Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Years Eve

I've been desperate to share this story, but wanted to have the time to write it properly as I'm sure I'll be re-reading it myself many times in future.

On New Years Eve, we went over to the house of an old school friend (Lil) for a party. I knew many of the people there (most of them were from our year at school) but quite a few people stayed at home and didn't go off to Uni so there was a good contingent of their 'new' friends that I had never met.

It was a fancy dress party in my favourite theme - school uniform (it wasn't my idea - but I wasn't going to complain, and Mike didn't seem to mind too much either!) Most of us had worn our actual old uniforms (jumper, shirt and dark blue trousers for the boys and jumper, blouse and blue/green tartan skirt for us girls). It's been freezing here for the past few days and we had to walk to the party so I had decided to wear white panties and my opaque black tights.

We arrived at about 9.30 and people were well on the way to being drunk already so so had a few drinks to catch up - I wasn't planning on getting hammered as we were traveling back up to York the following day and I hate travelling with a hangover! It was great to see my friends and it was first time Mike had met a few of them. As the evening progressed, I pointed out a few of them that I have been fantasising about and he generally agreed with my taste.

I had been introduced to a copule of new people and had recognised some others that I hadn't seen for a long time and then saw a cute girl who looked familiar but I couldn't remember who se was. She was wearing the uniform from my school (but she had gone for the long white socks - which technically wasn't part of our uniform as it was tights or short white socks, but they looked nice on her). I had been glancing over at her for a while trying to figure out who she was when I realised that she was Jenny, the younger sister of a boy in my year. He wasn't one of my close friends but we had occasionally hung out with friends we both knew - his sister would have been about 15 or 16 last time I saw her (so I was pleased with myself for actually being able to remember her from 4 years ago).

I went over and said 'hi' to her - she sort of remembered me but we had never really knows each other so we just chatted for a while (well, shouted in to each others ear - we were at a party!). I found out she had gone off to Uni and was having a great time there (I remember the first term at Uni being a bit overwhelming but she seemed to have dived into the party scene). I then chatted to her brother for a few minutes and went back to see how Mike was doing.

Throughout the evening, Mike had been sliding his hand under my skirt and touching me and I ended up popping into the bathroom to remove my panties (I kept my tights on in case anyone wondered where they had vanished to). Now when he touched me it felt much nicer but I was trying to be a relatively good girl around my old friends.

Midnight came and we had the standard cheering, kissing and singing. I kissed a few people during the midnight celebrations but when I kissed Jen she seemed quite enthusiatic. She was reasonably drunk, and had probably kissed everyone the same way, but it had definitly felt nice and her lips felt very soft (but didn't taste of cherry chapstick!)

The party went back to normal (New Years is a bit of an odd event as the whole point of the party comes and goes and doesn't really make much difference). I ended up chatting with Jen again (we were both a bit drunker by this point) and I got the impression that she was flirting with me. She is about my height, has long straight brown hair, slim build, small breasts and a cute pixie like face. She reminded me a lot of Jo (the one who looks like Beth from Nubiles) - not so much in the way she looks, but in her cute expressions. Given the number of times I've cum while looking at pictures of Beth, I was definitly interested in Jen.

I wasn't sure if I was imagining the flirting, but she was touching my arm and then had her hand on my thigh (only near my knee unfortunaly) so I thought I would try the same back to her. I took her hand and squeezed it slightly and she didn't pull away and it was one of those moments that I'm probably going to remember forever. We looked at each other and seemed to know we wanted the same thing. Jen stood up and said she wanted another drink and I followed her into the kitchen.

We got into the kitchen (which took a little while as it was packed as is the case with all good parties) and there was a couple making out in the corner but most people seemed to be ignoring them. We got new drinks and sat on the stairs sipping them. I thought I had imagined 'the look' until Jen leaned against me and while pretending to point out something in the hall, snaked her other arm around my waist, gave me a squeeze and said to follwe her upstairs in a minute. She stood up and carefully went upstairs (I got a nice view up her skirt and saw she had white bikini panties on).

I probably didn't wait as long as I should have, but I didn't want to miss my chance so I followed her upstairs and we slipped into Lil's brother's room. We sat down on the bed and I must have seemed nervous as she said something like "don't worry" and leaned towards me. I closed my eyes and kissed her and it was as good as I had hoped it would be. It quickly went from a gentle kiss to a much firmer one and our tounges met.

We kissed for what felt like ages and I could feel my heart pounding - we had fallen back on the bed and she was half on top of me. I had my arms around her and I felt one of her hands go to my breasts and start squeezing them. She said that she loved how big they were and we went back to kissing while she kept fondling them. She undid a few buttons on my blouse and slid her hand straight into my bra and stroked one of my nipples before pushing the bra off my breasts.

My hands were still on her back but were now under her blouse and I kept stroking up and down her back. I moved them up to her bra and undid it and managed to work one of my hands round to her front and played with her breasts as best I could with her on top of me. She said she wished hers were as big as mine and I said they were perfect the way they were (I actually meant it too, I would love to have small firm breasts like she does).

She started kissing my nipples and licking around my breasts and while it felt incredible, I wanted a bit more and after a while ('cos it did feel nice and I didn't want it to stop doing it straight away) I pulled her up towards me. We kissed again and I got her blouse mostly open so I could feel her tits properly. Her nipples were small and hard and I pulled her up even more so they were above my face and I could kiss them. My hands could now easily reach her ass and I was stroking and kneading it first through her skirt and then through her panties. My fingers slid under har panties until I had her ass cheeks in my hands.

