Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Years Eve - Part 2

Back to New Years Eve (although it was 2009 by this point)...

After Jen had cleaned herself up, I went into the bathroom and did the same - while I was there I tore the crotch of my tights so my pussy was exposed. I had cooled down a bit and probably looked no more ruffled that anyone else at the party (the whole house was rather hot) so I was fairly sure that nobody would think me being slightly flushed was out of place.

I found Mike and he asked me where I had been - I took him to one side and kissed him and then whispered to him that I'd just made a girl cum. (I had been trying to think of a really good way to tell him, but that was the best I could come up with at short notice).

I don't think he believed me at first and said something like 'Oh yeah, who?". Jen wasn't in the room at the time so I asked him if he remembered the girl in the long white socks (I knew he would as he likes them even more than I do).

I think he still didn't believe me and thought I was just playing with him so he asked how I'd made her cum. I told him we'd been upstairs and fingered each other. When I said this, he looked straight at me and asked "Really?".

I told him that we had really done things and I could feel him getting hard (very quickly) as he pressed up against me. I whispered a few details to him and then Jen walked into the room. She knew I was talking about what we'd just done so I quickly went over to her and told her that Mike wouldn't tell anyone there so she didn't have to worry.

I glanced back over at Mike and he was sitting down watching us (he told me he was getting a good look at Jen so he could imagine her and I together properly. I whispered to Jen that I had really enjoyed earlier and offered to give her my email address - she accepted it and said she would mail me (and I was hoping that meant she might want to meet up again sometime).

I gave her a quick hug - nothing overt as we were surrounded by her friends, (but I sooooo much wanted to at least kiss her). I'd guessed that the reason Mike was sitting down was to hide his erection, so I went over and sat on his lap. I could definitly feel his cock on my ass and told his if he calmed down, we could get out of there and I could give him all the details. I was sitting facing away from him and after a bit of squirming around, I managed to feel his cock pressing against my pussy. I moved back and forth and could feel his jeans rubbing against my cunt and knew I'd be leaving a wet mark on them, but it was fairly dark so I assumed it wouldn't be a problem.

He said that wasn't fair and wanted to leave so he could find out all the details so I stopped moving and waited until I felt his cock soften before standing up. I said goodbye to a few people on the way out and we started the walk home. It was much colder by this time (and having just come from a hot house didn't help) ans the air on my pussy felt really freezing (but it was nice to be out without panties again - it has been a while).

I gave him a brief outline of what had happene don the way home and he kept asking little details (did we use tounges when kissing, what it felt like having my nipples kissed by her, how far inside her did I get my fingers...) and the more I told him, the more excited he got. By the time we got home, it was obvious he was ready to fuck me (and I was more than ready for it, having been reliving the experience in my head).

We pretty much ran upstairs and fell onto the bed - he almost tore my top off and had his fingers inside me while I described what had happened again. I had barely got to the point of Jen unbuttoning my blouse when he slid his cock into me. I still had my blouse on and bra pushed up over my breasts and my skirt and tights were still in place - Mike had only pulled his jeans and boxers down he was so impatient.

He was pounding his cock into me and the more detail i added, the faster he went. I was getting close and ended up picturing the scene from earlier in my mind as I described it. I think Mike came the first time as I was tellig him about her fingers in my pussy - I was so close that I just had to literally touch my clit while picturing her cumming and my orgasm hit.

We lay there for a while with Mike's cock still inside me - clearly not going soft - and he asked me to go through the evening again. I got to the point where I first started talking to her and he pulled out of me and asked me to put on a pair of my long white socks. I liked that idea and stood up to get them and by the time I had made it to the drawer I felt his cum start to drip out of my cunt. I grabbed the socks and sat down again, removed my tights and slipped the white socks on - they were one of my longer pairs and came to just below my knee. Mike was naked by this point and I stood up and bent over the bed - his cum started dripping out of me again and I could feel it running down my legs (but it obviously stopped as soon as he entered me).

He fucked me from behind, while reaching around me to rub my clit and we both came again fairly quickly. I was feeling a bit shakey by this point so we lay down again and he started spooning me and asked me to describe the way she looked in detail. He wasn't moving in me at first, but again, the more I said, the more he started to fuck me. I think I came that time while descriving the texture of her pussy and what her nipples felt like when I sucked them.

We rested for a little while after that and I thought we were going to go to sleep, but I was telling him about the things I had wanted to do to her if I had more time and he started moving in me once again (he's never fucked me four times in a row before!) We ended up with me on top of him, riding his cock while he continued my story and told me about having her sit over my face so I could eat her while he fucked me.

By time time it was really late so we had to get some sleep as we were travveling back later that day. When I woke up my pussy and thighs were soaked with his cum and my school skirt may well never be the same again!


Tired now so need sleep, otherwise I would have tried to do a better job on this posting. Needless to say that long white socks have become the latest target for my picture hunting and I've managed to find a few nice ones. If anyone is interested, I'll post them.


