Sunday, 11 January 2009

Slumber party - Ep 6

I'll post the about the rest of New Years's Eve night next time - it's safe to say that Mike was almost as excited about what had happened as I had been...

Back to the slumber party story - Lis had just gone back upstairs and seen Anna still sleeping and had started to touch herself again:

Lis could hear her pussy squelching as she pumped her fingers into it and her nipples were as hard under her fingers as they had been the previous night. Although she had been having thoughts about girls for a while now, this has convinced her just how much she liked the idea of being with another girl and was fantasising about what she wanted to do while her eyes were taking in the sight of Anna sleeping in front of her. Anna now had one leg drawn up slightly and her panties were streached tight across her pussy and ass - Lis moved closer to Anna, knelt down, pulled the crotch of her own panties completely to the side and continued to finger herself.She knew she didn't have much time and her fingers were alternating between sliding into her pussy and playing with her clit while her other hand continued to tweak her nipples. She was kneeling by Anna's feet and her eyes were fixed on Anna's panty covered crotch, trying to make out the folds of Anna's pussy lips through the material. Little did Lis know that Jo's brother had cum just a few minutes before while looking at the same view and her knee was only inckes away from where his first squirt of cum hand landed..

Lis was wetter than she could remember having ever been before and could feel her orgasm building when she heard the other girls coming up the stairs. Disappointed, she quickly pulled her fingers out of her pussy and extracted her other hand from her nightdress. She had an idea and pulled her clothes out of her bag so it looked like she had been starting to get ready. She walked into the hallway and met the girls at the top of the stairs, signalling to them to be quiet. As she raised her hand to her face to shush them, she could smell her juices on her fingers. She led them back to Jo’s room and indicated to Anna who was still sprawled out on her front with her nightdress halfway up her back.

"I’m going to get my own back for the spanking last night" she said. She quietly walked over to Anna, stood over her and lowered herself so she was kneeling just above her. She slapped Anna’s ass and then plopped herself down on Anna's back so that Anna was trapped in a similar position to the one Lis had been in with Rach on top of her. Anna had only been lightly dozing and woke up with a start and tried to turn over.

"It’s payback time" said Lis, and slapped her ass again, letting her hand linger for a little longer than needed and wiping her juices off her finger onto Anna’s panties.

Anna kept trying to twist around and said "That’s not fair – we were drunk, and it was Rach’s fault anyway". She kept trying to escape and Lis could feel Anna’s back rubbing against her pussy. When she had pulled her fingers out of her panties, she hadn’t straightened them and she could feel one side of her pussy rubbing against Anna’s bare skin. She knew that she was probably rubbing her pussy juice onto Anna's back and that thought turned her on even more. She wanted to hump herself against Anna and enjoy the feeling for longer, but everyone was watching them so she contented herself with a few more slaps of Anna’s ass.

She slapped her one last time and left her hand on it as she turned and asked "So, are we even now?"

"Hmph, I still think it was Rach’s fault" replied Anna, "but truce for now".

Lis pushed herself up with her hand still on Anna's panties, allowing her a final little squeeze. She carefully stood up, not wanting anyone to see that her pussy partially exposed and then helped Anna up. They all decided that they had messed around enough and needed to get ready to go out fairly quickly so started taking turns in the bathroom getting washed and dressed.

Lis’s pussy was on fire and she desperately wanted to cum again, but the rest of the girls were hurrying so much she didn’t have time and had to have a cool shower to try and calm down. She knew that she would be replaying the events from the previous night and this morning many times while she masturbated in future.

Anna’s turn came and she went into the bathroom to shower and dress. She played quite a lot of sports and often swam so she had always kept her pussy hair short. Recently she had started shaving her pussy lips fully and just leaving a small patch of hair on her mons. She quite enjoyed having her pussy bald but it t had been a few days since she last shaved and it itched a bit when she slipped her panties on. She thought about Vicky’s surprise when Valerie had said she had never gone out without panties and decided straight away to give it a try. She slid them down her slender legs and wrapped them in her towel along with her pair from the previous night. She put on her skirt and a t-shirt and then decided to go the whole way – she slipped her t-shirt off again, removed her bra and then put the t-shirt back on.

She looked at herself in the mirror – she thought she looked respectable, her pink nipples were barely visible through her top and her skirt came to the middle of her thighs so her pussy was safely hidden. She confidently strode out of the bathroom and threw her stuff into her bag. Anna was unaware that Rach had also decided to go out without panties on, although in Rach’s case it was something she had done a number of times before and she was used to it. Rach had a much shorter skirt on than Anna did so she could tease boys but unlike Anna, she was still wearing a bra.

