, but perhaps on later occasions). For instance, I doubt that Jen would go for you videotaping your experience, or even photographing her nude, but I wonder if she'd allow you to tape record the sound of it (maybe she'd like a copy of it, too). Or at the very least, maybe she wouldn't mind if you put the phone near the bed, called Mike before you start and left the phone off the hook during all or part of your lovemaking.

    Just a few ideas for your consideration. Enjoy.

    -- Doug

  3. Your sexuality is your business, so I think you shouldn't feel under any preasure to tell you housemates, I hope it all works out for you. Take care.

  4. In reply to the second comment:

    Mike quite likes the second idea of taking me as soon as Jen leaves and (possibly) being able to taste her on me.

    Replies to the other comments in today's post...

  5. Yep, nearly every red-blooded male is going to relish the prospect of tasting Jen on your fingers, lips and tongue ... especially the part of Jen that your fingers, lips and tongue will presumably be in contact with.

    And I'll bet by the time she leaves, the room is going to have the sort of aroma that guys love best.

    -- Doug