She moved back down a bit and we kissed again, but it was now much more intense and her tounge was fully in my mouth. I tried to take off her top but she said she didn't want to be naked in case someone came in. I was a bit disappointed, but wasn't really concentrating on that (I can't imagine why!) and we ended up rolling around for a bit until I was mostly on top. I didn't know how far she wanted to go but I certainly knew what I wanted and put one of my legs between hers so I could rub against her thigh (like in all the best lesbian stories - it actually works quite well).

My cunt was incredibly wet and she must have felt it on her leg (still through my tights) as I humped against her. We were still kissing deeply and she was playing with my nipples again and I think she was rubbing them against hers. I moved a hand down between us and pulled her skirt up - she didn't seem bothered by this so I cupped her pussy through her panties and started stroking her. She pulled harder on my nipples when I did this but I really wanted more and I remember asking her to touch me.

She knew what I meant and her hands moved down beteen my legs and she started rubbing the crotch of my tights. We stopped kissing and I was half collapsed on top of he with my face buried in the pillow beside her head. A part of me wanted to pull all of our clothes off and feel her naked body against mine, but what we were doing felt so amazing that I didn't want it to stop. I could feel her fingers rubbing my pussy and pressing slighly into me (as much as my tights would allow).

My own fingers were still rubbing her pussy through her panties and I tried to push the crotch out of the way. With me kneelig over her it took a few attempts, but then my fingers slipped under the elastic and I felt some very wet pussy lips with a light covering of hair. I pushed the crotch of her panties out of the way and rubbed her pussy. She was now moaning beside me and my own cunt felt like it was throbbing. I slid a finger into her and then added another and alternated between fingering her and rubbing her clit.

She was still just rubbing me through my tights and I asked her to pull them down. She said that someone might come in and i said I didn't care. (I can't see that my tights would have made much difference given the position we were in, and by this point, I would probably have fucked and eaten her in the middle of the living room with everyone watching!)

I asked her to please finger me and tried to pull my tights down with my spare hand and she helped. As I was still kneeling over her, she couldn't get them down past the top of my thighs, but it was enough for her to get a hand between my legs and onto my pussy. I can't describe how it felt - her little fingers slipped between my pussy lips and her hand managed to put pressure on my clit at the same time - she was only the second person I have ever done anything like this with and I did think about Mike, but he had always said that he liked the idea of me being with another girl (and lust was more in control than rational thought).

I knew I was going to cum quickly and turned my head to face her, I moved my hand from her pussy and with her watching me, licked my fingers, tasting her juices. She tasted very different to me, quite sharp and tangy, but I still liked it. I slid my hand back down between her legs, pushed myself up a bit with my other hand and kissed her again. I pumped my fingers into her and was panting, telling her to go faster and to rub my clit.

She had one hand on my ass and I was almost humping her other hand by now as I could feel my orgasm building. She slid her fingers into me again (it might have been 3 fingers as it felt tighter than before) and it hit me. I was moaning into her ear that I was cumming and trying to keep my own fingers moving on her clit (I was determined to keep going and make her cum).

It was an intense orgasm (not quiet as intense as the one Mike had given me the previous night, but the excitement of finally doing something with a girl definitly added to it. I'm fairly sure I was panting in her ear and kept saying I was cumming, but, unfortunatly the orgasm passed all too quickly.

I was still moving my fingers around on her pussy and concentrated on her clit. I don't know what I did differently to before, but she said "oh yeah" and so I kept doing the same thing. She was quite flushed and it was the first time I noticed that we were both covered in sweat. She started to let out a low moaning/mewing sound and I pressed harder and moved my fingers even faster.

I rolled off her as I wanted to watch her cum and it was a truly beautiful sight. She arched her head back and had her eyes tightly shut. Her little breasts were standing proud on her chest and I looked down at her pussy. I was enthralled as watching my fingers playing with her - her pussy was covered with short hair which was dark and matted with her juices. I looked back up at her face and she still seemed to be cumming so I started sucking on one of her nipples. She was now making little squeaking noises so I just kept rubbing until she went limp and I slowed down my fingers and mouth.

I pulled my tights down past my knees and started kissing her again while she recovered. It was very soft, kissing and it took a while for her to get her breath back. I was definitly ready to do more and was rubbing my pussy on her leg, which was now very wet. I sat up and tried to pull down her panties but she stopped me and said she had to get back downstairs.

I was feeling a bit frustrated, but we chatted for a while as we straightened ourselves out and it turns out that she had got off with a couple of girls at parties last term but her family didn't know about it and she was nervous about them finding out.

I was disappointed, but I also didn't want anything spoiling what had just happened so I said I understood. I tried to get her to let me have a little lick at her pussy, but the flirty Jen had reappeared and she said she didn't think I would stop with a little lick. (That was probably true, if I'd had a chance I would have probably eaten her cunt till she was dry :)

We went to the bathroom seperately to finish cleaning up and then rejoined the party. Next post is Mike's reaction...


  1. Wowowowowowow thats incredible I can't wait to hear mikes reaction I wish I was a fly on the wall:).
    Are you two going to hook up again or was it a one of thing?

  2. I got her email and we have chatted since so I hope that we will get to repeat it sometime.