They all headed out and walked into town, chatting about what shops they wanted to visit. Rach fell back a little way with Lis and said to her "You seemed to enjoy last night."
Lis wasn’t sure exactly what Rach meant and replied "You can hardly talk – what was with the spanking you gave me?"

"So you didn’t like having two girls slapping your ass?" giggled Rach. "In that case, why did you want to do it to our cute little Anna this morning?"

Lis still wasn’t ready for everyone to know that she might be gay, but liked the chance to have someone to talk to about it and decided that she would tell Rach a little bit more than she had before – although not everything! "I just saw her sleeping there and thought it would be a fun way to wake her up."

"Uh-huh, sure. And you didn’t enjoy fondling her ass at all?" said Rach.

Lis blushed slightly and replied "Well, maybe a little – was it noticeable?"

Rach thought for a second and said "Nah, I think the others just thought you were having some fun and Anna didn’t seem to notice it so you’re probably safe. So it’s Anna that you fancy then?"

Lis was a bit startled by this, she hadn’t told Rach anything about her fantasies she’d been having. She stammered "What, no… it’s… um… why do I, who said I fancy anyone?"

"Ooh" squealed Rach, "so you DO fancy someone? I thought you might – is it one of us?"

"I’m still not entirely sure" said Lis. "I did really enjoy last night and don’t mind you knowing but I’m not ready to talk about it all yet, please don't tell anyone."

Rach could see that Lis was still quite nervous about talking about it and while she had wanted to tease her a little, she didn’t want to upset her friend so she decided to lighten the mood. "Hey, don’t worry about it, when you want to talk you can tell me all about it, until then, lets catch up with everyone." She slapped Lis’s ass through her skirt and ran ahead to catch up with the rest of the group.

Lis was beginning to wonder if Rach was interested in being anything more than just her friend but was too scared to ask her. It was Clare and Jo who she had been thinking of over the past few months and Anna who she had nearly masterbated over earlier that day - and that was enough to keep her fantasies going for a while.

She ran after Rach and joined in the conversation about where they wanted to go. They encountered their usual problems with everyone wanting different shops to suit their style and split up into groups. Vicky and Clare went off togther, and Anna, Jo and Valerie went in a different direction. Usually Lis went to whatever shop Clare went to so she could offer advice on things Clare was trying on (and get the odd glimpse of her half clothed), but she wanted to make sure that Rach wasn't going to say anything to anyone so she went with Rach and Cindy. They had all agrred to meet up in a few hours and get a coffee.

Jo said that she had seen a dress that she wanted to try on and they wandered through town towards the shop. They arrived after a few minutes and Jo pointed it out in the window. It was a cute shift dress, very much in Jo's usual style, but much shorter that she usually wore.

"Wow, who are you trying to get no notice you wearing that?" asked Valerie. "Is there someone we don't know about?"

"Um, maybe", replied Jo. "You know Ian from upper 6th?"

Anna perked up at hearing this "Ian? You mean the one who's on the swim team? I can see why you'd like him, he's amazing."

"Settle down" said Valerie, "you've already got Mark. But you've got good taste Jo, Ian does look amazing."

"Now I understand why you've been coming to support me so much" said Anna.

"That's not fair" said Jo, "I've been there times when the boys weren't racing too."

"Hmm, OK, I'll give you that" said Anna. "Come on then, go try it on and we'll see if we can get him to notice you."

They went in and found the dress for Jo. Anna picked up a couple of tops and a little skirt to try while they were waiting. The two of them went into the changing rooms, leaving Valerie outside. Anna slipped off her top and put it on the bench and smiled at the sight of her breasts - none of the others seemed to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra and they certainly had no idea she had no panties on. A wicked thought went through her mind and she ran her hands over her nipples and tweaked them slightly.

She let out a very quiet "Mmm" and ran her hands down to her skirt. She undid the catch and watched it slide down her legs. She stepped out of it and picked it up, placing it on top of her top. She took another look at herself in the mirror. She knew that some people thought that she was too thin, but the truth was that she had always been quite happy with her body and her size was mostly due to the amount of sports she played. Her close friends knew that she ate as much as any of them and was just blessed with a high metabolism. She was sometimes teasted about her height but knew that her boyfriends had always seemed to like the way she looked and wasn't too bothered about it herself. A previous boyfriend had made a comment about her breast being too small (and had quickly become an ex-boyfriend) but she liked them that way as it made running easier and she had caught a glimpse of Lis' breasts a few times while changing after gym so she knew that hers weren't the smallest around.