  1. Andi, first time commenter here ... just wanted to tell you that I consider your blog site the hottest place on the Web.

    And lest you think I'm merely trying to butter you up, let me say this about my personal tastes: I've always found amateurs sexier than professionals. You see, I prefer to look at women who are actually getting off, not those who are getting paid by the hour to scrunch up their faces and yell, "Ooh! Ahh!" as they're faking their 100th orgasm of the day.

    I also like to see young women with a degree of freshness (i.e., those whose bodies haven't been shared among the 109th Regiment), and you certainly fit the bill. Finally, I enjoy seeing womanly curves, not models who look more like walking sticks, and I can see why your first female lover enjoyed your ample bosom.

    Oh, and did I mention that I prefer unshaved women? Although I like the female body in many forms, women without their female fleece look sort of prepubescent to me. So by all means, keep your curls!

    Anyway, you've published photos of girls you find exciting, but I have to say that your own photos are by far the sexiest of all. One of these days, perhaps you'll treat us to even more of them -- perhaps including a shot of you in the act of orgasm, or with an insertion of the human variety.

    In the meantime, know that your real-life experiences and photos are being seen and enjoyed.

    -- Doug

  2. Thanks - I've only recently found amateur sites myself and also like them. In a way it is similar to my favourite 'pro' girls like Suzie and Pavlina - when they start out they look cute, but when they start with the @Ooh aah' looks, they're nowhere near as sexy.

    You're definitly wrong about the shaved thing though! It's not intended to make the girl look prepubescent - just gives a better view and nicer to taste (so I'm told).

  3. Oh, I know you're right about women who shave. I don't really consider them prepubescent -- and don't get me wrong, I'm happy to looking at them whether they're shaved or not.

    But ... what can I say, I have to admit that I find unshaved ladies more ... well, sexy and womanly. Just as I prefer bosomy chicks with curves (not fat, mind you, just stacked and curvy) to those with Barbie Doll bodies. That's why I like your photos better than those of, say, the skinny, flat types who appear on magazine covers. As most of my guy friends would tell you, we like our women to look like women, not 10-year-old boys.

    I also find your ongoing loss of innocence story alluring. I've dated a few women who were in the same boat, one of whom had never even touched herself until one night I took her hand in mine and showed her, with my hand over hers, how to masturbate.

    Well, by the time I was finished, she was moving her own hand rapidly without my help until she suddenly gasped loudly and shook.

    And a week or two later, she admitted to me that she'd continued the lesson all by herself, starting with the day she closed her curtains, stripped off her clothes and slipped her fingers between her legs when her roommate was gone for the weekend.

    Anyway, I look forward to your next real-life story. (And I'm sure you have many more fans who simply read but don't post here ... that was true of me for several months. I'll bet you couldn't count the number of readers, male and female, who "enjoy themselves" right along with you.)

    Rock on ...
    -- Doug

  4. Oops, I meant to say, "I'm happy to LOOK at them whether they're shaved or not."

  5. I'm still sorting out and deleting a lot of the pics I've saved over the years (about 20,000!) and it's definitly the case that Mike and I prefer shaved (either fully or partially) girls.

    Given you've taken the time to comment though, if I come across any really hot unshaved pics, I'll put them up for you :)

    Although Anna has developed her exhibitionism a bit faster than I did, I certainly feel the same way about having people see me or read about my exploits. The thought of people cumming while reading this blog is definitly a bit turn on and makes it all the more fun to write (even if I do have to stop to cum from time to time).

  6. Wow, 20,000 photos? That's quite a collection you've assembled.

    Thanks for your consideration regarding the posting of "unshaved" photos in the future. Of course, in all honesty, I find your photos the hottest of any on your site.

    Maybe it's because I find "real fantasy" sexier than "fake fantasy." For instance, I've always considered it more arousing to overhear a couple hammering each other in the next hotel room than to watch a XXX movie featuring women who were probably making their grocery lists in their minds while some guy they weren't attracted to was pounding them.

    Likewise, with the typical nude and/or porn photo from the Web, there's no way of knowing whether the model really felt much of anything when she posed ... or whether she simply spread her legs and acted aroused for a few seconds while thinking about the paycheck she was about to earn.

    But in your case, we have the real-life stories AND the pictures, which is a major reason why I'm sure you have a growing (or should I say, "rapidly enlarging"!) fan base.

    However, while new photos of you are always welcome, I have no intention of badgering you about it if you feel the ones you have are quite sufficient.

    Oh, and by the way ... if it helps to know that people are cumming while reading your blog, you can put me down as a definite "yes" -- or, more accurately, a "multiple yes" -- thanks especially to your self-portraits and your first-time accounts.

    I'm sure I'm not alone. You've encouraged a great many "shared experiences" in Cyberland, so take a bow.

    -- Doug