She ran her fingers over her nipples which were becoming quite firm. She had never realised before just how exciting it could be to be naked outside and knew that she would be trying the no panties thing again soon. Her fingers glided over her pussy and she thought that she would definitly have to shave again soon.

She was snapped out of her dream by Valerie and Jo talking in the the next changing room. Valerie said "I'll go get you another size to try then."

Anna pulled one of the tops she brought in off its hanger and slipped it on. She looked at it in the mirror and thought it suited her. She turned around to get a skirt to try with it.

She heard Valerie ask, "I'm getting some more stuff for Jo, do you need anything Anna?"

"Uh, hold on" Anna replied and knocked the skirt she was reaching for onto the floor. "Shit" she said, and bent down to retrieve it.

Valerie had misheard Anna and stuck her head through the curtain. "What do you need - oh". Valerie saw Anna bending down to pick up the skirt and then she saw the reflection of Anna's ass in the mirror. The lighs were illuminating her perfectly and Valerie had a clear view of Anna's shaved pussy lips peeking out between her ass cheeks.

"Hey, I'm not dressed here" said Anna as she stood up and covered her pussy with the skirt she was holding. Valerie said "Sorry" and quickly pulled her head out of the changing room and put the curtain back in place. She went to get the smaller dress for Jo with the thought of Anna's bald pussy in her mind. It was something she had thought of doing a few times, but had always been a bit scared of cutting herself. She decided that she would ask Anna for advice on the best way of shaving when she got a chance. It was only then that she realised that the reason she had seen Anna's pussy was because Anna hadn't got any panties on. Her mind flashed back to Vicky's suprise that Valerie had never gone out without panties and wondered if it was something that the rest of her friends did often. She found the smaller dress she was looking for and absently took it back to the changing rooms.

Meanwhile, Anna had realised that she had quite liked being caught semi naked and was glad that she had forgone panties for the day. She had dressed again in her own clothes and came out of the changing room as Valerie was heading back in. Valerie looked a little embaressed, but Anna (much more confident as always) wasn't too phased by it. Valerie handed the dress in to Jo and the two of them waited for her to try it on.

Valerie finally got up the courage to whisper "So, no panties eh?"

Anna giggled and whispered back "I thought I'd give it a try after Vicky's comment last night."Valerie looked a bit relieved and quietly said "So this is your first time? I was beginning to think that I was the only one who didn't do it."

Anna started, "Yes, I..." and then Jo opened the curtain and asked them how she looked. They both thought the dress looked very cute on her and that Ian would be bound to notice her. Jo closed the curtain again and Anna continued "Yes, I just thought it would be fun to try, and it really is."

"Aren't you worried about someone finding out" asked Valerie.

"How would they - other than walking into a changing room of course" replied Anna, giving Valerie a poke in the side.

"I thought you said something to me" said Valerie, "I wasn't trying to peek."

Jo had finished changing back and pulled the curtain back again. "Peek at who?" she asked.

Valerie blurted out, "Anna hasn't got any panties on and she really likes it."

"Really?" squealed Jo.

"It's no big thing" said Anna, "I just felt like trying it". She gave Valerie another, harder, poke in the side.

"Hey, it's not my fault if you want to go around half naked" said Valerie. The curtain on the changing room next to the one Jo had been using opened and an older woman stepped out and gave the girls a disapproving look. They all half ran out to the cash desk, giggling amongst themselves. Jo paid for the skirt and they left the shop.

As soon as they were in a street with fewer people around, Jo turned to Anna and said "You really have no panties on?"


That's probably enough for chapter 6 - I came up with lots of ideas over Christmas for more chapters so stay tuned :) If you have any ideas, them let me know and I'll try to build them in.
I'm also curious as to who your favourite girls are so far - getting feedback makes writing this so much more fun.


  1. I've always liked the cuties. Clare was one of my faves in the last incarnation, especially when she squirmed with the vibrator on her clit. Being a guy, one of the things I always say, for when I finally have sex with the girl of my dreams, is I want to look into her eyes as she's in orgasm. Just the thought when looking into her eyes, that I gave her so much pleasure, is what love-making is all about. Maybe you can impliment something similar?

  2. Clare is the sweet innocent one - but she'll be getting a bit more involved soon.

    It is quite hard cumming while looking in someone's eyes - I've got a post describing it somewhere in here.